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Christian Car Guy Theater 37

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 16, 2018 8:01 am

Christian Car Guy Theater 37

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 16, 2018 8:01 am

Bad Brad escaped from jail and was in the hospital room of his former crime boss, Noire. Brad was desperate for Noire to help Brad to get out of town, but to Brad’s amazement Noire was now miraculously a new man in Christ and had fittingly  taken back his birth name of Lazarus. And now Lazarus was trying to tell Bad Brad about the reality of Jesus Christ in his life when the Sheriff and Eustace burst into the hospital room and Brad jumped from the 2nd  floor window trying to escape!   Unfortunately for Brad, he landed on Jimmy’s jeep and now Brad was in critical condition and in desperate need of a blood transfusion due to his severe lacerations from the broken window and fall onto Rurik Roll Bar. Brad’s blood type is the rare AB Negative. The hospital has no supply and the only person in town who has that blood type is the very girl that Brad had kidnapped, Allie, Jimmy’s girlfriend, who has not, no way, been able to forgive Bad Brad.

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Christian today so jailhouse justice. The last episode of jailhouse justice and branded justice was then assaulted by the under the hood of Jimmy's Jeep when he was on his way to try to get to the hospital to get his former crime boss and wanted to help him get out of town was finding out that the water had been made new in Christ and his real name is Lazarus Francis. Maybe only way Lazarus wanted to help him share the truth about Jesus's neck surprises coming. Sheriff was hot on Brad's trail. Having found both the empty jail cell in the abandoned Jeep. The sheriff decided to take Jimmy's Jeep over the hospital to check on Eustis with just discovered bad Brad Lazarus room here.

Please take it easy. Deputy is nowhere to go.

You know, no Eustis I see you have things under control as usual, I had a feeling I find him all my job job you polls won't catch me again.

Read that thread jumped right through the glass window, catching his leg across the Dragon glass goes head first down to fourth desperately grabbing anything he could hold on the slowest fall finally low and behold what would be waiting old friend Jimmy's Jeep posy motor oil yells out to Roerich rollbar is so please move like the light of the coming Ukraine.

Sure enough rollbar.

Fortunately the soft top took some of the fall as it tore away, leaving bad Brad bleeding and unconscious. Jimmy's backseat being there at the river rock hospital probably saved his life.

As they rushed and ran into emergency surgery early that morning, Jack called an emergency prayer meeting friends and showing almost if you've heard about Brett jail. And then he jumped on the second floor of river rock hospital in Nelson critical condition. It's time to pray for another miracle, not just for a physical healing for Brad but a spiritual one as well.

This is a real opportunity to show God's love and forgiveness. Easier said than done. You know this guy still making twice and try to kidnap family after I forgive someone, give me these thing are all that guy has caused more trouble in town. I can never remember not. I know forgiveness is hard really hard thing. The more intentional the evil that's been done to someone here, I want you to meet and I hope you consider what she wants to share with you this is Brad's daughter Crystal much more to the story told me the story of Jesus.

No will will know not what he gave his brothers machine me one will not take. She I'm so sorry Christie. I have no idea.

You're right.

Jesus gave me when I was hit me really wanted to Allie sweetheart. Yes, getting Brad is your decision desperately needed the hospital Lazarus. Eustis Sheriff already in prayer for Jesus, please educate you such mighty things here.

The miracle of our new brother Lasix. You saved him from hell. Lord, please say Brad's life and soul just that Dr. Sonny comes into the room that is really critical and difficult issue is is in desperate need for transfusion is maybe negative.

The rarest blood type. We are out and we only have one person in town with that type of blood hate to say it hiked out to be going to donate your not talking about yes I'm afraid it is Allie jailhouse just ran a radiator today. You like what all I

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