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Get In-Line: Too Deep For Words

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 7, 2018 1:10 pm

Get In-Line: Too Deep For Words

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 7, 2018 1:10 pm

The Christian Car Guy Radio Show

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I like to live our lives. Even though the and I regularly got a radio show and snow. Well, you could probably tell from that intro or talk about lines today like what's your line. You might remember famous show. Along those lines, but I love that line from Tommy James and Sean bills hugging a tree when you get married or go see what that has to do with Dragon align today and because your mind. I walk the line. Of course, you gotta have that Johnny Cash force in order to get down there but lines just a big part of life. So on today's lineup you like that in your bill assembly lines right there is one kind alignment has everything to do with the car business for its industrial game changer for this country. What really happened. How did he come up with that worker talk a lot about assembly lines on today show ancestral lines right family lines.

Is your daddy yeah you knew where to go there to.

But Bill, what's your line will you sprung your topic and me a little bit late just tread water. Some, but I enjoy once week going dandy. Did the jail of the prison usually have a different group each time I go one story I always love to share is I talked to him about forward and his development of the assembly line and I like to talk to the guys about your a lot of people think Ford was famous for inventing the car seat, not really, the inventor of the car he was design. He was a bicycle repairman in a bicycle inventor to begin with and he found a way to allow a lot of people to build a whole lot more bicycles fast instead of five really smart people working on one so I want to talk a little bit about about the assembly line and standing in line when it comes to board and also how that relates to somebody you know your sharing that wisdom with people that are incarcerated and you know so that's kind of a pretty good line with the money is and what is it I get it you know it's an interesting thing that Blessed are the poor in spirit that I I've always thought I truly do that some of the people are incarcerated are in a lot better shape than some of us that aren't because, well, the poor in spirit idea that that they know that you know we got it we got a grab onto daddy and working to get into that a little bit but maybe you got a great line that you want to share with us.

Of course this is a live show today you have any question comments that we can help you with, you know bills and insurance agent again. Our Christian insurance guy so you got a question along those lines, you call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884, maybe have a comment about Henry Ford's assembly line which he gets credit for inventing mad, but I would take issue with him actually inventing Matt will were to talk about that a lot. It's kinda interesting what all it did accomplish and Sargon ago there were certainly to take it down to what Scott's line and it's can be really cool. I think when we can look for that. As always, you can find all this at our website. Christian car course of partial calendar is up there now for July hundreds of car shows that are listed there if you like to go attend those kind of things course podcast preview show shows including Christian car guide theaters jailhouse justice that we had here couple weeks ago and the Jesus labor love. That's our ministry for single moms widows families in crisis. As it says in James 127 pure and genuine religion in the sight of God means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you so with the Jesus a lot labor lovely. Every week we have applications come in from across the country of people that are in some type of crisis, usually single moms. We often have widows differently had some widows this week and I want to give you an update on one sort of unusual situation and and give you a chance to pray along those lines for people that are out there struggling in their line and in. You know those things are coming up so getting onto Henry, and I know that Bill has some application to this that II think there's application. All this in our lives.

But as you said Henry was a bicycle manufacturer but is actually up of genius of an engineer and if you were actually looking the model and which was what the car was before the model T and see what the model T how it actually worked in some of the things which are bear no resemblance whatsoever to Carson today. Even the way you drove it was not even close. Your there was no gas pedal. You didn't started by turning the key beverage or in a U turn this iron wheel would know we'll let it what it was kind of a steering wheel but that there's a lot of different things that were involved in in driving or maintaining a model T so he either was just a really different thing. But when he began a manufacturing of these model ends in the earlier model forwards. It took literally 12 hours for them to assemble a car and there were 3000 parts.

Essentially intermittent to round up a little bit there were 3000 parts that needed to be assembled and so it took a great deal of time and 12 hours in the course.

Henry wanted to is is you bring up to your inmates.

He wanted to get the price down so that more Americans can afford to drive these cars and he wanted to be able to build them quicker and thus be able to sell more of them to where you know you could keep the business running and and and pay your employees, which was another big goal of his will and the competition at a talented right right so he actually took his head of production, another engineer type guy like himself, and he sent them off to go discover what other companies were doing at an fascinatingly I find it absolutely fascinating. One of the genius is of the assembly plant was he found in Chicago meatpacking plants of Swift and there they didn't assemble but they disassembled it they were literally had people at stations along a conveyor that were taking pieces off of a carcass to create sort of a disassembly line and it was that that gave the brainchild of of his engineer buddy and so really might be more accurate. I think that historically could be said that the Henry was more the caretaker of the assembly line more the sponsor of this assembly line more the person you paid for to be developed.

But the idea came back without engineer who came back to his production and they began to lay out what was 86 stations along the line and they went from exactly essentially what took 12 hours to build a cartoon. Now they are producing afford every three minutes and all these people were again 86 places along this line assembling 3000 parts and again once they began to produce cars in those numbers. Obviously, one thing you gotta have Bill as a guy have at least 86 people you know really and in enlarging the force that was building these cars, but those people were highly trained and it has to do with they all are following a very specific instruction on what it is that they're supposed to do right in their with they do the next person Greatly and What Came before Them Mattered Tremendously Right and in the Neat Thing up in Odd to Me. The Genius of It Was That Everybody Was on the Same Page of Exactly What It Is I'm Supposed to Do and When I Am Supposed to Do and What My Outcome Is Supposed to Look like and Wouldn't Be Nice in Your Job Today. I Don't Know What You Do for Living.

But You Know It's Just It's Really Hard to Get Employees or Even Myself on the Same Page with the Head of the Company Is. This Is What the Expectation Is and What Does That Look like Specifically When This Happened and How Does It Happen and All Those Things You Know Essentially Were Structured into Ford's Assembly Line and the Result of It Was That It Wasn't Take Didn't Take Long.

Anybody Didn't Develop Develop Assembly Lines Was Manufacturing Cars within 10 Years of That the Introduction of the Ford but It Literally Created All Those Jobs in Detroit Which Created All the Jobs in the Steel Mills Which Created in a Job for Finance People Car Dealers That You Know the Number of People Became Employed As a Result of What Happened in a Changed World Gigantic and so If We Can Get People on the Same Page. Wow, What a Concept. So Again I Go Somewhere along Those Lines Goes Can Share What Happens in Lives in the Jail Ministry Ordinate Share Some of the Jesus Labor. Love That We Love to Know Your Line or Your Question 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and Me and in the Snow Is Dragon the Line. What Is Your Last Hint That the Guard As Joe and Out Of That Line up with Things We Have Been Talking about Henry Ford's Assembly Line a Course for Them Get to a Biblical Application of That Shortly.

But, but Right Now I'm Curious.

Bill You You Use This Idea of of Which I Should Say Again, If You Have a Question along These Lines or You Have a Common Question for Bill Insurance Wiser about Your Car.

Feel Free to Call Is 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH If You Digitally Gifted the Bill You Use This Study at the Ministry There. Further, for the People That Are Incarcerated. What It What It What Principle You Trying to Get across.

Well I Been Doing Jail Ministry for about 15 Years.

I Got into It to the Gideons after I Joined the Gideons They Said We Need to Let You Know We Do Jail and Prison Ministry and I Said How Come You Didn't Tell Me That before the Check Cleared and They Sorted Typically down There Kicking and Screaming and It Was Absolutely Awesome. So for about Five Years. I Went in and Just Did a Bible Bible Verse, Bible Study, and One Day Somebody Says You All You Christians Come down Here and Talk to Us, but You Never Really Help Us Soon Took a Step Back and Prayed about It and I Had Taken a Class on Goalsetting When I Started My Insurance Business and I Decided after Some Prayerful Praying on the Subject.

I Put Together a a Program on How to Get Ready to Get out What You Needed to Do, How You Needed to Have You Hid Straight Goalsetting Changing Who You Hang Hung around with and Put Together Program Seem to Go over Very Well.

I Bumped into Numerous Gentlemen after They Got out That Shared That Some of It Worked Very Well Form so What I Try to Do Is to Explain to Them yet.

One of the Stories I Really like to Share Is the Three Guys There at Flyfishing You like to Fish and Their in the Middle of One of the Heads off to the Shore and His Buddies Yell Anatomy or Scare in the Face What You Doing after He Gets His Second the Tide. He Yells Look out There's a Bare Common in His Buddies Yell at Them Says You Fool, You Can't Outrun the Bear Aces I Know, but I Now Outrun You to Talk to Them about Who Is It You Hang around with. When You Get out a You Hang around with People to Get to Get Both.

She's Tied before They Tell You Problems and You Believe You Hang around with People, Good Pick You up, Carry Them with You When You Go and Then We Talk about the Things We've Got to Do to Get Ready When You Get out and One of Them Is You've Got Plan and You've Got to Think about Those Big Scary Things That Have You Concerned We Talk about When You Talk about Them When You Write Them down When You Share of That. Really Big Problems Seem a Whole Lot Smaller and One Thing That Ford Said Is No Problem so Big.

If You Break It Apart into Small Enough Pieces and Then We Talk about the Assembly Line. We Talk about How You Can Break a Problem down into Small Enough Pieces That It Can Be Handled in Our Lives Are That Way That Our Lives Seem like Great Big Huge Problems. If You Break Them down into Pieces like Finances and Support Group in Housing and Health That an Insurance and Insurance and Planning As I Hear That in That You Can Find People That Can Help You with Certain Parts of Your Problem and We Talk about the Secret to Getting Help and This Is Age-Old. I Tell Them about My Daughter Was in College and She Heard a Knock on the Door.

After a Bunch of Sirens Went by and This Fella Came to the Door and He Said No. Then Open the Door. Just Let Me Tell You What Happened You Heard All These Fire Engines. My Apartment Burned down and My Son and I Need a Place to Stay That Tomorrow When the Banks Open. I'll Be Fine, but I Just Need 20 More Dollars That I'll Have Enough for Us to Have a Place to Stay.

Do You Have Five Bucks As She Couldn't Get $10 Out Of Her Pocket Fast Enough, and Her Roommate Wanted to Contribute to. He Knew the Secret He Knew Exactly What He Needed. He Could Explain Exactly What He Needed.

He Went to Somebody That Had Exactly What He Needed and They Had Enough of It to Share with Him and What He Asked for Was the Key Part That Took Him over the Line and There Was No Reason to Expect Him to Come Back Talk about If You Know Where You Go When If You Driving down the Road and You Pull into the Convenience Store Where You Say Robbie Help Me.

I'm Lost. What's Probably Going to Ask Robbie What He Get Ask for a Trainer.

If You Don't Know Where You Trying to Go, You Can't Get Any Help.

We Talk about Hate You Got Time to Sit There in the Jail to Do Some Planning to Do Some Praying in to Figure out What You Get in Need and Where You Can Go to Get It and If You Don't Know the Answer. You Can Figure out Exactly What It Is You Need and You Can Figure out Where You Can Go to Get Your Answers so That's That's What the Lesson Plan Well and Fit so Well along the Lines of Were Going in a Couple Places Because We Have To.

Jesus Labor Love Which Is Quite Often These Folks This Case a Lady That I Want to Talk about Who Got Herself in a Position Where She Nowhere Else to Go, so She Actually Sent Me a Text at 1130.

If They Cannot Eat Because We Had Helped Her with Her Car and She Prayed and God Gave Her. Me I Guess.

And so I Want to Help Share the Wealthy. And Here's the Text She Sent Me since Hello Mr. Robbie Gilmore. This Is Her Name and It Says the Young Lady You Assisted with the Car. I Just Want to Say Thank You and to God Be the Glory for Your Nonprofit Organization Which Is by the Way, the Jesus Labor Love. I Wanted to Come to You to Ask If You Know Any Other Nonprofit Organizations That Can Assist My Family with Assistance from My Rent. My Daughter and I Are Facing Eviction and I Just Started a Part-Time Job at Lowe's on Catching up on My Bills. I Daughter Starts Kindergarten in A Few Weeks and I Really Need Assistance. I Prayed and Asked God Order My Steps and I Asked for Prayer As Well Is Any Organization That You May Know That May Help Me. Thank You and God Bless You for an I Know a Little of the Back Story Is This Poor Lady Was Homeless and Managed to Get Out Of a Homeless Shelter with Her Daughter. No, Get a Job for a Period of Time and Then Lost It and Then Now She's Facing This Whole Situation Again Where She Honestly from My Standpoint Just Needs a Little Bit of a Leg up Now. I Was Able to Raise A Lot Of Money over the We Will Show You What We Got Left When We Come Back for to Talk about This Lady That Would Also Talk about a Little Bit of What God Has for You on the Assembly Line When We Come Back Much More Christian Car Guy Show Coming up the Whole Lot You Are. My Name Is a Little More Than 55 Canadian Arm and Think about That Song for A Few Days and It's Amazing with Tropic As Has a Just A Few Phrases There That Has To Do with Walking a Line Where He Was Smart If He Didn't Actually Serve Any Time. He Just Saying about It and Made A Lot Of Money.

He Did Serve Some Time. He Had a Deep Voice Is, You Know, Yeah. So When We Left Our Hero Arrived Are Jesus Labor Love with This Little List of the Christian Car Guy This Morning Were Talking about Lines Assembly Lines We Been Hearing A Lot about Henry Ford's Assembly Line Were to Get into Some More Lines.

Of Course We Got a Line of the Jesus Labor Lovers Are Single Moms Widows Families in Crisis Me a Chance to See That All the Time and I Was Sure the Sleeve That I Got Actually 1126 When I Look at P.M. on Tuesday Night. This Lady Who Was Facing Eviction and She's Desperately Reaching out Trying to Find Some Answers on How She Could Get This Done Praying Hard Clearly and As I Told You I Know I'm Familiar. The Back Story and That She'd Been Hopeless Homeless Got Out Of That.

You Know She and Her Daughter Found This Apartment Found a Job.

We Got a Car Going with Bit and Then She Lost That Job and Then Here She Was or She Is Facing Eviction Again. The Great News Is, As I Began to Talk to Her Will.

How Much Do You Need Will Start out She Needed 900 and Some Dollars within She Found 300 and Some Dollars and She Went Talk to the Landlord at Length and the Landlord Took off Some Late Charges, so She Got It down to $765 and I Went out and I Began to Ask and Put It on Facebook and Pray in and the Lord Provided 275 More Dollars and Actually As of This Morning Where Were at Is Really Need Hundred and $75 More in Order to Make Her Rent but between What She's Raised What I've Raised What the Lord Raised the Whole Thing. Obviously Here's the Little Bit of It Issue Is That the Landlord Won't Take a Partial Payment so I Need the Other Hundred and 75. Hopefully by Monday so Be Going. Put All the Money into Her Hands.

So I Know You May Not Be in Any Position. But If You and Adele Said If You Go to Somebody with a Need to Hate You Know How Many People It Take If Everybody Does Gave Five Dollars or $10 You Can Go to Christian Car Guy.

I Are, Right Now You Can See, Donate, and If You Just Put down a Bear Lasky What for and Safe for the Ladies Rent in Normally.

I Know It's for Car Stuff, but Here It's Try to Get This Ladies Rent Paid so She Can Have a a Month to Go Hunt and Work at Lowe's, Which by the Way She's Given A Lot Of Hours at Lowe's Because Every Time I Call Her.

She's at Work so I Know That's Going on and I Think She's Going up She's Gonna Make Her Way out. But You Got Five Dollars, $10, $25 at Some Folks on Facebook and Me $25 for Whatever It Is, If Enough People Just Take a Little Bit.

Obviously This Ladies Rent Can Be Paid, Which I Know She's Been Earnestly Some Prayer and She's Been in That Place That Bill Was Talking about Where I Don't Know How to Get This Problem Undone and so It's Interesting How God Has Put Together a Piece at a Time and so along Those Lines That Bill Was Talking about. Have You Ever Yourself Gotten in so Deep You Didn't Know Which Way Was up Seriously and and Dennis Really Excuse Me, Dennis Rainey, Who Was with Family Life Today. He Recounted the Story and Sectioning Stu Weber's Book, the Four Pillars of Man's Heart Is Where I Read It Is about a Missionary Family That Was on Furlough and They Had Two Children, a Little Boy, He Was Age 3 and a Little Girl Who Was Age 6 and They Been Blessed with a Fabulous Lake House in a Dock and a Boat House There Where They Could Get to Stay Had a Young Niece That Was over Helping Them. She Was 12 Years Old and She Was Supposed to Watch the Children outside Playing and You Know There Was Little Three-year-old Boy Little Six-year-old Girl and the Father like You Might Imagine Fathers He Was Tinkering in This Boathouse Because He Found Make a Tinker with in Their and While He Was Tinkering with Little Girls Lost Track of the Little Boy Who Saw the Shiny Aluminum Boat down at the Dock and Thought What I Would Be Really Fun, so He Goes on down to the Dock on the Notes to the Niece and Her Sister and He Tries to Board the Slow Boat and He Falls Right between the Boat and the Document Course It Makes a Big Splash. The Niece Who's Now Sees That the Boys Got Away Let's out a Bloodcurdling Scream and She Sees This Happen.

The Father Comes Running Out Of the Boathouse.

He Dives into the Water Where You Know the Splash Came from.

He Can Count Still See That It Needs Understanding What's Happening, and He Begins His Desperate Search for This Little Boy a Course This Kind Lake Is Very Very Murky and He Can't See. You Know, 6 Inches in Front of His Eyes. We Have No Idea Where to Find His Son and He's Reaching out with Everything He Has Any Struggles and Struggles, but He Gets to the Point Where You Can Imagine He Runs Out Of Breath and We Have To Come up and He's like Oh Man, If I'm Out Of Breath That I Know My Little Boys Out Of Breath and so He's More Desperate. He Goes Back down Again Begins to Search Frantically Frantically until He Runs Out Of There Again Realizing Now. It's Really Getting to the Point Where He Could Easily Lose His Son. He's beyond Frantic. He Goes down the Third Time He Stretches out with All His Arms and Legs Everything That He Possibly Can. He Finally Feels His Little Son and for Some Reason His Son Is Got a Death Grip and Absolute Death Grip on the Pier on the Pillar That Is Holding the Dock and He Won't Let Go and so the Summer Another Reprisal Boy's Hands Away from the Pillar and Any Brings Them up. Fortunately He Wasn't Too Far Gone.

He Was Able to Resuscitate Him without Bringing an Ambulance or Anything, so There They Are Sitting on the Bank This of This Lake House Takes about 20 Minutes to Recompose Themselves and the Father Looks at the Little Boy and since Why in the World Were You Grabbing on to That Post When All You He Delighted to Have the Death Grip on the Posted Trying to Explain That to a Three-year-old.

I'm Glad He Was Able to Do That but the Boys Answer to Me Is beyond the It's beyond. I I've Thought about It Ever since I Heard like I Can't Let It Go Is Just It Just Blows My Mind with the Little Boys Answer Was Is Everything to Do with Today's Topic. He Said I Was Waiting on You, Dad. I Knew You Would Come See Here's This Person There in Deeper Than They Know What to Do and They Only Find One Thing That They Can Hang onto That Solid You're Underwater and Here's This Thing Is Know What Else to Do but the Wisdom of This to Grab onto Something so You Don't Get Further Away, but At Least You're Holding onto Something Solid and Then the Faith Is What's Remarkable to Me. The Faith Is Daddy I Know You'll Come and so It Appears to Me Bill That One of the Things That We Can Do Immediately Is Just Hold on to Something That We Know Is Concrete and Have Faith That That Is Going to Come Well in My Lesson Plan This Week. God Took Me with That in My Mind to.

Romans 826 and Romans 826 Is Kind of Where My Lady with the Jesus Labor Love Found Herself Probably Where People in the Bible Find in the in the Jailhouse Find Themselves in Romans 826 Is That Where Nepal Is Describing When You Are Praying by the Holy Spirit That He He Is Going to Make Groans That Are Too Deep for Words and so We Don't Even Know How to Pray, We Don't Know Which Way Is up Right without Even a Little Boy Did Know How to Get Updated Even Know Where to Go. So at This Point in Time He's Praying in His Little Soul, and the Holy Spirit Praying for Him with Words That Are Too Deep Because He Has No Way to Understanding What He Needs and How Meant, How Often, like This Time This Week. How Many Times I Find Myself Right There. I Didn't Even Know What to Pray in Certain Circumstances Even and in This Lady's Case. I Don't Know What to Pray. But the Holy Spirit Can Give Us Groans That Are Too Deep for Words.

So I Decided to Look up That Too Deep for Words in the Hebrew to See How Deep That Was in It Took Me Deeper Than I Ever Thought I Would Go Because There's a Negative Particle There of the Word Alpha That's What That Too Deep for Words Means and so the Way That I Interpret That As I Studied It Was. This Is Something before or beyond the Beginning Which Is like Eternal I Mean I Can't Get There. I Can't Think of Something That's before the Beginning but That's Eternal. And so When It's Too Deep for Words Because It's beyond My Understanding.

I Can't Go beyond the Beginning and I Understand Alpha so I Thought about for the Beginning of Alphabet Obviously Were Going on beyond the Beginning, Let Me Go Back in Revelations One and Study the Alpha and Then Make a Little Bit, Which Is in a Wet My Understanding of the Alpha Came from Is from Originally Think about Revelation and That's What Jesus Said, I'm Now Forming on the Beginning of the Last One I Discovered Immediately Was That Jesus Was Actually Quoting Isaiah or Isaiah Was Quoted Jesus, However, That Works. Isaiah Had Three Different Prophecies Early in 41, 43, 44 and 48. Actually, That You Will Find That Same Phraseology Where God Is Describing Himself As the Beginning in the Last but This Was in Hebrew and so How Now We Had a New Clue of Now, What Is the Hebrew Meaning of the Beginning of the Last and How Does That Have To Do with the Line That I'm Talking about and Dragon Alignment. Finding a Line in Walking the Line in the Assembly Line Was on the Water. It's All Coming Together for the Next Segment Sophisticated, It Is a Means He's Being Being Needs and Peace. Wow, That's Just Right That Saunders Speaks My Heart You Know I'm on the Whole Subject of the Little Boy That You Know God's Can Order the Steps of What's Coming along. You Know You Have No Idea Your Your Your Cleaning on for Dear Life. If You Cling onto God's Line. If You If You Cling onto the Father and Hope like That. He Will Order Just like He Ordered. You Know Clearly What Henry Ford Did He Put Things in Order and and If You Wait on Him. He Is, He's Gonna Bring All the Stuff and I'm so Blessed beyond Blessed by the Gift That Came in during the Last Segment for the Jesus Labor Love Lady and the Prayers. Along Those Lines, You Know It's Time to Meet with Technology That I Can See Immediately That That That People's Hearts Have Been Touched in Any and Your Joining with This Lady in in Reaching for That Me That That Needs to so Again You Know Any Amount Is Just Really Recent, Fairly Helpful for Her and I'm so Blessed That God Is Going to Meet Her Need and She Is. She Clings on under the Water, but When I Start about a Minute Ago. As I Tried to Figure out This Idea of Alpha in the Beginning and before the Beginning and I Began to See This Line.

I Was like, What Does That Mean in Hebrew Because in My Mind Jesus and Paul and Those People They Thought. In Hebrew, the User Hebrew Terms That so When Isaiah Was Saying It. He Was Saying It in Hebrew, and so Where Is That in the Bible and I Can Discover Some More Meaning from Looking at Those Hebrew Terms in Isaiah 41 When He Says Were Shown When He Says the Beginning He Doesn't Use the Word Alpha Use the Root Use the Word Roche and so Interestingly You're Gonna Find That Word in Genesis Chapter 2 the First Time Is When God Is Describing the Head of the Rivers That Split off in the Four Parts That Are Coming Out Of the Garden of Eden. So Here You Got the Beginning of the River Is Called the Head of River, You've Probably Heard That You Live but Here's This Word Again in Hebrew, the Next Time You Find That Word Is in Genesis 3 When God Curses Satan for Having Tricked Adam and Eve and He Says I'm a Put Enmity between Your Seed and Her Seed and He Will Crush Your Rush. He Will Crush Your Alpha He Will Crush Your Beginning He Was in a Crusher Head and You Will Crush Kind of His Omega You're in a Crust behind His Heel. Now If You Think about How Satan Attacks EEE Comes from the Backing Nips at the Heels He Separates the Wheat from the Herd in It and It and Certainly That Was What He Did with Judas Right. He Separated Him from the Other 12. He Was the Weakest. He Was the One He Deceived and That Was Jesus's Heel That Got Crushed Many Clearly Was There but There's a Line Here That That I Don't Want to Miss. In the Lien That Interestingly God Goes on to Sharon in Genesis Is through Jacob, and Jacob Did What.

As He Was Coming Out Of the Womb He Was Grabbing His Brothers Heel. If That's What He Was Named Jacob.

He Was Be Healed Wherever He Was This Her Plantar but Later in Life Right. He Got in the Wrestling Match with God and He Liked the Little Boy He Hung on the God for Everything Else to Do but Hang Because He Was so Afraid of His Brother That at This Point in Time. He Just Hung onto God until God Blessed and God Changed His Name in the Way He Changed His Name. He Changed It to Israel, Which Is, Instead of Contending with the Heel.

He Is Now Contending with God. He Went from Contending with the Omega to Contending with the Alpha and and If You Check out a Little Later in the Book of Exodus When God Refers to Israel.

Now He No Longer Refers to Him As His Servant Jacob When He Refers to a Is Really Refers Them to Us As His Son When When He Tells Moses to Tell Pharaoh to Let Mice My Firstborn Son Israel Go to Beautiful Passage and the Point Is That When We Hold onto God like That Little Boy under the Water.

We Now Get in Line with with the Head like We Now Have Wheat We Are in First All Beast Soul Will Be Still.

He'll Begin to Give Us Instructions like the Leaving the Jesus Labor Love, Did You Hear What She Said. He Ordered My Steps. She Said It Right in Her Message to Me. He Ordered My Steps to Contact You to See If There Was Another Organization That Could Help My and through That God Was Able to Orchestrate the Steps of the Different People Have Already Donated to Meet This Need, and I Just Know That You Know She Got Still and and and and That's What Happened Is Just like Your Inmates There Built at the Jail. One Thing We Share Is That It Doesn't Say That God Teleport You to the Valley of Darkness, It Sent Letters Are Steps That You Not Promise That All Your Problems Are Going to Be Solved Immediately, but If You Wake up in the Morning and You Say, God, What Do You Want Me to Do Today through the Repentance.

Jesus Said I Came Said That Repentance and Forgiveness of Sins Would Be Taught Monday. Once We Stand There and We Repent. The Promise Is That God Will Forgive and Forget the Transgressions and Then If We Listen. He Will Tell Us How to Step Back to Walk Back to Get Back to Where We Were Supposed to Write It. I Want to Go Back Just for Second to Your so Underwater You Don't Know Which Way Is up to My for This the Boy Was the Talkative Scuba Diver.

You Know, Not You, and You Have Been up so Underwater and and so at This Point in Time to Cling onto That One Thing That He Knows Is Solid and and and and His Faith That My Dad Is Going to Rescue Me. It's It's Absolutely Incredible. Just like Jacobs Faith Hang onto God and Is Resting at Species Hanging on Probably Got Together They'll Be Saying I Know That You're Gonna Bless Me Less about Your Time. You Couldn't Find a Way out Will Yes Used To SCUBA Dive A Lot, Still SCUBA Dive Once a Year, and One of the Things That You Taught the Rescue Dry Diving Course Is If You Get down and You Find That Your Visibility Disappears. You Always Got a New Year, Pancreas See You Head to the Anchor and You Grab Hold of That Chain and You Can Go up That Line You Know Where the Lines Going to Get Hand over Hand, You Can Make It Back up to the but. But If You Get Too Far from That Line and You Don't Know Which Was the Right Direction.

You Can Be down at 90 Feet and Had Absolutely No Idea Which Direction to Go Back If You Can't Swim over and Find That Anchor. While so I Would've Thought That Just the Feeling of Your Body Want a Float Would Tell You Which Directions up That the Work Will I You Gotta Be Careful There. I Will Dive in with the New Diver One Time and We Had a Discussion about How Much Experience He Had. He Sort of Inflated How Good a Diver He Was and We Got down to about 90 Feet. The Conditions Weren't Very Great and He Bugged out and He Decided That He Was Going to Go up and I Just Taken a Risky Draw Diver Course That I Tried to Keep Him from Going up and You Can't Keep Somebody from Wanting to Go in One of the Worst Things You Can Do Is to Go up Too Fast and the Other Worst Thing You Can Do Is Hold Your Breath As You Go up, We Popped Out Of the Water about 6 Feet You You Got to Come up the Right Way and You Gotta Come up Slow and You Gotta Come up Where You Want to Come up and over Hand on the Line Is a Safe Way I Could've Orchestrated This, I Had No Idea That Story Was Coming Soon. The Holy Spirit Comes in Admitting That I Show up at a Later He Groaned with Words As They Were All You Need Bill to Do This with You and Find out about the Line in the Anchor Is beyond Cool. Thank You for Listing All Thank You so Much for Praying for My Lady with the Jesus Labor Love for the Donations They Bless My Soul and of We Pray That You Would Have a Wonderful Safe Very Not Drowning Experience over That This This Fourth Of July Weekend Repair You Slow down. Jesus Walked Everywhere He Went and Got It All Done in 33 Years

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