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My Cup Overflows

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 28, 2018 2:02 pm

My Cup Overflows

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 28, 2018 2:02 pm

Christian Car Guy

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Will you Christian Car Guy radio show when you know I I that I won't list all my all my cup runneth over versus running on empty. Well, I just getting back from a Colorado vacation that was provided by my father and so many different ways. My heavenly father and my earthly father.

And if you don't see God in Colorado.

I'm just saying you guys probably aren't open up a fictional ship North Carolina Bob you see it here, but man oh man, everywhere you look is abundance.

Abundance of mountains abundance of wildlife and just picture with me a minute that you're walking down the sparkling clear mountain like him from a distance you can see the trout rising all over the surface. When you get close you see the fish easily arming easily see the fish in the clear mountain water big beautiful rainbow trout Brown's cutthroats and rookies as you stand there fishing a huge mule deer go comes down next to this actually happening comes down next to you and feeds on the brush not singing a mind at all that you're there.

It's truly a Mimas it's a consecrated moment.

Yes, consecrated look closely into the word consecrated and you'll find David's cup overflowing the Hebrew root of the word feel and consecrate are the same word, Molly swung God blessed animals in Genesis 122.

He told them this is interesting. God bless him. He said be fruitful and multiply and melee fill the waters so consecrate them when they're filled with all those fish there consecrate and let the fowl multiply in the earth, and later when God told Moses to consecrate Aaron. He is the same word in Exodus 28, 41, he said that I should put upon Aaron my brother and his sons with him, and shall anoint them and melee. Consecrate them and sanctified, so it not interesting that if you go back with me for a minute now to this lake.

You know deep inside all these fish always wildlife this place is consecrate my cup overflows.

But don't forget why it's because the Lord is my shepherd right I shall not want.

Well, when you're filled right or not want anything you you got it full because right your cup overflows. So naturally know this is a Christian card I show you list and you going, Robbie. Okay what about Carswell. I just want you to know you, your car is wanting to be consecrated is want to be full of gas if it wants to be full of toilet was air in the tires when average about Bob when you don't have all the oil be ones air in the tires it wants a new timing belt. So how is it that this lake in Colorado is teeming with fish, how is it that that deer comes down is so beautiful all at well the answer is, there are fish and a lot of IP plan abundance in Colorado and over $40 million plus budget to make sure that this places filled with wildlife and so a full tank.

Write a dipstick that reads full tires with proper inflation at all and that's all life abundantly.

It's consecrated, but as part of God's economy and is not one of lack but it's one of abundance work is involved, but that too is good. Really. And part of the joyride and in when you're working with Jesus. I mean there's no more joy than there is not so is interesting thing when you study Middle Eastern culture. I learned this week as I was thinking about this overflowing cup that if you go to a Middle Eastern party, Bob. You went into an Arab country, not in an Arab country, but a Middle Eastern party and we have been in and if they only fill your Up like halfway your on your way out. If they don't fill your cup and all they're asking you to leave and let Hilaire that house on Thursday when I get there so that the top the second and about the third or 4th cup start making it less and less in the it's their way of things. Time to go again, but if they really really really like you now realize that in the desert you know that I can overflow Last Abundance and so When They If They Really like to Hear Their Favorite They Have Grace for You.

Then They Fill Your Cup to Overflowing. So When You Get to the Party. You Know You're the Cheese I Mean You're the Guy That That's the Idea behind the Overflowing Cup so It's It's Sort of a Grace Thing Is for like You Know God on Your Favorite There Must Be a Reason That I Got to Go to This Place Fishing.

I Got to See All These Fish and I Got to Be There with My Daughters and with My Wife and My Granddaughter Ami Is Just an Unbelievable Experience. But My Question to You Today on a Christian Card – It Was When Did You Experience This Overflowing Cup Where You Knew It Was Consecrated Coming from the Father. Maybe It Was Your Vacation or Birth of a Child Because Interestingly Genesis 25, 24 and When Her Days to Be Delivered Were Fulfilled Same Word. 843 90 Strong's Word Is Melee.

Behold, There Were Twins in Her Room and in Galatians 44 but When the Fullness of Time Had Come, God Sent Forth His Son, This Fall's Ideas Consecrated. It's Amazing Is That My Story in That Field Is Is so Different Because Some People Who Think That That My at the Time Asked Experience the Most Fullness of God Was When so Many Things Were Very Tragic for Me.

My Place and Just Burn to the Grand so Many Things That Happen Then and Note It Was a Time Where I Could've Failed and Must Be Would Think Out Of Felt Empty. But I I Was so Field and and Had All the Energy All the Confidence All the Everything I Needed to Move Forward and for Me It's Really Weird When You Mentioned It Will Be Talking about Today.

It Just Hit Me like a Ton of Bricks Is like. That's When You Are Your Most Field Is When When God Picked You up Held You Dropped You and Kept You Moving Forward and It Was Just a Great Great Great Thing and God's Been the Most for Me in My Times of My Biggest Need and I Didn't Even Feel Needy Thinking As a Rally Back to the Story of Samson When in That Moment of Time on the Door. I Am Pounced on the Right. That's When the Holy Spirit Rushed in to Fill Him. It Was a Similar Thing Is As I Was Listening to. Now Think about It You Know. Here's His Time Deadlines Attacking and Clearly the Line Was Attacking You As a Time of Need. And Here Comes the Holy Spirit Rushes Any Tears Apart This Line like It Was a Baby Goat or the Time Where He Was Gannett Resting on and When He Had a Thousand Philistines on His Back When He Had the Job. Moments Will Bit Famous, but When That Happen in Your Life, 866.

We Want to Call Him and Share That Moment of Consecration That Moment Where You Are Just Field beyond Belief.

866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and There's a Reason There's A Lot Of People out There Right Now May Feel a Bit Empty. And As We Talk about How God's Field, As It Is, Increases Faith, Bob. It Makes Me Believe That He's Coming through from Me. You Know He's He's Got Something for You so Don't Hesitate Because 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH. Of Course Work in a Get Tour Jesus Labor Love There's Some Moms There They Could Do Some Filling That Have Got a Bit of Lack and and I've Been Experiencing That Obviously Was on Vacation. A Lot Of Those Got Piled up That We Need to Work with but We Would Love to Hear Your Story of When You Are Just like Oh My Goodness, I Just Had No Idea That I Could Be This Field and What the Experience Was like 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Is a Number to Call in a Course All the Stuff Is Always a Christian Car As Well As You Know, and in A Few Days I'll Be Posting the August on a Cruise and All That We Got Christian Card I Theater Podcast up There, Which I Believe Next Week Will Be Finishing up Our Jailhouse Justice Series on Christian Car Guy Theater, Podcast or Preview Shows Course Applications the Jesus Labor, Love, or Any of That Stuff Is All There Christian Car As Well As the First Is That I've Used This Morning When I Start with Part of Colorado, Were You in.

We Went It's It's a Place Called Twin Lakes's, between Leadville and Windows Vista in the Right There. It's Just Absolutely Beautiful. Leadville Is a Really Cool Place All Sorts of Places to Get Filled up There and See the Wildlife by the Wrist Itself As Dearly Just Walk around the Streets.

Don't Believe so, When We Get Back. We'd Love to Hear Your Story. Working to Figure out Some More about How to Consecrate Our Cars, 866-348-7884 When You See I Will I That I on a Night When Overflow That You Sense God's Consecration, Something He Was Just Filling You with. We Would Love to Hear Your Story Today on a Christian Car Guy Show 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Is a Number to Call in and Share like Barbara in Greenville, South Carolina, Barbara, You're a Christian Card I Show I'd Love to Hear Your Story. Thank You. Thank You Mama, I'm Sorry, the Lord Brought Baby Boy with Spina Bifida and My First Reaction Was They Loved It Filled Me about Child Knowing That I Would Have To Be Adequate for 37 Years Ago before and Had A Lot Of Help for Hit Predictability That Anyone That Was When I Felt Instantly They Call Me It Had a Little Money and No Minor File on the Back That Was the First Part When the Doctor Came along and of Course They Always Tell You All of the Worst and Are Now Clicking God That the Place Could Put Him and I Don't Think That Came Out Of My Brain. I Think That with the Holy Spirit Speaking through Minor and Everything and I Got Deep in My Faith in God Sovereignty That It I Very Much Tried to Say What the Lord Can Convert Lookup Common Adventuring with Real Turning Point and I Would Not Wish That on Any Turnout That It Really Well. I This Is Your Son Still Alive.

Fortunately Not a Disability Able to Walk Very and Dilatory That He Walked Very Funny Deformity. There Right to Left. Her Whole Body Is Gone. I Could Hear Canals Are Twisted. We Only Had One Kid Named Wake the Lord Is Not People Running around with Only One Kidney Because the Lord Make the Other One, Doubling Five and Carried the Light Start with a Very Very Glass That He What Gave Me a Consideration for People Who Have Children with Disabilities, Particularly with My Current You Cannot Really Tell That He Had That There Are Parents Whose Children Barry Barry Visually Disabled and I Really Have a Heart for the People That Just Blesses It.

I Can't Tell You How Much It Blesses Me with Your Son's Name Chris Well I You May Know This. I Teach Special Needs Adults. The Church I Attend, or Member of Okay and I've Done That for Better Part of 20 Years and so A Lot Of Our Indefinite Whale Bread Done That so Well.

A Lot Of the Students Have Either Down Syndrome or Autism Request for Different Different Kinds of Special Needs in They All Have Their Own Unique Challenges but Anyway This Story I Just I Just Feel Compelled to Tell after You Say That There Is One Young Man That I've Loved for Years and Years and Years and Years and I I've Never Really Seen Him Get Upset, but One Time and His Mother Happen to Be in the Room at the Time. In This Disguise about 35 or 36 Years Old Himself. He Might Be a Little Bit Older Matt but Anyway He Had Thrown His Mother's Keys in the Closet and Then Shut the Door and We Didn't Have a Key to Get Them out, and so We Set for One of the Administrators of the Church Encumbering the Key so We Could Get in This Closet or When We Opened up That Closet Door. The Young Man Just Went Berserk. I've Never Seen Anything like It and He Came over and He Threw All His Weight against the Door Slam That Door to Where the Whole Room Shook and It Just Scared. It Was Really Terrifying. And Then It Looked like He Was Going to Go after His Mother.

So I Kinda Stood in the Way Will He Kind of Was Filled with the Holy Spirit. He Threw Me Out Of the Way like I Was of of Ragdoll and I'm No Smog. I Am a Bad Headache so I Was like Just Totally Perplexed on Knowing What to Do and the Mother Looked at Him and Some of Those Moments. I'll Never Forget As Long As I Live. She Looked at Him and Talk about Filled with the Holy Spirit. She Says to Somebody Need a Hug. I'm Serious Bob That's What She Had to Leave the and and and I Just It Just Got Away with the Help Mom Loves and She Knew Exactly What to Say and and That Boyd Melted He Melted into Her Arms and Started Weeping.

I You Know That the Time That You and That You Know That Is Gray Semi Math Favors.

That's the Kind of Thing That I Just Marvel at and so When You Say That Parents of Special Needs Families Children. Sometimes I Think We Are All Special Hey Man What What a Gift God Gives Them That Consecration That Feeling in Order to Be Able to Deal with Those Needs. At the Moment When They Come. It's Beautiful, Absolutely Marvelous. I'm so Glad You Called This Morning That Is Such a Story, God Bless You Wonderful You Think You Are Right Now. I Know You've Got a Story, 866-348-7884 Is a Number to Call in and Share. We Would Love to Hear That Moment That That Time Where You Felt God Come in and Really Take over When You May Have What to Do or Maybe It Was Just Something on Vacation and You Just Saw That God Was Filling It Whatever Whatever It Is and You Feel Compelled to Share, Please Don't Hesitate Just Call Us at 866-348-7884 Is a Number to Call Him First Working to Get to Consecration of Cars and Talk about Our Jesus Labor Love Car Repair for Single Moms Widows and Families in Crisis. So Much More Christian Card I Show Coming up. Stay Tuned.

Our Company Is Overflowing Overflowing and Overflowing, We Are Talking about Running over Cups Really Changed a Little Bit That Time Did We Had a Really Difficult Question during the Break Was It Was the Guy Who Was Singing My Cup Runs over and Arnold. Robbie Admits That a Pretty Good at It and I'll Let You Guess You're Welcome to Call Ended. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but Right Now I Have Levi Who Is in Raleigh, North Carolina. He's Got a Moment of Consecration. I'd Love to Hear Levi You're on the Christian Card I Show the Morning. We Are Wonderful. I Am Excited to Hear Your Story. I Had a Vision for Lack of a Better Term 2017 October Is Watching Videos on YouTube about Rapture about It and I Know That Not Really Fit in the Bible. But There Are Implications in Their Am Taking People up, but I Was Watching the Video Girls Talk about How She Was Dealing with This Problem She Have a Director and I Close My Bike and Some Away and It Was like He Him. I Saw Him. Jesus Christ He Didn't like the Brightest Lamp or Just Bright White Light and It Looked like Have You Ever Seen like the Trading Cards with the Holographic like That Only and He Walked from Stage Right All the Way into Center of My Vision and Open My Got up from the Computer Room Walked into the Living Room and Close My Eyes Again and He Just Held out His Left Hand Didn't Say a Word to Me That All He Did. He Just Held out His Left. Well I Have To Ask Is I Had a Similar Vision at One Point My Life Was There Some That Welled up inside of You That They Didn't Realize Was There. That Was Just like This Is CJ's Was Used Was That There Would Have Been Easily Dismissive As like Sunspot or Something like That but It Was in the Middle of Night or and I Would Had Just Sat There Would've Been Dismissed to, but I Got up Open My Eyes and Walked into Another Room and It Was Still There.

Still, There so It Would Even If It Wasn't Him It Was the Holy Ghost or Some Other Spirit. It Didn't Drive Me Away from It Brought Me Closer to so That's Why I'm Saying You Can Tell This Fruit That Were That Was Filled to Count an Increase in Faith. Obviously Enough to Take the Courage to Call Us Which Is Not Easy. I Understand so That Blesses Me Levi Thank You and I Love You Know It's It's a Biblical Delete My Middle Name Grant Father Nickname Leviticus Had No Idea Nickname for Me and Had No Idea until about Book before This Vision at My Whole Family on My Mother Cited Very Baptist. All That We Know about All the Stuff I Just Didn't Really Understand It until Couple Years Ago That's so Cool.

Well Thank You Levi God Bless You and Appreciate Your Comments to the Insured and I Bless You Guys Have a Good Weekend You Too. Thanks for What We Would Love Love Love to Hear Your You Can Tell I Love This Stuff You Hear Your Story, Way More Fun Than Anything I Could Think about 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Is a Number to Call in and Share Your Cup Overflowing Story Course in a Car Is Gotta Be Filled with Gas and Oil along with You to Get All That. But before We Do That, I Have a Very Very Special Guest in the Studio with Me. My Good Friend Larry George Who Is with Slow Missionary Homes and Because of His Work with Missionaries. He Gets the Chance to Go All over the World and Larry. You Had a Story Where God Just Showed up and Was It China.

No, I Actually Was in China and Thailand and but When I Went to Thailand. They Have an Underground Church There in. This Is for Pakistani Christians That Have Lost Their Visas and so They Put a Menu in Detention Camps of the Ketchum and Then He Can't Get Out Of There until They're Sent to Another Country and so They Are under Persecution in Thailand about 14,000 of Them Christians Because of Pieces of Expired and If They Get Caught for Either Sent Back to Pakistan Where They Go to Jail or Else They Stay in These Detention Camps and so I Went into a Home That Was about a 12 x 12 Room and the Only Thing That They Had in That Room Was a Mattress on the Floor and People Sitting along the Wall When I Walked in the Door They Told Me That This Was an Underground Sure Church That the Family That Lived There Had Not Been outside in Two Years Because If They Walked outside to Be Put into That Detention Camp so They Were There Sitting on the Floor and They Wanted Us to Speak Words of Encouragement to Them. And I Thought How Can I Encourage Somebody That Is Going through so Much Willing Give up What They Have and This Lady Came up to Me after the Service and through an Interpreter. She Said She Held up This Little Baby in Her Hands and She Said Mr. Preacher, Would You Pray That God Would Touch My Baby. He's Got a Bad Heart. We Can Go to a Doctor If We Do We Put in Jail.

Can God Touch Our Little Boy Andres Baptist. I Was Never in a Position You Not Always Pray for Aunt Susie and Stuff but As Far As Somebody Just Putting a Baby in Front of Me and Saying You Know I'm Relying Totally on God to Do This and so I Took That Baby in My Arms and I Began to Cry and This Other Pastor That Was What We Did to Because I Thought God This Baby Is Yours Is Nothing That I Can Do but Only You Can Do It. The Only You Can Touch Him and so We Prayed for This Baby. I Really Believe That God Touches This Baby's Heart. We Gave It Back to the Mom Boy When She Took the Baby Back. She Said Just a Minute She Brought over This Little Girl Little Girl about Two or Three Years Old When She Brought Her over to Me. This Kid Was Crying and Is and I'm Not Really a Kids Person You Know Something Can't Get This Guy Verify That so Scary Larry like Sgt. Carter Anyway. They Bring This Baby. This Little Girl over to Me and the Mother Tells Me through, and the Interpreter That This Kid Has To Her Teeth Are Rotten and She Said She Can Go to Adenosine Same Reason. She's Been in This House for Two Years. She Cries All the Time Because Her Teeth Hurt. Can We Pray for Members That Pastor Phil and I Both Prayed to God Touch a Girl and the Pain Went Out Of Her Mouth to Me When I Saw That I Thought God. I Know That Your Real, but It Was Just like Managers Filled My Cup to Realize How Much God Reaches down from Heaven and Touches People That Have Absolutely Nothing to Show Who Is Well That's Yeah and so Your Cup Was a Kind of Yeah I Really Was II Can't Imagine Going through Something like That but yet the Love of God That They Had, Even Though They Had a Baby with a Bad Heart and a Baby with Rotten Teeth Living in a Room for Two Years by Themselves Still Love Jesus Well When I Have for Sharing That This Amazing It Isn't. It Is, and We Got Our Lives Are Filled up. We Got Roxanne Is in German to North Carolina. Roxanne You're on the Christian Card I Should Get. I Am Excited to Hear Your Story of Your Mom and I Don't Know What I Never Heard, and I Boy My Mind I Got I Hear You Don't Belong Here Are a Girl and I Think She's the One That Got Me.

I'm Not Committing the Right Arm by Night. I Know Many Different, Every Popular Lord and Bible, Not a Statement That 80 and Then Get Great at Giving a Long Time Ago I Can't Remember the Bible Put It down My Knee and Ankle Help and I Know I Can Find a Book Understanding and and Daily Cleaning Making Clean Condo Law and I Can't Tell You How I Heard It Fully and Called Me Go out and You Will Find Help. I Recognized the House to Get a Block Away from Mine and Ran out the Door There Named Carmen to Carmen and She Tells Me Here in the Background.

I Went the Patrick Here Will Go There Waiting to Come at the Current Time. They Told Me When I Die I Roxanne.

We Got a Break We Got Here a Little Bit More. The Story Said Can You Thing on with the Spokes of the Next Segment Please with Family Can Hear the Rest of the Story and I Bet You're Thinking How I Got When Robbie Well You Know We Don't Have To Talk about Cars I 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Will Be Back with Much More Card Going to Be Consecrated to Bother with More Stories Which I Prefer.

Anyway, When We Left Our Hero Roxanne Was by the Way, You Can Call in It 866-34-TRUTH a 7884 866-34-TRUTH If You Digitally Gifted. When We Left Our Hero Roxanne. She Had Gotten Word from the Lord through a Bible That Just Happened to Be There.

I Had a Bible like That and Asked Me One Time Roxanne and Then You Went over the Pastor's House You Went over to the Sister's House, Who Then Was Going to Introduce You to Pastor Glenn Pick up the Story. There Are Bound and I Remember the Way She Told Me That You and Guide You and Call Me I Need to Be and All Thing Came from Gang Drive Had a Child 10 Years Old. A Lot Going on in My Life and Where What It Was in German to Him Wasn't in California. Okay, I and I Don't Know. I'm Crying for so Long and I Write, Went to Bed the Next Morning How You I Coming from a Lonely, Very Alone in a World That I Found No Meaning for My Life and the Next Morning, Looking into My Client.

I Felt like He Grabbed Me and Clinked Me Any Different World and the Joy of the Lord. Then We All He Is Glorious Wow You Every Morning Every Morning.

I Think the Lord November 2. Baby My Life and Making a Call and Gave Me a Great Family Very Much. And Every Morning When I Remember That I Cried. Thank You Lord. Only You Can Do Wonderful Things like That Show You Roxanne God Bless You Were so Grateful You Call Them Right to Sleep and I Know You're Thinking I Got a Story 866-34-TRUTH 87884's Number to Call in and Share 866-34-TRUTH We Have an Got Better Than All I Knew Was That Song Not Saying That My Cup Overflows, Short Cut.

I'm Part of That Critic.

I Very Proud to Be a Part of That Wonderful Theater Group 1970 That That Beautiful Which Made Me Cry Today with You Because I Do I Do Broadly with Mary Martin and Robert Preston a Thousand Years Ago That I Did That Show Years Ago Several Times with Two Different Guides and Women's Guild Derived Buck Rogers and David Harper Bent It Was a Wonderful Show from Start to Finish about a Marriage. You Know That I Gave My Life to Jesus Christ in 1954 and He Is outside the King and He's Been Faithful to Me All through the Years It with All the up and down and and I Have so Many Robust Company. But Even As I'm at Baiting the Glory Here.

I'm Getting Older When You Get Older to to Embrace the Next Adventure. And When I Can Then Defeat the Deed.

I'm in the Process of a New Adventure of My Life Where He Guide Provide That. Then I Had That Done Today and You Know about It Just How Much the Blast the past God and As I Have Been Faithful to You Every Inch of the Way in This Journey. Now I Am Going to Be Faithful to the End Side. I Want to Encourage You to That He so All Robbie Made It through Faith. Well, I Was since I Got to) Take the Actual Story of What Happened As I Was on Vacation I Was Studying Jeremiah 47 Actually Where There Is Actually a Prophecy against the Philistines and He Uses That Word That the That the Ease Can Overflow the Philistines with This Flood and and He's Going to Fill the Area so I Don't like I Do. Looking at the Hebrew Word I Realize That I My Word, That Word Is the Same Words Consecrate. How Could That Be. I Had a Total Misunderstanding. So I Started Just Looking at Consecrating and Overflowing in All These Different Places.

My Mind Was Just Filled As I Was on Vacation with What He Was Feeling My Life and Overflowing, and in Some Event, so I Got Back in. You Know Me How Much I Love Music and so I Said Well There's Gotta Be a Good Overflowing Song What the First One That Comes up Is That One and I'm like Oh Wow I Remember That Site Is a Blast from the past for Me to and I and I Was Just like That Is Such a Beautiful Melody and As Such Amazing Concept That's behind That I Hadn't Heard for Years and Years so I'm I'm Grateful That You and I Certainly Was Just Blessed Out Of My Socks by the Hello. I Hope It Is Lovely Lovely Well I Got a Hobby in High Point. I Got to Get to and so Will Hear from You Next Week. I Know Bobby in High Point.

We Would Love to Hear Your Story Got a Couple Minutes If You Hurry.

32 Years Ago That Dr. Lou DeMeo, Who Was Having Severe Panic Attacks and Not Sleeping and Is Still in the Workforce.

He Was a Smoker. Well, Laying on of Hands, and No Further Smoking in and Help out with That Was Having and Then I Went to the Doctor the Next Day Because My Credit Was Terrible and Finance Have Cancer and Left Right and He Looked at Matt and Matt and He Said When You Do Not Have Cancer in Your Grant That You Have Severely Inflamed Threat and When I Didn't Smoke and No Lipase Migrations, I Get It Typed out Secondment Cigarette Was One Year to Get This and Immediately They Made for the Lady Mail Cigarettes Was Gone and Why My Doctor Said When I May Have To Withdrawal (the Lord – Something the Matter I Lay down the Cigarette That Was down Neighbor Wound and Did Not Want and Never Heading Withdrawal from This Medication and I Just Thank the Lord Acted Not Because I'm so Nice to See If All of Us While Slapping Sound A Lot Clearer and Clearer As Well… Well, and Loving What a Wonderful Story. God Bless You, Thank You for Sharing It with You to Allow the Music, Bob Talked Much about Cars but Suffice It to Say Keep Your Oilfield Keep Your Radiator Filled Keep Those Things over, but You Gotta Make Sure That That You Consecrate Your Car That It Feels Filled Because a Good King Right like God Is to Make Sure That His Kingdom Is Much like Heaven As He Possibly Can. That's Kind of Concept but Courts Probably Have Someone from Larry, Thank You for Joining This Letter Be Here for for What's Going on in Thailand and We Got Coming up in the Neck. So for Those People in the Pursuit Bob What a Great Day Better Time of the Lake. Yes

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