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Sensuous Symbolism

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 11, 2018 12:41 pm

Sensuous Symbolism

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 11, 2018 12:41 pm

The Christian Car Guy Radio Show

The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

So just jailhouse justice that Brad had escaped from jail and was in the hospital room was a crime boss know our brand was desperate for water to help get out of town. The sheriff and use disbursed in the hospital room and Brad jump from the second floor window trying to escape ramp was critically injured by the fall in desperate need of a blood transfusion which Dr. Soni informed the sheriff there was only one person in town who have that type in the sheriff knew she was at the church. I probably go there the church by gesture that the taller you had better start crying. Bonnie Christie Jimmy Natalie sees the fight as the office. Please everyone else. Please keep up the prayers for Brad.

He's in critical condition and needs forgiveness and all sorts of levels you see folks could we just open this discussion and prayer Lord, thank you for your new friend Christine. The love you've given her for Brad.

Her father Bretton really need your help right now, Lord. He needs blood. He needs type baby negative blood and Brad desperately needs your blood Jesus to cover his horrible sins against Allie in this town. Thank you. Also that you help Christie forgive no law could kidnap Christine then blackmailed Brandon to kidnapping Allie.

Please help Allie to see the chance she has now to save the life of a life that you placed her very veins. It will take your blood in her blood to save Brad. We pray this in your name Lord Allie you have type baby negative blood now and what difference does it make you don't think I'm letting someone stick me to say Brad, do you.

I can see why everyone thought how long did you think you are a beautiful guy listen to your beauty wasn't no time. You knew the whole what truth I finally learned the truth about your parents you were kidnapped to begin with some type of complaint you father what grandpa, what is she talking about. I really didn't know myself until I write as though our is the normal one by the name of Ross Backman, Allie, and years ago rubber compound that will help all rubber products last much longer know our company want to buy my rights to my discovery but I knew it would never biodegrade. So I Ross you are Lazarus is getting confusing. Ross was the very man. Your mom and dad meeting with we never knew for sure want to have the car your folks were you nothing linking.

What we heard rumors, grandma got as far away with you back here at river rock for sure what happened, so we never told you all that to protect so so why put the pressure on my dad. I kidnapping me until you were kidnapped and all the time.

It was like that formula and why thought would make you millions your parents might all this pain for me it's not over person who has lost most your mom but not coincidentally, but the blood, you can still pull to face death spiral.

I believe your forgiveness.

Just maybe Vicki walks the door friend all my life. This is all too much for me to take him right now. Grandpa grandma this rest. Lazarus killed my mom got the story is always so much bigger than we ever understand Allie it's Godzilla me that was trying to hurt God by hurting those God loves the enemies called the father of lies. The author of confusion. Satan is behind all of this tragedy. The Bible says comes to steal, kill and destroy.

Jesus came to give life and life abundantly. You now have the choice Allie.

You can give life to Brad and give him a chance to turn to Jesus and have a real life God knows how much you are dealing with right now. Allie got also knows your heart. And there isn't much time hospital. Not sure I can do this by one at least try not much time Christie, but I don't Jimmy why do you have some kind ready to go past the mind of its own, with Pastor Jack's window open Jimmy's jeeps heard everything about the horn couldn't contain herself as a motor oil commends them time to give grab the lifesaving folks bring all over river rat wakes up to a roomful Christie Lazarus in his wheelchair. Allie Jimmy Sheriff Eustis Dr. Soni well came to hear us where am I Christie is that you are you okay okay okay this old am I seeing things are. Allie, what are you two doing here Brad Lazarus, no, no, we have never met today. Sadly, it was partially to blame for the death of Allie's father but Allie forgive me and all I did to hurt her and she forgive you to Brad even gave you the blood transfusion that saved her life saving my life. My blood was much easier to give me yes. Christie told me all about what really happened and many were praying for both of us forgiving you need to live Jesus actually died for you on the cross. That's what you really need and I wanted to give you a chance at it, what you think change seriously the person you knew just a few weeks ago. I don't know much, but when I see your daughters on is his eyes. These people have something you gotta do you never have about me coming, sheriff right Christie and Allie.

How else could just make that connection to God. You all will still have these words after me. I knew father I know Jesus as your son.

I know he sent him to die for me on the cross paid the price. My sin, horrible things I know you sent him to die for me on the cross to pay the price for all my sin things I've done except my life forever. In Jesus name. And for me I think I give him my life to live his life now: drinking my go so I thought it would be fun. Christian Car Guy theater to talk up a little bit about actually take a peek behind the curtain, so to speak behind Christian Car Guy Peter and see the ride but God is taken us on and I have one of our costars here Christian Car Guy theater and alters will is to come to take us on that ride for couple segments welcome man board yellow brick road.

I let out what a journey that it has in there so many blessings there that we want to share along the way.

Especially the caster gods provided and we want to share a bit about who these people are and what's going on behind that but also it's kind of meat that were able to do this today of all days because as a week. Yeah, we got were so delighted to be on 23 more radio stations this week that we were on last week we were brought on by the Wilkins radio network completely. We run a few other stations before we picked up the rest of them.

So now how cool is this Enron 67 and so on. Well know, being faithful and a little out of my step-by-step belief that and again, not just what we get out of how we can glorify him and that but thrilled about that show I can I give a little background and how I got aboard the second list is Scott ever given you an adventure and when you sign on when he gave you this word and you felt called to go do something that oh my word it took you on this venture.

You never dreamed we would love this is a live show and we would love to hear your story always and you can call in at 866-348-7884. I love to hear what God is doing in everybody's life 866-34-TRUTH 878849. The last segment today we are going to go, sensuous ride on a brand-new Pontiac Trans Am with sensuous symbolism of the song of Solomon were going to really sensuous here in the last Christian guard Isley don't miss out on that.

But yes, why don't you share with our listings and a little bit of of how you ended up in Charlotte and how you ended up on the caster Christian.

What I would like to hold background and I Peter 300 commercial, the whole 9 yards.

Radio all that and and then 9074 New York City. I gave my life to the Lord with my big then bear it. It totally changed my life of court after that point on outside that a Christian felt that I also did a lot of adventure do not get about 200 and you know you learned about that but I felt led in unit 2010 Appoint me to Charlotte in my book called-the guy on the road to happily ever after, but not there yet. We are on the road to happily ever after, but I felt led definitely become a Charlotte miraculous way and I found myself driving at Erica country from Burbank to Charlotte and member of 2010 and then and 11 I meant to treat. Be green with talking at the Christian Chamber of Commerce dinner, that they had a small back to people a fantastic you know a green family and they were working on something called pathogen but you can probably tell about but you know it and never made that connection, the birthplace of Christian Car Guy theater was also Steve Green ends Stu, who is the owner treat broadcasting for those who don't know him had me working on a project because we we really feel like we wanted to have radio that would reach a younger audience yet and so I did the whole thing for passages that was sort of like a cartoon radio's are like adventures in Odyssey, very much like Christian Car Guy theater and for lack of a better way to put it. They didn't buy the idea that when I went there 2011. You know I let that Truth Network because of my meeting with you about meeting you there and you buy you one thing led to another and that you are working on pathogen and all that jazz. At that point you ever do anything you know you want to read well in 20 Christian Car Guy and there you were, and doing your very miniature show basically with a one-man show at that point and at the little bit of the details behind that was. I was actually mad at God. I was like why all these hours worked in passages, and I know it was just for me. It was glorious and I really love the project, really love the outcome, hoping that we would get this younger audience and I was literally yelling at God in person. What's up with this since forever. You have your own show.

You know you can do it if you want to do it and so with that I wrote lazy Sammy starter which was the very first Christian Car Guy theater and who should turn in one person.

I era where you listen to radio level and I've done a lot of that. But the point is, I thought oh I'm caught robbing right now and after the show is over and I said hey if you want if you want to use me for any future shed and what did you do that you wrote another episode with sinister Sally is such a good sister, Sally, so talk a little bit more about all the other casting characters in the really got is just some amazing people in the next segment of sensuous ride and so stay tuned. So much more.

So, show history of it cast and all that in a minute but you know also another ministry of the Christian Car Guy shall become this blessed us with Jesus labor love which is car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis and every week God blesses us just what you did this week with some that were still trying to figure out. I've got a lady who's got her defenders mama driveway and she can't get out of her car and she is disabled in her mother's disabled America house were trying to get work through that one.

We've got a couple of break software will to get done this week working on state inspection for mom that needs to be able to keep her insurance most kind of thing.

So God continues to bless us there every week and we would urge to go to Christian Car to see what's going on there because you can obviously donate your time.

Counsel works you know many many many referrals of single moms widows and families in crisis come from listeners who say Lakota Christian Car and then the people and then were blessed to be able to help them often through your donations of time, money and most importantly writers because it's what where we connect with God. There is where we get a chance to connect with these families and it's an all volunteer group. There is no money paid into the Jesus labor love for any salaries whatsoever. Every penny goes to helping somebody and I'm blessed really to pray with every single applicant which is my favorite part of the ministry. Honestly, I can't tell you the blessing. It has been over the years. I wanted to make you aware that but also why you're a Christian Car Christian Car Guy theater. There are 38 episodes now, including one you just heard a Christian in the jailhouse justice finale which that we been running jailhouse justice since June 2013 so over a year and there's 15 episodes are just jailhouse justice.

And if you're wondering how was the bread that Brad kidnapped Allie or what happened with the Warren all those things.

It's all back there Christian Car and all those podcasts are absolutely free. We would encourage you to encourage young people to listen right it's cartoon time at Saturday morning were on the radio and so were hoping to reach young people with that message right and in and and unashamedly just put Jesus first and what were doing here running late so we got a well wanted to explain quickly and is one of the writers and Ellen Kennedy, a good friend of hers which you can see them all cast and crew talk about Ellen in a minute and a course I get to write some of the episodes and you know we kind of share.

A lot of them are Anna and I shall write it and I'll tweak it or I'll tweak it and she'll write you write back and forth.

We definitely talk about the ideas on how well do these characters yeah we originally talked about jailhouse justice it was to be two or three episodes right, but then the Lord blessed us with these characters.

I get to these characteristics when you get talent like this. You tend to want to write scripts right and highlights what all the gods blessed us with. So the first voice that you heard other than my own.

In jailhouse justice. The finale was that of the sheriff who is Chris Van Cleave. A lot of these cast members a lot of very gifted actors.

Chris is one of them. I have never personally met my life that I and marveled at 11 years old, career incredible talent I think is one thing real quick. In terms of when I first met you and so on and how they are shallot the yellow brick journey has evolved. I bet you even morning is that you like but you would like to live it about because you go behind that curtain and you know that he had all the bells and whistles. I love I love working with the electorate is directed crazy typical with God. We have followed the yellow brick road and you you you you you do everything you do the equalizing the music down the fact the you your hitman yet you go behind your you know what all this writer you write the script and you sent about these phenomenally gifted actors and again there never seen the other actor they just read their lines and different mediums, and all over the country and then they send the backend and then we get to hear it put together and it just blows my mind like Christie, who is actually a missionary who is from Ireland, who lives in Ireland. She works program ships when those lines came back of her, you know, crime. I was just like my word talent so we got to get to this, but this just so much fun to be behind the curtain and see what God does.

But you know Chris Van Cleave is also a gifted singer and played prudish right in a major production years ago friend of mine provided the motor oil you brought in people. I brought in people. Brian hobby.

Right you got it we got to get these in a way that people always seem to place the sheriff side Which is Eustis, which is really you know kind of funny characters you know and I was kind of what the original idea was, and he plays it so miraculous. And if you if you ever heard our Christian Car Guy theater extravaganza for Christmas. We did Christmas Corolla here in the sheriff were just awesome and optically, but he is so gifted he played in the Dennis the Menace and in one of those movies are yeah exactly that a lot of marvelous actor and so I called him and all volunteer a club Christian card I theater came in and they all do it as unto the Lord because they love the Lord be great if we could pay them but yet at Ellen and then you know is Holly and another friend of mine Bonnie talk about the second is also the voice of Randy radiator would you hear him and Danny dipstick which admittedly I wouldn't cast anybody else.

Is there anything, dipstick of Randy radiator. I think you got until little bit about how even got that name because that was a good mother connection for you shall laugh out funny and world and I said I said the name fire should Danny get and then and then somehow we also got in the later radiator and and and and and I shared that what you need to let always the way we hear Brian do Randy written what you know for many of those jokes that he is very funny. You know, I'll write stuff out. But then who knows what he's going to send by and it's just absolutely hilarious.

He's one of those gifts, but also there's some members that you would've heard very quickly are my family and so the interesting thing is Allie who came aboard really within six months was to try to find a girlfriend for Jimmy and Jimmy by the way was my original producer back in 2015 he produced a radio show like Jasper does now but Alex ended up getting a job as a disc jockey in Nashville and he moved to Nashville but he still continues to do Jimmy Forrest we needed them a girlfriend so my daughter had been in all these plays in middle school and stuff so my daughter Mariah plays Allie and now here we are.

And next weekend we are taking her to Birmingham Alabama to collect a religion Allie so we have the kind of writer out of the script well it will work it out. Really cool thing for me is that Allie's grandfather is played by Allie's grandfather, Allie's grandfather is my father.

Obviously and Bob do more and so he has so much fun. I can't, you know it.

I see my dad at least once a week and we we record these lines in which you could be there for that he had so much fun with this and is kind of neat to have them beside Bonnie who is so gifted. I can't believe a lot of time already.

We talk we yeah we got the best strike there talking to him.

We get back, say 274, to go along those lines, we were to take this sensuous trip and a Pontiac Trans Am here in just a minute, but we can't neglect we sent out best for last one minute. Now I'm doing I don't take any minutes because I got a guy go to get through this, but the first person right we got it.

We saved the best for last.

Just ignore the is just what Cordy said that wrong and he played the flute in beauty and the beast and he played the panther and utopia.

And you took a risk and then softy would read lines and next thing we know we have no are white people that is so awesome and he is so good and it is one of those people you send off lines and you just like oh my word, and so you know we'd be part of the reason the jailhouse justice went as long as it did was we got Jesse and we are like family got a right lines to make all this happen, but also Vanessa or his friend and she plays Dr. Sunny but she also also played many characters throughout the and she is a gifted actress and a good friend of yours to do she live in Charlotte right near here not to far and Bonnie had a job and we haven't talked about re-suggesting which is the key players and also she plays, and so is Mary whether Mary whether and then there's test your jacket if you think he sounds like a pastor.

That's what I thought at first time I ever heard them is actually one of my best friends, Pastor James Banks, he wrote the book fair for particles and he he is he is the pastor peace church in term one of my favorite people in the world and is so cool to be able to work with him on that but also bad Brad, the voice of that is been Webb who was just an intern here, but when so gifted his back to me away and he was just one of those that really came up was a huge surprise for us along the way. So I think I got everybody but labor.

In this episode but you guy we've got them so this is been so much fun and thank you this with me today. One of the little encouraging other pilgrims on the yellow brick road it out and it paid okay. You know God is really again. We would urge you to go to Christian Car and listen almost contest since young people there to say you want to hear a cartoon via radio. Go Christian Car Guy theater course to group under the hood would remind you select a Disney movie.

So God bless you.

Thank you again and move on to our senses right here and there are a all right is our appraisal by the Rio Blanco today if you seen it. There is a 2019 Pontiac Trans Am and if you go you see this picture it's that sort of Carolina Panthers blue is just gorgeous, but the sensuous symbolism when you look at this car for those of us who knew Pontiac build excitement. I mean you can literally feel something when you look to far below the hood scoop the honeycomb wheels. You can almost hear the sound of the Smokey and the bandit 455 just rambling about wind rushing over your face when you pull out the detox and then there was that smell. I just was a new car smell. It was a Pontiac smell, or at least a GM smell. In fact, I would bet you that you could blindfold me and sit me down in a vintage Ford or GM or Chrysler and I could tell you what model it was or what car was just by the smell. He had of ticklish melt. I sure could tell you by the sound of the starter. The engine of special pricing starters who could never left. Then there was that road feel right. It was completely different from a Camaro or a Mustang Trans Am was Trans Am and I have to laugh really at the fact that these guys would Trans Am worldwide, which is down in Florida they're getting rich off the fact that GM's lack of vision to bring the Pontiac Trans Am back to bill most cars down there. 2019 models and who not mean they went from working on their garage to now they have over 20 employees just working on that identity and identity of a Trans Am but identity itself beautiful and when you think about that kind of symbolism. I was this week just kind of stuck in my favorite book of the Bible which is in the song of Solomon. The symbolism that Solomon wrote about was a lot more than excitement. I mean it's more that I really can even imagine who on their wedding night wouldn't be excited even jubilant over the description in the song of Solomon chapter 7 verse three right where he says your navel is a rounded goblet may it never lacked your belly belly is a heap of wheat enclosed with lilies. That's something to see in the field and the smell plus. And here's the plus if you ever thought about this but the wine and the wheat and the Naval in the lilies all have a scarlet thread to on the counter runs through the Scriptures right, your navel is the place where your link to your mother. It's your heritage, your home, family, you know the Jewish people decide who you are by your mother's family not by your father's status so there you are at this place of communion with your family and then you've got wine and you've got wheat well why don't we clearly is kind of bread and wine and there you communing. I just communion and your at some point to be communing with your future husband Christ like forever.

Now it's right there with the wine and the wheat and the navel. And then there's these lilies. What a treat. We have here.

If you look back at the 45th song which talk about a lot we are saying yes to address this, the wedding, so let's all miss song to the tune of what lilies and time again and Solomon song we see him among the lilies.

You might remember the verse, my beloved is mine, and I am his. He browses among the lilies. Will the word lilies comes from a root of the Hebrew word since. Which means to rejoice, which I found out last week. I wasn't saying charge got a wonderful email from Mr. telling me how to say it properly.

And honestly I still struggle with my pronunciations at this forgive my ignorance. If I'm not pronounce. Not exactly right. But if you go look Christian I gave you the link to the root word which means to rejoice of lilies now think about it. Of course Jesus would be browsing there among those that rejoice in communion with him right. These lilies are a picture of rejoicing.

So think about that communion surrounded by rejoicing him is incredible really the marvel of sensuous symbolism that Solomon had his unbeliever. When you look at Solomon's original. The temple that he billed after they'd have the tabernacle right if you were coming into Solomon's Temple, you would pass by two pillars. They were the pillar of trust that you taken JAC HIN and Boese. I and if you were to look at those pillars at the top of me know you'd see lilies right but don't miss that that you document is the oneness that establishes the Fellowship of the Trinity of centrist marvel, which is created everything for census but Boaz is a really big deal.

The kinsman redeemer Fridays got the Naval sees our brother and that allows us that kinsman redeemer gives us the ability to go into communion with the triune God. The other side of the other pillars as you walk by.

You see, here's the kinsman redeemer that even makes it possible forgiveness we heard in the Christian card theater that allows us not to end in the smoking section with when you get a chance to fellowship in those lilies right with that communion. It's unbelievable. Thank you for was the Christian card show merchant card. Remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done. 33

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