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College Bound Kids: Car Care Life Skills

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 18, 2018 12:34 pm

College Bound Kids: Car Care Life Skills

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 18, 2018 12:34 pm

The Christian Car Guy Radio Show

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Is the good morning and welcome to Christian Car Guy radio this morning on obviously on the spaceship takes and travels down a few avenues in part available to talk about this morning will force me to introduce myself. I'm Jerry Mathis Christian body shop guy with raised body shop and wrecker service here in Winston-Salem. Also with me this morning is Darren to wit, who is with colors, as you will get to him and not what you are going to introduce yourself, Darren from my colors actually have about seven locations throughout North Carolina.

We sell John motor patent supplies to local collision centers in the area that I think when people here that got Darren on the radio with me this morning may not understand.

Hope we get finished an hour from now that you have a little bit better understanding of the services that they are able to provide.

It is not just to the automotive bodyshop industry is also for the walk-ins and just a hobbyist in the Gaza may just be won't talk ladies that may just be won't to spend the weekend rushing up the cost of going to come again that this morning also is the time of the season that if you have a child that is about ready to venture off to college there's a few things that we talk about this morning that hopefully will make it transition a little bit easier may be also save a whole lot of heartache over the years to come in for some things that they know and as we go into this and talk about a little bit and I always encourage people to always.

We have a new driver. Some of this stuff isn't just for the kids going off to college some of his just to sit down is that as a parent and go over some of the things that could happen that you need to know that you take for granted that there is always mom or dad to be able to handle that, while the sudden you get behind the wheel of that vehicle wrap your hands around the steering wheel when you're in charge for a little bit.

You need to be able to make his decisions under Darren many went a lot of miles away from my home, going to college when he went to college so went from Southern California LOL to Virginia that several times a year going back and forth. It's exciting doing road trips when you're in college, but there's definite love hazards out there. I hit some of think we all have at some point but you know the thing is, there's a lot of things we can do Windows circumstances come up that we can do to make it a little bit easier. Not only own our kids but you know at the end of the day your puppy make a little bit easier on our sales. So first sound on the counter. Just jump into the ascendant 10 dear whenever that I hit on something that you have something to add to it. Just jump right in there and also this morning. That's meant to remind you this is a calling show Christian Car Guy radio call-in show, give us a call. Let us know about your first experience sending the kid off to college. Or maybe you were that kid went off to college and told him one of them potholes in the road or bumps in the road and had to sort of work your way through it. But if you have one of those stories give us a call. The number is 866-348-7884.

Once again, 866-348-8784 us would love to hear from you, and you have one of the stories right off the bat. If you go to the website you'll Christian Car Guy radio you'll see five things that we think you all to know how you're to make sure that you tell your kids about.

And part of that is just common sense. But yet again this is not really common sense is somebody has a tell you that I know that when my daughter went off to his might affect my daughter went to Virginia also went the same school that I Darren went to liberty will have a regular university and liberty is has a lot of connection with this radio station that is network so liberty University was a great choice for her will. One of the things that we did Thorpe when me and her mom.

Well how Taylor what Darren I'm an outer shell of the story because I talked to a couple people this week will be soon enough their kids to college for the first time and one of them is going to liberty as a matter fact Chris Davis who owns Davis garage and Winston is okay sending his son off to to liberty University in talking about enough that I'll tell you story when my daughter went when Tyler went to liberty.

She was own scholarship or Chileans are sure to be there a few weeks early well our decision was that Myra my wife was on this go up and stay a few days because not many people on campus but I knew that if Myra got upset Taylor would get upset so I give her this big speech about. Make sure you don't get all teary and get all upset because I get Tyler upset. So tell Tyler know you make sure you don't get all upset in teary eyed start crying stuff because I get mom upset him so we agreed on that. Both of them agree they want to do that. Talk to them separately so let it know that I'd talk to the other one will we get up there and I move her in and Roddy him enough Sunday evening and I need to be back like I get up go to work on Monday morning and has work get ready to go.

I decide it's time for me to go ahead and leave in a look around and all the sudden it just sort of the weight of it just sort of hit me. I'm standing there in tears running down my cheek and both of them looked at me and said no you the one told me not to make sure I didn't get upset so that may not probe you know what is the are excited about going off college where excited to be able to send him seen them take that next step in life, but it's tough is not always easy. Yeah CMM I got the the the opportunity to drive about three full days to come and get over that because of your Ida VOC about my parents live in Southern California, there is letting I will in a couple friends.

I shift a lot of friends from my high school I should wind up going to liberty University also says accountable that odd thing in California going all out to Virginia but liberty was good Christian University for us and we wanted to go to a good one and yeah they they just my sister gone there so we get. I'd known some stuff about that. So but yelled for them to allow us to to drive. I mean, you talk about a 18-year-old kids going on about having there's three cars between between all of us doing a caravan all the way across the country as our first real trip see it's it's it's quite an adventure for you know for a teenager, but for parent night. You know my parents were very very very worried they they try to prepare us is as much as possible were how are cell phones that wowed you communication. I don't know. Yeah, there was no so I forgot yeah they were just coming out of really have a my thing. My brother-in-law had like one of those ones that were looked like a suitcase or something so I don't get smarter somehow exactly yeah so if you you know when you broke down earlier we you have that kind of stuff. There was no I think we had a CB radio if if some of the younger generation knows about those anymore that time.

Be ready. How was I going to talk about but I was all we had to communicate between the 30s cars but as far as having any kind of mercy or action or some of that. It was basically payphones are get to the next offramp and go down to a gas station I was located there and call for help for my one of the local telephones or elsewhere guy hey can we use your your phone inside the office. How many people now.

I wonder would see the phone booth on the corner of one of the world is that thing you know, I mean did used to be where you were traveling to Stevenage is a phone you are looking for those things in this different world. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I think pagers were like. I think the only real wireless thing I had in over the most part. So then you still have when you got injured and went over just had a number they had to go try to find a phone to make that call so didn't really hate how exactly does really help you much about times of change, that's for sure Moses were talking about phones but about five things that is you send it kid off to college or your child off to college, that they should have programmed in their phone number. Talk about those in and the reason why I think that's important in this is not here again, this isn't what they should have programmed in the phone just to go off to college.

This is something they should have in their phone are available that they can go to instantly whenever they need it because these numbers going to be used. Basically when you're in a little bit of a crisis. And I don't want to get too far into that because affixed to come up on a break, but you know that that's the other part. We talked about just just a moment ago when you think about it now. Our kids do have that availability.

I'm in most sums on their hip phone also. With that, as a sort of not on this list but also thing we need to make sure we educate our kids the value of those phones and also the dangers of those phones gather more than just a social tool and more than just you know in a texting tool or anything like that. Yeah that's actually a computer in the palm of your hands that gives you pretty much most almost any type of information you could ever want. You can actually get accessed with today's phones yet another piece of that is also driving you know it did is just naturally.

If your phone rings you hear that that whatever Tony is a comes up. Got a text is to go to that instep and take your I'll the road. Nazi concentration of throat exist can be very dangerous. Once again back in a moment how Jerry Mathis is Ray's body shop in Rick sub-Saharan this morning to call in show 866-34-TRUTH 78842 back in just a moment, give us a call with your story now think we all wish you what we now only a little younger changed things.

I don't know, maybe not at the question this morning like a civil to talk about but have numbers of five things that I think everyone or I mean this I hear him say we should do it for our kids going off to college, we should make sure that they have that programmed in their phone but also I think is important that all of us on me for our parents and for our spouse in all of our other kids of the one the first things they go out and get behind the wheel. The vehicle was important. They know these things. Number one good insurance agent that you can call and talk to because you never know when you're going to need to contact that agent because that agent is to be able to give you a lot of important information. If you are in an accident are for what to do so is good to have that number in their part of what is says that number, about having that in there and contact an insurance agent things important to have an agent for me and for my family is somebody that they can talk to exactly act as it's you know it's an and I was like we have it now, and in garment growing up. Now we just dealt with her age and her agent knew my our whole entire family yelled so when you call him up.

You're not just a stranger or a number, and actually know a little bit a history of who you are and stuff. That's why agents are very important I think to have a number for call and I think this part of that. That's one of the things I think we lose in the environment we are in now where you have so many the Internet driven insurance company's you lose that personal contact and stuff and I think it's important one of the things about heaven.

I think this needs to be done before the time you need it, but I suspect talk about insurance.

They just are so many things on your policy that you can add on your policy that the cost is so minimal if you're sending a kid off to college and especially of us not close by what ever is important that they have roadside assistance if they have up in a run at a gas had a flat tire break down what ever it may be locked her keys in the car and a lot of times you think you need to get that standalone that there's plenty of companies out there that agrees to do AAA back in the day you know with with their stuff is harsh, roadside assistance below the interest copies. I have their own kind of operation. Also that that they include a lot of their policies, but those things where you have to you know sometimes you know the don't you know recommended to you or anything on that because a lot of times people just look at cost and say okay I want you and I just need to have it low as possible, but there are some ill tweaks that they they can do. There were that'll raise it, just very minimally and be able to have a lot more coverage lot more insurance. Basically for times when you need it. Yeah insurance aspect of having roadside admit it is just dollars or your premium amine is not much in that and just having that piece of mind no intent when office first thing we added because in Virginia where Winston so I added that through our insurance policy to be able to have roadside assistance and aerated up being a couple times that it certainly helped her that I was glad to have you don't post long drive up there just to help her get keys out of a car that I've had it where you know my gas gauge stuck and I'm driving down the freeway coming down in Paul's and my car just stopped and this is your back when I was younger.

Obviously I don't do those things. Now of course the affect you know you also mucin the look and it looks like I have gasped how my understanding what's going on with my car but wound up making a phone call. They came out and realize that the other gas gauge was you know how to hang up in it and got me on the road really quit there so that first number heavy insurance agent and along with that also have the number. The 800 number whatever it is one that provides the roadside assistance for them because as soon as save you a lot of headaches ending peace of mind when they're not there with you. Another thing on the Senate stop on was force and your policy. People don't think much about car rental it is. It is like Satan dollars and it is very inexpensive.

If you call breaks down is in an accident stuff, you will be amazed how how much of blessing that is to be able to get into a rental car at this occlusion claim or something that you not stranded. I mean, we count on our cars this day the ICE I meet you, you would know this to because he down the average, and I want to say the average time a car is in the shop is about four or five days depending on the severity of the crash and it could be as long as two weeks and I've seen cars out for almost a month depending on if parts are available or anything like that is that NS at Ménière's because we've had that we've waited on parts for a month because now with the new with with all that wouldn't dealers when all the car manufacturers do they change their structure, they don't have those parts available like to use two subs, a low use his partner something you may wait him.

It can take up to a month to get a party and sometimes it seems so hard to believe but it is true them and we deal with it end and that's one of the biggest struggles that body shops are having now and insurance companies to is the fact of just availability of parts okay another number number two thing make sure they have a good mechanical repair facility that works on there make a vehicle that's in that area and there I go again when I went up to when Taylorwood took her to school the first week I went up. I looked around and see what was available for her not talk to. There's a body shop right there on the edge of campus when in there and told them guys a matter fact I think they were PPG users. Also, I believe they are you up, but I told them Tom's daughters going to college that that liberty and so I got a name and a contact gave it to Tyler. As a matter fact, Bobby was in. After making that contact with him up. I was only three or four weeks. She was cheerleading and had how these stuff in her trunk and slammed the trunk in which got jammed so they had to go by and take a backseat out and get her trunk opened up and everything was fine but his whole lot easier took him a few minutes to do that that me having to do it she just called me us and give them a call. I called him went over is taking care of so just being able to do that just sage a lot of headache also a wrecker service and this goes for if it's in your hometown know a wrecker service that you can use. Why do that. There's a lot of reasons this should be really up your alley. At this them.

I will have one of it is when you have an accident break down, get back into this but one thing is you know with the cause of the because and also spent to save you some money because you probably got a relationship and they know you and you go on a first name basis so you say apology before will get back to finish up these five is numbers that you have in your phones and also some of the things we need to do to prepare our kids college and also the young drivers on one side was warmer rambled out of New York town camp and I don't mind is down for westerns guys so long.

Patty's door out tell you I just forgot that the tomb's role in this morning for the production both appreciate that.

Okay back to our numbers, we need to make sure they have in their the phone. One of them is the wrecker service that's in the save you money. For one thing, you know with the vehicles will be towed. You getting to have it towed somewhere close to the facility where your ureter located at our your home. Also, you can probably make it a little bit easier on yourself because you're also of communication where you can tell them where to tow it up. You have it if is a breakdown when taken directly to the shops under those repairs. If this occlusion taken to the body shop because at eliminates a second toe and get the process moving a whole lot quicker.

Another number have a good body shop or glass company in the phone anything, it is important NS another innocent save you a lot of money and also a lot of aggravation is to have that body shop who you going to use. Make sure you have that number available so you can door so that child can go ahead make it call get the process going. A locksmith is one of the numbers I had in there but if you have them and have a roadside assistance program that they're using really don't need a number codes assess the number you going to need to call to make sure that they ever take care that before we go into that other eight things that we believe our kids should know really anybody who gets behind the wheel of vehicle should note go back to Darren a little bit.

Darren have him in the studio this morning, a good friend, also a good partner in our work relationship with a raised body shop and wrecker service and colors edge what got you into this industry you not I was anyone similar to liberty was that I have partially now. We might my actually family actually grew up in the business, and in Iraq she came at it from it from a different angle than most because my my uncle had some jobber stores out in Southern California called with a busy painting as they continue to grow out there.

My my father was in the warehousing side of it so we ask you supplied the paints, the associated product like sandpaper, masking paper, anything that a bodyshop collision center will use unit we supplied that the jobber store for those for those items and then my uncle Bill sold his business when in went in with my with my father and in the grew that company kinda nationwide in one up selling it.

I worked for them trial after I finish up at liberty. I went to go work for my father and I work in that company and travel throughout the United States doing sales and so I got to learn all the products and then once they sold one of the option to kinda start my own business in and see kind of what what I could do their had a great opportunity here in North Carolina I was living here at the time I'd worked here for us over the years. A lot of my friends were from this area from college and everything so it kinda made a natural fit to to kinda stick out here North Carolina and start getting into the business because I'd seen you know your letters in the old days service was was very, very important minute kinda got away a little bit and now it looks like it's is coming back again and so when we when we came in in 2004 we we really focus on service in the industry because it like like is that on all these things as we're talking in the break a little bit you not with their Internet age and all is other stuff you know, people forget that personal relationship actually really does make the experience 10 times greater a lot less stressful a lot easier to do so and I will scuttle some of our goals is to kind of make sure that the services out there, make sure people are educated to give people know you know this.

This industry is is a great industry. It always has been, and a lot of people kinda got away from it because it is a beautiful bitter blue-collar or anything like that but you can you know it's it's a very, very well. There's a lot of great people in this industry itself and it ranges the spectrum of people so it's it's it's it's great and you just by mentioned that I must look sort of dovetail back into that part of we talk about moment ago was the fact of our relationship to raise bodyshop wrecker service and colors edge and then you talk about the personal aspect of it. The relationship so my question is why is it important that this sort of the model that it did at one point sort of get away from that, it became more of just a price structure thing and it was where the know you've even ordered online and just try to have a where was less of a personal thing more of just that the model that you would just really just getting the product and not much personal touch.

Why is it important to have those relationships or a bodyshop habit with the paint supplier and a paint company and also for the pain come to have it with a bodyshop that a lot of it is is the complexity of the industry of our portion of the industry.

I should say because there's there's a lot of new things Lana knew should say technologies and everything that they have kept evolving. I think you know when my finger my uncle first got in the industry with his job shores out with.

I think they're still selling lacquer and now were in waterborne paints so the industry continually changes and moves you've got different pressures that hit on the bodyshop side and you know the four collision centers and body shops. You know when when you wreck your car. It's not a fun day and we have to go into a bodyshop you know are our goal is to make that, you know, for the collision centers to is to make that less stressful, less impactful help encourage those those people that were in an accident and try to, you know, try to just you know get them the I was not as upset the macular to be without a car for a while and in everything so with that with the complexity of the cars to you. Nobody shows it's hard for them yet. If they're just on by themselves as ordering products and everything that with all the new technologies and all the different things that are coming out the paint company in the paint supplier very well. They got to be involved with that as far as getting them educated letting him know what's going on within the industry.

Let them know what you know what different technologies are going on the car so we help out with the training set in a portion of it, getting technicians, you got great companies like I like I car and stuff that that that deal with a lot of the stuff also but jobber which is what were classified as unit we help try to encourage that in facilitate that in Qatar our customers educated so that they can provide better service for their customers. So it's kind of us, a snowball effect I guess is what you could say yeah you know even even the material that the vehicle was made of his continually change on me now. The more prominent the United that the amount of aluminum that is use compared to what it was 10 years ago is just this is just a huge leap. Yeah, I have a life you will know if you use a product that you you like and use a granny with anything that you had on stealing you work on aluminum with it is not contaminated alone is going to react in and you're going to have issues down the road with that with that panel that you're working on with that so now you've introduced like a whole new set of tools. So there's a lot of different things that they go involved in that and it just requires good good education and in no both on the driver side and on the technician side then I think, is partly probably important to recognize you have forced bodyshop's note to the insurance industry.

They were really demanding that your up to speed on and and up to current dad as far as the type of the vehicles and what needs to be used on them and as part of what I think that heaven is building in those relationships with suppliers in the bodyshop because you have those resources to kind of, you know all work together because of things that you may know an avenue to five diff. I have a question on something that it sometimes. I'll talk to one of our paint reps are wended the reps for colors edge and was sort of see what's available out there to take that next step that needs these to happen and that's why think is important that even the insurance industry wants body shops to partner with a gobbler and it and a paint company that is a be able to give that to correct yeah and you know said exec said that's you know there's there's a lot of things where you somebody steals if you try to weld him with a regular welder but you know it works the steel merely makes it lose their cold high-strength steel stuff and all the sand that you know it destroys the book the crash zones basically and so the cars not to perform like it should an accident to help protect the drivers and occupants from getting injured or on that and so they got special welders out for that stuff and so there's a lot of different things that continually as the car Manufacturers keep trying to unify ways to both lighten the car get better fuel mileage see a change of the engine types and even going onto the paint side conceal the paint you know why these guys will want people to understand that paint is very, very, very expensive. I think you you know that I will handle that and a lot of it is because these these are coming or trying to find out let me. You know the they want.

They need to await us make their car stand out from someone else's other going into law. These new pearls, a new Mike is new type of overflow products that are very, very expensive to make their car stand out, which makes repair ability of it that much more both expensive and an imperative to get to get the knowledge of the shop to repair it correctly and I think the goal should always be poor if you could call repaired and also for bodyshop for your suppliers is to get that vehicle back into the accident condition exec and part of that is making sure that it's safe and sound and and this fact point where you put your child in it feel comfortable him going up the road going up the soul back in a moment. Once again: show 863-487-8809 the on waiting since it is scanned. Then we already have one. Welcome back Christian Car Guy radios oh got Darren with me this morning. I want to do one more question out to get back to our list go on a website and see where the pull up college-bound kids in car care look at the list of things to think those are important things that they should note one question I have for differences here this morning as I know that the relationship with the body shops and that the bigger customers for you but if I'm a hobbyist so I'm just a guy who's the gal who just spend the weekend working on the car.

Anything that you could offer me yeah I mean that's a lot of people kinda can get I guess intimidated little bit with their vehicles and stuff and as far as care, car care and her family that but I so I was encourage people find your local pinkish paint distributor automotive paint distributor or stop in because you everyone that I've ever met in within this industry is very friendly in the and they just want to help because they there in this industry because they love cars and so they'll come in. You can ask him pretty much any question you like.

If you come in any of our shores. You can ask any of our counter guys or anyone that's in there a question and then been there more than happy to answer any question you might have out. We always told guys. There is no such thing as a dumb question. You know when you when you come in and talk about cars because cars are very you know there's just so many different models makes year since I've been making him so what you might do for 1965 vehicle you're not gonna do with your 1998 car even aura to 20 without 2015 car 2018 car that you just got but your car care just enough you just got it back from the repair shop you want to put it that you know wax is on and stuff. That's a big no-no so you know we come in and will and we have some of those products in and paint distributors stores like us. We have symbols are still give that same look for a while because it takes a while for that fresh paint to kinda a lot, so protect your finish and still give that look so different things. But what were more than happy to answer pretty much any question you come in and and help make that job fine part, you know the big piece of it is just the safety aspect of a because a lot of these things are messing with chemicals and stuff siliceous a lot of things things but what wear gloves when using a mask or whatever it may be, you know, a lot of guys may say 1% of Doolittle that paint work in don't think about what chemicals are spraying in the air and they don't know that there's there's some huge safety issues. Any to worry about.

Yeah because a dust mask when you enact your spring clears basecoat anything like that that I shoot liquid dust mask is not gonna protect you from any of the chemicals that that are to be coming out of that spray gun for you next need to get a respirator and and they range in cost.

You know the other, usually around $20 on up depending on where you're at and what kind of brand you want, but you know that gloves yeah I mean no safety equipment you know will be the first to kind of recommend and let them know based on the job you're doing.

If you never done it before now to let you know which what safety precautions you need to have in order to do it you know safely that if somebody comes the end of the store and happens to have some bird droppings on their pain are maybe berries or whatever it may be make sure this Darren that they understand. It did not take the Brillo pad to the normally scrub the pots and pans with to try to scrub those out.

We have people come in every I made is just as I mean it every few weeks somebody comes in with a taken a Brillo pad. One of the Scott's got pans at the pots and pans and they go out there and they cleaned it all off, and now the sudden they've sanded to finish that depending on how how aggressive they were own home. What kind of cost it is to repair that know somebody and ask him exactly as was also important. Have a relationship of the body shop because we have people coming all the time in the last same thing.

There's no dumb question is come in. We have a guys would be willing to help them out or I'll be able to help them out.

Let's give them some advice. Okay, back to our listers ate things that we think you should door anyone driving a vehicle should note this. All of these things are found in your owners manual so first thing I think of Minnesota cut to the quick of it because of just time restraint.

But look at those listed think and to make sure that you know those things you know how to change the all our lease to check the automation do not run revenue all in your car and all the other fluids how to change a flat tire, how to you.

Note check things and when to listen for. If your brakes are need replaced all the stuff in the owners manual. Also one of the things that always say when I send it a new driver and put them behind the wheel is a sort of go over what to do in case of one of those in case says one of them is what to do in case of a breakdown mean go back to those numbers you need to call your roadside assistance you need to call you know, get it to a mechanic, you need to to understand and who that call needs to be made to also if you been an accident who you going to call what wrecker service you going to call where the go to tow the vehicle when they come. You note every city in every county, most of them have some type of a rotation list so they may be sending you a wreck if you're broke down an action the gonna eat you moved off the road, but you don't know where that vehicles going to it may be, you may be living on one in the County could be towed to the other in the county their timeframe and hours open may not work with your work schedule so all the sudden you have take time off know these little things you don't think about and then you gotta worry about your second toe because of it goes to facility the you never have it repaired at either mechanical or body was born, accident, that's another toe that you've got to an expense you gotta take a lot of insurance companies do not pay for that second toe. The second toe could be out of your pocket so those are things you need look at because we just sort of take those things for granted it.

As I said I know how important it is for me. When my daughter went off to college I went through all those things. What if's and make sure she understood who to call and stuff locally and to make sure that one thing the call was taken care of and she was taking care of because also we had those relationships with the towing company or a body shop. The personal touch that we talked about earlier that sort of place into because they kind of know you and you made a connection with them and even if they don't just people coming all the chemicals where in Winston-Salem is Wake Forest and in West Salem State and Salem College end and then in school of the arts in Piedmont International. All these colleges we have relationships with. So there's people that will come in of had an accident that explain well you know my dad told me you are one of my professors are over the guidance counselor told me to make sure call you so we already know that will go to work with them that it means staying a few hours or an hour later to make sure they get picked up and stuff to get back to where they need to go. She subsumed simple things you and and I would add is one thing after you made those phone calls. The other neat feature that you got me on most phones is not on every phone is that camera and and do. If you are unfortunate and you you were in an accident. I was recommend just know that you make our phone calls everything on that just take pictures of of your vehicle and in the crash area. I never have that but make sure you get a full picture. The vehicle also think of some people just take a picture of the of the bin fingers on my left buttock.

Take take picture that also took to help you and in the long run with dealing with your insurance and and everything like that. More information you have, the better off you're going to be an populist aggravation.

One of the things we have it raise body shop in wrecker service and I encourage anybody comes by, especially students at one of the colleges are first-time drivers tongue put in the glove box. This is so little pamphlet. It has the 10 things to know before having your car repaired part of it is what to do in case of an accident and you open it up on the inside things is accident information. It has a little diagram so you can diagram the accident get to record any witnesses that may be there and then sort of what you remember about the accident. Those are the things are going to make a huge difference as we get rated wrap up once again dear and thank you for being here this morning and he was been a great morning.

Thank you for what you will do at your store. So if you need any kind of paint supplies or anything covers age dating find a location that colors and we were all throughout North Carolina and once getting just thank you for being with us this morning. Also Melita.

One thing is you in an action or breakdown.

One thing to remember just slow down to take a deep breath, things get a whole lot easier and also take a moment to just pray about it because after you slow down, take a breath pray about it. Things will sort of fall into place, a whole lot easier because the one in accident or breakdown during a crisis was getting great being here this morning. I'm Jerry Mathis raise body shop in wrecker service. Robbie will be back next week. Once again have a great weekend him those Sen. kids off to college or say a prayer with them God's name hi just thank you for being here. And once again Steve you next week

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