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Road Sage

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 8, 2018 12:07 pm

Road Sage

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 8, 2018 12:07 pm

The Christian Car Guy Radio Show

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So one is not all loose audit evil is your days on all be just be our guest service next time you're not getting around on next chapter you read the rest of the day on the Christian Car Guy show are you here to serve or be served right which describes me better which describes me better.

My wife would road rage or Road Sage.

We all have a choice road rage or road Sage and inside that interest, moment by moment must consider his luminary did right there. Are we here to serve. Are we here to be served and like fine dining the road. Sage is also counterclockwise a favorite against low counter clock wise and I admit this is my struggle, my personal struggle.

Road rage or Road Sage. So to help them let's let's have some fun time playing the fine men.

The R race that I like that hubbub name that is called an planner for all in ways key. What are they gonna wind today. They will win a prize from about book for my prize about book about there you go.

Guard prize vault is ready and open for you to call in if you can name.

This noise is a little differently for you. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH we want you calling a win today. Courses have to do with setting up the mood for what were talking about Today Rd., Sage or Road rage we just to be honest here. If you know I'm really authentic.

If we can be today and say okay let's think about these things realistically when it comes to the guy who just zoomed past me right 5 miles of cars that had correctly zippered merge to the lame right I'm in the lane of the cars that were zippered and emerged all the right lane and this guy comes by me or even worse an 18 wheeler that just goes zooming by me after I've been in the right lane.

All this time.

So now at this moment I'm supposed to apply this verse. If your credit is first John four 2011 to read this in the Robbie standard version which says if anyone says, I love God, and hates Marvin the merger.

He's a liar. If anyone says, I love God, and hates Marvin the merger. He's a liar or first John 317 in the Robbie standard version. It says, but whosoever hath the right-of-way and sees his brother have need, and shut up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwell is the love of God in him so true confessions time here on the Christian Car Guy show who do you struggle to love to have compassion for right and this goes beyond the course you know you that that person is just your pet peeve. It goes on in your car and it's got it's an opportunity for God to come to Nick your conscience and you really are you, 11 I got Jeff compassion form, but this time a year's time.

Get short. I bet if you're like me you got cousin Eddie is coming to your house right and he's got his dogs knots you know the guy I'm talking about can you love him sitting there on your couch right will your bowels be filled with compassion when he needs a drink and ships help me out folks I want. I want to feel like I'm the only one here. So where is your struggle like that. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and were talking true theory in which gonna die when you know 866-348-7884.

Where is it that you really struggle with loving it could be of the seasonal thing, or it could be that we got Edison's in Virginia. He's got a answer for us on.

They met noise Edison neuron.

The Christian show good morning you want to hear it again before you attempt to name it sure read Keith all right Edison what you think is more likely it is.

It is definitely water and so you got your win. However, I would point out there's something else that I'm trying to get at from a mood standpoint you you know will get get somebody else. But it is water and it is moving water and in it all. Maybe all it helped me when we come to these road raging moments. That's all right you went Edison were to get it to you. You're right. You're exactly right yeah yeah I love you and your greater detail in you all you got, you come over so the most methodical. Thank you God bless you and appreciate you one thing though, please, please, yeah you get out of the car, get what will you do this but you talk about all the good living in all that your first successful got but you talk about well you got this below.

In the wife's trying to get the pillow I start to get really critical for like four years to get back to my granddaughters the fiercest competitor for my pillow. I know and you know when you when you work in radio they give you stuff you know to try to check out and and and, interestingly, that would just really didn't work out good for me so I think you surely maybe we could send you some money you got.

You really created thing and you really are here you care about people in God is blessed and honestly I have. I probably have 10 my pillows now that since that that is come out, you would not believe all the pillows that God is blessed yeah that's true.

God bless you think you are okay bye-bye so there you go, there is still an unanswered question.

Yes, it's water moving but it has to do with trying to understand how we can get to be the Road Sage instead of road rage, and so again it in order for this show to really be all it could because just made a day in the studio so I need you guys to be truthful with me where you struggling the love people. I really am struggling. I i.e. got the stuff so I need your help. 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 true so this guy.

He flies by you right you been in the right lane waiting then then you know after him, comes a whole line of 40 more cars after we finally started to move.

And now there's an 18 wheel truck and are your bowels moved with compassion to let these people and I'm just ask that so this is been my struggle, and hears, where God came after me. It's an interesting thing that I have been trying to figure out this particular verse for the better part of two weeks of song of Solomon chapter 1 verse eight where actually the Sheila mind is ask where the great Shepherd where he shipped where the where to find him how to let you know when the picture is Jesus. How do I find you when I'm looking for, and his answer is phenomenal and I've understood many parts of it for years, but I been always wondered about this one part. So here's his answer. The good Shepherd. He says if you do not know yourself, almost beautiful of women go out yourself in the footsteps of the flock and raise your kids by the shepherd stance and so I mean that's really cool. Jesus is saying look, if you go the footsteps of the shape you take the ancient past right you're going to end up in a fine and the good Shepherd and and I love that I believe man that if you know this is Solomon.

His dad wrote the 23rd Psalm he he understands the Lord is my shepherd, believe me, but he was also right. One of the wisest people that ever live.

So why does he mention these goats.

Why is he talking about goats up there with this sheet and that has perplexed me for two weeks and in side of that answer.

I think I found some answers to how to be a Road Sage instead having road rage. But in order to really get raging here. We need your raters 866-34-TRUTH 87884 help me out all are you a Road rage or are you a Road Sage or Are You Rd., Sage and what goes into being a Road Sage and what does it goes into that service were digging into that but were still playing. They met noise which we heard a little while ago and and Keith will play it again and amenities got something on the phone as soon as he gets a moment will play that noise again so you feel free to call in and guess they didn't get it. It was there's there's water moving in and there's no doubt about that.

866-348-7884 to talk about where you struggle, loving this time a year and no doubt is as time gets short and there's more traffic like yesterday I needed to go run out and run an errand for my father. The traffic was unbelievable and I was running out of time and all of a sudden the tension starts to come in and it's so much easy to find yourself raging instead of staging when those moments come in so this is Keith gets arrested. Information is right before the break. I talked about in the song of songs, which is this is where God gave me this is just really really amazing. I had been studying this first for a long time at end and for the last couple weeks, specifically asking that question, but but I don't want to miss the beauty of the verses here. This woman is dearly in love with Jesus and love of their lover and she's asking where I find you where you I find you and he says if you don't know most beautiful of women go out and follow the footsteps of the flock. And then there was this that really had me just pondering and raise your kids by the shepherd stance so that word kids right there is very specific in the Hebrew it's a female baby goat a female baby goat and so why would Jesus be telling her about shepherding baby goats up there with the sheep and I went everywhere I could think I'd like to ancient rabbis. I looked at Matthew Henry, I went this question every calm, interactive look but I couldn't find anything that was very specific about why it was that we would raise goats among the sheep.

There is a lot of teaching Jesus have about how to tell the difference between sheep and goats and a and I even talked about that on some elections last week but I just couldn't understand that one sort I talked many times about. I pray every morning for a period of time and in that prayer is my habit to ask Jesus for a word for that day. And Jesus knew that I was really, really study and perplexed by this issue. That word being why is it with what's up with the sheep's sheep in this in this these goats. Why would you say that and Jesus twice gave me the word. But I didn't have the ears to hear it or the eyes to see it here just giving for the word for the day. I just thought that that word and I was supposed to be hospitable until finally understand that the word that he gave me cost out hospitality was the answer to the question about the shepherds and also has to do with being a Road Sage traversing a road rage trying because the good shepherds are gonna allow those goats to graze among the sheep because right there there hospitable. It's like Jesus taught about tearing the, the tears out from the good wheat you know if you try to pull up the weeds, you're gonna pull out the good wheat well the good shepherds are gonna let these these goats go up there and feed amongst the sheep's right so practically speaking, Jesus is fed me many many times. While my goats were grazing on all the worst kinds of forage imaginable went to go many times Jesus was hospitable to you in spite of the fact that your all over the place was sheep. This is the place where the shoe might woman would be safe where goats would not get out uprooted because there would be sheep and there months that right so this is just another word and another thing on hospitality but I think is huge. And again I'm really count on some phone calls or of where you struggle 866-34-TRUTH 87884 hospitality and hospital have the same root of your thought about that but that word hospitality and hospital are very very similar, and the truth is, if you weren't sick you would need a hospital in a way, if you weren't sick you would need hospitality so yes Marvin, the merger baby you wonder how I got here while here's how I got here. So Marvin, the merger has some goats that he is grazing.

He's in a hurry. He's got a lot of reasons why he went out there and needed to pass everybody and made himself first. Right.

So Marvin, the merger has some goats, so he needs some hospitality. He needs a hospital. See he needs grace safe graces favor is not supposed to be merited.

It is supposed to be a gift, so when you let Marvin the merger in you see what's happening is you're giving him unmerited favor. You're giving him grace you're saying okay. He has some goats that are out there with his sheep and he and and I know this is easier said than done. Believe me, to talk to know about the flood of this but have you ever considered what hospitality it is when you're driving. Are you out there driving to serve or be served as a challenge and I would love to know your challenges 866-34-TRUTH 8788 forgot Keith now we can play that soundbite again if you want to take it turned that name that noise and see if you can name this go-ahead alright so that's sort of a moot thing that noise right there and you can call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you want to play name that noise or if you want to share a story where you struggle so part of what I talked about as far as being a Road Sage stiff road rage is this concept of being counterclockwise and and this is really cool. God showed me that a big part of, not road raging is to be counter clockwise. Now we know that Solomon definitely had some wisdom and where some wisdom to being counter clock.

In other words, the good puts the good Samaritan right did he consider what time he needed to get to his next appointment or whatever was going on he was counterclockwise when it came to his brother in need that was laying on the side of the road and so when we are in the midst of trying to be a Road Sage being counterclockwise is definitely part that we have very who has a story about the hospital all excited about when we come back home shows shall say stay with us and we need to call us at 866-348-7884.

Most days around so we got those questions to ponder today of the Christian car guide course we want to mention Christian Car the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis ensure couple stories about that in a minute but I am very very excited because I have Debbie is in Raleigh and she's got a story about hospitality use it to share Debbie you're on the Christian card I show thank you for all non-through the bright light in my car. I worry about the goat and I just getting that different for me thinking about how I'm living my life trying to live the Christian life and I will quickly yelling at drivers yesterday that were being good and your story just touched my life will quickly about many different affect that Mike going to get current value about people being hospitable in your driving and being hospitable to the goat in the world. Every aspect at different and from that point forward. It I'm going to try harder in every area to be hospitable to others and at 62nd against everything for me that morning. I changed it for me first because I was really, really released. I struggle here. I mean I'm with you and I and I know what the Bible says about how I'm supposed to treat my brother and all those things in them. I'm I'm really asking God you know this is a harder sin for me to overcome than any sin that not that I really think I struggle with is really really getting frustrated and not loving people and and when he gave me this idea of MI here to serve my fellow drivers from here to be served to the good Samaritan take the time to help the guy that was hurting and clearly those people that are butting in, and they're doing all the stuff they're doing. Chances are they're mad and they're hurt right and I just really a story that might help a lot of people hurt that Beckley yes that's what we really needed was really, really needed God bless you Debbie appreciate so much transparency and your transparency and calling into the blessing of the time for you to pray for me. I will write you yes and there are so many other areas that I man people get under my skin and and it here's a here's a prime example. I've been doing this Jesus labor love for single moms and widows and families in crisis for years and years and it really is a huge blessing to be able help single moms widows but you know I thought originally when I got into this that I would going to car dealerships in places like that in these people would say oh yeah we want to give back. That's a great idea will help you know. But honestly, you know, I've been treated very rudely and we would want those people's cars in here do not realize that thousands of pieces of junk and there would it would trash up our shop to meet you. You start working on those cars and it's there's no end to it and Robbie what are you thinking and guess what happens. I jump into this judgmental mode of this person I'm talking to, not realizing well there hurting. They're not seeing things. How can I pray for this person can assert, can I bring out the best in this person rather than bringing out the worst.

I removed it it it's an interesting thing and I don't know about you but I love Christmas movies and and feel free to call in on that subject. Bye-bye love Christmas movies and there is this one that I've probably watched three times this year already because it just amazes me.

It's called the 12 dates of Christmas and the character arc.

In this particular Christmas movie is phenomenal because this girl clearly is all about herself.

She's on her agenda and she is clearly here to be served.

I mean everything that she does. This lady wants to give her Christmas cake.

She's rude to her.

She's rude to everybody because she is got to get her life straight and she's got an agenda and she is not being counterclockwise right she's on the talking and and she is really got an agenda so in the miracle of the movie, she has to literally live nude Christmas Eve 12 times and she can't figure out how to get through it until she begins to serve and and begins to bring out the best in the people around her and and so it's a beautiful thing. It's a beautiful thing that God gives us another day or moment.

I know I blew it yesterday. I know that I didn't and I was so if you're like me, you're asking God in a come for me in this and and what are some hints. What are some ways that I can connect because if you're in order to in that moment when that guy cuts me off or not moment where that person will help me with the Jesus labor love. I need to be in that present moment with Christ in my heart right because if I if my union and I really think John Eldridge has it right when he says Satan's plan is to get between you and Jesus if he can begin to break up that union then he can wreak havoc. But if you're close to Jesus right that moment when that person does something that frustrates you. Now we at least have a chance, which gets back to my name. That noise today. So Keith have you in mind, let's play that one more time because I had a very specific reason for playing that name that noise today and yes it is waters but I want to think about what might be behind the mood of those waters calling and when it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or something else that helps you stay in the present time with Christ goes you know are supposed be praying constantly at and so I will stand a chance. Apart from you. I can do nothing. Christ, I understand that I can certainly not deal with other drivers. I can certainly not deal with my other family members when they aggravate me that's even worse right your part of the Christmas tree and something happens and oh my goodness this person that you dearly love and that you know and they frustrate you, then how can I serve them. How can I not be that girl in the 12 dates of Christmas at the beginning but how can I be that person that brings out the best that calls out the beauty of what that person is and how can I be counter clockwise. I think that's a beautiful term counter clock wise.

In other words, in this moment. There's a lot of stuff that's way more important than getting everything up on the tree or in this moment. There's something way more important than getting to that appointment that looks like it might be late for the traffic is all stopped up in the here we are.

And so, in this moment Jesus, how can I be counterclockwise and think like the good Samaritan of what I could do right to bring out the best in somebody that's Stripling out there so I'm excited because we have Judith is in Richmond she's coming up 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

So another place that's interesting and I talked about this with some friends in the men's group this week is the screening aspect of the Jesus labor love right because we have always people that are wanting help, especially Christmas time and so a lot of people say will Robbie how much screening do you do well, the thing that scares me always is. If I start pulling up all these weeds in my going to get some wheat what you have in your life, but I have that one where God constantly has me right there where man I gotta make sure I'm not pulling up any wheat with these weeds because it looks a lot like a weed. But man, this thing could be some wheat and make baked they were asking for the Jesus labor law so he's involved, what will I need to do to make sure I get to the bottom that we got. Judith is in Richmond wants to name that noise I wander into Brooklyn during. I always calm and serenity. That's what it says to me in living water, grooming, training sounds tranquil yeah Judith you you you hit the nail on the heads of state that we want talk about males or talk about calm and tranquil and politically. But but let it where I would, you know, in the 23rd Psalm is what he says right before you restores my soul. You make me lay down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters and and my poor soul is not the road needs and restorations here exactly right.

Thank you for quality and and for women today are you're welcome. God bless you. Merry Christmas and we all struggle. You're certainly not alone. We went to all hang on to hear about that break him and I worked with there we can be our guest or would you want to try to be the guest we have. Judith is in Richmond. She was does your story. I was dying to hear about Busch Gardens because I used used to live in Richmond. I know about Busch Gardens.

Judith used the big bad wolf is what I think about what I think it was Gardens by Veronica Gloria lit Gloria Crichton and Cheryl aren't stated terminal orchestra beautifully and hold part of Christmas at Guidant anyway yeah only secular market may all. It is incredible. On the whole Christmas story. If you carry that talking out frustration antennas.

As we all do it turn, we were having a wonderful terminal effect that can remember one strand and we are walking around in about 45 minutes actually had dinner together brother Mike has been very early enough phone in the car is turned it Charlie thinking her ladder. Now that I remember learning came that Mark yes the long story short, we can only that go back and look no restaurant again on the cut around a lot might've dropped their illegality or history, current young teenagers sitting and looking for current to learn the little boy gets girl at the table and it immediately, elusive pain, and wait a minute hand in dollars. He looked at me didn't even say thank you. Okay, it's kind of you, how we are grateful for so my brother (or current behind Eric and Carol lost track of all the tension that I can for now. 15 minutes actually silly backtrack on the locking it that I felt well the Scholastic apparently went a lot and care he filled out a form interested in appraising what a nightmare. But what I remember why I was celebrating the Germans really Eric take care information and give him rest on number earned it take about market numbers, clerical know we parents tonight. We will be contacting you because our parents.

Eric getting her last impairment along so okay fine, thank you so much again. I currently get on the road about five minutes and I get a phone call or forget. 22 at night and it was the last of Jeremy Lee Harrington so he'd lost and found it with great all Internet going to back to Leesburg today is the way we know how I am with you. I am tracking that and really as you abide in Christ you get a chance to say oh well this is part of our adventure today and we this is part of what what God's doing brother God bless and beware people you may call. I think that no God great in that situation really get pregnant thinking that it would lead them heavy-duty electric and it was really called heavy-duty sweatshirt in binder. Well, now it pocketed connected to the package when he put the permanent and fell right out again. I will have a great holiday season with your brother. Thank you.

I got the letter that by all rights we have. Rodney is in Winston-Salem as answer for the noise and the story Rodney on the Christian car – of the morning on May 2 all my life like everybody else. So one thing that worked out great.

I've been much all worked up about a 12 hour day want to come home and hear.

Am going about 25 miles an hour, you know to be going 45 miles an hour on I break by early elder not earning the road. Are we going down following and I got a notice of older people in the back. Okay all down there get older they are trying to be Dave Ben Kallman and it was really hard to call myself so that I did actually you know the great day that they were what they needed to do to be spayed and okay all down and think for a moment, that of drag just be bad about what I would think that the lifelong get more stage in my life that a great one moment where I myself am going to far boiling over.

Amazing how Satan would love to get in there. Rodney and separate you from him.

Well, you know he's he's just right there with the still waters and if will just abide by and and and try to look at what's going on from a counterclockwise stamp this up. I appreciate that. Thank you for sharing our procedure cut into the running.

God bless. Thanks bye-bye all right, we have Max H Max is in Charlotte so H Max what you got force the car guy where it will work where were brazen for snow down here and there went my life today. Get down here in Charlotte but I may need some cardiac therapy on it. I grew up watching my father driving in traffic, you always go down and let go into the flow of traffic and they would usually wave and stuff but here's what, stirred me in recent years, I did tend to do that. Not because I'm looking for applause, but I'd be kind and let people out think they only get to my destination. 1.3 second later than I would have a customer that would let them in and I would say 90% of the people that I let in that they don't even acknowledge anything.

And there's there's something that rises up in me and I go out really what it was your daddy who taught you how to be kind anyway did kind of funny that I am trying to spread a little… I am and then get counted. I get mad that they don't know what… Need some therapy on that brother what he thinks. I think you're like me in that moment you know how can I bring out the best in that person you know that they're just they need hospital or hospitality. Some we got a run. Thank you. I appreciate yeah I'm with you hundred percent granola and like I said at the end of every show slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years so you know it's kind of an interesting thing to be counterclockwise here as we abide in Christ this season to see what he might have for us in the way of hospitality. So even and it's interesting that he brings up that so thank you for listening so much trouble calls today and she's

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