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What Happened to Rachel and Chariot

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 29, 2018 11:36 am

What Happened to Rachel and Chariot

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 29, 2018 11:36 am

The Christian Car Guy Radio Show

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You this is chariot and this is Rachel. They been together 43 years.

Chariot is lasted much longer than any of Rachel's three husbands is like giving everything and Rachel is 89 chariot is a 1964 Mercury, my call for action and Rachel knew early on that she keep chariot for a long time. So whenever possible. She bought parts with lifetime warranties that this nice muffler lifetime guarantee seven shocks and Sears now had three sets.

This is a lifetime guaranteed battery pennies and pennies still pays for Firestone puts it in and had 16 free batteries to Rachel and chariot today on the Christian car garage or many of you may remember back about 11 years ago.

The lady that was in the video she was 89 at the time she was on my show my founder from that video butchering upstarts of which was called romancing the road and she had a 1964 Mercury, at the time it had 540,000 miles on it and that video, by the way I reposted this morning a Christian Car If you watch the whole thing. It's how I found your list. Seen it and sent me to that link and I went all my goodness, look at this is the poster child for the values that I have car care right to do this stuff for your assent for years.

Essentially, if you take care of your car it will last as long as you do. As we found out in this case longer. Well, I was as I said about 11 years ago when she was 89. So what did happen to her and chariot what we have that story and I mean the story and it's a wonderful story. This one atomic Christian Car Guy show. This would've been her 100th birthday this year on August 8, so coming up the next segment.

Actually, we have chariot new owner, Scott Krause and he will share what I would say is a scandalous story, but speaking of scandalous right now you're probably wondering what I have to do is rub them well yeah well we are where scandalous today I'm a Christian Car Guy rub it in rub it in right bothered sound scandalous than it does sound like something that you would put on a Christian Car Guy about a change of station thing I know this in the Christian Car Guy ship so yes it sounds scandalous, but to me I found out this week that the reason of that, rub it in, has to do with the intimacy of an anointing and Rachel told me years ago when I interviewed her, but chariot still have the original paint while at the time which shocked me because she lived in Sanford, Florida which that salty air and at that point time the car was nearly 50 years old so what.

How could she still have the original paint on it when she shared her secret. In fact, Jerry was on the show with me, that week and he and I both looked at each other and complete wonder. She said her secret was. She washed the car if you can imagine that she was rub and then rub it in with kerosene yes kerosene, scandalous, and you don't see that in the owners manual and I truly believe if you watched and talked to Rachel as much as I did over the years. She was anointing. Like the two women in the Bible who loved on Jesus. They anointed his feet which was equally perhaps more scandalous right absolutely driving where you going with all this while I my mind is actually blown us we come up with on the lesson that God is had for me on anointing as I was studying the love in the song of songs and the 23rd Psalm.

In fact, last Saturday when we are playing Christian Car Guy theater. I wrote an article on the love that was explained in the 23rd Psalm based on what I found out from the song of Solomon and when I got down to you know the different you know he makes me lay down in green pastures and heat into leads me beside. He restores my soul.

All the love that bit the Jesus was sharing with David so when I got to the part where he anoints my head with oil. That really took me deeper into really my own love stories this week.

I could've ever imagined. C. To anoint in the original language carries with it a sense of stroking or petting. Think of why a pet is called a pet is because you pet is very amazing. I like anointing them with your love and think how intimate that is to pet someone is interesting to think about that intimacy. How many people you lit stroke your head with is really amazing for me because it just popped in my mind and I hadn't thought of it in 20 years or more.

But my mom you know she loved me and she even called me puppy you I haven't told that every word to anyone, lays down that scandalous for the eye and she just loved me and read down me and and you know I'd curl up in her lap and she in. I grew up like that and is the ultimate silent in the old and and you see the ideal oil as it spreads right and so you know when your loved on like that that will that spread so you and your list, you know, think about who would that be that you would allow the structure had so on Sunday. Last Sunday in my prayer and meditation time, I thought, why not just climb in the gods lap and meditating and ask him to anoint me just like you to explain to your mom can't climb in the father's lap and and you know this is my beloved son in whom I am well please just feel that experience that that having God literally rub your head and that was an amazing experience last Sunday that I actually went to my special needs class, which I teach on Sundays and if you've ever been around people with down syndrome or autism and these guys were in their 40s and 50s, so we always rub on each other's heads or ministers.

What we do with this since there's no barrier there. So is not unusual at all for those folks to rub on my head that they just love to do that for whatever reason, I think I know the reason right there anointing me and I'm annoying and back, but even more amazing than that side been in my prayer time really for about the last two weeks I've been asking specifically gone. I just wanted experience more intimacy with you. What is that like and then I thought it feels so amazing to have the father stroked my head and anoint me.

Would it be possible for me to anoint Jesus when would it be like rubbing on fire or skip what would it be like to actually rub on sheet rub on his head. Would he let you do such a thing and what he lets you rub what he do that and then look the Holy Spirit. Immediately, I mean I this morning it like fire came down and said Robbie take a look at Luke 744 through 48 and and and you might remember the story that this woman who was obviously not a virtuous woman apparently based on maybe a tad scandalous scandalous right there in a Pharisee's house.

Get the picture right. This is like the there at the pastor's house and this woman comes in and she starts right crying on Jesus's feet Robin with her head kissing her feet and this is what Jesus says to assist you see this woman. I entered her house and you didn't give me water for my feet, but since she drenched mice, but since she her how she's drenched by feet with tears and wiped them with her hair. You didn't greet me with the kids, but from the time she entered, she is not stopped kissing my feet become scandalous that is that you can imagine your pastor was some woman sit there, skip feet. You didn't anoint my head with oil, but she has anointed my feet with perfume.

Jesus did not rebuke this woman for doing this.

In fact, he kinda rebuke the Pharisee for not doing. And the point just grab a hold of me like just all my goodness, Jesus not only will allow it. He wants that he wants us to anoint him. He wants to be loved and landed on live time is an end and I'm just like all my goodness well when you think back to Rachel Morgan and Scott here in a minute to talk about it. I know that Rachel love cry. She told me she did the time I interviewed her and she said she lived her life when she was a nurse so she obviously spent that anointing on some people but just think about this now because she died in 2017 and I think she's now annoying shoot she went to be with the Lord. She's now anointing Jesus feet with as much more than kerosene mom and I'll pray that we find that so we're going to hear from you.

We want you calling it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 after here. Talk about how you anoint Jesus if he ever thought about what would that be like who rubs on you. What is think back in your memory to be pet in our cars and their pain we come back here.

Thinking so much more for their new radio. This is chariot and this is Rachel.

They been together 43 years. Chariot has lasted much longer than any of Rachel's three husbands like Rachel is 89 chariot is a 1965 my Creek, my, and we are anointing our cars with kerosene like Rachel McGriff to guard Eisele this morning and as promised, I am so really really excited because this is not a well-known situation were to try to help make it better known what did happen to Rachel and what did happen to chariot as we have chariot's new owner, Scott Crowley, Willis Scott, welcome to the Christian Garden show this morning. Good morning, how are you this morning all, I was just so delighted to talk to you yesterday and this is such a story like we get to share with our listeners.

I know it's a long story but can you kind of share how you got to know Rachel and how it would come about that. She literally gave you that car, long story, but I work for a Ford Lincoln Mercury dealer in Milwaukee and I keep a car for a long time and I had traded in a Mercury Sable with over 200,000 miles on it and shortly after I did that a friend of mine sent me an email and the heading was 540,000 mile Mercury and no it's not your sable and it was one of the stories about Rachel, the one where she's being interviewed and the gentleman asked her from growing bolder. Aren't you concerned about traveling by yourself and she pulled a gun out from under the front seat and I just watched it and watched it and just was so enthralled with the story and I was I work at uptown motors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where going to Orlando and I googled her and her phone number came up and I called her and she answered the phone and I said is this reached Rachel VTEC and she said who's calling and I said my name is Scott Crowley I work for uptown Ford Lincoln Mercury in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I just traded in my Mercury Sable with 200,000 miles on it and after seeing your story. I want my sable back and we talked for a little bit and she guzzled her small my name is Beach like teach those who, like me, call me Veatch those who don't like me call me VTEC and after about a 20 minute conversation.

I said Rachel I'm coming down to Orlando going to Disney World for one day but I would love to meet you. Would you have breakfast with me and she said by live 25 miles from Disney World.

I'll drive 25 miles to meet you and so she is a clown calling her from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I said you pick a restaurant and all their and you will you know the Golden corral as a buffet. I pulled into the Golden corral and she's in the parking lot you cut that would open the trunk open and five meant showing off her cart that is on your car up to.

So we go into the restaurant and she has which is called called her Bible which are three ring binders with every documentation of everything on the car right down to the original bill of sale and we have a large classic car show in Wisconsin every year called Iola state and in the 90s-we found a card in there that she had been there and I we had known each other for an hour and I said Rachel what would it take to this theme this year that particular year with 60 stars, what would it take for you to come up this year to want to ask me and I said what you come up sunblock to ice it, would you say our house is a little too and that's how it started and it was a 10 year relationship. She we just became very, very good friends. She ended up being in the education tent at the Iola car show for many years we would have her at the dealership she was on all the local TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, in fact, the one major news show in Milwaukee Channel 12 deluxe 3 1/2 minutes story and Rachel on the 10 o'clock news that ended up on CNN from CNN Jay Leno sighed and flew her and the car to California and so she was on the Jay Leno show with the car and over the years we developed quite a close relationship and she when she was about 93 prior to us putting her in a nursing home. She called me one day in your she's very matter-of-fact about life and she so I just put Terry in the garage for the last time is what he talking about, and she's well I drove through a red light and I know what that means.

It's a macular degeneration not safe for me to drive anymore okay and she said will you help me find someplace to put the chariot. Of course I well and we talked about Jay Leno and I said well one thing about Jay Leno you went through his collection and you know that if it goes to him. No one will ever see the car again and we called the Florida auto Museum then in Detroit or Dearborn and their exact words to me were we don't want the car because we don't want people to think they can keep a car that long so over a month or so different options and I was checking out different museums and she was scheduled to come up that year for Iola and she called me one day and she said I want to do with the car. Okay Rachel what you do with your car to give it to you. I said no you're not. I said you have children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Great great grandchildren. I am not getting in the middle of a family feud and she said Larry talked my family. It's not negotiable. You're the only one I know will take care of my car and the car is going to you. So when she came up that year we had a party for factly, 102 people at our house and I don't know if you saw the picture of her in a swimsuit setting next to the car at Sanford Beach. Okay, what we have that blown up to poster size and everybody came.

The parties signed it and we had it framed for her and she had that hanging in her living room and she signed the car over to me with the understanding that she ever wanted it back. It was hers and we then had to put her in a nursing home and she was 94 and she died a few months short of being 100 and fact last August we have it in the Wisconsin auto Museum, which is in Hartford Wisconsin about It Half Hour Dr. NW., Milwaukee and we had 100 birthday party for August date that was that. Rachel hundred birthday. You know the more I thought about that since I spoke with Scott so absolutely city that she so loved that car that she called Mike somebody that would love the car that can have a funny story I work for the dealership 34 years. In fact, the owner was three when I started here. His grandfather hired thought his dad Scott.

We got to go to and I originally told you. Just one segment of the stayover this is that it's a great one will be about four minutes will be back with another story from Scott Wilmore and Rachel and you could learn about anointing from Rachel Moore, stated beach outing to me just say hi. We reach out and touch.

I pulled out that old AT&T commercial to talk about you know when you reach out and touch someone in the way of you ever thought that you are anointing that that kind of love could spread from person to person and when we think about Rachel and chariot in the way she anointed that car. There's no doubt in my mind that love was behind a lot of that. But that love so really chalice only people that the relationship she had with that card that Scott. She became sort of a celebrity way more than your boss had any idea right and my body is very much an old cars and he knew I was going to be meeting Rachel and when we walked out of that restaurant that morning. He was already on the phone call he needed to meter. Did you see the car better now that I got are coming to the dealership and because you and so if you months prior to the Iola car show. He said to me house she going to get here. What think she's going to drive and so I called her and said Rachel would you like because it's 1200 miles. Would you like one of us to fly down and drive up with you. So you're not driving alone and she said to me you know when someone is with me. They just slow me down so I looked at the map. If I go over to Pensacola and drive up I can avoid the mountains but I only do about 500 miles a day.

Now you and I both love old cars but we both also know they're not the most comfortable cars to drive and so I told my boss that and he said why don't you see if she would let us ship the car up and fly her up and again, keep in mind we had breakfast together. That was the only FaceTime I had with Rachel and a few months later she's allowing me to send a truck to her house, take her beloved car away from her send it 1200 miles north get on an airplane flight of the city.

She's never been to and stay with people she didn't know and that's what started our relationship made a serious impression on the text you told me later years later that she had a friend who was at the police ready because she didn't like her meeting somebody just called her up off off the cuff and coming down from Wisconsin and she had contacted the police in case something was going to happen. She was a very trusting woman. She was, and I remember that when you get to search you like to have a little scotch every day and she got to a certain point when the doctor said you can't do that anymore. She said well now I diluted with water so when the bill came for your boss. I guess your bosses son and that that was something that we we do a lot of promotions with football players and basketball players and I'm never a big fan of those because I honestly don't feel it encourages sales of cars and those usually causes $30-$35,000 and when we did this promotion. I went to visit, we need to arrange a truck, an airline ticket and the young man said to me you know I'm I don't believe in is nobody cares about a lady her car. My dad committed to it. So I guess I gotta do it and it causes $1800 to bring her appear and we had for three days.

People lined up out of the showroom to be Rachel and Barb said to me, I guess I was wrong. People do care about a lady in her car and that I was 10 years ago. To this day we have people come in and out about Rachel and we told her she passed away, and in the showroom. We've got her pictures and stories about her framed on the walls far bigger than any athlete ever pulled a wonderful wonderful woman. I miss her dearly but her car is safe to her goal was to have in the museum and so we got in the museum and that we have are pictures around it. We got a Bible sitting on the hood for people look at and it gets quite a bit of attention at the Wisconsin auto Museum saw Scott, thank you so much for sharing all that with this I thank you for her keeping Rachel alive C is in so many different ways.

God bless, I appreciate you and we will talking in call me anytime. I will think Scott you have a good day by the world's most anointed car hello I you know in that that story just speaks to this.

And again if you missed the first segment to show you know you go back later and get the podcast we been talking about anointing and how scandalous it was for these women with Jesus is feeble again Mary with the spikenard that's another story, but the woman that was actually there in the Pharisee's house doing it.

You know that scandalous, but if you walked up to just anybody on the street and start rubbing on their head. I can assure you they will email you with the but your mother passed along to you in that in that like the oil of anointing. It spread is. Amazing. When you first tell me about anointing and handwritten now that see my haircut is a flattop and so many kids think that it's going to stay, something you see them staring at that and sometimes I was late notice.

I glared rib and then I get dried out every target. There is whether they think sharper. I thought it would be Steve feel this is crazy is this something that came to my mind the other day when you mention the head Reading and I have received several handwritten things and some well at it again. As Bob explained the beginning of the show and I don't want to miss this. His mother passed this type of affection and anointing on the right. She would call your puppy and get you in our lap and rub on your head and this was something that really showed you love and made you feel loved and absolutely 100%. It was it was the ultimate sign of love he could show somebody and they just the I raise Rob the same way. We were both physical, affectionate head live down, but I remember that about yeah I hate he was a hooker he grabbed in and I scare some people and as I write. I mean, just grab your pastor start rubbing on his head.

I'm guessing that you know he's gonna be land some passion sharper in particular about the hair and still grab him and hug him, maybe not shine that head or anything. It's just the way I was brought up and and it still is still a big part of my life end in its this something I passed on to Robin. We we hugged each other all the way through good Times bad Times if it was whiz are you in or something in it and we just can get it worked that unit. We describe each other and hug each other in and get away from each other for Medco Lafayette. I hope that the hugs were just such a big part of my life end this is who I am and what I hope you're not missing.

Is this connection that Rachel had to her car. Now if you go back to the very original video that made her famous.

That caused him to find out I'm out of me to find out about eventually Jay Leno the name of that video was called romancing the road. Think about this woman loved this clock. I mean if you watch anything about it.

This woman loved her car and as a result of her loving her car. She took phenomenal care but you heard she had lifetime warranty 16 free batteries from pennies. What a genius. It was really good at and she knew that this is my karma to keep this karma to take care of this car in this car will take care of me and and that car did clear through until it is easy said 93 but when she was 97 growing bolder was still doing things about her car and so you know, in my opinion, humble as it may be when you wax your car, you develop more of a relationship with and and and I tried this out on my own kids you know because my Bob I'm not like you. In fact, my mother once told my wife Holly hugging Robbie is like hugging a tree and my wife is not. Let me forget that for the 30 year sentence, but that wasn't my natural inclination because I didn't get that from you know my parents. The good kind of thing that bit you got but my wife is very much that way.

And so my kids are little bit more that way then then that I am so you know since I discovered this idea about anointing being tatting and and and in the. The whole idea.

I decided you know what would be like just to rub my wife's head a little bit to rub her hand and you know what happened. She started rubbing my head. I might deal that will rub it in thing. I start all man. It's amazing how how good that feels and how it felt whenever yesterday was my granddaughter's birthday party at step brother begs to be. Lila rubbed her head out, you know much I love you so happy or 10 years old. Whatever oh what that did for her. So it was amazing that my daughter came over afterwards and I grabbed hold of her and then I bet you for the first time in 20 I not only rubbed her head. I kissed her hand and you could tell that meant the world to my it's a big thing.

It really is in specially if they meet its this is for me is the ultimate in this just to love on somebody or to be loved out. I mean, I still crave, and desire that you know just snuggling, hugging his intimacy and and the cool thing is, Jesus wants that. He says it right. Mary got the guy because he didn't do it.

However the women did. They always got blessed for.

I mean, think about what Jesus is, is inviting you into course, we have another segment obsolete share some more come back if you got some along these lines would love to hear from you 866-34-TRUTH 7884 the anointing today. We hope you're doing mad about anointing your car but you know the more important bigger issue. Obviously is anointing Christ and anointing others. But the thing I don't want to miss is that Jesus is the last name Christ.

That's what it means the anointed one, or Messiah. Same thing in Hebrew means, the anointed one, so wouldn't just be really fitting for us to anointing him Bob. I mean it's just like oh my goodness, yes, how did I ever miss this. And what an opportunity we have, to be able to do that and I think we can anoint Christ by anointing others. Of course you know we can't touch Christ at this very second is ugly that we can reach out and touch others and and anoint them and show them Chrysler and and let Christ anoint others through us. I can help this, but I have to mention it five years ago this show five years ago was I was sick and went home and could make the show, but Robbie had agreed to let my son come in then did a show with and Rob came in and did Shetland the same after that. After I heard that Allie did on the show that day in it just was apparent to me that the way I might not get to do the show is that the all that didn't work out.

I just wanted take Amanda a moment to mention in five years ago today Rob did the shed and it was and I was anointed by hanging him on the air with the and thank you for giving him that opportunity and oh by the way, that show is the most downloaded of Rob's testimony that came there at the end talk about the three shot out in Isaiah. Rob went to be with the Lord. Two weeks later. Delete center January 9, 109 2014 and it is a but it was that was obviously anointed show. I didn't know that was the most downloaded to my phone away, but by probably 5000 more downloads than any of the other show that we are as ill have a bear that you can match the bears hand and the part about the trees are singing in the main, the trees are clapping hands in the mountains were singing in the head that were accurate, and I did it just another day it was when an asset. Hey, where's that Mary and they still said no magician unmatched and then it was a quote from that ship and and that's a neat thing, but people continue to go there Christian download that podcast. It's it's marked pretty special so that people know what it is but along those lines. You know I would be very remiss if I didn't talk about the anointing that I saw this week based on their listeners because a listener heard about three weeks ago that we had a need for car. This lady called in her steering mechanism had failed to where she can even steer her car safely. She returned the wheel in the car wouldn't turn and you know here was two weeks before Christmas. This is can be $1000. She doesn't have the money and she and she has no idea how she's come to keep her job and how she's can it take care of her child and ended she I I've had some ladies cry, but this one really got to man, it really really broke my heart of the time I was overwhelmed like I don't have the thousand dollars to fix this car. I you know I don't saw only thing I knew to do with her was bright and we prayed and there was something about that is felt like God is good handle. You know is just going to be okay and and I just kinda knew that well II talked about it on the show. Two days later that we needed a car, and I have this old form that I don't get very often about what somebody donates a car and sure enough, the Sunday after that show iconic listener who send in a request to donate a car 2001 Saturn and I was like oh my goodness, look what God has provided and if you could've it and I wasn't able to run a hug on her and rub on her head, Bob, but believe me, Jesus was if you can seen the look on her face as she saw that God took care now and she knew clearly, this was this was no regular donation here.

She had a need. We didn't have a car.

We prayed and God showed up and she knew the whole story.

And so the donor ministering to and in the whole thing was anointing. We don't realize 70 times we forget that we forget that God is always needed, until God's.

We got in I been in 70 situations in my life where I didn't have any answers was having trouble coming up with questions that that made any sense, and it was just nothing nothing I could do and and then all of a sudden everything's working out perfect in and your family blessings and places that you didn't really see a blessing coming from and I and you didn't have an answer you didn't have a car you didn't have money to fix her car and then that all you needed was a little prayer and yeah and you know you know the next time of the some big donation another car or or God doesn't guts working on something and he's got something else for that person and there's times that I clearly see that he doesn't want me to fix a car that's not going to happen just doesn't happen and I don't know what's behind all that but I do know that he loves his people and he would love to hold them in his lap and rub on the head. Maybe it's this you get to Scruggs and many people you get to love folks and and it's you've done such an amazing thing. And what started out to be just the well maybe we can have a few people you've helped so many folks with this ministry of yours and your big part of that to buy.

We all that God is God is the one that told the whole thing off and again due to your generous contributions. We gave away nearly $20,000 this year that we serve served over 250 clients that went through the Jesus labor life. We gave away nearly 8 cars this year and this was a year where there is no more big tax deduction to do that, you know that the tax laws changed and so now these people are doing this completely out of generosity rather than you know. Although yeah I need the tax deduction, thing. This was huge and and and so my our prayers that you continue to do it because without you.

I got nothing. What I got I got nothing but an obviously makes it happen, but it you know it's just amazing to see and you seen it firsthand. Is your wife keeps the books we have seen it firsthand in the nicest, it's still amazing that the folks at the rate reach in there inside of their sales and come up with idea of donating to such a worthy charity and you and as we speak. I got to volunteers that are in Raleigh right now putting together another car that was donated to us and were hoping that we've we've got a lady that's been whitened that we think we can be able to do next week and and once again I get to stand there in that line at the DMV and and wants God in a meeting need to dispose my mind. Another anointing brother as it is I want out so our prayer is that we could all take a lesson from Rachel and how the love well and knowing that annoyed somebody else that needs it today and oh by the way, when you begin to rub on people and things like you feel you feel the love to. So that's all an opportunity for us. Thank you for listing to assist you. What a wonderful year. It's been a part of show and will be praying that your New Year's celebration will be absolutely fabulous. Look forward to talk to you next year. Bob next year to The base for list of the critic all remember so that Jesus walked everywhere he went, not at all done at 33 years

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