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January 12, 2019 11:51 am


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 12, 2019 11:51 am

The Christian Car Guy Radio Show

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And so is a mom and dad and in the car apology for apology today. I'm a Christian car guys so you just turn right in front of that guy or you you cut someone off by accident. How do you apologize to another driver, really, how do you learn that you know what what is it that you actually do to apologize to another driver you hold up on those panel talk signs it says I'm sorry.

I want to be a learner today on the Christian card as shown here by myself so I need some help. I need some call to tell me how do you actually do that. Or maybe you had a an experience where you really felt the need to apologize to another driver in some way and how did you go about doing that and what is that look like I would love to hear 866348788486634. So why should you apologize or just as important, perhaps, is what's the motive behind apology right when you left I went trying to find a song that had a really good apology and then you know I can find one when you list the John Denver song piece Barb or Brenda Lee song. I mean it may seem to be that the person are really apologizing to his themselves. It says, Brenda Lee says I'm sorry for being a fool while she's not apologizing to anybody except maybe herself there and John Denver just comes right out and says that he says more than anything else. I'm sorry for myself. I mean what is going on with that.

So what is our motive when we apologize well I have to sell it until a little bit of the story and just sell the concept of apologizing as God was selling it to me recently. Actually, to tell the story of God, to give a little background I was the Chrysler dealer in Marksville North Carolina for a number of years and I've spent my entire life in the car business and course. That's how I ended up in the Christian Car Guy well. Unbeknownst to be my office manager had decided to, you know, it's hard to say whether she was taking the money or what exactly she was doing that she wasn't handling the books properly and she clearly wasn't paying our payroll taxes.

With that money and that money got gone. And somehow or another. She wrote a check when she went to jail to the home state Department of revenue for a whole lot of money, so I'm guessing that she may have had some of it I don't know all of what really happened. I never will.

But I do know that at the end all that I ended up responsible for all of the debts of Westside Chrysler Dodge Jeep which put me in a horrible place. And all these debt collectors coming after me and actually went to an attorney back then. This was about 11 years ago and that attorney told me Robbie it will cost you $300,000 to go bankrupt. This is so confusing, he said, your best bet because you know that kind of money is to go crawl under a rock. Consider what is coming after you and you discover try to protect yourself from its lair. I was in and I had all sorts of debt to the IRS because she hadn't paid the payroll taxes and I had all kinds of debt to the sup small business administration because we had SBA loans for the building, and at all kinds of that the Chrysler course, but the government took precedent over all that. So the two entities that really did come after me with the IRS and the Justice Department from the SBA loan and this is been essentially going on for 11 years and and and is just you know my personal thing that I have been struggling with well enough over the last three years.

One of the Justice Department loans they got really nasty and without even ever telling me what I could do it a started garnish my wages and I am an attorney who helps mainly been working with dad and we finally got that a hearing on that last January year ago and unbeknownst to us, because he never told us they got that released. Although the Taken out my money until July and so it was really really a sore subject in my life and my wife's life and you can imagine all this for you can imagine the joy that I felt the week before Christmas when a collection agency called me on that same loan after I thought that the judge had thrown it out in this collection agent that was on the phone with me was he, had a collection agency attitude from my point of view that he just wasn't very nice when he called me and so I was in no mood for another battle and I honestly just lost it on him and I would have to say you know at times like that I can really be quite volatile with my tongue and I probably rip the guys skim off and and and I can still hear him saying, would you let me talk. Would you let me. It was not pretty.

And it wasn't it. The test was a bad situation and I didn't want all this coming up again and I didn't want to open up this can of worms. I thought that I'd put that can of worms away and that was just facing it. It was really really hard. Well wouldn't you know that in my prayer time with her that the conversation did not end well and we course threaten each other with all sorts of things and the next morning God just started saying Robbie you need to apologizing, really.

I mean I'll never see that guy. He doesn't even know who I am I and God just kept on and it went on for like the whole week of Christmas and the week after this.

That's an and it was just right there. Robbie, you need to apologize to that man, LOL I don't even know what the man's last name is he wouldn't give me his last name.

I'm sure the collection agency has lot of people so they would be remember them apologize, but God would not let me up on. He was just like I just felt this like Rob, you've got to apologize, so you can you can ask that question.

What is the motive behind the apology God what you looking for me to accomplish and I began to of course as God gives us a go take a supernatural thing a lot in my flesh did not want to call this guy. I mean, I didn't want to open up any of this stuff, but a week ago Friday I finally just gave in and said okay on: talk about a funny conversation of the first thing I did, I tell the lady that you know answers the phone at the collection agency as I need to speak to Cory and she says well I can. I thought we got several quarries have you and I said well the one that's working on Robert Gilmore's case with the Justice Department. You get him for us and she and all yeah yeah hear this.

It's this Cory and I Michael Goodloe put me on the phone and well as soon as I got in the phone with them. Of course he immediately you know like I could tell he put up his guard and he was like I need to tell you that this conversation is being recorded and will be used against you and Bubba bubble bath and all these different disclaimers that he was just with an army with minnows some attitude. I might add, but you know who combined the guide last time he talked to me it wasn't pleasant and I said I understand like I completely understand court said you don't understand the purpose of my call, what the purpose of this call is just to simply say that I was wrong in the way I handled you was horrible. And please forgive me and I don't know what I can do to make your job easier because on any money and I don't you know honestly tell you that I am really sincerely sorry that's not usually who I am and and that's not the way I want you to remember is picked up. I said so you know what I need to do to make this an all right with you and whatever and so interestingly and and and again this was my motive. I was just doing what I felt like God was telling me to do justice, to apologize to the guy because I was wrong, but the man his whole being. J I'll know how to put another that needs like will Robbie tell me what happened and so as I begin to tell him the story of what happened from my point of view. He says you know.

Interestingly, when I look over your file. I see that Westside Chrysler Dodge Jeep is still entity in the state of North Carolina and if you would dissolve that corporation could be possible that we could change this ruling and you know and he went on to give me step-by-step procedure on how to dissolve the corporation and how much it would cost in and everything that was involved. This man that I had all I you know I felt so bad because I'd be used in the way I did, but now all the sudden this person was legitimately doing everything that he could to help me now.

I I don't know. I really don't know whether or not that will make all that go away but I do know this I would. I got to be obedient to what God wanted and I got to understand a little bit more about apologizing in the motive for apologizing and so I'm challenging you two days I'm here by myself is what you call me at 866-34-TRUTH. The 788 forward. Perhaps the most challenging apology you ever had to give, or better, if not better, but if you got a way to apologize in the car to somebody's office and I would love to hear that 866-34-TRUTH is today show car apology a little bit of the understanding of apologies and what might the motive be, you know, what's the actual way that you go about doing that from car to car remained you hold up little assignments.

I am sorry. Another so many times it I would really like to or I would really like for somebody else to plot out in front of me or whatever the situation is. Maybe you've got a technique I want to be a learner here so you call me 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

What's inside of an apology in an and in how does that advance the kingdom exactly if it's Done Way, God would have you do that and you know you may have a very challenging apology.

You had to do it one time that we could all learn from. I would love to hear that story I really would, 866348788 force member to call him and share 866-348-7884. Now I would be remiss and actually caller called in during the break to ask about my father and you know last week.

Fortunately, my father had fallen out of his wheelchair in the rehab center and reinjured his neck which he broke last September and so we had quite a weekend. And interestingly, it was the same day that I had called his tooth that man with the collection agency. Later that evening, I found myself in the emergency room and my father, they decided it 88 years old. It wouldn't be a good idea to try to get his neck straighten surgery so they're keeping the collar on and we now have them in another rehab center and I wish I could say he was doing great week. We would sure appreciate your prayers as you know, he's just at that stage in life are things are getting really confusing and hard for him and is really had a battle since his fall and so we know God's and the little that too. But today on the show when I'm really excited about is I want to hear. I would really love to hear a story of how you apologize to another driver, a story of how you found yourself in that situation and you know what what you gain from seeing how it moved the kingdom for by your being humble and so you know, is interesting.

This time over Christmas I and I have a lot of time to think about some things and I have been studying the song a song Solomon song of songs for many many many years and I enter some of the verses that technically challenging to me and they don't sound like much at first, but I think that after we spent a little time on here this morning to see that. Oh my goodness, this may be the most provocative verse in the Bible that I've try to figure out how exactly do I do this so chapter 1 verse 10 and 11. Doesn't sound much again. It doesn't sound like anything that would be all that challenging. But the more I thought about it and the more I looked at different translations, etc. the more challenging it became to me so that the way they read as your cheeks and this is essentially Solomon speaking to the shoe might woman or the woman that he's in love with what you most church and even the Jews themselves would believe that it's God speaking to his beloved either the beloved people of the Jews or his church so when he says your cheeks are lovely with ornaments in your next neck with strings of beads. It's interesting when you go look at those verses you will find that there are numerous ways that those are described as either ornaments or gold or earrings or chains the neck with strings of chains of gold. It's all source of things that you will find in the different translations put when you actually look into the. The Hebrew word there.

It means, in turn, and so over Christmas. Whatever I decided to not just get a really try to look at the most beautiful women that I know of and try to discern what Jesus is talking about here what Solomon was talking about that so I turned to my wife and my daughters, I mean it was obvious and I really, you know, looked at all these pictures back through the years of my wife and daughter spaces to see if I could determine what it was that the was obviously lighting up the world of this lever and I have discovered, and I think you will discover it as well as you begin to look that when a woman smiles. There are curls that are around her lips that some people called dimples and not all women have the same kind of dimples but all of them have curls there and I don't think it was jewelry that had his you know is is life so enlightened that through this look in and the same thing with with the neck that when a woman looks up it exposes her neck. You know essentially be air the Cartledge that is there shows these rings and so you get this picture of a woman that is looking up at you and smiling and adoring you really just is. It's a beautiful beautiful thing and I'm convinced that there probably was no jewelry involved. It was just simply this, and of the way God designed people in general, the way they look in the way that they adoring their smiles and those, things are nothing more beautiful than a smile that may not have anything to do with an apology as I understand it is the next line that really just sunk into me and I and I may think is the most challenging verse in the Bible it says ornaments of gold. We will make for US bangles observe silver well in the song of Solomon.

There are three characters or groups of characters and she was six others to Jesus for the Solomon character.

The person that looking at his beloved and then you have obviously the blood of the shoe might woman, which I would hope would be me that Jesus is loving me.

But then there's these other people that sometimes referred to as the daughters of Jerusalem, or the friends in attendance so it's translated some places, but I think when you really begin to think who these people are there. The saints in an interestingly in Greek. When you look at the word St. you know it says the awful ones repeat the Maria's that it says that is because the saints you know you just bear full of all it's awful is not necessarily always this awful word, but all full. Here are these and end the reason why the clue is this what it says ornaments of gold. We will make for you. Well, there is no we, if you're the lover and there's no way, if you're the beloved. So the only group that in this particular poem that could be the we would be the friends in attendance, or the saints or these daughters of Jerusalem, so when that says we will make ornaments of gold and silver.

What is that exactly mean what is and I've been doing apology.

We will explain more in the next segment plus the meantime, I would love to hear your car apology. 866-34-TRUTH and a college today on the Christian car who kinda climate inside of an apology. What is the motive in their what is clear we trying to accomplish from advancing the kingdom point of view on what God would have us do with an apology or supposed to be sorry for ourselves this time. Denver was thinking about you. It's a bit of a challenge. There are so when I was finishing up that segment. I was talking about and I've got some calls limited to adjustment. I'm very excited about them.

By the way, so hang on when you get to and just decide what I wanted to finish my thought a little bit at least so that we can kick off on it again in a minute when here is the friends in attendance with these of the saints saying ornaments of gold.

We will make for US bangles of silver, and so what I believe the idea there is. Do you see another person as Jesus is beloved and are you willing to know gold is a picture of glory.

It's a picture of God's glory. It's a picture of of royalty are you willing to push that other person into a position of royalty and then silver is the same thing is actually money in Hebrew and so are you willing to push financial resources in their direction. In order to advance the kingdom with them in an upwards put them up in the seat of the beloved that the song of Solomon talks about you like Philippians would say that considering others better than ourselves taking a humble seat and pushing that other person up in that finding their glory and highlighting that and I would say that's easy when it comes to my wife like I would love to push her up in that seat of the beloved of Jesus, I love it with my kids and and and I certainly you know even love it with my Sunday school class I teach special needs is freely fun to push those people you know up into that seat, but wanted to take comes to that.

You know collection agent from the Justice Department am I willing to look for his glory and and try to push him there@say this is really really really a challenging verse and Emily talk about that more in a minute. The first word and get some stories we got. Paul is in Yadkin Ville Paul, you're on the Christian Car Guy show good morning good morning rowdy I should save for those listening in Californian stuff that's Yadkin Ville, North Carolina, and so those of us in this area know exactly where Yadkin video is but I imagine some people don't. We are in the middle of nowhere. Square bear yeah ironically Outlook did you talk about the trials and tribulations of what you had to go through with and be the apology that you made to the young collection agent and it brought to mind an apology I had something not of monetary but a couple years ago you know I lost my daughter and I went to speak to my pastor about degree in counseling and my pastor responded to me by saying that's above my pay grade will that just get me wrong really get me completely wrong. Like there is nothing above your pay grade you work for God and took a very long left the church, turned in my keys discrete equipment went somewhere else completely. And as Betty year went by I was doing as you tell me to do get up in the morning. Do you early morning Bible reading and study here was Rhett's graded face book of Matthew say you don't give that man. I will not give you get that was a lot to swallow a lot to swallow, but it was director black so idea, but you did swallowed hard and I went and have the pastor and I talked to him about the middle of and we made it. He misunderstood and I missed it but he calls no nearly 2 years of really hard payments. The book of Matthew. If I hadn't been studying that morning. I don't know that out there for them at Robbie@you help me a lot. You taught me a lot about study and reading, and I appreciate you will probably want the finest employees I've ever worked well and again those those years you understand Westside enough for this listing. I don't know Paul Manor Searchlight company and was a good dear friend and I happen to know him two years ago when you lost your daughter had to be more than I could ever imagine the pain and all that you are going through and I and and those wounds that come in those times are practically hard to address and I know Bob go through the same thing with Robin and you know that's just you know you gotta give glory to God because he's walking us through this stuff were were hurt him or her bed, but he he he continues to redeem us Paul. I'm so thankful that you call that story today in and I'm just praying that that that restoration will happen more in all of our lives and that we have the courage to step up to those places that really hurt and I'll thank you buddy thank you RFA published by RI to have Marilee is in Seattle, Washington Marilee here on the Christian Car Guy show good morning good morning not related to car back on. I woke up one morning with the Lord putting it on my heart to apologize to my former husband and I really felt like it wasn't my place to apologize that psyche and any because there was drugs, alcohol and faithfulness and I'll start to think that you know I was married for almost 20 years and I put up with and I didn't believe in divorce, but you know I'm not perfect either but I just felt like he should apologize to me time arguing with the Lord like no Larry. He should call me anyway. I stopped arguing with literate nice to rendered. I think that I don't understand why you want me to do that but I will I will do what you ask and I called up my former husband and I spent alert that I might hurt to ask you to forgive me for anything I did it while we were married and that you forgive me and he said to me yeah will you forgive me to well I almost fell off my chair and I was so surprised and we both gave each other and I want to say that in the spiritual ground that did touch. I didn't realize I was a prisoner of my am getting at the collector gave him and it was very beautiful how the Lord had started working in my heart and healing things that I didn't even know needed to be healed. Awesome story, and what courage the same thing as Paul's courage is it's it's Moroccans miraculously courageous in my opinion free for you to have made that call and in the end to make this call is not easy, I've done it. Culinary is patient and share something you know that that that's close and there was. I can't even imagine the pain that was involved with that, but the freedom know that God had for me had for Paul and in the and when we step into that and go, you know. Hey, it's it's a beautiful thing will Bless you Marilee and I am so grateful for your story. Thank you for calling.

Thank you very much. You made my day.

Thank you God bless what we know you have a story and we would love to hear it. We have plenty of time to get a whole segment coming up so you call us at 866348788486634 so you know I was continuing to look at this. These two verses up and all throughout the holidays and I just kept thinking about how can I make ornaments of gold for the saints, or even should I make them for people that aren't saints and that I thought will wait a minute. Everybody was fearfully and wonderfully. Even so, there is some gold inside of everybody.

And what can I do you know in these circumstances, to try to discover that in and what it means is actually diving in to some extent as you heard Paul and Marilee do in the relationships that are difficult to try to determine a how can I consider that person greater than myself and want to push them up into that seat of the beloved. It's an interesting thing that we get to do and challenge with so we need your story, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH topology, are looking inside of apologies and with the motive and there. What would God have us do. In these circumstances, and clearly we got other opportunities to do this with other drivers. If you got a story along these lines, or a way that you know to do it with another driver we love to hear from you. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH if you're digitally gifted and you can do that kind of thing I would mention also of course Christian Car or you can find out all about this cardiology stuff that we talked about today, but also listen the previous shows Christian Car Guy theater episodes are in the podcast page as well as the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms Windows families in crisis. Which is it in you know. Interestingly, one of the ways that we can hold up other people and give them ornaments of Golden with bangles of silver is to you now pray for and help those with the Jesus labor love. So we have an is in the Huntersville, North Carolina and is got a poem I'm excited about this in a story so I divided it that.

Anyway, I always say that dying to self is killing me an error. LA as I like to 1974 and I have been a company buried by a family and I am always happy and and got I've gotten better, but it gets to that time that it only for no good when you actually finally do it.

You now and just that you say that the last lady that said 20 year marriage. I just had to say they haven't me I had a 20 year marriage in my husband left me and if there is a very complex time I he was in the ministry and just ate a lot, I will in in defense of myself and a lot of spiritual warfare and that afterwards I realized in my standards that I would literally had murder in my heart. Having evidence. If they you know and my heart like my ex-husband and I shocked me. God had to reveal that Tiffany and I just handed and I cried and the bottom line is years later. Now we are seriously rather interested Christ and we are friends again and I delete you know he has a new life and and so on. But occasionally lately note exchange emails or whatever but it's second healing to unite and we've gone to that whole process, but I have a little tree stands upon that I could just read if you called humble pie that I read this deal is it I would absolutely humbled by the humble pie could be you pepper Crowley plot the pride and delicate fee May 5 case and it came like you that if you eat them every day at categories idea, the more you eat your humble pie. Three. Helping every day you grow and gain the weight of love in all you do and say.

And I know you know that's true godly men that have an effect. I think it had college ideas.

Even I wasted all tenses of the equation. And yeah, it is an interesting thing I I again for me to lift you up in the deposition of wanting you to be Christ's beloved wanting you to get the earrings of gold in this study was silver and I'm I want all that for you and it and and always do. Where I'm challenged by this honestly is is by this person that you know I just for whatever reason it's it's right there in the humility aspect of it.

I do not consider them better than myself. I really do not and I am in. And therein lies a real challenge. But as I was thinking about this morning and see if this makes it since you will that God has given me so much. I mean is politicking that I have been engrossed in his word and he shown me intimate details and things that literally blow my mind. And for me still to walk in the dark is just shows that how Paul felt, you know, when he said I'm the least because Paul knew the intimate things that he had seen and known and preached and all that stuff, but by the same token, you know, I'm sure things welled up in him and he is just like I can't believe the stuff is still in me to do this and when train in the very beginning.

He was taken off in the desert for three years before he even contacted everybody in and think he knew the scriptures he was trying to sell life you know that this cynical training. Obviously you know he touched his heart and in certainly caused him to be, you know, the zealot deferred for his cause or whatever and so it's a fascinating thing, but I I do feel that therein lies an opportunity for me to eat some of that humble pie that you ascribe so well is to say, really. Robbie, you know, that person hasn't seen what you've seen. They haven't experienced what you've experienced, for the Lord and shouldn't they be able to because clearly they too were made fearfully and off right and wonderfully and oh mine, because you know and and and and you're working with those people that you been babysitting for an opportunity. It's not along those lines allowed boot camp the last two years working with children and I will not care that they can be a very depraved, I pray God had sent that I have learned by God's grace, patient, and it has literally been in boot camp and ended healthy and I praise God for you now that he does bring us into unusual situation to train as evident as I say just dying to self is killing me and I mean it. He puts things in our past like last night on my way home and I've been thinking about this for two weeks now because I'm a chance to do so and and I've been thinking about it. Thinking about it. Will this person. I mean you couldn't pull out in front of me any worse than they did. I was going 45 and they probably want 10 feet in front of me when they decided that they could make it and I meant it took an absolute no. If I had not had some racecar driving experience all that to know how exactly did steer out of that that would not. That would've been a horrible accident that I but I did what I know to do which is to drive in the direction where the car is because it won't be there. By the time that in my car gets there and it would've been a horrible accident, but the look, here's here's what just struck me.

They gave me a look that said I'm sorry better than any sign you could hold up like and that was all it took. And I went to work.

There is a car apology right there that person. The look in their face said it all and I thought wow can I get that look can I do that is that something that did you know when I'm when I'm doing my things but wow and thank you for calling and God bless and I am sorry for your story. I know I well allowed your whole concept and I will will be cut yes and I wish we could do our Christian card at the end of next week. The working of the remote at Goodman's comment and so will have to wait another week to get it on, but is awesome its Christian Car Guy theater episode 43, that's it right now we go to say so down. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years and you know we look forward to you being able to do car apology

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