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What this World Needs is a Little Wonder

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 19, 2019 12:44 pm

What this World Needs is a Little Wonder

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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What is showing you might guess, based on that intro that were gonna wonder a little bit about cloud wonder about. I want to hold your hand but very fun. We are alive today from the men. Some of this is the third annual believers at the fifth annual 456 this is more than one. I know that this is the third when I've been through.

I'm not absent-minded. It's the fifth annual and very fun we have for you right off the bat something to wonder about. We have Nikita called off my wrestling world. How many years have I seen you on TV.

I don't I don't know but don't hold that against me, though of. I have no problem with being on TV and so here we are is is kinda interesting. Timing is Christian card I show which a lot of people wonder, and I've actually had people call and say Robbie. Why would a Christian man want to drive fast. Why would a Christian man be interested in cars. Why would a Christian man be interested in wrestling and then if you're paying attention this week.

Psychology today, came out with his five year study on our whole struggle in our in our current way of living is masculinity society as a whole.

That's what they're saying. That's our problem isn't sin.

It's it's the problem masculinity so I find it absolutely amazing and cool that God would today right have this man's summit here in beautiful downtown Kernersville North Carolina. I know some of you may be in Washington today or you may be in New York at different places and you can drive over here. But those are in North Carolina. This is, this goes on and Nikita. You felt a different calling. This year that you went through in 2018 to where you reached out to man in a whole new way.

I am and just you. You teeth and the teed up anymore perfect as Lord called me in 2018. Did it was your preparation he said in and I didn't fully know I give you specific instructions on how what to do his part of of that preparation and not fully knowing you know what that looked like until the latter part of the year when we know it not been a part of men's ministry for many many years now, facilitating, coordinating men's events and but tell Lex Luger, who is with us here last year.

Good friend of mine. The total package is also loves the Lord and got at birth the vision and also back in 2015 for men's ministry. Well fast-forward condensed the story down to 2018. He we we read we really visited that vision and decided that in the spring of 2019 will. God was birthing was a a new men's ministry called just simply called man camp man camp man can only men out of their man cave and into the man camp centered around first Thessalonians 523. Don't be whole in spirit, soul and body, and so the objective is hopefully sending men home that are whole man living holy lives wholly available unto the Lord, healthy in every aspect of their lives. Manhood masculinity right and so were were launching that in the spring of 2019 end of April were excited which displays amazingly into my topic today because the operating word there was camp. God is so good. All that is that I was studying the song of Solomon chapter 1 and there's a is a line there and at this the 11th verse where it says that the king reclines at his table, and when I saw that immediately reminded me of you ever go to a Seder dinner at Passover Seder dinner with a child. The last four questions and one of the questions they ask is, why do we recline this night unlike any other night, and I've always been taught and I think it's also true because there are no longer slaves that they are not serving anymore, but there there to be served in God. But what I found out this week. Was it has to do with being surrounded there's a word in there that mean surrounded and the Jews believe that they were surrounded by the clouds of glory which you've heard about is the pillar of cloud that was there when they came in the desert they were camping right there out the Gallic camp enough and what they teach is that there were actually seven clouds and this blows my mind because there was a cloud above them that protected them from the sun in the desert 14 NW. E South right on four directions, one below them. They were walking on clouds. X-rays either shifted where I was with the Jews to as they were walking on, they were surrounded by this cloud and in the seventh cloud which is by the way on the standard of the tribe of Judah and two other tribes as they went out there is the seventh cloud which was pointing them in the direction that there were to go when they were going out of the camp.

Now if you get the sense of being surrounded by a cloud. Think of your life when God comes after you and when you act when you're coming out of slavery right and he sends you the man camp. So here we are live in the men some and Kernersville and you guys are teaching man camp and this is a critical thing what what what you glean is coming on for these guys out here today. I mean it. It should be getting an incredible line of speakers know that or are with us today. Dave Reber, for those you've never heard of Dave Reber what what an epic story. He has lost her skin a blowup in his hand in Vietnam and his whole face unrecognizable. He was unrecognizable even know how many surgeries she's had bought. But he's an awesome man of God and he's got amazing stories he works with a lot of wounded warriors in his training centers he just want one at one example you know of speakers that we hear that that in and I was just in on the early part of of our first speaker Pastor Michael Thomas Esther Michael Thomas, and I was taking copious notes before you, you wound me out here to the microphone and I was already taking copious neuroses and he's talking about the family man right at the qualities of a family manage use Josh was an example for me and my house will serve the Lord. And anyway, so I was already taking notes from what he was saying it so I'm I'm excited for all the men that here at the men summit today. There you go and again go back to family its right along with when you think about it this cloud keep your mind on the cloud and the Jews teach that that's actually a SU KK OTA to suck.

That's when they when they celebrate every year the feast of booths which comes right after the day of atonement. Think about God forgave them for the golden calf thing on the day of atonement, then they immediately went to the feast of booths where there surrounded by this cloud right and that's their feast of India have have you ever been to a Thanksgiving dinner, where you all sitting around in your sitting around and you feel this love, and you're surrounded by this cloud of always different people, with its almost a picture heaven. When you do your camps here and and I bet you anything. You had a prayer session this morning right we pray together, absolutely, and prayed before coming but yes, and while you're in that circle that prayer circle before you go to battle for men's hearts in here like I know you are doing today did you have a sense of having their that's just like oh my goodness I'm walking on sunshine Presence of God is his always here in the midst of prayer is powerful and so here we are in this cloud Bob. It's exciting were wondering about clouds today. Walking on sunshine's peak from all outside, but also we got the cherubim up there and they got these wings will be talked about that we got more coming from the men summit but why were on the subject.

Have you ever had an experience where you knew that you were in that cloud, and on the quality got hooked, and many of you have heard my story where I was crushed behind the Jeep and innovate could get a helicopter into get me because my leg was about severed and all the stuff was going on. I had to sit there for an hour and I told you before that I felt like I had a man hug. I got hooked that I didn't get morphine until you know for over an hour and did not going to shock it's somehow working to find out more about that when I come back. Nikita is always here.

Just amazing. I'm so grateful for you being here is don't forget the book, a tale of the ring and redemption. I got wrestling was successful. Nikita, you excited excited to be here to be part of this caveman camped out in full.

That's our website camp got him wonder about why it is that this tower of cloud happened in the wilderness for them and what exactly went on with that. If you wondered what it would actually been like to been surrounded by this cloud are to see the Shekinah inside that cloud, and all those kind of things that we hear about in the Bible right I promised a story, but when we came out of the break in my own moment where I felt like I had God surrounded me, not just above me.

Not just on each side of me but underneath me and out there leading me on where to go and it was when I got crushed between two cars and my leg was almost severed, and there I was in the ground. People are freaking out they couldn't get any medical help to me for some length of time now. Interestingly, during the break, the man sitting in front of me would make my story look like kindergarten is Dave Reber is with us and as Nikita pointed out Dave had a grenade blow off phosphorus grenade within what 10 feet of your face somewhere 6 inches from my face 6 inches front was in my hand and I was trying to throw it is right here and so now if you will for me day think about this while that happened. And you know you know the result of this was what was 30 years ago and I 40 okay 40 escapes 50 almost so think about me laying there on with my leg and situation. Think of Dave laying there now hear what David had to say cords of death entangled me torrents of Belle Isle overwhelming cords of this is the 18th Psalm by the way, in my distress I called out to Adonijah and I cried to God for my help his temple from his temple he heard my voice my cry before them came into his ears. Then the earth rocked and quaked at the foundations the mountains tremble, they real because he was angry.

You don't think I was angry when all this happened to him or what it happened the mayor when it happened to you. I can assure you, did he part of the heavens came down with thick darkness under his feet.

He wrote upon the cherubim and flew.

He soared the wind he made darkness. His cover. His second his tabernacle all around them was dark water thick cloud out of the brilliance before him past his thick clouds, hail and fire recalls that it might also thundered in his heavens and the Leon gave forth his voice hail and fire recalls. He shot arrows and scattered them, hurling lightning bolts and routed them that all happened so that you would still be with us.

Dave yes or that's a good word you lived that and I hadn't really ever thought about how angry God was at those injuries that I had or that you had that he came down to rescue you out.

It's it seems almost unbelievable that you could be rescued from such what's really amazing is he was set close and he didn't get burned.

Little of it all off, Heather smokes around me like to talk about white phosphorus birds 5000F. That's twice neatness treadmill pinching out your car, and it covered half my body and I lost 60 pounds of flesh. They estimated less than 10 seconds. Burned off blown off the explosion stop or stop me from having us trying to fill white phosphorus good night, and the bullet went to my hand right there and blew the grenade writer and it absent of my military career was over, I thought now today I'm a contractor with the Department of Defense serve all four branches that I was with Navy special forces out of the boat got the call I was assigned to seal team one and trained by seal team one, but I was not a seal I was a brown water like bright and we had the highest killed in action KIA per capita, which can't prove it because if they don't retrieve your body you not KIA even though they know you did it on my and when you're ill my missing in action. It only until they retrieve the body. Are you put in the category of K until many years pass and then they know you cannot survive that long. That and they know certainly your debt if they can just get a fingernail of your body and your DNA, then your killed in action. They just get something when the boats would explode by the rocket propelled grenade call to be 40. It was designed to block tanks out of fiberglass boat nothing and just evaporate and that day I took the hit and blew off almost all my face, except as you see on cover my nose blown off my nose you got a new nose. I told I'm told it's it's a year and 1/2 old and it's a boy I'm so proud of it and they built it on top my head back built on top my head and shaped and formed.

Then I swung it down scroll rhinoplasty and they sewed it in. And today I have two nostrils. I have two kids again and have two lips again and I can move my head because it was all the surgery. This contraction of skin I'm get better looking every day that's true. I tell myself have had so as you share with his men. Here we are alive today. By the way at the admin summit here that the fifth annual in Kernersville, North Carolina and anybody that's can here as we'd love for you to come.

I know if you're in Washington DC today or you might be in the state of Washington. It might be a bit tough, but those are in the area would love for you to come but what he is sharing with.

I mean, there's a picture of hope that you bring Dave that this is unbelievable but what what specifically message did God give you for these guys.

Resiliency how to bounce back how to come back from the brink. And even when you bent over the break in Nairobi off. I was literally KIA 34 years and St. Louis at the records the records that's what I've been told I had never received any of the metals I'd never was listed as they only found out a wooden bed when they put me on helicopter take me off the river right so there's two tracks. One is the medical track. The other is your personal history track and I was going I was going to hospital in helicopter they found out or when did my chain of command got the word only Pentagon that was killed in action so my record showed us K but mom medical record showed I wouldn't did 34 years and not tell people when you been to the brink and over it's not over to God, says, and so that's why I work with the OD as a resiliency coach in the conference soldier fitness program.

Those listening know I'm talking deftly been military and that's what I do. That's my messages.

Welcome back to the world you may be suffering well in honor and thank you for your service, not just you know at the time, but obviously everything that you work Dave Reber again.

How can people find out about you is a day or eight seizure and so much more coming from the man's a mistake to have to do with you guys. So what is it have to do with clouds. Well, you might recall it beginning the show. I said what the world needs is a little wonder and we were wondering about the clouds and I'm sure if you just heard Dave reverse story about the grenade blowing up his face. You don't deftly wondered how he lived through that habit, the clouds of glory surrounded him in order to save him. It was truly amazing meeting him and what he and integrate this really spent means test and see inside of that cloud is this phenomenal intimacy that only comes in the holy of holy I and we because Temple was pointing to the right have access to actually meet with God in that place that some people refer to as the mercy seat between the cherubim and right the top of the ark, so what is that exam what is the deal with these chairman what is the deal with their wings working wonder about that before we wonder about that. We have another tree for you for life in the men summit. We have two morally. He is one of the featured speakers here at the men summit this year and you played for the University of Georgia you play for Steelers replace the Chicago Bears on you know I'm sure everybody listening has the same question. Where was the most fun. Probably college just the purity of the game you God never changes something new in the center think culture and people change just appeared to confess what you develop you you you you you form a new built relationships to last a lifetime. And it wasn't about the money and I was is one of those athletes you have to pay me to hit people in the chest and I was all for that.

In the until I was able to take in transition into employee from being in a program bubbled most of my life as an athlete. That's the way I was thinking so you didn't have to pay me to play that game think it's you see today is not so much about the team anymore is more about me it's about me being in this way similarly issued to have today sports, not just professionals was even damages, and so is God prepared you for this meeting and it is an intimate thing to me and I know men may not want to hear that work just significantly God wants to literally have an intimate relationship with you and give you to help prepare these men for 29. First of all I'm just honored and to be asked to come speak to Roy Jones, seven, eight months ago and the disconnected and we talked about some things and schedule me to be here so basically my message today is mean get back in your seat back in your original design. It all starts in and you know Jesus came to do with Adam next is he got been called Eve when they messed up the call at okay and Adam's fault, but it was Adam's responsibility in my message today is to get back in your recent OC take me to have authority take the lead in this message and so there's no doubt that when you place the University of Georgia.

You are learning a lot about authority. I would think I will not just to sports and something to talk about today. Sports was the great diversify for me growing up in Lumberton, North Carolina, really. Yes, I didn't answer. Sports was that thing the latest took me to another level was almost like we got to Abraham to get out your country with your father's house like some greater help me to see something greater. To be able to relate deal with different cultures and I still look at sports that way today but God put me under some some good teachers to delete a plea for Vince Dooley appointed Chuck no I play for Bill Cowher 2015 my city Chicago Hollis family in the Cascades Coast Scopes in Oklahoma now. He was a high school coach really was good to know some things and just learn discipline Hall of Fame leads. There is, and so the what would be some wisdom that those guys passed on the unit you think would be helpful for their listening will. I do believe that all the coaches that I had a chance to play for.

It was a respect and honor, and they told me about the process talk about the process of things because coming out of high school. People don't understand why authors understand this when you come on a high school year you were the man to go to college and being demoted to cover from graduate now you get back down to being a freshman, and so you have to start over from scratch right but you know, as we see it today and I like to sit this way and in and in and in today's athletic world. There's no mystery to anything. Why because everything is right there you could see everything social media were we are infused in constantly 24 seven sports this course that news this everything but there's no mystery to the next level and a lot of the young athletes today. They look at everything as being, you know, to me when I was growing up.

The next level. I respected and honored from junior high school I respected. Okay, look at those guys came from high school to college will respected you go from college to the professional ranks when I ran into guys like mean Joe Greene and Reggie White and Ronnie Lott, Mike Singletary is a respect you know That this system on and so these coaches that I had the honor to play for. Think talking about what honor and respect. It taught me about the process of things wrong with being teachable. You know, didn't know everything and I think that you know to put that in card terms for our listeners and I love that word process and in you know in our world with a lot of people think we can get the shortcut to not do the necessary stuff that it takes in order to get where you need to go and that works for a car right you don't change the oil you know you God will allow you to see the results of that and in the you guys had to get up on crate, unthinking, crazy times in the morning do certain work in order to get to the point of being competitive. It was a built-in discipline that I had to develop, but also you have to have compassion.

I love sports, you know, like I said you have to pay me to play football. I was a four letterman sport letterman in high school but tested aggressiveness in the violent part of football rolled me to that you probably hear this when I'm speaking to see just tell my story, but it drove me to that because it was a frustration release for me and at the same time baseball, basketball, track and field. I could play professional baseball. Baseball became boring to me when I was pitching okay or when I was a catcher when I was an outfit I was looking at the birds in the sky was that this guy's gotta be a little more level but it taught me so much and even teaches it even is transferred over to where I met today in the discipline in the discipline of studying God's word in the discipline of attacking things that supposed to be not attacking it from a physical violently, but attacking it in the spirit with the word of God within his authority. Next talked about, which is an absolutely critical aspect in it really hard for me yeah I you know that's one of the places I really struggle at times is to take authority. My wife pointed out to me. I can't believe you just let that person do that you and that kind of thing, but fortunately he puts people like that in our lives to show us that we need some work.

I believe Original Sin was pressing set aside passively watch a snake talked to his wife what he supposed to been covered in passively almost destroyed me, and it does passivity destroy what is it do when you have a passive mindset eventually things are going to build build build up and then you can blow up something that I regret, because you can confront your issues. I dealt with. I literally went through 73, because I knew my issues at the beginning but God but God and not so much with you know what we see in a car right you hear that noise you think I ought to try to get that no adjusted or fixed, or most everything so Tim, God bless you, thank you so much for coming out here and for joining us today on the Christian card I show I'm excited to see what God can do as he furthers here kingdom person is a lot more Christian card I show coming up Satan camping in the desert here alive from the men's summit today is Carolina. It is, it's been such an honor to have the gifts that we have had on and really fun so I wanted to get a little bit deeper, as were walking on sunshine. We were talking about this whole idea of God surrounding his tabernacle. He would listen when you get to this idea, the tabernacle this morning. God really put on my heart to check out the chairman and you may know that there these two angels that are sitting on top of the ark of the covenant, and their wings are spread out and they touch one another. Whether it is why I was fascinated by that this week was that as I studied this feast of booths which they call soccer game there's tents have to be over 10 cubits high bay. They have a word for it. It's called 10 to Catherine now. The reason they have to be that Bob is that the distance between those wings on the cherubim that were on the temple on the on the ark of the covenant was that 10 cubits, and so the reason that there tents have to be that high is said that the cherubim have enough clearance for their wings to flap. I mean how cool is that it it it is very specific for a reason, a lot of details right. And so, from that you can get this idea wow that's 32 inches by the so were not talking about a huge cherubim here with 32 inch wings right. I mean that's all we gotta have is 32 inches but then the other thing is in Ezekiel I give you this idea of it has four faces but you know on the ark, all you see is this one face but in Ezekiel 10 it says he has four phases.

The first one is the face of a cherub in the first second one is a change the face of a man what you do a lot of studying.

I got it all linked their Christian card. you will find that the face of a cherub is the face of the child.

Now think about the childlike heart and and you begin to see this 32 and on what we've seen pictured so many times as an angel is actually probably a cherub or cherubim right and it's got this childlike face in this childlike thing that you're not talking about the Angels that wiped out 1/3 of whatever and talk about these chairman that are above the ark of the covenant. Now their wings are spread out why to cover the Mercy seat, but interestingly if if you look in the book of Ruth and in Ezekiel in the book of Ruth.

When Boaz took his garment and wrapped it over Ruth to say this is this is the one this is this is my babe that word is the exact same word is the spread wings on his in an Exodus what is described on top of the Mercy seat and it's in is used again in Ezekiel 16 eight when God takes his garment and he wraps it over Israel.

It's the same word as the cherubim spread my wings and so the reason why these chairman were spreading their wings over the top of the ark is right is to cover your heart, so to speak and say this. This is my beloved.

This is my God. And so you know I thing in my mind that here we are. It's sort of this camp and cement summit right the cloud. This kind is in here you can sense it would all the people that are surrounding God's in here intimately with this. He's got is covered right and we got Bo here Bo Smith men's summit and so you know, kind of for you.

Can you sense that intimacy is here is been this way for all five years for an organization that crosses the lines of race of ethnicity nomination we all come together with one protection of our heavenly father to surround us to offer his mercy to each one of us and I like the example that you gave that the second phase. There was that of a child because if we have a childlike faith and come to him.

He is sepsis just as we are because he is him and him alone.

The power of his word, his mercy and his grace that brings us to maturity and we can only do it through him survive.

You've had a chance to sit here with this amazing group that with the Lord is still in it's just amazing people that are here and the speakers that are here in the amazing job they've done here to bring a real serious superstrong message to this community now and in the message is for men.

You can tell it is kind of resounds to stop the passivity activity right when he said that it just reminded me so much of my life I've been passive at times that I should stay that should've been environment I should take a stance in and I was passing and well that'll be okay those words or have harmed my life many times well that'll be okay. I don't need really make us think that sometimes we need to stand that and make staying in the and I just really really make her mark in and there's a lot of times I came up short on that you talk about God wrapping his arms around you. There's never been a time that God was more present around me, holding me in her place was on fire. Years ago businessmen to the grand and get talking about the cladding when the clown you know I could see clearly through everything that I was held up and given strength in the was elated to respond in a way that the that that positively affected a lot of people think about that seventh cloud you know I'm not saying that actually was a flautist giving a sense of direction.

No cloud surrounding you but then you got this sense of direction that you really don't know where that came from well I had to look back and understand things were happening so fast that for months and months maybe even years people would comment on the things that sit on the knees. That night, after we had learned in an just how positive I was in and in adverse situations. I'm not always the super, positive God, but that they God had me in the head as arms wrapped around me and carried me through it and and gave me a positive message that I think probably brought okay, got one more wonder for you to think that if we are wondering to them in Christian right you know that you have a hole in your heart that's got sized. I bet you know that an incident exacts the tape. Nothing else works, but did you know that perhaps God has a hole in his heart that Bob side and he's got one of both sides that he's got one that's Rachel sized certainly got one this Robbie's eyes. I hope I never thought of it like that and so when I'm sitting here looking at my brother, my neighbor right that if I can help them by praying for them, lifting them up support them like events like this that I'm literally sincerely trying to get them reconnected with God in any way shape or form that God will have a chance to get that whole field and that person will get a chance to get his whole feel and and covered again in that cloud to experience the things you experience when they go into the ditch that I've experienced when you've had the worst thing happened in your life that you could ever dream of. He is going to be there surrounding you by the cloud sending out directions to you that you never seen in a million years. What a joy to be able to share that into somebody's life with your prayers and your support because my son is God size hole. But God has a God size hole for his and you know Rob's up there enjoying his time. A man in a man says. That was another time that God just let me in and drag me drag me through it. Listening to Mean they've been following and gaining strength. I usually can't come up with so Bo did you have a closing thought forces which we get to the end of this. I know we got a lot more men summit coming up right just as you said that you know it's amazing we have such a simple story to say to share with other people and that is that God pursues us and all we have to do is stop and listen to him and he'll open up his arms and bring us in him love us and was it, he'll meet every need and we have we have a thing called ego and pride that tries to get in the way. If we can push those to the side and say Lord meet every need, because I know that you're willing and able

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