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Do you Love Your Car with Jerry Mathis

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 9, 2019 11:37 am

Do you Love Your Car with Jerry Mathis

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 9, 2019 11:37 am

The Christian Car Guy Radio Show

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Bang bang bang out good morning and welcome to Christian Car Guy radio this morning.

I'm Jerry Mathis with raised body shop and wrecker service. Robbie is at the weekend off abuse and join himself think is with family this morning as we get close to the day of pressure you put this down future day planners out your phone guys especially February 14 Valentine's Day don't let that one slip by. Are you cool definitely regret it.

Also this morning. What I want to do is just talk about you know what we talk about Valentines. What is it talk about love. What is a car that you absolutely loved are still love and then how you show that car.

Some love what you do to to let it know that you love it this morning.

As a college show. Like every high Saturday morning Christian Car Guy radio so if you can tell me that car that you are absolutely in love with you what you do to show your car some love give us a call at 866-348-7884 and also this morning in the studio. I have Darren DeWitt with colors, age, and I know that that Darren absolutely loves all cars and he loves it when they need product in all that stuff dear and introduce yourself little bit if you don't mind yeah yeah I'm the owner of a colors edge.

We have several locations all throughout North Carolina and actually now some in Virginia and growth of intrigue in the car of a cartogram whole life, so I love all the cars but we are PBG distributor and we try to just try to do our best to you know to make sure customer needs are first taken care of and then we try to garnish you know the end been a car guy. You kind of see that you know that interest you're coming over the years but yet we try to impart knowledge and our love for the industry to you youngest.

Regular people in and everyone else so we always are very welcoming in our stores. The help out anyone that hasn't questions and even just know we have people that just call in the trustors with questions which are best answer. Everyone in and it's it's it's the great industry and I think most the time people will see a day auto paint supply.

Our dog guard distributorship on the corner they sell these body shops going in and out of new thinking of the sort of off-base.

They can't go in there, but I think pretty good resources and it is actually in. Obviously, you know, collision centers and body shops arming customer base.

But yeah we you know, we decided to do our stores know back to her stores used to be in the 80s and 90s where you get a storefront unit is very welcoming to look to walk-ins is what we call them and in do-it-yourselfers and and we really try to encourage those people to come into our store in and take a look at the different stuff around that's for their vehicles because we sell more than just paint and I were a little bit more than just camping tent to sell over-the-counter. We've got everything that you could possible want to help you love your car yeah yeah because you dumbing we have people coming all the time interval. Ask how to use a product that they've gone to one of the big box stores and there's always that department over in the corner that has body filler primers and aerosols.

All of this stuff and course they don't have anybody there who's in a tell them how to properly use it. And so their unity by this product is of the coming by.

That's something that I know through yells stores that is been an avenue that you you offered to the public. Yeah, yeah, we end and we try to keep all of our guys up to date on all the latest trends all the latest techniques and your renewal. We invest a lot of training with her people just to make sure that you know everyone gets quality service and and because car is a big investment and you know it's it's it's usually one of your probably first or second loves in your life when you first get that first car and everything so you know it's it's it's insight is that it's it's a great investment for people, so we want to make sure that we are imparting that knowledge to help them.

You know, take care of at least the exterior portion of it is we don't do mechanic outside we don't sell parts or anything like that. So how, but making the car look look great. Keep in the paint.

You know fresh keeping you know the appearance of it making sure that it just looks is as good as as the day they got it or the day they bought it. Yeah, I know that over the last few months. Colors edge footprint has sort of expanded in animal to say this because if you're in the market of one of your stores of colors edge.

I encourage you to go and check it out if you just that distant individual want to do something, but in an almost throughout the country but is in here in the show this morning. I mean, there's a store close by instead of going to the big box store and one of the stores and see if they can help you out in an I will get Darren just take a few moments just a few seconds of what are some of the new locations.

I know you have grown from the Greensboro Burlington market and yeah we weave five is expanded in the Winston-Salem Wilkesboro Boone Hickory market space. Our newest acquisitions of been opening up in the Charlotte area over in Concorde and then also announce on the Virginia up in Danville so yeah, we've been able to kind of write about two new stores over the last about months so it's it's been a very busy on on our end and be in a partnership with PPG, what is that dumbing because I know you met your platinum distributor. What is that what distinguishes you from others with that. Yeah, because there's there's a lot of the stores that have multiple paint lines. They are PBG exalted BSF and and those are great paint lines.

All of them but we partnered up with PPG exclusively one so we want to make sure you know that when it comes up paint line. There's lots and I want to paint lines.

We want to make sure that our people are you know basically no masters of those paint lines enough of they they have that knowledge there. There they don't get confused with other paint lines verify that and PBG is you know when you're looking in the in the market there there very well positioned with ODs and they've done great programs for the collision centers as far as education and getting people up to date on on the new ways of of of repairing a car we come back and fix going to brakes only give the number again of 8663 for 87884 is is a call in show we come back. I want asked Darren question. What was that for, it was at the first car you own that was really that call that you fell in love with wasn't one that came along a little later then also how do you show that car car, love, and I can always think back and my first it wasn't the first car owned but had an 1973 AMX mad Max blue Mattea love that Carl and I sold a thing is I was like why did I ever do that but at the time limit was a different time. It was the gas crisis was going on that thing didn't pass too many gas stations with the home phone to stop and visit and so I decided maybe I better get something little better on gas and so that went that avenue and regretted it the moment I did it. I keep looking back now, where can I get another one of those car sometime. I keep thinking I'm want to want to get another one that has always back in mind, I think sooner or later 60s and 70s cars ran the those those errors were the body styles and everything there definitely that great cars I still like watching the history Channel on the different TV channels that have the guys are rebuilding those and stuff and I always think man you know is just this call just bring back a lot of memories just attested error that I grew up in an and muscle cars are there sweet help you but very expensive with the gas all yeah yeah you don't you don't don't miss too many pitstops of the gas station asked for sure and nothing got enough time, Darren.

What a what was your favorite car.

What was that car that you thought. And this is the it would you.

Now I'm partial to my very first car is a is a 78 to 80 Z euros it had that kind of I always like stingrays, you know, the, the Corvettes, that's that was always I was out of those were a beautiful car. The way the body styles were and everything like that and but can't afford one of those grown-up for that whole so that those those are great cars but that that 78 that unit 70 8Z car. It was had a straight six motor in it. It had the vents on the hood just for you know for 16-year-old guy is is just a great looking car. You know I that's that's cool find that out. You know what my wife's first will cost you learn to drive the spitfire first course. She bawled 78 Dotson Z rail yeah black with the black pearl man she loved that car to keep as a matter of fact behind the shop is still sitting back air allow kind and kinda need a minute as you want but that our cars do mean so much.

We start going back to get a break they bring back memories.

They bring back a lot of a lot of fond memories and stuff. It is just cool to think about them and also how do we show a malevolent talk like that coming up in just a moment.

Once again give us a call 8663 foray 784 talking about cars this morning and just how much you love your car going also were talking about trends in the industry in the automotive industry. The paint industry in the body industry that Darren in the studio with me this morning. One of the things I want to talk about to spend a few minutes on just the trends in that paint calls. People don't realize and stuff, especially when they come in, to Ray's body shop and wrecker service for an estimate and they're looking at that. The cost for the paint repair and is usually some of them are our stink and how to pick and the reason being you try to explain it is that to to a vehicle owner, they don't quite understand. And since I have the expert on paint sit across from me.

Was it was there such a big cost well, finishing yeah that's what were a lot of people know is no car industries. Yeah, the they're making cars and but they want to figure out a way. How can we make our car stand out from the other car so Toyota wants their car to stand out from a Nissan so paint is one of the easiest ways to do that and it's that he also a lot of them are going into this new not really technology but new types of pearls and and new types of pigments that they're incorporating the paint which gives it a little bit of a of a change of color because I know back about what 10 years ago. They first came out that chameleon looking paint worry and you can still see cars going down the river you have your car painted a chameleon paint pay get it repainted and as ugly that bronze this a look to it and stuff but what they've done is they've been created more like a a glass crystal or some other that they put in love these paints and they just they just build these the pigments and and find these exotic materials so go out and put these on the cars and and when you do that, trying to match it from an aftermarket side is is very difficult.

So, it requires new technology, new techniques we used to yell the longest time that the most he ever put on a car was a tri-stage where you put the basecoat on a tented type, cleat candy type, color, and then you put your clear now.

They've got quads and in almost like quintuplets coat type vehicles out there now but some of the some of the colors that you wouldn't even think that would have these expensive type pigments and heart like a charcoal. There is, for I forget which vehicle is on but I want to see a Honda or something like that that the Mazda has Mazda yes yeah and in limine I know that's it's it's a charcoal and you one thing hey charcoal, it's, it's, you know it's chocolates got some silver, some blacking out everything and ended be fine and now it's got this this this crazy pearl that is that is in mixed with it to kinda give it that just different look as if you don't use it. It'll stand out like a sore thumb. So yeah so your application can't write and in looking at it all.

Senate drives up that cost quite a bit because it's especially thing I remember as I was talking to one of the PBG colorists. They they deal directly with the car manufacturers on the OE side. The is the OE's what they do use the table somewhat. There their colors a little bit on some of well don't get to these firms in and they create a color for that for the for the OE and so a lot of these firms they want on make a name for themselves.

Today was a Hayward McCreight this really cool color in and everything so they present to the car company well car company falls in love with her because it's a great color but then also they come to the pain. Come to think of us, and they're going we need to match that lets you know where and how to incorporate some new toners and so they always have that conversation back and forth. Try to find a happy medium in you seen it with with your mixing rig where we've added you know PBG is added toners exalted on all of them of done it to help get some these new colors out there and get them to be able to match so that you know if if heaven did you get into an accident or some have is your painter anything that that we can get it, you know match like new and people won't think that you're ever in an accident and the thing is when you get these three basecoat clear-cut two-stage paint was pretty much the standard for for years now. The three stage and as you mentioned for stage and what you also get into that is, for one, you get the material cost is it is its rise and more.

You have to put on it, but also just the repair ability of it because the more stages the more bland room you need.

So if you have you know that people get one of get hid in the door and have damage there and don't understand why they're having the Pena vendor and a rear door for basecoat, clear-cut of three stage yeah but then when you get a go for stage you start going out to another panel. So then, instead of you may have damage in the middle of a door and having to paint the whole side just for the blend ability ever to make it match and that's yeah glad the other day. You know, we go everyone you know we want your car to look great and it's it's difficult it's getting more and more difficult to achieve that so requires a lot of skill on the technician side and you not a lot of energy from these paint companies to make sure that they've got the right pigmentation. The color to be able to to give that technology that technician so that they can achieve that for their customers yeah and that's one of the things that I'm always been impressed and liked about PPG and then Jacob stepped into really be the that that middle connector for that is PPG's training because they understand and and and and a shop needs to understand that no matter what how good the material way is if you don't have one.

The equipment to apply and apply properly and technicians who are trying to do it.

It isn't going to matter what time. What kind of material put known or the cost of it because you've got to all three of those have to line up yeah and and and we've done a great job with, you know, because we have our own tech reps that are certified by PPG so they go out and help with some these, especially the quad coat cars that where you're doing your basically painting the car four times to get the color that you know that is on the vehicle so you know and and when you're having to I mean one of these colors. Yes, you have to stand in clear and then put yes another basecoat just to make that metallic look right in its units. It's an interesting it's it's been an interesting time in the industry as as these candy type looking colors are becoming more the forefront. I mean yeah and the other piece of that is that I do something soon will realize you know what getting those colors and to me I'm looking accident and think the one for the cost of having to do repairs and stuff. Is it even worth what they're what's costed back once again how you think about what your favorite color is how you show it. Love give us a call. We should carve radio my baby beside me at the store and get the better will really ride around in our automobile just how much do we love that automobile telling you go back that AMX man that was just the coolest car mad Max blue with the with the white tea stripe on the front of it and that was just that I was just a sexy car.

I'm telling you and Inda Darren talk about your Z man I the wife's car after I was kind of a kind of neat. What was the Michael was talking about as far as the new trees in the industry and stuff and how you know that we should show love to our car couple things that we can do this pretty simple if if somebody comes years is how can I take care the exterior my car the entry. My car was it.

What would you say to them, what would you goodbye should you give them the first, and obviously the first thing is wash the car. We were near when especially in the winter time with the winter months, and everything that you're coming in the spring now with Valentine's Day and and we want to, you know, give some affection to our car little bit you know you just clean up washing up getting all that that grime not just going to the automatic car wash because you know they miss places and stuff I that but and take out you know give a nice good the bath there and then what we do is we recommend you know obviously it has been painted with in the last place your 3 to 6 months you put a cut wax on it because you know the sun does start fading out that it's it's it's like being outside taken and handed to us. Those CVs just you start working on that pigmentation and it'll eventually start you know, fading it out if it were not taking good care of it, but now we've yet we recommend that if it has been painted recently.

You know we've actually got some products now fast wax stuff I that that yeah we can you recommend a put on the vehicle to help its protection and and make it look beautiful and make it look like a like that the car you bought when you when you first stepped onto that lot and you saw that sparkly car and you're like, I've got to have that car has sort of brings that it brings back at that feeling back when you get your car okay hello the car is that if you really do you know's clean spend a Saturday out there. Clean that thing up, and you get Shannon and looking good and that heart just flutters a little bit you get that that I'm in love or that car filling again and just stuff this is you mention if Tom were get into what coming out of but not all out of the winter yet it is so important to make sure that we do wash our vehicles and a lot of times people don't realize we say washing the vehicle, especially through the Führer and that state to get a lot of salt and bran on the road and stuff man if you don't get in there where you can do undercarriage washing and rinse all that stuff out man the problems that creates down the road is just, I mean huge for it or destroy the car financially. It's a huge hit. When you start getting rest and especially rest in the unibody and stuff on these vehicles and all you gotta do is just the means not always going to clear it up every time but it's on a like a huge step is just what you said wash it. Yeah, we did a lot of people are coming to the store in ML Sahagun can take a look at my car here soon. I got this whole you ugly thing coming up on my paint will set out in Susie on the fender well or anyhow then sure enough, you know it's it's the it's rust but a lot of people understand is Russ can come from the opposite direction. So if if a rocketship knocked off some of that inner panel coatings and stuff I that as their driving and you know that that brine are that salt gets up and they are just whether in general it elects you start corroding the vehicle and let you go the opposite direction and the paint is the last last thing that happens to it and so were able to identify and give them some some recommendations on how to fix that. A lot of people say will you know I saw this little spot it probably last summer we were washing the car and I saw it and I didn't think much about it but soon like you time a look at it, it gets a little worse they decide to do something about it.

It goes from something that can walk in your store and said what can I do to get some kind of rest mortar set to put on their white bone air, clean it up a little bit to get some touch up paint and you rock chips are the worst in you and on the hood and you know the shelves on the go from active, you know, just touched up a little bit and made it look really good to all my gosh, I'm going to have to redo the whole hood now and I know when you start, especially in you get up the panels that have likelihood which is that double panel that sort of cut asunder in the bottom offenders and fender wells. We have a way just trap set moisture in their especially for salt. I mean, it doesn't take long when you start as you mentioned, when it starts resting was a time it isn't what you see on the surface at the problem is everything underneath there and stuff and all the sudden you got to start replacing parts yeah because what we know about rest time is since it's almost in you get rest into up that metal panel.

It just goes metal has veins in it and that Russ just it's almost like that. That cancer just travels the ill go to areas that you didn't think that it would be able to get to you and you go on our savannas start here but now it's way over here and think it's it's it's going to that conduit does, eating eating away. It's got a lot of lungs got oxygen and some moisture.

It's going to continue to grow at a great pace so 55 got a vehicle when I'm set. There may be a little too cold today to be washing it. But if I decide just don't clean it up and washed it and check it out and stuff and I start seeing their some vices about the size of an eraser header seven chips and stuff. They are not one know what the next thing I could do to probably prevent a bigger problem among think and why was listen on the radio and colors agent all went by one of those stores.

They walked to the door. What are you going to get you anything to help him. Yeah, we actually do we in a couple different things and just kindliness.

It depends on the situation and and what the problem is, but yet they we carry everything from wool wipes that help neutralize the Russ is a clear wife, and then we recommend putting something on top of it to keep it from you from returning, likable, bitter, touch up paint. We actually make aerosols and everything like that to help you know if they don't have a spray gun or anything that we've actually got old tools and techniques and little tricks that negatively help him do some some spot in stuff and everything for that for the every Joe blow guy so yeah but there's no between the wipes, the Russ converters the and just sometimes is just send makes a product called and I think Russ shielding and you know if it sums more like on the chassis or somewhere. It's not visible to the gym more to daylight you. We recommend product like that and it can be paint it connection be brushed on and rolled on so so we got a variety different things. We just ask you know guys to just now come the store and I especially see colors at store. Obviously you not stop and we be more and happy to help you on that, and identifying and incoming to be a good recommendation on on how to fix the problem or the best way to fix the problem but pretty much yeah that's the beauty of our industry you know any any paint automotive paint store will deftly or should deftly be able to help you out yet and I think cast so many times I say this I said is multiple times on the air is going. It's great to have connections to a paint store parts store gas station that has full service or a mechanical shop body shop go by just answers questions and when you do that, hopefully you're building a relationship where down the road in case something more severe happens and you are in a crisis you going to remember them and it's going to probably not only just make it easy on you so probably save you a lot of money and we weep that I've said this multiple times is you know what I level of people just stop by just say I don't really need your service, but they heard you give out and we give out largest little pampers that have what to do in case of an accident and initially stop by Zion heard Ray's body shop excerpt does this so we go by. We get that and at that point they start doing comfortable with us and who we are and what we do in St. Tammany walking to your store and step by doing that when you're in an accident or break down or you need a wrecker you need body repair. Are you need some sub sub product.

If you feel like you kind of know him and have a relationship you feel more comfortable with them and sort of relieves you from having some of the stress of I don't know if they know what the you know how to work on my car. I don't know if they have the they work with the insurance company.

I don't know if they have the equipment to do it. Most time you have all those questions answered and then if you're in an accident or break down you know instantly who to call. Because the worst thing I'll say is you just way stuff comes up as I'll call you wrecker it could be anybody to be on the other side of town. It could be an area you you're not familiar with the new you're having to pay to get it moved somewhere else get all those questions answered upfront. You could be a lot better off yeah and I try to you in good and it is it's it's interesting as I yeah we because we specialize in in bodyshop collision centers. A lot of people don't say you're trying to get the general public, sometimes to come in to a pain only store they don't realize that there is a lot we we do carry a lot of stuff for the it when it comes the exterior of the vehicle, you know that your local paint job or actually has a lot of great products that might not know about that. Make your harlot really said I want to just then we come back from break and just talk about that because some of the things people visit. Exterior their car just by not know is not asking somebody before they do. Problem also. Once again I would love welcome back to Christian Car Guy radio Jerry Mathis service with Darren DeWitt in the studio with me were talking about just showing some love to our vehicles. As a result the air when the commercial break.

We talked little bit about you know what people think they're doing the right thing and this is where I think up paint store can really be a huge help to the general public also just gone by bodyshop and talking to them up before you conquer our attempt to tackle a tad something that's gonna really mess you up by one is that I have people come in all the time who have decided that got spots on the car either sap or bird droppings are. Or maybe just where semi rode by and scuffed a mark on their car in a decide to go into the house and get the old Brillo pad out of the into the cabinet that they usually do this. Pots and pans in the worst good for the pots and pans, so I don't know why wouldn't work good for their their vehicle and I can do some major damage a lot of scratches put into the car now and you said that you see that you think in while I'm letting you stop.

Maybe on the first of the lesion to get the call wet so they don't really think much about it. Yeah the thing about clearcoat let you know the vehicles being painted. Base clear is when you wet clear it makes everything kind of vanished and disappear. And you really don't see anything until it actually drives because in our industry.

You know we do a lot of wet sanding so in order, see were at usually have to squeegee the car off as I can get that that dryness to kinda see where where we just sanded down at and it's and it's funny when you it's when it's wet it looks a great man he looks good when he saw as dry as it's oh my goodness, what this thing is dull this thing is scratch this again and that's that's the one of the things that clear. You can about the funny things about clear and the other thing that I'll say didn't and I will see in industry as were somebody will go into that store and buy some cutting compound and then they've got their little buffer at home and they decide they're going to polish the car and how much pain is only new car this day and time very, very, very little mean we use mill gauges and you know that's it's I think 322 Mills something right around there. I'm it's it's very little can know a lot of times the cars I've been totally covered with color and everything so it is just is not a lot of of product on the on the vehicle anymore. So when they come in and use the wrong type of compound to for what their job entails. It it can create a problem really quick and then then the fix for that is is expensive and where if they were to have to walk into a defined supply store probably got some advice on what product to use and how to use it and what not to use yeah I was trying. You know when customers come in and everything they they've asked that same question, which is a you know I've got bird droppings on my car.

It's kind of etched in because if you don't rinse it off right away. It's actually eating away.

So how can I make my my finish look good again, and yet we take a look if it's in a factory finish and stuff will recommend certain products that you know aren't as aggressive that's that's gonna be gentle enough kind of know even out that that surface without taking it too far down where now they've got her repaint almost so we try to do yelp.

I was told the guys you know are the customers you if you can bring your car here that has the issue. If it's drivable you'll bring it with yeah yeah let us take a look at it and I will give you some some really good recommendations on on making it look great again. And a lot of people will think they haven't done damage because they haven't really cut through that clear.

But there's the amount to clear all one is really important, where forgets to thin they look good for a few months, but that is there's two problems and they start doing that because yeah they they might not of broken to the clear. But if they've got it too low. The UV screeners that help protect that paint from the sunlight. You know that all the senders is diminished. So then all of a sudden they start getting, especially if they did spots in and we've seen this with a couple vehicles where this a spot all of a sudden is is lighter than the rest of the car and the other asking hey what why is this an we go back and in and we have those mill gauges and stuff were able to do some testing in the psych well yeah you you must've cut down the clear lube it here in Unisys, you know… What is happened now and I think it goes back to the bodyshop side of it is being able to make sure that whenever you take your car to get repaired. They understand the material they're using proper equipment, and proper training because will we see it directly where guys had a paint job this not that awful old but it just looks Dean G. And no go all sin. What you start realizing is they don't have enough clear on the vehicle you are the that wasn't put on properly because now means kind of pain can you use is.

This is critical, yeah, yeah, I'm a paint guns range in price from $50 all the way up or maybe she could nab it all the way up to thousands of dollars and there is a difference.

Yeah, there definitely is a difference. I wasn't a believer and ties just really started you know till the new guns been rolling out and in. We try to do gun clinics and stuff of that to for a lot of our customers and to kinda show them the difference between the yeah what is happening with her pulling the trigger. What is having her pain. How is atomizing out so it's it's this deftly now and always say a minute for if the bodyshop is listed in them. And if you using a gun under at the amid minimum of a few hundred dollars. If you use one of those that cheaper guns in. You need to rethink the process because this is just critical now and is also precise and the precision of it.

It is just important for the product to work and if you don't have it all together.

Is this not want to work properly is not going to may look initially like it's a good product.


Good job. The stuff but where the the telltale that whether the rubber meets the road is a few years down even sometimes just a few months down the road. Can be a debt drastic change so as we get accurate wrap up. I just want to just take a moment just to once again just just dictate your Valentines coming up.

Make sure you show your car some love and we talked a lot of things we can do to be able to do that and and also also one thing we didn't hit on on the interior of the car your paint stores ours do it in one else, mostly has it. We've got the dyes, the vinyl dies and stuff to help touch up some of that stuff, where if you know he had kids. They expelled stuff on the seasons, stained it or anything that is also products that that deftly help that you can do at home and help refresh that that that surface make it look brand-new again. Yeah, I'm especially glad you brought that up because there's product you put on special your car sits outside where he still given that he come to that windshield through that glass. I mean you can you look at a car until which side the pocket on the sun and goes that that the sun is is is hard on hard on the vehicle interior and exterior yet. There's a like so there's there's lots of great products out there for that and to help both protect the color of it protected in general, but to if you wind up having some problems with it. We got to coatings and stuff that is very user-friendly and we walk you through on how to you how to apply it out of you know to make sure it's it's long-lasting from carpeting galore to leather seats to vinyls itself. There's a lot of interior stuff to you to help make the car look great. Yeah.

So if you are hen the market where close age is going get some information. Be glad to help you out as we close out Valentine's Day.

Just think about the greatest Valentines gift any of us have ever received, and that you know Valentines is all about love God's love to us that he gave his son come to earth for me you Darren for all of us and that's what should drive us always happy Valentines. We'll see you next week. Thank you. I still got a few more minutes on when I think just have an out a few more missed two more seconds. In closing thoughts not just you know any anyway that we can help out or anyone. If you want to do anything with your vehicle, feel free to come by any any of our short any of the jobber stores out there and will deftly help you love your card all right once again member Jesus loves us and asked greatest Valentines gift any of us can have

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