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Car Prayers Teaching Audio

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 21, 2019 4:22 pm

Car Prayers Teaching Audio

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 21, 2019 4:22 pm

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We are renters today? I show and we would love for you to call in and share your prayer repair part of that happen in your life.

When did you pray and God showed up in a way that just blew you away.

We would love to hear your testimony. 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth if you're digitally gifted and you're able to do that kind of thing. But the image of God, really had me on a lesson plan this week of prayer. Actually for about three weeks of different times that I was praying for things and things happen almost miraculously and very quickly for other people that I was praying for in sort of a corporate setting and I want to share those notes that they would encourage you, but also that you would be thinking of the one that happened to you and you'd call us at 866-34-TRUTH 7884 but I have a dear friend. We've known him for about three years.

He showed up for my Christian business men's committee meeting and he'd been out of work in Chicago for about two years and his wife of left and because of that, and so we had to come live with his family outside of Marksville's name was Tom his good friend, but he had been out of work. A long, long time and we prayed for Tom and we prayed for Tom and taught Tom struggle and you know we had child support issues because his wife left is really really a sad sad thing and about a month ago. He looked like he was going to get a job in Tallahassee Florida not only a job at a really good job. He program computers in the C language and like a lot of computer programmers didn't have the most personality. He had a lot of personality but it was sort of a not socially gifted personality if that would in any way.

Tom struggled when he went on interviews to to get the job so many times because he just didn't have similar skills but we prayed and prayed for Tom to get this job well. He said he was supposed to start and he was supposed to start around Memorial Day weekend and then they call last-minute and said no we really don't have a start date for you and he had his car all packed up and all the stuff happening.

We didn't expect to actually see them anymore in our meetings because we thought he moved on to Tallahassee, but he showed up that we can at the end of as we always do a Christian business men's committee. We start praying and actually was just me and Tom that Monica's everybody else that was there had to leave early so it just did that and let me and Tom and so as I started pray.

I was just like God please let us been really through the ringer and if you could just take them off the hook right now and have that man just call right now and is as soon as I got those words out of my mouth. I.

I was there, I wouldn't believe it is those words came out of my mouth Tom's phone rang built after showing up and it was the people from Tallahassee good news he start on Monday and there you are in and there was the answer.

Almost all I was looking for. And so as soon as I got done with the prayers and sort of humorous note right after that time, Sybil Robbie, while your hot could you pray, my wife would take me back so I did. Naturally a good work quite as drastically yet, but I feel like God can answer that prayer as well. Well, that was just one incident and I would love to hear your incident. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Share your prayer repair.

We'd love to hear it well. My next little thing God was teach me as I had this night and talked about last week Jesus labor Lovelady that had a bit of a difficult time and we had sort of a struggle and week I mentioned that it looked like always going to be lost. I told this whole story length last week but then when I what happened was God kept on saying you need to help this lady need helplessly, the party want to bring out about the story today. It was that during that prayer because while I was why was on the phone with her right there. God put on my heart to pray with her and so I was like, Lord, show us what to do here because it's looks like it can't be fix it since it's a mess. The people don't want to fix her car. I got nobody else to fix her car. This is got to happen and that and while I was praying God made it clear to me that had to be Alvin Dolan, who was my friend there in order for everything to truly be reconciled.

The way it should be well throughout the day. That situation straightened out and she got her car back on the on the way to be amended in.

She was overcome by that that Monday mornings she called me again.

This time she's crying and I thought oh no happened on the car again this is gonna be bad. Robbie what's going on and she said my cat got hit by a car and when you prayed something happened and I want you to pray for me right so here I was in another another situation that again. I The cat. By the way is is is on the mend. I'm thinking and we need to be praying for But sheets he been through a really difficult divorce divorce in this cat was really important to her. So it was kinda cool and I actually have another story of another Jesus labor law that you want and what Robbie is the Jesus label it. That's car repair labor for single moms and widows when I was to talk about cars you will talk about this ministry to people that have car issues but right now we got John in Raleigh on the line and he has a God repair story.

I'd love to hear John you're on the Christian car guys show good morning, good morning. I am excited to hear your story will I figure out with cars and not years ago I 1944 order that my dad would be so weak.

He loved the 44 that is a amazing car was equipped with bladder. I converted the. The ignition system to 12 V and so I took my my father-in-law. My brother-in-law got to go out for a ride on Sunday so we will layout the country. I mean, you know, miles of any play and the car started butter and died and I coasted into an old gas station parking lot.

I made it no pavement anywhere is old dirt and there was nobody there. Course I pulled in guy. When I got out of grounded one of them was like and what appeared to be a Delco lead coil, so I probably not knowing what was wrong. I look at the oil in the corner was losing oil so you know Mike I think my screwdriver. I blocked coil blog like to log on and I… Coil out of the now I don't know how long it got the Unocal on the red clay on my father-in-law's looking at me like I'm not. So I clean up all the dirt best I can put in their life now.

That is friendly.

John and I got to hear more that story but we get we got to go to breaking you hang on forest.

We got your stories 866-34-TRUTH 87884 call you and share your prayer.

That's where we mean how awesome is it when you think about it that we actually get a chance reader of the universe share our hearts with them share our needs with them. It's all more amazing in sometimes we need a coil and he's got one that he buried the Air Force just years ago. John, I have to tell you, I've heard stories on the show.

Over the years but this is one I will never ever forget of what you are.

I was able to give testimony to say when this car broke down. The fact I posted spot open up the door if I did look down it would on the very heart that would and meanwhile in North Carolina out of Sunday get a car towed out it was a hot day so it was like it was one of the stories that you like okay this has to be the God of the universe that God does miracles, but then at some point clearly. I like okay I don't.

The other car story that was the result of prayer, the beneficiary of that I do repo work I was doing. People work at one time. We, the guy was working with Brian the believer and we went to go down the car and he went out and knocked on the door and spend a few minutes my job to find out about God down the house and no one to talk to the owner gently were in the car were gone. The Emerald and that he wants places them but that we got ago going in the car would leave and we go to the store okay little afternoon shopping really comes back to go to the house, knocked on the door and we give her two bags of groceries and go to the cart like that. Okay. When I looked in the door. This woman had a table full of medication. Obviously going through chemo cyclic and so the guy my friend decided it was more important to Barbara grocery to leave the guard there and not take her car that was to take the call and return it so I know what he was then on the inside but it was just as believers when we walked away.

We knew that exactly what we and you note that the believe the car there groceries and gonna like the next time I can just that story is also a huge blessing well and in it so in line. Interestingly, with the story, telling here in a second, but II cannot tell you how much I appreciate you volunteering that day. I know you encouraged thousands of people that God bless you, thank you so much Don.

God bless you have a great day. Thanks bye-bye now I know you're thinking of the one that you have and it's time to call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We would love for you to call and share your prayer repair 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and as I told you there was one more story that was along these lines and to see my God had me on this and similar to the story that John was just telling II had another labor Lovelady and I are and I want to going to all sorts of details is to protect her dignity and all but she had a difficult, difficult situation car not working family, you know, I asked her if there's any family that could help her in and she mentioned that she had a daughter that she hadn't seen in some time and and in that relationship was strained and and and as things started to unravel. I realize that her situation was was really really difficult.

There was obviously no resources and it wasn't just the car you she might be losing your house and and lots of other things and it would just break my heart because IIII honestly had no answer as a guide in your sit there on the phone you you think I'm supposed to be able to fix this. Why can't there is nothing in the world. Lessons way over my paygrade and not so I did the only thing I know to do with with with her, which was to pray and trusted you mind if I do pray with you because I have no idea. And so we prayed and just that the Lord would meet her need and I and I would ask that you pray for her to.

Her name is Carol. That's all you need to know and and and and her situation is very very difficult and so interestingly she to call me back this week and she said Robbie it. I just want to let you know my daughter came by to visit me and I think wow how many opportunities in my life that I have 22. Pray for somebody. And I didn't.

How many times should I have reached out to just like mosey motor oil said in the show.

You note. Wow, there's a God and we can talk to them. I mean, it's lemon it's lemon I'm telling you that we can talk to the and and he could lay a coil out for you that you open a menu heard the story today, and that's clearly what's going on so don't be bashful you know you want to call 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth again returned by the Jesus labor love which is free car repair labor, not the parts, labor for single moms widows families in crisis. If you get a Christian car I will point out there you will find all about the Jesus labor love how you if you want to donate to that situation or if you want to help us on the prayer team, which is a huge part of that ministry or help us make phone calls any of those things are all but while you're there. Guess what you could listen to that episode again. If you rely Christian card I theater maybe you want to listen episode two. Sinister Sally serpentine or you might want to even listen to episode number one lazy Sammy starter. It's all there.

A Christian card. as well as many, many other shows and also to resources one of which we gotta talk about, which is as pleasant as some of the other things that we been talking about and that is this just phenomenal recall this happening on these airbags I have never in all my years in the car business. I guess nobody else is ever seen anything like this Takata air bag recall literally millions and millions and millions of cars are involved and it got a lot of press when it first came out, and then it kinda stopped because it was so overwhelmed the that they didn't have all the vehicles involved so here again if you go to Christian card. I've posted all the latest information on this. So even if you don't catch the rest of this episode you got situations that you want to know is your car involved in this and so many are yes it's all there. A Christian card. as well as a link to or you can put in your Vin number and see any recalls your car may be involved in. But we do have a latest list of the vehicles involved and I want to go over those because it's so critical. This recall is from airbag that literally can blow your steering column out in your face is blinded people. It is killed people of this is mortally wounded people. So all these vehicles involved are dangerous things to be driving and unfortunately they don't have all the parts and all the stuff that you need to know if your car is involved so you can get in line in order to do it and here's the vehicles in alphabetical order Acura 2002 through 3003 TL 2002, CL 2003 through 2006, MDX and Acura RL BMW approximately 765,000 2000 through 2005 three series and wagon 2000 through 2006 three series and convertible Chevrolet 330,000, including GMC trucks. The Chevy Silverado seven 2007 through 2008 HD Chevy Silverado HB 2007 through 2008 Chrysler upright approximately pork 4.75 million vehicles Chryslers 2004 through 2010 Chrysler 302,007 through 2008 Aspen, I will mention again that if you go to Christian card at icon. There is a link there that you can put in your Vin number and see if your vault vehicles involved Dodge ram approximately 4.75 million.

As we discussed 2003 through 2008 Dodge ram 1500 2004 Dodge charger 2004 through 2000 1010 charger 2004 through 2011 Dakota 2004 through 2008 Durango Ford 1,380,000 vehicles 2004 through 2006. Arrangers 2005 through 2006 GT Mustangs 2005 through 2014 Mustang.

So again Christian card. go to the link.

Find out if your vehicles involved Honda 5.5 million, including accurate okay infinity millions. I'm telling you millions of cars are involved in this in your airbag could literally purchase so Christian card. check out your Vin number Mazda Mitsubishi Nissan Pontiac South Subaru Toyota 1.5 million, including Lexis and Pontiac five we got more on that we got more in prayer. We got some errors he will love you all, we are talking car repaired today on the Christian God as you know, and we talked about every kind of talk a little bit about it in a minute but I want to get to Ernie spinning in a long time in Louisville Kentucky, he's got a God repair story for some Ernie.

I'm so excited to hear your story exactly as God) God used a repair repair may that a Christian my wife and I always been church and getting little bit rock and I didn't know what I would would be able to make the knot and not torn down rain rain and how grab down the road and I was thinking God. What I didn't this month I could make it and immediately stopped in the middle of the windshield and later on and I got the message right thank could be a lot worse and my windshield wiper motor completely up and ate gave me the message that he has been protecting me. I'll allow, and that it all protection they could get a lot worse for me I would never talk about being in and given the God of the story and that that's my story I repair anything but God can repaired me like I was amazed that that be a lot worse so I was just making up the good anytime he wanted. That is, raising story Ernie wow that is so late and I like Larkin made it home. Finally after quit rain and that you know what God looked like.

If I didn't have this week and immediately stopped right in the middle of the windshield. God bless you and how you encourage a lot of folks today that needed that mansion and you are able to share God bless you and appreciate you called in some idea, thanks. You're welcome. You're welcome about your prayer repair we got left enough time to get you 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH.

I wanted to talk about these two lines vehicles because there are so many people involved with these Hondas.

5.5 million C got the 2001 through 2007 Acura four cylinders. The 2001 through 2002 Accord V-6 is the 2001 through 2005 civic 2002 through 2006 CRV 2002 through 2004 Odyssey 2003 through 2011 elements. In other words, almost all the elements of your 2003 through 2008 pilots in the 2006 redlines so essentially you might be going. What are you sure Robbie, well I'm not sure of anything that I know if you go to Christian card. and there's a link there to put your Vin number in and the government will take if your vehicles involved in what you need to do next because got a get your vehicle in line because this is a very serious can earn injure you or your family recall again since Toyota has so many want to talk about that for second 2007 Toyota Corolla and Sequoia 2003 through 2007 matrix 2003 through 2006 tundra 2004 through 2005 g for those of the Toyotas again go to Christian card. and check that out now. Also, I would mention it. Christian card. this morning I thought since you're talking to me about all these prayers. I thought it would be kinda interesting to see what with some car prayers be that I could pray about my car and in and what would those examples look like. So I made this list and it's out there Christian card. but here's a couple examples of jet there just for starters. Thanks that that you may want to pray for your car first when I said was or not want to pray that your heart is blessed, for providing me with my transportation needs just like a man talked about he realized he got it provided him with windshield wipers.

So, as a father gets excited to give his children gifts and feel her gratitude and joy.

I know my heavenly father deserves that and so much more for meeting my needs in this area so in a way I want to enter into my car with Thanksgiving being grateful right and joyful for his provision. I have Carol is in Greenville and she's got a prayer repair Carol Christian card I show good morning good morning dear years ago a number of years ago and I were having an impact and had been out of work for some time and we had been on a weekend bicycling ride.

I think life and leave a paper coming back in the morning on I can in my head I was driving my reading Proverbs for that day.

I believe and he is aware that he was reading that graft resting by pavement bank statement and he looked over at me any. He thought I had a flat tire and I was going off the note to be out of the way and any gift that I needed to break more and when he didn't know was I was asleep I literally fallen asleep at the wheel and if I woke pressing hard on when I stopped the break accelerator and there were there was a concrete culvert in front of the and there was no way I'm not been time and manner when I and I don't even remember praying I don't know if my has been pray I did not. Lord I the Lord. I don't want bargaining. I'm gonna wreck the car we could be hurt or killed and and and and I literally saw that old man.

It didn't motor kept running and we were well off the road I can with the other to get at the detail waiting, is not the caller necessarily. A Cadillac stop man got out of it look like a real western cowboy with leaking in the hat longing and calling. He came around the back of his car called down to if we were okay and we state that I thought writing ahead of that guy you disappeared at my he was concerned.

He then back to sleep. You know we no self Ernie back to car backwards. I can filter and then drove into where we were and got it aired to where our car was before he would get back in and he had anger. We did. We had a cable. He pulled the pool deck that back and I'm going back. This is one amazing story, God bless you Karen for calling and sharing it.

Essentially what you're saying is God put some really soft sand/like they would use to take driver trucks that have lost their heartaches and put it right there in front of that culvert for you right at me like that we could not of gotten out and he appeared literally car while responding so why not share your prayer repair. We gotta go José in Greenville. Johnny if you could get his information coming back after the show is going to issue it is daylight and I just want to tell everybody lives. Thank you for listening so it means so much to me if you want to listen to the Christian card I theater episode again or see what cars are on the recall or find out what the car prayers are.

It's all in Christian card. go there.

Remember, slow down.

Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years. Hey we can talk to the maker of the universe. Why not pick up the phone and dial one 800

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