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Robert Bruce Dilmore, Sr. He Was A Soldier Of Jesus — Honor Him

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 6, 2019 11:36 am

Robert Bruce Dilmore, Sr. He Was A Soldier Of Jesus — Honor Him

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 6, 2019 11:36 am

Tribute To The Christian Car Dad: Robert B. Dilmore, Sr.

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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

One good man's night working on the today he was my father regional Christian car. Dad and them for our family.

We knew that at the very beginning of that intro you heard the him beneath the cross of Jesus on the organ and my father amongst his many gifts that he shared with us. He he did know what up about music. In fact, he lived the use acquiring churches when I was younger and he would many mornings I would get up and we had an organ and heat. That was his favorite him to play on the organ out of it might be beautiful in the movie that was in it was just very common for us to hear that so you know, Psalm one 1615 is precious in the side of the Lord is the death of his saints, and so I got to celebrate my dad's life from March 24 and those who came. I'm so grateful for Pat, but I just want to share this morning.

What God gave me you gave me something really cool about my dad that I got to share their and so I wanted to share that today on a Christian card.

I shall also shared it on my website is wowsers a whole slideshow by dad, and in some other things that are there course today being a fun show. We are going to have some soundbites and from when my dad was on with this. He was one of the characters in Christian car guy theater and so I think we have, in fact, I know we have a clip from what I thought was his best Patricia is the Bob, the father of alley in Christian car guy theater so you know that being his name was Bob. It seemed to fit bunch.

Thank you San smart May 5 set up and bills with me today and Bill's got a few thoughts on his own dad. Yes, miss him greatly.

And so we know it is a celebration of life. This can be really cool either.

You may think at first. I don't know if I want to listen but I can assure you this is going to be an adventure that you might be surprised at some of the adventures that my dad went on and some of things are going talk about today. I really think that you're gonna see God in the new white light. Maybe some facets. He hadn't seen before. So this is what God gave me to share and first Wally said you know my name is also Robert Bristow Moore, Junior, and so being the son of a great man is not so easy as it falls upon me to share the story.

The story well. So here's the things that I think God gave me specifically for this great man reflect God greatly. The example Jesus. Friday was a picture his father. Great men are greatly misunderstood.

Once again Jesus right they greatly misunderstood them to the point they took him to the cross. Great men risk greatly. Again another example, Jesus will get a lot into that in a few minutes on how Jesus wrist but I think you'll agree with me about him. The show today, but he certainly did an great man. Don't stay dead. They come back from the dead example right Jesus great men do not stay dead so no that's kind of fun.

Bill will my dad was really great that he didn't come back and did that Joey's live in wait-and-see latent edge as well that the it's common so like all of us made in God's image is a huge understanding.

I edit and when you're trying to celebrate somebody's life. It really is helpful. So God's very glory is reflected in each and every one of us right as it says in Genesis right.

He made man in fact they all three said it God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit said, let us make man in our image, in the course. That alone, you know, we could spend shows just trying to figure that one out, but not nonetheless, it's telling us something very wonderful that every each and every human being has a special way that they reflect God in my opinion, each of us reflect God in very unique ways and we were made for that we are made to reflect God. So the whole world could see the face of God is only you can reflected.

Interesting thing is if you don't reflect that facet that you see no one else can, because he gave you that at some special. I like to call it. It's your special sauce, like to all beef patties special sauce right let us cheese you have a special sauce, my God, and God gave it to you and my dad had one that he uniquely bared and anybody that knew him would certainly say that as of the unique person right there.

I really believe that's what the angels long to see is that when they're down there looking at us there. Looking it. Certain aspects of God. They can only see when you reflect so understand how my dad reflected God let me sure share some stories that I believe God's glory. Though broken, as he may have been his bill. His true colors. They do come shining through in Christ. So, just as God named his favorite.

You know people like you name Paul in and he you know he gave names to his favorites. Well, that deepen their identity in my dad's identity was deepened and his name. My grandfather Herman Delmore was fascinated by the story. Scotland's outlaw King Robert the Bruce. He loved it so much he named his third son, Robert Bristow Moore, and even as young boy he shared stories with my dad stories of a warrior king bent on freedom outlawed and hunted for his very life. Sound familiar.

My grandfather's favorite story was in Robert the Bruce was given the vision vision.

I heard our lame times of the spider trapping its prey, and inspired by God. Robert the Bruce thought that he should stop planning and fighting as an outlaw, but stand and lure the English army and was Rick Webb, like the spider right. The result was freedom for the Scots but a freedom that only came on the other side of war at the life-and-death struggle of war came on my father early is God allows training my dad to be a warrior with live fire before he was 10. My dad got a horrible case of chickenpox and without anyone knowing it. One chicken pot festered underneath the tonsil for months. The resulting infection weakened his heart really for years to come. But at the time actually threatened his life.

Once discovered, he was too weak to take an anesthetic so they had to take his tonsils out with nothing to put them to sleep until the pain it did save his life, but the wound in my dad's hatred of hospitals and doctors and pain. I can assure you, especially of the and he was like that, to the very end. He did not go for that stuff, but that's real battle in my dad's life is warrior training was at home. You see, being the sickly child, he got more than his fair share from his parents, his attention so like Joseph's brothers in the book of Genesis. They really wanted to throw them in a pit, but they settled for bullying him, especially his oldest brother Herman Junior. Little did Herman know what Satan meant for evil God was using for good is this injustice brought out the warrior in my dad.

I mean my dad hated.

I mean he he he hated a bully and I mean if you wanted to see my dad's passion led him even guess that some was someone was being bullied and he was on like white on rice. And let me tell you it one of the great misunderstandings of my dad was his temper.

He had a saying, if we had it sitting in our family that course. All I would have to do is say this to anybody in our family may remount know immediately where to start them out.

We would say they went all Bob Gilmore on women when they went Bob Gilmore on believe me that was something nobody would ever forget what would seem like the nicest man ever would turn into a furious raging warrior. It didn't take a lot.

My house going up to understand the fear the Lord. My dad was terrifying when he was enraged and it didn't take a lot to get in that way, and for years I struggled understanding. Simply put, though, as I think about it now. It's a reflection of the world's fiercest warrior Jesus right. Exodus 15 the Lord is a warrior. The Lord is his name.

Ferrets Pharaoh's chariots and his army were you curled into the sea. The best of Pharaoh's officers. He drowned.

But did you get that he hurled. He didn't just toss her throw the right posterior intimacy.

He hurled them a picture of an enraged Savior. When his kid is getting bullied right Jesus clearing the temple. He did some early Jeremiah 2011 but the Lord is a dread warrior. Therefore my personage on the Lord is with me as a dread warrior. Therefore my persecutors will stumble, they will not over company. Yes, Jesus is a juggernaut and stuff.

So is my dad that I understand how that reflected God when we come back here of sound bite of my dad.

When GM and Chrysler started bullying dealers and that's what he took off his life here from that we got sufficient heart.

I feel a little bit from adagio and in the Christian car – is celebrating his life and how he reflected God in unique and beautiful ways that were really being totally misunderstood by me for years and years and now as I look back I see some things in him that truly point me to how God is and how he loves us so hopefully you'll enjoy sharing that with a terribly I know you will and were to play some soundbites of him joining in on the show infection come up with one here just a minute because as we are talking about Jesus is a warrior. I mean you saw that when he cleared the temple and you certainly see it throughout the Bible time and time again he comes to rescue his bride and you know my dad was that in the heat. Certainly would take on the bullies. So looking back at my dad the last 30 years of my dad's career.

He was an expert witness in court cases were dealers were suing General Motors so you know, Ford, Chrysler in any way shape or form. The manufacturer for bullying. Then my dad literally was the Robin Hood of the carpet. He helped lawyers take from the giant corporate bullies and give to the beleaguered car dealers, you know, my dad was always up for a battle of wits with the fiercest corporate war lawyers in his company management performance groups MPG was hated that. I mean they were hated by the big three legal teams now in 2009 when you know the show was only three years old. I interviewed my dad's as General Motors and Chrysler were really bullying dealers back then canceling franchises like crazy in here. You can hear just a little bit of his passion a little bit about what they turned on as my dad went to the rescue and many of those groups but I can tell you that there are many, many times he came to my rescue and I wasn't covered much by the media. But this bill that that this came out says now that the terminated Chrysler and GM dealers are going to be given knowledge of why that happened in the ability to go through an arbitration process and as promised, the Christian car. Dad is with us today a dad. All your listeners. Thank you thank you this is Bob Dumas with management performance groups. Dad, you have been following this legislation very closely. Now, for a number of months and been trying to deal walk listeners through what's going on. The beginning 2009 there were a little over 20,000 automobile dealers in the United States and most people know this but those dealerships are mostly privately owned enterprises of your own by some publicly held companies like AutoNation that the factories do not own any dealerships and the those dealerships typically have about 50 employees were looking at well over $2 billion in assets and you know all three automakers really got into bad financial trouble Ford was able to come out of it without going into bankruptcy, but the government bailed out both GM and Chrysler and in the process of doing that took them through what we call an expedited bankruptcy now in a bankruptcy you can avoid all of the contracts, but you have already let you select and so in this case they decided to cancel the franchises of well over 2000 dealers now that did not include the Pontiac dealers siren armor and stop dealers who are out of business primarily because those guys are going out of existence. These are in addition to that these were good Pontiac GMC Cadillac and all the Chrysler brand and as a result of that that many of these dealers were terminated and well in Chrysler's case I think was by 15 June, without any notice as to why they're being terminated and and the GM dealers have the wind down letters that would allow some of them go through until October, but in the meantime, McNair ordered an order parts so there literally almost out of business.

Most state laws include a provision to protect dealers against the giant auto manufacturers and unfortunately in bankruptcy. Bankruptcy comp lab and then go around the state laws so eliminating the dealers quickly like that is that avoided a lot of expense for the manufacturers in terms of what it would cost to have gotten them out of business. But I really did not save the manufacturers any money through that clip.

I'm sure you could hear my father's passion to help those scope cartilage that lost everything due to what happened in 2009, and he literally represented hundreds of them against the factory and lost very few estimates cases because you know that was just his thing that was his glory that was what God gave him and that which you know kind of terrified us as a kid you know ended up being in a something that God really used for the good of many many dealers and we are still getting cards from dealers across the country telling us how much my dad meant to them and what what you know he did is defending them against Chrysler and General Motors etc. the next way that my dad reflected God I feel like was that as we talked about in great men at risk greatly in love is a really risky business and risk is another place my dad shined God's glory. I feel like God wrists right giving me free will risk giving you free will bill that was a big risk God risk. Think about it, he risk loving Judas, the risk loving Hitler and he risk loving me. Yes, God is the ultimate risk taker and I really felt like my dad reflected Patsy my dad had no college at all in at 19 years old. He applied to work for Buick motor division, not General Motors itself. He was 19.

He was the youngest. He not only applied he got the job. He was the youngest assistant car distributor ever with General Motors, and I feel certain that record will never be broken because obviously did not hire anybody anymore that don't have that the have a college education, but by 1966 my father was a Chicago business manager and the Chicago auto show was there.

That year and all the bigwigs were coming down from Flint and they wanted to see Tony find out the risk that my dad took which I think you'll find fascinating a few more stories that soundbites and Christian car dive theater still more from Bill and his dad something to do a lot more efficient or aggressive, one good man will add our guys show and we were also cohosted with Bill once did speak a little bit about his dad. The minute I wanted to remind you or let you know that of course everything that I'm talking about today any of the Scripture references knowledge stuffy go to Christian car you'll see there, the remembrance my father in the slideshow of him and all sorts of different places and things in and everything then talk about is all right now.

Christian car at comp Christian car And of course you list the podcast preview shows and I just want to share it so easy to listen to podcast nowadays is tell you Seery on your phone to say I want to listen to Christian car guy podcast and it'll just pull right upper if you're at home, say Alexei Wanless to the Christian card I podcast and you can hear the rest of the show if you want to hear it and you had to step away today or preview shows how that works course for talk about my dad and risk. And when I get back to that in a minute but I want to give Bill a chance to share little bit about his dad was just thinking, it's been 23 years of missed my father talk to them occasionally. Hope to hear back from them sometime soon. He passed away just weeks before he would have qualified for retirement.

Wonderful guy had a Masters degree in safety, he worked for nationwide insurance and he would go in talent company you need to fix that. You might consider fixing this. It'll keep your insurance rates stay on occasionally he go back to the insurance company and so man that's a company we don't want in surety longer that he was one of those people that larger-than-life. He played football. The last year that High Point did you know High Point University had a football team he played for them.

The last year and they had a football team, and then he was in the Navy and when he was in the Navy. He played for Navy so he was on an aircraft carrier out in the good of golf and he said he was a little bit too hot and he signed up for the enlisted and he played for them and then he played for ECT C East Carolina before it became the University and back then you played two positions.

He played center and nose guard and he was not that he was good enough. The Cleveland Browns back when they were one of the debate biggest and best gave them a law could and he said yeah I just too small for the S that was before they really paid him a lot of money and they could knock and then you rear-ended he went to work for nationwide insurance right out of college, so he did a little bit of adjusting and one of his favorite stories was that he was driving around the North Carolina mountains and was trying to find the Jones place. He came up on this guy on a tractor to field a lady to the man got to the end of the field and he honked his horn said Sir I'm trying to find Mr. Jones's place and I don't know where I lease is all that's fine. You just go down the road. Three season. Take a right and a chronic distractor. Back at my dad thought about it, is secondly hit the horn a few more times. The man throttled back and said yes son, he says, sir.

Did I hear you correctly you said get three season hang a right. He says yes sir. I said I'm not familiar with that what you mean cases all you just go as far as you can see he wants and then twice and then the third time you'll see their place. He had some great stories I've heard stories about him years after he had passed away. People would say yeah I had a hotel room down the hall from Mixon and he can't be up all night long snorted that this wasn't next door to hear this was down the hot my father could store with the best we were in a national forest. One type of Campsite up in the mountains and you could not see the people can't next to us that God up, packed up and left to move up there were some wild stories bit the other than his snoring. I don't think I ever heard a bad word about EM.

He had three holes and ones in his life he would he would head out on Monday at here is home territory was Florida so he would head out on Monday and then he would come back late Tuesday. I'm sorry late Thursday or Friday morning and then he play golf on Saturday and he had steady force college on Sunday. He was elder and he helped set up a couple churches. We had a St. Andrews in Dunedin and is St. Andrews and Raleigh were named because of his his love and admiration for San Andres Athos Athos and find right migrants to think about your dad.

You're having fun that's that's what were trying to do is honor those who came before us right we wouldn't be around if it weren't for them. So we pick up my dad story were talking about how my dad risk and so by 1966 he was the Chicago zone business manager Buick motor division in the Chicago auto show that year. The bigwigs were coming down from Flint which is where Buick's headquarters was they want to see Tony Bennett, who was singing at Cobo Hall.

So my dad went down to get a table and when he arrived Chrysler had the front row table with a huge Chrysler I statute to talk about risk my dad tipped the maître d' and this is 19 $66,000 and so when the Buick executives arrived.

They sat in the front with the tri-shield.

That's a Buick.

I statute and true story.

My a week later my dad was promoted to Flint as a director national used car sales for Buick and actually went on to be director national fleet sales for Buick so my dad was a risk taker and risktakers love adventure unless you knew that it it really is something that that happens with risking my dad especially love the Colorado mountains where he was born even at 86 he still took us trout fishing right you might have heard my story my granddaughter about the first rule of fishing. My dad was right there and he love those mountain roads as matter fact flying around the curves. I feel quite sure my daughter saw her life flash right in front arrived many times on those mountains. He see in rent adventure is risky. It brings out the man in you and my dad reflected that masculine heart. He took my heart. It took my brother and I salmon fishing in Vancouver, Canada. Right when he was in his 60s, a trip my brother and I will always cherish a took my wife and I to Hawaii just two years ago and we drove the road to Hannah which you remember why he is a little risky thing. That's one way and across always bridges and so yes, God loves adventure. I may look at any character in the Bible. Her dislike my dad took us on adventures. Will God will take you on adventures right if you give your life to him. It's amazing what ill do look what he did for now. He took on a bit of an adventure) Abraham he took on adventure, Jacob, Moses, all my goodness, Peter got his feet a little wet and of course Paul Wright.

Boy did they have adventures so want to play a little clip from my dad would come to our Boot Camp submaster and journey radio and so here's my dad and with Sam main at the boot camp. Now the next history have come up in a minute is really kinda special for me because honestly he's probably my favorite bill more than I can say that because Robbie can't talk right now it is because we word code of the nuclear fusion finds laryngitis and so is not been able to to do a whole lot today and so he will be talking with us but we do have is as a special guest Bob Gilmore, which is the namesake from Robbie and so probably this are really glad to have you with us and will welcome to the show well is my pleasure to be here this year, the better voice and Robbie. I just picked on or avail of Ravi and he said here with us, but Prime Minister second boot camp. Yes, and so what what's will vest a couple different questions what was referred but O'Reilly is one of my favorites and a lot of them all live all the good kids but pilot.

I've been blessed because I was brought up in a Christian home, my mother and father were both very strong Christians.

So I've come a grown up in the face and the it's hard for me to identify any wounds that I've heard, but I've had for his wounds throughout life. But God is when you did. It was Caesar route was really very cool for me, setting, and in the crowd says your vulnerability income beneficiary the other side of the story that we don't often get to see where we see things is a person from one side but to see it from the sun and the father side and hear some of the father's heart of someone in this case, you shared a little bit of that really helps his candidacy where God can be in the midst of all that and also the enemy can and I know this is an amazing thing for think some of these guys were to say I need to really look at some of things that only saw one sided for my dad health and understand there is another side to it, allots her as a writer. There's a time when someone else is that they've been heard her time.

The movie why that touched on the wounded area. Here they say don't don't poker her bare grown up. I told like quite a few times. That was a very painful time in our lives a lot going on and I can lost but it was good to hear about it and that was good to give the reason why Natalie and I am just amazed at what guys can take. I really do believe that there was something was really unique to this Boot Camp really have is for a senior went to the Lord with the Lord on March 19 and so Raven front today. Sharon stories about his life and see in how he reflected God. In summary different ways and picking up on the story. Another place that I think my dad was greatly misunderstood and perhaps his biggest struggle was my dad undoubtedly was a ladies man, no doubt about it, and it's a good thing, I wouldn't be here to tell you about it, but my wife would tell you.

He set such a standard that my wife Tammy has compared me to him for years. Why can't you close the car door. After I get him like your dad does for me.

Why don't you pull out my chair. Why can't you just sit and talk with me like your dad. It's a hard act to follow.

Yes, my dad was married three times and in our deepest conversations he would share with me is he was really had a desperate need to feel loved. I struggled and struggled a lot, but he succeeded in many ways, you know, in my mother's mental health was a critical tipping point you may know, she attempted suicide.

He was given a choice by her doctors to either leave his beloved career with Buick motivation and its lifestyle or lose my mother's mental health.

He chose her, and she did recover and I got my moms in all health and mental health… My mom really for the next 46 years. Their marriage didn't end well. But that choice that my dad made to leave Buick for a lot of fruit and as John Eldridge would say he rescued his beauty, the challenge of rescuing the beauty as most men understand this the distance they rescued, but in that moment, he reflected our Savior's rescue of us right, our Savior sacrificed his own life for us so my dad was certainly a ladies man.

In summary, different ways, and I got a clip here from Christian Car Guy theater that I think kinda illustrates this.

He was actually portraying my daughter Mariah's grandfather and so it was kind of it, but it was kind of typecast because he is my daughter's grandfather medallion Christian Car Guy theater was well will tell the story. As you can hear my dad react to the ladies in this clip, let's look in on the alley, sitting down to supper with her parents were killed by a driver will now it was only 10 and a goodhearted grandparents, Bob and Bonnie Perkins raised her think about the word grace grace, remember we used to say that legally many grandma not anything a person he was like, full of grace. Some entreats you and everybody else like well like your favorite or their favorite grace.

Interestingly, not having any miss Annie about that word. I miss Annie. She's good for making you think would ease and grace that will now alley. That is the question believe I never really considered it before. Let's see, I do remember someone who has that quality actually was. Your great-grandfather Perkins. Oh, you're so right at the nearest man I've ever met. Yes, he was. You remember Bonnie how he used to take us up to Beavercreek and we go inner tubing every year. Even if the water was freezing cold Perkins Maidenform with laughter sure that I never laughed so hard all my life are all sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows tailor any of grandfather your millions grandpa signed the family members need them in the first year 4 July cookout told her fail is something that person did Meyer naturally.

Grandpa Perkins knew about any conflict between you and summoning family is coming your way to you brother Don so that tell you the entire family.

This all yes it was unforgettable. I haven't played golf since I left home a few years before my brother Don thought I would never Muslim but Don and I were to play at the beaver County hospice charity golf tournament in honor of our mom had just died of cancer. Don knew I would come looking for those golf clubs and he has sold not only my clubs but his own as well. He ended up running bags for both of us but I still fuming mad, I tell you how are you, grandpa Perkins plan paid off for me that year I respected grandpa enough that I knew I had to say something I admire about your as I will. I couldn't think of a guy in the going to grandpa for Helen only when grandpa read a prayer that day. I would swear that God himself showed me my brother in a whole like literally all at once. I can understand how brokenhearted he was over moms that you see alley our mom had given them a special lamp that had crystals all around the same goes crystals Pollyanna rainbow make that she would play with her hours.

Don think everyone knows Chris's mom's favorite saying engraved on the back and mailed to each of us know the story behind the crystal in the window. Your mother's favorite saying was to love another person is to see the face of God. While this great thing really brings out some good stuff.

That changed my relationship with my brother forever and for the good.

Believe me have your great-grandfather Perkins had that quality lies in great, that's for sure. That's my real question, why did he have grace how he II think it was because he knew God. Lots of folks act like they are all spiritual. But grandpa Perkins well like my mom said when you looked into his face. So God. He knew the Bible inside now that he didn't hit you over the head with it. We had a sense that he was praying for his all of us all, but one you were with them. He felt like the apple of his like you had his full attention and admiration. He might correct you, but he had a way of doing it that made you feel better, not worse. Yes, Natalie.

I would agree you grandpa Perkins had grace and we knew it was his relationship with God, which makes me think about maybe we should say grace, even though we've already eaten. Not a bad idea.

Not a bad idea at all. Grandma said to my last point today great men don't stay did they come back from the dead after my father left. He really struggled. Having risen to such heights and then working in a car dealership. He expected the workers there have upper-level GM professionalism and drive all told. He tried five times to be a car dealer in all five. He was either fired or went broke last time he was fired by Les Shellenberger Chevrolet in Grand Junction, Colorado, where I also worked. Les even told him that God said that he should fire an insult to injury at the same time. His second marriage had failed him. I was with him at night is a crying, despondent 50-year-old he thought his once glorious career and family was ruined. He cried and cried as he held a snubnosed 38 to his head. With God's help he made it through that night and the next day he got up and went and applied for a job at a 20 group company that he later would become management performance groups he remarried with two more stepdaughters and he came back for a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again, but the wicked shall not fall yes great men don't stay dad and my dad is not I will see him again, but not yet right this moment. My dad is with Jesus and they both want all of this for you battle to fight an adventure to live a beauty to rescue Jesus came that we would have life and life abundantly because he believed Jesus died for his sins. He believed he was the son of God and with your belief.

We get all right be great men and come back from the dead. Thank you Philistine Christian card

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