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Car Lessons from Samson

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 27, 2019 11:35 am

Car Lessons from Samson

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 27, 2019 11:35 am

Sampson's Car Lessons and Stories from the Many Car Guys and Girls in Douglasville, Ga


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This is the Truth Network rod Megan 09 is an our lives today from the Sweetwater Baptist Church car show in Douglasville, Georgia, one of the sweetest car showed up there I can tell you from ever done. This is our third year to be out here and I'll tell you what, you couldn't get a prettier day in Georgia could just nice not Israel is cool enough you know we've little bit of settlement.

It just right type of cultural and then there the cars and they've lined up here. I mean, there's a 41 Mercury, but I think that it may be my personal favorite out there, but you brought yours, which is a Mrs. 63 1/2 falcon's plant gets up have a nephew who looked younger and I am Anna Riza, brothers, and his first car he ever got was a 63 falcon Sprint and we booked one for years and but for the most we found is the South Carolina and we went looked at it and bowed it is original car. It was built in Atlanta, Georgia sometime Jacksonville, Florida about it.

It's been. I was laughing Jacksonville in the diencephalon about it and we went brought it back in her all the parts is there we can put it back together's original 1963 in high falcon were to find out a lot more about a 63 1/2 falcon in a minute but you know today show. I'm kind of entitling car lessons from Samson does not mean your car needs a haircut on the say no.

I am convinced personally that if Samson were alive today he would have a Sweetwater classic ride it just would because, well, Samson was a cleaver.

Now you may wonder what will not talk about like Beaver Cleaver Ward and June Cleaver.

For those of you who know that show back in the day, but I'm talking about a biblical Cleaver now cleaving is a strange paradoxical mystery right now is full of ministry.

The word is if you think about it that took leave means to adhere to stick to something right or to grab hold of something and not let it go like a 63 1/2 falcon and that's where we get the car show idea behind this, but it also means this cut excitement half. So how is it that this word please write could mean to grab hold of something to stick to it like glue but it also has that same meaning of, like split up sacrifice, and have four or cleaving somebody's head with a sword. I mean that. That's a fascinating word if you think about it and when you think about Samson.

Now he was a cleaver because not only did he cleave to his family meekly forgot.

Obviously he was a man's right from birth and he cleaved onto his hair for dry and but he also you may be aware, took a job on the finance and he slew is slightly cleaved a thousand philistines so you I was I was studying Samson this week and actually God can help me out as I asked him some some words that would help me understand what was what was it that made him so strong. What was it you know that was the magic for lack of better word, and he gave me these words he said he got strength you got my you got passion, but that word passion in Hebrew actually translates to cleave to clean this good in all if you knew this but seven times in the book of Deuteronomy. It says to cleave to God, now and I want to think about this, if you're gonna take a car like a 63 1/2 falcon right in order to bring it back to all that it can be. First of all you got to hang on to distract you get hang on to you got a stick to it.

You gotta be faithful. You gotta it's going to have to find some battle to get that back you what you what's in your mind's eye for that to be, but I'm a guess that is going to take some cleaving yes and it is you were talking about it.

I thought about the cleaving part. You know a lot of the call guys to me. One of the great excitement back the courses you take these older cars. And as we grew up with them. Everybody hated their personal touch that took this all they put that on they cut the us and I didn't I put it back together to their own lack right, you know, and in this website W, taking it apart and put it back together.

You know, and in like you see it it it it's great. Everybody has their own mind what they want their car to look. You know, take it apart to put it back together. You know, in the end it's in the end, you know, you come up with what you think it looks like everybody's got their own perception of what they like. That's right, but I can I just tell you is I'm listening to your prescriptions falcon right and I see the falcon out there is beautiful in its red light which mastered up no, that's just some fun now that I but it's a straight drive right yes and not just a straight drive in those days are a lot a three speed on a column brought this one. This car is a factory full speed car. It has a factory tachometer mounted on the it was one a is called a falcon Sprint and it was a late elimination I made him a 63 in a hive and 64 was only two years he actually might. The falcon Sprint and it was Ford's idea to compete with the with the should bayous and things like it right there in next year. They placed out in a come out with the Mustang think that that was the most I think this is supposedly the background of this this call right here is get all the running gear was in the first Mustangs really yes yes hello I hadn't even thought having put that together in my mind.

63 1/2 was like a year before the Mustang came out. Yes and and so there's kind of a predecessor there.

Yes, that this would everything we don't background check list call.

Yes, this is what it was they took all the running gear.

The motor stuff by this call, and in that was one of the first Mustangs of peace who had signed Montague discourse getting speeding up so and for those listening that you may not be the biggest foreign fans out there, but there's some really interesting things about this car from my standpoint, it had a really small block V-8 like the smallest block created four different don't yet to 60 was a smallish overhead bile motor that that that that building.

That's what was in his card and then later on the two Sikhs dealing with the 289 because cars actually get the original to Lucy to give each easy to buy copyright when it was at the factory had Cronbach oversee it. Was it had all this particular caller had all the bells and voices that you get only Carmen, thank you so you you know, for those really listing the background.

You might miss deferred the national anthem is a get ready to crank off the sweetest car show exact uncertainly in this part of Georgia. It is here at Sweetwater Baptist Church were in Douglasville, Georgia.

That's not too far to the west of Atlanta and on the way to Alabama. A really fun thing and there are one of those things that did really blows me away about this particular courtship and I this is the third time I've come a night. I don't want to miss it for the simple reason that you guys do this for Jesus.

Yes, yes it is is is to spread the gospel. It is know it, we we will have the have the music and it is to to to spread the gospel to use these callers reach other people for Christ. So if you if you do a car show and you want to see how to do it for Jesus. I might just saying it would be a really good idea to come to this are shown next year or two you know if you can make your way over here this year but let me tell you a couple of the secrets that they do one of the things they put barbecue on at the same time that they do the car so that and it's a barbecue competition so people compete in the so what that means is there's free barbecue and it also means or free hot out in order to get the free barbecue or to get the free hot dogs, you have to come to the picnic table right after the show is what Lapin is at 12 o'clock straight up the show will be over essentially build the judges will be judging right and everybody comes to eat. Yet now, when they come to eat. This is where III love it is not because I get to speak that because I get a chance to share the gospel.

I actually have an opportunity for people to hear what Jesus could do for them. Yes and and they're kind of a captive audience because if they wanted trophy 183, you know, there are over there and and you know they're going to get the presentation and in that. That's what we gotta go to a break.

I can hear the music in the background so you will be back in a moment from Douglasville, Georgia the car show ever there when we talk more about this Hot Rod, Lincoln 99 today from Douglasville, Georgia at the Sweetwater Baptist Church car show which I get so much fun every year and today were talking car lessons.

Who would've thought it from Sampson didn't know it but the guy with the hair, the guy with the jawbone. He had super lessons for sure that we can learn today on the Christian card.

I share what I should say this, Elijah. We would love to hear from you so you can call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 that which think with me about cleaving and how God may have or you may have cloak cleaved with God or God may very thought about this that you gotta summary told me once that in order to make a statute what you do is you chip away everything that doesn't look like a statute.

And so cleaving kind of gets in that picture. So as God is cleaving to you and I'm sure you experienced this, I bet you he cleaved a little bit away from it. Now you got the chop and he got to happen and and the next thing you know there's part of you that's left on the floor that you thought was really big part of you but it turns out that it wasn't the real you, that God had in mind. And so part of love, just like it says you to cleave and leave your parents, and cleaved your wife. Well I don't know if you've ever thought about how you cleaved your wife and why that word has different meanings in the mystery of it in the interesting thing is it, both in the Hebrew and English. Some are another. The word is a paradox is like how you stick to set my glue and get all cut up at the same time. So now not only do I have Donnie and is found. But I now have Vicki and Vicki is joining us here is is actual barracuda is pulling up in the background waiting to hear that sound menacing got wheelie bars that you love wheelie is sunny yes we we love you like wheelie bars. Actually one of my employees are many times so Vicki tells about your car.

I have a 1967 fortnight thing team 89 hardtop springtime yellow you do. Yes, I see it, so is this fascinating out earlier we were talking with Donnie and he's got this 63 1/2 Ford falcon Sprint with the 260 V-8 right as you describe that engine morphed into this 289 99 yes yes and so that's kinda cool that that's the running similar yes but dry 67 they got it a little more streamlined but there's some cool about it, you know, falcon Donnie, I just have to tell you, I mean the Mustang.

Of course, I mean know my greatness.

I think you know Iacocca CM a Chrysler guy and I happen to know who designed the Mustang designed Lehigh now that was his one of his is the first he was one of the wonder kids are left with a called one the boys at Ford bit bit design these things and so I mean how cool is it. But tell me about your Mustang.

What's your favorite thing the classic from the time that I need what cards were hot rods were.

I wanted to hear that I was born so I just I just let it mean it's fine to drive. It does get the looks sound. I'm sure sure it does is it automatic it's automatic and so did you have any part in the restoration of a little bit. My husband & painted it. Not long after we got it back and that so you got it on his 30th birthday basically been somewhere in the neighborhood of your 30 day put these things together Donnie's so yeah cool and so does the word cleave when you think about rest car restoration and your husband obviously does a lot of this, he even cleaving all the time.

In fact, you know they can actually do in order to fix a car. The body shop unity that's it's all about the cleaving. Gotta cut it out and you gotta put it back in and so I don't have you ever thought about this but one of my favorite all-time Christian books ever outside the Bible is John Bunyan's Pilgrim's progress. And in that book there is a little actually confuse me.

The first time I read it. He's in this place called the house of the interpreter and the way the story goes, is there is this guy in this is kind of like a picture show that he gets to see Before you ever seen a movie and I think the 15th century, when he wrote the book but anyway so in this sort of picture show.

There's this guy obviously no confronting have an early day tears all these wonderful people in their these guys and have the books with the names and it. But in order to get to the door to the gates. There's a bunch of bad people that are protecting the gate so that nobody can get in and so all these people come in and they try to get into heaven and they can't get there, but this guy comes up pieces put my name in the book in the course of the book, and he puts on a helmet. He takes the sword and he hacks and he cuts any cuts and he asked the only guy to have an you were started them up. What a moment.

We were having out here they are in that you know in his day. If you stand for the gospel. You better have a sword prepared to fight and he was say John Bunyan was. So we got more lessons in the car show from you and know your you are a little less rambler and look it up on YouTube you will be blessed. But anyway, today I'm a Christian card I show we are doing lessons from Samson car show car restoration how Samson would do it as he certainly knew how to clean things. He had a job and he knew I use it. Interestingly, when his hair was cleaved from him. He no longer had what it took right to make him up against the Philistines. But later on it together so we talk about that part.

I show and maybe you're thinking G one time or another, God cleaved a little bit off of me and I have a story that I would love to share with you Robbie. I would love to hear that because were alive today were in Georgia, 866 is the phone number to call 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Calling it sure your car show cleaving story, whatever that may be.

I would love to hear with our joy, not only by Vicki green but we now it was Donnie Greene and I had a colorful yes we had and we now have Mark who was with us as well in markets like I meant to say when he started coming over here come to judge here come the day and you're one of the judges yes or and so is is this your first time judgment commercial but I got a great category. I got the hot product categories. That's my favorite my favorite student. So what is it judge what he would personally what you looking for in a you know just the engine wise, you know, I just love the chrome on the cars you know the interior such, it really makes a remix car as you seen her must have thinking in those wheels I can see them from here tell me about your wheels for chemicals since her gorgeous and your husband obviously is in the car business. You said you got a body shop and and so how long have you been associated with out ever since. Mary had the shop for over 40 years. He took it from his dad.

I've been in the family for 33 years. So you have seen it grow just the body shop and a small office to he does tires, mechanical unit bodywork everything you need to complete carman and so my guess is that paint job. I mean, I can see it from here. It's got some yes sir it's a beautiful, very beautiful black vinyl top so 67 and all that is not what kind of top that they refer to your Mustang hardtop not executor had fastback and that you know I don't think all the other ones. Not that one has more than what you picture the black vinyl top on and 289 VA this absolutely beautiful car and John that was at one of the cars that would been in the hot rod category may Mark sorry yeah well that one is technically not in the hot rod category. I don't know what. Sure sure Wiley more like the ones I got in the hot rod categories are like arose and fails the big block settlement.

Not sure how they understand understand car shows. If you been to. Now Mark all the files but I've never judged one till today.

How do you have a car I do been like Samson.

I've been restoring working on a company working on it for almost 20 years now and it's still not ready to go. Got quite a few parks lifted by this is here. No sir, it's in pieces that my father shop 67 should visit and SSC cities original Super Sport car I inherited from my father about six years ago, but we been working on it together for quite some time.

No money gets tight. Sometimes parks are expensive they are, but part of the deal is the joy of working. I am a salute lay that's the best thing about it. I mean, I can only go you know once or twice a month maybe with my job schedule and he's retired now so he's got all the love in the world but you know I enjoy going working with my father this is a great pastime for me love my father well that is an interesting topic.

I lost my father about a month ago right now and I like you. My father was a car guy. Yes, I grew up in the car business myself so you know my father had to car dealerships and I worked with him and he did different aspects of it, but a big part of the joy of that restoration has to be the time to get with your dad. Yes sir yes sir and so I'm curious because you not get to think about it like I used to. I bet there's some things your dad can do blow your mind. That man is mechanically inclined like no other that I've ever seen and I've seen him taking part in just about like blindfolded. He can put these things back together. It is so incredible, and I've learned quite a bit from not not enough that I need to know so are you are you in the car business as well.

No sir.

I worked for the city of Smyrna, Georgia okay yes sir, I am the foreman for the street department. We do a lot of concrete and asphalt work.

So when I talked about the idea of cleaving and I don't consider that word. I was mentioning earlier that word is mysteries in God uses it for marriage right in the very beginning of my since the man would leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife to become one, is the fascinating thing about that word is it's like sticking like glue but it also means to cut somebody in and so is that interesting how you know sometimes if you would agree with me that in order to find God in prayer like if you're like me you love to pray and ends and sometimes you just want to get alone and spend time with God.

But you can't find an know it's not hiding you realize. But you gotta cleave you got a breakthrough something yes. In order to find exactly and part of the joy of finding him is that it is easy and you have to you have to kind of chop hacking and and get at that in so I would just guess is your spending time with your dad risk storing that car when you first start talking to him.

It doesn't go very deep, but the longer you there right yes or get more in depth.

It's just an indescribable to me. I mean the things that we talk about in the things of the past that keep coming up.

You know the childhoods and you know today.

You know the children today just don't have what we had as you know, young adults are young children that they have smart phone. They do everything we had to do with our hand.

You know we played outside. We went out worked with our fathers in the garage. Yes, you I is a ripoff in a way it entirely is. That's what I said to my wife just yesterday you know the kids today they don't get to experience the joys that we experience you know they're always inside. She started I could describe you have two very young children that love dearly and I try to keep them outside my six-year-old son is here with me today to be a home doing these videotapes whatnot but they wanted to come with his dad today so he's here and not cool yesterday. I mean, you got to spend your time with dad in the cars in the car shows and now you got your son but as you listen to this to keep your thoughts well I see it from a different perspective has been in my sign. Spend the time together on cars.

My son works for his dad's shop he does the paintwork on some of the bodywork on so it makes me melt when I see my has been in my sign working together on a car, whether it's just changing your lawn wanted hot rods that we have or three storing the whole car so it makes me feel good to see him so fast.

Anything that the Trinity is a father-son Holy Spirit three together like that is amazing is so we got one from the sweetest car show every church in his car show ever out here Sweetwater Baptist Church in Douglasville, Georgia today. One of the joys of being a Christian car guys is I get to come out this which is a commercial for Jesus is just an amazing thing. If you ever want see how to do a car show for Jesus. If you can make this show is really something to see how well it's organized all the work that goes into it and and then the opportunity that they make to share the gospel and and help people see what this is really all about. So with that I have not only Mark with me. But now I have a motorcyclist so you non-Christian Carbonite what a lot of people don't know is I used to be a service manager in a motorcycle dealership years ago and so I have an affinity for motorcycles and so Bobby, I'm excited to hear your story, so Bobby tell me about the red motorcycle well it's a 2012 Street God about it. Rick can afford a new Harley-Davidson so I went the easy route and bought a wrecked one because I am, mechanically inclined and fix it upon myself to replace the whole front end. I love red and my dad had some red paint is been said in his garage since 1972 and is never been opened as a lacquer. It's actually it is.

Yes sir and so I built a spray booth at my house and make sure all my family and everything they were all gone, so that enough to smell that stuff but we open it up in the and we started all up and it came back and it looked really really good so I got it all torn down and painted her up and turned a pretty good so today you just come in bodywork. We've been talking about lessons of car restoration from Sampson. You know, you may remember Sampson.

He was a strong guy and I think it probably would gone with the SS your Harley right now I can see Sampson on a Harley will hopefully next year I'll have my sick and I don't know if you've ever thought of the word cleave or considered it like we've been considering it today, but it's kind of an interesting were the gods that were cleave to our wife. You know in the book of Genesis. But later on in Deuteronomy 7 times he says you're supposed to cleave to God, but part of cleaving is not just the hear yourself, or stick to the it also means to chop like a meat cleaver so there you are with your motorcycle, and I'm guessing that something had to be cleaved before you can turn it back into tell me about how bad was it right. I don't know the guy that actually wrecked it I got it from a place called Kovar we can get a bunch of salvage titles.

It was in the front and pretty good from pretty much from the crash bar for data replace the forks and the tree.

The upper fairing inner and outer and up from the seatback was a pretty good had a couple dancing in the tank but got all that fixed out everything in the inserted the frame itself wasn't frame was not hurt while so, looked out on that they know how to get the state inspection on it and everything so did that about a month ago. You know I'll never forget as long as I live that I will funny story I was manager of this motorcycle shop and we we had tried and so we had Yamaha and Suzuki and Liston. You may think probably this is to be fun is going to be fun even if you don't know anything about motorcycle. So this guy comes up in the sole triumph, and you might remember that the shifters on the triumphs considering the spikes were on the wrong side as far as I know so to shift the motorcycle was bizarre to begin with, but this guy could not steer the motorcycle so he brought it into us to figure out why would this motorcycle not steer, and so he says I promise you won't steer them like now.

It'll steer a real gear so I jump on this motorcycle and sure enough it will not and so were all puzzled why will this motorcycle monster a picture on the right this minute, Bobby. Why would this motorcycle monster and I said you wouldn't happen to put for coiling lately because I am a civil how much should you put in a set I filled it up. No well for those of you who don't know if you fill up the forks on a motorcycle.

Then you take away its any suspension and so that it literally will not turn right and so I mean it was a death trap between trying to shift this thing is I got on this by shifting on the wrong side.

To begin with. It's a wonder I'm here today as he is. I just, you know, I commend you to take that kind of, I mean to jump on out there. Look this motorcycle cleave away. See what you got going on there and wow I'm just curious. Financially this is huge because of how much you pay for. Got it for $5900 and what's about the door, get out the door.

Kovar to probably put maybe three and is worth 2018 to 20, that is beautiful.

Thank you, and it's painted red lacquer which you know black you can't like that Mustangs got lacquer. I mean you look at certain paint jobs you go okay you don't get that with me paints the don't do with acrylic what but you know it has led and it certainly got lame thereby was gone out of the house. When I shot a yes sir. So from your standpoint, Bobby. Have you been to the commercial before this my first time at this one here I been to several car shows up grown-up in this and in cars and everything my whole life with my dad and everything so this is a good turnout.

Yes, it is why it's interesting that you mentioned your dad because Mark was talking about his and so you work with your dad. Oh yes or yeah and a lot of he's got a lot of old cars got a couple motorcycle as well so I've learned everything I've known for mail that's awesome seller and Mark is is you look at the motorcycles. There went what jumps out at you mean other than the one with the sidecar there that's unique modus that is very unique. We can expect Col. Klink to be exactly the letters having there's a several beautiful beautiful motorcycle sit here for starters.

But to me, I mean the red that stands out like no other and it's a good you said 2011 twisted 2012 electrical is that with extra got Street, while I mean that is just it's it's amazing. So a Bobby from your standpoint. All these cars you see not hear what jumps out at you that you are like man oh man I like them. A person over there that thing does have. I think that's a dragster as well. Yes, yes it is to for zoning. It's so where could I think is a 68 Molly said it's beautiful, beautiful, so nice, rather yes very nice see I was for me personally, the 41 Mercury over there all yeah did you see the back seat and I mean why don't they make cars like that yesterday. You could put five or six people back there.

Some sit on the floorboard.

If you use to. They made a replica of the Camaro you know with the 69 with the light about what to do one for the seven don't you have all the awesome.

Why in the world. Well, I hear that music fan. We had to say goodbye for those he was the Truth Network will be doing can pursued here live in a minute way I appreciate it. Mark probably guys for what you do for the Lord in these car shows that really make a difference in so again this year. Think about it this week. Maybe you can think about God cleave in my life or how can I begin to cut back to get closer and see what person or God or your father or if your father think about what you just heard from these two guys spend time with your son. Maybe Doyle or Sean and some of their out of the car. Even if you don't know how to put no antifreeze in go take

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