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Car Repair Terms Glossary

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 18, 2019 2:46 pm

Car Repair Terms Glossary

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 18, 2019 2:46 pm

In the 50’s we had decoder rings for this sort of thing, but it’s easy to get lost in the rhetoric. From Aftermarket Parts to Vin numbers, and everything in between, the Christian Car Guy Show has you covered when it comes to car terminology. Have a listen and allow the Lord to lead the way to a better understanding, right here on The Christian Car Guy Podcast

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The Christian Car Guy
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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

This is the Truth Network rod Lincoln 09 be good morning and welcome to the Christian card I radio certainly grateful for you tuning this morning but have a great show, I'm Jerry Mathis with Ray's body shop and wrecker service and say upfront Ray's body shop and wrecker service been in business for 54 years. So there's one thing on one have to say is that we've seen a lot. We've done a lot and we've heard a lot so this morning to kind of talk a little bit about terminology and just words that you may see on an estimate of doing the repair process, and also just some incidences that you may need to be able to think a little bit about to work you through the point of being in a collision or need your car repaired or even be in having your vehicle towed and there's a lot of things we just may not understand the languages being spoken, and I can get you in trouble or at least get you where you don't feel comfortable with the process. So this morning I hope what were able to do this or talk some that terminology.

Some of that language and reflect back on what it means and what they're trying to get across in what you need to know all but I sorta think about this morning doing the show had talking about just just the language in the industry. Maybe think about you know what it feels like to be in a situation where you don't understand the language or you don't understand the terms that are being used and is a very uncomfortable feeling maybe think about.

I guess that been going to Jamaica on a mission trip with Pando Christian church for 11 or 12 years and under the first year that we had on that trip.

The Jamaicans have a really heavy accent and there terminology is a little different then what I have and what we have in the United States so that first year I felt like I really at least 70% of the time even though they were speaking English. I didn't think I really understood some of the conversations and it was a real uncomfortable feeling now been doing it for looks like quite a few years. So I'm a little bit better on it but still when I go over there takes a little bit to get my mind right back around the language in the accident and also the terminology so just felt really uncomfortable and as over the years I've got more comfortable with it and I was able to understand a lot of the conversations and also just what they meant by you know word may mean one thing to us in United States.

But it may have an entirely different meaning. They are so all the sudden when I understood that I understood where they were coming from and some of the conversations made a whole lot more sense. Well, I'm hoping that this morning but were able to do it after 11 o'clock rolls around, will be able to feel like maybe we have a better understanding of the process and this morning got told not just only terms that you may see on an estimate or repair form, but also just some of the processes that go on, you know there's a lot of things that is taken for granted and always say it to my employees at Ray's and also in the industry in a we deal with accidents and breakdowns and body repair and people in a crisis in the insurance on a daily basis. In total, and but for most people to something they don't deal with very often so is usually there in a crisis situation so it's almost you need to step back in sort of talk to them in a language that they're able to understand that that's not easy to do whenever you do this every day you to sort of assume that people know what you're talking about and understand the procedures. So this morning one of the things I like to kind of talk about is just note just those terms and stuff you know a sometime during the collision process you will be talked to and given words and stuff that may not make much sense to you near the probably phrases and words that you don't encounter on a daily conversation.

However, if you're involved in an accident. Maybe this mourner give you a better understanding of what those terms in those words mean. Also, you know, if you're talking to an adjuster RPR and estimator are shop employee. Make sure you know, if you don't understand they don't explain it to you that you ask questions just say you know what what do you mean by that is nothing wrong with just essence of mud to stop and explain the process or the terminology to you. Also, this morning before I go any deeper I will just remind you this is a call-in show, the number is 866-34-TRUTH 87884. So if you have a question as we go on throughout the morning. If something comes up you want to ask just give me a call or if there is something you want to share with an incident that you were involved in so just give us a call 866-348-7884 and I guess I want to kind of store this morning where it may all begin for you and talk little bit about the insurance coverages a different types of insurance, but let's just say your in your vehicle this morning are at some point in the future and your traveling normal day.

Everything is going normal, but all the sudden you start having car trouble and you all of a sudden you realize you're stranded on the side of the road. It may be a breakdown that may be that you're involved in an accident. Well that's where you start needing to kinda know the direction to go because there's a lot of terminology and you will be asked questions that some be important for you to kind of felt these things through. I always encourage people to get a local shop. It could be a body shop repair facility tire store that you have a relationship with.

And you know that relationship resent to be that you go to over every weekend you go have have a meal together are all your on their Christmas card list but just somebody that senior area that you know that you would feel comfortable with them working on your car because when you're in the crisis and you're broke down the side. The Rotary involved in an accident you're not always thinking clearly. So if you have that have a card in the glove box or something, you pull that out and then if it is to be towed.

You know where you going to take it. Also have a towing company that you trust and find a little bit information because you want to try to get somebody who uses a lot of factors at play and they have the equipment to tell your vehicle safely. They have trained personnel, but also where they're located at, because if you're broke down the side of the road is to say, a officer pulls up, or even they have the roadside assistance vehicles in a lot of cities that's probably listen this morning the glass you do you have a you need a towed at the trauma that you need to towed the glass you do you have somebody to call the up somebody like to request all will call somebody on rotation will a lot of times you are just sort of form and through your phone trying to find a towing company that's probably not the best way to do because that company could be somebody from other side of town and you know when you have an ad in the paper all social media you can say a lot of things that may not be corrected stuff so you won't have somebody that you can trust.

If they call for next out our rotation truck or record to come out that towing facility may be towing your car to the opposite side of town where is really good be inconvenient for you to to retrieve your car back baby inconvenient for you because they don't do the service that your car needs. So then you can have an additional towed added on to it so but I also know when towing company that knows you and you know there geographically in a good place for you. Are there also a towing facility that can give you the service that you may need into the day is going to save you a lot of money and a lot of aggravation and then having a relationship with them. They're going to know you and for like they have a connection with you also to try to take care of your little bit on the price in and talk to you and work you through the whole process because it's just important you not always talk about how important it is in this industry to build relationships but also the end of the day to make it economically less painful own the consumer is possible but yet get the most comprehensive repair in the highest-quality repair you can get because if you're just looking for cheaper repair.

A lot of times that's what you get an S not to the standard that it needs to be. You may have a unsafe vehicle or what ever, but the big thing is to go ahead and realize where you want to take the vehicle to have that in place and then also the towing company so you know that one thing they're going to make sure that is in the area you know where they're located at always say try to put a card in your glove box or a flyer or some kind of something in there so you have a reference point and also if your child is going out of town.

In college you know do that in that college. Also, it'll save you a lot of aggravation.

I know I did that. It was a great help to me once again give us a call 866-348-7884 this morning when we talk about the terminology in the language of the insurance In the repair process. Hope you have a great morning look forward to the rest of the morning back in a moment he sits on you God for a drink if you don't Hot Rod, Lincoln 9909 is Argyle radio once it is college 0863487884 as we just wrapped up talking a little bit about having your vehicle towed and also having a towing company that you know to call in advance as is closing out of total just a moment not made of quick reference to the fact of when my daughter went off to college in another town, not in the longer living in Winston in Lynchburg at liberty University. One of the first things that did when I we went up and started getting everything situated for like the second or third week human. I went around to talk to a couple businesses that were in the body shop business and one of them is right on the edge of the University and told him about my daughter going to college there and that if she had any kind of issues that she would come by and I gave them her name and introduce myself.

That I was miles away and could be there but I wanted somewhere that she could go that she could trust somebody and look at if it was just an issue with the vehicle well was a long afternoon. I guess probably a month into her first year there are trunk wooden shed and what it is. She put too much stuff in there and tripped the latch, but she goes by the group. You know, got the latch. What was all working in. Then they called me to tell me what the deal was a step, but it ended up where it took a lot of thanks from me where I didn't really worry about that because I knew there was somewhere that she knew where she could go that be able to help her and get her back on the road safely. So I just encourage you if you have a child. This movement away are going to the college going to be out of town go in that area. Try to find that and at that point I gave her she had their number. She also had the number of a towing company in that area's of something happen a flat tire won't start, locked the keys in. She was able to know who to call, would not be in that crisis, trying to figure that out, and so somebody close to the University and it all worked out great well for us. Get back into the terminology you know this is is a long process. As far as you know what needs to happen you been in a traffic accident. Your car is damaged.

What's the next step, or thing is to contact your insurance company or the insurance company that is at fault and I always think is better to contact both insurance companies because you want to make sure that you're the first one to report it and stuff and then to kind of figure out what type of insurance claim. It is, you know, were you at fault and your car is damaged, you've either got a you know you got a collision claim and you needn't understand that in the process. For that, or you were hit by somebody else you have a liability claim or it could even be that you have your comprehensive claim which may be glass damage or are all run over an animal and damaging your car vandalism can be a lot of things hail damage. All of those are important to know and it is kind of important to know the difference in them. Also, you have that's what makes you also have uninsured and UIM coverage. Also but like with the comprehensive claim. One thing about a comprehensive claim is to make sure you think that with through when you call in the end it is a comprehensive claim. You certainly want to be filed as a comprehensive claim because you don't have insurance points for comprehensive claims you want that process to go that way and make sure that you explain. You know what it was that it wasn't. Make sure you look and make sure that it is a comprehensive claim. Make sure that you stay you know own that same language that is comprehensive, so it helps you in the end with your interviews. He sometimes could be even a lower deductible, but you never have insurance points for comprehensive claim within a few get the claim reported to the insurance company.

The next step is to what I need to do as far. Start the process and that is to get an estimate insurance company will probably give you some options all getting an estimate there is blood for five different options. One of the options is you may be asked to go to their claim center where they have an adjuster there who will look at the vehicle and ride out the appraisal for the repairs or they may opt you into doing a photo claim animal ecology on the photo claim.

The photo claim is really good. It just getting the claim started because with a take a photo claim and you take it on your phone you text them the pictures and they write you an estimate from those photos and mail your check and you think it's all over, you know there's you gotta realize you're looking at pictures and you're not looking at the severity of the damage. You can see the impact points that as far as the depth of it in the 47 and you can't really raise up the hood and look underneath or around the bumper and stuff see what kind of the damage. So usually traditionally speaking, a photo claim is a most of the time. 40% underwritten because of just the limitations of them able to do it and there's a lot of people just take that that claim. Just take the money and just Cashel. So it really doesn't just cost you money at the end are, you take it somewhere and they just say I'll fix it for under what you got. No matter what in the know just maneuvering maybe do lesser parts are due lesser repairs, whatever it may be, but so you get the choice to take you to the claim center. They may offer you that are the photo claim which I'm not a fan of photo claim.

I know it's this being used more more in the industry are you may have an adjuster who comes to you where they may meet you at work or at your home or even meet you at the repair facility.

If you already know that silliness and repaired all you could do it is that they may offer you a DRP which is a direct repair shop. This Besa company we are recovered at DRP for all most of the major insurance companies. What we do we do the whole claim as far as you just get up an appointment. We electronically get your folder we write the estimate and then the whole process sort of goes a look a little quicker because at that point we are really handling that for you and your really our customer even though the interest Is paid and we need all work together but it doesn't really slow down because if we write the estimate then if we run into hidden damage. Supplemental damage we just keep going with it were not waiting on a it adjuster or that shop is not what he known adjuster come back out and to get approval on most cases Something is questionable if a soul damage or Morris accident related.

So those are the processes that are going help you get to move along, but the important thing is due one of that you feel most comfortable with and also exclusive formula. All DRP's nondisabled tough, but that is the moment we get back. Once again, just give us a call 8663 foray 7884 mission Cargile radio rate heavy this morning and will you got radio this morning mentioned stall with. I'm kind of filling in for Robbie is not in the studio with me this morning. He is taking a personal day were the hardest working men I know in radio is Robbie Gilmore and with all the shows that he doesn't produces and all the work he does around the station. He certainly deserves a weekend off. Also, you know. Not only does he do that analysis gives me an opportunity to talk little bit about Jesus labor of love. One of the I guess is probably now being down no or five years ago when Robbie had the vision. Then Bill got a put on his heart had implement something for for widows and women that were just really just struggling with transportation. This we come up the human God came up with Jesus labor of love and do the years that is really touched so many lives as so many women and and families that are just to the point where they really didn't have any hope our couldn't see the hope and through that program that I just had to know how many cars on Kabbalah like to know that number have been put on the road and how many families of got transportation through that either repair their vehicle or even some cases people have donated vehicles and we've given those two people that did not have a car. The repair process of the vehicle. Really, what did make sense. So this morning, just as I want take limited time to talk about that you know this great opportunity for all of us to get involved in that, either through the prayer team to help with that. You go online known Christian card radio and it's got a link to Jesus labor of love are you just punching Jesus labor 11 go directly to the website you go to pit help with the prayer team. He always need help their head and one of the cool things. Robbie will tell you is a verb were those requests when he gets in contact with them personally wants to do is just just pray with them and look to see where God is leading them and make sure that you know one thing they understand no somebody cares about. But more importantly their Lord and Savior cares about them and that's what that whole process is about but if you like to join that team and and help pray for people love to have you do that if you like to donate. I always say you don't take money from your church because local church certainly needs members to supported stuff for those ministries. If you're looking to somewhere else to 22 given to touch people's lives and to make an impact man donate to Jesus labor of love and another piece of that is that those donations are 100% all go to the repair of vehicles we don't have it and Robbie doesn't get paid. Nobody gets paid for that is just prickly wonder percent of your donations goes to meet a need and meet those requests that people who vehicles either broke down or needs to be replaced.

Also, if you have a vehicle you may think that's a worthless car and not been as may not be the prettiest thing of the most modern thing, but it functions and it still runs donate that vehicle Jesus labor of love because I can guarantee there somebody out there listening this morning on his already put in a request that would be the hugest blessing in their life to be able to receive a car. So this couple ways to help is one to pray for the applicant's and Robbie be able to help you and get you hooked up to do that also donate that money wonder percent goes to putting cars back on the road and Devon use that as a ministry to bring people and take that burden off of a lot of people where they got transportation donate a vehicle great resource if you have subsidy or not not drive any more or fewer repair facility. If you are repair facility.

You look at a way that you think that your company would like to get involved in a ministry mantis is an awesome awesome opportunity I'm involved in it raise bodyshop wrecker service been doing it for years and it is a blessing that I'm certainly proud and glad to be able to contribute to those are great avenues Jesus labor of love and also this morning us once they hope Robbie is having a great weekend and I just appreciate the opportunity to be able sit in this chair okay back to some of the terminology we talked about the claims.

Get it all going and also determining where to get the estimate stuff.

Next thing is choosing a body shop in all body shops are not the same. You know there's ichor train bodyshop in our core goal body shops.

That's really the standard this far as training facilities go and organizations go where I called gold, which is the highest you can get and it's just important because we know that our technicians gone through the proper training measures a shop that has the equipment to repair your vehicle and has determined that knows the knowledge and has knowledge of what needs to happen to to the repair process Internet we get back to okay your vehicle you've chosen the shop. You've already got the estimate stuff.

Okay, now there's a couple things you probably need to know one is one of my vehicles a total loss. But if they say is not repairable. What is that mean a lot of times the vehicle you been driving her's didn't seem like is that bad, but really there's a couple processes they come up with to determine if it's a total loss here in North Carolina is 75% rule. If the vehicle repair hit 75% threshold is a total also uses 70% they may deem it a total loss because of the possibility of hidden damage. They don't want to get with crosses that 75% as if they will restore the process hit 75%.

They have to total vehicle. Also, you have the other way of determined, that is, if the repair cost plus the salvage cost of the vehicle equals or exceeds the pre-loss condition value of your vehicle was a total loss when next question, whenever that I get asked a lot and we get asked a lot.

Most bodyshop so get asked a lot.

Should I keep my vehicle weave is totaled with S there's times when that is a good idea if the sum that this damages over vehicle. The value is in very high, you can usually repair pretty cheap and still have a safe and a good looking vehicle that pretty accident condition where you couldn't go out and replace it for that. Some of the newer stuff I don't suggest doing that because we go back to the hidden damage sometimes hidden damage.

You may have a vehicle that has just say $12,000 worth of damage on it but you can't tilt the computers or damage the sensors are damaged and all that type of stuff and all the sudden you buy it back and you find out that it has for $5000 of hidden damage that was not estimated was when you write an estimate you're only writing what you physically can see it all the sudden that added expense his own youth. You can't go back to the insurance company and recoup any of that. So most of the time if it's newer vehicle with a lot of electronics and staff. I suggest letting the vehicle go because of you don't want to take a chance of having those high calls to come back at you that you are responsible for that you weren't expecting and that can kinda really miss the whole thing up. Plus you also gotta worry about you know yet how expensive vehicle has been total loss is got total loss title you cannot in your state, you may not be able to get collision insurance on it anymore. Most insurers do not put collision insurance on a total loss vehicle. Okay talk about supplements stuff that's where an estimate and it's good to have a company that works with the insurance company in the bodyshop and you all work together because if you have supplemental damage was to have the insurance come to pay the shop directly to make sure they get that cover so if you get an estimate you could get 10 estimates you're probably get 10 different figures and there can be some big variances in those the end of the day is insurance company will cover was damaged because there's always that supplemental damage that you don't see your you think maybe it can be repaired but it needs to be replaced. Once you get into the process.

Are you put it on the machine are on the frame rack and you put the measurement system to it and then you realize what you know what it has damage throughout the unitized body that we didn't see you put thousands more dollars of repair costs. So all that is supplemental damage and is important to make sure that that the shop is willing to work with insurance come and work with you through that. Also, another thing that will always kinda throw people and make sure that the end of the day when he come pick the vehicle up that they don't understand that the deductible on your policy. If your if it's a liability. Client are collision claim and assure insurance in your fault and you have a deductible anywhere used to be a lot of people had $100 deductible, but the time of bringing your claim in your your your premiums down is not unusual see $1000 deductible $500 deductible when you pick that vehicle up the insurance company pays everything less. What did what your deductible so if you had an estimate for it makes your simple thousand dollars and you had a $500 deductible insurance company pays $500 you pay the other $500 when you pick the vehicle up so it's important to understand that, and hopefully the shop will talk to you about that. See you understandable as those hidden things where you don't know that can get you in trouble. You know we're gonna cost of your will talk a little bit about the terminology on the estimates coming up when the sort of some of the languages GMAC owner written estimates may not understand when a sort of talk about those and make sure that you have understanding of what they're saying and what that means to once again great morning this morning. Talk level to really talk to the media. What try to understand the language of insurance companies use only estimate you back in a moment is and is legal is really welcome back Christian car got radio and is going to come to go to some of that the wording that the terminology that you may see on an estimate.

If you go to Christian card radio website you going to see a list of the words and stuff and what the definitions are an extensive list there that that probably give you little bit of comfortable feeling when you start dealing with looking at an estimate and a couple of things I would like to mention just the things that can't always we always get questions about when you look at an estimate one you know that they don't understand what it means and what the difference in the different terminology that that that is used in the industry that you just may not be familiar with, and certainly stuff you don't use every day but when you get it.

One things like said. We talked about is just no end.

What type of coverage you have a what type of claimant is understanding what a supplement is, and also understanding what your deductible is in the end, and who's responsible for that and a lot of those questions as far as that type of coverage you know it's great to have that agent that you can talk to and sort of go through that process because a lot of times people get these high deductibles and don't really realize you may save them a few dollars on their premium. But you know when you have an accident all the sin you have $1000 deductible man that is that can be tough to deal with when you're already in the middle of a crisis. So you may want to just talk it through with your agent. Couple things you may see on the estimate was a time of the bottom people always ask us what is that hazardous-waste fee on the bottom of the most estimates you'll see that that is the fact that by now with all the paint materials and primers and sailors and an even even though the body fillers and corrosion protection stuff that's that's that becomes waste has to be disposed of properly. So we have light but for us, we have Safety-Kleen that is our this contract to take our waste away where there's a fee that your charge that Somoza Thomas either five or $10 at the bottom essence is hazardous-waste fee that isn't for anything other than the removal and disposal properly disposing of that that waste also on your estimate at different times to the body of the estimates you'll see OEM parts. What OEM parts are as original equipment manufacture S means.

If you have the vehicle that's the OEM part would be made up purchased up initially made by the County but purchased through your OEM which would be for Chrysler Honda and Nissan, whatever it may be best with the OEM part is, then you may see AEM or aftermarket which will be an aftermarket part which means that is probably not made by the manufacturer that made the original part but with aftermarket parts is a huge variety and quality. Most insurance companies are we make sure used to house quality which has standard testing that has a meet or exceed the OEM part others. Other cheaper stuff out there that may be, but only estimate that you want to stay away from. That's where you need to make have a relationship with the shop and sort of talk at through you don't go to this whole list and stuff, but I view I encourage you go to the website or give us a call at the shop. You know, I'll be glad to go over it and are send us email at the shop and there's any kind of questions. One things I want to make sure that I do before we close out of here. There's this book that I have loved you in the devotions out of every every day I do and is called Jesus is calling will probably a week ago, the devotion which kinda hit me made me think back and I've read it a couple times and I've seen it.that photo didn't texted other people and stuff but I was one read that this morning because I think it's sort of when were far everyday life maturing in an accident are in crisis are or would just dealing with family issues and stuff is sort of the good detail to hear these words, started says do not long for the absence of problems in your life and I think about that man. Why in the world.

What I'm not long and do not, I don't see why having problems in my life would be a good thing but he says is you know do not long for the problems of your life that is in unrealistic goals. Since this world you will have trouble. You have an attorney a problem free living reserve for you in heaven. Rejoice in that inheritance, which no one can take away from you, but do not seek your heaven on earth. Many times I try to seek my heaven on earth says then begin each day anticipating problems, asking me to equip you for whatever difficulties you encounter. The best equipping is my living with me is your living with me in my presence, my hand that never lets go of yours. Discuss everything with me. Take a lighthearted view of trouble seeing is the challenge that you and I together can handle.

Remember that I am on your side and I have overcame the world in a manner some that that is a powerful devotion and I think about it, not as ordered, dissected winded that you know what else so many times you were says take your problems to me. It was sort of. We talk about no understanding decoding the insurance estimate in that language in the. The repair collision industry you know God wants us to also decode his language is not harbored.

How do we understand God's purpose in life. How do we understand when troubles come that God is in control. How do we understanding truly get the grasp of understanding that God has overcame the world know that spy be any communication with him and the best way to do that is through his word, in and through prayer and stuff and I just encourage everyone and I have to encourage myself also to make sure I spend that time because by doing that, I understand his language understand his purpose in my life. I can understand. I don't always have to like it but I can understand the troubles and the hardships that I'm faced with sort of unexpectedly, but most of the time on a daily basis.

At some level, but calls he has a purpose and you know what I need to also realize that inheritance of heaven is in on this side of heaven.

It also need to make sure a point and remember the promise of eternity in heaven. So this morning that's when leave that with you is the fact that you stay in touch with God because he has overcome the world. And whenever the crisis heretofore in an accident are our messed up offenders hanging out the bumpers, dragging the ground were been in a wreck or signal beside the road with an overheating or flat tire out of gas whatever it is you know, don't let that consume you don't like that sort of overtake your joy and stuff you want go ahead and head that now start planning on who you going to call get those repair facilities lined up, find out a record company that you feel comfortable with go and talk to them. Also make sure when you're getting the whole repair process. There's never a dumb question if you don't understand something and you're not sure what's the best case scenario for you are don't understand it, ask just ask whoever you're talking to asked that that somebody at the repair facility estimator. There are our talk to your insurance agent or talk to the adjuster for the insurance company to be glad and more than willing to to step you through and walk you through the process because there is a lot of terminology and a lot of language. This use that you just don't use in your everyday life so you don't understand it.

Where when you're in the industry for me at all makes sense because it's the language I use every day, but have to also remember that it's just not that way you needed for your in the middle of a crisis.

Make it as easy and as comfortable as trouble-free as we possibly can on Rian for consumers. Once again this morn is been a great morning we missed Robbie tomorrow morning get up and go to a local church support that church also look of Jesus labor of love is any way that you feel that you could contribute either through prayer team financially giving donated a call if you have a repair facility would like to join the team of repairs throughout this country go to website get signed up. Have a great weekend.

Robbie will be back next week. Thank you lately come into your home this morning

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