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Consider Yourself One Of Us

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 6, 2019 11:41 am

Consider Yourself One Of Us

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 6, 2019 11:41 am

No doubt Charles Dickens encapsulated the Orphan Spirit in Oliver Twist. All alone no one really cares, if its going to get done, its up to me. That’s how I always felt when I prayed, that was up until Monday morning.   In This Podcast discover more on battling the Orphan Spirit

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All my love, chewable, Christian now and the time you the Christian car guys show and considering ourselves one of us. I got Bill Mixon with Morton Bill you want to consider part of us to what is just a pleasure to been with you all these years.

Really, it's been almost 11 but you have for us today on this idea of consider yourself one of us will I was thinking that it's hard for us to believe anybody loves us or cares for us more than we love or care for ourselves and I was hoping that fit in with your topic, it does fit it fit so well because no doubt that Charles Dickens, who wrote Oliver twist, if you're not familiar with it, but it's an amazing book that was later made into a musical and certainly is been several movies but Oliver twist kind of encapsulates the orphan spirit that idea that I'm all alone in the world right that no one really cares it. If it's going to get done. I've got to do it.

It's up to me what honestly what I think about that. That's how I felt when I prayed. That is, up until this Monday morning that I felt like when I was me and God. It was just me and God. So my normal morning if you know me you know I hope to be up at 4 AM. Freebie animals get my coffee and be praying by 415. Unfortunately, that was the case this Monday and I was praying along the lines of the daily prayer that I spoke about my show you're so down.

It's posted course Christian car under my daily prayer, but I got to the part that says heavenly father, thank you for loving me well lately just based on the shows that I've done this year.

I imagine myself rising like Solomon right when you're getting a lift from a lion and then placed in the father's lap. For an intimate time of anointing, as I described in article I wrote on the 23rd Psalm. Also, Christian Car so Monday I was delighting in the father and I looked up and I ask you know, I said, can I ask you questions.

If the father just kind of laughed at me with approval and I asked him I said in my the only one appear appear in your lap and I don't think words could really describe the gleam was in his eye or the joy that I could describe in his face as he says to me Robbie. I'm so glad you asked that question and then it was if a veil was lifted and I became aware that everyone I cared about was there in God's lap right, my wife, my children, my grandchildren, my dear friends even sums it weren't so dear to multitude them in multitudes were there and when I became aware of it I realized that the veil that was keeping me from seeing this was that orphan spirit at the orphan spirit.

The one of the greatest evils in my idea of it befalls mankind that feeling that Jesus cried out from across my father, my father, why have you forsaken me, and almost immediately while I'm having this discussion with God. All of a sudden I remembered. Oh yeah, the Jesus when he taught us to pray, he did it in the plural right. You're not alone. Our father right. Give us this day right, forgive us as we forgive others and also noted in Daniel's prayer in Daniel chapter 9, you know, if you read that prayer you see Daniel start talking about verse five we have sin, we have committed in the iniquity we have acted wickedly, we have rebelled all those you can see, Daniel is praying clearly as Nehemiah does in chapter 1, right, and if you look them at chapter 1 of Nehemiah you're gonna save some similar way, says we have sin against you and our whole ancestral houses sinned against you. We've acted corruptly against you. We have not kept the minutes for the statues or the rulings that you commanded your servant Moses said now the little understanding of that prayer. That idea of I mean if you really think about when you're praying with God you picture yourself alone or do you picture it suite you consider yourself one of us.

So with an understanding of the antidote for the orphan spirit that I think was gained by ingesting Charles Dickens, Oliver twist, Martin Horsey in Hampshire keep Hampshire wrote the lyrics consider yourselves, read these to you and I want to think about these as I read them, consider yourself at home.

Consider yourself one of the family. We've taken you so strong, it's clear were going to get along.

Consider yourself well in consider yourself part of the furniture there. I love this line.

There isn't a lot to spare. Who cares whatever we got. We share if it should chance to be. We should see some harder days. Empty larder days. Why grouse always a chance will meet somebody will foot the bill, then the drinks are on the house.

Consider yourself. Our mate we don't want to have no fuss for after some consideration we can state consider yourself one of us, so are we alone when we pray, I think not. But how about your driving.

You know might be going somewhere with all this right so you consider it you against every other driver out there or is this a team effort on me. We all need to get places by helping traffic flow. We can enjoy the fellowship of the father's delight. We really can't imagine how delighted he is when he sees us realize that we are considering ourselves part of the family so as an opportunity to take the orphan spirit.

Next time you're behind the wheel right. Remember these line from Oliver twist, we don't want to have no fuss for after some consideration we can state, consider yourself one of us. Wow, what are your thoughts on being alone the world are part of the family of God. What is all this conjure up and you I've had such amazing callers over the last few weeks. I'm so excited about what you might bring to me today on the subject, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and is comical for me to be able to share this particular show with my good friend Bill Mixon has you are one of us had not been around for a while. When we started together. You were kind enough to let me come on now what your point is is well made and when I think about how it encompasses the Lord's prayer. A good explain. Will somebody told me once that we stop reading the Lord's prayer before were supposed to sit what you mean by that. He said it was a letter.

Nobody stops read in a letter I said yeah, but what your point is right after the Lord's prayer. It says, for if you is not the number for its FO are its I ran out of gas. For I didn't fill my tank.

I didn't fill my tank for a lift my money. It means because Jesus gave us the Lord's prayer. He said because if we forgive others when they purposely maliciously set out to do is Bodley. It says if you forgive others when they sin against you. Then your heavenly father will forgive you when I'm in the jail outside of the guys. What type of sin is forgiven and almost always. I guess it's all CNS it no false and were forgiven. Satan's going to greet us and they'll Evan that all repentant. CNN is forgiven. Jesus said he came said that repentance and forgiveness of sins would with your holding anger against somebody else. You obviously haven't repented. So Jesus gave us the Lord's prayer to teach us how to forgive others.

Telemann the jail is didn't have anything to do with the others. Most of the people were ticked off at in this world that know who we are that officer that loves you what been though you are. It's the people.

When we forgive others.

We learn how to forgive ourselves better and the better we are forgiving others and ourselves better.

We can love others and we can't believe anybody loves us and respects us more than we love or respect yourself and most of our loneliness and life comes from sitting there thinking about. Nobody likes me, everybody, Hill hates me I should go eat snails got as well. Snail not fast food people never see it.

If we come back. I am excited about your call, now this is well enough up inside of you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the truth and peers or renewing your mind with Dr. RC scroll trust and for trusting in the church you're in trouble. The full sense of the if you trusting in your own righteousness, you're in trouble is a false and subsume what if you say what I'm really trusting in his grace. Be careful.

Why is it that the ticket is that the answer that I must rest ultimately on the grace of God alone. Yes, but be careful how you understand grace with so yeah, I can only get into heaven by the grace of God alone. I recognize that I'm a sinner only grace will save me but it got really gracious will certainly include videos of God is just gracious to me and I confused just gracious when you get some for today special offer visit renewing your mind or hate is volleyball says he thanks for listening to plug-in job to do your coming with us in the movie Spider-Man far from home, Peter Parker, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is going on vacation but bad. They'll take a holiday. This latest Marvel universe chapter is a web slinging adventure filled with tons of entertaining action and there's a lot of self-sacrifice and heroism in the heavy hitting mix between deceit, rude humor and some rough edges.

Language can hit below the belt, especially for parents of younger superhero fans I'll get the new Spider-Man 3/5 for family friendliness. Check out the full plugging into the movies and I'm Bob Olshansky for Focus on the Family's plug-in movie review Wayne is so we are talking about. Consider yourself one of us today or go so and so, Bill. I can't help but think about this moment of a car accident right and all the sudden I don't know if you've noticed but all sudden finger start pointing yet you get it you can interview for people that were in the same accident and be pretty sure they were entirely different state yeah yeah so you know this is a difficult place to where you consider yourself one of us. You know, and in which, by the way this happens in life. Quite frequently, but there you are right and you're absolutely certain that that other person ran the red light or that your absolutely person that certain that that other personal speeding your you're absolutely certain that and take it to personal experiences that fit your so you know If we can practically apply this because what you described.

I think is absolutely accurate like oh my goodness like you're all the sudden, in a situation where you got a forgive right that person that literally put your life in danger because they were speeding or they were texting while you're driving or whatever the world happened or you go to forgive yourself because you're the court texting while you're driving or whatever the situation is by which by the way you want to learn the to this week is that the police now, at least in the state of North Carolina. They have the right to take your phone and see if you were texting at the particular time of the accident or unit they can they can pull those records and slope and crematory you know but probably not a word and turn your new crispy critter straitjacket that is somewhere but nonetheless, so here we are wearing a position to forgive immediately as tough and you there. I'm not sure there too many people that can forgive immediately, but that's where we want to get to. It's a situation in my mind. It's a spiral up. So if I learn how to forgive someone else a small injustice that I can learn how to forgive myself and I can learn how to forgive others better and then I can use it to help love I can learn to love somebody a little bit more than that in my mind starts off with forgiveness and that I can learn how to love myself more at we usually trapped. Looking back at our lives at the mistakes we made and she Jesus came to tell us that we've got a loving and caring father in heaven and God came to say that not only will he forgive her repentance and he will totally forget repentance in act always think that the reason he chose instead a locking it away to forget it is that we're supposed to get a point in our life we don't beat ourselves up for the mistakes that we made in the past and the better we are doing that. Only then are we capable of understanding with got a God in heaven. I daddy in heaven. Abba father that loves us so much that he's not keeping a record of our sins that he wants us to come to him and laid, that is transgressions at his feet, whether there's to deal and you know I don't know when you get into deep healing and and John a warm spit spoke of communing with the trying of God he made a statement that is forever in my mind, he said there was a deep cleansing of the blood of Christ and and it's one thing to say Jesus forgave me for burping at the table or whatever but it's it's another thing to say Jesus forgave me for that absolutely despicable thing that I was doing in on the Internet or that absolutely despicable thing that I was you know accusing my brother of or that despicable way that my pride got in the way of you know and and I can remember confronting Jesus with those things in repentance and saying, but I'm guilty I'm guilty and him saying Robbie did not pan out for me.

And isn't there an and therein lies. I think exactly your point that when I got to the point where I could receive that forgiveness receive the blood of Christ where I really felt like the lady caught in adultery who you know where your accusers Robbie if I'm standing here and I'm Jesus who can accusing your covered under the blood. There, but that the interesting thing of that statement is.

If you're standing there. That person just ran a red light. They were texting while they were driving and they almost entered your family but was to save that. Unfortunately that did not happen there you are right that minute. Now if that person will repent like you just described and become under the blood of Christ and you better not be one of their Jesus piece is that what you go ahead and toss the first rock dear Bill, I wish I could remember his name but we had a city councilman one time who his children were walking down the street, little children, and a lady came driving down and killed one of them in the story was from people watching that he was there loving on the lady that ran over his child while his wife was taking care the other child. It didn't do have that level of faith to have that level of love to be able to forget that that much.

Jake, I hope that I'm moving in that direction.

Yet, before there was a radio shed. It was Christian businessmen's committee and we did a book called transforming grace by Jerry Bridges, and yet that book that's the second most important, most powerful life-changing book that I ever read that I will forever be appreciative to you a Christian businessmen's committee for letting me discover that book and anybody out there that's having a hard time trying to give up the problems that come along with the transgressions that we carry along with us. I tell the guys in the jail is like a 50 pound bag of regrets in every step we take that bag pops us in the rear.

He and I and that bag prevents us from being able to recognize the people around us that are hurting and need help because as long as were struggling with a 50 pound bag. We don't have the energy or the attention deceived and become the ambassadors for Christ to be a light on the hill in a time of refreshing.

We've got to come to a point in our walk we learn to forgive ourselves and then we can appreciate that all loving, caring, handy while now I noticed conjured up some love to hear your version or something. Think the question yes ability 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634. We got so much more will be more if you call will all you today show one of us meeting in one of those in the body of Christ and do we feel alone with the orphans.

Like Oliver twist, or do we feel like we consider ourselves one of us. Which by the way that young man who was singing in is the was from Britain's got talent or whatever that you know like America's Got Talent only.

But this one was Britain's got talent and so he was wanting to sing the part of artful dodger in Oliver twist for that particular one but speaking of the orphans. Only been speaking about that and we don't want to miss your call.

We really don't 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call in and share a comment or question or whatever you're thinking today, 86634878846.

Speaking of the orphans spirit the Jesus labor love you may know part of the Christian card I show it's there Christian Car is the Jesus labor love which is directly aimed at the issue of orphans as no single moms, widows and families in crisis and I you know there are a lot of if you think about what Oliver twist happened numbing wettest sad story. Charles Dickens, if you may be a bit familiar with him and that you seem a Christmas Carol. At one point in time or maybe even heard the Christian card I theaters version of a Christmas Carola but anyway he wrote Oliver twist, the reason he understood the orphans spirit. The way he did was unfortunately when he was about 10 years old.

His father was arrested for a debt and thrown in prison and so he was forced to go work in one of those work houses that were described by Scrooge. You are there no workhouses.

Remember that line from the movie or from the book and he went to work tomorrow.

Does workhouses actually smothered sentiment and he got a feeling of what that was like for six months. Interestingly, his father got somehow or another negotiated with the people got taken out of prison so my mother got his son out of the workhouse and so my mother got him involved in coming sent to innocent boarding type of school. That was a good school for for young Dickens, but he had that period of time where he got to see what it was like to be an orphan. He got to meet. In fact, he met and Oliver twist character read. He took that name from that time when he was actually in that workhouse when he was 11 years old so there are kids today. I assure you they are there right there they're hungry. There mom single mom, you know. Or maybe there orphans and and they can't get a ride to the doctor. I know because I'm taking these calls every week and it's amazing to me. Sometimes I don't have the gas to get to work to make the money I mean when you when you listen to some of the stories and I realize that there's a lot of bad choices that were involved in it and if you read Oliver twist, you know.

His mother obviously was a single mother.

She wasn't even married when she you know she had admin this workhouse.

I mean the stories are sad that the people make bad choices flip situation is nowhere in a situation where you know God's given us and so think about this. There is not a lot to share.

Who cares whatever we got. We share.

I mean that's what that's right there from the Psalm Same thing with the Jesus labor love. I just point out that you know when I worked for the United Way. I noted it was that the people that made the least amount of money who gave the most. The United Way and and I've seen that exact same thing with the Jesus labor, love, and it is fascinating to me but I can go to car dealers that own chains of car dealerships. It could help the Jesus labor love amend us tremendously. But the music will give me the time of day, but this little independent shop that really is struggling to pay his own payroll is the guy who goes out on a limb to help the Jesus labor love customers or in of the single mom herself was struggling that sends me $500 or not. And I'm almost speechless with generosity.

Sometimes of the single moms widows that give back to the Jesus labor. So along those lines, I just wanted to point out, we don't have these T-shirts so for a gift of any amount to the Jesus labor love. We will send you out a T-shirt, their sizes right. It Christian card. The idea being that I don't know if you're aware, but we have no administrative cost of the Jesus labor love. It's an all volunteer army mostly me. You know what I should say all the car repair guys that do that are not one of them and they are the ones that are doing that and they are doing it out of the goodness of their heart.

Sometimes, and sometimes were paying to help get it done so that we can get it done but it's happening through your gifts and every penny that is donated. Every penny that goes for a T-shirt or whatever is all going to go right back to single moms, widows and families in crisis and we hear them all the time. You know, and so we would love love love love for you to pray with us. I mean, you know like we talked about in the beginning that were not praying alone were not in the vacuum.

You know that that God is there, but also our fellow believers. As we pray for the Jesus labor love. There's a whole team that's come alongside of us right Bill absolutely and you know I'm sure you're seeing this in the jail ministry same kind of thing that the people that give their time and whatever their treasure whatever we got. We share that the people that I see do the most are very humble people financially and just amazes them I could tell you some stories. We don't have done. I would have time to hear one story. Well, I've got a dear friend. He's almost 70 who does more in a week than most churches did and he's just a wonderful, wonderful fellow with reasonable background and it showed normal job going through.

But in his retirement just gives and gives and gives a lot of the Gideons.

I know were just absolutely wonderful fellows that give dozens of hours a week and lots of money to make sure their Bibles everywhere in the idea again is fascinating to me that I really sense in my own mind that as we pray were sitting there and orphans. I many many times you know is as you climb the corporate ladder. You think it's it's me me me right if I many get up.

I've got to be the one that you and I go to pick my set myself up by my bootstraps. The galas look like tuna. She's but see. Interestingly, it's not us that raise our self upright. It's it's it's God that eventually will raise you up only if you let them right.

If you take the low seat, but if you jump up there in the highest seat you know it won't be long and and there to find a way you know God allows people to knock you back down to where actually it is that you belong and so will you don't receive because you you you don't see kinds part of it has to be that you got a wonderful relationship with your daddy and you know that he's got wonderful things in store for you there. Lots of people stumbling around in done except what God's got right in front of them because they don't feel they're worthy don't feel loved, in themselves, and they don't look for all the blessings that God has for you may be significant. Robbie Nikes. How could we pray for you and how can we pray for the Jesus labor love. How can we pray for the Christian card Arabia.

Here's a prime example. I mean, I had an it issued that happened this week. This lady had come to us a year and 1/2 ago and we helped her and then she came back to us.

Six months later and once again we tried to help her. Now here it is six months later and here she comes again and she's describing how her car isn't in the in these things, that it needs are all maintenance items that if people take care of the cars in my mind it though some things that should not necessarily had to be done again here we are in the car needs it and she's talking about the brakes and she's talking about this and that and then she says oh by the way you're going to have to tow it because it's hard to guess. And at this point in time.

I'm really struggling.

I I am struggling like oh my goodness, you know what, where does my responsibility start and where it is my responsibility and I honestly have not yet resolved this particular issue.

I'm just saying when you're faced up to these things. How do you consider yourself one of us in that situation. What's the best way to live abundantly. I mean sometimes is to say no, but I can't figure out exactly how to we could use your prayers. We could use the donations the Jesus labor.

Love that free T-shirts for most of all we could use your phone call this last segment 866-3478 84.

You're listening to the truth and beautiful. One of us today on the Christian card I show we've been talking about antidotes for essentially the orphan spirit that feeling like man I got to get this done on my own.

There's nobody really cares about me. I'm in it by myself that sensitive father father why have you forsaken me that you know you can imagine that Charles Dickens had that sentence when his father was put in prison and he went to work in the workhouse and then begin to see that song or read the book Oliver twisted you can see that he understood what it meant to consider yourself part of the family consider yourself one of us and so along those lines, I was just marveling at the whole concept of communion right which if you think about it there's is like COM M calm and then union which is like community that's in union and then when you read what Paul wrote to these folks and Karen in Corinth, you know little bit's shenanigans is gonna give us an idea of what the orphan spirit looks like in a church because your goats the beginning of you know, first Corinthians 11 where you talk about communion were 70, but in the following instructions.

I do not commend you.

Because when you come together it's not for the better but for the worse. From the first place. When you come together as a church. I hear there are divisions among you, and I believe in part, for there must be factions among you, in order that those who are genuine among you may be recognized when you come together. It is not the Lord's supper that you read for the eating. Each one goes ahead with his own meal. One goes hungry.

Another gets drunk what the threat that there what do you not have houses to eat and drink him or do you despise the Church of God and humiliate those who have nothing what shall I say to you, shall I commend you in this know I will not and then right then you hear the familiar part of the Lord supper for what I received from the Lord.

I also delivered to you that the Lord Jesus, on the night when he was betrayed took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke which is a beautiful part of communion with Jesus broke that bread before he gave it to him and he said in the here week. This is the consider yourself one of us part right when when you're in communion when you're taking communion. Your you're in Christ and this is what Paul said. Here's what it isn't, and then he comes back he says this is what it is pictured taking this body that was broken for you in the same way he took the cup after saying this is a company in the new covenant in my blood. Do this as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me.

For as often as you eat this bread and drink this club, you proclaim proclaim the Lord's death until he comes. So if you can picture the church that truly is getting the picture of this right that what we talked about earlier in John Allen's book communing with the triune God of this deep cleansing of Jesus his blood. What would Bill described as if we begin to forgive ourselves, then we can forgive others, and as we forgive others. You know it's it's like you say it is the spiral he keeps going up to her now wow I can begin to know let that guy you in traffic awry can you know maybe put my arm around the guy that just cut me off somehow. You know I you know all these things are difficult but obviously it's grace that's attractive and when you when people see Grayson knew, even though it's easier said than done. And believe me, not looking at somebody who is full of grace all the time and my kids would tell you very quickly if they rode with me for 10 minutes that you know Rob I can get all jazzed up in the what's in it for me.

I think all of us have this tape recorder in us that when we were little. Anytime someone said something mean or hateful to us were mean or hateful to those around us, you worthless you never met anything I don't understand you that those things get trapped in us and it the wrong times that tape recorder comes on. It makes us feel little.

It makes us feel small. That and we say really awful things to even think really awful things about other people would work looking down on them when we are thinking that that gives us license to play that tape recorder and that tape recorder is what prevents us from being able to feel loved and except that we've got an all loving God and Paul came along to say. Think about what's noble, what's true, which lovely Woodson marble if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about those things and then the peace of Christ will be with you that we've got to change the thought. I Telemann the jail is like flushing a commode you always got the ability to put clean water in that Paul talks about you. A match can start a giant fire that one wrong word could do grace. Janet called and they have toilets in his day to be able to use that as a benefit, will you really have the lottery so that water out of the same well I'm get the picture completely got to get hold of that voice and got a quiet voice down or shut that voice and every time we use those thoughts to be little somebody else.

Every time we use those thoughts to be little ourselves.

We empower ourselves in the wrong direction is that old story about the Indian was asked of got these two dogs and me and one of them is vicious and mean and evil and the other ones loving and caring and I'm trying to figure out what to do.

Aces feed the good Doc, we've got to win those bad thoughts come with. Gotta put Christ in the middle of our thoughts.

We've got to set aside as unchristian thoughts, and the more that we get used to doing that. The more that we wake up in the morning and say I'm in a say something that builds up people today I'm in a say something that makes people feel better about who they are.

I want to say something that makes people motivated you you motivated me. I got a time. This whole idea flushing the commode because II that is so graphic I can picture that completely like oh my gosh, my mind gets totally filled with stuff that needs to get flushed. I the question is what triggered you to flush it. Will Paul says when that bad thought comes when that bad thought hits you, you've gotta replace that bad thought with a good thought and in my mind what's noble and righteous and pure Scripture with gotta have some Scripture tucked away.

We pull out as soon as those thoughts that we know a headedness in the wrong direction and my favorite is that I'm chosen and holy and dearly loved by God when I'm thinking that thought that I shouldn't think what I'm hidden down the wrong road with those thoughts.

I pull out that rock wall I'm chosen and holy and dearly loved by God and I can repeat that as many times as I need to do. Remember that with prayer and petition with Thanksgiving.

Lift up your request to God and the peace of Christ, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

And if I can remember that I can always start talking to God. I can share with him the concerns of got I could share with him the anger, the less that I'm dealing with that God will come into that conversation and it will help me get through and in and finally centered/yes or no Santa flush paint a picture that states that it's dark and lit arm after grated of some kind of Christian Car Guy show around the concepts of beautiful it's really wonderful. Thank you all for listening to Christian Car Guy show. Remember Jesus later love car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. Those are folks struggling again you can get a free terse T-shirt for a gift of any amount but a Christian Car and pick your size all that stuff like it's the forget of any amount the Jesus labor love. Remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years and don't forget the flesh listening to the Truth Network and how to reach over 200 million people in Africa. Africa needs Jesus. So what are we doing about it, Jerry Stu Epperson, author of the book last words of Jesus. This is a true commentary give back. That's right words dedicating this true, due to her friends, a trans raw radio who are trying to build a 200,000 W transmitter power right in the middle of Nigeria which will reach over 200 million people with a good news of Jesus Christ.

How can you be a part of it. Just call and pledge any amount to support this awesome outreach. The number is 889885656 directly to trans raw radio. Every penny goes toward reaching people across Africa, Nigeria particular with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 88898856564 Africa needs true commentary with Stu Epperson, author of the book last words of Jesus. Available now in bookstores.

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