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Who's Your Neighbor

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 27, 2019 1:52 pm

Who's Your Neighbor

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 27, 2019 1:52 pm

This week Robby is on a mission trip in Jamaica, and Jerry Mathis is filling in as host. The topic being discussed is who's your neighbor, you know the person that has been a good samaritan in your life. Jerry gives his thoughts and shares some stories as well as stories from the listeners. All of this and more right here on the Christian Car Guy Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network radio show you got radio I'm Jerry Mathis the bodyshop Christian body shop guy from Ray's body shop and wrecker service in studio with me this morning is my good friend Bob Young the T-1 this morning. You don't look like the Christian junkyard got me sit here and it suit and tie, and it's is a different look for me, but I have a funeral to attend this afternoon my wife lost an uncle like this give the best wishes to the family. Mr. Tommy will excuse me, Mr. Tommy Mozer and a pass this weekend were going to go pay our respects right after the show today, so Hedda had to put on the up upward close and head on in here this morning now and assume all convincing Bob walking in on you. I was underdressed this morning. If you notice with me in here sitting as the with Bob one aware Robbie is this morning. Robbie is on special assignment is been on special assignment for the past week. He is in Jamaica. They say boys and young man's camp is usually for trouble teens and I think he was been doing some speaking and working at the camp this week and to counter the odd thing about that. Robbie flew into Jamaica than two days after he flew in. I was flying out of Jamaica from my short-term mission trip upon their Christian church and little bit this morning woke up.

Talk about the theme is who is your neighbor and and who's that good Samaritan in your life and that is a question asked Bob and I have them thinking about it because if if you like me. We start thinking about people that made an impact.

It just showed up in your life. It was at good Samaritan and is sort of how we get down to that one story is Zach the ride. There's just been so many times that somebody just out of the blue. It seems so random, sometimes at the somebody just show up and make a huge market in your life and it happened so many times right after my son passed. People just people that didn't even know me yet heard about my situation and people would call and just talk to me and and just, you know, give me some guidance and and and just try to just tell me that they were sympathize and empathize in, and that that they really cared and you know that I hated I was going through such and just hope that they could say something to make a difference and it changed the way I thought about that you know I didn't know if I'd ever be able to speak about what it happened in my son died of an overdose in I was stigma seek for a long time.

I just thought that was the most tremendous thing but after he was gone, they didn't matter how they left. You know, it just it just I wanted to try to make a difference in people's lives the way the folks that it called me and so we we reached out and try to make a difference and try to help some folks that may be in the same situation, or maybe before you know people I got to where they would call me about the addiction side of and we tried to help people get some help with that is just it opened a lot of doors for me to help people through my experience and you know that gave more more meaning to his life and his death. If I could help people through that that the it's set a call in but it just help me out so much for people to call in and and and touch base with me in and like say some of my knees so mom I'd never heard of but just so many people that was wanted to reach out and try and help a really horrible situation. Yeah I nest this morning when I said that is, you know.

Also, this is a calling show, so I will people go ahead and think about when is that time when that neighbor your neighbor showed up at that good Samaritan showed up in your life if you think of one that happened to be related to an automobile side of the road or something.

So it even be great this morning with a B in Christian car got radio and again just reminder this is a calling show, so give us a call at 863487884 once again is a calling show 866-348-7884 and when you talk about that, Bob. The thing is, it kind of took me a lot of years to understand is the fact that I think will be set back and looking so you know what I need to do calls us so I did this for me and all the sudden he gave me a whole different perspective of it.

But you know what the probably the revolutionary thing about it all. When I realized it isn't necessarily of what somebody did. It was just the fact that they took the time and were willing to give of himself and give their give time you know when you're doing it so many times I went to situations that have gone the situation. Second, I need to know that that magical verse in the Bible the so make everything better. Our art are how to that one on my unit to make it all all the hurt go away or change the situation noted anything about that is just to show that you care. It doesn't have to be the perfect words. That's that's the thing, I finally realize that you know I always thought of myself as semi that could put some words together and make something really really magical but when somebody is heard in if they just if you just tell him hey you know I love you and thinking about you that this goes so far because they don't expect magical words. They just want to know that somebody cares as semi is really reaching out and am somebody really cares, and that part right there mean so much and it it it carries a lot of weight with me anyhow tell you that you did this you know I think when you her delicious is just knowing that you're surrounded by people that care and know the people you know what it is is the hurt this you this so deep is its nobody can make it go away but you just need to know that sometimes just to show in Christ.

I mean you just three people. You can see how Christ works in our lives and stuff and that's that's that. I just change his situation so so much and it doesn't just for that moment just but for days ahead months ahead, and I think this part of the one the main things that Robbie's able to do for people when they're struggling with the cars in the Christian Jesus labor of love when they're struggling with the car and they don't have any answers, and first thing Robbie will do is pray with them when he contacts them at an just immediately that's that's just such a uplifting thing I'm sure, and and yet they know somebody sincerely cares and and that there really trying to help them with their with their issue with the car and I just think that's one of the I'm sure Jesus is behind that ministry, that's for sure. Yeah it was a great thing he thought of and it's a great thing to be a part of to you and you are a big part.

You and Lori both are a big part of that ministry and and then you know there's a sense we custom take a moment just give a plug for that many fewer car care and at our center repair center main this is a great opportunity to give back to your community and give back to people there truly hurting.

If you're looking to say you know what I'm looking to see a way that God can use me in my business and this is a perfect way and those lives are changed, you know, we take me and you and most of our listers out here probably take transportation in vehicles and automobiles for granted we don't think anything about it at and we know we get in. You turn the key you go, and that some people don't have that luxury.

In the you know throughout the years at the yard when we were going out to get people's vehicle. Some people are so emotionally attached to that vehicle because it carried him that the acidic care that they have great memories with the family and the kids and my kids grew up in this car. I mean I've had people actually in tears as we were driving away with their vehicle.

You know it was not they were angry at us or anything it's just they were feeling separation hangers. I was part of the family said because you go back and like say all those memories and say exactly this. We have a car that you you not the kind of person that trades every two years or three years where you have one that part of the family for a lot of years and a lot of memories. A lot of memories here and there a lot of kids growing up Cheerios behind the seat. What out is about all of this come from I remember this a good you know that Jesus labor of love. There's another way that people can get involved in one, is if you make a donation of any kind to Jesus labor of love.

You will get one of the free Christian car guy Jesus labor of love T-shirts and Bob. Things are pretty sharp. Nothing I have not seen one yet.

I must be is plum honest about that but I can't wait to because I've heard about him.

I know what the logo looks like, but I hadn't seen it on the church. It yeah for any donation hi senior shirt and you go on Christian car guy website and has a link to Jesus labor of love are just punch in or just and in Jesus labor of love or to correct the website be not be able to contribute and get one of those T-shirts you want to want to be the first person the neighborhood to have one is talking about. See back in just a moment. Radio good Samaritan where that neighbors showed up to give you a hand just to get you through a rough time and call in number is 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Bob was talking about Robbie being in Jamaica and then I just got back from Jamaica on a short-term trip and the funny thing you do when everybody talks about went on a mission trip to Jamaica you know that what they see on TV is certainly not what Robbie would has been seeing this week and it doesn't even resemble what I saw the prior weeks. I mean it's just a whole different world. When you go in and possess a country that certainly hurting well. Part of what the story what made me think about the good Samaritan hemisphere little bit of a story that happened to me. Well, when we fly into Jamaica. We fly into Montego Bay. Robbie is in Kingston area, but we fly in than we have. Is this a mad scramble in the airport trying to get ahead.

When I flew in it was with 28 people and trying to organize and get everybody through customs and security in then we have to get our vans we rent fans there. We lost a bag of that airport. One time a gentleman picked up the wrong bag and and exited with our bank. That was a long drawn out thing but we got that straightened out that that take you to the little room off to the side and you sitting there getting a lot of literature that it worked out they they may contact in and he brought the bank right back to us and we inspected it and it was old and complete, and we had the call the airport and tell them that everything was fine with our bag before he could go back and get his back all that day they made it right but it was inconvenient yeah you know what when you go into a different country and stuff that he that adds another layer of complication was a seven we fly into Montego Bay. We get it here it is. We get our rental vehicles and stuff and I want to go back in a moment just talk a little bit about the rental car process and something but we get there we are in our vehicles and normally you think you look on the map Montego Bay and then mandible which is up in the mountains and is just just a poor area was how zoning have running water and stuff and you get up in that area, but you looking you think okay it's about 40 miles Bob 40 miles along going take you to get their help.

45 minutes to tell you what is in my way up to go to 35 units what you think and that is 3 1/2 hour drive while because your there's a matter fact we go up a mountain down a mouse in a new interstate is that asphalt or concrete well with their service parser that looked like something you'd see in the states with a lot of parts or look like they did dirt road behind somebody's house.

I mean, it is iteration zero yeah so we're ready for a 3 1/2 hour trip up to the mountains and likes to use. You will even in the mountain back down to the coast back up the mountain back down the coast is just your zigzagging and lupine and everything else well for this trip.

Halfway through our one of our vans broke down and also the right towards the back because I'm sort of like going to make sure nobody has problems in front of me, and if there's something I'll be aware of it as I blew right by that man never even saw him on side the road now will say headed. It was raining hard. Some, but somehow he was in the road and there must've been a truck that must been of the traffic stop because I went around it all and never even solemn, but when we went back and we drove a few miles and then finally he called the guy very friends to say I broke down a few miles back so I look back in when I got back there if there was a that good Samaritan to stop a Jamaican.

It stopped family in his car, but got out and help them and it was delivered say it was raining so wasn't that nice weather anything. He got out and help push that ban off to safety.

And when I say that these rows don't have one side drops off the other side got a mountain on the side of it.

There's just not much roadway emptied off-road area so yeah they probably push that thing I don't know. Must've been 30 or 40 yards to get it to where you get it somewhere that was safe and I just you know this guy had no reason to stop but he was helpful just their beauty just common everybody down and everything that was to me and that's why thought about thousand of the show that good Samaritan this is that I was I was our neighbor. Very good man come through for you in a crunch.

There, that's happened so many times I remember when I used to go back and forth Appalachian State. My main source of transportation at one time was my thumb and I would stand out there hello science today is you right there in Yakima go down to the Wilco and most every time I get a ride all the way up and met so many people like that just about a will and stop and help out the young man headed back to school.

Linda is just developed a lot of relationships just from needing a ride and it didn't it change the way I thought about people needing a ride.

I know it's a little different these days. Stop in and picking up somebody but the it just gave me that mentality of helping people and I carried it with me all through my life and you know it it's just almost impossible for me to drive by somebody broke down on side of the road I've left his radio show before and then headed home and in a give somebody you see somebody broke down or something.

Stop try to help her if I can help just give him a ride in and it's it just changes your life when you're able to help somebody yeah because you always think you know what if I was and what if I was the one sitting or stuck on side the road or my wife, are you know is just it just or your mom just as this so many ways to look at it and assist. I've always look past everything else in this. What can I do to help you talked about Peter Sen. hitchhiking on which you don't see that is often anymore, but you know what there was that what I know when I was growing up.

That was not unusual me.

I would say I got Dragon backpacker, some federal tobacco tote bag and head to the beach and Delia timeout it out again to all of us went all the way to Myrtle Beach one time and we left there and yakking County and two girls were following each other back got explicit and to young fine looking guy I would have been these days you I once again is a calling show would love to hear from you. Love to hear your story, 866-348-7884 and I don't know probably stiffen up as he does have to go to the funeral, but I want to save man. Thank you for being here this morning Robbie Gilmore here and you know I've developed a real soft spot for Michael you been waiting for the lowest price ever offered on my pillow. It's arrived with their patented interlock fuel system American-made guaranteed not to go flat. And believe me I've had mine for over five years now and it hasn't fully machine washable six day moneyback guarantee and a simple four question filling process right now get a two pack of my pillow premiums for only $69.99.

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Argyle radio I'm hearing Mathis with raised body shop and wrecker service this morning to talk about that good Samaritan in your life that that person. That failure broke down the side of the road, stop and give you hand gave you, lift, go get some gas or whatever it may be, would love to hear your story and also this morning to hummus and take just a moment.

I know this is a national program told just take a moment to say something that's happening in the Winston-Salem area own August 10 and the 11th which is a free veterans dental clinic that's being held at Palmdale Christian church and this is for veterans of that you was just a great opportunity to to give these guys give a little something back if you are veteran you need some some dental assistance.

And you know that that clinic there going to be doing is complete clinic to be able to do dental x-rays and in treatment and everything.

But if you go online to leave it better leave it better you can sign up for one of the appointment slots are you can call Palmdale Christian church at 336-788-7600. That number is again Palmdale Christian church 336-788-7600 and this clinic will be going on August 10 and 11th at the church great opportunity to to give back to our veterans will back to the trip to Jamaica.

One thing it at if you're in a church and they are involved in short-term missions. I encourage you to get plugged in and and and make one of those trips. If it's a local you know inside the United States. I know that at Oak Forest. Bob's churches going to Ohio and some in-state stuff and he is taken some of the youth on short-term trips. Palmdale makes a lot of in-state trips, but also very involved in international and trips and Jamaica. This is the 21st year, Palmdale is going to Jamaica in the mandible area to do ministry and stuffiness just as life changing experience. So I encourage you to do that we want talk about that triple axle related back to the car side of it when we get it is at say we get the vans and you hop in a man. Now the sudden you're on the road makes me remember a couple things. And I want talk about whenever you're going out of state, or a different town, especially to different country and you're renting a vehicle always tell people to tell my group and other people who are traveling always walk around the vehicle with the rental car people because they have little sheet and are checking the damage on it. But if they don't see it. Make sure you pointed out, and also do this every time on every vehicle. Our rent because it never fails when we turn in our vehicles are going well, what about that scratcher that DNO that rock chip in the windshield or what ever it may be. I take pictures of the vehicle go around it not take pictures and document any kind of damage. When I get in and start driving. If there's any kind of warning lights on a take a picture that and it sure makes life a little easier. Not that you know it just not that that you don't trust people for supper when you're different country. There are some situations where you can be taken advantage of. If you don't document is so as my point to save you some money and headache and hassle in the future if you really are vehicle I should document any kind of damage and make sure the people walk around with you also do that. Another thing when you go into another country. I encourage people to make sure you are aware of the laws. The driving laws in that country we go to Jamaica and when I get off the plane to pick up the vehicle.

I'm sitting in a bus with 15 people or that luggage piled behind me and all the sudden I'm sitting no longer on the left-hand side of the vehicle steering wheels on the right-hand side and I want to go get on the road where I want to be driving not on the right-hand lane but on the left-hand lane so mentally you just I need to be prepared for that stuff.

So I just always tell people just make sure you're aware of all of the you know that the facts about driving that country. If you plan on driving then.

If you're going to a country that has some of those you know I'll always encourage you may be better off if you have to travel just use a cab or some instead of trying to get a rental vehicle because there are different laws and different things and you get out there in Jamaica and you're going through a Susie come out of the airport at Montego Bay. You're in a traffic circle and all the sudden everybody's come at a different angle than you normally are. So it's just mentally she's kind of kind of tough to adjust to that it could be done but just be aware of it. Don't think that when you go to a country they're going to have the same laws the same vehicle steering wheels be on the same side and everything is what you use to just make sure mentally you prepare for that and you know whenever I get there. One of the things you know these vehicles that we drive have straight drops from shift in my left hand but the one thing that those me off more than anything anybody can in my bustle life about is because if I get ready to turn half the time a term of when sure wipers on because those knobs and handles are also on the opposite side. So when I'm being to have a turn signal him a wipers when I need him a wipers and hit return signals, but just kind of a learning process but the whole process is just being aware of what you're stepping into and again the matter what. Whenever you are renting a vehicle kind of make sure you document any kind of damage because if not the going to want if they don't document it. Don't see it you didn't see it when you turn the vehicle when they're going to want to charge her insurance company or have you pay for damage that may or may not have been there before you got the vehicle with go on that type of a mission trip you know part of it is little bit about what Bob talked about this morning to start with is the fact that we are giving, how is it being a good neighbor to somebody part of it is where you just so willing to to to to given that one of the best things we can get well.

One of the greatest things we can give anybody is the fact of making sure they understand that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior himself. Anytime we get the situation were able to give back to somebody are to be able to share that with somebody you know that's that's certainly being a good neighbor, but the other part is just giving of your time because so many times we think and I'll say we'll say I think I need to know that magical scripture in the Bible to some make all the pain go away in the hurt go away or have that magic wand that I can weigh this in a make it go away and then you know what I don't have that. And very few people are going to have that in only the magical piece in the Bible and the magical lawn is Jesus Christ and his love for us in that will go to get through that. But what we can do the impact we can make you just giving of our time will back to the. The trip to Jamaica Avenue get there and you get on those roads and stuff.

It makes you just appreciate the roads and in the United States, a major traveling on the road that's really one lane and you got traffic come in at you and you're trying to maneuver through that and then about every now and then you going around a sharp curve in your face to face with a semi truck on that same little road I mean is that this is the challenge. But the thing is when you sit or you think about all the hardships of getting there and everything else and and and what Robbie has done this past week with the the camp and stuff it means so much when we are able to go out and give time make a impact in people's lives because we take things for granted so much. One of the things that really kind of amazes me when we go on the BBSs that thou teach that I have the older adults are older adults, older kids, a lot of more adults that are from 15 own up to age kinda goes crazy. We have a book that we teach out of it is really written for elementary kids, a sort of rewrite my lessons to test the it the older kids and stuff but then we also do these crafts and stuff that are very and the standards of the United States is very juvenile, but man these 16, 17, 20-year-olds, 30-year-olds will sit there and do these little juvenile crafts will remake in headbands with with that we did. Sampson was one of the stories we make us headband have yarn hanging from it to make like his hair and stuff with these. These Jamaicans will sit there and appreciate that all sit there and do that and they'll be wearing it for a couple days and stuff they come back and they'll have it is just things that here in the United States we take so much for granted. We take our roads and stuff and transportation for granted.

We take you know every kid thinks he got to have the you know the electronics and all of that.

Stefan, we just take all that for granted and there is more sort as time slows down a little bit and you're more appreciative of everything, and that's kind of thing that always say if you have never been on a short-term mission trip.

The hope and the prayers that you change and bring change to the areas that you're in and visiting, but also some of the biggest changes I see is with the individuals on that trip because if you go on one of the strips it will change your life. So will be back in a moment we'll talk about the good Samaritan woman to talk about what hear your story also going to talk about you know what using your vehicle to be that good Samaritan be back momentarily think of less efficient cargo radio. Welcome back to cargo radio is will take a moment just to give a plug for next week, next week in the studio would have Mark Garreau with PRN performance racing network.

If you don't then they may sound a little familiar to you. He's also the thing the race announcer for all the broadcast national broadcaster PRN for the NASCAR races open top limit of racing history of racing in sort of the direction of racing is going so I look forward to that. So next week Mark Garabedian studio with this this morning were talking about a house about my trip to Jamaica in the mission trip.

There also have Junior has just called in from North Carolina wants to share wants to share his story about a trip he made to Jamaica in the 80s. Is that correct Junior do you hear me get you on their Raleigh must've lost him, then okay if he were last year and it will hang on just give us a call back. As I mentioned next week Mark Garabedian studio with us from PRN. Also just want take just a moment again to just say something else about Jesus labor of love and the opportunity you know, go online and you'll be able to get registered for it to get the free T-shirt by any gift whatsoever.

Go to Christian Car Guy radio as a link to to it. I want to go ahead.

I think we got Junior back on lines that we can get him back but you give any amount you get the T-shirt and it is a pretty awesome T-shirt. I don't want to make sure that you do get online and get that because you'll be the first one in your neighborhood to have one so great opportunity and the help is been pretty awesome Macedo, we have Junior now I pay Junior what was going on. You want to share story about your trip later. Okay you are not Junior I will you know we take things for granted Third World country but broke down and Carl talk about "Belcourt Dodge Aries K cars all man but anyway no sir, I absolutely don't let your lucky day.

Max gurgled and I worked with Donald Manhattan project.

You know the nuclear bomb. I've got a house of diligently obey will serve you drop her all you got to pay for your flight and you got it for the whole month of August. So I went over there for him to build. Now plastic surgeon in the got a bill so one of ability and conflict, in college and don't break up your player unit back to your hundred years ago back down to the holiday you about that you know all that you are called down to the throne of the day look good to dispatch school start stay in shape and probate for three weeks and he looked me up with the number three. There's a story number three player on the day making Davis cup today and got working and we met this guy was like a tropical number three player date in the Jamaica, but that's pretty leaky cross to take while we were taking a break after the first set and it was a whole Kennedy half dollar number three player in all Jamaica became a word appears and you Talk about my frontal builder now better but still it strolled around go back to the villa and get that brand-new pair of spotty $85 back. They were deemed and he got back to us before the match with the watch and he gave that route and in court like a baby like you like probably back then would've been here three or 400 Jamaica, but yet you take things for granted like that and unit were so close to this country beyond belief. We complained about you know the small things that we complained about during the day the restaurant or colder sleep you got people like you have running water and it was kind of a slap in the face. Bill talked about quicken me to my time in Jamaica working for the church and I'm telling you what is the Holy Spirit came down overtly working. They were armed and not telling you what the Holy Spirit you will be first in the first was a prime example to God's ways are not man's way.

You know, and the rich ruler so everything to become a Christian. It is dangerous, dangerous you are in a spirit of giving the spirit of your list to give God abundantly came out got up never got money can be dangerous if you hold onto it and people in poverty stricken area that have absolutely no we look at canned Hormel hail is that it was a bit over $100 to make up into make money. That was back then. All you currently make web content out what guiltless it over five years back. What you guys are absolutely right Third World country like that report dealing with.

If you got any part whatsoever. It did to split them absolutely change you want and always say that this does trip some short-term mission trips in different countries.

Change your perspective because we take so that you like to say we take so much for granted just a tennis shoe situation.

I mean that what they appreciate and then they just they are appreciative of everything and we can take it for granted and you go and you give me to go to worship in Jamaica always say I think in heaven the choirs and be led by Jamaicans because man I'm Tay what they know how to worship is pretty awesome. Thank you, Connie and and for listening and thank you real quick. I just want to make quick thing talked about that the parable of the good Samaritan and found in Luke 10 2537 and the time to read and everything but is just effective. You know what when the wind that the wit when the gentleman who knew the law asked Jesus Christ to what must I do for eternal life in Christ asked them you know what you think you need any K that answer about you know love the Lord with all your heart know you so and all your mind also love your neighbor as yourself, then yes, you know who is your neighbor and we go to that story where you know that the priest passed by that the guy had been robbed and beat laying on side the road and then that Levite went by and then all the sudden the Samaritan went by, and if you go back in that time. That would've been somebody was looked down by society. Samaritan, but he understood the principle you know what God has given me the ability to help somebody so whoever that is in your path. Over the next week or so be that good Samaritan it in that matter if it's somebody that that your race shouldn't matter financially.

It should matter just be willing to be the good Samaritan in their life and make a change in the life. Great morning.

Glad to have you this morning for Chicago radio see about next week and you know what God will continue to bless us if we are willing to be able to be instruments that he can use it.

I just just encourage it. Sure Jesus Christ was somebody this week that it be the vestige could be as far as being a good Samaritan see about next week. Thank you

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