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Righ Turn Clyde

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 21, 2019 2:58 pm

Righ Turn Clyde

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 21, 2019 2:58 pm

Right Turn Clyde isn't just a funny moment from the movie " Every Which Way but Loose," as you will find out in this episode of Christian Car Guy. Robby is talking about taking the right turn. We also have a new Name that Noise game to play as well as another exciting episode of Christian Car Guy Theater Presents:River Rock Retaliation Part 7. We're talking a jam packed episode of The Christian Car Guy Radio Show, that you don't want to miss!

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This is good Truth Network this is a mean old Illini Road now. This time it's going to be a gross lie. I go in the sign is a high notice from right right turn.

Clyde today on the Christian Car Guy show that's right that's right is all right right now. So the beginning that you might of this is your old Clint Eastwood fan you probably recognize that you may understand what I mean by right turn Clyde, but in those old Clint Eastwood movies. There were every which way but loose in every which way. You cannot think with the dual had this big orangutan that he kept in the right seat and those were bikers that were trying to intimidate them and talk about their and have a process and so any time that he destructed have turn signals, and so he would say right turn Clyde meeting the orangutan and the right hand would go out and course. In this case knocked over the bikers and motorbikes. That's it brings back fond memories for some of right road.

But the wrong turn United that was Dr. John are… Billy Preston and Billy Preston was a Dr. John wants, but that other song you may never heard before is really fascinating song.

It's as if you're already there. You've got no place to go.

If you've ever thought about that but that makes perfect sense if you already bear you got no place to go in a king without his crown that that's all good to be a lot of talk about today and stand by me. Of course, wow, I never really even thought about that song about how cool it would be to just know that were really standing by Christ and so, in keeping with this whole right turn idea. I don't know if you knew this but UPS insists on their drivers always making right turns. They have software in their vehicles to compute their routes so that the vehicles never have to turn through oncoming traffic. In other words, no left turns. They always make right turns, if at all possible.

My mother went to a course when she was getting older for elder drivers to make sure that they sedate safe you know was on the first things I taught her and she lived by my mother did in a right to the inner life, she would not make a left turn sheep she found out how she could go to church without making a left turn should plan about how to go to grocery store. In other words, she had all these plans on how to live life without making a left turn so on today show no plan for how to turn right and start off I feel like we ought to play little game there. So let's play some time to find that defect or race that I like that hubbub is all that so get ready to call in it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 were hoping you can make this noise playfully just a second 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Also, if you got plans on how to make a right turn, would love to hear that 866-348-7884 and if they can name this noise keep telling what that when hard I cried and I loaded loaded with books in the Christian Car Guy prize all and I would love to give you one. All you have to do is name this noise and I gotta tell you, Jerry. This may be the easiest I've ever done many visits it's good it's good could be the easiest. Once again, ready to be the first twin 866-348-7884's number to call in Keith. If you're ready bread and play that noise all right just say an 8663 I'm shocked that the phones are not a ring 866-34-TRUTH 87884 play that noise one more time flunkies all right so. Also, if you got a plan for making right turns only in how you do that strategically, you're maybe a better software than UPS. I would love to hear that maybe how you get your life to make right turns only 866-348-7884 here help me out today. We have all the lines are ringing up my so Jerry this this right turn thing of obviously in your line of work.

He's usually amazed how many axis people turn into traffic coming, you got blind spots you got that anytime you're doing that just judge and speed and distance young drivers and older drivers have a minute little more difficult.

Right. And then there's the tragic in and I never want to fail to mention that if you're in the left turn lane and you cocked your wheels ahead of time.

Are you sitting at the light, you know that's that's almost like a death wish to consider somebody slams in the back of you, which happens all the time then they push you into oncoming traffic and there's lots of good data.

Bob lost his life because he turned his wheels prior to getting in the intersection. So don't sit there. The light with your wheels can't wait, wait white so that bed so that doesn't happen so well. Jesus get all these lines lit up.

I gotta tell you that else. Tell that I gotta tell you I got Ellie Halas asking God for a word of the day, early in the morning gets me headed me really does get me headed in the right direction.

So though I am quite lost a quite honestly, without asking God to help me understand because it'll give me a word and throw it out there, but you know then what I do that, you know it's it's it's sort of a game that God my play every morning now every everything the morning so Monday God gave me the word suffer which actually says. He gave me the word. I'm really excited about it because it's one of those words, Paul uses just phenomenally throughout the New Testament talk about the suffering of Christ and sharing in the suffering of Christ, and so I was anxious to get into that word and see what it was exactly so I went to the Old Testament to find out you know where the word was in Hebrew and how it was used originally in the Bible is a bit challenging because I'd forgotten it.

They use the word suffer to mean like, suffer the little children the comics so that word suffer is loaded in the Bible in a lot of places but not the kind of suffering. I thought so I chose Proverbs 1919, which is a man of great wrath shall suffer punishment right I said okay that's the word I'm thinking that's that's suffering right there in a few deliveryman must do it again so the word in Hebrew which you'll find.

Usually if it's translated in Hebrew the word suffer is NASA NASA are NASA probably sleep Hebrews would say it, the meaning of that word is to lift up or to carry away.

Okay, so you know I'm I'm thinking suffering in and I just unfortunately all I can remember was back in my algebra days I had this teacher. Her name was Mrs. Bass and I could not keep from making I did like Elder really did live in her her way of torturing Robbie was to put me in the back of the class and hold up two books on each hand and believe me when I tell you I suffered a minor suffering. There involved in. As I saw this but that was I couldn't help but remember Mrs. Bass this is step that's what the word meant.

And I thought well I you know that's pretty cool. I can carry my brothers burdens and I began to think about how you apply that that type of suffering. So starting it really interesting because Tuesday God gave me the word honor which seems unrelated to leave. You hear the word honor and suffer you not see this come together at all. I didn't and so as soon as I heard honor this is Tuesday right so I immediately go to exes 2012, you know, honor your father and mother, and the word honor in Hebrew is KA BID kebab and it means to be heavy or weighty or grievous to be harder to be rich to be glorious and burdensome. I get my connection between suffer and honor like oh my gosh gone. There's a connection between these two words I never would've seen this in a million years. Also in parallel, and then to just really fascinate me and send me deeper into what all this means that if one of the first times you'll find that word is when in Exodus 815 God hardened Pharaoh's heart.

Remember, which is always one of those that you discover what God hardened Pharaoh's heart without word hardened. Guess what it honor what so what does this have to do is right turns.

What does this have to do with something always got some more to tell you that we are better than that. We have Darlene we have here you have Angela and we have immediate all lined up to tell us what they think that noise is under excited about the Austin line – stay on the line, we will. Lots of folks that we give way. I'm really interested not just one winter now know in the sign is a high hello right Clyde. So wow what is that exactly mean and we've got a name that noise game going on. We got all kinds of people and we got a bunch of winners that we do we do inward hardly can wait to get to moan.

Please, please, stay on the line. Even if somebody else guess what you're going to ask us. We want to talk to all of you. So were so grateful for your call, but I want to mention real quickly. Were talking about right turns and about my words.

The day I mentioned how the word that I got was suffer, which is NASA in Hebrew, and how that word means to carry a burden. Well then. Interestingly, God gives me honor the second day meant just what it means heavy.

It means a burden for it means riches and i.e. Pharaoh's heart was heavy and and and and you get that picture so you can't help but note that the rich young ruler right in my neck. I his heart was.

It was harder for him to go through an IV needle if you got riches you got a burden right. I mean, you begin to see this picture they a heavy burden to God was painting for me and wait to get my third word is this. This is where we are really start to turn right. But before we do that we gotta play name that noise in the first up would be Anita in Iowa in the later Christian card I show can you hear me locksmith Anita that's okay because we have Angela in Burlington but Anita calls back we would love to hear you Angela, you're a Christian card I show the morning. Angela Lori Robbie how are you I am wonderfully excited to hear your answer will it let me get keep the play that noise one more time. So all the people listening can say all right there.

You know what you think that noise is Angela little I am. You know, just to show you Jerry how smart Angela is.

She did not say blinkers okay because I used to always get cracked up when people come in the service department tell me they had trouble with their blinkers actually have first half of the world says that they they have with their blinkers and they do blink and so I'm not that you and I shouldn't say that, but I I used to like oh turn signals.

Angela use the right terms of euro euro winner and when you're turning right. It's very important you turn on the right turn signal to let all these people know that it right. How many times you sit there.

Nobody uses their blinkers anymore. Thank you Angela God bless you your winter today are I appreciate you calling in. All right, we have Jody is in the morning.

I hope still enjoy the night you still with me so I will get) while you are absolutely right.

Bonus the right turn signal. Yeah, I need to use a word turn signal and blinker.

I actually really enjoyed. I didn't use to enjoy the word blinker but it just it it's more fun to say, don't you think it Lord right turns. Jody, you got me ideas on how we can make sure we make right turns in your car yeah both either Mary or Joe. That's the right kind idea yeah he's at his right hand.

So we gotta turn to the right because we know which direction is that you Jody God bless appreciate you calling it today very much from the morning. All right we got Darlene I hope you still in Raleigh. Darlene, you're a Christian card I show good morning. I'm so thankful that you called in if you got an answer what you think that noise is carried out your exactly right. You know, it's funny that you mentioned that Darlene is this morning on my way to do the show I'm in my wife's Toyota because Jerry honestly is fixing up old red so be some beyond belief. But anyway, I'm in her Toyota and I'm thinking I can use my phone to record the turn signal. While there is enough sound to even record it and so no wonder I leave my turn I be blinking at people all over the place, because I forget because I don't have no noise so maybe I can add that into my car somehow, but your exactly right. And I'm so glad you called into you have any suggestions on how we can make sure we make right turns you were going that you went back to me. Burial cart but your thing about way I like the glory like that really need the right thing and only he died while man is worth the price of admission does listen to you, Darlene, that is beautiful. Right right well you or Mary Mary Valerie granting no will and you and I might thank you Lord not said that I was actually commenced a little later, but since I gotta tell you that the word NASA has the student Senate and the alpha and those nuns when you look at the letter like you're talking about Darlene. That's the server. Wow my beautiful Darlene, thank you so much for phone and I hate, we gotta go to break God bless. We got one more call and we got Jerry is in Jamestown North Carolina. So to get him when we come back plus if you call and talk about your right to Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my pillow products you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listeners special who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows and you're getting tired of these sleeping droughts, but you can get deep discounts on my pillows, mattress toppers, bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillow is regularly 89, 99, but with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my pillow products come with a 60 day moneyback guarantee in a 10 year warranty. Just go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code to get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials. We know now that I the Christian card guys show we've played a little name that noise that we've had a lot of winners with and I gotta tell you that I've messed up a little bit but will to make up for it. So here's what's happened I overwhelmed my producer little bit and then I hung up on the people to quickly didn't get their addresses the people he called in and win. We really want to send to these books so those who've already won if you would mind calling back so he can get your name and address we can get that book set out to you. I would really really really appreciate it not feel so guilty about my mistake of hanging up on folks after we got there information but we are planning that noise and we got this noise right Keith of your plate one more time to read James is in Jamestown of all things know Jared and James Jerry's small town and so let's Nate, let's see if Jerry can name that noise barrier on the Christian card I show them on Jerry good morning Ronnie, great to hear that I'm here you ready to hear this noise again yes but the thing of it is it's not a Toyota turn signal. You're right about that. You're absolutely right. You are so eight Jerry went with trying to turn signal.

Do you feel that is it might be from a proper socket project. Your Cadillac car but I was making a right turn when you were playing and it is not from a Toyota because I'm driving one also.

It was a Chevy.

Actually that was the was the culprit that made that noise. But that was its blinkers and that's that's kinda what it sounded like if I gotta tell you that we've had so many amazing suggestions on making right turns. I'm anxious to hear if you got some Forster think it comes to mind in Ecclesiastes would stay on the right set of God and not go to the left that I love how somebody knows her Bible Jerry when they start. Ecclesiastes that's awesome I love that. Thank you Jerry God bless God bless you and you have a good day robbing you to thank you for calling so pretty happy to another Jerry Jerry don't think yeah yeah there's more than 124 slice we see some of the people call back so want to talk about that but as we were thinking about this right, we got this idea of suffering, meaning NASA and carrying this burden, and then we talked about wow you know that that honor to honor was also a burden like you know, heaviness, and so clearly from honoring my father.

He's a big deal is heavy-duty.

You know this is this is an end, so there is a burden on you to honor your father, your mother and and and that's kind of anything when you put those together but as I began the process at a my mind I do show a few months ago. I don't have your members called getting a lift from a line were described how, when Solomon came down on his throne. There was a Eagle that dropped the front of a crown down and it held a crown just an inch or so above his head so the weight of the crown would not be a burden to him and when I saw this I went, oh that's the deal. I am to take and put the crown on Jesus and then all the sudden right his burden is light. So I got right if you take whatever riches let me. The rich young ruler had he had this even understand. If I give all this stuff to Jesus like me asked me to than the that his burden is light right and I began to see the right turn being this now here came the real shocker because Wednesday I asked God for the word as you imagine every day. I do so. Wednesday he gives me the word, forgive, so I immediately go to look at the Hebrew for forgive, but more importantly look.

Where is it used in the Bible.

And so I will find the passage in Genesis where Joseph is told he can forgive his brothers that guess what the word forgive is in Hebrew.

It is also I ready for this NASA to say more to suffer, and you can check on single didn't go get your own concordance and look at this about 20.I mean I was like no this can't be. So I looked it forgive about 20 other places immediately and oh yes it is. Oh yes it is.

It is completely the same work at and so now. Adding this into the equation of what were talking about that you're carrying away Jesus when he for gave you heat. But Jesus was the suffering servant right so you see the connection between forgiveness and suffering that Jesus had as he was on the cross like oh my goodness. And then as I mentioned to Darlene little while ago.

The word not set which is the word to forgive, and it's also the word for suffer Institute nuns and alpha Alex excuse me to it sudden, then at Alice and a nun which means that you got this servant surrounded by the end the aleph is a big deal word because it's the first letter of the word, and now I am is also the first letter of the word Adam see you begin to see that this NASA word is like oh my goodness this is like Jesus like him. He is to the right and so all these birds, the burdens of forgiveness and whatever. How do you do it. What you can't do it. It you know I don't know anybody can do it without Jesus's help to you. Jerry meet just send her a thank you note. It's amazing how God plants these things and that in front of us sometimes and so dig in you stressing these connections and all the sudden you. You get a whole different meaning for something you thought you completely understood before and this site either. II sometimes doubt does God really give me this word. But how in the world would I ever find that connection on my own. I never would've.

I never would've looked at those words in that order based on that, but based on what God gave me and I was just like well and so I went to my men's group on Thursday and I will send you know I I I believe in it.

It's kinda hard for me you want to communicate this and what my friend told me said Robbie. The reason why God gives it to you is because he knows he'll get it through you that he gives it to you so that you can give it to the people that you talk with and so this isn't for you Robbie, this is this is for you to share and so if you hold back on this right then then then the people would miss out.

So in a way III feel kind of like I don't know that I want to share consist may sound a bit nuts but it's so obvious that the words are connected to. I think God reveals stuff to us in Stefan and lays it on the hearts and we get excited about it. I think yeah but to keep Betty in a Minnesota go back to little little kids are kids doing all the churches singing this delight of mine asked what he wants us to do man thing go out and spread it. Now that enthusiasm. There is a van with another person to another radio shows another studio and his son got a vandalism this morning when he got out of the van I saw that while Boise was jumping up and down and you could just see the smile on his face and let me make it was a lot I was like man that is it. That's it right there. You know that that's the joy.

God wants us to everyday live with at an end when he gave me that stuff this week as I when I began to plumb into all that word when NASA was essay I mean I was rejoicing in my chair this: oh my goodness, oh my goodness, look at this.

Look at what and so now when you take Colossians which really is a struggle for me which says in on Colossians chapter 1 Paul says no. I rejoice in my sufferings right now that's just a little struggle to begin with.

I rejoice in my sufferings in my own body. For your sake and for the sake of the church.

He said I fill up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ, which just kinda comes at me as were provoking statement. Wait a minute. There is nothing lacking in the sufferings of Christ but what he's talking about is oh my goodness there is tons and tons and tons of sin out there. There's tons of burdens. There's tons of riches, and as long as we turn left there is so much suffering.

It's unbelievable.

And if we could help just one brother today. Turn right and give those heavy loads that crown to Jesus. I mean I understand why it covers a multitude of sins because you're you're taking the load of that.

What was lacking in the suffering of Christ over there to where it belongs. Yeah yeah and you did and it what you said a moment ago just just how you what if it's just one person, one brother that we encourage our or somebody we show Christ to then all the all that the heavy load that we carried to get to that point should be rejoicing. It is an absolute time I get a call from the Jesus labor. Love you can imagine it really is a burden folks, I gotta tell you I mean you feel the weight of their struggle and in the only way I unload that burden of think about a jury is to turn right and give that to Jesus and and and begin to play with people now feel free because last segment today show, it's Christian because I see it, or river rock, retaliation, episode seven.

I'm so excited to hear printed prayer the end of this by one of this really does drop me in my tracks and stay tuned.

Got a great episode of Christian heart IQ to come up thinking I certainly don't want you to miss the boat is pastor Jack's sons, John and Joey did. When the boat was hit by a tsunami of away because they were under horrible attack by the demons neck about a company new fishing on the Beaverbrook they were trapped under the remote in the turbulent water but somehow miraculously they were saved by Jesus.

But how meanwhile Pastor Jack and Mary Elvira Meriwether and called a prayer meeting because they discovered that they both might possibly resign. Talk about your sinking feeling. Pastor Jack is struggling with his son Johnny's addiction to heroin and Mary Elvira Meriwether struggling with the exhuming of her deceased husband's body under some strange circumstances surrounding his and now Johnny and Joey have come running in the prayer meeting to share what happened in the church seizes that the evil Ford gathering over the church is there to attack Johnny and Joey as well as Pastor Jack and Mary Elvira Meriwether demons want to stop them before they can share their story.

Demons don't want anything to ruin the mood to spare for Pastor Jack Khmer Empire.

Meriwether want the church folks to feel sorry for the car parts enjoys she can see and hear the horrendous horde of demons magical, mystical car parts have the ability to tune up and tune into these dastardly creatures just to see them would be our pleasure most notorious no good negative dog feces on take great pains to get up and test team and what you use some hard to respond to me.

Tensioner sounds the alarm now you know are training right now is broke open end of my journey with you and see as we know, before Mosley could get his prayer out agent can use this barge into the church disclaiming the elements you bring your little prayer meeting, you know, I'm so sorry and arrest him a here you see what I'm saying is here to share our Johnny in your office you will pull on them for his latest Eustace agree with name anything you to have for a simple go-ahead you see in Wayne Pastor Pastor Jackson Johnny input you are sale heroin are you arranging remains saying you say the right to attorney if you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for all matter so sorry. I tried to slow him down. All this quickly as they came in agent. Can you walk out with Johnny and everyone folks knew Meriwether and I feel we truly live this town down is what we really call this meeting because we knew things like this will come down and we didn't want to find out.

Actually, we are all this is been going on inside the church outside the church.

The car parts and Jimmy's Jeep on their gaskets praying earnestly for nano fuel injector is for Jesus. This poor boy Joni pastor Jack's son he's arrested and we can only imagine what pastor Jack's family is going through and his church family.

Senior angels we need help those who are against us are overwhelming and we confess this is beyond our power in your power to defeat Jesus name for the next exciting episode of river rock allegation. Now here's any dipstick and Randy radiator to review today's kind of like a horse named tree limb Danny. I am bound by nagging me under might only time he has come name, family, and one godlike God like I limb out that wiener dog who let the dogs out. Raymond and playing a nightly named Danny even Danny think like any great thank you so much for lifting today the Christian card. I figure I want to thank so much our wonderful cast and crew old people work so hard Christian card I theater you can find out more about you see the cast and crew page right there Christian card. as well as a course to Jesus labor love car repair labor, single moms, widows and families in crisis. We get applications every that God meets the needs through your wonderful generous prayers. Generous donations. Remember, we always have needs for cars if you got a car there. You know somebody that doesn't using it for any particular reason didn't want to trade it in whatever the situation may be, we can always use those cars single moms and widows and families in crisis. All at the Jesus labor love it Christian card. thanks again for list and remember slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years

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