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Repairs and Road Trips

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 5, 2019 6:32 pm

Repairs and Road Trips

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 5, 2019 6:32 pm

Robby's out on the road this week and we're talking about how we wish we were too! Guest host Bill talks about road trips with several callers, and finds time to offer a little car maintenance advice with his special guest from an auto parts shop.

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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Gentlemen, you got a rental unit is only a real, this is Bill Mixon.

Welcome to the Christian card I radio show Robbie's assistant. The first Saturday of the month. His sidekick in Robbie's on vacation where hope and he has a wonderful time seeing his family today.

I really need your help here doing this today. You know it's a call-in show, we could greatly use you were phone calls in the 866-34-TRUTH 878848663 foray 87884 will be talking about family road trip soon yeah my favorite trips or hiking venues where you take your family to have fun. Talk about community service. I get the privilege of driving a truck for crisis control ministry. We've got our Dixie classic fear, which is the second largest feared North Carolina here this week and on the ninth we collect food for families for crisis control and if you bring food with you.

You get in free will be talking about our local friendly auto parts store. There a lot of us that you just don't want to turn loose on a car with a screwdriver.

But I found over the years that if you had a good friend today auto parts store that they could do an awful lot for you and make your life easier and less expensive at Charlie shepherds hit here with me this morning. Charlie's a long time manager with AutoZone and a good friend of mine from church Charlie. Say hello to everybody, pay bills going to be here with you today.

Tell us a little bit about your experience with AutoZone. I've been with them for about 20 years have managed seven different locations of help a lot of different customers have a trained and outlawed employees how to help the customer and our main thing is a customer satisfaction guaranteed. So we will do our best to help you out get you on the right path with your vehicle. So once again the call-in numbers 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if you have a humorous story about getting your car fixed, or if you got a story about how a auto pulp parts stores come to your rescue.

I know it's with had a number of them come to my family's risk you over the years. If you have a wonderful trip that you and your family have taken would love for you to call in and talk about that, particularly if you put on hiking boots when you are doing it the Dixie classic failure.

If you've been to yet. Did you go to the opening day yesterday or if you plan to come would love for you to share a little bit about that crisis control ministry is a wonderful ministry in our area.

It is helps thousands of people and one of the things it does is it provides food for needy families.

And if you're planning on taking some food to help crisis control ministry would love to hear about your Charlie.

What are some of the things that somebody can do that auto parts store can help them with.

They might not think about what the first thing is a check engine light. We can check engine lights for a 96 or newer vehicle is called OBD to scan it will tell you different things ever give you an idea.

My what's wrong with your car. It may not give you the final solution, but will give you possibilities where you have a good narrow it down where it'll give you like.

If it's a missions issue sometimes is just as simple as a sensor being unplugged.

I have that situation yesterday or some I have a car worked on and mechanic didn't plug something back in so was given a reading that the part was defective, but actually it was just not plugged up yet. I had some problems with my car one time and it kept getting worse and worse yet always thought when that red check engine light came on and that it would start beeping and or flashing when it really got serious, but in this case, the car stopped. I ended up calling a tow truck when the tow truck got there he checked and all I needed to do was to tighten the day.

Got gas.

Yes it does occur quite often, especially if you don't let it click when you fill your tank up. You need to have at least a couple clicks now with that said, something that would've showed up on that free check if that plugged it into your your gizmo usually that's warning number 420 PO 04 20 which I checked love engine lights so I can remember the more common ones.

You know I had.

We got a new fancy car that you got a key fob and yet you push the button and it starts it so you get in the old days you give a car a little bit a gas and then you turn the K well I don't ever think about touching the gas pedal with the side eyes having trouble start my car. I did everything I could think of. I called the tow truck out when the tow truck got there. All he did was step on the day. Got gas pedal all you have to step on the break to start a pushbutton car. So in some situations.

You'll see where little it won't start, but it'll be something simple like that just amazes me.

Remember, a few times taken my car into the garage and I started talking about how much they would charge me just to hook it up to their like blank machine before that even start working on it now I found out I could just run it up to the auto parts place and they do the exact same thing freely and then when I went in to talk to the mechanic I sanded a little bit more intelligent and it really made things go a lot quicker and I'll keep y'all some from being taken advantage of by mechanic possibly if you do have a idea what it could be but I mean it doesn't say for sure little fix your car, but it does give you a Leica area the card. Look forward that you note that he always wondered about this people to change their own oil. I thought they just had to be complete geniuses.

Then I always wondered what in the world you did with the oil after you changed it. What did you do with the old stuff and I was amazed to find out that if I changed my own oil I could bring the oil and oil filter to you and you would dispose it without charging me a fee that's correct will dispose of oil brake fluid transmission fluid.

It's all but petroleum-based products signal remix in the same container. Plus, we do have a separate can we can patrol filters and it and we even for I will process batteries and get rid of those for you and we do, do it in-house credit on a car battery. If you want to get if you have extra car buyers lender and will give you a I believe it's a $15 merchandise card to spend in our store. If you come and recycle your batteries as well.

Now you stop by my battery for my local mechanic and I thought that was a really smart thing to do and then you know that stupid car quit working when I was out of town so I had this battery that I could've gotten a little bit a refund but I was out of town and it dawned on me. Maybe it was a little smarter to buy that battery from the national chain and then I'd take a marker. I put a big piece of tape on it.

Mark on it wit where I bought it when I bought it. I noted that numerous times when I've had trouble where I took the car back to the same auto parts store that I bought the battery and they were able to hook it up at one time they were able to recharge the diagram car battery and one time they were able to tell me it needed to be fixed and would change it out. Didn't cost me anything to get the new battery but I don't understand how I could have someplace to go. When I drive the car up and park it at the drugstore walk-in when I come back out the blank blank car won't start it just the time it took me to walk. He had to get a prescription and walked back out the battery died well at the if the if the alternator is not recharge the battery properly could be that, but sometimes just the cells about and it pedal build up a charge overnight.

When you let your car set. But when you drive it your discharging the battery so when you turn it off. There's nothing left inside the battery. So in that case, luckily I was close enough to walk home got the other car got it jumped and drove the car back down to the auto parts store.

I bought the battery from the year before and they stuck a new battery and I just you was thinking. Otherwise, I'd have to have had it towed to the shop and then that Lord knows what that was going to cost most buyers last anywhere from 3 to 4 to 5 years in most cases. So now I heard a rumor that in some cases there's three different grades of the same battery but it's really the same battery just has a different warranty so that there really isn't much difference in its life expectancy, but your pay and more so that they know they're going to have to sell you another one. Well, top-of-the-line battery like art or less gold. As for cells, and it and has more cranking amps and the door last has like three cells in it with less cranking amps, but you get extra year free replacement with the gold over the door. Last see there's a great example of why need somebody auto parts because I have absolutely no idea what you see it when I go it I say if I was your brother.

Which battery would you sell me and then I ask, do you like your brother not but it's good to have somebody that knows what they're talking about and help you make good choices on things like that yet. The other thing is if I take it to the whelp will be back in just a minute. Thank you for tuning in Hargeisa film Robbie is first Saturday of the week sidekick.

It's a call-in show with love for you to call in and share with us one story or a helpful story about your local auto parts store. Would love to hear you call it and talk about one of your family trips. If you done anything or plan to do with the Dixie classic fair would love to hear from you are call-in number is 86634878848663487884 and I've got Charlie with me. Charlie's a good friend of mine.

He's been an auto parts manager for many years and he was just talking about some interesting situations that have come up at work. Charlie, yes we've had a few times where I help customers and want different.

When I first started the company, I had a person call me a call and said he had a loose a blue truck and a Civil War, blue truck and he said was at masses Chevy, Dodge, you know, forward. He said knows the blue truck and so I can help you if you don't tell me what kind of truck it is fine.

I'll go somewhere else. He hung up on me.

I they asked me things about my car yeah yeah I just all I do is given to the you have to look it up if it does amaze me how people don't know what size engine they have, but I'm sorry I asked. I don't really care because it wit when I quit having to put a key in a car that confused me greatly for a while but I just don't keep up with that stuff is nice to have the right information when you call you figure out most things about a car with a vehicle letting most of them we can we can punch in the bin code it'll tell us your make and model, even engine size but in some cases, you still have to have more information like measuring your rotors or your drums, but that information will be pulled up, and we do look up your vehicle that Robbie gives me a hard time because I'm to go pay somebody to change my oil. I just don't want to drive it up on some cinderblocks and crawl underneath it to get which one of those hoses I'm space to undo yet soap but when I go to one of those shops to get my oil changed the kind that want to sell me windshield wipers that I start thinking you want to charge me about four times more than seems reasonable and then I found that I could go to my my local friendly body shop part place and get a little bit of advice out of the 412 different windshield wipers. They make which type I should choose, and I understand you to even put it on for me. Oh yes will do that most of them are J hook which is very easy to do. Most of those are done I can get within a couple minutes they're done they do have some pinch type ones that come on this depends on the vehicle but almost probably 95% of vehicles we can change pretty quickly, and instead of paying them six dollars to put in 1/2 a cup any freeze or to pay them $12 to put in some brake fluid I can buy those things from you and put them in myself. Yeah, we can put them in. In some cases we do like to check the fluids before because some people don't check the fluids correctly they put the stick in there and wipe it off and not put it back into check a second time and you do need to be a level service when you do check your oil, so if I wanted day I knew I needed some any some windshield wiper fluid I could come in and have you checked all my fluids and show me what you were doing and that I could buy a gallon and you could put in the half-gallon I needed I could take the other half gallon home with me yet and you could check and see that I had the right amount of fluid in my other other reservoirs and give me a little how to it at no additional cost. Correct. I tell you that there are certainly times when it would be helpful to be able to do these things in mind, we can also explain to you what's going off the car. In most cases we do have product knowledge test we take that we have new employees take that do discuss all the different parts of the car all different like the braking system.

The charging system and the fluids and what kind of fluids you need for your vehicle and some cases on brake fluid. For instance, sump cars are.3 summer.4 of the newer cars are more.for because it has a higher higher boiling point in the brick fluid that the oil understand this regular will in their synthetic oil and break a federal law and get shot if you put the wrong one in well that is at work on newer cars, especially 16s in newer.

That's mostly all synthetic, all now then are all usually zero 20 some time zero 40 Mercedes. Definitely all synthetic all new Hondas and Toyotas and and Nissans are all synthetic old.

I would think you're about half the cost of oil than the where I put by my gas and you'd actually put it in for me with.

We can add all we don't change all that we can add it if you're low. I just gotta make sure I got a knowledgeable person selling me the right type will add to what I've got. We can look it up most cases if not, it's usually located on your Of your car, tires you eat, what we I don't understand the about air pressure there.

Sometimes you need a little bit more and sometimes you need a little bit less like the average air temperature is 32 psi sometimes will higher than that was always amazed that these new cars will tell you how much air pressure you've got in your tires and affectionate on your tire to your PSI. You need to put in lab said I've got it decide that that tells me when the air pressure to low flashes up on my screen their sensors is excellent! Sensor that some people think of the check engine light. We can check it now. That's just your tire pressure sensor. Sometimes your tires low. Sometimes her sensors gone bad. You got a another interesting story from yes one time I want the person's car. They want to know why the battery was dead and was a brand-new battery. Well, they had no belt on the alternator and if your altar does have a build on it can't turn in and chart recharge the battery so and I've had other cases where I came out just took the took the cable off a car or your battery cables not type your negative and your positive needs be tightening these be cleaned and you can clean that with Lycos carbonated beverage even poured on top of it clings as right off the can I bring my my battery. By and heavy tested but before the winter comes.

Yes, it give me an idea how strong that is at with somebody shot parts shops be willing to clean my terminals where we going that their weakling will be put women change about our check of we kinda one of the most and say we can put on things in the world, the millions you think everything is running great and you go out to try to start your car did do anything at all to set yet. I try to get my nut twice a year just to have the battery sharing in at all. Yeah it's doing all the things that I wanted to do you know when we get back we we did a really neat hike up around hanging rock and I know you've done some beautiful hiking up around Ashford and would love to have some calls in some of the places it would like to go in hi family, 86634878848663487884.

Would love to hear about the places you like to go hike going to the Dixie classic clear would love to hear from you specially if you went yesterday to give us a call back back here just another city and wherever call-in number is 848-7884 we have a special guest Colin in his going to talk to us a little bit about car question and a hike in story hey Debbie how are you wonderful. Thank you for colony and I understand you know this guy across the table from my cart on remaining better read the following like I very bad habit of not taking day and I don't know. Can't remember what it called starlight that UK your car to make reading that locality, when you get a head gasket on the cover. Now I have a terrible habit of not taking that your gate on the car and you know if you get time you see the cart over at 90*and God know there in a couple of times but after only three and are called starlight. One time he literally growl or our DirecTV now but my point is everything there is a reason engage in there.

So please, at your driving. Check it periodically to make sure that the pictures on your you just don't have to wait for it to be for the slasher to change colors when it comes out solid delegates at the sea on the left-hand side of H underwriting. So with the goes over half a lemon.

I probably don't overhaul their head say wise to engage you with this, you like to do some hiking. I understand that you bring Charlie and say Charlie, it's time to go for a hike. Make sure you bring a snack with you and you do waterfall. We hear actually probably left that member in the bog member we hike in Brevard and to all of the waterfall that we can possibly think we have a grid for what you have three days and high doctrine beautiful beautiful Paul and if you live in North Carolina and you've never taken it of that having the land of the waterfall near the Brevard area. Your mission out and an easy hiking not you can go easier. You can go a little bit more complicated.

We can go moderate that it beautiful always take a snack and always take water and yet I plug in early hiking with you we we just garden the most wonderful spot with got pilot Mountain, and we got hanging rock State Park and hanging rock. Scott just lots of neat trails in it and I've been pestering Charlie about going hiking for a long time that we finally set a time and go as the foggiest implicit day I ever got. I benefited by myself.

I said no but now the two people that were going with these we got go, we need to get we get up there you could barely see 20 feet. We had a great hike but we didn't get to see a thing. But it was hiding in rock there's some hike trails there that almost nobody go where one in 50 people go out there's one that got a wonderful tower upon it just awesome awesome view that some of my favorite ones. About an hour and 1/2 away with got Grayson Highlands in Virginia right over the state line close to the highest point in in Virginia and Grayson Highlands is just absolutely gorgeous is just a lot of hiking. That's up above the tree line and then with got liver gorge liver gorge has just some some spectacular places to go hike. Now a lot of folks are familiar with the Blue Ridge Pkwy. side could hike down and see the waterfalls which are just beautiful and there's a place on either side of the water faucet has some great fees but on the complete other side of Lindell gorge.

There's about a 7 mile long dirt road and you come at a place called table rock and everybody in North Carolina should Google table rock Lindell gorge and see the pictures that are there a lot of people let out a nail hike up to table rock. But if you go in the other direction. There's a trail called short off the mountain trail, which is the backside of the parking lot and I mean it is mind blowing. I have been up there and hiked it every 15 minutes. Say Lord. This is the most wonderful time I've ever spent with you look at that view and then you hi could not live 10 minutes and you just stop and you Charles step as you can look off in every direction and it's like you're in the middle of the wilderness, even though you're in the middle of North Carolina with almost no no people, no buildings, nut, and you just look at vistas that are bizarre and the hike is not is not terribly strenuous.

I don't want to drink like I want to enjoy. I need to get all the information from you Dale. I would like to eat at our halfway we need to we need to accept all of this go. There's another place in the backside a lingual gorge that's about another 20 minutes away it. It's called over the mountain victory trail and you've got about a mile hike this not too bad and you end up right on the Appalachian trail and you head off to the north and you head toward something called hunt mountain and about 1/3 of that trail is up above the tree line so you get out there in the middle of nowhere and you got Vista views that just take your breath away. But what I like the scales where the Grayson Highlands is that got wild horses and wild ponies and a lot of times when I go they'll have longhorn steer wandered around so your hiking on these trails and you look there's a deer look the other way there. These great big steer walking around and you look the other way. There's a group of ponies.

A lot of times I go up there will be folds just absolutely. Some of the most memorable that Appalachian Trail goes through that section 2 so you can either that trail someone in about oh quarter mile off. It is much prettier if you but there's just a whole web of really neat places in there to go hike where else you like to go hike memorable car stories and hiking stories that we have had recent language in May we took a little vacation. Kennedy and I don't know if I could hang up right now that Charlie door think Carl you tell the tale. We arrived at the airport, and we pick up a 2019 Chevy traverse the right brand brand-new and I only had like, and we drive for approximately four hours meet. We crossed the border get into Oregon and it just dies on and won't go past 20 mph and by that time we are in Astoria, Oregon, which is a very very small coastal town and that Charlie trying to call me, they airport our date, the rental company and I'm trying to call the nearest Chevy dealer and by then it got 15 until I get it right close on Saturday and and we tell the guy what's going on and he could get away with that I will stay open until you get here and actually can't get the cargo 20 miles an hour.

Finally, Charlie bumped it we can do. Maybe 40 that we get there: and in the guy hooks it up to the machine and he figures car is not drivable.

It is not faith.

And I am grounding the sensor accelerator pedal there and that at time. You know were telling the rental company.

We can't drive the car. If not, safety mechanic is grounding and he will not let us get back and in the meantime it is Saturday night. All the clothing he'd like to go to another rental company will that rental company with close and so we are stock in Astoria, Oregon.

Trying to get 30 miles up the road to Cannon Beach at no transportation, no nothing, and I turned to look at, all of you know, in Huber Podunk Oregon like that and I said will we've got to get to art and he said I will take and he was super super nice though it is good to know that there are people all over the nation look out for what I know some playing going on in the midst of the oh there was lots and lots of praying going on and you know at an end. So we met them overnight. People young man drove out of his way and it was Saturday night and he drove out of his way. That is been on your way home he does now now now okay and he got that taken drove out of his way to get a fair call ahead to that rental company that was in the lace and she's like it's okay you can get Harvey will probably tell you we are all commercials because it upset us like a freight train.

I appreciate all that. I love your story is always thinking so much. You guys should Robbie Gilmore, who is on vacation with his family.

The call-in number is 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and and has called in and we thank you so much for colony in and what did you want to share well. I love your show single woman inside as possible to all these little particular is because I am card that you do learn a bit by bit, as you go along in your shows us that a wealth of Haitian envoy has God been so good to be, you know, like I might get my oil changed I get AAA or whatever but then the intensity bigger companies that they want to pylon other things that they want to do for your car that probably don't need doing, and that you can't afford anyway and so it is defense. So wonderful to have this information. I know I don't know helpful to me and then discount how higher than that but I think like one guy asked AAA when my battery went dead. It wasn't the battery fault. It was a little gizmo in a box next to it and he works so hard to find out for our find out what the real problem was that The light itself you know that they say has been so helpful and you guys to find a good mechanic like the Huntersville area I've never really had one person I've gone to yet you got a body shop. She's got a part shot there that you like. It's helped you I would go would drop by them and ask if they have a recommendation because they deal with all the different garages around and they know the ones that are are better to work with than others, so that was my first thought if you doesn't do you have your auto insurance with a real person or one of those 800 numbers.

So your auto insurance good so you got them with their good one 800 number. Place the best thing to do is to check with your friends if you got some friends at church. Yet, did I I've gone on my Facebook page and just put a note up. I'm looking for recommendation for a good whatever and see what type comments come in. That's not a bad way to do it but if you you say that there's a part shot that's been helpful to you close by that I'd call them up and say you know I brought my car in there a few months back.

It you folks were so helpful. Can you recommend somebody close.

That's a good shot to use at I'd go with that well and in fact well. Rodney very kindly when I went there not too long ago Alden my my headlight in a blessed but I also went to Taylorville quickly about my high was 1968 when I was young my dad airport lived in Japan and I climb out that even all the way back there and guide you that fine.

I know you guys can identify with that line to show me this is your life and all that, the mountain, the higher you went, the harder it got into it the end of the hike. What you started the morning tell. I really sunrise the next morning and the last part of the climb. I had contact under cut them off and climbing by Braylon the limited kind of whipping up the mountain and that the candidate everything within your eyes and and it is freezing cold and I did screaming myself, what am I doing that by that end of that time sitting on the top of the mountain. Hot green tea and the crevasse in the rock. It was like I was part of the sunrise, and like that, that it will be worth it all top and that was such an amazing symbolic live but I just had to call and tell you guys. You have just then I unite to Dannon and I set the office info input input the thank you so much hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for: you're welcome. Thank you bye-bye we have another call her John's on the line.

John Allgood will cure.

I vertically love the way you will tell father know the dog going. I was wondering if you will be to replace or $700 somebody else what you got take off to get that thing off you come up the radiator fan assembly is one thing from your car to 11 okay so it works even when you're air-conditioners on your bottle to what happens is a pet fan goes out your cars not cooling off properly. Did it go past a certain point when you're driving it like real hot is a dislike halfway you didn't drive anymore will go way short okay well unfortunately had to change that you possibly could change just the motor but most cases it's better actually quicker to just do the whole assembly, which is the shroud in the in the in the blade in the motor and everything and is deafly that enough not to switch. Then he said it was the whole assembly not taken on the brunt will rise or somebody you get a lot of work done with all. I'm a little gun shy.

Oh yeah do or special event over vehicle and do a you live in Winston-Salem well all Midwest okay different. The country okay I would. I would like Bill said some friends and get you some advice on who works on different vehicles here and wants to have a person just works on Hondas you might have persons work on Chrysler's which is like a mom-and-pop shop, not a not a chain about chain of shops which is more expensive in their labor rate will be much less than going to the dealer or chain will now call a few places.

You know what needs to be done so you can call three or four and explained to him over the phone what you think needs to be done and so you want a ballpark price problem that were got right down to the wire, so we may not have time. But we did. I other side of the windshield like to call her back down the car forgot. Go for the loaded struts got the spring and the mountain. The whole strip. If you can find that AutoZone's pretty reasonably priced on those we have the Durrell asked Bram about and Blake should have the radiator fan assembly with the doorman, but if you get somebody to do that just doesn't on the side maybe that might be. She was rough go. You can ask S the parts places that got a recommendation your AutoZone recommend commercial referral. We appreciate you call an end and we will pray that you get a good solution. I hope you have a wonderful weekend for all of thank you. We want to thank everybody to the end we'd ask you to pray for the station and pray for Robbie, lift it to you therefore side jail and prison ministry listed crisis control. Hope you make it to the Dixie classic fear with your ear. Please keep us in mind this coming week and have a wonderful time this coming weeks, when we experience Christ

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