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The Christmas Nail

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 7, 2019 1:24 pm

The Christmas Nail

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 7, 2019 1:24 pm

This week Robby talks about the symbolism of the Nails that the Jews used to nail Jesus to the Cross. And we listen to stories of Encounters of the God Kind from Robby and his guest Shirene Gentry in the studio and Callers.

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This is the Truth Network will go better in a way Green Day row.

He will you you all have the Christmas mail today on the Christian car guys show you. I was given this is present many years ago somebody gave me a Christmas mail and I don't know if you've ever seen one medicine ornament that goes in your Christmas tree and it's a great big long spike and the way that it says when you get it is you're not supposed to have it out there where everybody can see it but you actually put it down inside the tree so that you and your family know that this this represents what the tree is really for you know that bit. Essentially, Jesus would use this tree to build his house across itself and the nails would be used in order to do that so today's show again as a Christmas mail and if you perceptive, you realize that that was Jesus being nailed to the cross there at the very beginning of the show and what I discovered this week. I've always known about my questions have always known that I know about the Christmas mail for years and it's always significant and I think everybody when they think about the nails obviously has some significance to this, but I wonder how many of us have ever discovered that the Jews have a really different take on nails that I did not know about that that letter none has a final form and have been a lot of Jewish letters they have a form where it is the beginning of the middle of the nut word. But at the end of the word has a different form and the none if you find it at the end of the letter at the end of the word. It's called the nail and so in fact they have a little you know like veggie tales only. It's called adventures with aleph, which is sort of their cartoon and there they've got this final none. And he is the nail now if we take that understanding for minute and you realize that the word for son in Hebrew. If you were to say it and you probably even noticed that it's been like Benjamin was the son of my right-hander Ben-Ami was the son might know well whatever the word band starts with a bat which means house with the you know that that that second letter in the Jewish letter alpha Bettis is bad and that means house and then there's a nail. This is none of the ends of been you hear the end. And so you get house builder which is what a son is because you know my son Robbie the third at the last name Gilmore.

And so my house will be built by my son does continue the family name, so to speak, but if you think about the ultimate house builder. I'm sure you put this together but he was a carpenter and he is nails tube to build his father's house and and and in all my goodness, is it a coincidence, do you think that when you look at the word son in Hebrew that has this mail. At the end of it. This been this bad in this aleph so once I discovered that I went looking in the Scriptures and undersheriff couple scriptures, we do that really just blew my mind. I did not know that one of the names for Jesus in the Scriptures.

One of the places where he's prophesied about is actually called the nail so in Ezra 98. She looked at by the way, I have all these did the link to the final none at that in the end, the adventures of aleph and all the Scriptures and fixed a quote are all the Christian car if you want to check them out is just beautiful Ezra 98 an hour for the little space. Grace has been showed from the Lord our God to leave us a remnant to escape and to give us mail in his holy place that are God made light in her eyes and give us a little reviving in our bondage. Isaiah 2223 and I will fasten him as an nail and assure place and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father's house here that first father's that that the nail for his father's house and that's Isaiah 2223 now that my favorite of the three of them shall" is actually Zechariah 10 for Zechariah 10 for out of him, came forth the corner. You may have heard the stone the builders rejected out of him, came forth the corner out of him. The nail out of him. The battle below.

Out of him. Every oppressor together and if you really want some fun read those passages that I just quoted in context because they are really saying that the Messiah is a nail and it so I'm sure Bill you would agree with me he mailed it. I did a perfect job for me.

He did so your leg Robbie where we going today on a Christian car to show this is this is an example for my opinion and my opinion of one of Robbie's encounters of the God kind yeah so what is.

That's a little exciting noise.

There we got the twilight zone so you may know that that I get up every morning and and real early warning and tell you the time anymore to speak of is look at me with arrival.

Anyway, I do consignment have a go have some fun with God, and I asked him specifically for words and I asked him specifically for Scriptures and I ask him what he prays for me and so this week he he wanted me to abide in and abide was actually my word for the year and so I was enjoying that I get to go back there and I got to look that word. A new light and when I looked at that word abide also ends in the final none. And so that's where I was, began my quest on this nail because when you think about it if you're going to abide with Jesus kind of nice to be nailed to him right in up in that abiding and I could go into that word. But not just because one of the main things I do on the show as I want to find about your God encounter you know your encounter of the God kind is what were actually talking about so after last week show on holy grounds. I got this fabulous email from a man by the name of Trey Jones and was so fabulous and he talked about his gout. God encounter in this email that I asked him to come on the show since you have to live close originally thought he would call in because I thought he was. You know in another state or something but when I found that it was close enough to come to the studio. He agreed to come. How wonderful is that Troy is here and so Trey if you would take a minute and share your encounter of the God, well first off, thank you for having me in shape to show and appreciate the network. I really do keep it on 24 seven. A timeout really enjoy it and you united to went through different lighting the God experience in God encounter that I have experienced has come through much trials, much tastings. It didn't just show it was through a bunch of annuity acts on my part is humble myself before God calling out to him seeking his face and really just trying to connect with him and a personal way and what I did is mom had actually come by the house one time and she brought me a body pillow and I thought when Mina, you know, so I had to body payload in one morning and I'm like you, Robbie, two, three, 4 o'clock in the morning someone is meditate and stuff like that while I pictured at body payload as Jesus and I pictured him Lord beyond recognition. As the Scriptures tell us, and they'll like you said the nail left pictured in nail pierced hands.

I pictured the back of the of his back just really play out, like a cornfield and 30. The trials that he went for us upon that.

Probably about 20 minutes and a sweet smelling aroma filled the room I was in my bedroom and it filled it poured out into the hallway and it lasted 3 to 4 days. As a matter fact, my mother came by and visited within two or three days a went to use the restroom and she actually called window days in the hallway and she interrogated me for probably 30 minutes won't deny word of what candle are you burning words. This mail Never smelled anything like this. This is just something that you know this is out of the ordinary word what are you doing in here. Well, I tried to just get her off my back. So I had on bark candles that had been sealed that were sanded, I took the lid off of doing and I said well maybe this is what you smell with you know, maybe he and I just to get her off my back and it bought me a little. Tom had hit it really good and I and every once in a while in the house. Sometimes I'll be doing some stuff at the sink, and sometimes all you now send an outward check, Dr. mom, my email and you know she smell all right will you get to go to break, so we want to hear your God encounter you call us at 866348788486634 truth would be the number call in with your God encounter or encounter of the God kind doing so, we would love to hear your story, of course, got Bill Mexico and the Chris nailed today on the Christian car guys show and actually what were hoping is that you will call in with your God encounter of the God But kind to know we got the music to go with that, so that if you get that.

Or maybe you've had something to eat. I'm hoping you heard Troy's trade story in the last yeah about this aroma that he God and his house and his mother even smelled it and they're trying to pin it down that after he was praying this particular prayer. All the sudden he got this room and and so the reason I wanted to share that on the air is. I'm guessing that there are many many many of you out there that have had a God encounter such as this, a peculiar God encounter that left you with something that was like a wink from God that like it let you know that he's always around involves nothing and so the reason why I was so excited about Trey's experiences because I had this similar experience and I talked about it on the air before but there's a part of that. I've never talked about this is weird and I and and when I tell people this they look at me like Rob you're crazy but it's okay and Bill is here with us today to help me out.

That's just a normal look that's just normally don't misinterpret so you may have heard my story before about when I was praying and God showed up and I got to see his glory, and I thought I was going to see his face and I woke up my wife and I was so excited well there was an aftereffect of that glory that actually when I close my eyes I can still see it.

Almost on demand a that it and is not a memory. It's actually something that I can just like I can look like oh I want to look at your glory them in there is okay but the part that is not on-demand as if I'm praying with a group of and I have a lot of groups that I get pregnant based on my my work.

It's really fun, but usually with the masculine journey guys are we to have it see BMC group) with a lot all the sudden while I'm praying in my mind's eye is one of the other people praise I see a color very bright blue.

It's the same glory but now it's color keyed and what God kind of winks at me with his I taken these colors and line them up with the seven anointing's of the Holy Spirit, and so which you may know, our wisdom and understanding, and counsel and might and knowledge fear the Lord and the delight of the sure Lord so if I am seeing red over someone's head.

Did that mean you're mad at. That means that I'm I am winking at me.

Listen for wisdom because that's what's coming at you Robbie.

You had me worried when you said you sell yellow around the just right. That's counsel, right. So when I see when and when I'm around Elkins. I've had a chance to play with Bill for years and an ominous CLO went over, not always but just sometimes when God's winking at me like pay attention Robbie so much better than what part did mama something's coming right and what's really really cool because you know delight mature Lord is the seventh one and it's it's it's violent.

And when I see that one. He has my full attention because it's like this is the stuff for your can arrest like this is the Sabbath color.

I mean this is huge. This is gigantic when you see somebody praying and you're like oh man, this this is that so we told Trey story I just told my and the reason I'm doing that is because what were hoping you were praying we prayed for the show all week that you would call the one that you know what I'm talking about and you have something like this.

It may be aside, it may be a smell.

Maybe it's attached. Whatever it is we want to hear your story and it's 86634878848663487884 and here's why.

I would urge you to call because number one it's real payment yesterday.

It's something that God has given you. That is very very special and other people out there and there there thinking there's isn't real and they think this is weird and I really want to talk about it because it's not real but it is real and and God has given this present to you and you can encourage thousands of other people that say although maybe that wasn't just a bizarre thing. Maybe this is real and and all my goodness this Christmas season. You can help validate somebody else's situation, whatever it is that they see whatever they it is the experience I would urge please we have all these lines open. I'm looking at a nurse seven lines that light up in seven never got 86634878843 I see somebody calling Danny with Alan and so I'm excited about that.

Were going to get to that.

But Bill, we have given you next to no time but I have you here to keep me straight without loose Morris with talked about Ms. Morris before he was a big basketball, football, baseball, start in see statement I was in high school in Raleigh and my Boy Scout troop was connected up with the Fellowship of Christian athletes and every year our scout leaders would make sure that we go to a luncheon with the Fellowship of Christian athletes and loose Morris was the speaker and is a great big packed room and I was listening to Ms. talk about getting connected with Jesus giving up yourself and becoming part of him and I've been through the Presbyterian Church. My father was an elderly to set up a number of churches and I'd gone through the perfunctory new members class and you had a lot of questions that really were answered, but in any event, when Millie said it's now time for those of you that haven't accepted Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. The room changed I was a bright light.

It was like Jesus and I were the only two people in the room.

It was a piece.

It was that excitement. It was the most wonderful moment in my life that could have been seconds or hours long and it's it was a an unbelievable after that I had a hunger for reading the Bible I just could not stop with through the book 3 times it was and I found it campaign started, I think the Baptist Church put it on and company I worked for will add their phones to be used, but it's it's one of the stories I'm very hesitant to share with a lot of people. It was when it's rail yes it's real.

We have and twist whose import now South Carolina and twit and demised. How can I pronounce you last name or your name I'm sorry and for that I love that out.

I love that name. So you've got a story for us. And when I looking for that. It's gonna be exact time looking for one year of children, any winemaker eating clearing and how I really like and so I began to cry when I wouldn't let pain and all along I thought I would make timely and and and I cannot pick and it being mean because I don't like me children don't like my husband like me and be the same without my Internet. I'm sorry to say we got to go to break, so if you'll stay with me will be right back with more than Christian car I think you cannot replace handsome Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcasts of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my pill products. If you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listener specials who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows and you're getting tired of these sleeping droughts, but you can get deep discounts on my pillows, mattress toppers, bedsheets, and so much more.

For example, the body pillow is regularly 89, 99, but with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my pill products, the 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty. Just go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999, and a promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials seen as an Green Day. He will nail today on the car only apologize for having issues today so little excitement to our normal run of things that when we left her here and when that were shared today about sort of God encounters. We talked about the Christmas now and if you get to hear. By the way these other stories which are amazingly fragrant story and Antoinette story you can get the podcast Christian car and and by all means, you know, download the podcasting you get a chance to hear those stories. But when we left Antoinette. She was sharing and Antoinette. Unfortunately, I think the way the computer ran we ran over the end your story little bit. So if you can pick us up with what I heard was your husband and you are struggling and that, like so many of us.

I'm always convinced it's my wife that's the problem, but it sounded like you were in that situation and got started get your attention and I think that's where we where the computer cut out on us. I still with me. Antoinette yes I anyway connected that Mary will pay one boat that you start you a meeting with Mike and Mary.

Any mind and I were to work on my behalf are guiding the good we need to restore that Mary and a lot of poor children.I doubt Anthony Crane likely continually teach and instruct and come back me down regarding counterweight and skill and that the story telling and even if only ignorant that I clean you know what extent you and God can make you will get before him yeah like I said in the beginning. That's exactly you know you you you have a way I think each of us that we have a way that healed our relationship goes in, and I love that the way that you pursued them in the way that that he has come through for you.

Thank you so much for calling and Sharon Antoinette.

God bless you and thank you for listening are now stored in how they may warrior, I betcha there's a lot of people that are just praising God with UK anthem that that is awesome When I think they are right. We have Laura is in Raleigh, Laura, you're on a still with the story.

Lori lost Lori were going to Lisa is in Washington. Lisa, you're on the Christian car guy show good morning good morning I'm so glad you called.

What if you got for us. In reaching where I empty board game guidebook had a meeting with Tyler left out but anyway waiting it up.

I wrote I thought somebody 555 Amy and thanked my hand up and going: import healing going on in my family.

Healing for me. Why only healing book coming out many many other people thought somebody thought God, thank you and I just knew that there were people out there with this that would verify this and I am I am so grateful that you called in and that God certainly was working through all that that that was just a sign that he was there with you right that's right that's right. Life is wonderful. Thank you so much Lisa got bless you have a wonderful weekend. Great Christmas season is where is the process all this. Thank you. We have Laura is in the Raleigh North Carolina Laurier on the Christian car guy show good morning good morning and thank you for what you do enjoy much day to day in 2005 hours outside a hospital and I was praying, probably more than I harder stronger than I think I ever had.

That's possible. But if you feel like it. Looking back on it, and when I open my it wishes. There was just a very, very can't explain it. Let go try a very, very pale gold all around everything around other people's faces over the tree around everything and got covered like a look at the screen and later on that year my mother passed away and some other people that I care deeply about offset past it was just it was that my crew leaps and bounds. Even though I was going to such pain is because these people on and I really just like it will I say I will forget that day. But there was definitely a definite change to the ceiling. Laura that God was winking at you some extent like I I'm I'm here we have this is real. You know when that that that that you know Mike is trying to get our attention that you know the that there's something really here with your prayers, and black. While waiting why we need to do that not woe is me like wow and it wasn't something I imagine it was like he can't see the land which you eat another laser blowing around you that you can't regard what she meant, but that's exactly exactly got bless you have a wonderful season and keep keep looking for the light thank you by. I want to get to as many as quickly as possible.

As you sit there with your story. Do not hold it. Call us at 8663 for 87884 is a number to call in 866-348-7884 we have Kathy is in Ogden, Utah. Kathy you're on the Christian car a component that sound you sound great. So tell us your story.

Great job and my mom and my weekly back funeral and then we went back, and we went Israel up the ladder at the graveside. Everything they report that graveside. We picked up some of her favorite on my way. You hate to break this time it fired.

So when we come back it will hear the rest of the story. We got Kathy. We got Mia, who is still waiting to get on that we don't have you so you got a call us 866-34-TRUTH 8788 forward and try to get you in will use this is sort of an experience God encounters. And yes, it is a Christian car guy show for one minute. Here's the thing is so cool that to me all these listeners to the Christian car graduate efforts will follow that much more lined up for you and have this type of God encounter as as Trey pointed out, based on a humility prayer experiences is humility right and so speaking of humility, prayer experiences is is I'm doing the Jesus labor leverages car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. If you could've been with me all week and handled the phone calls and all this going on he would see that this time year.

The pressure comes on moms that are single and they're trying to figure out how to balance the fact that the carnage breaks or that they don't have any tires and based on the donations that you guys gave me we are able to do some of that but I'll be honest where the money I mean it's it's it's it's it's that time year and our resources are extended and I've got all these people that I would really really love to help and you know I don't know what else to do but just continue to pray and ask you all to pray with me that in in in humility that God will will provide these needs. Again, you can find out more about that. It Christian car but when we left. Kathy is in Ogden, Utah. She was sharing her story so Kathy will come back to you and take off where you left off. Remember now he fight my way not right.

I know I like Israel walking in the old America Janice I have that I want to get okay were walking group that had a rabbi and a group of people and walking in the old woman and they're playing my way in the old city. That night I was shaking. Unlike you get better with a man and woman is that my my mom my dad and my mom had died like to retreat later anyway had just returned home and I believe it that I might want here anyway that he was Lincoln yeah that's so cool Kathy thank you for sure that I saw something I rightfully have Nina in Winston-Salem is hanging on for ever. I hope she still with us. Nina Janik Christian car guy show the morning and I'm I'm sorry nine you and thank you for having me on everything you do. I we all really appreciate around all around town my mother 198 and there and down and living away from her Indiana neck but she was.

She is an emotional story that after being diagnosed. I was worried about her foundation and I was worried about not being able to be there with her because we can't job transfer to George and now I'm in North Carolina back down.

So I found out that Mike had reached out to her and crying.

Never take in Christ before and he eight years old and and then it would be in July. Now, right after we need here and I went home at night. And he baptized in her own little band and I was so thankful that you find there in her lap and down. I prayed all alone time. Help me get help the family during house only what I need it the next drink I need from you.

Let me all and you and down when I got there and at night she looked away and down. I called and told him, going on and I was on the phone and my brother and his wife in the bedroom with her anything. He call Danny at 91 and I Karen and I kissed her goodbye okay I think she she let go and she really my brother and I and we hugged tightly, crying in the middle of that I and there was no radial, no radial at all. In the middle of that I heard them heavenly beautiful ever ever heard in my life. Not man-made, it is beautiful music that I'll you know how I don't think I'll ever hear it against internal I write because I believe that you died.

If you close your eyes you are met at the gate have been thanking Christ. I believe actual right each one. All happen and when I heard that you think I and I knew in my heart that with nothing else on that you get here when we can't wait to hear the music and we can smell the smell gets to see the light. It's a complete sensory experience.

So wow Mina I am so grateful that you, I mean I know I need to say that right. Nine.

Thank you God bless.

I'm so grateful that you hear people who are having problems with. And you know why even though it hard for them here that I'm I'm thinking maybe give you. I look forward to someday when I'm going to agree that it's got to get to another color and click nine. Thank you, thank you God bless.

I apply but I so I've got Vicki and Charlotte Vicki. I hate that we got so little time.

But if you could go forth real quick hello yes Vicki can you go real quickly only have about a minute you all about a camp out in college and would pray every morning before I went to class and one morning get smaller and smaller as I don't know what the next morning and started not going to give up and I'm telling you God with thanking me up and hit hello beautiful.

Thank you so much for Conan.

Well, God bless God welded our computer issues. I'm not sure how much time I have left that I just can't think everybody enough of those wonderful, amazing stories and maybe this will encourage you to share more because as other people dislike you had a God encounter like this, especially this time of year with the Christmas mail so different was the Christian part. I would urge you to go to Christian car get the podcast list all the stories

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