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The Secret For 2020

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 4, 2020 5:10 pm

The Secret For 2020

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 4, 2020 5:10 pm

What's the secret for 2020? Well listen to Robby and Bill and you might just find out! Here's a hint for you though, it probably has a little something to do with the movies Pollyanna and Good Will Hunting.


I like being allowed to ask a thing like that and what did he say he was just couldn't seem to get sound familiar.

I suppose every minister of God faces the same problem as tell me, did your father ever solve the problem.

Christian Car Guy radio show did your father ever solve the problem in the Bible. May I when you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find you surely will Abraham Lincoln's the text. No, I didn't know that the day on the Christian Car Guy show that intro, you might've recognize that scene from the movie Pollyanna and and you might always thought Pollyanna got a bad rap was just looking for the good in everything. But that that might be your name, but there's a fascinating connection in my view between that holy, holy, holy, and what talk Pollyanna was talking about which there is another movie called good Will hunting and have you ever thought about it, but that was a pretty clever title because the main character's name was Will and Robin Williams was his psychiatrist or whatever and he was trying to find the good in will and so he was good Will hunting and so when we talk about the secret for 2020.

I'm thinking good Will hunting bill. This is kind of a neat and neat word in the in the Bible really does have quite a bit to say on this subject that I discovered this week, or God put me on and I want to share that but we've had such a wonderful 2019 and 2020 very excited about your stories so when you think of good Will hunting.

In other words, hunting for the good in people, you know, what does that bring to mind, and we would love to hear your story.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and the reason why I I thought about this for years is we used to have a sales meeting at and that we would do at least once a month and it was called a mutual admiration society and all the sales meeting was was simply everybody in the room sitting around the room was a sign that somebody else's name. That was also on the sales team and it was your job once you got that person's name to speak over that person. All the things that you saw that person that made them a great salesperson in the again the name the sales meeting. It was a mutual admiration society. Well it's it's unbelievably powerful when people begin to speak good things over you that that they see how you reflect God in God's image right. Everybody is an image bearer, and in there is something and so we call that the mutual admiration society and then one day I was teaching Sunday school bill and I was looking for something to do that would be inspirational and I came up with the idea of taking a piece of paper and putting it on everybody's back with a sort of red yarn, which my kids gave me a lot of grief over like there's other teenagers they'll never do this, but they did and they each have little sign that I put on their back and everybody was given a Pam and I told them.

The instructions were to take and write on the back of the person that has there sign. You know how you see God reflected in that person. What is it in another words they needed to go.

Good Will hunting at and so this exercise went on way longer. I mean it. It actually took up the entire Sunday school hour because these kids just embrace this and they wrote books on each other's backs is a great class while I went to the Christmas party. Years later, and there were several teachers that would share in the and and so you know we we are all enjoying fellowship, and in summary, symbol of all the Sunday school lessons because we have these kids for two years which one was your favorite aunt and and several of them said although it was the one you know the mutual admiration. Since we still have our papers, they still you know. Years later, they stick their papers because people don't ever say good things about him… The value of encouragement. This is the the value of goodwill hunting bill. Yes, it's always good to tell people around you how much you appreciate them, and specifically what you see in them. That's important in inspiring so when you seen the how can you relate to what I'm talking about, and this is very much a car business subject because believe me when you going to see a car salesman you can be good Will hunting or you can be quick hunting and and and when people used to come into me and I could tell immediately.

They do start as a shyster because my name was car salesman you know that you have this sense like oh my goodness, so 866-348-7884 the number to call in a chair 866-34-TRUTH surrounding how do you come upon this this week.

Well, you know, I am studying and I'm studying this letter's attic that we talked about last week, which is sort of the symbol that's on Superman's chest of the righteous one that is going to make everything right and and and you may know and maybe I discussed last week that Isaac was the son of the promise in the second letter in Isaac's name after the unit is is attic and his name actually ends legs attic with a cook and so when you look at my note you have to go to Christian Car to see what I'm talking about.

If not that familiar with the Hebrew letters just take my word for it up trying to think of another friend of mine steadies letters just to XO Isaac was named very specifically of course you're familiar with the last story, but which may not know is that his name is very much and in relating to this idea of the righteous one coming okay because he is the son of the premises, Abraham's son and that letter which by the way ends Isaac's name is called a cuff in the value of that letter in Hebrews 100 and the reason it's 100 is how old was Abraham when he had Isaac okay it's he was 100 and in the in the letter is looks like a PN that has everything to do with potential to spend a little bit more time and that in a minute but when I want to get to is that Isaac loved Esau you may be familiar with the story at at and the way King James interpreted that was because he liked the taste of Venice, but the Jews have a completely different take on that and when you look at actually look at the letters in the Hebrew of it what it actually says is he had the taste of hunt in his mouth and what their neurotrauma teaches and whatever is that Isaac was one of those guys that was good Will hunting that he saw and Esau from tremendous potential to be as attic to be a super meant to be somebody who would make things right. To see somebody that would reflect the grace and the glory of God. This is what Esau sought to slip Isaac Sawhney saw and so he was. He was good Will hunting bill and yeah I know it all didn't work out. Maybe the way you would think. However, there were generations of Esau that did have certain things that went well and we don't know you know what little part you played in in along the ways but I will tell you one thing that the Jews consider Isaac certainly one of the patriarchs, a big big huge deal when they celebrate their feast of ingathering may have the seven shepherds of Israel come in and Isaac's on that list means a big deal to them and he is the son of the promise and I like the idea that Isaac was good Will hunting and you have a story along those lines to help guide you Sunday at the prison. I had a chance to share a little bit and some of the things that came to my mind, were some stories I'd like to share.

After the break I got stories from prison that story from the Jesus labor love. We got that we got more on goodwill hunting certainly Pollyanna, and of all, by all means holy holy holy women that take you so much more, and so yes you will have that from last week that was actually we were hoping it would play last Lee did, but it has really has everything to do that.

We talk about today. The secret for 2020, which we are talking about last week that that Superman characters actually this is attic that we describe that is this person that is trying to make things right there looking for things where they can take something and turn it up right, like a tree and and that's kind of where this attic comes from and we been talking about it holy, holy, holy and Morgan to get that the minute but when we left our hero Bill was and that he is going to share his story along the ideas of today show the secret for 2020 is good Will hunting only in out it's actually looking for God's glory. In other people and calling out seek and ye shall find. We were talking about answered prayers and I was saying in my mind the way I see it. God knows the first day. God knows the last day. God knows when you pray for something what you going to do with what it is that he present you so if you ask for something that you going to be in use to share with other people and enlighten other people and encourage people to spend time in their Bible, and encourage people to accept Christ. There is no reason to believe that an all loving and caring God has plans for you plans not to harm you, plans for open future is not going to see that that need is taking care of not always the way we expected, but that our father has great things in store for us. If you wouldn't give your child a snake deed or what the when they came to you when they were hungry. How do you think that you are all loving and compassionate father isn't going to provide for you at one of the things we talked about issues seek what you find.

And there's a story in the way back in Jewish history about a Rabbi rabbis would sit at the front gate of a small town with the center of the small town and with people came in part of their job was to decide who got to stay and who had to move on and if somebody brought in a cart full of carpet she could sick my brother-in-law's sales carpet side note you to go down and talk to him.

He'll get you all set up one day this family came in and they said, Rabbi, Rabbi, we were burned out of our home and were looking for a new place to live, what type of people will we find in your tail and the Rabbi said well tell me about the people you found in your last town and they said they were the most mean and corrupt and evil, backbiting, people that you'd ever want to meet and he says I'm sorry to tell you that's exactly the type people you're going to find in our town and the next day the Rabbi was at his special spot a family came from another direction and they said, Rabbi, Rabbi, we need to find a new home. Can you tell us what type of people will we find in your city basis will tell me about the people that you found in your last city and they said they were the most wonderful and loving and caring and compassionate people you'd ever want to meet.

He says those are exactly the type people that you can find in our city.

We find what we look for, we very rarely find what we don't look for Jesus said seek and you shall find it in my world, and some of you might contradict me a little bit will remembering that the Bible is translated from Arabic to Jewish to Greek to Latin to English.

I think what he was saying in his some of you don't think highly enough of yourself to think that God's going to provide for you.

You don't believe that God has good things in store for you see, you don't see you don't expect you don't ask for wonderful things to come along in your life will if you looking for something on a constant basis. And you sure that you going to get your whole lot more likely to have it happen if I'm in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of Cub Scouts and were freezing to death and we found an art to study it and we really need a fire. We can pray for a match.

I have absolutely no doubt that the Mets that we find is going to be provided by God. But if on the other side somebody spraying for a match. They can set fire to somebody's business. Is there mad at him let match. They may find it, but it wasn't pregiven to them are provided to them, because God we seek what God wants us to seek for if wearing communication and talking to him that all good gifts come from God and we can expect great things to come along and this year I challenge you to remember that if you got Jesus in your heart you were chosen and holy and dearly loved you, not the kid that just popped debt that wasn't expected you the child that somebody took a great deal of money went and found an attorney went before a judge and had a piece of paper stamped your chosen and holy and dearly loved, and you can expect God to look after your best interest in all good gifts come from him right which was huge. One of those is his relationships and sore were looking for and seeking today the secret for 2020 is to try to find that spark in another human being that is in fact the glory of God and obviously fanning that into a flame, whatever that may look like and what we would love to hear your story along those lines. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 as a member to call in and share 86634 so yesterday I had a dear friend whose son it turned 16 and and this friend is part of mass concerning radio show with us and were we do a lot about initiation in the manhood like and when Jesus came up out of the waters of baptism. His father said, you know, this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.

You know this was a huge deal. He was validating Jesus's ministry. Well, it's a big deal for us to validate our own children and validate their upcoming ministry just like God did for this and so is really really cool. He had a party and had lots of folks from his family, but he also had all these guys that we walk with it, you know, in the masculine journey and all these people got a chance to stand up and talk over Eli and then it was like the mutual admiration society on steroids because I'm telling you this went on for like two hours of people speaking over this young man and that the culmination of that was that he got the sword with his new name in he is in Hebrew on it as well as his original name. Interestingly, Eli's actual name at first was Elijah and and so here's this in a really cool event because of a mutual admiration society many people calling out the glory of God and other people doing this Goodwill hunting think that that Isaac was famous for. So we would love your story 866-34-TRUTH 87884's number to call you and share were run out of time you got to do it will be right back with more secret for 2020 when you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find you surely will Abraham Lincoln's the text. No I did not need today on the Christian car guys show which is we talked about its Goodwill hunting but there's also this concept of holy holy holy that we haven't dug into yet. But before we knew that I would ask one more time I mother you got a story of Goodwill hunting where you you knew somebody that was calling out someone's glory. You got to see it some type of initiation or something like. I went to last night with my friend Eli.

We would love to hear that story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Here's why your story will encourage others in 2020 to be Goodwill hunting words. Wow, a life of relationships where were looking for the glory of God in his image bearers were trying to call out in them and what exactly does that look like now I was really really studying this concept. It based on the Isaac pack passage and I haven't another friend who you know we we asked for God for word for the year in this kind of thing and in stead of doing New Year's resolutions. We like to ask God what you know what he wanted taken since your kind of adventure and the word that that he'd gave my friend Harold was happening now just being a good friend of mine.

He asked me that, you know, look at that word and and and see what was inside of that word and that word happening like the word holy starts with that cough that we talk about that's at the end of the this attic that we talked about last week and so the first letter is sort of the root of the word, both holy and happening, but interestingly it is also the root of the word cry, and so would you look for something has a hole on the holies and a lot of crimes in it. You can help a goat Isaiah 6, 3P, which is where you first find right. Isaiah 63 is where he is lost his king's eyes died and Isaiah is now finds himself in the temple of God and his train filled the temple out alone just blows my mind and he sees the seraphim right in the seraphim cry which is starting with that same letter Cove and what they cry is holy, holy, holy is the Lord our God Almighty. His glory fills the earth. Now, from my perspective I just bumped Manny's lost his friend and his his king, and the next guy up Jotham I'm sure he's assessed the situation that he didn't have what he had in his eye with his next guide is Jotham doesn't make the list just returned anyway so I says these keys got a little bit down but interestingly he finds himself in here and when those seraphim shout holy holy holy there throwing all these cliffs at him and so I want to get inside that letter for a minute and talk about what I learned that when you look at a cuff it's made up of two other Hebrew letters and it's further down in the alphabet and this cuff that's actually the word end of the words attic and it begins the word holy and it begins word cry, which I don't know if you've ever thought about how holy crying is I mean God collects all your tears know it's tough because this is holy stuff that that this is important to God. When people get this out there is this letter, it's called a rakish which is the root of the word rock which means Holy Spirit so there is this idea of that. And then there is a Zion, get a lot into that in a minute. But when you just take those two letters by themselves and you spell it out. That word mean secret by the way a bill and so it's kind of telling you that this letter cuff is got a secret and it pay attention seriously while paying attention right so absolutely following you, but I am paying attention so the Zion, which is the second letter in the growth is looks like a five which is sort of bud light of God coming down only Zion is a picture of the light of God being reflected back to him and actually it's a feminine you know because in Hebrew. You got masculine and feminine.

And so it's an interesting thing that this that this light being reflected off of us back up to God is feminine. But when you think about it for the bride of Christ. Of course it's feminine. And then as this light reflects back up off of this, it forms a crown and so when you look at that letter.

It's a straight line and then it has a crown on it and and and that crown would be like joy and Eve that somebody would come who came to Christ and all the sudden all my goodness you saw all this glory coming out of them and and they begin to wear a crown of all sorts of different but you know you think of all the little points on their crown and and all the different things that they done what this is what design is and so would you picture this race. This Holy Spirit over the top of this crown, but the thing of it is the sand Isaiah. There is all kinds of glory fills the earth and its inside of every one of those image bearers that you think are the people of unclean lips, because in in a few minutes I can say is good and say I'm a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips. Well, yes we all are okay and and so you know, in the car business we call benchmarks so you know I'm I'm I'm a Shamokin I'm living amongst the benchmarks of what what these angels with the seraphim were telling him was look. The earth is filled with his glory will how is the earth filled with his glory. Its field and all these image bearers always different people that you know and each one of those has a potential Zion inside of speech have you know if if if you could take off the hard hard and all those things in Jesus could touch him and the Holy Spirit, etc. then all the sudden you have all this potential that what happened in Isaiah store is you know that they didn't take in touch his lips from the altar with the coal and the next thing you know this guy, who himself had unclean lips or will commish Mark Watts was now like given the ability to speak God's glory.

In such a way that nobody ever did's essence.

I mean, what an ability he had to bring the light. What a crown. Isaiah had as a result of seeing the potential light that was in there and you might say Willie didn't really read that many people while he still reaching people to this day I can assure you he's reached I don't know how many people by his writings that even at the time.

If you think about it, they were ancestors of Joseph and Mary Ann and Zachariah and all those people that needed to keep hope they needed to keep you know they needed to be part of that remnant that God would bring you know to to faith in Jesus Christ and so you know I think it's it's really for me, like when I look at that scripture in Hebrew of Isaiah 63 and see the costs that are involved in that.

I could go in all the different letters in the word holy.

But for this time I just spit up what and and and think of the potential glory, the potential of God's image and all these people is absolutely fabulous.

So I have Clay's in Raleigh. He's got a story for us to go to Clay, Your Honor, Christian Karch guy show good morning.

Happy new year Clay, well, Merry Christmas and happy new year to you brother Robbie and Mr. Bill just want to give thanks you know, the first word to the fourth day of a new year and know the first Saturday of the new look of the new year and it was interesting to hear you're talking about the movie good Will hunting. Well, you know, hunting is also the word you people used were like seeking also exploring and what kind of adventure that you're going on will be a wonderful thing for me is that you knew last year was not a really really nice year for me last year because of all the stuff that went on and especially regarding family except one family member let you know this year is started. Also know all the decent footing foundation because I was able to meet and talk to a woman couple wonderful brothers in the Lord and you know I'm I'm just trying to refocus on what the Lord's plan for me is going to be because you know of. I look at it and I think about it you know it's interesting you know I'm not trying reflect on anything but you know, I know that I truly believe in the heart that the Lord has a plan for each other's we don't completely know what that point is, some of us do. Another don't and you know fell into a new way of doing things for the new year is going to see how that works. I attach a short sale. We had a place but I'm glad you think a good Will hunting will get back to stay on through the break and get back with Clay. We need your story, 866-348-7884 or so much more pretty hard. I show something to this.

Maybe I can pull this together for a year from the Isaiah passage and the Genesis passage that in Genesis. Remember I was saying that Isaac had hunting in his mouth. In other words, a taste for people that were hunting and and later on the cover.

Of course, Isaiah cries out. I'm a man after the holy holy experience. He cries out.

I'm a man of unclean lips, according to the way you've heard it translated probably most your life and I live amongst the people of unclean lips, but if you look at the word in Hebrew.

It could be translated.

I'm a man of unclean mouth and so if if you think about it you have a taste for the holy or you have a taste for the air.

In other words, a lot of people in your life when you I have friends that it seems like they could find troubled the matter. You know it, whatever it may be. They see it in a crowd, or they see good in the car because they've developed a taste like I wish I could develop a taste for something other than sugar and so from the Jews standpoint when they think of the fashion so it has a lot to do with the throat in the mouth and the taste and and so I think this is more than just lips here since Robbie's personal interpretation saying all my goodness, if I'm good Will hunting.

I'm really hunting for holiness, which has all sorts of potential of God's light and all sorts of potential of God's glory, filling the earth, which is what the seraphim were saying to Isaiah and so what we do know for certain is that after his situation where they touched his mouth with the coal from the altar, his taste changed at an end. His ability to speak clearly on prophecy was now enhanced to the point that he began to talk about the coming light that would clearly make a way for us to have a amazing 2020.

I mean this is this is where it's going to come down. This is this is where it's going to be the deal. This is gonna be the real good Will hunting but we left her Harold Clay, and Annie was good Will hunting and so Clay, you're going to be quite nice to let us go there, you know, our brother Robbie, are you diluting your primary you know they see you there. Good thing about that involving my maintenance log will hunt for tile but anyway, remember when you were last year in the message that you preached on chrism and I'm just like you know it in the commercials. Rev. Billy Graham was talking about them running the race right and there's some stuff that you should you know the Lord has a race for each of us to run and no doubt that it all but you know when last time that you were here and I got to hear you preach wonderful message you know you talk about hunting because you know when you're hunting your posting or you're hungering for something and you remember that message that you preached you talk about hungering and thirsting and see I'm going back on that and you know what is it that people are hungering for what is it that your thirsting for and that goes into the thing you know, exploring, and you know seeking what is it that you are truly seeking in your what is it bringing that hunger inside of you that thirsting that you note to quench your thirst in it, or a member here Pastor Charles Stanley preacher message own you know are you focusing on God the father or you not vocational go when you lose your focus it completely takes you away from what you're hungering or hunting for so you know it's just an interesting journey for me because there were somebody did on her time with and you know they were saying that I was in person but I asked him us. Did you ever take the time to look the word up and they said no less, that we might want to do that because I overcame that Pastor David Jeremiah has always had something for each of us overcome her weird no matter what were going through were going to overcome it. If you are you going to the book of James is considered pure joy that when you face trials of many current and will we will get to that trial coming in your brother. I could go on and on and only not all have windowed particular. You know all the rest of the time, but you know from what I've been through each thing that happened with me. People have told me basically I don't know how you could do it, but the Lord has a plan for what he is putting us through and we will overcome it.

We will see the hand of the hunting trip something will hunting today Clay but have to sure to call God bless.

I'm so glad I got to talk to you hereunder. I am top 298 and I'm looking forward to it that you're going to bring in. I'm looking forward to the next term that you would like to get together trigger selected here. I agree. Bless. Thanks Clay will God bless your brother happy new year to you Mr. Bill.

We will talk you later.

All right, all right.

Got a couple more minutes if you got something for us.

We'd love to hear in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH, but your talk about hunting Billy I want to share yet part of this is we've got a look in ourselves and we got to see the light of God in ourselves is good, except that God loves us while we were looking for that in others I run after Christmas I had the great pleasure to go up to Grayson Highlands, 100 mile drive surpassed very few cars in the Napa Seven Mile Rd. to the wilderness with the Appalachian trail in the next day I get back.

And I'm at the YMCA of my car won't start and I'm thinking Leeward Lord would praise you father if this car had not started the day before when I was 7 miles up a fire red and I was thinking that unit a lot of times when we pray, God knows what we get to do that prayer and if we take what God gives us, and we use that to the further his kingdom and encourage other people that we get answered prayers and I'm thinking, if I do a really good job sharing with people that I could praise that $200 car repair because it came the day after where it could've caused all kinds of problems that helps empower the fact that the other thing you know the thing about his and his beautiful bill that in a part of goodwill hunting is hunting that relationship which only comes repair and it comes from reading the Bible and all those things but in a way that's prayer itself you're relating to God through talking to, I assume, and listen at an end, by the way, when you find goodwill out there, you're gonna have to try to figure out how to share Christ with them and that again is going to take prayer it's gonna take supernatural wisdom from the trues attic and how you can bring righteousness into these situations and it only comes through hunting for that relationship.

The price, but speaking of hunting I got one of the thing I gotta get in is in the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. We have been hunting for a car for family Lexington that the husband had a liver was waiting on a liver transplant that seriously erred ill daughter, all that stuff. I have to type I came through man after the show. Last week I got a text and then the email and the largest provided. I mean we are hunting for it and like you said Bill we are praying for it and lots of you prayed for it, so I want just share with you the unbelievable news like oh man I got to call them on Monday and say great news. You know there is somebody in Lexington, Kentucky, the largest touch them to provide a car and what a miracle it just is better to speak to what you said Bill that you know if we ask an end to an end in God's definitely got that great present for us. You know when we needed especially when we asked for others when we go goodwill hunting so I'm so excited to be with you in 2020 right and work and have a great year together here in the Christian court has show you got a Christian car see morons addicts and coughs and all these letters and things I thought about all their Christian Car as well as podcast previous episodes.

If you want to hear that one on Superman mullet stuff from last week. We would love for you to do that. So remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went. All done in 33 years. Wow and be goodwill hunting here in 2020.

It's the secret

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