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Dismantling Dilemma

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 8, 2020 12:54 pm

Dismantling Dilemma

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 8, 2020 12:54 pm

Darrin Koone sat in today for Robby and talked about how easy or difficult working on different models are..He took calls and just talked about restoring cars.

The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

This is the Truth Network well is back in gold and bejeweled during an allusive little diversity of the head when you get everything what is ruled by sometimes adding a heading for is always loaded on the long one must still plan to be in beautiful get out of there. Christian Car Guy got a long time and you know you will, is the fact that we want model is really good morning and welcome to the Christian Car Guy show that's a little different intro than normal and probably you are a regular listener. This is a little different voice than normal as well. Robbie Gilmore is not with us this morning. He's been out and under the weather this week, but I think he's feeling better this morning and well on his way to Birmingham, Alabama. He's probably you know somewhere around Pelham or something. Right now on his way down to visit his daughter in in the Birmingham Stanford University and were happy about that. I am Darren Kuhn going to be hosting the show for you this morning and were to be talking about building things, one piece at a time and the main thing that were talking about building this morning is is our own souls, our own lives as God does that, but were going to talk about it in the context of of a car and the restoration process that goes on a lot of times with cars and so we would love for you to call in this morning and talk to us about your experience with restoring old cars and so I'll tell you little story of mine and will will Connie go there but this morning working to be talking about how God entices us into this restoration project, and maybe you felt that enticement before to get involved in some sort of a restoration project. Could've been a house could've been a car, something else may be an old tractor, but there are all sorts of restoration projects that especially we as men but I think a lot of women to I think way more women than we give them credit for love these restoration projects, and that my wife is really enjoying restoring old furniture right now. Every time I turn around she brings home a piece of old furniture and because I'm a carpenter by trade. You know I end up involved in that and that's okay too. But so God entices us with something to restore wheat we see something we realize the beauty it once had the power that it once had the. The sense of home and community it once had. And we decide we want to restore it.

It happens with everything from furniture to cities literally. But that process of restoring has a lot of steps to it.

First of all, so there's this enticement phase were somehow or another, God entices us with our own desires to restore something. But then there comes a disruption some sort of disruption, whether it's we can't get the finances for Ed or we get the thing and then something happens to us and we can't move forward with the project something like that. But then there's after the disruption phase. A lot of times there is also a dismantling face forward literally taking it apart piece by piece and finding out what's in there or what we wish weren't there. Perhaps which you know as your dismantling an old car that happens you find the rush to find where somebody started a project before and thought they were going to restore it and they you know piece milled a project in the air and instead of fixing it correctly and then there's the process of healing that brokenness, whatever that is.

With that the car the house the furniture, the life and then there's the final restoration part for it's finally restored and we can take it out on you know on the streets in and display it before the world and let the glory that God put in that thing whether it's a car or whether it's a you be released upon the world and so were going to talk about that a little bit this morning. I personally am in really going through a restoration project right now and it's on my own body and I'm not real happy about that but I I can see where you know the the good stuff is coming down the line, but. But I want to go all the way back to the early 80s when I first started driving was about 1980 and when I was only 14. My dad came home from work one day and said get in the car were in a working to go pick up your car and I didn't have a clue what he was talking about, but he had found a 1965 barracuda formula S and he bought it for $125. It needed some work obviously for hundred $25 and this was in about 1978, but he bought the car brought it home and it was going to be my project car. My restoration project for the next two or three years. As I was getting old enough to drive in and being able to work on things that at home in our garage and dad not done had done a lot of those types of projects anyway and so I was super excited about it. I had always wanted a 65 barracuda and the main reason I did is because my dad was. He was a gearhead when he was younger, my dad was a super cool dude and he had everything from 30 model a Ford with the 426 him he had and it wheelie bars on the back, chop top. The whole 9 yards to 57 Pontiac convertibles, a 57 Chevy nomad that was hopped up and and lots of different muscle cars, but he had had a brand spanking new, bright red 65 barracuda 273 commando and so that to me was the coolest car on earth and I used to look through our photo albums at home and see that car and my dad young and in strong and and excited about life and I used to think man dad, why did you ever get rid of that car.

I wish you'd never gotten rid of that car will it. Connie got him thinking that as well.

I guess, and so his sons growing up getting to the point where you know he would like to have a car and so dad as a wonderful gift to me went out and bought this car for me.

It needed some work that the freeze plugs were blown out of.

It'd been sitting in a field for several years. The floorboards were rusted out and it it had some body damage and a couple little spots. The rings were shot in the engine. You know the smoke was blue coming out the tailpipe. But to me it was the coolest car in the world. Somebody had put a six barrel manifold on it and 32 barrel carburetors on it and I thought I was gonna restore the whole thing and keep it exactly like that found out later that wasn't going to be the case but for a while got to have fun with that and my sisters absolutely hated the car because it was ugly.

It was baby blue and gray primer and dance and it and the floorboard rusted out and it was nasty but it was drivable and so they were older than me and so they got to drive my car more than I did. And I'll tell you the reason why a little bit later, but I would love to hear from you this morning if you would call in. It's a 866-34-TRUTH where we are at the country 866-34-TRUTH would love for you to call in this morning and talk to us about your restoration project, the one you started the one you've always dreamed about. Perhaps maybe you never gotten to started or the or the one that you finished would love to talk about those restoration projects, especially if if it's an old musclecar just because that's close to me, but any kind of car would be awesome. And maybe another project as well so one of my favorite scriptures has become. John 1010, where John says that the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. But right after that, Jesus says, and this is the part of the verse that we always remember is Jesus says I've come to give life or that you may have life and have it to the full, but right before Jesus said that he also says that the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy. And so why are we so surprised when that thief shows up when the killing in the in the stealing and the destroying begins to happen in our lives is soaring to talk a little bit about that today to because inevitably, if you've ever started a restoration project like that the thief shows up and some disruption begins to occur in our lives and causes us to think, oh, no, maybe this wasn't what God had for me. Or maybe this is going to be too tough for me to handle. So were in a talk more about that after the break. In the meantime, if you would call in 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH with love to hear your restoration story Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my coproducts if you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listener specials who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows and you're getting tired of these sleeping droughts, but you can get deep discounts on my pillows, mattress toppers, bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillow is regularly 89, 99, but with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my pill products, the 60 day moneyback guarantee in a 10 year warranty.

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This is what love is really welcome back to cargo show this morning.

Robbie is not with us as much is you know, I know you're thinking man. Every time I you know, take a visitor to church. The guest speaker is speaking you know it's the third string guy or the fourth string guy.

As you know if you're me today, so Robbie is not with us today. I'm Darren cooing and filling in for him of the best that I can and this morning we're talking about restoration projects were talking about the process that you know God entices us into some sort of a project restoration project.

If you will, but before long the project usually gets disrupted.

Somehow, someway for some length of time and and then there's some dismantling that happens and then there's some healing that happens and then there's finally you know the restoration and sometimes all of that struggle, disruption in the dismantling and the healing feels like it's never going to end and that were never going to finally make it to the the restoration part of the project, but so were talking about that. We would love for you to call in 866-34-TRUTH wherever you're at in the in the United States right now again were live 866-34-TRUTH would love to hear about your restoration project what it is you're restoring how God enticed you to do it, and of the struggles maybe oars the blessings, the joys that have come out of that.

We got Ray from South Carolina on the line and he's going to be talking to us about his restoration project Ray how you doing this morning.

Hang in there their partner about literature about cell phone battery.great PTO every three to oh man at all. A lot of things No way the original.

I think we lost Ray and that is so cool Ray that that we heard about that if you get a chance to call back in do it 866-34-TRUTH 65 GTO. I remember that was another car that I always wanted a friend of mine had a 71 GTO and I was in high school and man I was so in love with that car it was such a cool car for for speed on the floor for 55 big block motor in the thing would pop wheelies literally had to give it a little bit to help you know by, rocking it forth and you know, back and forth a little bit, but it literally would bring the front wheels off the ground, but I always wanted one of the older ones.

The 6566 67 model one of my uncles had a 67 GTO and heard all kinds of stories about you know that car and how cool of a car.

It was and have always wanted that now you know I was telling you earlier that my dad had gone out and blessed me with this 65 barracuda 273 commando motor in it and if you don't know anything about cars that means absolutely nothing to you but if you know something about Chrysler products in general and in the Plymouth that the 65 barracuda was one of the first real muscle cars of the time, and in it was a it was a pretty unique car because it didn't have a solid frame under it. Like most cars, it was a unibody car Chrysler a body. I believe Robbie would be able to tell us more about that than me, but it was a unibody car so it was a little bit lighter and they could put a smaller motor in it. There was two or three different motor packages that year they were all based on the 273 but mine had a 273 commando motor in it and it somebody had put a 32 barrel carburetor manifold system on it 32 barrels on it had the hurst shifter on the floor, which was a phenomenal add on as well and and 10 1/2 to 1 compression ratio Pistons with the higher cam in it and it was just a cool car even if it did burn oil and blow smoke out all of that stuff, but I had begun the process of of rebuilding that motor and fixing up that car.

However, the disruptions came not too long after that now.

My disruptions were my own fault and sometimes hard disruptions are our own fault, not always. Sometimes they are directly you know that the the work of the enemy. If you will, may be the work of someone else. A job loss or an illness or whatever, but in my case it was in patients I had decided that you know I was a really good driver. Even though I didn't have my drivers license yet and there was no we lived out on a acreage in the country and and my brother-in-law was stationed in Alaska at the time and he had a 77 four-wheel-drive short narrow bed Dodge pickup sitting in my backyard with a nice roll cage on it and the fog lights in the wagon spoke wheels and it was a beautiful little red truck and I decided that you know I was a really good driver and since my dad gave me the keys to the truck and let me move it as often as I needed to in order to mow the lawns in the summer and get underneath that and keep it from spotting up the backyard that I would take it and go for a joy ride and take my friends out and so one day we headed out to a spot where there were some four-wheel-drive trails not too far from my house with a couple of my buddies and we spent all day joyriding and having fun and I was on the way back trying to get back to my house in time to wash the truck and clean it up before my dad got home before my sister got home to find her husband's truck gone and on the way back, trying to beat my dad home was going about as fast as you could go down a Dirt Rd. in Oklahoma where we have things called wash boards people in the rest of the country recalled him wash boards but in Oklahoma we called him more sports and so II hit this set a wash boards and on the dirt road that I was in and about 70 miles an hour and ended up flipping the truck pinned over grand which led to disruption in my life and my 65.

We'll talk more about that after the break. In the meantime, please call back in Ray if you can and if you're out there 866-34-TRUTH would love to hear about your restoration project. I wrote down well this morning were talking about our restoration projects. I was broke down north of Dallas asked in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma or pretty close to that we are talking about those restoration projects that God is enticed you into and then some of the disruption that happens dismantling that happens in that and eventually that the healing and the restoration that goes on and how those projects teach us something if you want to call in and be on the show today 866-34-TRUTH I'm Darren Kuhn sitting in for Robbie Gilmore who's traveling through the Southeast this morning and that he's listening if you got anything you want to say to them.

We also want to talk to you about Jesus labor of love such a great ministry that Robbie and several of his sponsors in a raised body shop and and Bob Young and so many others have been involved in over the years that you've been listening and if you're new to the station, please go to a Christian car you can learn more about Jesus labor of love, but right now that the finances are running pretty low, with regard to Jesus labor of love. And if if people were to call in this week and need some help getting some free labor to get done or you know if they can supply the parts we try to get the labor supplied for them in and sometimes even more than that get supplied but if if people called in this week and needed some financial help with that.

There's not a lot left in the coffer so we really really need your support this morning to to just go to Christian car right on the front page there's Jesus labor of love. If you need to apply for assistance or if you would love to donate right now. I know that Robbie would would love dad and Jesus I think would be excited about it as well, so we've got Sarah Lind on the line with us from Washington state. Beautiful place I love it there and Sherilyn would tell us about your restoration project. Remember, Sarah, Linda, Sarah, Linda cool here and we had no encouraging this morning because what we were supposed to be on our way. I like going to the conference click click click rate projects for both my daughter and I okay because I'm writing to 30 years younger.

Becky had got at home care, home care, health, nuclear rearrange her work schedule and because her daughter my granddaughter is going to keep rolling with the leukemia, etc., long story, but this been a very difficult time only clear cut coherently. I got an already going to take me early and I had everything packed that get they had to leave early and I just let there with the eye. I couldn't get get the last thing together in time and kill any way I wear on her way and that everything going. You know, I descriptively believe in the first meeting, but I hear your program and I think that I know it's going to be.

Please masturbate with the meeting but were going to be going to be a restoration project are all articulated all about Carol, directly out that outside at night that I've got to do creation.

I gave birth. 33 forever. There you go Maryland anyway.

But I doubt that it's got.

Like that car's. I'm so glad that you called in Sarah Linda because you know that disruption is probably you know from the enemy and in there's got to be something really really great where you're headed to the restoration conference that you're going to and there's going to be something spectacular there.

There always is when it's that hard to get there.

You know, the harder it is to get there. The, the greater the blessing that God has in store for you and I'm so glad that you called in thank you so much and I and non-Internet card. Thank you so much on Jesus labor of love. Thank you bye-bye bye-bye so we've we've got Ray back on the line from South Carolina and we got we got Aaron on the line from Portland Oregon. I'll bring him on in just a second, but Ray we lost you a minute ago tell us about the 65 GTO battery Avenue is going thought I had something I could pick it up and plug it on my card but I could find apparatus to do so will all alter their yeah a car not been out are not a lot father was very person of my life. I came from a family that was brought up in the church great grandfather had built several toward my life began to tense, wide-awake things, but court will, and the defendant after a father not Mother the very last place in hospital but it will long after that before that I had bought each euro all the people at no guest added on the toe. When I got down yet it start building some almost… Good read had rusted place to go. Yeah, it smote you figure out so many things to arguing of the argument loaded up that stuff but that so bad you notice what you said the devils beat me with baseball.

There were days that spelled like I have. What was the object and out prostate cancer and I will take care of the home, Chuck took Carl and I parked it under an awning. I worked on: my father come out there couldn't get out of the car would be just emigrant and talk talk about the Lord, you know what I remember one day in particular those funny thing happened just like it devil comes toward it was one of those dates from you that if they don't take to annotate the goat, called yeah other people suggest an old what I like goat better to put out the optimal take it around the block, which would help and get but I thought I got about block out. I got up under that kind of get that follows them. So here I am, 85-year-old Bob and I'm saying that you bring down you grandpa you would get his full flattop get that out popped the truck to get on with but one sided thing, but the so I'll start with that day. After that card. I looked up Like Goat That the Gave Me A Lot Of Pleasure. When My Father God. Couple like Pete Murray Yeah It Took.

I Was Rude, Angry with God Lost a Mother Were Going to Greatest World and A Lot Of That Muscle Is a List of Bowel What You Want to Think about That Call. I Took It One Last Store Applicant to the Guy. We Got out but Order Panels Will Promote New Public This Break the Suspension. It Looks Rough Diamonds Got Go Negative Blue Sky Bright Spot with Bucket Appaloosa and Aboriginal Court, Will You Still Have the Car You Still Have the Car Ray. I Really Go to Break Here I'm on, and I'll Let You Go Ray, Thank You so Much for Calling and I Love That Story That Is Awesome and Then Aaron Working to Get to You Right after the Break. You're Listening to the Christian Car Guy 866-34-TRUTH 15 Land Is Beautiful and I Get Out Of There Now. Call Me at Five. Have It All the Time of the Time. I Have At Least 200 and Welcome to the Christian Card Show Today Live across the Nation.

We Want to Thank You so Much for Listening Today and Were Talking about Restoration Projects in the Way Johnny Cash's Talking about It There, One Piece at a Time.

That's the Way the Restoration Happens in My Life.

I Wished It Could Happen All at Once. I Wished I Could Take a Pill and Everything and Be Done, but It Seldom Ever Happens That Way for Some Weird Reason, but Today We Have Got Aaron from Portland Oregon on the Line. He's Been Waiting Goodness. About 16 or 17 Minutes.

Aaron, I Totally Thank You for Overweight and Honest but Talk to Us about Your Restoration Project Started on the Wiring Harness Truck Will There You Go Yeah Couple Years Ago I Bought a 93 or Barbara Michael Clark about a 1.3 L Motor in It, but It's Pretty Stripped-Down on Weight about 1700 Pound Will Be Pretty Quick and the Dream of My High School We Had a Dream of Buying One and Rallying It Though.

You Moved Away a Long Time Ago but I Decided to Carry on That Dream and Learn How to Fix Cars with the Car. Bill Had Been a Long Two Years of Learning How to Replace the Clutch Get Everything You Can Do on Our End of the Car, I Can Get into the Motor Another Day. Well, Little Eventually, I Is As You Said 93 for Steve, I Thought, He's a Rally Guy and You You Know It It and Which Is Really Cool to II Had a 69 Debts and 510 We Called Him That since People: Dotson's Now I Don't Know Why They Got That but I Had a 69 Debts and 510 That I Loved in and It Was a Little Rally Car and I Rebuilt the Motor and Then Put Several Clutches in It Because of My Bad Habits and Different Things like That but Always Wanted to Do Little Rallies with That We Can Have Much of That out in Oklahoma but There in Portland. I'm Guessing You Guys Have Got a Little More Opportunity. I Love Portland. By the Way, One of My Favorite Cities in the World.

My Wife and I Spent a Couple Weeks out There This Summer and My Aunt Lives out There and Thoroughly Enjoy That Whole Area of Portland and in the Southwest Washington.

I Got a Year Old and so This in This Restoration Project, so You Talked about the Enticement, the Enticement Was You. You and a Friend Had a Little Bit of a Dream Would've Been the Disruptions. Aaron Will I Never Wanted to Work on Cars and out. I Get Really Frustrated That Noah Gone on Bill or Thing Myself to Learn and to Keep That but I Mean It Took a Good Year before I Even Got the Clutch and I Got It Running Too Cold or Too Hot, or Did Not Do. Finally Got It Running and Driving but Couldn't Get It through Admission and Then Finally Got That Done.

A Year Later in Now I'm Keep Tearing It Apart to Do Something No Need to Get out There and Finish It within the Next Week for the First Rally Coming up While so the Dismantling and the Healing Continues.

Did You Have Any Other People Come Alongside You and and Help You in This in and Teach You What My Last Job I Was Construction Yard Working on the Crane and My Supervisor Even Altered… Work on Cars and Trucks and Thought Come in. The Question You Don't Get Get a Start, but Dena… Give Me the Mechanical Skill Needed Even Have the Confident Start Working on a Car so That Pretty Day, but Other Than That in the Day. Online Community for Help.

Another Front I Had a Long Time.

You Poor Mechanic and Help Me out When I Needed Amendment. The Dang Chain and a Children's Manual so There I Use to Just There Used To Be a Manual Called the Motor Manual Back in the Day in and We Had a Whole Set of Those at My House and I Would Sit and Study Those before I Could Drive Even, You Know, One of My Teachers One Time Asked Me If I'd Ever Read a Book Cover to Cover and I Said I Read the Motor Manual. I Think Cover to Cover, but That's Probably It. But II Used To Have Memorized All the, the Board and the Stroke in the Horsepower. The Torque Rating of Pretty Much Every Muscle Car Ever Made through the Top of the Late 60s.

Anyway, I've Forgotten Most of That Now, but so It's Really Cool Aaron That That God Has Put You in a in a Place You Know Enticed You with That Dream and Then You Know You Get the Car and There's a Little Disruption. Do I Even Know How to Work on It but but Then You Find Yourself in a Place Where You're Learning How to Work on Things and and Transfer Those Mechanical Processes over to the Car and I Just Think It's so Cool How God Moves Us into That in Continues That Healing, Restoring, and I Loved I Loved Ray's Story to about You Know How God Used That Enticement of the Car That the 65 GTO to Get Him and His Dad to Some Really Cool Places in and Obviously They Were Already in a Good Place with Each Other but God Use That so Much More to Bless Them and and Those Are the Types of Things That Have Happened with Me. I Appreciate Your Calling in This Morning Aaron Thank You so Much and and I Hope You Do Really Well at That Rally Next Week. All Right. Thank You, to Bring Jan on Here Jan from Marksville North Carolina. How Are You This Morning All Yes Ma'am I Know.

Like the Right Way Started before the down Payment Very First Car but I Think before Now, If They'll Now Live below. Anyway, It Was for Back Here on I Said, You're on Your Own Top of It. We Are All Here.

We Got Our Boy Right Thing That Cars and I Did That in Part. Great Are Ugly but Affordable Brat That 55 Years That Mary Is the Fact That I Traded That He Allowed It so That the Neat Thing That Greatly Gone Back. I Will Follow You about 73 Article 18 South Hwy. 385.

Why well Jan, we are running we are running out of time.

I hate to cut you off I want to remind all of our listeners. Please go to Christian car go to the Jesus labor of love, tab and donate there so that we can help more single moms and widows around the country in the in the following days. Thank you for listening to the Christian car guy

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