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Where No Man Has Gone Before

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 25, 2020 4:25 pm

Where No Man Has Gone Before

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 25, 2020 4:25 pm

Robby and Bob take on the final frontier... binge watching Star Trek. Then they talk with some listeners about the media and Bible verses that are getting them through this quarantine.

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This is the Truth Network Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my door products.

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Just go to my and click on the new radio listener specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials final from now very clear all radio show very important also. Where no man card – I have my good friend Bob to boldly go with this. There were no man is gone before. It's amazing to be here today brother and we definitely are in uncharted territory and have no doubt these times are where no man has gone before I made were discovering moment by moment how little control we really have our lives. Although soundbites you just heard. I was given those by Emma Alder. You know my good friend. She sent it to me Thursday night inspired a comedian clearly I don't know who she is or where they came from, but what I know is when I heard it. I was like that's exactly what I'm thinking that's I mean he couldn't think you could say what I was thinking better than then the way that she explained that those things like you stay at home and listen neatly.

Doors are closed except for the ones that need to be. You can't get it but you gotta get you know I do not all works but the media if you listen, it sounds just like that it's spouting the craziest contradictions. I and I think that the situation really when you begin to to process. It is they have nothing but sinking sand in order to grab onto.

I mean they don't they, their worldview is collapsing on them. They date the are realizing wow I really don't know what's going on, and so with with Roland and always different things as but we do have a foundation and we we do have something to grab onto and it is a fight. I mean, it's a fight like none of us have really ever experienced.

And I mean I really think my own personal worldview right this minute is there is never been a time that I've experienced my life with the spirit of fear rampaged across the culture, the way it has the spirit of death rampaged across the culture. In fact return about before the show about how many people died that just randomly die.

I mean they didn't have to do is click on friends and then you got no funeral and all these things… Lots of so the spirit of fear, the spirit of death in the spirit of hate like hell you want to tell the people blame each other what this is all the Democrats fault now is drugs well you know it's in the hay like oh my goodness, like how is this and so here we are.

We have a foundation and we know that we can pray right and we do and I'm certainly praying for my family.

All these prayers against the spirit of this against the spirit of fear against the spirit of hate. So I don't know if you notice this in the Bible but whenever somebody really was in a desperate fight. It was God who came to comfort them came to rescue their heart to show them that he cared and he appreciated how hard they fought and a lot of people think of allies after he killed 850 prophets of Balin and Jezebel came after me goes running out the desert and not send the birthright to feed him and help them get a drink and I was studying Samson. Actually this morning how he you know after he killed the thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey right. I don't know if you look closely in that passage, but right after he did that he got really thirsty and God actually where he threw that jawbone actually made a cleft in the rock and out gushed living water out gushed water that would help Samson be comforted and so all that to say that if you're like me, right now you're seeking comfort right because your you're in the battle all day long. So when you get home at night night. No mice my normal thing is to pray in the morning and spend my time in the word but when I get home at night and I just need comfort. I've had the battle all day long. Now what you do. Robbie, you might be shocked to find out what I was doing was I was going and watching I was binge watching literally Star Trek there's little other means watching friends Manning tell me about the things they watched and called up Bonin and it's the it's been very comforting for them to so yeah I have long been then I'm talking about Star Trek the original series. I go on Netflix and how I would. I zoomed right through every one of the original episodes and I am*watch the movies and have the original cast all the time, I'm seeing Jesus what in the world why he is my heart craving Star Trek. What is it in my heart that is seeking comfort.

This particular way. Give me some interpretation. Give me some understanding what is going on in my heart because obviously the heart is what drives me.

So you look at a car what's driving the cards.

The driver will if you look at your life, your heart is what's driving this and it's made in God's image, a beautiful thing. So what's driving and Jesus says to me Robbie you are looking for context. You need a story like the Bible's written story because we need to figure out what is going on in your looking for a story. Star Trek's got lots of them. But every one of them is where no man has gone before. Exactly is it's always some really bizarre unique situation that we find the crew of the starship enterprise in and he said to me he said, and Capt. Kirk is the Jesus character right it's a cook he's always gonna find a way to get get get amount and it's a completely safe thing to watch for you because no matter even if they die like start if you're familiar with the skin. Security is spot guys right, but it comes back to life for me may send it to Bob Salerno that his body goes the Genesis planet is spirit stays in Dr. McCoy and all the stuff Time warp.

Whatever else they need to do in order to make sure that you know everybody's gonna be okay and you have a happy and and Jesus says, you know. Romans 828 year-to-year Lebron start picked at the Kobayashi by Ruth thing like you have a no-win scenario. Capt. Kirk refused to accept a no-win scenario.

That's the deal. Well, Romans 828 refuses to accept no-win scenario. Everything works together for good for those who called by God and living according to his purpose.

So what I'm wondering today what I would love you to call in and share Bob's got a story first minute on how he's being comfort but I'm wondering really if you could share what TV or movies are you what is your heart craving right now and I actually have created the Star Trek and later to help us interpret these things and we just want to have a discussion with you like, how are you finding comfort. Now understand the battle and I understand the word and those kind of things that I'm really wondering what's your heart craving, what you watching what movies are speaking to your heart. What's what's you know, helping out right now so 866-34-TRUTH 87884's number calling and share your comfort movie show, whatever it may be 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Bob, what's it for you. I've never seen so much is going on and when I first started seeing another like with some of that.

Then I got thinking about the small group we meet with we had gotten having to meet once a month and would meet at somebody's house and we'd have dinner together and then all of a sudden okay he can't do that anymore and and it was staff so our small group is started getting together on the same and you can tell the people that it had done it before. Consumers that the one to do it. Whitney, do it with wire or do it enough for this or that and they were very comfortable in the in the first time I went as comfortable with it, but by the second time we met, and I will. It was it was just a really good thing to get with everybody and and have a moment and and and share and share what you're going through in how you keep from killing your spouse and I because my wife you know this is kind of her life. Allow the time we're together a lot and it's it's difficult to little Bob goes a long way sometimes – I said some of the some of the other people in the group are getting to experience what she deals with on a daily basis that will will get back to that and I will be resuming in a minute.

In the meantime, I would love to hear where you going, what's what's working for you. Apply the Star Trek nadir to it. If you'd like more of of this comedy come anywhere you might enjoy and following Jesus is who we want to hear from you.

Also, take care and mental health go where no man is before you crack in the thing is that it really is true and I don't wear my do what a man's goodness it's it's the world we live in today and you know where drivers everyone in his heart is driving it somewhere and so I'm curious about comfort, comfort shows where you going to get comfort well were so blessed because you got people calling it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we have Jerry is in Mandan this morning that's out near where I live.

Jerry Your Honor Chris, yeah I live in Stockstill Carlisle hello what I'm getting comfort from you know the that he will keep him in perfect peace of mind is stayed on. Yeah, I had me know I'm listening and listening. Okay, I don't have a computer and telephone.

I used my sons and I only use it for emergency.

I don't have family here so anyway no matter if I had family are not where I get my confidence the Lord. So when I have a lot in Christian DVDs and one special line don't have a great memory. The attributes of God by Stephen Lawson from RC Sproul really yeah so what I do and I have the call of the cosmos which puts things into perspective. In other words, when I think of God in his side, which you can't come to the end of them he presents his omniscience to sovereignty of love that character is holiness is wisdom and or fiberglass. You know earth is just like us back when you see outer space so you can imagine how smart we are.

So anyway dad keeps reminding me who's in charge who has all power in character in West and I'm a child and salon so if I end up with the coronavirus.

I know I'm going this is amazing opportunity for witnessing people out, you know, so I look at on the spiritual side align you and I don't have a lot of tragedy in my life here right now and I'm older and 83, so don't worry about a job so I understand there's other people that need other anyway. Beautiful little Bob and I put this in the Star Trek nadir so that we can kinda pray for minute and see if we can give you some some some other uplifting ideas while of what you're what you're experiencing because I think that's absolutely beautiful. Jerry absolutely very encouraging. Long and all it says your winter generators that you are the ding ding ding dear Leonard she is a winner.

She grabs her comfort from the most awesome place in the eye. Did you see the stars are in their you know it's it's it's just like we will talk about that, but that's beautiful.

I suspect that the thing I was thinking along your lines Jerry is that I was reading this week in Genesis where it says is not good for man to be alone and I hat I have a sense that there's not a lot of people in your household know the wonderful church and you know I have a good church family right right so this is a beautiful thing to see here. You can hear the hear somebody that you might think is alone, but she so far from alone is not even funny because you just heard what she said now you look at the word alone in Hebrew.

I don't know if you knew this but it's actually pronounced in Hebrew bad BID because it is about doll and so if you were to say bad to somebody in Hebrew, it says alone. However, a couple chapters down which I personally think this is hilarious. By the way that right after God says not good for man to be alone.

He took Adam out with all the animals trying to find a helper suitable for him. Now this is the scene that is quite hilarious to Adam and you know there's a draft know the next two long on that when you know the elephant note to big and knows that when this does work at the end of all the shenanigans right to know the mosquitoes. That's just the work is to start work and then he makes Eve right after that, he says your to cleave to her but actually when you look at the word cleave, you'll find that more often in the Bible you to cleave to God you are, you know, to other people.

Although were supposed to cleave which is what one or social distancing. However, the word cleave in Hebrew is almost bad, spelled backwards like how you know the word alone or is it is a bet in the doll and well the word cleave is a doll and in a bed and the reason it is is because if you have a house which is what that bed is and you put a sermon minute, then there's only one person in the house of who can we serve ourselves rightly self-serving, but if you have the dollars before the house then the servant is serving the house and then there's 1/3 letter in the word cleave which is a cough which which is sort of this holy like there's something really cool inside.

And so the idea is and I can hear it in your voice that you're out there serving the body of Christ in your own way so you so far from alone is just beautiful. Jerry you know I can't separate out my eye. I went to the doctor and the nurses and so on and Nancy sent me out but I did give him God not eating well and I know the technology but I talked during the whole thing was on my face and he started the doctor said to me to evaporating where you get the kind of movies I thought wow what an opening so I yeah I sent him God. Not bad, one, two and three and a case for Christ and he Ashley sent me a thank you note. You know I don't answer you can imagine everybody would other technology in him a surgeon specializing yeah so you know and like this lady at the post office to the Lord.

Real fast and I laughed anyway. Now you know it's not me. You know the Lord save me, but we think we just tell thank you so much fun with you today Jerry were to go to freight we come back to Ramona is in Monaco she's good to share with us and we need your calls at 866-348-7884.

Thank you Jerry God bless you have a great weekend. Don't know almost go where no man has gone were boldly going where no man before on the Christian car guy so we would love to know where are you getting your comfort in the midst of this battle.

What's your comfort show or what's your comfort go to 866-34-TRUTH 87884 have my good friend Bob here with me and we are using the Star Trek nadir help us to interpret some of these things ever monos been up on her accidentally. Bob, I felt so bad that Ramona's been faithful. She's called right back.

She's in Walnut Cove, North Carolina Ramona, you're on the Christian car guy sugar morning good morning Ronnie, thank you so much for your program.

I just want to say wonderful listening to these stories and listening to hear your interpretation from your limited Star Trek nadir we have had so much happened to started shut down. But anyway, the thing that I have found so refreshing it began to Christmas to you when we did not grow up in my husband is from the Northeast and I'm from way out west. The left coast to California and so we have discovered Andy Griffin and he's on two times in the week nights on the meat-eating we don't have Netflix but we can't watch those needs start when I kinda grew up on Star Trek with my son. We watched Aldi early one so but year 20 blessing Andy Griffin how he deals with his regular deputy and all his crazy wacky you know we have just found so many precious lessons we can relate to encryption that's amazing lady because we that Robbie had asked me about that I get to show you know what I've been watching and I watched them at Sandy and every now and then I found an episode I hadn't seen before and he just really touched my heart. When you said that because it's just been such a blessing to me and we watch it a lot and you can check on TV land. If you happen to have that they have several episodes every evening time we go put this in Star Trek nadir go to Star Trek nadir got stuck to fix. Here we go long and all she I knew she was winter, I know that at an you know, here's my computers, my interpretation, and the had wisdom like Jesus had wisdom right is like when the Pharisees that you gave him two coins in our you know how to respond to give money to seize all those kind of things that Jesus had phenomenal wisdom to deal with real life problems right and in the end. And when you think about what I when I think of Andy Griffith. I mean, here's a guy who loved his family and loved Opie he loved it be I mean you know it's all about you know and he loved his friend he was such a good friend of Barney in spite of and I guess we all can relate to Barney because we all know that were bumbling around like you know like Barney did the blood you know and pride in all these things. That's just beautiful. I and I can see the comfort there because Ramon nine I I know you and I know the fight that at the prayer fight and all that you're in the battle son to so great grateful that God's given you comfort to Randy and you never have to worry about a bad ending never have to worry about all along that we really don't like the new movie where everything in bad everybody falls down and it know instruction in total. You know annihilation like no longer headed for and always end of the story, and he speaks my love language which is to kids right the end of every Andy Griffith he's going to kid Barney on whatever there was no doubt he loved on Lawrence and I'm from an understanding real life. He dearly loved on Lawrence lifelong friends. That's a beautiful thing. Thank you Ramona God bless on comforter to steer the stuff Ronnie and maybe you could start when your shows with the Andy Griffith I use Barney birds at the beginning and nearly every shed. All right, we have Anita is in Washington, Silverdale.

She's called in at 866-34-TRUTH 8788. Forgot other people called insulin the what's your comfort show good morning.

I'm weird that might show to called on channel 9 nature. Charlotte called H2O, the molecule that made it really actually actually any nature showing and because Christ I know that water is the molecule it made it our God is our amazing God who made it and created but it shut it back and help me to be more in all of God, then just watching some mindless show on TV phenomenal how they fit and it got to show how water actually measured the post of the universe with water on our planet and down the enemy I came across it accidentally is kind of a jaw-dropping way.

We got to Star Trek nadir for you Anita. I think it will work six to blow you away with what this tribe I'm getting signals from the Star Trek nadir that it's got some really cool stuff for you.

So here we go long and all Bob Anita is clearly clearly is that she may be the all-time winter so far today is what she has described as like oh my goodness. Are you aware Anita that that the letter Mem in the Bible, the one that is in the Hebrew is the letter that starts the word Messiah and it means water all night. And Jesus is the living water. As he is and when when Sampson got his found there were springs of living water. The water that came up in the desert for Miriam and Miriam wasn't Mary okay and she hung out and and right.

She was the one that saying to the Miriam's well it from the Hebrew tradition and think about who was it who was at the tomb and the stone was rolled away. It was Mary and what is her name start with a Mem same as Miriam.

And so, by the way, does Moses and that the word of the letter Mem has two different ways that you can make it in the Bible.


If the letter starts if a word starts with a Mem it's an open Mem and if it's in the middle of the letter but if it's the end of the letter the end of the word. It's closed and the idea is that you have flowing water. The way you say water in Hebrew is a Mem and then a unit and then another close Mem and it's the idea of water can be flowing. It can be coming down as a droplet or it can be enclosed like a C and and when you think about what Jesus did with water storms rights and mean it really warms my heart that you get comfort from science and so many believers think that that science challenges our beliefs and for me it just it just verifies that it's also complex that is not random and it's not by accident and that science can reaffirm my beliefs and that I asked at a challenging what's the name of the show. I gotta write it down because I got to take something H2O molecule made quickly, know that it didn't make it. It's just astounding because it got it three different theories to it and it talks about the pulse of water and night over are erred in it like a heartbeat standing out is that pulse is that like the tides coming in and out her know it it it even more than that are involved in actually like we have.

We all know about that.

But it it scares me that we got to go to the place you are so awesome thank you thank you zero winter by all means were so grateful you called and we got is also washed and we need your call 866-34-TRUTH 87884834 truth we come back from and where no man is both – you might see Robbie once you Carlotta has everything to do with cars because our hearts are the drivers of our lives. In summary different ways and for take care of our hearts right were to be going to good places and unfortunately I don't always go to good places this week was helpful if I'm getting help from God and guiding my heart sore asking you to call in at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and I should mention course Christian Car the Jesus labor. Love went on this week was so wonderful got a donation of a car this week, which is always really really cool. We got that process and of course we had a chance to help care for single moms widows families in crisis is a result of your generous prayers and your generous gifts which flowed in really just like inmate blows my mind. I'm always does. It shut so good, they shall provide he does he doesn't.

It's so nice when you know I get that call in the ladies in such desperate need to make and get a little help with this wonderful thing.

The other thing I want to mention is this is our first week ever to be on more than 100 radio stations that the life FM network picked us up and puts on several more stations and so I am blessed out of my socks really Bob that were on now over hundred radio stations across the country in each and every one of them. I am so grateful you have no idea that God is using this ministry in any way shape or form to help some folks out there and one of those wonderful ones.

I think it's KCI S. It's in Washington. Wonderful, wonderful station.

We got Dan is listed out there learning is as it KCI has you listen to that's what if we don't have cable at our house we have anything on TV. Okay, there are, we can get roughly 50 channels on our antenna and that one of them is has Christian shows on movies so it's called positive TV POS. I TV console folding movies based on Christian it's just a real neat thing for people that don't have that. I also if they are on cable as well. It certainly just turn on the TV. I like this. I love your ideal use of language remain positive. Yeah. So which of those movies is really spoken to you lately well. We watched them one of them featured a young man had Down syndrome and he worked in a grocery store and they called him because all was in the produce department. I've seen that movie quite an influence on one of the guys positive in the Star Trek made her I'm very smooth. That is such a cool movie. Bob, are you ready ready to make our calculator are working to see what it has to say for Dan in Washington, it would go up once again the Star Trek later got little stuck and how it is with the plague and all long and all there you go Bob. I cannot just start out by saying, you may not notice them, but I teach special needs ministries that are true and have for a lot of years and this week went where we've been doing our stuff on zoom like anything else and we have this one young man named Logan and Logan's not the most well it I mean he's he's actually got autism is not Down syndrome but we have lots of folks in our class that have down syndrome, but there also to Tricia and they all lead you to God. In summary, different ways. Logan at the end of the call really usually is not going to give any kind of a story or it is a wonderful, wonderful board in his heart is for God always. But he says Robbie I have a joke for you now for Logan to tell me a joke. You can imagine what they did for my heart and I mean a huge and so he says Robbie you know why there's no toilet paper Mrs. Logan told me this is you are this bomb is the roll is called up yonder. Logan told me that joke I made to shows you who's into charming you know that like like your friend produce in your movie.

Dan there are so many people out there that have so much to offer us if will take time to interact with immuno this disputed file. Logan was very very honest person getting in trouble.

Some people is a blessing to others. Bob, did you have leave you out on the Star Trek made her all right with Dan, as always, we are so grateful for you guys up there and for your prayers were so glad you two are a winner in case we didn't mention by all means we we love where you're going with your heart and and where Jesus is meet you there. Thank you so much for calling us today but by all right we have cheese, our old friend Keith is in High Point. Good morning chief good morning, I've accepted know where you're going to you I love you. Thank you both live video virus came out never split will celebrate your local global speaks going to help me out a lot. Phoebe should look will know like what group would show things in the store critical clarity, knowledge Psalms 91 first that one Luke chapter and verse 19. Then went what is the total 19 behold, I give him to you work the cradle for the scorpion, and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Well time to play the whole Star Trek later on that they just were going to winner your good.

I give you a joke you can okay come around left progressive dream come true.

Wagner on go to church and everybody on board the scary scary but that's for you but thank you.

Yes I love that I'm in have to go spend some time in Luke, don't you, Bob. I'm not familiar with the verse.

He was speaking of that, it's encouraging highly you. Franklin snakes for a long time. Years and you remember when Peter was walking on the water looking you find what they started looking at the way you're in the $400 for thing lost his phone please the neighbor yeah we we have to focus like a laser like a flashlight. This is the story of my life is that I'm losing my focus here winner to thank you so much for listening forever fun with us today.

We are so grateful we really, really, are we Bob for all the wonderful calls today. It only had great calls the Rose, you remember slowdown.

Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years that your Philistine to the Christian card

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