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Christian Car Guy - King Of The Road

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 29, 2020 1:05 pm

Christian Car Guy - King Of The Road

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 29, 2020 1:05 pm

A bucket list guest for Robby.  Morgan Snyder.  A bit giddy throughout, the Car Guy keeps it together and the ending result of this special show can be explained in one word.  WOW!  Care & share with a friend.

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Hey this is Mike Zwick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network covered math to an ancient path of becoming the kind of man the kind of King, in whom God can gladly entrust the care of his kingdom. Again, we are in need of reconstruction.

Dallas Willard says it this way that the primary work of God is finding men in whom he can trust his power in the story of most men is being entrusted with power and it bringing harm to themselves and those under their care. Radio show is okay so you finished 6 feet in this regard. As you know, it's King of the road with Morgan Snyder like I have been up all night like a kid on Christmas eve so excited do know how to tell little story my wonderful, amazing producer, but then once asked me about maybe a month and 1/2 ago.

Robbie, if if you could have the 10 people that you would ever ever in your work in a world want to interview who would those be in and I gotta tell you that the today's guest is on the top of that list and I can't believe that we we actually are getting a chance to do this so soundbites that your heart is beginning to show our Morgan Snyder discussing his new book, which is becoming the king the path to restoring the heart of a man so because I got away and give you as much Morgan as you get good morning Morgan, Robbie honored and joy I with preparing part I thinking about how our truck and ironically are you my whole story of coming into God's kingdom and adventure. Enjoy an initiation bothering Pierre encourage cars the five Dr. and I never thought about that until preparing to be with you today so I'm honored and privileged to be with you and your background the world. Undoubtedly, they are a big a big part of my story and also the road you know the path that you that you talk about in becoming a king know it's so amazing to me and wonderful that God blessed you to put you on the path to two wild at heart. That ministry and then be able to walk with these unbelievable sages and then take it a notch up by allowing you a decade of you know essentially I let you describe that you Robbie. If I rewind the clock connecting with our tribe out there today. The first poignant kind of car kingdom story comes when I turned 16 I was given the keys to out car. I didn't have to pay for.

I didn't know how to use it. I did not care for it and might my parents were loving people. Really loving people, but my dad in the professional world Them far away from the house most of the time felt. I grew up very under initiated.

I remember driving to a park at the hitting on the hood of an Acura Legend and feeling. I am on my. This is up to me now. I am now an adult, I must be a man and I did not put air in the tire.

I did not eject the oil and it was just the symbol of a way. Growing up into manhood, but not taking the journey of initiation. The journey of being fathered Eric that there were a lot of chapters in between but my most recent story on the book and it is two days ago my son who is now 16. My daughter Abigail, who is now 13 they got into my car for the first day school year and for 11 years we've been carpooling every day.

Drive your kids more than activities in school and for the very first time Sherry and I watched our children drive away in a vehicle and it was my one car that he had paid for by doing mowing jobs and landscaping during COBIT and he owned the car before even turned 16. You know that exit. He knows how to take care of it and on 16. Robbie, he's on time. He has become wholehearted and initiated the point where he was ready for his kingdom.

That is the state he was ready for his area where he has been given this realm entrusted to his stewardship, he was ready to take the keys and so here we are.

I in the driveway of our little the purgatory neighborhood and art are little babies are driving away in a vehicle and was such a contrast of an uninitiated boy in me some 30 years before that to watching our children to get the band on our shoulders and they get to become even more because of our can think of God and his kingdom into the story of becoming a king as much of that decade of asking question turning and staying when we find life and how we make it last for ever because you know what the heart Robbie.

I think that's what were after we all want life and we all wanted to last forever. You know where would we do with our dreams and what do we do it are paying and what is the most important thing and I took all those questions and I found the oldest wiseguys I could find and I asked those questions that with them over campfire and letter correspondence and over 75 pages over two years and when I began to recover was an ancient path not something new but newly recovered and it was a path that leads to life for my soul and I felt like it. Treasure map and I wanted to share those treasures with the world's absolutely beautiful thing is for some of us we had a chance of at least the last few years to listen in as is you began to expound some of these things that you were discovered and that there are so many things are just resonated with my soul like forever will one was you. You talk to an older Sage one time and you know asking what it was like as is.

He became was in his 70s who said and he said that my inner life is become greater than my outer life and I was like oh that's that's what I have the coolest day what it what kind of wisdom you know that you got to pick up from just asking these questions and Robbie the story behind that that I don't have room in the book collaborate. His name was also Robbie which is interesting and he was in his 70 and yet he was here flying from Australia to meet with his two medical just think about that flight halfway around the kind that glow to meet with man is not older than him, and even if 70. His son had just recently been killed in a bulldozer acting in front of him.

So he watched his son get crushed to death and I looked at this man and his body was tired and his hair was gray in his eyes light was joy was a key that was deeper than any circumstance. We sat in his little barbecue shop and I was all fun up.

I was a young man young kid young marriage young career and I was moving always in a hurry and when I start with them just sitting at the table. What I remember is is my body relax.

I became unhurried I I just settled in and there was almost this message to my soul son, you're gonna be okay and actually you're not behind you're on time or just the back atmosphere of what happens when you encounter a man who has taken the process of initiation new understands that all of life is preparation your experience with the bid that have been is the consummation of our earthly apprenticeship and so yes, what I would love to know. Just be mindful of as our listeners tune in that were all on a journey and when you meet a man so often you meet biologically older man, but there are younger part in and there's their young places and bitter peace is a of us that have yet to be initiated, have yet to mature Frontier. That's the Very Place That the Father's Day Signs Daughter. I'm Mightily to the More I'm Inviting You with the Risks of Courage. I Want to Walk with Jesus. You Can Have Your Whole Heart That the Struggle Is Ready. We Got to Go to Break, and I Know You're like Most Things I Want to Hear More.

So Say. Soon We Got so Much More with Morgan's You're Listening to Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com Becoming a King Is a Recovered Math to an Ancient Path of Becoming the Kind of Man the Kind of King, in Whom God Can Gladly Entrust the Care Of His Kingdom Again As We Are in Need of Reconstruction.

Dallas Willard Says It This Way That the Primary Work of God Is Finding Men in Whom He Can Trust His Power in the Story of Most Men Is Being Entrusted with Power and It Bringing Harm to Themselves and Those under Their Care, King of the Road Today with Morgan Snyder. Rather, Joy. It Is to Have Him Today on the Show. This Is Live and If You Really Have Some Maybe Always One As Morgan You're Familiar with His Ministry. I Live It's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I Know He Would Love to Hear from You As Well so When We Left Our Hero Morgan. He Was Sitting with This Wonderful Sage and and like My Good Friend Bob or Drunk Christian Junkyard Guy. He Lost His Son and and and yet There Was This Life in His Eyes and and so Take Us Back to Morgan. I Don't Want You to Not Be Able to Finish Those Great Thank You Jan for What He Said to Me That on Recovering Light As It Was Meant to Be That Our Inward Light Rose Greater Than Our Outward, but Here Robbie Just We Find Ourselves so Often Were in the Flows of It Right yet We Live in a World That Has Idolatry of Progress Worth More and More, Faster and Faster, Accomplish Get Things Done. Make a Name for Yourself.

Get Something Going Make a Little Money at the Driving Culture but It's Still Important to Say It Been That Crucible It's in That That Very Challenging Circumstances That the Invitation Is to Ask What How One Might Cultivate a My Inner Life How My Allowing God Deal My Soul to Mature My Soul That I Can Become the Kind of Person Man and Woman That I Can Be Entrusted That God Is Glad to Entrust More More the Care Of the Kingdom and so the Truth Is, in Wisdom, Longview.

While the Culture Might Worship You in the Culture Values Instant Gratification. The Scriptures Remind of the Low End Ready When the Rate Is That Song You Heard of Him. My Intro My Wife and I Dropped off Our Daughter for a College Last Week from My Listers Knew What Hair and Cheap. This Was Her Junior Year, and so Is A Lot Different Than the Freshman Year Morgan. It Was like I Finished My Sophomore Year in College. So You Guys Go Ahead and Go Because I'm Good and I Was like Wow Talk after You Hug. Sounds like to Me What You Were in Birmingham Alabama One Week Go to Gatlinburg and Maybe Dollywood Tomorrow and so We Went to Dollywood and and I Heard That Song Being Played Lots That Was at the M Is in a Race Really in the Right and I Just Went to Tears. I Never Heard of before. Because What They Said Was in a Race. You Can't Win Slow It down and Put My Listers Know at the End of Every Card I Show My Word Is Right Slowdown. Jesus Walked Everywhere He Went and Got It All Done in 33 Years and This Is What I've Always an Emotional so When They Said That I Came out, You Know, in a Race. You Can't Win Slow It down and It Says and You Only Get One Go-Round and Then the It's Just Unbelievably Cool. It Says Because the Finish Line Is 6 Feet on the Ground Wow Is We Get Planted Right Imperishable. I Remember the Deal Exactly What You're Describing Is Amazing How so Good to Know You, by All Means so Often, the Kingdom's Breath Away. Robbie, You Know, Just Here Is the Kingdom of God Is at Hand. That Means the Kingdom Is Not Simply Fire Insurance in the Great Rescue at the End of Our Life, but There Is so Much of God's Kingdom Available in This Moment No One Mentor Said That We Can See God in Everything and We Can Miss Him in Anything I Remember One Elder. This Business of the Cowboy Style Kinda Man and He Said in Front of a Room of Young Leaders That I Had Brought from All over the Globe. At the End He Stood up There, but Kindness in His Eyes That He Said Do It All Low Walk Slower to Lower Make Love Slower Apologize Slower and You'll Get Your Life to.

She Said Yeah. I Used To Love How You Got to Walk with Craig McConnell and Just beyond Cool but I Don't Understand. He Loved to Chew Slow. He Really Tries It to Cherish His Food A Lot Borrowed from Churchill in It with the Conservation of Energy. I Called Him at the Turtle Good Thing Going Almost Hibernated Where It Can Live It. Dick Heartbeat per Minute.

McConnell Was Overweight and He Was Good. It Didn't Eddie Always Said. Churchill Got His Best Work Done Because You Know He Had Meetings and Bad Smoke Cigars That Required People to Meet with Him and That Because He Didn't Want to Get up but Then He Would Have the First of Energy Where He Was Fully Attentive and Able to Give Himself a Legal Project of the Mikado. One of My Many Mud All the Bed That Was One of the Best yet You Wanted to Be like a Churchill so This Excavation, Which Even When Used Started Doing the Becoming Good Soil. You Know It's All There. While the Parts Tribunal.

You Can Get These Videos of the Intensive That That That Morgan Did, but You Showed This Picture of the Excavation of a Size Skyscraper and and and Go into Batter. This Is so Awesome Yeah Really Moving Roosevelt Robbie.

I Had a Good Heart Love for God with in Ministry Really Had Turned My Life around Radical Conversion to Christ to College but What I Found Was, Though I Would Say Though I'd Given My Trust and Confidence. God It Didn't Heal My Whole Heart.

That Is the Day There Were Still Be Young Places in Me on Initiated Places That Needed Fathering They Needed a Path and They Needed a Product That They Needed Things That Come from God Only Fills I Was in the Throes of an Well Morning I Got a Commercial Card Live Radio That Are Regularly Right Here and I Want to Hear This.

Believe Me, This Excavation Thing Will Blow Your Mind.

Be Right Back Here in Just A Few Minutes Please Call If You Want 866-34-TRUTH Seven You're Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com Becoming a King Is a Recovered Man to an Ancient Path of Becoming the Kind of Man the Kind of King, in Whom God Can Gladly Entrust the Care Of His Kingdom Again As We Are in Need of Reconstruction. Dallas Willard Says It This Way That the Primary Work of God's Finding That in Whom He Can Trust His Power in the Story of Most Men Is Being Entrusted with Power and It Bringing Harm to Themselves and Those under Their Care, Gain of the Road Today with Morgan Snyder. What a Joy It Is to Have Him on. I Am so Excited Here in a Minute. More about This Excavation, but First I Need to Tell You That Amy Combo Show Right Cures, 1 O'clock Today Eastern Time on the Truth Network Affiliates All over the Get That Show It to His Live and Talk about Cool Today.

They Have Gang Member Redemption and the Artist Painter Steve Skippers Can Be on There so M and I've Done Some Shows on Gang Member Redemption Is Really Some Interesting Correlations to the Gospel and How People Get Community like That and I Think It's Can Be a Fascinating Social Brow Means You Know You Call and Ask Questions to Be Live Today 1 O'clock Eastern so Again Morgan When We Left We Are Fixing to Get into This Excavation, Which Is Just so Huge, so Huge in My Life and I'm Set It in and and You Are One of the Mentors. It Really Brought Me into This. Yeah, Yeah, There Are like Dollars.How Did Have Joy to Chat with the Workers out There. You're the Questions I'm Open to Anything and Everything Someone Would Want to Have on the Excavation.

Robbie Know Why I Was a Young Man and I Realize That I Was Spending A Lot Of Energy Building and in Our DNA Right It's Right out Agenda God Says Let the Father-Son Voice. Make Them in Our Image into the Mail and Female He Created Them and Then Robbie Not Only Gives Us the Keys to the Car into the Keys to the Kingdom.

He Literally Turned over the Keys to All of Creation, to Humanity in the First Span, Discover, Create That and and Partner with Me in This Ongoing Generative Act We Find Ourselves Building, but What I Realized Was Someone Gave Me a Picture of It. Patient Bite and It Was a New York City Skyscraper and You Could Picture Massive Pieces of Equipment for Fighting the Worries below Ground Level. They Were Excavating in Order That They Could Build All Structure, and I Felt like I Was Going on. This Is the Path to Becoming Whole and Being Entrusted with Much, You Have To Dig before You Bill and I Found That like Most Men I Was Spending the Energy Building. Building a Kingdom Building a Name for Myself. Building a Bank Account Rather Than Doing the Excavation Doing Soul Work to Become Wholehearted and Integral in Order That I Can Have a Foundation That God Could Build What He Intended to Build in Order That I Had a Root Structure That Was Deep Enough to Withstand the Drought in Fast Enough to Withstand the Storm but It's Not until the Storm Come That It Reveals like What Is below the Ground in the Tree and so We Have To Excavate It Forever to Partner with God to Build His Kingdom, so Cool Things That Morgan Talks about His Going after the Weird and Those Who Know Me Normal Bit Weird, but When It Comes to This Excavation I Really Wanted Dig a Little Bit Here. Okay, so If You Could Picture the Christian Car Guy Seven Years Ago I Was Sitting in a Meeting with My Band of Brothers Which Is Similar to Morgan's Band of Brothers When We Did Boot Camps in North Carolina and Sam, My Dear Brother Was Talking about Being with the Counselor and How This Counselor Was Going after the Young Sam Essay I Want You to Go after Your Younger Person That's Deep inside like like What Morgan Was Just Talking That We Each Have Young Places.

Places That You Know When Your Touch That You Feel like a Little Kid Again Right or Whatever That Situation May Be at Emma's SAM Went through This and I Listen to His Breakthrough. I Went GRP I Wonder If the Holy Spirit Would Guide Me through Something like That and the Next Morning Realizing That My My Biggest Place I Needed to Excavate at That Point Time Was a Struggle That I Have a Tomography I Mean Here I Was Idyllic Talk Show Host on the Christian Network for Whatever Eight Euros of the Me and I Knew That You Note This Was in the Big This Is a Real Problem Here and and I Couldn't No Absolutes like Anybody Else's Addiction. I Can't Get over It. I Can't Figure out What's Going on There and and so As I Sat There and Tried to Get in Touch with My Younger Robbie, the Holy Spirit Showed Me This Place Where This Family Member Essentially Revealed Himself to Me and and Put Me in a Place As a 10-year-old Boy Really Shouldn't of Been, but I'd Always Just Kind of Wrote It off As a Small Place in My Life so As I'm Asking the Holy Spirit to Jump in Here and Help Me, Jesus Himself Shows up in This Experience and Says to Me, Robbie, Do You See That You Were Duped Out Of Your Innocence and I Have Here for You. Your Innocence Cart.

Do You Want the Likely Asked the Guy at the Well like You Know Are the Guy at the Pool of the Best IMO Do You Want to Be Healed and I Was like Yeah You Know I Wanted Jesus, but I I Don't Deserve It. You Don't Understand. I Looked and I Knew This Was My Relative, and I Should Be Looking in and and I'm Guilty and He Goes, Robbie, Do You Want to Do You Want Your Innocence Cart and I Said Will Yeah I Want to but I Just Don't Understand.

I'm Guilty of Guilt Human and He Kept Very Gently Saying Robbie Didn't Pay Enough.

I and I Said Yeah Give Me the Innocence Cart and and and That Was My Huge like I Can't Even Believe That Dig.

It Was Painful and It Was It Was A Lot Of Things, but It Help Me Get into My Break A Lot Of Agreements and It Made A Lot Of Places. But the Thing That I Wanted to Pursue with You, Morgan Avenue Haven't Told You the Story That I Think A Lot Of People Have Things in Their Life That Is Jesus Comes in and Gives You This Healing.

He Gives You a Present Right and to This Day I I Have My Innocence Cart Right I'm a Card-Carrying Innocent Guy.

Jesus Paid for.

I Know He's the Hero of the Deal but to Some People That May Sound Weird but That's More Than Cool in That When Jesus Does Things. I Was Wondering If You Have Something like That in Your Life. Are You Done Some Excavation and Jesus Gave Your Cool Present Earlier You Prescribe Something Super Weird Here That Bible Study or in Sunday School. Most Often, but I Want a Positive Day. Jesus Also Said You Shall Know It by Its Fruit Root Robbie of the Story You Just Told the Fruit Was Restoration of Your Soul. The Fruit Was Confession, Repentance, Becoming a Sign Receiving the Father's Lavishness like and so You Will Know It by Its Fruit and I Think That the Fruit Is Very Good and True and Beautiful and so That's Where an Idea of the Weird It It Said That Joyful Word This Day, Utterly Unique for Every 1 O'clock Is Meant to No Express Some Part of God's Part That No One Else Express It like a Fingerprint or Snowflake God Is Written into the Fabric of All Creation, and Utter Uniqueness. That's Why Revelation Talks about Were Each Given a Name That Name Has Luminosity, Something Not of This World. It Had Indestructible Something That Cannot Be Tarnished.

We All Have a Name and so Much of This Journey Is Recovering Our Uniqueness and It Does Get Weird, but That's Where It Gets Beautifully Personal. That's Where God Intervenes in Our Life. Some in the Western Colorado Right Now Really Rural. I Would Came in Yesterday to Get the Solitude and I Was in the High Mountain Rolling Claims.

Robbie Setting up a Blind Where My Son and I Are Going Archery Hunt for Aniline Next Week. I Was Walking the Feel Right inside That Nobody Was around Mile and I'm Just Lonely Walking in the Evening Sunset and I Felt like the Father Was Thinking Last Night. I Know You Love Because This Is Part of the Landscape of Your Soul That Matches the Landscape of My Soul. And This Is a Place Where You're Known and Your Love and Where We Are the Day Saying Something about Your Uniqueness Now Looking around Robbie Burns and Another Person for Miles from a 20 Mile, and yet I Was Utterly Love I Was Being Saturated with God, and the Fruit in the Morning to Be with You. I Drove to a Town You Know to Get Car Theft and My Heart Is Well. My Heart Is: I Have Much to Offer Because I Chose to Read Doing the Weird Thing Is over 15 Years to Learn How to Hi to to Invest in Making Blind and Being in These Remote Places Where It's an Intimate Place between Me and God Alone and You Know As a Hunter, Myself and about Myself. I Think like I'm Really Jealous Actually Beaumont for Antelope. One of the Most Difficult Animals to to Get a Shot at with the Gun I Can Imagine with the Bow Is Just beyond Cool. We Got Another Break We Will Be Back Shortly with More Morgan.

He Was Sincere like Colin and I Know You Want to Hear What He Has To Say to Got a Question, Please Do 866-3487 84 866-34-TRUTH Will Be Right Back Your Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com You Okay so Now You Finish 6 Feet in the Land Just Slow down a Show about with Morgan Snyder in His Book the Coming Attainment Path to Restoring the Heart of Man Is Certainly Available. If He Does Go to Becoming a King or You Can Go to Wild at Heart. Get It They Are Working on a Christian Car and You Can See the Book but There's Also a Study Guide There's Videos. There's All Sorts of Ways.

You Know That You Can Engage This Material and I Can't Tell You the Fruit Is This Just Been Beautiful in My Life and When I Looked inside of Morgan's Life. I Happen to Know That His Wife Sherry Is a Very Very Gifted Speaker, but Is Had Her Own Struggles and and My Wife. Honestly, You Know, When I When She Found out I Was Interviewed Morgan Just Because Interviewing Today. I Said Morgan Snyder, and She Was like That Name Rings a Bell Whose and I Said What You Know This Podcast We Listen to the Lady He Goes. She Goes Sherry Oh, That's Sherry's Husband so I Can Just Tell You There Material It If You Want to Listen to, like an Awesome Awesome Awesome Podcast As Any Other Ones While the Heart Are but Believe Me, but Becoming Good Soil Podcast Is Just Phenomenal and Often Features Sherry As Well As Morgan. She Does Some Stuff on Contemplative Part Prayer That Is Out Of This World. I Just Couldn't Recommend It High Enough yet. I Think Robbie Would Have Been Wise about to Have Stepped Aside and Let Our Wife Restriction Car Died Today.

Your Wife in My Life Would Be Really Really Fun except I Don't Know If I Can Ever Talk to Me and Do You Know the Mic but She She Dearly Loves Your Ministry and and and the Captivating Stuff That the You Know John and Stacy Doing and All That. There's so Much Available Here for Women As As Well As Women As Well As Men and by the Way, Just a Cool Thing to Melt in Hebrew. When You Look at the Word King Malik, It's This Idea of the Ma'am, That's Jesus It's Water and Then It Has the Heart and so When When David Said in Psalm 119 Right I Run in the Path of His Commandments Because When You Enlarge My Heart That so Much of What King David Was Was This Enlarged Heart, so That He Could Run in the Pathos and This Is This Is the Invitation That That Morgan's Talking about Here, and That If You Look inside the Word Malik Which Is King. It's Very Much That It's a Ma'am. It's a Hard Is the Lament Which Means Heart.

And Then It's a Crown Which We Could Go in All the Stuff about That but That Crown Has To Do with above the Jews Had They Will Tell You That They Have Desire and Pleasure Is above the Crown Because Intellect Is Driven by Desire and Pleasure. And so Here's This Idea of a King. But When You Add Hey on the End of King You Get Clean, Which Literally Means That the Queen Is an Expression of the King As We All Will Be for Jesus Right Leg and I Just Love the Honor.

I Love the Dignity and I Think It Is Important for Listeners to Know Christian Language You Know We All Have a Kingdom Every Man and Every Woman Has a Kingdom Is a Realm in Which We Have Day Where We Want Done Is Done. I Remember When My Oldest Son Was Given a Cell Phone. It Was a Rite of Passage around 13 and I Could Feel That I Could Feel Sadness, but When I Really Took the Time to Get Got Bad. That Is What His Kingdom Is Now Enlarging That He Has a Kingdom beyond My Boundary and What He Chooses to Do with That Cell Phone Will Be in Large Part up to Him and That Albert Einstein Said That Technology Is like a Razor Blade in the Hand of a Three-year-old. It Is a Terribly Powerful Powerful Leverage, but I Also Got a Jewel Late Because He Was on Time. He Was Ready to Wield That Portion of Power and Thankfully in My Home. You Know You've Been Instructed. This Is a Great Place to Fail. This Is a Great Place to Learn the Hard Lesson to Make Mistakes and to Walk with God. As We Walked Together, and so Your Kingdom Is a Pending and You're Ready.

My Questions Are Friends out There Is, How Is Your Kingdom.

How Are the People and the Thing Doing That Have Been Entrusted to Your Care and Jesus Says Every Kingdom Needs to Be Proven. They Have a Nature of of Growing Out Of Control. We Get Too Much Kingdom and Not Enough Wholehearted They Handle It.

So How Is Your Kingdom and What Might God Want to Prune This Week. That's That's Exactly. So Much of What It Would Be to Take Just Toss. I Love That Idea of Pausing and Inviting Jesus in the Gauges Right, It's Just a Huge Part of of of Slowing down to to See What's Going on and and and Playing Is a Big Part of That and I Know about the Time but I Would. I Would Love to for the Listeners to Hear Your Story about the Guy in a Lawnmower MMS Just Awesome. So 75 over Two Year Robbie All the Counsel I Was Given Was That the Primary the Highest Thing All the Counselors about. It Wasn't about Christian Discipline. It Wasn't about Morality Is about Play Most Men Speaking Out Of Regret. I Wish I Would Have Enjoyed My Children of My You. I Wish I Would've Been President.

I Wish I Would've Not Taken like This Seriously. Early in My Discipleship Visiting a Friend He It Was a New Mentor.

He Was out Mowing a Very Square Yard and He Was Mowing It in These Crazy Zigzag Circles and Robbie and Thinking Guys Not Even Drinking like What Going on, but As a Thirsty Young Disciple like That Band You Gotta Tell Me, What Are You Doing You Looked out from under His Hat with a Wink and a Sign He Said I'm Way Okay Now Robbie I'm Going through All My File No File for That. I Have No File for Play and Some Driven Working for God I'm Doing Good Thing Trying to Grow.

I Don't Have Time to Play and I Could See His Wink Was the Wink of Jesus. Jesus Is Utterly Playful. He Plays Tricks on the Spread. Laughter. Just Look at Creation from the FL. The Rhino Draft Play the Way into His Heart.

It's It's a Phenomenal Thing and When You Look at That Word in Hebrew Is Surprisingly Has Some Really Holy Things inside the Letters of Play Prize Me, but When You Think about It. David Played Right Those Instruments Is Always a Wild Man. Yeah, While Playful Heart Knowing It. When We Play Doing Something for Nothing Other Than the Stake of Enjoying It Allows Us to Read Practice Thing and Believing That God Is Faithful and Actually Just Hair for Who We Are Because We Are Not Because What We Do, Not Because We Earned It, but We Are Worthy of Love and Belonging, Because God Did and We Exist in His Image. I've Never Sent It out Loud, but I Have a Camper about Hunting Little Camper and on the Back Huge Sticker and It Is a Rainbow Unicorn Damp Thing. I Have No Idea Why Abigail My Daughter and I Picked That out 05 Seconds Left to Play for Its Reply and There You Go. Thank You, Morgan. So Much so Now You to Succeed in the You're Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com

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