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Christian Car Guy - It's Another Christian Guy

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 18, 2020 1:11 pm

Christian Car Guy - It's Another Christian Guy

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 18, 2020 1:11 pm

Robby is at Boot Camp with his band of brothers, so Jerry The Christian Body Shop guy fills in.  A treat indeed.  It's not perfect BUT Sweet Sara Linda calls in a nick of time.  Share this one around the virtual room!


This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast distorting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network Christian Car Guy radio show. All right, good morning is great to be with everybody this morning. Usually, Robbie Gilmore stated this state.

I'm using on the other side of the table, but Robbie this morning.

That is the men's retreat at Park Springs bankers heart central to having a great, great retreat this morning is not to be more than I've been looking forward to Christian Car Guy radio for one thing, is a calling show. So encourage if you have any questions or thoughts.

Just give us a call at 866-348-7884 and again, I'm Jerry Mathis phrase body shop and wrecker service. I've got hi don't even want to say how many years in the automotive industry, but a lot of them a lot of gray hairs and and all that good stuff this morning. I have really good friend sitting here with me and have a little bit of couplers will go to talk about is certainly in my wheelhouse and I think to be a lot of information for our listeners this morning.

One is daring to win it with colors agent get up and introduce himself and I circle back around and Junior Reynolds, who is the president of the Winston-Salem side County wrecker Association and Darren was sure what your expertise in the automotive field and you have plenty of it.

Yeah you deftly grew up in the industry but yet we colors ages chain of 99 locations right now all throughout North Carolina and one store in Virginia so we've been in business for about two since 2004 and were PBG distributor we deal with a lot of the collision centers throughout the North Carolina area in southern Virginia and do a lot of industrial pain also. So we've been actually with the manufacturers also in the in the local in the area and stuff so we just kind kind of been in ministry for quite a while quite a while now Junior goes further back than I do something about his age or anything but he goes a lot of years back during our unit is not as great as yours you mean in this thing a long time 1941. My dad started a business and we got involved with a lot of companies in the 60s to make direct association. We start with five companies and is today we have for going to the number of 18 companies, so we hope that what were doing for the private what were doing for ourselves as businessmen that were increasing the knowledge to the public that were there to serve you and what the changes are in the network of automobiles is being built today and how we respond to your call will recover your vehicle really relocated and then returned back to our business in a safe at meditating and no one's added to the situation that you been, so I would say this just jokingly with you until all these guys out there in two minutes. I drove wrecker backwards fundamental ever. I want to follow, absolutely.

And then you know this morning that the show but you are local and so I know you've locally but I know this is a national show in throughout the world is being broadcast. So this kind of information going talk about. I think transitions into all areas is for somebody who owns a vehicle how kind of trends in the automotive industry on the that that the supply and as far as the paint in the collision industry and also the towing industry. Also, this morning that just so I remind myself that at 1015 Ted Ryan from Ford Motor Company will be calling him because today that's kinda put the cover back on reintroduction of a vehicle. They're excited about it.

I'm excited also to be able to share that with a listers this morning, but what are the things that will go back to an estimate. Sinister Darren is over the course of the lot down the people staying at home and that step. I talked a lot of Darren's counter people in one of the things they said is they've had so much more walk-in traffic coming to the store yet, since it's deftly been a challenging year with with the coronavirus and with the lockdowns and the different policies also in different cities, but you know with without a lot of people out driving collision shops kind of the other. They cannot slow down and by what we saw was, gave a lot of people opportunities. Deduce side jobs in and do little hobbies that they might not have had time for before and they were coming in buying paint we I was kind look through some of our history over the last six months and a lot of people are buying. We had people coming in and airbrushes and stuff, and in one of our locations where they were kind of teaching their children or trying to do projects for the spouse or something that on either fixing up the car at home or all the way to refurbishing some of their washing machine so her anything like that. Anything that had kind of paint on it that we saw people were common in getting product for hand doing little projects at home and trying to stay busy yet because even own Marion at the body shop. I have people stop in pretty regularly during this time and say you know what I'm got a whole family at home and we got a car in the garage. I think what was the best way to just just cleaned up wax and touch it up and do some maintenance staff polish in the headlights and you know just lube all major steps so they're getting out there is a family doing things and I know that Junior was been the biz long time used to be a time when that was unknown when I was growing up in dear when you were growing up in June when you were growing up. That was pretty much the norm where people were doing stuff is a family working on the car was sort of a family experience and I was sort of the father and daughter are father and son kind of project for the weekend. That sort of got away from that. Yeah, and it's and it's actually encouraging because now some of things that you know we've seen where the younger generation. They're just not exposed to tar industry much anymore and it's a great industry. Cars are still coming this that's still car still great thing yet. Still, toy E but you know for an adult and yell keeping it up. You know, upkeep given it looking good have that sense of pride and it admits it's good to see that beat me in imparting to that second genera are that next generation. Now and teaching a little bit about vehicles and hopefully getting more interest in our industry.

Yeah, and that's part of that, technicians come in on something with drivers and tow truck operators and technicians on that he and his people just are our next generation just doesn't seem to be plugged into that and I know Junior saying that and that's one of things we always cost kinda struggle with is having those those those operators come up in the that that understand and want to learn the mechanics of that vehicle because it's not just hooking it up. That's right, Jerry. It's one thing in the sky October 19 situation we erect out of an limit to what was said a few months ago, vehicle transportation was cut down drastically because people were out of work kids were out of school and it cut down the a lot of businesses and when he gets cut down like that. Doors and other people start practicing what they need to do in the towing recover situation.

My dad always said this never perform what you had in practice.

So if you got a car upside down, you never turn one over with. You might want to practice in your yard with once already been turned over but we gotta keep going for the knowledge that where having own you cars now this a training for Labor Day of the week for all loans, Michael. I've got a 13 Malibu and I just found out the other day I got 22 computers on that car.

So I'm not sure if I can work on that car any longer but I'm keeping it because of the limited miles.

But if a car breaks down. You got have someone to help you and that that person is going to come and help. But right now the situation we're in right now is put us in a different world and were all having to pay attention to a new way of motivating ourselves transportation eating out, buying groceries and me love prayer out there today. London yeah and they use test on one thing like to sort of go back to is the fact of just that training on the towing industry on the repair industry course of changing so much and so rapidly, and new systems imaging computer systems charging systems hybrid vehicles. The linkage end of the car and the waiter set up changes so rapidly and list your current on your training. All the sudden you can do you know a lot of damage and and or even get yourself hurt if you don't know all that I tell you that he come back as few moments going to have Ryan coming with Ted Ron with the Ford Motor Company's enemy with this Darren Junior will be back and remember this is a call in show 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

Good morning. Welcome back to the Christian Car Guy radio show. I'm very Mathis and on the phone with this is morning. We have Ryan with Ford Motor Company and Ted good have you this morning. I think what you will be talking about is sort of the pulling the curtain back and old reintroduction of call from the past 10 well think of tailoring Only I answer. I wanted to put it back on hold from your end. Okay. And I think he may be there 10. We can hear you now, we're back in. I would gotta record it won't run and build for another year so the Lord brought a new family of off-road vehicle iconic bronco return to the market was announced on Monday and we revealed the tutor bronco the four-door bronco in the Broncos work and exciting vehicle. At first was an American public in 1965, 66 model year and added that heyday is one of the premier off-road vehicles that went away for 25 years and now Ford is bringing it back to when I was complex of the speeches I mean it's kind of, you sort of went to that retro look coming. There's a lot of similarities and stuff and then one thing I want to ask what kind of what was the segment Ford is going after me because this is definitely an and I love that thing you may want to mention that that that academic that the goat that was just what what they're going after is a market order currently don't have an offer for the closest we would have outdoors, the venture drive to the trailhead or grafted and he can't do everything with a pickup truck. We saw that the competitor was there was only one competitor in the market Jeep so were going after Jeep liquid but we think of three great models. Three right now. Great model and I run the archives of the marketing and design team came to the archive climbed out 2+ years and we would build out materials for them to be able to review and or case one of the first design in 1962, three academic goat, not greatest of all time goes over any terrain I would build Army and I was always the design inspiration for the first bronco in the design team took the heart and with bronco they designed it to go over any training what they done it that actually built in different driving and I like them all different goat by the youth you just busy morning this morning to have much time with you but just looking at the Ford in the bronco. What is was that one feature on that you to step back and go wow_it's just a smaller one more bite my 21-year-old daughter validating on the order export all the different features but avoided the design is done for people on the go right back that can be built into the Carson no one will steal it off the back of the car, a folding table that you can use if you go out hiking you little attention to detail on all of the different models and on the bigger ones that you're doing the board, or just the sheer adaptability you can take doors up into groups often can change vendors. You can adapt the bronco to be whatever it is that you wanted to be all right and wrap you one last thing, when really I think was a cool thanks see in the radar in the front of the vehicle because I think from what I'm reading and see sort of what advantages to when you hit it in reverse to see the cameras that they have that in the front of the vehicle. Also they do and you know it.

Part of safety protocols where board or automatic braking, and the engineers of evacuees and identify rocks and boulders that when you really get off the road with the door or the big portable you got that board camera.

They can help you navigate the drain all the features that the witch will let you now where you been saying that trail run. You know the good one bronco nation as a nation built around the bronco so you can share your credit ventures is really designed for people who want to get the end of the trailhead and goal of our guy got three boys offer Eagle Scout day. We would love that. I would love that are taken out hiking and we go. I get trailhead set up camp and you go up there. I carved built for people like indentured you got a run in the event of the segments coming up and then I appreciate you calling this morning.

Look forward to seeing this vehicle on the road in your driveway may have three of the city and these will all right have a good day. Thank you. Okay.

We talk about okay there is another vehicle being introduced a lot of new things with it goes back to what was talking about earlier about training and and technicians and tow operators and stuff. Being able to be up to speed. Because, as were sent here and I'm thinking the look of things a little differently because when I sit there and see a release and I got the news release on this and have a lot of that data in the technical stuff the whole time I'm thinking about okay when this gets out real-world repairs on it. If it needs to be towed. I may not think about a junior to speak on this when hybrid vehicles came out and operators warned trained own the hybrid vehicles they were jumpstarting procedures that were the old procedures fours give somebody a jump start.

They were burning up control panels burning up batteries and and and lithium batteries and all that stuff and just even doing a high lockout in step with new airbags in the side compartments of the doors and stuff. It just changed everything and training became crucial detail what I just heard here today and adding to what you're saying. This vehicle is being made now but on the market. We've always been involved in towing and when were totally not necessarily moving a vehicle's sets were moving white. So now we have three more vehicles online in each one. Description the year is going to have a different weight. So what unit is a toe or do we send you broke down are your need for what ever to relocate this vehicle. Yours, so wave is going to be a process that will have to determine to you and that's something that you as an owner should know readily available what had taken place back in a moment. Once again, love having this morning with his Christian Car Guy radio again.

It is a calling show 866-34-TRUTH 7881. You're listening to the network and Welcome back to the Christian Car Guy show in all you ready are you ready for a lot of truth coming at you today. Remember this afternoon at one across the network is here with Amy, here is a program devoted to providing help for anyone who's experienced domestic violence, mental illness, or any trauma and alive send payment, survivor sale and Amy knows the cure is Jesus and asked the thing we need.

Always remember that the cure for all of our troubles is Jesus Christ. The cure with Amy's afternoon at one on the Truth Network as Ted was sorta talking about that that you bronco it is Junior mentioned about the challenges of being up to speed and understand the mechanics send the features on the bronco's forced Hoagland.

Same thing goes back to in the repair industry because when I'm in a casino. When I look at stuff over, I start thinking about was the repair ability and what of the kind that that the struggles that will going to have one thing about Darren and colors agent PPG really do offer a lot of training in the field and made Darren kinda speak on that and the importance of that and why was it that is is just something that's not easy to do and I know that's a commitment from from PPG but also as a huge commitment from coders is to provide that for the reprint repair facilities out there but when I'm looking at that. I'm thinking you know what out of this removable top removable doors, fold out table that has a place that has a go back into all of these tolerances as far as that openings and that kind of stuff.

It has to be so precise and think about you know what in an accident you gotta make sure technician understands all that to get back to where everything functions properly and even to the point of the way the body lines aligned that the panels fit up against each other effects. The collision industry yet and said so is that interesting dynamic between the T at the manufacturer and then he got the repair ability of what the manufacturer has created an and they make it I love it when they can come up with new models, new cars. I'm excited about this with the bronco and that there will be another challenge, because it is that since more things to learn more training that you know will be sending our guys to know the different sensors is even in the repair industry. You know there's a lot of sensors I believe we've gotten to where you mill gauges yellow plastic mill gauges now check the actual thickness of paint that's now being applied to these vehicles there that she had now have a tolerance with some of these OEM manufacturers that there that there are now releasing so where you know were getting up to date on a lot of those things on where those tolerances are on the different manufacturers that you look at young paint matching you look at sealants you look at whether shaving wear and tear on a vehicle as it's going down here and I got like you were talking in the breakaway noises and how to repair that how you know that it creates a grid, it creates a great opportunity. You're a great challenge for the far side of the industry. Yeah, absolutely we we talk about just a tolerances.

Now ministers is important to not have too much material in the vehicle as it is to not have enough and will go to Sarah and Washington state want to Sarah how you doing this morning I poured body.

I am born in 1927 and 92, and three square years old, though I have called always keep it With the maker because there they filled Bible you know not doing what I'd like to do. I can't grandly try and do their work with in the 21st century for a laugh and to remind everybody that what the Lord Lord is our maker and we need to always keep him when we need how that I like that you know what he said to 27 model T, you know what that change the world.

Okay you model model T the serum model T change the world. We all and this the things and as we we lose sight of his death we all have the opportunity to change the world he lives just in Our Own Way, God gives us a platform and we need to make sure we use it to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and work with in modern no learning. I'm thankful that my maker and really that good old Milo will although you need any help with their air you know what going on in their life. We give Dolly go to the manufacture and look like a college.

The book that tells all about how it works just like the owners manual when you're carving his glovebox and God gave us an owners manual next his word. That's the Bible so just like the owners manual and that the glovebox for don't pull it out of the glove box that could do us much good when we have a problem with the car. Same thing with owners manual that God gave us absolutely, Sarah, Linda, thank you for calling in this morning about people like that. Body weight out you know they're very bad and absolutely went looking for the day we get the new model. All right, we just keep that model T model just trucking down the road and and and sharing the gospel. Thank you and we again was going back to just talk about the training. Some of the things that that that you know is just that PPG does yellow do and just will speak on that. How how the training has made a difference not just for the technicians in the shop small so you do the same thing with your employees.

Greg yeah because you doing with collision centers and stuff that the commitment we made was to make sure that our our people are our knowledgeable know the latest trends because that the industry is just been changing so fast, so we try to keep in good communication with a lot of our vendors, manufacturers, and helps like Sam they do a lot of Coatings and seam sealer's and and thoroughly on some stuff on some stuff and PPG just purchased them so cannot help that out. Learning some more stuff about them and their company, but PPG and obviously being a global company they've you know they work very well with the only manufacturers so they are able to, you know, and communicate us, what they're thinking you know what the manufacturers are thinking what their what they're working on and so that we can kinda get prepared. Also but but we we invest quite a bit in training with our with our employees. I think I've we've got about three or five action for certified PPG technicians out there on the road to help our customers out there with the different challenges that are coming up and make sure that there trained to do.

We want to make sure that the guy why cannot the street know when they come in that we given the best advice that that we know that we've that we been trained on so that they can be successful at whatever project that they're working on yeah and and I love that about not about gel stores and stuff in heaven trained people behind the counter because of just just the guy that that that teenager or whoever it might be this going to do the little project on the side and is never done it before and then really need some information on what's the best way to do it was a scene.

People with no contact to raise body shop after they've something you want today where they had spots on her car and they decided the best way to get it off was the Brillo pad that's in the kitchen or something like that in it without really asking the question of early own to find out what the best procedure is and when you walk in your door somebody behind the counter that understands what the need is the act that we've we get those people also are they come in and the cars rusting out and then understand why they put some some pain down there but they you know some bare-metal sorry about Hannah backing up and and try to salvage what you'll salvage what they've done and be able to know. Make sure that they make the repair correctly in so that they can enjoy their other car vehicle.

Whatever they're working on for a long time and they would enjoy the experience of doing it in the ending step back and say what turned out better and I thought it was going to are they you know little bit of time they start seeing where it's not something just deteriorates and looks worse. The next week you look at and say a lot been better off not doing anything because there's we all get into those positions as issues where you kind of jump ahead.

We think you know the test were so important. Just being able to be in communication with a professional and despots denied great opportunity space with stay at home and people being at home and stuff again be back in a few moments with Christian car got again just want to send out my best wishes to Robbie as he is on the trade and all the gossip at Park Springs this morning. You're listening to the truth and Welcome back Christian car guy radio is I'm sitting here looking through the window that they and over until she got those rock roots is that the bebop into the music that jammin this morning also sua sponte just a moment. Junior something that dear to my hardness will just take just a moment to mention Jesus labor of love is that this is it is a program that Robbie Gilmore came up with a few years ago, I met with me and Bob Young and sort of form this in his ability to new dealers and an auto repair facilities and your donations to be able to help widows Sforza carnies.

We all know the importance of transportation cars and that's just something that that every week just a request just keep coming and coming to an end. And if you're looking for way to volunteer.

I mean you go alone.Christian car God there's a link to go to Jesus labor of love. You can volunteer as you just a prayer warrior harped other areas you can get involved. If you are looking to to donate some money is a great opportunity. I'll always say never take money with your local church. But if you're looking for somewhere special, just a certain need step and is a great opportunity with Jesus's labor of love. And if your repair facility and some of the areas you know that just to take drop Robbie that a text or an email so you know what that interests me up and look up a way to be able to help people in my community that really need to help. Would love to have you come on board. But Jesus labor of love, go to the website is also a link on Christian car guy radio for Jesus labor of love.

It is a super important ministry and I am just glad that God laid it on Robbie's heart and I'm glad that I was have always been able to be part of it in the head a lot away, so I just encourage you to pick come on board. If it is anything but just pray for those that are in need and real quick before we get out of this last segment I want to make sure that I took time just talk about a loll that is been in effect for a few years and people sort of overlook it. In a lot of ways is the move over law and what is the importance of that because a lot of because people don't realize the safety unit police officers, emergency workers, it is emergency workers are also there's tow truck operators. I mean there are, you know I hate to say it but there's hundreds that totality's and serious injuries every year from people going out just trying to render help to somebody in a crisis and in a distressed situation with Anita vehicle towed by people just not paying attention during your right we were added to this list and move over law of the fact the tors and Rome seem on interstate are just a side street.

Just be courteous therapy could, but what it does and protects those people that are servicing that vehicle are either people that are in that vehicle would be standing there to maybe only on the side. We always recommend that if you break down interstate try to remove yourself her vehicle and put yourself on the other side of the guardrail. That's what we recommend to get help and then let her covered personnel loved your car put you in their camp in the league but anytime you see an incident car broke down an accident just proceed with caution. But do move over recognizably courteous enough you will not believe how much that would really help the need there that we need mourned for protection for drivers yeah were talking protection. One thing is want to mention real quick is to put them in the cab with you and this is something that sort of with the coronavirus going on the shutdown like for Ray's body shop and wrecker service. We don't allow for our insurance and also cause a governmental regulations now that people having a breakdown have to make sure that they got transportation to pick him up because were not able to put them in the cab about vehicle anymore lesson the people don't understand and that's, that's, that's a safety issue for four drivers and four individuals will broke down but it's living in a different world today and is just something that people need to be aware of when the new couple wrecker they probably not gonna be able to be transported with her vehicle which in the past is always possible, but now it's different. Same thing with Darren. I mean, I know now with that because a sales paint and body shop supplies but another thing they say all that I purchased from a Ms. sanitizing step because now when a vehicle comes in. Never had to do this before we sanitizing the customer drops off a vehicle at Ray's. We sanitize it before it goes into the repair process and then when it leaves for the final inspection and cleaning is re-sanitize so when the owner gets it back is good and clean and that give think you be selling and never never thought sanitizer would be in in in our collection of products but yeah I mean it's with with the coronavirus me just can't be too careful. So we you know we've we've done very well with that and I would encourage all of our collision centers in and to my knowledge. I think everyone that I that I know of is doing that sanitizing the vehicle pre-and post to give the customer a good piece of mind the INET that goes back to that that the things just be in being safe because even you look at your technicians, you know, we would try to space everybody out but if they're going to be in contact with a customer. We have the mask at the end and try to do everything they can to be a safe and a white we wiped the building down all day continuously doing that space and office area with people coming in, then same thing is with the with it, but tell an industry you know same thing where our guys are getting into a vehicle. We don't know the state of that people that were in their previous lease of the heaven to wipe everything down before they get in gloves and bask in the same thing.

The dealing with the public calls is just right now. The world we live in a sort of upside down and crazy and and all of that but will get through it storm will eventually pass and just depend on the right wonders in charge of the storm there. What we are in a vicious crazy every day I how I used to think of that Darren Junior about this at some point or another but I have a routine at night. Last thing I do drink of coffee and watch the news.

Now drink a cup of coffee and watch pickers are some of the hottest don't watch the news anymore because it is so pressing my blood pressure is raised up and die depressed and in the morning used to coffee and read the paper. I don't even take the paper out of the wrapping to bring the shop and put it on the table and never even look at it because it's just everything around us is so negative and is hardly sought to be positive when you're in a situation and stuff and everything around you is press in on you and try to be negative if if anything is it's it's encouraged me to do my devotions more faithfully and everything because that's a me need to counteract what's what's what's going on in this world and that's that's one thing that is is help me, at least in and is is kind of refocusing some of our priorities and who do you believe the media and all. I put all this out but I guess so yesterday. One thing that Chris is going through right now that that the public art that are against us obey his full. The main reason we have the 10 Commandments and that's the way we travel and they don't like that. Well if we sit there now and I love the Lucero talked about that that the owners manual yeah you know what that's what we did live pavement when when life comes at us hard and struggles. I'll guarantee you I don't know much and I don't make many guarantees, but I guarantee you it didn't surprise him Lord and Savior, and he certainly has given us the tools to survive it and this weekend. You know what when those times come, what we thought were in the PSI pharisaic and of base year, and a devotion place you open up God's word and look and see because God is in ministry through his word and give you encouragement give you hope was a solid place. We often find that this weekend. Tomorrow uniting church somewhere go online when you live streaming going on getting church get in around the community of believers share Jesus Christ and our vehicles able to get them towed properly will going to get a repair properly. More importantly, take this opportunity to share Jesus Christ with the world who needs your listening to the Truth Network and

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