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Chrisian Car Guy - Independence Day Yoke!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 4, 2020 12:40 pm

Chrisian Car Guy - Independence Day Yoke!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 4, 2020 12:40 pm

Robby has a very shiny red reveal for this special 4th of July show. Christian Insurance Guy, Bill Mixon is in along with Christian Body Shop Guy - Jerry [ that's a hint btw ] Get ready to laugh, learn and enjoy a "yoke" or two.


Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network real bad radio show you know what you know when you will will one John one and a Independence Day. You actually find this can be one form Independence Day yoke for a great nation. Today I'm a Christian car guys show so I know you're wondering what's the yoke one rope you're going to get the yoke on so many different levels.

It's just unbelievable. So for those you watch legally blonde to you my recognized the girl the cochairs and you look just like 4 July and she wanted a hot dog.

Real bad. Well, when I came to work this morning I I was driving my wife's Toyota okay just just totally humiliating experience.

If you're the Christian card as a matter fact I have been driving my wife's Toyota four the better part of the year because old red has been in the restoration process. So here about an hour ago I got to lay my eyes for the first time in many many moons on the restored old red which is now sitting in the parking lot right where it belongs. 410,000 miles. Bill Lal and Jerry, my friend Ray's body shop.

You have to see it to believe that I posted a picture Christian Car like that read that sonnet is very very patriotic.

It is definitely red candy apple read it. Yeah, it's the it's got the original stripes right yeah and I will have the bumpers the grill at I I guarantee you that it looks better than it did 25 years ago I came off the assembly lines was actually Allred's 25th birthday. And here it sits on 4 July, right where it belongs in the parking lot of the truth radio network and I'm I'm I'm beyond excited. And you know there is a time and what we talked about today so if you look in the Bible at the word yoke you're gonna find it, it's used a lot more in the Old Testament is in the New Testament. You might remember little Jeremiah had one tied around his neck. At one point in time you may wonder what is this have to do with a great nation has everything to do it, but interestingly, every time you find that work. Not every time most the times you find that word God is talking about breaking the yoke of slavery and he's bursting the bands or both those words in my opinion. As I studied them this week. Both yoke and bands were totally hijacked by Satan because we are supposed to be yoked to Christ Friday said take on my yoke is going to be amazing. We have a tendency to yoke ourselves that we yoke which has everything to do with the Christian card. I shall yoke ourselves all sorts of things. But if you think about the oxidant yoke for a second. They have these bands that tie them together with their brothers and so they were supposed to be a band of equally yoked brothers. I get the picture. And when you look that word bands in Heber. You can feel words you just don't see them as there's a picture that goes along with them and it's a very kingdom word. It's a royal word like new member the best team ever got a chance to play on how you came together as a band that didn't really seem to be somebody that was the leader.

It was just like equal like if you're if you're another Ya ox in your inner yoke.

There is one guy. I mean essentially, the farmer is the leader and you guys are pollen equally in order to get this thing together will I say all this to say we have had a band of Brothers the Christian Car Guy show for years and years and years and we have been yoked together to bring the gospel through an automotive platform and mess. What we do. But when you think about it, Jerry, Bill, I mean Jerry is able to do this to old red because he sees the advantage to the gospel in it and I know what the thinking are we going. That is the fact that what God gives us all gifts God has blessed us in different ways, but when will all yoked together and bound together for the same purpose is just like it become such a such harmony and then unison and some great things coming just like just like this radio show. I mean I would hate to know when I would hate to know that I would be interested in knowing you never will. How many lives have been changed by just talking about the mean, how do you need to talk to about getting insurance are are you a way to get out with somebody just in the middle of a crisis are car problems needn't toe and a bodywork are buying or selling an automobile and you know all of that step. Just all sort of flows together and thinking when God sees that and I know that just had to put a smile on his face so it does mean that word band is this letter which has to do with putting your hands together is called assignment and there's like talked last week 27 or 30 bones in each hand.

When you put them together.

It's a phenomenal amount of support in prayer.

Well, if you'd been at my father's funeral in March of last year.

This band of brothers before I spoke. They were putting their hands on me right. It was a phenomenal time.

From my standpoint, I will never ever forget how God took this band that were yoked together in ox is obviously Bob was derringer you know and all of us were there, in this really special kind of holy time that will forever go in my memory of this is what God designed for all of us is that we are supposed to be banded in the yoked in Christ as we keep breaking all these other bands that's why keep breaking all these other yokes because this was the idea and I want to have to do a great nation on the way to last segment to Cheryl and stuff but since we got Allred out of the chute here. We wanted to do this. I wanted to share like oh my goodness, on 4 July as we come together as a nation we were banded we were yoked into a nation and an from birth, not fascinatingly. You know I started on this bill actually God on Monday told me what you look deeper into the word intimacy and as I look deeper into the word intimacy. That's where I came across this letter. That means yoked its lien and intimacy are being yoked in other words, Christ is all about you not being yoked to the wrong person because the only freedom that we really can get is actually to be in Christ, to love him out of our hearts, which is interestingly the second letter in the word yoked here in Hebrew. It has to do with your heart, your heart being yoked to something is like oh my goodness, what, that's when you really pull right works when you're being bound in slavery like the Israelites were they. They they couldn't pull their hearts. They were just pollen with the restraint you know in their own strength but if you want to pull with your heart, Bill.

You gotta be there so the bills been very quiet so far this morning but here's your moment. Tell you I enjoy you breaking apart Scripture and get into the letters and all the deep, deep thought you put into your your lessons and I know a lot of our audience does to it pops in my mind, as you gotta be careful not to be unequally yet you need to do pray before you connect up and become part of the small team becomes a larger team because when you are equally yet. Did you get to go straight you not to go in great big circles and I am even thought about that tell you it is mentioned that you have really struggled with your yoke part of agency that you know will you lead your life, what winds down when you get ready to retire and you reassess things you gotta decide whether to plant your feet get back to work or whether you you want to spend some time with you, your family, we had a chance to get and hold the changes had just the most wonderful time with all the family this past week. Gorgeous, but we got so much more for you start paying interest show Jesus later love you can find out what that has to do with vacation and we have classic car guy, you have an accent from you are going to absolutely love this, you different, you forget it being yoked real bad independent day yoke for a great nation today organized so and I hope you heard last segment we got old red back in the parking lot.

It's absolutely amazing. I'm so excited to spend time at it this week but as I was describing those yokes in those bands. I was wondering if something popped into your mind like a time.

You are part of an organization or team or church or ministry or something where you sensed that the actual leading was from God, and that people were equally yoked and band together in a way that they loved on a tether well supported each other well completely. Like if you look at the picture I put a Christian car of these ox is just screaming for God like running as fast as she could in his Commandments what that feel like if that story has popped in your mind. I would love to hear it. By all means, or maybe something else along those lines, 866-348-7884. 866-34-TRUTH is a number to call in and share. But here we had a classroom for students in it and I told talked about this last week of become more and more popular as I do this plastic classic car guy comedy podcast. It's on my regular Christian card I podcast but it comes out every day and are just jokes that I've told on the radio over the years and it's amazing how many downloads we been getting.

But this week as I put this together for the Fourth of July because it just was so cute I didn't want to not use it, I thought, man of the Christian card I audience would just love this, so if you you need a laugh and you need to think like a child. Here's our opportunity right now with little absurd of what you'll find if you get the podcast. It can car guy classic comedy is wonderful.

I love it. Speaking of angels. I happen to have right here in my hand. Some angels as described by children and this is good stuff. So you feel free to laugh. If this is Gregory H Dr. said I only know the name of two angels part and Harold Olive, age 9, said everybody got it all wrong. Angels don't wear halos anymore. I forget why, but scientists are working on Matthew, age 9, says is not easy to become an angel. First you die and you go to heaven. And then there's still the flight training you have to go through and then you got to agree to wear those angel close as subject.

Mitchell, age 9, says angels work for God and watch over kids when God has something else to do for Henry Ajay my guardian angel helps me with math but is not much good for science beds. I would love to speak with Henry for a few minutes Jack eight sixes. Angels don't eat but they drink milk from holy cow, Jack is a man after my own heart right there don't think Rachel drinks milk from holy cows agent Daniel, age 9. Angels talk all the while their client. They talk all the way while there find you up to heaven main subject is where you went wrong before you got dead. That's exactly I'm running it word for word Dragon age 10, said when Angel gets bad. He takes a deep breath and count to 10 and when he gets out and lets out all his breath somewhere there's a tornado that's creative Sarah age 6 is angels have a lot to do. They keep very busy.

If you lose a tooth and Angel comes in through your window and leave money on your pillow. Then when it gets cold. Angels go north for the winter. If you're wondering I Jared, age 8 angels living cloud houses made by God and his son was a very good carpenter when you greet Antonio, age 9.

All angels are girls because I got to wear dresses and boys don't go for that right Catherine, age 9, my angel is my grandma who died last year she got a big head start on helping me while she was down here on earth. You can say all that release and Vicki, age 8.

Some of the Angels are in charge of helping heal sick animals and pets and if they don't make the animals get better help the child get over neat.

Vicki is pretty perceptive Sarah 87. What I don't get about Angel is why when someone is in love.

They shoot arrows. Adam, I don't tip anything you really talk now, so you know at the end of all my stuff. I always have a riddle and I do have available.

I really like my little today and so my riddle today is the first angel mentioned in the King James version of the Bible met who by the fountain on the way to sure for sure. Do you know who, for sure, that was all right. There is an excerpt of what you could get daily at Christian card I podcast Christian card.

I classic comedy that we do and you know we all could use a laugh. Occasionally Bill and I get out and he could get a good yoke that could yoke and so speaking of yoke you may have heard our present many times referred to a great nation like let's make America great again and so interestingly I I was just asking God this morning word you want to go and and so he asked me to spend some time on the word nation at an eye was literally blown away because you know you might remember that the one of the first times we see the word nation is in Genesis when God tells Abraham I'm going to make you a great nation. I he says that you know in Genesis and so what exactly does that mean it's actually Genesis 12 to allow make the a great nation blessed the and I'll make thy name great and they shall be in bow shall be a blessing. In other words, he was blessed to be a blessing. So when you look at that word nation in Hebrew. It starts out with this letter, which is actually third letter in Hebrew alphabet called Gimbel and the idea of the Gimbel is that it's up wealthy person who is running to give something to a less fortunate person with the idea being that the rich person realizes that that's not there blessing that they're running to give to the poor person, but it's something that God gave them to give back to the person that it was stolen and so what does this have to do with being a great nation. All it has everything to do and we are going to explore that we want to hear your story. When you are banded together like the Jesus level of repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. So much more Christian card I coming up 866-34-TRUTH 87884 may be a pretty good yoke you're listening to the Truth Network and real bad now I'm not Neil diamond. I know you're getting ready for Neil and that is a really awesome beginning about it like that song.

I love it coming to America right and working to get into great nations and what God had in mind for that whole concept and when he explained to Abraham but we have to talk about a couple things again say that coming up at 1 o'clock we have a very exciting show from Amy Koppel called the cure and she has Mike McGraw, Sgt. Mike McGraw whose one of the first responders at 9/11 the can be talking about some of the first responder stories of what happened back in line 11. The actual 9/11 as can be an amazing show comes on at 1 o'clock.

It is also live in so you can call in and share on that part of being a great nation working to get into that prefers to have Martin who is in Raleigh. He has answer to the riddle that was a given out a classic car guy, Martin here on Christian Car Guy and show how can we help you with that riddle. You are exactly right.

It was Hagar and and you know here, God was trying to show Abraham out to be a great nation. And then there's the whole you know Ishmael will Hagar like oh my goodness it they needed Angel so that they can explain. You know what they needed to do before they get dead and so good, Martin. I love it. So if you ever been part of a team or an organization or something where you does really sense that God was leading this group and they really came together equally yoked banded like oh my goodness they were support one another. I remember my opportunity serve the Lord data nondenominational group and pick the venue about seven years and we had about 25 people working together and we all lived in one picked out and we all had different duties, but we were able to help each other at the same time and I was privileged to help cooking and printing apple trees typesetting and shipping and receiving all directed enjoyed the fellowship each other and supported each other. That's so cool thing when it happens. It was what were designed for. Martin is beautiful. Thank you for sharing that and for answering our riddle. I would put you back on hold networking have to send you some for that mean I didn't say you're gonna win some, but hey, you should because that is a great Hagar is the correct answer is stucco what is your story.

We would love to hear your story. 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth so getting back to this great nation is sir. So this idea of a rich person running to give back to the other person that is been stolen from that which they so the rich person in this particular case, and this is taught, but he presages that this letter has to do with this very concept of someone who is running in freedom to give back to that person. What has been stolen. Okay so when you look at this and it says that Abraham right.

He said he was gonna make him a great nation so you got that letter Gimbel and then you actually have a five which is sort of a connecting letter.

It means sort of like the latter coming down from heaven, and then the unit which is the spark of God so great, rich nation would be running to give back the spark of God that is been stolen.

In other words, the gospel, this nation that is been blessed spiritually right and Abraham had been blessed spiritually and so it was through Abraham that first of all we get the Torah right and that was given to the Hebrews as a way to run to the nations in and share God with them, but it also came right in the actual spark of God, through Mary and and Jesus himself blessed the nations. Abraham was unbelievably blessed so that he could be a blessing. So those of us who are blessed financially, spiritually. However, it is that God is poured into your life. He is hoping that we will give back to those who, from which it is been stolen. Okay, believe me when I tell you, Satan has stolen the band of brotherhood that was supposed to be happening. Believe me when I tell you, Satan has yoked us in all sorts of shenanigans can't take on the beautiful yoke. So what is a great nation a great nation is up, especially from my perspective as a nation that realizes the spark that is God and is running to help those from which it is been stolen that in banded together yoked together to do that kind of thing.

Wow make me want to hotdog real bad fireworks.

It is far worse, is that spark right.

I mean it's it's a beautiful picture and it's it's an absolutely fabulous thing that God really had in mind. And when I realize you know what the Jesus labor. Love is. It is the olive been giving you all up and praying for these single moms, widows and families in crisis. Clearly, you know, in many cases her husband's been stolen or their stolen data all sorts of shenanigans are stolen in a literally passed away as widows may be, you know that you've got these kids and all these things and and so they don't have an answer for how to fix a car.

They don't even know have anybody to really talk to many times even tell them look you gotta push the little star little snowflake button in order to make the compressor, a lot of times that's what the Jesus labor love. That's what we do is we just simply saying this is how you check your oil. This is how you you know can do this because a lot of women in other fathers didn't teach matter whatever happened I don't know but I mean is just an opportunity to give us what has been stolen from them and then a lot of times financially.

You guys give some beautiful thing, but the cool thing is they never see the person I gave him the money.

What they see as God provided right they you know I love to the often they'll send movies text as you know, this generation was the text and so a lot of people we healthy that they get my phone number they start text me bits that you have in the nontext meetings beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you thank you and I say every time got God make this thing happen it, give it mean give the date Bellamy photo bomb. Jesus here is not me. It is not a Christian guard I ministry it is literally God. Okay, I mean this is this is who is providing for these things and through all of you through your prayers through your giving through all the different cool ways that these things happen.

So Bill I know you've got all sorts of thoughts that you can making notes or go for the we want to remember with the celebration that July 4 is all about.

We had 13 colonies that were suffering under all kinds of deprivations. A lot of it goes back to the king didn't allow the them to have your will the money and all the money that was around had to be used to pay the taxes so you had lots of folks that were really struggling with difficult to get anything legally done because you had to pay it a fee to be able to do get married to register property to complete a large sale and on July 2, a group of people in the Continental Congress Sid Ness enough. We need help and they voted unanimously. New York was a little difficult, but they came along to separate and a group was set up to write the Declaration of Independence that Thomas Jefferson more or less took over, and on July 4. That same group said we are going to band together we are going to work together. When Alan might have R&D yet together and as a group of 13 different communities. We are going to build a new life here in this country and the Declaration of Independence was voted on in unanimously adopted and if it's been a while since you read that document to your children. I would encourage you to do.

Go Google to look that up and and spend a little bit of time today. Understanding what our ancestors were willing to do.

Granted, it was said that the more prosperous people, but they risked all that they had said they could lift up all the other citizens in our country and allow for prosperity. We need to teach your kids about process.

It takes a little bit of work. So I got a lot more yokes for if the Christian guard I show state major story 866-34-TRUTH 788.

You're listening to the Truth Network and and I know when you will will one John John and so you can sleep in in the other brother and me and I can't even speak to how cool it is that we have Hollywood here that is going to share the gospel for you because what you hear from William Wallace is someday lying in your bed. Would you trade all those days from one you know from those to the David you now are we had a chance just one chance to tell your enemies you can take away our lives but you'll never take away our freedom. See here lot loses his life for the sake of the gospel will gain or are you seeing what Mel Gibson's actually illustrating here AE he's saying I think so many of us are looking for a cause we want to be yoked to something that is really worth all that we can give all that we can pour into it. Our very lives. What we stand for this literally worth dying for, well, that is the gospel that is that if you take this yoke that Jesus gave us. You see, if you will be willing to like Stephen Bryant stand up and share that you too can have true freedom, the yoke that you are meant to design than, oh my goodness, you know this is what the Fourth of July is really about men who knew that the yoke that the bridge should put on us was worth dying for, and settle literally what that man said and that song is as we lay our heads on our pillows at night. Yeah, our forefathers in summary different ways thought that we would have the freedom to yoke ourselves to Christ because this was religious freedom and petitioner to great extent that they were fighting for that they did not enjoy getting at and so I realize that in later years they they have versions of that but never like what we've had in America. We've had all kinds of blessings rain down there all kinds of miracles that were discussed. The George Washington talked about how bizarre it was that we were able to win the Revolutionary war. God's done all kinds of great things for this nation to shame. Some turn their back on the good news is we can still take up that yoke of Jesus Christ and we can go out and run to give that spark of God to the poor people that don't have it we have Sarah Linda is in Washington. I want to tense tense the Snohomish that were I know she actually Sarah Linda you're on the Christian guard I share the morning you brought back holding my time at Memorial in World War II and England.

Eric Lori air liquid and loyal. I would play life and I watch them fold like an and and when they were great.

They brought it to Glenn Creek granted me and I forgot bed unit because they I mean there will not realize later it what the client but I don't know 08.and kindly acquired, and so I and you don't unite and I and dear bank I get that, but I could back that dog acquired and I because we can.

I got it all back to me. Unitedly and I anyway. I remember that moment because I remain seated national anthem and still you know I think that is a phenomenally beautiful story on all sorts of levels you know your husband was such a courageous man because he was one of those men are not only fought in World War II, but he fought for the cost of living together and he took the gospel right to the nation everywhere in all he did all over the world.

Great like That everywhere he went great. They got Sarah, Sarah, Linda, was there a 21 gun salute. There for him as well. You know they did the know they didn't have it to anyone but it would anyway I can come and I will show you remembered unitedly and on the ready thanks to Sam and I'm so grateful that you share that with us today that is beautiful amazing. Thank you and thank you for your your service Johnson service, happy Fourth of July will free human mind.

They consider Linda by Bill you like to remember that all Salem here in Winston-Salem has a very interesting part to play in the history of the originally there was fasting and when George Washington celebrated anything. It was a day of fasting. So it took a while for the idea of the celebration where everybody came together and had a covered dish and supported a party atmosphere and all Salem was the first one to celebrate Independence Day with a C stay with the celebration after the Revolutionary war. There was a assigning of the end of the conflict in Paris and our governor in North Carolina said we needed to celebrate and all Salem was the first town in the United States to step up and to do celebration. So when you good and all Salem.

There's a plaque that commemorates all Salem's part in the Revolutionary war. In the Declaration of Independence and the celebration of Independence Day, celebrate an old red day with my band, thinking of all that that went into these 410,000 miles that they got to eat a hot dog and I hope your day. I hope you have a wonderful day of celebration that we can live in the freedom because especially those of us who are you, thank you so much for listening today and I remember slow down even on 4 July. Everywhere he went. It all done in 33 years so you know how you celebrate your freedom and pass it on your children so they understand what a great nation really thank you for listening. You're listening to the network and

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