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Christian Car Guy Theater 50: The Plymouth's Progress 4

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 27, 2020 8:00 am

Christian Car Guy Theater 50: The Plymouth's Progress 4

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 27, 2020 8:00 am

Plymouth Valiant gets help from a Hudson Pickup a very colorful helper to get Valiant out of the Mega Mud puddle of Despond

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Now time for Christian car guy theater. Today's episode the Plymouth progress episode for progress is really based on John Bunyan's classic Pilgrim's Pride. Today's episode for is a pot episode one, two and three mazelike series, but also you can find a follow along. Of the original book for today's episode, and more importantly the Scripture references that go along with so the Scriptures greatly in the interpretation of Jimmy next on his dream was left to spin his wheels to make a mud puddle of this bomb all alone still still further from his that he did but he couldn't get out because Jimmy beheld in his dream that a vehicle came. It was a Hudson name tell what I was to go this way the jokes on all name and help you more. Yes, as I was saying I was good to go this way.

My cold also to you now return that I might escape the wrath to come.

And as I was going for. I unfortunately your brakes on water. The car so you need to pay attention. Oh, you followed me so help for elected and so help the pickup out of the mega set them on solid ground and go on his way. Then Jimmy still in his dream seem to be amazed by this Hudson pickup and went to talk to them all help real Hudson pickup truck like this, but in thinking he still existed. Mr. help if it just wondering if you could tell me why since this mega mud puddles in the way of the road from the city of distraction to the narrow Turnpike. The road crews fixed it that vehicles might go through security lower than up buckshot possum is a great and that sure enough, all all go to and so I called Megan I say them to make a mud puddle on Leica block losses last year's Easter is all of them get together and possum Myron Mr. help. I think I'm tracking with you and I thirsting what possible purpose could it serve counterfeit pilgrims bought more mixed up no think it is actually saying Jimmy's on his dream.

By this time, previous time always got to his house again so that his neighbors came out to visit him and some of them called him a wise man for coming back in some called him a fool for hazarding himself with Plymouth value others again did market is currently in his Oldsmobile obstinate saying you are on the same cycle lab pliable peers when the going gets tough going. So Bible set out sneaking among last he got more, then about that time they turn their tails and began to insult her valiant behind his back. Well you see in his carpet clean out any today's book will cure all map that was one Colonels Landers was moved to pray decorated that I gave my daddy and I think I may need about God, we can get lost in the well, maybe I down need them. Technically, by getting out payment. I found one night when my help come from my my, no, you know what I mean. I think no help coming completely. My Bunyan character help when we help coming.

I say bring help. Okay

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