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Your Father's Favorite/ His Habakkuk

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 20, 2020 12:50 pm

Your Father's Favorite/ His Habakkuk

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 20, 2020 12:50 pm

A show all about fathers and THE Father.  What dad doesn't love the Ford Mustang?  Special Ford Company guest calls in with great news.  Richard from North Carolina shares a dad story.  And we meet Scott!

The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
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The Christian Car Guy
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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Hey this is Mike Zwick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Don't worry. It's all just like the street.

I don't mind yesterday, but would be as much fun radio show earnings and we while that's hard to listen to sleep but beautiful hard to listen to have got Scott with me this morning. I bet you wonder what the name of the show as well.

I couldn't get it out and play like I want to customize or altered up after hearing my butt your father's favorite.

His back. Oh that's right today show is your father's favorite. His Habakkuk, which we know secret for you today I get to share another secret with me about Habakkuk.

When you get to that.

But if you were listening closely in your of Scott minds, generation, and even Beth and Cici's heard of it, then you're familiar with the TV show, the courtship of Eddie's father. If you never seen the show.

It was really an oath at the light of a father and a son and and you could tell that the father was definitely delighting in the sun and and I love what he said it would be near as much fun of you if you were in a long and so many things with our fathers, we hope are that way for you, but I'm very aware that the subject of father for some extremely painful and so I'm hoping that today as we talk about these things rather than thinking about the painful part of that experience is one of the neat things we do in masculine journey radio boot camp when we talk do the fatherhood talk is whoever it is a talking and had a chance to do it a few times you go back and you try to find the fathers that God put in your life. In other words, there was maybe a coach or Boy Scout leader or if you're a girl you know there was a man that helped you. You know when is a teacher or or maybe it was a choir director I don't I don't know that was a pastor I hope that there were men that God put in all of our lives that he's been orchestrating i.e. he's the father he's not the backup plan okay is not like all of father he's in the coming and father you because Nona he was the master and he has been orchestrating father's into your life. Ever since the beginning.

Now I'm hoping that it was your earthly father.

You know that your natural father.

But if it was not, I can assure you guys been putting all these people in your life and so when were thinking about this today. Your father's favorite when he delighted in him. Talk about the other man it it didn't necessarily have to be your natural father so I don't want to bring up something hurtful or become something beautiful women were gonna talk about this back so and when you saw your father delight. What did that look like it in your life. So can I give you a picture what it look like for God for minute. Here's this beautiful thing.

I really thought the today show is going to be about your father's favorite. That kind of stuff and then he showed me something completely different. This morning, and here's what it looked like so we have in the Scripture. This unbelievably beautiful picture of what I call a God hug and it's a three-way hug between Jesus, his father and the Holy Spirit, and we get to see it one time and it's when Jesus comes up out of the water of baptism we now have the father speaking over him and he says this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. And at the same moment the Holy Spirit is coming back descending on him like a dove, and if you haven't pictured this embrace pictured with me that this is the father delighting in his son and the Holy Spirit, giving us a picture of this three-way God hug four years ago years ago. But anyway, I told the story and every morning in prayer.

I use it to help get me sort oriented and there was this little boy. He was about three in the story was a missionary sign and the missionaries had been given. You know they were here on furlough and they been given this Lakehouse a beautiful lake house for the boat in the boathouse and he the little three-year-old boy and his two sisters maybe was a sister and niece were out playing in the sister and the niece were supposed to watch out for member six or seven he was three, but they didn't keep track in a course. He went right for that peer where the boat was, you know he was going to go get in the boat. He thought that he slipped and he fell in the water and he doesn't, and the girls scream in the father comes running on the boat house and he goes and dives in the water trying to find the son he can't find the sun he comes up for air. He tries again, he can't find the sun now the third time you think about it's been too long in a document make it and so he reaches out with everything he has been the water was remarking so he couldn't see me.

Finally finds the boy when he finds the boy.

He has a death grip on the peer underwater, anything that is literally peel his arms off this peer in order to get him and when he does, of course, the board needs artificial reparation and that you know they they do that, the boy recovers that they can even after calling Vince yeah and and so you can picture the father the son the sit in on the on the beach right thereafter about 30 minutes from they compose themselves. Maybe in our the father looks to the three-year-old insists on why were you holding on to that peer with that death grip. He said that because I knew you'd come. While that story got into my soul and often when I pray in the morning. I cannot get my bearings. I just cannot find where him and him and and is part of my normal practice to ask the Holy Spirit to groan for me because I don't have a clue what it is I really need so and while were doing this because I'm familiar with this picture of this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. I picture myself, often hugging and holding onto them within a idea in mind Scott of I'm holding onto the peer of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit were in a God hug for everything that we have good imagery.

I and and so this morning I'm doing that as I'm trying to find my bearings or give a show to do and he says to me or I'll be there you go, I want to go on a embrace journey to discover what this word really means. And so we we begin the go look and I find out that oh my goodness that word in Hebrew like the word play. This is a secret until Pharaoh Seabiscuit reset deceiving it really mad Scott each secret solidly I mean there is holiness inside that word embrace you got it right so think about it with me now when you were embraced by your father, the man not talking about a bad embrace.

I'm talking about one that was like oh my goodness. When did you really, really, really need that from our earthly father. Heavenly father.

So I do have I got a little bit of embrace last week, two weeks ago I asked I needed help with the Jesus labor love and Scott called in and volunteered and so we got Scott Barton on with us today. Welcome Scott with thank you for Headley. What a privilege. As can be really funny as can assure how God's been helping him gives him God. Hugs to some widows and and single moms this week's organ to talk about that. I have my friend one of my students for my special needs class Andrew is hanging on in Marksville and tell it, you know, I'm hoping you can hear me Andrew. I am going to get to you here very shortly. I gotta start this story so I was on a Jeep jamboree in 1996 and I had put my car into we pull off to the side to unlock the hubs that the suspect in Gtech. I remember and the people behind me. There was a gripping line of cars failed to put their car in part of our emergency brake on this the case may be, and so as I got out of my G Jeep came down the hill and freshly between the two car and heard that story before that there is a God has involved that we can get to that and then to get to Andrew to get the Scott got so much going on with this. Your father's favorite in his back and wait till he gets his employee. You're listening to the Truth Network and and me being the main means your father's favorite and his Habakkuk so when you look at the word embrace.

In Hebrew, you're going to find it's a Habakkuk without the extra kick's FO using Robbie why did you call it a Habakkuk.

Well here's the deal. Back ends in a cove in which is sort of that letter.

We talked about last week. It's in the word play that has to do with holiness and and I could go into a lot of stuff about the other two areas are not you do that on this can add it on the end of it. Okay so when you have a havoc then that original hug that's pretty cool but when you get a Habakkuk. Then 00 wow then it's got an extra unit which is the God spark and then another customer. It's a double cuff and a debt in that in that God spark in it and there you got to a Habakkuk okay now were talking a God hug so we left her hero. I was to have the back of my Jeep. Your comes and so the Jeep down the hill without a driver in it and it crushes me between the two nearly severed my left leg.

Okay will going all the gory details. But for some reason, God is leftist impression in my heart for years and years and years. This is like my testimony of like I know when I get to the celestial city like value and cleanest product input your plans progress that I'm in a hold this out and say I remember the God hug okay because they couldn't get anything to me for well over an hour because your way up in the mountains and so they couldn't get in the house after whatever they knew they had get me to the hospital in Zaremba is freaking out that I was going to shock, as there was a lot of mess but was going on but somehow I felt I remember screaming Jesus help me, and I remember him coming down and I got a full-fledged Habakkuk. Okay, I didn't just get a havoc I got the whole Habakkuk remember vividly when they finally got there and they hit me with the morphine that I didn't feel any different because I already was in no pain while okay that were talking, I realize Habakkuk okay so what I want you did think about for me today is in your life do you remember how I back to me one. Maybe it was from your earthly father or somebody that God had placed in your life as a father. Or maybe it was from the heavenly father but you got this. That was beyond the super hot. It was like oh my goodness this is exactly the moment and this is exactly the time and you were there for me and you always will be right and so very cool. I do have Andrew who is in Marksville: in and he wants to talk to me now. Andrew is in my special needs class I did on Sundays at Calvary. One of my favorite young man so angrier on the Christian card I show thank you for calling. See that would be my wife. For those of you don't know and Andrew he loves me but he really loves my wife that boy well yet you talk and Saturday morning at 1024.

The chances of my wife speaking awake in group are not good. However, if you called about 45 minutes you might you might get her.

But how are you this Father's Day and I love you boy you a lot have been trying to figure out what you know what's going on in a work can yeah I know I know she always appreciate your causing injury and she's at home and so you can get her in about 45 minutes. Thank you for the kind of him yeah I door wide Barry.

I like the radio and it not for I said anything bad about That.

I have been I am not there Andrew.

I remember you one of my favorite memories is used to love to come in the studio when you're younger and you would do the weather report because you love to do radio so images for our listeners.

If you got a forecast force today okay I mocked Bill out writing community, including in mock and this guy today, but I like 48 you are a master. I showered like a shallow form. I so comprehensive I show WW.Roddy Gilbert.I gotta go.

You called to me in about 45 minutes okay you and you here Robbie. I love you to enter God bless bye-bye great Andrew forecast every day so Scott you've had a chance right. Which, interestingly enough in our own way. Where were kind of you know, helping out single moms widows in the enterprise and so you had a chance to make some of those calls in and you share what that was like yes I'd love to. Thank you. What a blessing. What a privilege and honor am so humbled to be doing this Jesus labor of love, and reach out to these young ladies that are needs. It's not so much my benevolence. This is more a cathartic thing. Once I heard about it.

I just did a quick prayer, prayer, and then I called in and most of the work is already been done.

So these ladies have already been screened and vetted, and so my primary focus is just to call them, listen to find out what their needs are and the best part is I get trailer and working to get that Rick Scott I'm sorry in mid prayer. When we get back you can hear so much more of your father's favorite his head back when we come back with stories 866-34-TRUTH, you're listening to the Truth Network and is really cool is all you saw things she father's favorite today on the Christian card and show his Habakkuk, not just 1/2 but the halfback you know the complete whole deal right so we would love your story today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and I met a bachelor Scott that many many many father on me many many sons out there know that there father's favorite was the Mustang and so I got big news coming from Ted Ryan with Ford Ted welcome packet to have you here my archives got one. Not always a fun morning for me. Yeah I can imagine how many fathers out there who's favorite was the mock one. I mean, my favorite guy, but James Bond hold up in that red mark one of diamonds are forever thing was about to write on two wheels on the alleyway list on think I have ever seen. I mean I'll never ever forget that scene. It was, I will never restart another great car but it appears the mock one nameplate in the back sliding including that is that is so, what is what is going to be special about a mock one over regular must was wanted in between a regular Mustang and Shelby GT models that would be nothing bridges.

Well, not the performance vehicle to a higher performing vehicle. The Mustang affected via the highest forming practical orders ever produced going to have a V8 engine. 480 hp thousand RPM, but it is something that is a better performing vehicle than your standard Mustang without having to go all the way up to the Shelby GT boss category and and it looks Mustang.

Even standing still. The thing not only looked back. When it goes up anything in your rearview year you Mustang so close at 10 is Father's Day and your captive audience. So what was your dad's favorite Ford. At least I'm not really put in the heck you can you can stay for, but what what you think would been your father's favorite Ford why one note, he had a 1965 yellow convertible to see it now, then when when I was born I was number two on the way to spend their that he still talked about that Mustang and absolutely love you, father, and I got in my driveway as well. Mike didn't they drive that is so cool Ted, thank you for sharing again from the archives of Ford and and your love for history is is is just wonderful. So God bless you for having you have a great Father's Day. Give it your dad a big Habakkuk hug for me okay or will it tomorrow. Thank you also.

Thanks Ted so we left her hero Scott C had a chance to and it is really a joy of joys that you have these single moms widows date, I have necessarily father that they could've called to get him out of the spine and so it's kind of like we get to know help.

Jesus know how that will let you hopefully highlight Jesus and and so can you take us a little bit without using anybody's name into that first time you went to pray with one of them absolutely. As I said most of the works already been done for me.

These ladies of Artie been screened and vetted in. I have a little dossier right there little information, and is so I just basically asked them what they like to talk about if they have any needs and course. I know some of their needs, but I asked him about their family members are the grandkids were any issues are going through and if they have any concerns about current status that we are in some of the perhaps some of the racial tensions in the COBIT 19 and and we just talking and I listen.

We pray and it's just been so cathartic and beneficial to me and I'm still new at it but I'm so far and really enjoying it. So for me personally and I were about two weeks ago I was like feeling overwhelmed and so I'm praying God, please send me some help please. And so Scott in his own way was, like a God hug but you know I'm kinda greedy if you know me like I need more. I don't what I need more in the if is really familiar with the Christian card I you know I've got a podcast in that part is become really popular and really really grateful. But along with that I have the Christian card I theater and so with the Christian card I theater comes a whole lot of production work in with the podcast comes a whole lot of production work so I'm I'm constantly releasing every single day. If you haven't checked it out. I have what's called Robbie's classic comedy okay so the joke of the day kind of thing that there like if you go to my pot which is Christian card I tell you Siri or whoever you want with the Christian card I podcast you see every day I release some junk stuff. Well I need some help from somebody that wishes to volunteer some and serial learn radio like I'll be more happy to teach them how to do this production work, how to find those pieces of audio or even how to help me mixed Christian card I theater whatever you want that your life and just to have some fun and you happen to be in the Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point area is gone my website. You can email me are doing more

I just thought I'd point that out at the same time tell you that if you really like laughing with Robbie and if you if you like my corny humor. I know that I'm even include my own life but for the few of you there very few go to the podcast or Christian card you can you can hear those Scott of you hurting. I have and I enjoy them. I'm glad I'm glad there's one so my listener is very pleased right that the shades that remind me of my dad. Oh yeah, so we gotta get back to the house after dad.

What's your what's can you remember some stuff light and he was a jokester.

My dad was a jokester and always thought did you need some new material. You need some new material, but his hook lobby was when he was getting ready to deliver the punch line. He start laughing himself and so a lot of times it diminishes the impact of the joke. Not only that, but you didn't hear the punch line, but he started laughing anyway because he was laughing and it was so funny and so joyous.

I miss him so much he must in radio casino and radio you have nobody laughing so I found it very helpful to laugh must somebody laughing in the equation is always laughing so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

You know my dad. I was thing about this morning like what are some of my favorite things and we need your stories at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH that my dad love to trout fish, but not just from heat.

He had a specific way he did that he used a clear bubble all and then he put up a salmon egg night was not a fly fisherman eat there had to be a salmon egg on the end that the and I will sightsee here in Bob Gilmore heaven if you could find a stream where you could put the little bubble and him he would go catch brook trout or whatever and anything but sit there for hours and hours and hours even into his late 80s. Wow I can remember, and 86 where were getting down into the chair and sit there and finish with it bubble in Colorado. Ice just like oh my goodness. And he divided that and the other thing I would point out is my father and probably mean my wife would tell you that I could not hug when I was younger I did have, I could happen, but I could not back okay at. But my father and he could have. Maybe when he was younger but when he got into his late 80s he actually developed the ability to have `okay, I mean he could he could when he hugged you. You felt is to yeah you know what I'm saying you felt like he was delighting in the fact that he had this relationship with his son have a chance to express reminds me of my pastor Gary Lisa bear hug or busy. Oh yeah, he can back LOL okay cool so you know your listing thing I've only got one segment left to call in and share with Robbie about my Habakkuk experience so 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and yes my father's favorite car was a 1944 then and interestingly a 1440 Ford coupe he met my many married my wife what they had that car and had apparently sometime around Cedarville yet he still had a fit that car clearly. I still have it in my toolbox that went to his 40 Ford was Ford monkey wrenches it will so the monkeywrench in the last segment with your call 866-348-7884. Please call. I'm your listening to the Truth Network and is in well if you don't think that's interesting song is the depth of which I played with music sometimes and I'm going to try to find some thing I found that song. I bought some really like rattlesnake wanted to have arm so we can Fish and fish didn't want to be hugged Spike Inman and I thought you know what fascinating thing he says to hug my flower with your eyes so this is today your list in the Christian card I show your father's favorite.

His Habakkuk. In other words, that super hug to God hug kind of thing that you get and we are very blessed because we have Richard's and welcomes got a father story for us when we need yours 866-34-TRUTH 87884's number to call him Richard Christian card and sugar morning. I'm excited. Well, we are back outside. Another customer's house and I got the dogs barking. I don't know where to start but probably one of the funniest thing that dad used to do and it was always when he wanted to talk to my sister and I something like that so he had an old 60s directly know the ones with the bench not much of a talker were right in the long quiet stretch of road. He reaches over and slapped the seat. Usually that would get us to jump but it was usually what followed afterwards that was always something very profound, something he needed to share with the or his way of just trying to show some love and I guess the slapping of the seat, sometimes with his method of breaking the that works to work. It's your attention, you are oftentimes it would involve a longer conversation sometimes at a later time but was later on.

Dad had pretty much retired from the railroad.

He was living in southeastern Washington state and I was up there trying to help them out with things that we had some of our best times together and one of the strange pictures, but still in my mind was that when it snowed and I decided to build a snowman. You know, so here's a 40-year-old guy out in the hard feelings no and dad was a coffee drinker like you can just like any old coffee you'd like to call here meet you ground some beans made some coffee and I took a cup, dad, you need to come out with me and we went outside.

So what's going on blind fashioned an arm to hold a cup coffee realistic front yard.

I could see that now and that if I'm I'm hearing you Richard that that moment is down in your soul. Yeah, like it really is. I'm really trying to write and hold back the tears. I can I tell that enzyme and in that is a full-fledged Habakkuk right. I mean he may not have had his arms around you but he that this was a holy moment and and it was it was a way you could tell your father was delighting in and in your playfulness lie or make a snowman and so you know I also would've been very proud and cheap she would be singing and I do want to make a snowman.

It's hard in that reef you will take you Richard God bless you. I'm so grateful. What was your dad's name Arnold.

He went by Arnie Arnie and have already called everybody called him Arnie which was was closed on a REIT which is a slap in the seat are not forget that when I have to use that on my grandkids/one way or another that you Richard God bless I recall and integrate story what you guys think you are right, we just deny we got a couple minutes and I just need another one of these you know your thinking about it though. Don't you could share with the entire world. How cool your dad.

This is cool stuff, 866-348-7884's a number to call and share 866-34-TRUTH.

These you know moments that get into your soul like it's something that's like in there and when I think about this experience. It really is available to us.

If will get quiet and you know often it in my case it requires a lot of wrestling. I know exactly how Jacob felt let me know if you think about it was put in a God hug on and on. The angel, or whatever, trying to get you know the whole deal.

They would let go just like the little boy with the with the post right, he's not letting go and so that's where I find myself often like I cannot. I really don't know where to go with this and what I'm doing in our struggle things at night and I latch on and and quite often that he gives me stuff to go and and play right and then so you know that here's this childlike spirit again and in youth.

If you go look at the word embrace just in the King James version and if you look in a concordance were to go to Christian card. you can see my note today where I show you the havoc in the Habakkuk, but if if you just look there's only 14 times that the word is used in and you can tell that there's in. Most of them there something pretty holy going on and you know the one time which I think is really cool was when Alicia or however you would say the second one that came after Elisha, everybody says that different argument. But anyway, he had the window any type of widow that she would embrace a son this time next fall. And when I that was the one that God really highlighted my morning with like how cool was that for her right. She'd wanted and wanted and wanted a son, and so that time and in here this man of God. Alicia is telling her this time next year you're going to be embracing a son. So as I was thinking how cool is it that I have a son and I have to grandson that I can embrace it like that that that yeah I couldn't Habakkuk when I was younger, my mama told you Robbie was just not a good Habakkuk that there is time.

If your father or if you have a timeline so Habakkuk courier, dad, I mean this is a great day to do that but if you're like some of us and we don't have them. We do have our sons and we have our grandsons and whatever that may look like. I hope and I do pray for all of us that we get a chance to do some full-fledged Habakkuk in and out tomorrow again and I were so grateful for listed today, the Christian card as show if you go to Christian card. where you'll find all the podcasts Christian card I theater plaintiff progress the Jesus labor. Love that Scott's talking about that he is volunteered with if you've never listened before.

You may not know this car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. And so that's there.

You know somebody needs help heal somebody wants to donate a car you know somebody that wants to take part in that way shape or form is not Christian card. is right there almost and you know how you guys are huge resource for us yet.

So we are so grateful for every one of you that listens and we pray that you would have a very Habakkuk or Father's Day. Remember slowdown. Jesus looked all everywhere he went. It had all done.

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