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Christian Car Guy Theater 50: The Plymouth's Progress 2

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 30, 2020 8:30 am

Christian Car Guy Theater 50: The Plymouth's Progress 2

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 30, 2020 8:30 am

Valiant leaves family and takes on Oldsmobile Obstinate and Prius Pliable

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Now time for Christian. Today's episode of Plymouth progress so to wait completely based on John Pilgrim.

Today's episode to both as a podcasting easily picked up series, but also you can find and follow along with the original book.

Today's episode, and most importantly your references that go along with today's episode greatly in the interpretation of the Plymouth so Jimmy saw in his dream. Employment began to drive towards the light and honest giant passed right by his own home, but his wife wagering his children cricket Sundance saw him coming and drove after just can't really just you must keep this the city of just received instructions from the dualist is toward you said that it will be discussed to a narrow Turnpike, whereupon we should just knock John's only chance dad. Have you lost your mind instruction is where I go to school where all of my friends are. Ever since he started reading from the book God is doing something that clearly he ate in your speech and your accent make it really that you have this back of a mind hello dad this is 2020. God destroy the city and what 2000 years God needs you leave me God's notions of distraction. The kids out of school back to Jimmy's on his dream.

Plymouth valiant to hear. Drove fine.

Life life, look not behind them but fled towards the middle of the plane. The neighbors also came, I became some others some pride after the return among those that did, so there were to resolve the fiction back one was Oldsmobile in the name of the other was previous pliable by this time I got a good however they were resolved to pursue in which they did and then a little while. He overtook him where he come. This is old where you too much junk in your way. These cases are just not suited for. I mean you are carrying brother. Let's head on back where you can share lacks you know what I'm saying. That can by no means be dwelling the city of destruction, the place also I will will I see it to be so in dying that sooner or later you will sink below the grave to a place that fire and brimstone, no small clock pressure tank good neighbors and going on with me and our summer is behind this whole body.

You are you really yes because all which you shall say is not worthy to be compared with the little of that which I'm seeking to enjoy going whole truth is I myself where I go is enough interest, as improved my board know about thinking you're going to live tales of cell phone since you leave all the inhabitants to pull away and it is made and safe to be bestowed time on them, it's risky Lucian's intrusion. Are you going back with no because I have needed my sale and no impairment to be self-righteous and we may join club is in their own can render a reason all their one was worse with your ultramodern genic speak with what is true is a whole lot better headed his way to distraction this year.

We answer is no getting back to where you want me to come with my neighbor such things to be glorious. Besides leaving for the truth of what is to express their behold is confirmed by the blood that made it way you're speaking about yes pliable directly by the good speed as to the narrow Turnpike that is before us what we shall receive ructions about the way both pliable and valiant headed off to get back to the city of you allows you to do is enjoy this soon for the next exciting episode of Plymouth progress.

Now here's Danica and Randy radiator to review today's episode we all harbor to you from a hall like I'll take tomorrow harvesting which are not currently like you like it that I am 37 that anyone who loves her father loved her so more than me is truly faced with that requires a supernatural faith and wonder what happens to families.

Randy, you would know that the water pump as part of your family and seeing club you're all okay and one of you to you, I believe I can now see you

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