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The Christian Car Guy - Wants & Needs BIBLE Style!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 30, 2020 12:48 pm

The Christian Car Guy - Wants & Needs BIBLE Style!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 30, 2020 12:48 pm

Robby explores when God removes one of our wants and winds up giving us what we actually need.  Eugene calls from the Phillipines!

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network Christian Car Guy radio show season is the day on the Christian card show yes needs and wants Bible style like Fiona, you know, we made an error and oh God, how I need you poor and needy. I may try to go together, but is not sound a bit weak. I don't know when we talk a lot about that today.

The last segment of the show today. We have the next episode of the Plymouth progress and today little spoiler alert, valiant seems so needy to get this luggage off his back and he actually leaves his family.

What, that's pretty pretty maybe so needs and wants Bible style. The day will selling cars for over 40 years. I dealt with this question all the time I'm in. As you can imagine, I'm always that there were customers trying to figure out what are they really mean, really, really want.

I actually deal with it quite a bit in the Jesus labor.

Love is well every week now, but back then it was always dealing with needs and wants.

I never forgot one. It was Halloween night. We're selling cars.

I want to be with my family. I probably should've been. In hindsight, but I wasn't as my kids were little back and treat her trip trick-or-treating and I was with this young couple.

They were pregnant. She was pregnant.

He was excited about this oncoming family and of all things. They wanted to buy. This is like 1979.

Folks go along with me. They wanted to buy a Pontiac Firebird and I'm like, guys. You don't understand. You know those Firebirds back in those days had great big long doors and there's no back seat and this baby is obviously coming in your to be put misconduct car seat back in and out of this Firebird is this is just you know this isn't some I know you want it, but I'm not so sure you need it and looked at me and I never ever ever will forget what they said it's one of those things that you just gets in your soul and like oh wow, look what they sent me this is Robbie we love you and we really want to buy a car from you but if you don't sell us this Firebird will go somewhere and by from somebody else because I was pretty adamant.

I think they needed. Firebirds are never ever forgotten that sometimes we take control of what we want versus what we need and when I was a red this morning on this topic in a window that happened to me and obviously you know I'm going there that when did this happen to you when did you want something so horribly bad. However, God knew you didn't need it and you know how did that play out in your life leaders out of played out in mind. So I spent my life. The automobile business 40 years. I wanted to be a car dealer, my father was a car dealer, and I thought I really did think I wanted to be a car dealer and I got to be a car dealer for about 10 years I owned the Chrysler store in Marshall, North Carolina and due to the theft by my office manager. I really thought that I wanted to save this dealership. Somehow we had to come up with over million dollars. This was in 2007 right before it all the world was coming to an end. As far as the car business is concerned, so is the only Chrysler dealer in trouble, but I was in double trouble because we were missing all this money that gotten stolen and I was going all over the place raising it in a course you can imagine the prayers that went up all along these lines, but fascinatingly right a year before this event took place almost to the month God put it on my heart to start doing the Christian card and show and so she looking you find the first episode Christian card I show it was in 2006 and and God had actually started me on what I really wanted before I had a clue.

Okay, but then all my goodness to payment. We went through in losing the dealership like I can even begin to explain what that was like when you lose not only what you work for you. Thought all your whole life. You lose your house, your cars and all the money that you had and then your family was, is, in all these different struggles that was all. The results of all this, but interestingly I was at the funeral you this week of one of the young man that worked with me for years and years and years by melancholy when a deer soul. What a wonderful young man and and and I and I think about how much fun I had working with him. However, as I was talking to people there at the funeral never like Robbie, how come you didn't get back in the car business after what happened. I said God knew that it was destroying my heart. I had to sell and I had nightmares for years afterwards. I got so one more cargo. So why would I would wake up in a sweat. Literally I got a cell one more time to do this in and God knew that I was in trapped in this situation. That is what I thought I wanted three. He had to extract me, but very painful way.

Sometimes you have an extraction that's that's got it. What I went through. However, and I got to start a career in broadcasting. Right after that because literally this is a true story. I still can't believe is that we will never forget the day that I was going to put the key in the door and I gone to see my lawyer and he had said Robbie you've got to lock the door because if you went to clear bankruptcy can cost you $2 million and you don't have the money and so you need to go close close that thing down and get everybody whole that you can make: and whatever and so I'm headed to the dealership to go lock it down and I have the key.

I've Artie set it up so there were no employees that there that day and as I pull up to the store to to lock it up for the last time who is leaning up against the door.

True story Stu Epperson Junior, the owner of truth broadcasting and he is leaning up against the door before I say a word to my context to lock the door and I'm not to be here anymore. I'm so sorry Stu. He says to me Ronnie nor I could find a sales manager was like whoa yeah I know that I died. I actually do. I know a guy. It's a great story and oh was it what I needed.

Not at all what I wanted but let me tell you, God has some amazing stuff. Along these lines in the Bible that we get to hear in the next segment of the show, but I what a brilliant died here and we only have three segments to hear two segments to hear because you know Pilgrim's progress is, the less you get a major cause has to wait till I segment tell us when God bet in your life what you like. When he extracted what you thought you wanted input allowed for what you actually needed 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884 course man I would hear those stories that you know your test find a lot of people probably going through a lot of these kind of things right now because in same kind of timer things are being shook up. They need to hear your story how they think that they're going through something that they desperately need.

But it turns out that there now find out that that's a want 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so this week, actually the way I got there.

This is so funny. I caught some big fish I live off the lake about wetland but I ran across a really big fish. I really had fun and the next morning is like God when you are merely so what's on your mind this official let's go look at fish in the Bible.

And so if you go look for the first place. They fit they say fish which I would've thought was back when he you know made him in in in when he made the seasonal has to, but now it's later when he starts talk about man in Genesis 126 and it's the same passage in the new economy that he would get me here because it said something that really had me struck. He said let us make man in our image is remember this part after our like find this has everything to do with being needy and I thought God is leading God possibly be meeting borrower to find out all his state call is 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH disease is you want something but it turned out, God knew what you needed and we would love to hear that story. 866-348-7884 is a number to call you and share what was I was telling you I caught some big fish this with God to show me something. In Genesis 126 because I looked at fish and yet you know you actually doesn't use the word fish until he gives man he makes man, any any and gives him dominion over the fish but before he says, is to give dominion over the fish pieces let them make us in his image in our image actually is what he said and then he said, after our likeness, and I'd forgotten I mean we always hear that we are made in God's image, but if you ever just track down what that meant that you made in his likeness well before we go there. I got a give you a little bit of them some insight on the Hebrew alphabet, which I think just beautiful and lovely. I know I cherish it. I hope you will that similar to our alphabet. There Alice bet is starts with a now if it's it's it's it's like there any and then there bet we talked about many times on the show actually is like house is BET, but then instead of an ABC. They have a G which is a gamble in this demo if you were to see it.

It kinda looks like a flood in economies like to travel, but it also means to give, then comes the letter that we're willing to spend some time on today which is called a doll. It the ALT and you may note that is the D like Gilmore or David edit means poor and needy. It also means door and the Hebrew alphabet. Unlike English, that the every letter is a picture of something and it was very much designed to look like a picture so this doll. It looks like a poor person that's bent over, or it looks like a door depending on how you want to look at it and so when I went to look up in his image after his likeness, I saw that in his image, was a very masculine its first role is a masculine noun in Hebrew, but also has very masculine looking letters transits is that it can. It's a hard and it was just beautiful and I was like that's cool. But when I looked at likeness. The very first letter was this dialect and see the gimbal that we talked about this for what it chases after the doll it to give it alms is what they teach that the stages in in in Judaism teach that the gimbal the third letter in Hebrew alphabet chases after the doll. It to give it but it's at the back door of the of the solid, because it doesn't want to humiliate the dolly by giving it money. In fact what they teach is that back in the days of Solomon's Temple, there was a room that had in our big gray senator big jar where the rich would put in their money, but then the poor would come and take out the money in the rich would never know who gave the money and the poor would never not be humiliated by having to take the money. I thought how cool would that be and I thought well that it's kind of like the Jesus labor law right all of y'all donate the money all the time and then I'm able to help single moms, widows and families in crisis and they don't know have any idea where it came from.

And so guess I get to tell him every time because they'll say thank you Becky. I said oh I did not come for me.

I can assure you did not come for me. It came from God is good that this is where it comes from and this is the way that the Jesus is saying, Blessed are the poor in spirit. You know that that that same idea. That same concept. So when I looked at this word that was in his likeness and I saw this doll and then started it. I was like what God is needy. His likeness is being needy and so this morning I was really really studying Madden looking into it and I was looking at other words inside the word like I do all sorts of things like that and then I realize that if you take the doll it out of that word likeness.

The word is death and I was like oh this may be a dead end here about the but you know what I thought about it, you know who isn't needy and hampers. I am telling right and if you don't need God you're going to be dead. I mean, oh my goodness. And I just sat there and looked at was like what this doll is gutted critical to this idea being needy like oh wow and and I've got a whole bunch of other cool stuff. Along those lines, but first off, I got Trey in Morgantown. I'm dying to hear his story. So Trey, you are on the Christian card I show the morning. I am triple excited to hear your story. While I will and I will mark order) of the weight but but you know what I needed to call her the right got four callers morning project root mandrel, bring them on work started on back and I wrote you and because of the Cartwright downline has put me and repair my I have this just to go.

Just fix everything is not working and get everything on one side of actually started back on a project that me and him dated and bring back some good memories and even that at some point.

Working on the front of the Holy Spirit comes in and it's almost like conspirators around the throat.

As I got ranging hoarsely about one of those of the weekend you put it together and we had a mantra history behind the engine Holy Spirit in the it was like the Holy Spirit came in as soon as I put it together. She'll started coming all of my body. No, that was, like, give me like a drunken spirit was around man is really enjoyable side of the main circulation our situation. I nominated and you know, yesterday I was working on the motor now getting ready to rebuild it, and one of the all told, the insight manifold golf in my when I was trying to get loose in the real investors another opportunity to talk to somebody as to the songs you Trey, but we do we can follow up with your story. We got so much more Christian card and you're listening to the truth and Jesus is when you thought you had a need and it turned out, perhaps to be a one time charge which really did need 866-348-7884. We only have this list segment and share it so you got a call at 866-348-7884 and again it's fascinating to me that when he said when God said, let's make man in our image, which we talked about is a masculine noun, and then he said, after our likeness, which is a feminine noun, which is the dolly proceeding.

The word death. So, for God, you have this picture of the somebody that needs something or how could we serve God if he wasn't median so it's it's fascinating how needy we really are. As I thought about that this morning. How many times like I need every breath I need on my foot and every second I need stuff and and and while he's there to meet all these things are. We left Trey right when he was at the broken off head bolts you know we we can't leave them etc. welcome back to Christian card I show so you are an angry or dislike this could be opportunity to share Jesus with the parts guy when you go to get these bolts stuck there for you and before I that way before we get angry and all that and now you know I don't look at like there's just so much spiritual stuff going on with you know, just getting things ready to happen like Lord will just fix what you got to try to get more more more just enjoy what you have all been all what you got you not you were in a crazy common stock like that media is more propaganda than anything else in just allow me back and just enjoy working on the cars and see 60. Now it makes it right.

It's a little can see that sense of how this is how it was supposed please make and stuff right this really fun Trey God bless appreciate card into the care of. Enjoy your treatment by alright so we have. Eugene is says in the teens so that should be interesting. Good morning Eugene, or is it morning in the Philippines 12 hours while I am so excited you're listening.

I don't know how but that's what worked great with his radio and Michael all wonderful.

It is wonderful so you Eugene. If you have a story for us. You working your ago and not a youngster and going on 69 working years ago. Bring to mind one day.

Right knee. You know, if you're willing, I know God would use you are looking to which I told her you must be crazy.

I've got a good thing going here and I don't like hot tropical climate run thing the Lord started working on my checking it out and I got the right one day I could. Okay Lord. The word obedient better than crack right I'm going to make you dear Lord, oh boy, I'm willing to go. You see, but before I do, I'm going to take everything I own nine good things don't work out and come back all run thing again Lord spoke to me again all really coming your thing, you know how scary any help to make a story little longer. That's what I did. I took everything I own the people I knew that could lead. I bought a ticket in the record for 13 years now 383 children and it seems like you know I sometimes think you know I thought I went somewhere like that to minister to them, but they end up ministering to you all absolutely add better at low morning to go at 5 AM one morning a Filipino grand called me he said look, I know how you and your wife and children and got my right help deliver a baby to mother drinking what you think I could work. I think what kind we meet and that we adopted her you called last week we neighbor good biblical name Sarah Hannah and people used to tell how lucky I could only know you got it. We are the ones that are away by her you talk about prayer warrior.

When we pray together you are going to be gold for an hour, Eugene. I can't tell you really can't know what a blessing your call has been for me today and I can so relate because God knows our are actually all beautiful story. Thank you my friend yeah glass keep his radio that's wonderful yeah you every evening when I get ready. I'm reading a little low, you bet I'm good to go. That's wonderful. God bless you have a great day or evening. Eugene, I hope people would be incurred. Never, never, never give up what work they were you've done all that you know how to do you stand in you and yes thank you. Bless fine.

I so as you might just as I prepared for the show.

I thought I better look at need and want in Hebrew and see, what the differences I found another treasure is like oh well, God, you have been such fun stuff and so you can imagine that I always thought that Lawrence would be really complicated and and and and needs would be real simple, unifying the opposite of that.

You look in Deuteronomy 15, you have a beautiful passage were actually the time I give the poor and and it says here to meet their needs. By understanding their wants and so you have both words in the same actual sentence beautiful and and fascinatingly the word want is inside of the word need other words those letters that make it up are the same letters inside the word meet the beauty of it is and I know I you know you don't get anything else from the show today on the front end of the word need if you just adored want and you put a man which means Messiah, which means Jesus okay that S is you can say Jesus you can say Messiah. So if you put Jesus in front of your wants. That's what exited the brothers a letter. The letter and there were just called over half of which I like to call Jacob's ladder as it meant to look like that because it's bringing down the energy from God and it's right before another letter that means kind of the head and so it's really what is saying is letting Jesus be the head of your want will make it need what I you know I wish I do know that what I'm selling cars like if I take my want and I put Jesus over the top of it and I connected to what his headship. Then he can turn that it, in other words, that that want is a desire that God put in our heart we just don't know really how that is expressed like my friend is called from the Philippines. I he he had a lot of wants in life, but he needed to step out in faith, put Jesus in front and in a way that in the way that it works in and I was just like, look at this treasure. Look at this treasure since got just another few moments before to have Plymouth progress returned for this episode today really really fun, but there's another little nugget I got this week that and I knew this already, but that David's name King David was doll at five dollars which would mean meaty, poor person connected. That same Jacob's ladder to all. No wonder you have no wonder he was a man after God's own heart, because God's heart is needy so was David's.

I mean it was a letter that kind of just presses that Blessed are the poor in spirit be the kingdom of heaven limits fraud you're listening to the truth and now time for Christian.

Today's episode of Plymouth to incompletely based on classic Pilgrim. Today's episode to her both as a podcast series, but also you can find and follow along with the original book.

Today's episode, and most importantly your references go along with today's episode greatly in the interpretation of the Plymouth so Jimmy saw in his dream.

Plymouth began to drive towards the light and honest valiant pass right by his own home, but his wife wagering his children cricket Sundance saw him coming and drove after me you can't really just this, the city of just received instructions from Judas is toward you said would be discussed to a narrow Turnpike, whereupon we shouldest not chunks only chance dad. Have you lost your mind distinction is where I go to school where all of my dreams are ever since he started reading from the book is God doing something that clearly in your speech in your accident, make it really that you had a mind hello this is 2020. God destroy the city and what 2000 years God's notions of distraction.

Jimmy saw in his dream, valiant to hear mine life life, look not behind them but fled towards the middle of the plane. The neighbors also came I came some others threatened and some cried after the return among those that did, so there were to resolve the fiction back one was old Oldsmobile in the name of the other was previous pliable by this time, valiant got a good however they were resolved to pursue in which they did and then a little while. He overtook him with this is old where you too much junk in your way.

These cases, you are just not suited for you.

I mean you are carrying brother.

Let's head on back where you can ask you know what I'm saying. That can by no means letting the destruction of the place.

Also I will I see it to be sent in dying that sooner or later you will sink in the grave to a place that I know small clock Christian neighbors and leave behind this whole buddy. You are you really which you shall say is not to be compared with the little of that which I'm seeking to enjoy the truth is I myself when I go is enough interest is improved my board. I know about thinking you're going to live tales of cell phone since you leave all inhabitants of Kabul is made and seem to be based at the time on this key solution are you going back with us or not know because I have needed my sailing though impairment is self-righteous and we may join club is in their own reason all their one words ultramodern Gen X with is a whole lot better headed his way distraction answer is no getting back to where you want me to come with such things.

Leaving for the truth of what is to express their behold is conferred by the blood that made it way I directly by the good speed as to the narrow Turnpike that is before us what we shall receive productions about the way both pliable and valiant headed off to get back to the city of you allows you to do is enjoy this site soon for the next exciting episode of Plymouth progress. Now here's Danny and Randy radiator to review today's episode we all know Carver you from a hall I call horrible distinguish her like you I am 37 that anyone who loves their father loved her so were there more than me truly true requires a supernatural help but wonder what happened to Randy, you would know the radiator that the water pump as part of your family and close your all can one of you took off when you get I believe I see you you're listening to the network and

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