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Disney's War Against White Men ft. James O'Keefe

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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June 21, 2024 7:00 pm

Disney's War Against White Men ft. James O'Keefe

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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June 21, 2024 7:00 pm

James O'Keefe's latest undercover video is a bomb set off right underneath the House of Mouse. James joins Charlie to talk about his jarring video where Disney VP Michael Giordano says there is "no way" his company would hire white men for certain jobs. It's the video that should launch a dozen lawsuits. Plus, Todd Bensman of Daily Wire reveals how there is now literally a telephone app that the Biden administration is using to wave migrants into America by the hundreds of thousands.

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Hey, everybody. It's Hannah, The Charlie Kirk Show. James O'Keefe slays the Disney mouse.

I'm going to say dragon, but mouse sounds better. And then Todd Bentsman joins us as we talk about the open border in great specificity and detail. If you have questions about what's happening on the border, this is the conversation for you. Email us, as always, freedom at and subscribe to our podcast.

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That is Buckle up, everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to Big story out of James O'Keefe. He joins us now.

He gave a great speech at the People's Convention. We have all the tape here. James, welcome back to the program. Tell us about this breaking story. Hey, Charlie.

Thanks for having me on and thanks for your post yesterday on X. This is a big one. This is the vice president of Disney on tape saying that they do not hire white people, and he makes it very explicit.

He's not a low-level person. This is Disney. This is the Walt Disney Company. We've seen a lot of reports about DEI and discrimination in the hiring process before. We did a story on IBM that launched lawsuits from America First Legal, but this is about Disney, and some of the woke policies run amok. It's very rare that you get such an insight, and you get them to say it so explicitly, but in this case, Michael Giordano, the vice president of business affairs for the Walt Disney Company in Burbank, California, he says that we do not hire white people, and in the HR department, we use certain buzzwords and code words to circumvent the law. Pretty shocking stuff there, Charlie, and I mean, it sort of speaks for itself.

Let's play cut 173 to hear this for ourselves. Certainly, there have been times where, you know, there's no way we're hiring a white male. Just kind of unspoken. There are times when it's spoken.

How would they say it? There's no way we're hiring a white male. They'd be very careful how they message that to agents. I mean, James, this is in direct violation of federal law. This is a major multi-billion dollar company. Has this paved the way for major lawsuits for blatant and deliberate anti-white discrimination?

Absolutely. This is a violation of Title VII. You cannot discriminate on the basis of race. There's affirmative action, but you can't discriminate against people through the race. He even says, as vice president of Disney, Charlie, he even goes on to say that there was someone who was half black that they looked at for hiring, and they said that they were not black enough.

Like, their skin color wasn't black enough. It's really shocking things, and I think that what's going to happen here, my prediction is Disney is going to be sued. And we're going to have a lot of people come out of the woodwork saying they were passed up. Now, one of the things I'm learning, I'm actually in Los Angeles working on a project right now in Hollywood. People are very afraid of Disney.

I've heard from a lot of people that they worked there at one point or another. A lot of people too afraid to say publicly what they've told them. That they were passed over for jobs. They're afraid their movie's not going to be distributed if they criticize Disney. This is an incredibly powerful company.

I don't think people realize how powerful they are in California. So I think there's going to be a watershed moment here. They're going to get sued. Groups like America First Legal are representing plaintiffs against IBM, and we're looking for people to come forward to us, to OMG.

If you've been passed up for a hiring opportunity, this could be a watershed moment. And I think we will be getting a comment here from Disney today. We have another tape forthcoming.

We always have more tapes inside the company. But this is what happens when you're not held accountable, when everyone's afraid of you. You have these moments in restaurants where people are just gloating. They're bragging. They're filled with pride and avarice. They're saying the things that no one's willing to report, Charlie.

And I mean, it's just so obvious. But just imagine on hidden tape, if you're on hidden tape, if somebody at any company say, yeah, you know, we don't hire black people here, it would be the number one news story in the country. But it is acceptable and fashionable to hate white people. There is a deliberate war on white people in this country.

Let's play cut 174. According to these videotapes, Disney blatantly discriminates against whites, white men in particular. I think I'm sort of like well prepared for it.

I'm well positioned for it. But as far as Disney's concerned, I'm a white male. And that's not what they're looking at promoting them. And we continue to the clip you mentioned here 176 about not being black enough like at 176. They even passed over a qualified half black person for a promotion because they didn't look black enough.

We wanted to hire somebody in a department a few years ago now who was half black, but didn't like peer at black. And there was a creative executive who was like, we're not like that's not that's not what's right. They wanted somebody in meetings who would hear a certain way. And he wasn't going to bring that to the meeting.

I mean, it kind of feels like where at some point there's going to be a last week. That's not how it feels just because of you know, James can this now private video be used in a lawsuit? Because now that is an executive who is confiding about hiring practices.

We definitely have people that have been passed over because of the war on white people at Disney. He is he's now admitting that this can be used in a lawsuit James O'Keefe. Yes, and that is a lawyer talking. He's barred in California.

I'll actually post his bar license and everything today. I mean, of course, I mean, it all depends upon the people within Disney having the courage to come forward. This is a very difficult thing. Like I said, people are terrified of this company. And I've even had people tell me I shouldn't be going after this company.

I mean, we go after Charlie, you know, BlackRock, Pfizer, the FBI, the IRS. I've had people warn me, oh, Disney's a different animal. Even Andrew Breitbart, before he passed away, this is in 2010.

I went on Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos. And Andrew said, you're messing with Disney now. So this company has some type of effect on people that is of a different nature.

And I've heard that from so many people. So the answer to your question is, I think people will come forward. Absolutely. There will be lawsuits. There will 100% be lawsuits. There's more videotapes. And the people that have been, he doesn't name them by name, but they didn't hire someone because their skin pigment, they were black, but they weren't black enough.

That is effectively him saying they discriminated against black people right there. So we need to know the names of these people. And I'm certain they're going to come forward in the coming days here.

You're going to see that happen. Yeah, I mean, for those people that have been Angelenos and lived there in the kind of corporate space in Hollywood, Disney has so much money and so much power. It's so funny, you're more afraid of going after Disney than the CIA. Is that because maybe it's an attaché of the intelligence agencies in the government that Disney actually paves the way for some of the social and cultural transformation that the bad guys want? Why do you think it is that people are so afraid of Disney?

Well, I mean, two things. I think, you know, I've always said politics is downstream from culture. So those who control the culture really have all the power. And that's a debate we could have, but I think it's true. I think these institutions are more powerful than political institutions.

And our political institutions are downstream from our cultural monoliths. And I think the second thing that I've seen and heard is everybody's trying to get their film made or their music distributed or their songs used or they're trying to get a role. These are very powerful human incentives for people in places like Hollywood and Los Angeles. So when you go out for these people, you get blacklisted. I've been told personally that I'm risking my creative future and even me, and I'm an outsider. I don't really care what these organizations think of me, but whether it's the New York Times or Disney, you know, to be attacked, to be defamed, to be given the scarlet letter, if you will, to borrow a metaphor, people are afraid of it. And they're not going to get their thing distributed on Amazon, or they're going to get targeted or retaliated against, but perhaps we're reaching a tipping point or we need to reach a tipping point where that no longer matters to people.

But a lot of people work in the industry here, whether you're an editor or a designer, and you are simply afraid of not getting employment. But perhaps this is what we need. We need a few undisclosed tapes to give people that courage.

Courage is contagious. That's my hope. That's my belief and my prediction. And I know that in the coming days, I've already had a few people reach out to me on Signal that worked for Disney, just in the last 24 hours. And I simply know, Charlie, that they're going to come forward. And by the way, you mentioned the CIA. When I was standing outside Langley headquarters in Virginia, that's CIA headquarters, I had people roll up to me that were coming out of Langley, roll down the window and say, Hey, man, I'm a huge fan of yours.

And I don't think they were spooks trying to intimidate me. I actually think that the vast majority, let's call it 80% of the people that work there actually are decent people. They're kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. I actually would say the same thing about Disney, maybe not 80%, maybe 40%. You might have heard Mike Lindell and MyPillow no longer have the support of their box stores or shopping channels the way they used to. They've been part of this cancel culture, so they want to pass the savings directly onto you by having a $25 extravaganza. When Mike started MyPillow, it was just a one product company with the help of his dedicated employees.

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That is promo code KIRK at, promo code KIRK. Address this idea of citizen agency and action. We get asked all the time and we get emails, but Charlie, it's just too much work.

I don't want to extend myself. Can somebody save the country for me? What is your opinion on that attitude? Well, that's a subject for an hour long conversation, but in a New York minute, I think people are really afraid and courage is contagious. You need someone to take an action to give other people the permission to take action.

I've told this before, but in the beginning of a fight, the courage is a scarce man, but when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for at that point, it costs less to be a patriot. With Disney, which to my shock, people are more afraid of than the CIA or the FBI, apparently, particularly in Southern California. You just need someone to be the catalyst. That's the first thing. The second thing, Charlie, we're up against the people saying, well, we already know this.

So this is what the other criticism I get. James O'Keefe, we all know that these companies are biased. There's no point in exposing any of this because we already know it. Well, first of all, who's we? When we say we already know it, maybe like two, three percent of the population, most people are asleep.

Most people can't name a Supreme Court justice. Most people don't even agree with us on the facts. So people need to see in a visual way, the confirmation, people need to see the truth. And when they see it, the truth is like a lion, as St. Augustine has said, and the truth shall set you free.

And that's why this visual confirmation is so important. And it can be a catalyst for people. But we do need people to be brave, like the individual, the young woman who recorded this. Very brave person.

And there's a lot more people out there doing this. And we're going to incentivize them and pay them for bringing us the scoops. And we decentralize journalism.

That's the future. So James, talk about O'Keefe Media Group, the work that you are doing, and how you have been able to build this amazing thing, despite a lot of opposition. Tell us about it, James. Well, I think my enemies have run out of arrows, Charlie. I mean, they've really thrown everything at me. I mean, Rolling Stone tried to do an 8,000 word hit piece yesterday to coincide with this.

OMG is different than Veritas was in this way. All of these people that are swiping and going on these meetings, they don't actually work for me. They are actually a grassroots uprising of independent, courageous people, and we're incentivizing them. So it's remarkable in that what I used to do is I used to hire people and then train them. And what I now do is I say, Hey, we'll give you the cameras, but you go out and do it. And people just come to me.

So it's kind of like the cream rising to the top. Whereas before I would train them from the beginning, but now people have to prove themselves. So and I also would say this, it's very difficult to do this and that you become a target. So that a lot of the organizations will not publish these videos or they're afraid. And I go to the CIA video.

People warned me not to do it. And I published it. The Disney video, people warned me not to publish it. And I published it. So it's like the poem about the Statue of Liberty.

Give me your teeming huddled masses yearning to breathe free. That's what OMG is. We're a place to publish information that nobody else is willing to publish, as well as find the talent, the talented citizen journalists.

And we currently have a great roster of people right now. And we will pay you quite a bit of money to come to us and record these things. And so far, I have been sued many times in the past, but I have not yet been sued at OMG publishing any of these reports.

And that's how you know that the information is real and damaging. So just really quick, you said you have more Disney tapes coming. Is that right? That's right. This is a multiple part series. I know there's a presidential debate on Thursday of next week.

Let that happen and just let it rest and then come back. Exactly. That's right. So tell us what other projects can you expect? And is it true that any citizen is able to do this work? I do. I think what I was wrong about before and what I've learned is that you have to have a certain, you have to, it's very difficult to do this and it's maybe one out of 10,000 people, but you have to bring certain skillsets to the table. And the most important is integrity and character. And I cannot teach that. I also can't necessarily teach courage. I can inspire it, but you have to be one. You also have to be talented. You have to be an improvisational actor. You have to be a conscientious journalist.

You have to think on your feet. I can't necessarily teach these things. So people come to me with these skillsets, particularly the young woman did the CIA story. I mean, I could spend 10 years training someone, but she just had them.

And I think you're seeing the world change now. Everybody is a journalist. Not everybody is a good journalist. There are still things that we have to teach people, ask them to comment, how to communicate, how to write a headline.

People don't have those skillsets. Check out O'Keefe Media Group and support him. James, thanks so much. Excellent work. Thank you, Charlie. Joining us now is Todd Bentsman. Todd, I want to talk about your new piece here in The Daily Wire, the author of Overrun and Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.

What I think would be helpful, though, is for us to go back to the absolute basic and help the audience understand. Let's pretend I'm a criminal from El Salvador or a bad dude, a bad hombre from Venezuela, and I right now show up at the Yuma Crossing or in Eagle Pass. What happens to me if I'm that individual from Venezuela? Is my background check run?

Is DNA testing run? Do we call the Venezuelan government? What is the process in place right now if I were to show up for someone who knows very little about how the border is not or is being managed right now? Border patrol agents, if you can find them or wait for them, will bag and tag your belongings, put you in a transport van, and take you to a soft-sided facility or some kind of a border patrol facility. Inside that facility, they will take your name, fingerprints, photographs, and run them against databases, criminal history databases and terrorism databases that are inside.

It's a quick, fast check. And if all is well, when they get through, it might take over overnight or whatever, and they will stamp release papers, parole papers on your own recognizance, and then release you to an NGO somewhere in the vicinity, which will help you get a bus or plane to wherever you're going. With a notice to appear at some point in the future, could be three months, could be six months, to an ICE office in the city of your choice, kind of a pinky finger honor system that you'll self-report. And then at that point, if you want, you can then make an asylum claim, which most of them will, a lot of them will try to make an asylum claim or some other status claim. But for the most part, they're here permanently, unless somebody goes after them and deports them.

So, Todd, help me understand. For a while, there was no DNA testing being done. Is that correct? When there were family groups or units coming? And if that's the case, also, how many are just not waiting for border patrol and then just waltzing in the country? How many approximately would be that got away?

Probably 60 to 70,000 a month. We think 2 million altogether in the last 36, 40 months don't want to turn themselves into border patrol, because they know that those fingerprint checks or, you know, a database check on the tech system will show that they, you know, have been deported five times or eight times and had criminal history, et cetera. So, those are going to run. Those people that are running constitute a really high octane criminality, very dangerous to the country. So, the ones that you see giving themselves up and waiting for border patrol kind of know that they're kind of clean and nothing will come up on them. That's why they turn themselves in.

There's give ups. I hope everyone understands this. The people who give themselves up, they register on an app, show up, get a free ticket, set whatever city they want, get free housing, get a court date in two to 10 years.

That sounds like an concierge service, Todd Bentsman. Well, it's the definition of an open border. When it's 90% guaranteed that when you cross illegally, you will be ushered right through into the United States to do whatever you want for years and years. That's kind of an open border. I don't know what else anybody would ever call it with very, very minimal risk of actually being deported. So, that's an open border. That's what it is. And that's why they're coming in such large numbers for three and a half years. So, now I want to get to your piece here. Thank you for that.

That's very helpful for everyone to understand. And that's two million got aways, two million bad hombres that did not want to wait and they're at the interior. The country. So, recently eight men from Central Asian country Tajikistan were arrested after entering via the southwest border and allegedly planning a bombing. Tell us about this story. These people were trying to bomb the interior of the United States.

Right. This is a story. It's a very monumental, significant national security case. The first really of its kind associated with this massive historic border crisis that we've all been warning about terrorist crossing for three years.

And it looks like eight Tajik's actually did. They either crossed illegally or they used the CBP-1 app to schedule their illegal entries with the government. And within a year or so, the FBI was arresting them. It looks like they were arrested in the first week of June in three different cities for plotting some sort of a bomb attack. It was an FBI sting, a multi-agency, multi-state sting. At this point, there is no indictment. There's no unsealed indictment.

There's no court case that I know of. It looks like the government has decided to turn this into a kind of an immigration case. For now, they turn them over to ICE.

ICE supposedly has them, which means that the details of the case may never become public because they'll just do deportations quietly, hope that people like you and me forget all about it. And then it just goes away until November. Really, November 5th is what the object here is, in my opinion. No news is good news on that story until November 5th.

I don't know. However, Todd, the no news is good news is that the amount of Americans being murdered right now, they're losing the narrative on this, right? I mean, they might slow down the bum rush in some ways, which they haven't. But the amount of crime on the interior of the country right now, I mean, from kidnappings to rapings to murders is remarkable, Todd Bensman. Right. And the issue with trying to quantify that really is that most states other than Florida and Texas do not count immigration status when they make arrests and when they do sentencing. It happens in Texas. And recently, a law was passed in Florida to do it there, but it's still kind of early to get numbers. So what we know is mostly anecdotal in the media. And as we know, most of the media really shies away from ever reporting immigration status.

But conservative media is out there reporting this, and some regular media is reporting it. And it's just bloody mayhem from one end of the country to the other. And I'm not talking about regular crime. I'm talking about slaughtering, torturing, raping kind of crime from illegal immigrants who have been deported 6, 5, 8, 10 times, right?

And it just keeps coming, these horror stories, that Halloween horror stories just keep coming. I wish we could quantify it, but I think the American people kind of know that this is happening, that this sort of thing is going on and that it's pretty ubiquitous. So let me ask you, if Donald Trump were to win, a missing component here is getting the Mexican government to secure the border. If the Mexican government wants to secure the border, if the Mexican government wanted to quell this invasion, let's just say if President Trump takes office and he calls up the new communist woman who's running Mexico and he says, listen, you have 48 hours or else there's a 50% tariff on anything coming into America. Not a single person is allowed to come across the border. Does the Mexican government have the capacity or the ability to do that?

Totally. In fact, Charlie, they're doing it right now under a deal with the Biden administration that his state department, he did too. He went down there himself in December just before Christmas and they struck a deal. We don't know what the nature of that is. We think it's more carrots than sticks, that the Mexican government, Lopez Obrador, would shut things down or slow things down until November, until the election. And they have been doing that. I know because I've been down there with the Mexican troops watching them do it multiple times and they are slowing it down to keep the US media away up until November 5th. We don't know what they're getting paid. We know that Lopez Obrador has asked for $20 billion. It's working right now. When Trump was in office, it worked then too.

He was a stick kind of guy. And if Biden is offering carrots, it's a sure bet that the Mexican government will just decide to shut it down whenever they feel like it. But if it sticks, like Trump did in his first term, we know that they will abide by it. They did slow things down significantly during the Trump years. When Trump gets back in, it's gonna be another tariff threat, etc.

He'll put it right back in and keep it going after November 5th. There is absolute evidence that the Mexican government can massively impact this situation. They did it during Trump. They're doing it now under Biden, and they did it during COVID too. All those governments did it under COVID.

Todd Bensman, please stay right there. And just really quick, how many illegals are crossing the border daily right now? Right now, it's in the neighborhood of 3,500 a day to 7,000 a day, depending. Those numbers are considerably down from the pre-Mexico deal when it was 10, 12, 13, and 14,000 a day.

We can expect if Biden wins, it'll return to that. But I want to point out that 5,000 a day is absolutely ionospheric. That is a crazy number. Nobody should ever accept that in a piece of legislation or an executive order or under any circumstance. The law says zero a day.

Yes. So here's what's important. President Trump is gonna be, Biden will say, oh, border crossings are down half. President Trump needs to cross-examine Biden and say, how many people are actually coming across the southern border?

Don't talk your double talk. The actual raw numbers are extraordinary. 7,000, 5,000 people a day, it's unbelievable.

So Todd, this is a very fixable problem. How many illegals, aliens, are currently in the interior of the United States in totality? Right. Well, that came over in this border crisis, we think somewhere on the order of 7 million minimum, because we really can't count the God aways very well.

We know the known God aways, but the unknown God aways are projected at much higher. But that's how many we believe have gotten in during this particular three-year span. So that is 7 million in just a three-year span. Then how many, what is the entire foreign or illegal population in the United States now in its totality? Well, the Center for Immigration Studies, we always kind of go to the conservative side of the band. There's a big range of that, but we think there's probably about still 11 or 12 million, maybe 13, 14 million illegally that are known. But then we think that there are a lot of, it's really counted by foreign born, so it's hard to figure out through public records what the illegal population is. Nobody really, really knows that. But my organization thinks it's somewhere in the 12 million range, maybe 14 million at this point because of the mass migration crisis. But nobody really has a good way to get a handle on that.

So you get crazy ranges on that. Millions and millions, though. Yeah, I mean, so when Donald Trump talks about the largest deportation force in history, in your expert opinion, what is the best way to go about doing that? Deportation, and then more deportation, and then more deportation after that. He's going to need to have, he can convert current facilities that have been built for the inflow into detention space and expand that. And he's going to need more infrastructure in ICE airplanes to fly the multinational diversity of the illegal immigrants all the way back to Africa, Asia, Eurasia, deep into South America, etc. And so he's going to have to expand the fleet, so to speak. He's also going to have to expand the personnel with ICE, ERO, the detention and removal. These are the interior guys.

There's only 6000 of them. He's going to need a lot more than that to get this thing started. But even if he can't get all the people that all of the ones that came in out, it's very important because of the messaging power of deportation that they're happening in the interior, that they just do it as aggressively as possible and increase the odds that somebody is going to catch up with you sooner or later in the United States. So they'll stay home to start with. They won't spend the $10,000 for smuggling if they know the odds are high that they're going to be deported. So he just has to increase the odds enough to actually make an effective deterrent on further influxes. And then it's just going to take years and years of deportation to reduce this thing. What can Trump do to encourage rapid self-deportation?

Can Trump, Department of Justice, pulverize employers who use illegal labor, for example? That should be done. E-Verify is the vehicle to do that.

Nobody seems to want to put E-Verify into place for whatever reason. There are ways that you can leverage individuals to self-deport. For example, you can put different kinds of criminal charges on them, illegal entry, for example, or that you have a bogus Social Security card or you have fake documents, identity documents. And if you charge people with federal crimes, even misdemeanors for those things, you can make a deal saying, hey, we'll drop the charges if you self-deport. And there'll be a 10-year bar or more on any kind of legal or illegal entry without prison.

There are ways to leverage that. The state of Texas is doing that right now. They passed a bill called SB 4. It's litigated right now, so they haven't actually had a chance to implement, but it's probably going to survive or people will survive.

Inside that is if we bust you and put you on trespassing charges or these other kind of charges, illegal entry charges, you can get them dropped if you self-deport back to your home country. So it's a pretty good idea, I think. It's definitely worth trying. Got to run. Thanks so much, Todd Bensman. Appreciate it. Thank you. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always, freedom at Thanks so much for listening and God bless.
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