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Megyn Kelly on Trump, The Trans Movement, and Real Women

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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June 13, 2024 8:00 pm

Megyn Kelly on Trump, The Trans Movement, and Real Women

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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June 13, 2024 8:00 pm

Enjoy Charlie’s interview with Megyn Kelly from #YWLS2024, where they discuss why everyone should support Trump, the issues with Title IX, her advice to real women that may surprise you, the dangers of the trans movement, and more.

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Hey everybody, Megyn Kelly joins the program. That's right, an exclusive interview with Megyn Kelly about the lawfare against Donald Trump and the trans issue and more.

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Buckle up everybody, here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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We play to win. Register now at slash peoples. Megan Kelly, welcome back.

Thanks for having me. So you went viral a week and a half ago where you said we need more Steve Bannon energy. Yeah.

In reaction to the lawfare. What what do you mean by that? Well I mean it's been well documented that he was I guess you could say my chief antagonist. That's what I found so interesting. Yeah.

Like that chief rival. Oh big time. I mean I encourage everybody to go to this, go to YouTube and type in PBS Frontline and you'll get a chance to win. Type in PBS Frontline Steve Bannon Megan Kelly and then watch that seven minute clip and you'll know exactly what we're talking about.

It's riveting. PBS did a good job with it. He cooperated and I did too on the special they did a couple years ago. But you know he lays it all out what he did in response to that debate question which I'm aware he didn't like and Trump didn't like. Fair enough.

And it caused a lot of upheaval in my life and you know kind of a very highly unpleasant nine months. We got past it whatever but it kept renewing over the nine ten years that we've been at this and while I've never really been a chief antagonist of his I've definitely been critical of him so there's been this right. Yes. But I don't think he's my enemy but I think the old the enemy of my enemy is my friend Adage Applies.

He knows how to fight he knows how to fight dirty. Yes. And but within the lines but you know up up against them and that's what we need.

I just feel like desperate times. Yes. That's where we are now.

I'm sick of the clean hands crowd like we need to stay above it you know let them be the dirty ones. No we're losing. Yes. They tried to take out a presidential candidate.

That's right. Like what choice do we have we didn't want to fight this way we didn't want this fight in general but it's here so we have no choice but to fight it. I couldn't agree more and just I want more of your thoughts on the unprecedented nature here the lawfare the lack of caring by some Republicans is there do you think that there's a wish that this all just goes away like it's a bad thunderstorm that it's going to kind of just sort itself out and just wait long enough make the noise stop type thing. Well I think a lot of them don't like Trump so they're not willing to fight as hard for Trump you know secretly they know they have to say they like him but I think a lot of these guys actually aren't big fans of his and so maybe they're not feeling as motivated as if it were somebody they really loved but it's not about Trump it's about the country. Yes it's much bigger than it is it's so much bigger than Trump so like if you don't fight now you're pathetic you're I'm over you. To your credit Megan and I think it shows that you really love the country and you're willing to elevate it again you and Steve whatever have had you know had an interesting mixed history and Trump also as well but you say the country matters more than all of that that's like silly you know tv stuff. That's politics it's like it's not beanbag as they say so you got to get in take. What is it about you where you're willing to say that where other people like Jonah Goldberg go on CNN like what has happened to that guy? I don't know we had this bizarre exchange where I was like look he got all upset because I didn't consider them completely fair and balanced when it came to Trump but whatever he I really think he's been so embattled for so long with his side you know like he tried to stop the party from going Trump and he couldn't do it and he felt like a man on an island and became very never Trumpy he wasn't just like a sometimes Trumper and that leads to ostracization in a party that is Trump's and he got kind of I don't know really wrapped around the axle. But there's like the small group of people like him, Bill Kristol, Adam Kinzinger where I mean they seems if they've just been broken mentally by this whole thing like they don't look well. I think Jonah is still a Republican those other two are not Republicans I mean I don't know I agree right yeah they don't say any Republican or conservative things they've gone full you know Steve Schmidt yes that's right so there's no rescuing them but yes that's the problem with Trump derangement syndrome and it really is a real thing it is 100% a real thing it can ruin you like it can drive you mad it can it can lead to the loss of your friends yourself you're grooming like no there needs to be a WebMD like you type in symptoms like constantly upset can't watch the news can't watch a rally you know about 100,000 cases a year yes to like very mild to severe please consult your doctor like the nut case who's harassing Justice Alito right by the way let's talk about that that was a coordinated hit oh New York Times knows that this might go up to the Supreme Court they're trying to work the refs they want to try but because he has an appeal to heaven flag or an upside down American flag who cares move on honestly makes me like him more like I want to do that outside of my house right now 100% no because the country's in crisis I know so that woman who had the dust up with them the neighbor was on CNN she sounds great oh my gosh but by the way you know the type so but you had to see her Charlie because she was like you know they were harassing me and it was very difficult and yes I did call her the c-word and that's very I'm like wait why why she's admitting and all she did was fly an upside down flag and say please take down your f-trump flags in front of the children at the bus tap I think we know who the winner and who the loser is here no it's it and so the you are a part of I think a group of people that are really fixated and focused on this title 9 issue as well yeah we covered it a little bit it's it's explosive what is the the idea of actually what a female is is kind of on the ballot this election is that an over exaggeration as an over not even a little not even a little it has been rewritten by Joe Biden who the most he knows about women is how to sniff their hair and with his little pen he decided we're men now we're going to add men to the women's category and while title 9 was originally passed to protect women's sports and make sure that they had the opportunity to play sports right used to be back in the day there'd be men's soccer but not women's and men's whatever baseball no women's softball now because of title 9 if you're a school that takes public money you have to offer both well he just shoehorned the trans people into the women's lane and defined women under title 9 as including gender identity so now he's saying it doesn't cover sports yet that's a lie as written with the revision it does cover sports and they're going to argue that and it also mandates explicitly that the men be allowed into our bathrooms into our locker rooms not just college k through college and also on a second level completely removes due process for young men on college campuses you better not get accused as a young man on a college campus like don't have sex with anybody don't touch anybody don't be alone with anybody because if you get accused by somebody with a sunday morning regret you're going down that's right that's how it was under obama trump righted the ship back due process wise now it's been undone again are you ready to lose weight but not sure where to start i understand i was right where you are two years ago let me tell you why i chose the phd weight loss and nutrition program first dr ashley lucas has her phd in chronic disease and sports nutrition her program is based on years of research and is science-based second the phd program starts nutrition there's so much more they know that 90 percent of permanent change comes from the mind and they work on eliminating the reason you gain this weight in the first place there's no shortcuts pills or injections just solid science-based nutrition and behavior change and 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might not be him why his team i mean that i'm trying to understand they're as far left as they come the fanaticism behind this they they're as far left as they what how would you best describe that ideology to an uninitiated person who just they're like wait a second men women i mean they are people whose entire existence revolves around identity whether it's sex sexuality color gender i'll take your pick on the list whatever one you have elevates you above people who don't have those issues and if you have multi issues you know you've got your intersectional you get extra points and that's the only time we see conflict within the leftist group where one of those groups they have to decide what their priority is higher on the oppression olympics and so far the t's of lgbt are ruining are ruling everything ruining and ruling yes everything no and that's it's just it's amazing because it's a it's a decision that had to be made which is we're trying to win four more years in the white house and we have in front of us a radically transformational as you say multi-year project that is going to basically move a step forward of eradicating womanhood and hilariously like actually make men stronger over women which is like a whole separate issue which i was always told is the patriarchy and is a terrible thing but they or we don't do that we wait till we get four more years and then we do the radical stuff but they decided in an election year to do the crazy unpopular stuff in the radical they're not embarrassed about it no they're they're proud of yeah they're proud it's total proud did you see what happened my dog i posted on insta no what happened sent my dog to daycare came back on friday with a little rainbow scarf come on it was gay care it's just like joe biden he's trying to they're grooming dogs now yeah they're literally grooming they're grooming at the groomers what kind of dog is it he's a lab and he's not look he does squat when he pees i'm just gonna own that but that doesn't i don't want their weird gender madness on him he's still a boy is it starting to you know rub off on him a little no he's still humping his sister that's another problem but it's it's that's a man thing but boys will be boys though that's more incestuous not so much trans it's different that's a separate issue though right so anyway so they're trying they're trying to groom dogs he anyway but back to the point they're proud of it because they really think this is empathetic this is the new gay rights it's the same thing you know it's inborn it can't be argued with if the two-year-old boy wants to experiment by putting on a dress something lots of little boys have done and then discarded instantly that means he's a girl so they really think this is like part of their cross bearing you know that they're going to help these suffering minorities against the evil republicans who just want to hurt people i don't want to i really don't want to generalize however some of the zealots that are pushing this are very nasty people some see i'm trying not to generalize you don't need to generalize show me one who's not okay that's it's not all trans people i i actually know and have a couple of trans people who are relatives adults yes adults big distinction total distinction but the trans activists are the meanest m fers you will ever deal with in your life that's right i love it you back to the trump bannon thing these men posing as women go all over my timeline and try to intimidate me i'm like i have dealt with tougher men than you trust me i've tousled with the best of them yes and one and one so like give me a break right you don't scare me they they don't do anything about it they just sit at their keyboards and try to upset actual women for not letting them into the club what too bad no i mean and there is part of again i don't want to have people live in fear i mean there is a very disturbing pattern of violence from that community that kind of goes on not talked about that's true right when they do it manifesto you know it gets totally whitewashed but again i don't want to generalize but back to the specific children issue you have an amazingly powerful platform and podcast you have a lot of moms that listen to you you are kind of i would say the over the top communicator to the suburban mom demo for anyone that has sanity right that isn't just like on traditional mediums do you see movement of people that are rejecting and shedding this that previously might not be like on the trump train or conservative but at least they want some recentering of normalcy yes it's so funny i i notice it more and more in my comment sections in my emails in the people who stop me on the street and say thank you you changed my mind on this issue even on the people who you know i got this hat from kelly jay keene who's a british activist on this issue and she's there's nobody better and uh it reads it looks like the trump hat the red hat and it reads um make women female again and you would not believe the number of women if i wear that would come over to me saying i need it where can i get it i want it and these are people like in new york i went to my leftist friends 50th birthday party it was all liberals they were like where can i get the hat yeah so it's this issue is starting to percolate do you see that translating politically yeah well not not for 2020 because 2024 2024 because it hasn't become like a single issue should trump force the issue yes but he hasn't been no but let's let's let's workshop this because what what can he do what should he do i mean like convention right tens of millions of eyeballs we will reverse the changes to title nine and restore sanity in schools when it comes to gender madness i think you'd be willing to say something like that i think so too we will pass a ban at the federal level on the medicalization of minor children who are being mutilated by people trying to prove how woke they are we will push for a federal for federal legislation stopping that to children and and in the debate against biden i would i'm seeing them again next week giving like put them on the spot joe biden do you think that that kid should be able to get irreversible breast removal surgery or hysterectomies why doesn't he ask him a question do you know what happens to a child who starts puberty blockers and then goes directly to cross sex hormones do you know joe biden wouldn't be able to answer no he wouldn't and we saw even in the presidential primary on the gop side some people didn't understand that they're sterile that's what happens that's exactly right they they are sterilized not only do they lose the ability to have children they lose the ability to have any sexual pleasure you remove the orgasm yes from from a 15 year old 13 year old let him defend it ask him a question he'll be dead hey everybody charlie kirk here you think our country has a reliable power grid but we don't it wasn't built to last when the next outage strikes plug in the grid doctor 300 from my patriot supply my patriot supply has helped millions of americans prepare for emergencies and power loss that's an emergency our failing grid means more and more are coming and we've seen the signs over the last few years get the grid doctor 300 right now and visit my website at my patriot this generator lasts longer and runs stronger than others connect to solar panels at once and harness up to 200 watts of charging power from the sun use it while it charges it charges fast too multiple ports mean no devices left behind run phones fans c pap machines and even mini refrigerators take 50 off your grid 300 at my patriot includes fast free shipping that is my patriot my patriot check it out get the grid doctor 300 at my patriot and if you would have said four years ago that the trans issue could end up being like a wedge positive issue for conservative republicans because the trajectory looked as if this thing is going to be the next gay marriage just like let it happen jenner is on the front page of vanity fair like let's put up the white flag however this is a different issue for those that don't can you can you tell us why it's different than the the the gay marriage issue why is this different it's dramatically different because look being gay actually is a real thing that men have had to deal with and women who are lesbians have had to deal with since the dawn of time and there's all the evidence about what makes one gay overwhelmingly points to it's innate it's it's something that somebody's born with and they can fight if they choose not to live that way they can but who who has been successfully deprogrammed from homosexuality i mean come on but the trans issue which is for a minuscule percentage of the population real a real disorder very small and it's it's always been here and we've always been you know we recognize this disorder it's been in the you know manual the dsm4 dsm5 yeah has exploded at the same time as wokeness has and that's just one of the many clues that proves it's a social contagion and here's another one it never unlike being gay or lesbian never affected girls it was a male thing only now are suddenly girls getting on the train more than boys yes more than boys 75 was never the case before and so what's happening it used to be when i was growing up anorexia right they'd be like clubs cutting was a big thing that it spreads yes and girls are more susceptible to social totally and now think of how susceptible they are where it's a world that prioritizes as we discussed identity over all other things so you're a white cisgendered heteronormative girl you've got nothing to make you feel special and many of these girls charlie are on the autism spectrum they're a little heavy they have bad acne there's something that makes them feel socially out other different or you know unwanted somehow and yet they go from being that person to getting snaps celebrated they're cool and they get an immediate community online of all these groomers who are like welcome to our club these are weird men trying to get these girls welcome to our club you're one of us now and as soon as they say i have regrets they kick them out of the club the support is gone the bullying starts it is not a real cult operates that yes the otherization of anybody who leaves right like that's one of the telltale signs of cultism so and just the mass explosion of this thing right which was like two percent not even i was it was like 0.0017 of the population and now they're estimating it's like over i don't know you see these estimates like over 20 there's no way that's not possible no so but what then how would you respond to when the zealots say it's going up because people are finally comfortable knowing who they truly are it's just not true why is it happening more in the blue cities than the red cities that that's the answer i mean they'll say because the red cities are so angry and harsh towards them then they'd move they would all leave there'd be mass departures of 20 of the population to the blue states and that's not happening and look you saw it with the disney uh executive i've seen it with my own friends that i have that are not so secret gay agenda yes and and oh you know three of my kids happen to be trans or non-binary no that that's the best argument is that when you actually and miriam grossman's talked about this at length the friend group thing yeah where all of a sudden she was treating like wait you guys are all friends with each other yes five patients same class and they're all in the same that happened at my school the school we fled from in new york right we had a girls school we had a boys school and the girls school which is one of the top schools in the country this is years ago we're talking like 2019 suddenly in the 10th grade this is a class of 54 girls maybe um had nine girls who had declared themselves trans from ninth grade to 10th come on so they're it's newly discovered they didn't have it their whole lives and their girls and it's a cluster that is not a real disorder that is a social contagion yes that these girls should be talked out of therapeutic out of not it we're not with these psychiatrists who push it but with like a miriam grossman type yes and honestly like put on a plane with mom and dad take a trip to europe get in a van with mom and dad take a trip around the united states no devices no social media and none of these girls around you and then you'll find out if it's legit or not which most times of course it won't be you might have heard mike lindell and my pillow no longer have the support of their box stores or shopping channels the way they used to they've been part of this cancel culture so they want to pass the savings directly onto you by having a 25 extravaganza when mike started my pillow it was just a one product company with the help of his dedicated employees 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you're not going to like weaponize it against somebody and it's not going to be taken over can you comment on both of those because those are two institutions that used to be sacred or even holy honestly because you think about in small town america like the doctor and the lawyer like the two most trusted people and now we look at maybe the judge not sure but yeah but something in the you know instruments or maybe the sheriff or whatever now it's i don't trust anything that comes out of our justice system so i may be the minority but i still have hope for the legal system please give me hope i look at the supreme court no that's true for the first time in my lifetime we have a conservative supreme court it's fragile but they're look that's such a great they're pretty robust yes they're pretty robust that's why they're trying to delegitimize them work the refs we worked it yeah i mean we talked about it we talked about it um so i still have faith because even though we had a lunatic judge in in new york who was really a secret prosecutor he was a secret prosecutor and ergo on the other guy too was crazy oh he's a nutcase uh net net i still believe in the judicial system and i am thanking god on my knees every night for the supreme court so i haven't given up on that no i i think that's important yeah please continue though yeah but the medical profession is lost it's lost so you are more pessimistic on medicine than legal yes that's fascinating not just because of what they're doing to our kids on the trans thing where they've captured the american endocrine society the american academy of pediatrics ama is already long gone all of it the psychiatric all of them they're all gone the only methodology is affirmed as soon as a kid comes in within minutes he or she i'm gender confused will be affirmed as the cross-sex 20 minutes it's so damaging it is it's deadly what they're doing and of course now sane psychiatrists are saying the last thing you should do is bring your kid to one of these psychiatrists or therapists so that's deeply problematic but it's also the wokeness in the medical schools the i mean we've had more and more institutions cop to they're promoting people of color that's correct into medical school who do not have the grades to get there who are two standard deviations below their white and asian colleagues when it comes to the testing and then when they get there they make mistakes in the residency in the internship in the school and they're and if they aren't overlooked time after time they claim racism and time after time the doctor or the school or the program backs down so then they get elevated again and we're now at the point where these folks are going to be getting out into real practice that's correct and there's where's the check on them you know who it is it's the lawyers who are going to have to sue their asses because that's what they we listen to in america the almighty dollar and there's a real question about whether we're gonna have a lot of those guys left because the lawyers tend to be leftists that's exactly i mean that's so you you opened up an interesting point i want to complete that point but just as a detour why where are all these trial like these plaintiff lawyers going after the trans stuff there there there is a new group in texas they just formed you're right now yeah that's right and so it was guys who saw what's happening and good i hope they make billions of dollars what they need though is really money because what happens is they they need to fund these lawsuits they need expert witnesses you know when you're the plaintiff you get paid at the end if you recover money so they need donations independent women's forum good they're filing big lawsuit on title nine they need donations they're on around the country bus tour with riley gains and others right now trying to get people to donate so there are a couple of groups but they need dough yeah and the it's interesting texas is known as kind of one of the plaintiff attorney capitals of the world if you if you notice when you're driving the highways here every other billboard is injured in a wreck or if you know you asbestos or whatever and again they'll sue on everything and you would think that low-hanging fruit is butchering a 15 year old yes and it just it's it's so remarkable so the other part though is that i'm sure you would agree that the met the other part of the broken medical system reaction to covid covid vaccine just the i don't trust when when someone says oh a doctor expert says i inherently think that you're either purchased or you have an ideological agenda same but in that way i see covid as a gift because my eyes were closed prior to covid on this i actually did kind of not implicitly but kind of trusted our health officials you know i did not think they were capable of like mass misrepresentation that's alex jones stuff like that's frankly how i felt yeah i i don't know i was like why would the cdc be lying to us about our kids possibly getting heart damage like what would be the incentive to do such a thing like no no that's crazy talk and now we know it's different now we know that's exactly what they were doing they didn't care care anthony fauci it's very clear to me cared more about his own reputation and standing with these leftists than he did about the well-being and lives lives of the american people and the children too what does it say that not only he's not apologized he's like more defiant than ever he really has the god complex did you ever see that movie malice you were like in your cradle when this movie hit i don't think it's good it's good you should read it download it um alec baldwin and nicole kidman i actually kind of think he's a good actor i that's my very good by the way my thought cramps i think he's actually a good yeah same i i enjoy his movies but i say that people like revolve yeah why not right i mean he killed a woman but um so they he plays this surgeon and i won't give away the plot but it's very good he plays a surgeon and they get really into the god complex and that's anthony fauci watch that movie that's anthony fauci uh megan what is your message going to be to this this group of young women that are awaiting you i have a wide based message today charlie obviously we could talk about the female thing the woman thing the title nine thing but i really have a broader message i want to bring to them today about what it actually does take to succeed as a leader for young women because i think they're being sold a bag of goods by those who control the messaging in this country i really want them to know about the importance of family and yes husbands and you have three kids right yeah it's amazing and and how one can be both a successful professional and a great wife and have a great life and where priorities should be and uh i think you'll hear terms like don't be a slut for example yeah i i've got things to say what tell me more about that my basic thought on it is if you really want a good man don't give it up so easily but when you finally do enjoy it boy if i say if i if i were to say something like that it would get clipped i hope you say it i'm going to say it megan kelly how can people uh support you we have your book i don't know if this is recent or not that's an old one yeah okay just go to slash megan kelly and hit follow god bless you megan you are doing such good for the country and thank you for making time for this it means a lot thanks charlie my pleasure thanks so much for listening everybody email us as always freedom at thanks so much for listening and god bless for more on many of these videos please subscribe to our channel at
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