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Hunter Biden’s Ex Speaks Out

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June 13, 2024 5:00 am

Hunter Biden’s Ex Speaks Out

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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June 13, 2024 5:00 am

Hunter Biden was found guilty this week, but nobody thinks a gun charge captures the full extent of Hunter’s crimes. Garrett Ziegler joins to give a first hand account from the courtroom, and explains what a real “A-grade” prosecution of the Bidens would look like. Then, Hunter’s ex Lunden Roberts joins to describe her relationship with Hunter and the Biden family as a whole. Has Hunter Biden met his daughter yet? Does Joe Biden acknowledge her existence?


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Hey, everybody. It's time for The Charlie Kirk Show. Hunter Biden's ex, who is the mother of one of Joe Biden's grandkids, does a tell-all with us. Very powerful interview, and I think you'll enjoy it. Garrett Ziegler joins the show to talk about the crimes the Biden family has committed, and we also talk about our open border. We'll see so many of you in Detroit. It's going to be great. Email us, as always, freedom at

Buckle up, everybody. Here we go. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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In Detroit, Michigan. The great silent majority is rising like never before. Join us for the People's Convention.

This is a new ballgame everybody. You send a message, we play to win. Register now at slash peoples. Joining us now is Garrett Ziegler. Garrett is the founder of Marco Polo. It's Garrett, welcome to the program.

Garrett, I was holding up your deal yesterday. I don't know if you saw the pictures or not. We were promoting it very heavily. First, how can people find the Marco Polo report? Of course, I'm honored.

I reposted the videos. Very good. So, Garrett, tell us all about it. Well, they can go read the e-reader of the physical report at And the good thing about that e-reader, apart from it being free, is that you can keyword search. And so, starting, I actually have the page open to the gun incident, which was the subject of the verdict yesterday. They can start at page 462.

There's six pages on that. Those pages include the form that he lied on, a picture of the gun shop and its owner, and then photos of him and text messages of him describing his crack cocaine use during the relevant period. So, this conviction yesterday was a little bit surprising because they deliberated for so short of time. It was only three hours. I was there every day in the courtroom last week, Monday through Friday.

I was there for all the witnesses. And I would call it a C-grade trial. What we had was a class of criminal conduct that doesn't touch on Joe. The only thing about Joe in the trial was that Hunter drove his Cadillac CTS to the gun shop to buy the Colt Cobra.

Hilarious. We didn't know that before. But this trial in Delaware was useful in only one way, which it put on the record and for the world to see, not just in our dossier or on cable, that this is a completely degenerate family. When Joe says family is the most important thing in a sort of Corleone Godfather way, you would think you would have sterling children, people that made Joe a better person. And that is not what the country heard.

This is a patriarch of drunks and drug addicts. And we say that with no pleasure. That's just the reality. And the jurors agreed with us. So even if Melissa Cohen, who accosted me in the hallway, his second wife, even if she thinks that I'm full of it, which again, we're not, all we do is lay out what's in his own device. Twelve jurors agree with us that he's a criminal and that he's a convicted felon. And remember, this is federal court.

So this isn't even comparable to what DJT went through in a, not even a state, a county DA. I just want to be most precise and crisp with our time here. So let's take a step back. This gun ownership thing, by the way, they referenced the Hunter Biden laptop, just to be clear. As an exhibit, the actual device.

That's right. What crimes should, what are the low hanging, no nonsense, unanimous jury decision crimes that Hunter Biden and his father, Joe Biden should be charged for? Bar violations and money laundering. I would, I would categorize those as the A level. That's the A level trial that we haven't gotten, Charlie. The B level trials coming in September in LA.

And I'd like to be on your program again to discuss it because I'm going to be out there every day. That's the B level trial in September. If the Bidens think they have had it bad last week and everybody was airing their dirty laundry, it won't even compare to the stuff in September. So we're inching along. David Weiss, by the way, didn't want to do this.

The prosecutors went to this kicking and screaming because Hunter rejected their plea deal. But we are inching along a little bit close, a little bit closer to justice. We will not have anything approaching justice if there's not money laundering and far out violations. We can hope and pray. David Weiss says the investigation is ongoing.

He said it yesterday, but we won't hold our breath. We think that ongoing investigation shtick is a way for them to avoid any congressional oversight and having to answer questions. So just the, the lack of prosecution has been remarkable. Remind the audience about the whistleblowers.

Can you please? The whistleblowers are critical in all of this. They're more important than Marco Polo. Marco Polo is just a chronicling organization. That's what, that's our value add.

We chronicle it in painstaking detail. But if not for the whistleblowers, two men, principally Gary Shapley, he's the one that came forward first on his own accord. And then secondarily, Joseph Ziegler. Both of them are IRS employees. Shapley's an executive at the IRS high up. And they came forward last May about exactly 13 months ago and told the congressional committees under the whistleblower statute of all of the roadblocks that were put up that prevented them from going to Joe. So even the IRS agents, even the feds who are on this know that, you know, what Joe said on the hot mic, nobody Fs with a Biden. Well, apparently you can F with his son.

But the prosecutor named Leslie Wolf and everybody else started to get sweaty palms when the search warrants inevitably led to Joe. The entire reason Hunter could make money is because of who his daddy was. Nobody was paying him for his intelligence. He's not particularly an impressive person. He can't even draw.

I mean, his doodles are getting 40K and they're worth, you know, a third grade art competition. So this entire thing is a limited hangout. But we're not Debbie Downers. It's better than the alternative. Hunter getting convicted yesterday is better than the alternative, which is a plea deal last July. And here's news, Charlie. We are finalizing a letter to the Connecticut and D.C. bars.

It's going to be sent out either today or tomorrow. We're getting a lot of people to sign on. Bob Costello, Rudy's attorney, trying to get American First Legal onto it. The bar rules in Connecticut and D.C. require, based on a felony conviction, the temporary or automatic suspension of your bar license.

Remember, I just checked this before I went on. Hunter Biden is still a member in good standing in the D.C. and Connecticut bars. And yet they're going after Rudy. He's still a member of the bar. So they're not even following their own rules based on the conviction yesterday. So just time out here.

Can't just a fellow attorney do a bar complaint now that he's a convicted felon? Correct? Is that right? Yes.

Yes. And that's why we're getting all these co-signatures. I mean, even though we have an attorney on our board, it means a lot more if it's not just Marco Polo, but all these other people who've been buffaloed by the system. We actually have a former high school classmate of Hunter's who's a good friend of ours who was prosecuted by Hunter's brother, his deceased brother, Beau, for marijuana possession. And he was he was suspended from the Delaware bar for two years and he's going to be signing on as sort of some some justice.

It took a while. But remember, the jury didn't just hear about Hunter's lying on the form and everything else. They heard that Joe approved of the the affair with his brother's widow. It wasn't just that Hunter and Hallie are these disgusting crack addicts. It's Joe approved of that in a March 2017 quote to Page Six, New York Post's, you know, gossip column. Joe gave him a quote and said, we're all happy that Hunter and Hallie found each other.

So I think, you know, this is this is what Jill said. They're bringing decency back. What does that mean at a practical level? That means Garrett getting cussed at in a courtroom hallway. That means foot jobs with crack cocaine. And that means James O'Keefe getting raided by the feds for getting his daughter's diary. That is what they're bringing back decency.

It's just their own warped version of it. And they're really worried. Can you just talk about how you are being actively sued by the Biden family?

Yes, on two separate fronts. We were sued last May in the L.A. County court by Kevin Morris, the degenerate caveman looking sugar brother of Hunter Biden, who's given him over 10 million dollars. His own family has abandoned him now, according to the New York Post. He sued us for 60 million. And Hunter sued us last September in federal court in the Central District of California, ironically, the very district that the special counsel indicted him on in in December. You can go to fight Biden dot org. Your viewers can to read the docket principally. First and foremost, support our legal defense fund and realize that we are chronicling all this in real time.

And we're doing it in such a way that has made the Bidens lose their minds over us. I was just sitting in the courtroom with my hands in my lap the entire time. And his wife, this crazed woman. Sorry, my baby boy is crying in the background.

This crazed woman is coming up to me and screaming at me for no reason. So fight Biden dot org has all the dockets, all the info anybody would need to get up to speed. Garret, remind our audience how they can support you as you are enduring the lawfare from the Biden regime.

Thank you very much. They can go to fight Biden dot org that has the docket information about our group, our nonprofit status, the history of the group. They can find out who else is in it because it's not just me. We have a group of private investigators and attorneys. And I think that's partly what is driving Hunter's wife.

So insane is that they're not just battling a 28 year old. We are we're doing something that I think presidential historians, even if they hate our politics, will be grateful for because we've never had this much primary source material. And, you know, one thing that we talked about the last time I was on your program is we ought not just expect or wait for the feds to do something about this state. AGs have the opportunity to go through the Biden laptop and find state level crimes. Granted, a lot of these solicitation and drug deals were done in blue states, California, New York, D.C., although not a state of jurisdiction, a blue jurisdiction.

We don't expect those prosecutors to have any a modicum of justice. But Hunter had business dealings in Arkansas, Louisiana. Those two, especially Hunter's financial advisor, was in Arkansas for the entirety of this scenario, Edward Pruitt and Fayetteville. And so the fact that the Arkansas authorities haven't done anything about the money laundering.

Remember, every transfer from the CHICOMs that went through Hudson West three from CFC to Hudson West three to WASCO, PC, all the shell entities, all of those touched on Arkansas wires because Edward Pruitt was based in Fayetteville. So it's a shame that the state AGs haven't done anything. And there's no excuse for it. Help me understand.

Sorry to interrupt. We're low on time. Why has Ashley Moody, who I'm sure is a super pleasant person, the attorney general of Florida, not opened a criminal investigation into James Biden?

Help me understand that. It takes courage, number one, and she's got to have a small team. She got to have people she can trust, because if you deal with any of this career employees in the DOJ down in Florida, they're going to leak it.

So I think that I mean, there are so I love you brought up Florida. Jimmy Biden stole and had to settle with AmeriCorps, that failed rural hospital chain that's still in litigation. The House committees did a positive thing by interviewing that former CEO, Michael Lewis, who himself just pled guilty to the SEC and has to pay expungement and interest of like six million dollars. But Jimmy Biden took funds from that AmeriCorps failed hospital chain.

Ben Schreckinger is probably the only mainstream media liberal at Politico who has done anything on this. And James Biden committed many felonies in Florida with AmeriCorps alone. So Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas. There was a LNG project down in Monkey Island, you know, in Landry. I know Landry.

I don't know. I don't know the new AG, but I know the governor. And I told him directly and his chief of staff that project is so dirty, they were going to give American LNG to the Chicoms preferential access. That was the point of the deal. CEFC was going to get the LNG and put it on their tankers and ship it to China. And it's there's an island, an undeveloped island.

They were going to put one of those one of those basically on off tankers on a tanker facility. Excuse me. And that still hasn't been prosecuted there. That deal alone has conspiracy. It's got all the elements.

Garrett, we're just really quick. We're about to have London Roberts on who is the mother of Hunter Biden's, one of Hunter Biden's kids. What should we ask her, in your opinion?

Give us some detail or some context there. Well, London's a sweet girl. I was the witness for her in the Arkansas proceedings. And, you know, she really wants what's best for Navy. And she's more forgiving than I am.

So I don't know what questions I would ask her without breaking whatever NDA I had to sign to be a witness for her. But Hunter settled. So that never went to trial. But I'll just say that she and I have different political views, but I have respect for her family and for her for keeping the child. You know, Hunter ignored her.

Hunter ghosted her. That's despicable behavior. And so although he's not an addict now, he engaged in despicable behavior. And nobody cares in America if you have a child out of wedlock. They care if you provide for and be a positive influence in your child's life.

And that clearly hasn't happened with Hunter. Very good. Garrett, we're behind you. Thank you so much. Really appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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Okay. Joining us now is London Roberts. London, welcome to the program. Tell us about your new book and tell us the story. Welcome to the program. Thank you.

Thank you for having me. Yes, I have a book. It's called Out of the Shadows. And it's my journey from my relationship with Hunter to my pregnancy and a lot of litigation that took place. And it's my emotional journey and healing process throughout that.

It comes out August 20th, the week before my daughter's birthday this year. So it was well publicized that you sued or took Hunter to court for child support. Is that correct? And he did not acknowledge your daughter for quite some time. Tell our audience about that. Actually, I filed a paternity suit for him to take a DNA test and take accountability for our child. And it was very publicized and it was a difficult time. And yeah, he filed a general denial claiming that the child was not his. But there was a paternity test taken and it was all resolved. Why do you think that Joe Biden did not want to acknowledge that he had a grandchild for quite some time?

I'm not sure. That's something that I've always felt like could have just been a feather in his cap by acknowledging a grandchild and loving a grandchild and welcoming a grandchild into the family. I'm not certain for why he's made the choices he's made or Hunter's made the choices he's made. I can only speak on the choices that I've made and my journey throughout that. So you're on the record saying nice things about Hunter.

But if someone tried to deny my child basic services and fought it in court, I wouldn't be that nice to them. I'm curious just because he was acting kind of like a deadbeat for quite some time. What changed? I'm curious. It's been a process. And I poured all my emotions into this book because it's been such an emotional journey. And of course, you know, when there's that denial, you know, I think when you're reading that part of the book, you feel my rage and you feel how angry I am and how mad and disappointed and everything.

I poured all of that in there. But this is this has been a journey of forgiveness and a journey of healing to where I can sit in front of you today and I can I can give him that grace and I can I can talk about my journey. And there were times where I could not do that. And, you know, when all of that stuff was actually happening and was occurring, it was best for me to stay silent and not not speak on how I felt at that time. Because there's there's a possibility I could have said things that, you know, I would regret later on. But this book is about is about overcoming those emotions and forgiveness and lots of prayers that got me through that time. Did he apologize?

No, he's never actually come out and apologized. I think it's been one of those, you know, let's just move forward. Let's resolve this. There's a lot of toxic litigation surrounding our child and, you know, let's move forward and for her sake. So, yeah, it's just I mean, you're a more developed believer than I am because you're forgiving even though he didn't apologize. And so he just says, let's just move on. And he denied your daughter's existence.

It's amazing. Yeah. The forgiveness is for myself. It's for my sake. You know, you don't want to carry around this hate and this anger and, you know, this resentment towards anybody.

You don't. That's not a burden that I want to carry for the rest of my life. And, you know, whether he apologizes or he doesn't or sets the record straight, it's it's my journey and I'm not going to carry that burden.

So I have to choose to forgive for myself and my sake. The book is Out of the Shadows, My Life Inside the Wild World of Hunter Biden by London Roberts, and it is a tell all. Would you say Hunter Biden is a man of good character? I would say, you know, as you read in the book, there are times I question that. And there are times that no, I don't I don't think he was a man of good character and he's made bad choices just as everyone has. But this book humanizes that and shows that, you know, not everybody always makes the right decisions. And, you know, I think that he is taking accountability now for those bad decisions.

He has to. How is he taking accountability, would you say? Well, I mean, he's he's going through trials and, you know, he's been convicted of some wrong choices that he's made. And I think that is him, you know, standing in his truth and having to take accountability for the bad choices that he's made. And we've all made bad choices.

No, for sure. Yeah, I mean, we've all made bad choices. I've never gotten remotely to the choices of Hunter Biden, like some of the stuff he's done. However, OK, so I want to ask this. The in the tell all, you talk about his lifestyle in rather detail. When you were together, can you describe what his lifestyle was like?

Goes to the subtitle, wild. You know, he he lived a lavish lifestyle, but he was also in a very dark place. He's very troubled. And, you know, I speak about that in this empathy that I have for other people. And, you know, every woman has that woman that they are, has that man that they want to save.

And and Hunter Biden was one for me. I wanted to help him and I saw him suffer and I saw him go through, you know, a dark time. And I cared about him and I wanted I always wanted to be there for him. So the and I can I can tell you really care for your daughter. Does she get to see Hunter, her biological father, very often? She sees him through Zoom calls. They've not met in person yet.

That's not something that we've worked, you know, details out for just yet. So he hasn't has he just he hasn't even made a trip to go see her. That's that's amazing.

Wow. How does that make you feel that he hasn't I mean, he obviously has plenty of money. He's an amazing painter, allegedly. He is. He can fly.

How does that make you feel as a mother that he hasn't boarded a plane to go introduce himself to his daughter? I try to give a lot of grace. And, you know, reading this book, you'll show that, you know, I do give I do give Hunter a lot of grace. I think by this interview, you can tell I give Hunter a lot of grace. It's something that I know my daughter wants and I know that she yearns for. And that's something that I I can keep hope and hope that, you know, he does the right thing. Yeah, I mean, that's that is a grace that transcends all understanding because. I mean, it's your your father and you won't even get on a plane. It just does it feel as if that the Bidens try to try to he like looks at you as an annoyance?

I know it sounds really cruel and I don't I think you're a very sweet person, but he won't even get on his plane to see his daughter. Actually, throughout the book, out of the shadows, I talk about that burden that I feel like I've become and that the dark place that it puts me in. And that all started, you know, when I became pregnant, I felt like a burden and throughout, you know, the paternity suit and all these all these other things I express and I pour all my emotions into it. And yes, it seems like, you know, that that's what I become.

And then my child. And it's hard. It's heartbreaking. And the healing journey and the prayers that would have got me here today to where I can stand in front of you. And I can I can talk about those times and and hope that I can impact lives when when women, not every woman gets pregnant.

And it's a joyous time and a time to celebrate. Sometimes they do feel like that burden. And sometimes it does put them in a very dark place. And I hope that this book reaches out to some of those women who feel like they're that burden. And, you know, I hope that my story can help can help them get through those tough times. And I'll be honest, I'm holding back some of my more direct takes for the sake of your daughter, who is the innocent person here that deserves to be treated a lot better than an afterthought. How do you talk through these issues with her as a mom?

I actually discuss a bunch of that in the book. It's hard. And there are times where I have to, you know, hold back tears and and almost feel like I make excuses as to why because she's so deserving of the world. She's brilliant. She is such a brilliant child.

And some of that brilliance she obviously gets from her father and the brilliant sides of him that I saw. And so it's it's very tough. It's tough. Motherhood's tough sometimes, but especially these cards that we were dealt. It's it's hard. And all I can do is is love her and let her know that she is so loved.

Yeah, and I totally I totally agree that love is the best way. And so you so tell me about the what you saw that is very impressive of Hunter Biden's intellect. Well, to know Hunter, he's he's very witty. He's very intelligent. And I think that anyone knows him would say that he's very charming. He's kind. You know, I've seen Hunter even through his addiction and battling addiction go out of his way to be kind to people and to show kindness. And he seemed very humble. And, you know, I expressed all of that throughout our relationship in the book. And I talk about that and I tell different stories about, you know, where he exhibited that kindness and and the genuine care for other people and to want to help. And he did that while he had this demon on his back.

You know, addiction just sinking its claws into him. He he still found a way to to be charming, to be intelligent and to be kind to people. And that's that's something that I think a lot of people don't see. And I give a lot of stories in the book throughout our relationship where where he exhibited those traits.

London, you are apt. You're right. I definitely do not see that.

So that is a different side of him. In closing, so the is your goal of the book reconciliation with the Biden family? My goal for the book is, is like I said earlier, to to get my story out there, it's been it's been a healing journey. I know a lot of people have asked for my story and it's one that I can sit and talk about today. And I hope that, you know, it could maybe impact somebody else's life who's going through such a dark time. It's also, like I said, released a week before my daughter's birthday.

And I don't know what better gift I could give my daughter for her birthday than her mother's story and her mother's truth. Excuse the blunt nature of this question, but as you raise Navy, would you want her to marry someone like Hunter Biden? That is a tough question. It depends on what version of Hunter. I'm sure I'm sure he's he he may be a great husband now, you know, and I've never been married to Hunter. But the part of Hunter, the time that I know I had known him, he was he was in a dark time.

And, you know, I don't think I would want her to marry anyone who would be in that dark of a place. But I think that Hunter has overcome that. And, you know, he's doing so much better than he was at the time that I knew him.

So I guess it depends now and then. London, thank you for being open. Out of the Shadows is the book. I appreciate it very much. And my life inside the Wild Blue of Hunter Biden, London Roberts, thank you so much. Thank you.

Charlie is the way you do that. By joining a Mac, you support an organization that fights for these principles. For June, you get a two year membership for just sixteen dollars, two years for the price of one. Join me and thousands of others proud to be a Mac members go to a Mac dot US forward slash Charlie. Let's celebrate Father's Day by standing up for what our dads believe in. Happy Father's Day, everybody. And again, that is a M AC dot US forward slash Charlie. Let's celebrate Father's Day together. A Mac dot US forward slash Charlie. OK, I want to get to another story here, but just a reminder, we have the People's Convention this weekend, TP Action dot com slash peoples.

Get your tickets right now. The People's Convention by the people and for the people. President Trump, Rick Ramaswamy, Ben Carson, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump Jr., Tulsi Gabbard, Kristi Noem, Candace Owens, Rick Scott, Jack Posobick, Roger Stone, Benny Johnson, Aubrey Shines, Kimberly Guilfoyle, J.D.

Vance, Mike Lee, Lee Zeldin, Matt Gaetz, Brandon Tatum, Eli Crane and more. That is TP Action dot com slash peoples. That is TP Action dot com slash peoples. We got an email here. Charlie, what was your reaction to the London Roberts interview? I thought it was an interesting conversation. I mean, I don't know Hunter. I've never met him, but she she's she's definitely someone that has a strong opinion. And she seemed like a sweet person. And I think that she she desperately wants Hunter to love love her again. And so that's that's very, very clear.

I will say, though, that for all of the women's liberation movement, what I have found to be disappointing is how many women stay with bad men. And I don't quite understand that. So anyway, that's a separate topic for a different time. Let's go to cut. Let's do this one.

Cut 82. This is a Democrat New York City councilman. I think it's very important. Bob Holden says we are headed for another 9-11, and we don't know who the Biden administration is letting into this country. This is the story that just keeps on being peppered in our news cycle, which is we do not know who is coming into our country. They could attack our grid. They could do a mass casualty incident. Hope you own weapons, everybody.

Play cut 82. This is a Democrat. It's frightening and we're headed for another 9-11.

I predicted that. I think we should have a secure border. We should know who's coming into our country. We don't.

And millions of migrants and illegal aliens have gone through. So it's a situation that we're just, you know, really rolling the dice here. We are really rolling the dice here.

And the American people are waking up to it. We are at the precipice of potentially, God forbid, another mass casualty event. Let's go to cut 86. Fox News says ICE has arrested eight with suspected ISIS ties. But how many are in the country without ISIS ties?

Play cut 86. Concerns of a terror threat crossing our southern border, becoming a reality. Eight suspects with possible ties to ISIS-K were arrested in several major cities, but only after being released into the United States.

Go wherever you want. Unbelievable. This is the situation that many Americans feared among the millions flooding into the southern border of the United States, suspected terrorists among them. Not only did the eight suspects with ties to ISIS enter the United States illegally, they also apparently received, quote, full vetting by authorities. Full vetting by authorities. 9-11 was less than 20 terrorists. Border Patrol is now saying that if they do not allow people into the nation, they will lose their job.

Play cut 104. What do you think this executive order? Is that going to do anything? In a rare encounter, we meet a Border Patrol agent, Ygritte Vent. He asks us to mask his identity, worried he'll be fired for talking so openly. Does it frustrate you when you hear that, when you hear the narrative? Like, why aren't Border Patrol doing anything? Our hands are tied. If I don't allow them to cross and they call me for a plane, then I'm in trouble and I'm going to lose my job. He blames the current administration. Hear that? If I don't let them, that's CNN doing it, by the way.

Why CNN did that, I'm not so sure. If I don't allow them to cross into the country, I will get a call and they will complain and I will lose my job. There are a lot of things you could do in the government to not lose your job.

Steal money, embezzle, lie under oath, lie about a vaccine, but you could lose your job for securing the southern border. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us, as always, freedom at Thanks so much for listening. God bless.
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