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Do The Work, Or Lose

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June 12, 2024 4:39 pm

Do The Work, Or Lose

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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June 12, 2024 4:39 pm

A special election in Ohio last night should be setting off alarm bells for Republicans: Democrats may still have the advantage in doing the grunt work of winning elections, and if Republicans don't catch up, it doesn't matter what the polls say. Charlie discusses how the two parties have changed, how these changes have made robust GOTV more crucial than ever for the GOP, and why conservatives must understand that the battle for America isn’t just another show happening only on TV.

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Hey, everybody. It's Dan, The Charlie Kirk Show. Shocker in Ohio and not great news. We have work to do.

That's right. We have work to do. Email us, as always, freedom at Subscribe to our podcast and open up your podcast app and type in charliekirkshow. You can get involved with Turning Point USA at That is Start a high school or college chapter today at As always, you can email us freedom at and become a member Buckle up, everybody.

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Go to They are counting on your surrender. If you give up, they win.

But what if we look back and we realize we were just inches away from victory and that's when we decided to give up? Join us and thousands of American patriots for the summer convention that all are invited to. You're going to hear how we're going to win in 2024. With the biggest speakers in the movement, featuring President Donald J Trump. So we're going to fight and we're going to win.

Charlie Kirk, Vivek Ramaswamy, Governor Kristi Noor, Dr. Ben Carson, Steve Bannon, Candace Owens, Laura Trump, Senator Rick Scott, Congressman Matt Gaetz, Benny Johnson, Jack Posobick, and more. June 14 through 16. 2024 is our final battle.

In Detroit, Michigan. The great silent majority is rising like never before. Join us for the People's Convention. This is a new ballgame everybody. You send a message. We play to win.

Register now at slash peoples. Look, we're going to get into some lackluster news here. And some of you just want nothing but positive stream of information.

I'm going to tell you the positive here, but we got to be honest. We have to be real about the situation in front of us. There's so many positives happening right now. Despite how much they have tried to bring Donald Trump's numbers down, despite what they have tried to do to destroy this movement, I believe we're stronger than ever. We are ascendant.

However, there are some serious problems right now. Last evening was an Ohio special election. It was in the sixth congressional district.

This is in the eastern part of Ohio. Now mind you, this is important to qualify. The special elections, especially those in the summer, have very, very low turnout. They are not overly publicized.

They're not overly emphasized. And so it is a question of really, really high engaged voters. However, despite the fact that the candidates running, it was Rully, the Republican, versus Kripchak, this is to fill a vacant seat, which by the way, the Republican did end up winning, thankfully, to fill one of the vacant seats in the House of Representatives. In 2022, when JD Vance was running for the US Senate, and when former Representative Johnson, not Mike Johnson, but Representative Johnson was running in the seat, Republicans won this congressional district by 29 points.

A R plus 29 congressional district. Now this includes Mahoney County. This is the eastern part of Ohio that Donald Trump has transformed, transformed from once blue collar Democrat to right wing Republicans. This is the home of the muscular class.

This is right near, if not included, in East Palestine, Ohio. And you see the results up on here. It was plus 29 in 2022. Last evening, with abysmally low turnout, the Republicans still won, Rully still won by nine points. A 20 point movement.

A 20 point movement in just a year and a half. Now beneath the surface, there are reasons to worry and to be a little dissatisfied. We emphasize on this show quite a lot that the nature of the Republican electorate has changed. As we pointed out, polls show that Trump is doing better with Hispanics, young people and lower income people than a lot of past Republicans. He's also polling much, much, much better with lower propensity voters. That's the people who are least likely to turn out for an election for one reason or another. The flip side of this, though, is that while Democrats are bleeding support from the groups that they once enjoyed, that they thought would give them permanent control, they're doing better with the most reliable group of voters. Back in 2010, the conventional wisdom was that Republicans would do better with any election where Obama or some other celebrity candidate wasn't on the ballot. If it was just a midterm or a special election, they were consistent about turning out anyway. Mind you, Democrats, they created mass mail-in voting as a way to try and give a voice and a lot of fraud, by the way, but to try to give a voice to the low propensity voter.

To the person that wasn't that engaged, that would be drawn to star power and celebrity power. Now, this has changed. Democrats have become the party of urban elites and professionals. They are the party of people who think everything in America is going great. It is splendid because for them it is. Oligarchs are richer than ever. For them, NATO is the most important thing.

For them, three million people coming across the southern border is terrific. Democrats are also the party of people who have an unhealthy obsession with politics. You all lived through this during Trump's first term. Liberals are more likely to make politics their entire lifestyle. Liberals are more likely to end a friendship or break off a contact with a family member over politics. Instead of church on Sundays, they have pride parades and BLM rallies.

Instead of Sunday school, they have drag queen story hour where a tranny can twerk in front of an eight-year-old. But this obsession means that liberals do the work. They don't just go to rallies. They build the infrastructure. They harvest ballots. They make sure their people vote. And they also make sure their politicians deliver on what they expect them to. How many of you have volunteered at a local church?

Local Boy Scouts? I bet all of you because we are a decent people and you are a decent audience. They view political involvement as the moral equivalent as helping out at a food shelter. They believe as harvesting ballots to be the same thing as helping out in the local Boy Scout troop or helping at the Little Sisters of the Poor or volunteering at the Salvation Army. Politics has become part of the lifestyle for the American Democrat Party.

And there are a lot of fans of this show who do the same thing on the right. And thankfully, thanks to Turning Point Action, Turning Point USA, thanks to the MAGA movement, we are still hyper-engaged and hyper-involved. However, Democrats care far more about politics than conservatives do. And honestly, I think that is what makes our side a better cause to get behind.

We care more about our faith, connection with the divine. We care more about our community, our family, our children, our jobs, than we do care about who the local dog catcher is. And I think that is a good thing.

I do not want to lose that. However, this election in Ohio shows us that when it's low turnout, it's not highly publicized, Democrats do a lot better. But there's some excellent news here, and I'm going to tell you what it is in a second, but it's a long-term problem, and it could end up being a problem this fall if we don't address it. Now, if you are one of those people who watch this program, you watch War Room, you are part of the Salem Radio Network, if you are part of Turning Point USA and Turning Point Action and showing up at the People's Convention, that is amazing. But we need even more out of you, because the Democrats, they have more paid canvassers, they have more people that are engaged in the rigging than we do.

Our party is behind, and we have millions of people who love Trump and maybe even attend Trump rallies, but then don't vote. And I will repeat a story I said yesterday. Every time somebody comes up and asks for a selfie, and I'm always happy to do it, I ask a very simple question.

Are you registered to vote? And half of the time they'll say, no, no, and they look down ashamedly. And I'm not doing this as a humiliation ritual. I'm not here to try to put them on the spot and make them feel bad.

I'm asking them to try and fix it. So I'm becoming a one-stop-shop voter registration machine, and you all should, including the 19-year-old that I saw, love your TikTok content, love your stuff. He could recite my five biggest videos.

Oh, Charlie, I love when you were at NAU and you were asking the question of what is a woman that was amazing, and he was just able to cite off all of these videos. And I said, are you registered to vote? He said, oh, no, no, I don't vote. I said, well, let's get you registered to vote. And we did, and then we took a selfie. Nineteen years old, loves Trump. But if I would not have engaged him— By the way, his father was right there, and I said, well, what's going on?

He's like, oh— And the father was like, oh, yeah, sure, we're working on that. And that's fine. Not trying to shame people, but we are not going to get the victory that this country needs, that this country deserves this November if the status quo remains. This is not a rock concert.

This is the fate of the country. We need to internalize that. The key message of what we are doing in Detroit this weekend is as follows. It's not enough just to attend an event. You have to get to work. If you're coming to Detroit just to hang out and have fun, you are missing the point.

And that's great. We should have fun. But we are in the midst of a massive movement. Every person in attendance this weekend at the People's Convention needs to come away with a plan to do the work this fall. If you can't attend, watch online and write down a battle plan. What am I going to do to do the work?

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Get the Grid Doctor 300 at So it is a positive, incredibly positive email, but then chillingly negative email. It's a remarkable email about the power of agency, applied action, but there's a buried lead in this email that makes you think that November is going to be a lot closer than people realize. Charlie and Team Daniel, aka the Bearded Viking Woodworks here, by the way, his work is incredible. I gotta be honest. Anyone that can do things with their hands like that is just a hero in my book. I do not have that gifting. I have gifs.

Manual labor is not one of them as far as making anything beautiful like the woodworking he does. Praise God. I want to give you great news to share. Ever since I emailed you guys last week, I have now got 32 additional folks registered to vote Trump. 32, literally just by wearing my MAGA hat and creating conversations. Besides my YouTube channel, I own a small business building custom homes with 14 full-time employees, and they're now all registered to vote. It's shocking how many people that are out there who support Trump but aren't registered to vote. I can't wait to register even more. Praise God.

After the first couple of conversations with strangers, it gets much easier. I'm on fire. If our greatest generation stormed the beaches of Normandy facing certain death, it is the least I can do to face my fellow Americans and ask them to vote. God bless you, Charlie and Team. God bless this great nation. P.S.

my goal is to register 100 voters a week. By the way, I want to send him a signed book. I want to send him whatever this guy wants. He is a hero. If everybody in the audience took applied action like Daniel, but let's not bury the lead here. Let's just take a step back.

That's 32 people in just a couple weeks that he met that love Trump that aren't even on the voting rolls. Whoa. By the way, let's get him on the show. That's a great idea. Let's book him. I think this is the type of citizen activist we need, but let's take a step back.

Take a step back. How many people are saying yes to these pollsters that showed Trump's big lead that aren't even registered to vote? If he's able to find 32 people, I've been able to find 15 people in the last three weeks in Arizona.

Andrew had two random Trump supporters, and he had took six Ubers, one out of three, in Phoenix that aren't registered to vote. That is not a good sign, everybody. That means we have not done our work. And part of it, of course, is the prior RNC regime under Rana, so we're playing catch-up. They should have been doing this work relentlessly. But it makes you wonder, is Donald Trump's candidacy just a TV show for some people?

Just watch it on TV and hope it works out? No. This is a battle for the soul of the country. And I am afraid the Democrats understand that, and we outnumber them. Let me be very clear.

This is the buried lead. We outnumber them. But are the people that are outnumbered even registered to vote? How many people are going to go to want to vote in October or early November, you know, during voting month or on voting day, and they're going to say, no, you're not a registered voter?

We're talking about 10,000 votes in Arizona, 11,000 votes in Georgia, 21,000 votes in Wisconsin in the 2020 election. Part of this is that Democrats have really broken people's spirits. They feel that it doesn't matter, and they can't do anything. They like Trump, but they haven't internalized that.

In fact, they can do things, and that's where you come in. That is why Daniel, the bearded Viking woodworker, is so effective, because he has spirit, he has passion. He goes up to everyday people, and there is nothing as effective as a person-to-person contact. By the way, if you'll talk to anybody that runs mass sales organizations, anybody from Johnson & Johnson, from trying to sign people up to open a new bank account, out of all the different advertising methods, the most expensive but the most effective is person-to-person human contact, one-to-one. Hello, sir, are you registered to vote? No, I like Trump, but we've got to get that done.

That is more effective than a PSA, than a radio advertisement, that one-off person human-to-human marketing. And Democrats have done a good job of breaking people's spirits, and I'm not even trying to make— I'm not trying to shame you or humiliate you if you aren't registered to vote. I am challenging you, though, as a fellow American patriot. This is the least that you have to do. And then, for those of you that watch the program, you're like, Charlie, I'm tired of hearing this. Become a force multiplier like Daniel, because there are millions of sympathetic voters out there, low-propensity voters. And I'll be very honest. The way that the polling is looking, the polling is probably over-representing the low-propensity voters, and there's no guarantee that they show up.

Now, the good news is this. Donald Trump, every time he has run, including in 2020, over-performs the polling, number one, and he over-performs voter turnout. He forgives so many of the sins, so many of the sins that we have in the Republican apparatus, or the lack thereof. It's going to require, right now, these next 100 days this summer, we'll determine the future of the Republic.

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Visit Recently found this left-wing pollster, and he believes that Biden is going to win. And you read his substack. It literally is called Hopium, and it is all about his belief that Biden is going.

It's called the Hopium Chronicles. It's a guy by the name of Simon Rosenberg. Seems pretty smart. And to his credit, he predicted in 2022 that it would not be a red wave, but a red fizzle. Almost everybody else said it's going to be a red wave, red wave, red wave, and turned out not so much the case.

His substack is called the Hopium Chronicles by Simon Rosenberg. He believes that Joe Biden is going to win and potentially even win big. Now, mind you, I know what you're all thinking. Charlie, what about the machines? What about the— We didn't do enough. Republican legislatures in Arizona, Wisconsin—well, not in Wisconsin, but in Georgia—we did not do enough to fix our election. So we have to now deal with the election apparatus as it is in front of us. The only option in front of us is, yes, we can do lawsuits, and we should, but the only attack that we have is to make it too big to rig. That's it.

There are no other options. We have to swamp the vote. A lot of people say, but, Charlie, what about the machines? We didn't get rid of them. We didn't do the work. We did not care enough to pressure our lawmakers to get rid of them in states like Georgia. And so they didn't get rid of them. We didn't do enough to fix the signature verification system in Georgia. So we didn't get rid of them. FiveThirtyEight has unveiled their 2024 forecasting model.

We mentioned this briefly yesterday. It gives Biden a 53 percent chance of winning the election. The key to how we win this model is our strength in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin—the blue wall stage which get us to the 269 electoral votes, or CHEC, as I've been calling it.

Assuming that we win Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, we being the Biden team, or Arizona, North Carolina, or Nebraska, too, it gets them to 270, or as they've been calling it, CHEC-Mate. This is their path. It's straight through the blue wall. And guess where we are doing our event this weekend? Detroit, Michigan, in the center, in the capital, in the central nervous system of the blue wall. In the belly of the beast, we are going straight into Detroit.

We are going right into the thick of Detroit. And understand that President Trump is the only candidate that could beat Joe Biden given all of the power sources and center. This is what's so important. Donald Trump does and has proven time and time again to bring out millions of low-propensity voters.

This cycle, we need millions even more, especially in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, especially in those states. Let's play cut 22. This is CBS. Twenty-seven percent of Americans are skipping meals because of skyrocketing food costs. Now, understand that the Biden oligarchy, they're not skipping meals.

They're having more opulent presentations of food than ever before. Twenty-seven percent of Americans are skipping meals because food is too expensive. Twenty-seven percent. Play cut 22. And some Americans are skipping meals because food prices have gotten so high.

That's right, Ron. In fact, 27 percent of Americans are skipping meals because of skyrocketing food costs. And then another 18 percent say they've considered applying for food stamps. Intuit Credit Karma found a fifth of respondents, about 21 percent, said they felt ashamed about their inability to afford groceries. And they also found many people are changing their food shopping habits.

So many are shopping now in discount stores versus big name supermarkets. And about a quarter of respondents say they're just buying less healthy food and paying for something more maybe not quite as healthy because that's what they can afford. We are now more and more like a third world country, and that's not an exaggeration. We lock up our political dissidents.

We don't have borders. Our ruling class is fatter and more gluttonous than ever before. And the nation is literally skipping meals because food is too expensive.

That is a slow motion demolition of the country. 27 percent, one in four people that you run into, they are saying, I'm going to skip lunch, I'm going to skip dinner. How many kids are going hungry right now under Joe Biden?

That always used to be one of the talking points of Pelosi and Democrats. There's so much child hunger in this country. OK, how many kids are now going hungry because of Joe Biden?

You might say, but Charlie, how does Joe Biden connect with this? Joe Biden went on a multi-trillion dollar deficit spending spree to spend trillions of dollars that we do not have, flood the zone with money that does not have any backing to inflate the dollar. So when you have more dollars than goods, it crushes the working men more than anybody else. The oligarchs are wealthier than ever. They own more property.

They are wealthier than ever. You see, inflation is actually a benefit to those who own assets because they can adjust their prices over time. So if you own an apartment building, you just raise rates. You just raise rents.

If you own a grocery store, you just raise how much you're going to charge. Let's go to cut 84. Prices in non-discretionary areas remain high and rising.

Play cut 84. When you look through this number, what you're seeing again is all the non-discretionary stuff, all the things that we have no choice but to spend money on food, energy, housing, health care, continues to be incredibly sticky in terms of prices, I would say high and rising. High and rising. Inflation is a tax on the working class and working people.

Under Donald Trump, you had no structural inflation because you had real economic growth and you did not have this insane spending spree. Gas is up 55.3% since Biden took office. Groceries are up 21.2%. Eating out, up 22.2%. Baby food, up 28.4%. K-12 food, up 65.1%. Pet food, up 23%. Rent is up 21.2%. Electricity, up 29%. Natural gas, up 22.2%. Used cars, up 20.9%. Airfare, up 39.9%. Public transportation, 27.2%.

Real average weekly earnings, down 3.9%. Under Donald Trump, we had a blue-collar boom in this country. The average family is $10,000 poorer under Joe Biden than under Donald Trump. The average income net required to buy a home under Donald Trump was $71,000 a year. Now it requires upwards of $125,000 a year to purchase a home.

We have broadcast to the next generation that you are not able to enter into home ownership. The lowest 10% of earners under Donald Trump saw their wages increase at a faster rate than the top 10%. CNBC says the average consumer price index has reached a new all-time high, play cut 85. On headline, non-seasonally adjusted the actual index, it moved up to 314.069, a new all-time high. If we look at the core index, which is seasonally adjusted, that moved to 318.14.

Guess what? A new all-time high. Those indices have never been higher, and they underscore the angst that the population has.

Because no matter how small the month-over-changes get, the cumulative effect is substantial. And that's what these indices continue to show us on a month-over-month basis. The consumer price index is terrible news for the country. And by the way, I would rather have good economic news and have to deal with that political reality than bad economic news. I do not delight in the fact that millions and millions of people are not able to afford groceries, young people are not able to own a home, that basic goods and services are out of grasp.

That is not the country we grew up in. And it is a direct correlation with Joe Biden's deficit spending spree, with your money. The solution is a change in leadership because it's a change in philosophy.

It will not get better with Joe Biden as president. And understand, people are talking about, oh, we're going to have a landslide in November because of all this economic news. I don't see that. I see a landslide of laziness right now.

Now, some of you guys are working your tail off. You're getting involved in the grassroots, and you are coming up to our Turning Point Action People's Convention. But we need to find every disenfranchised, disenchanted citizen, and they need to vote. Many are low propensity, and they're called low propensity for a reason. In years past, that group favored Democrats. This cycle, and thanks to President Trump, they favor Republicans and favor conservatives. Democrats are doing everything they can to spin. They're saying, oh, inflation dips lower than expected. There is a reason they only talk about month over month or year over year inflation. Talking about multiyear inflation gets really uncomfortable for them. And year over year, the prices speak for themselves.

Moms, you are paying 28.4 percent more for baby food and 65.1 percent more for K through 12 food. And it is a choice. If you vote for Joe Biden, you are voting to impoverish your family, to weaken the dollar, and make it harder for everyday Americans to own home and have the American dream. Here's the good news. The good news is that it's in our grasp, is that if enough Americans apply their agency, we can win this thing. It's going to come down to a couple votes here and a couple votes there.

But the trend is our friend, and it's going to require you to be mildly uncomfortable at times. It's going to require you to say, boy, I don't know about that, but I'm going to go and knock on the door to my friend. Just here's the easiest way that you could do this. There's three levels. Number one, make sure your entire family and extended family that like Trump, they're registered and they're going to vote.

You own that family. Number two, friend group. Go through your phone right now. Open up your phone.

Hopefully it's slash Charlie. And you go through your contact list. This is an easy way to be an activist. And you just go through and say, oh, yeah, I know they're conservative.

Oh, they're complaining about grocery prices. And spend time texting them. Hey, are you registered to vote? Hope you're having a great day. You can easily find at least 100 people by doing that.

Easily. And the 2 million people a day that watch or listen to this program, if just a fraction of you do that, a fraction, we're going to be in a much better spot. Russell Brand has come out, who is a very, very popular comedian and actor, A-list. He's come out and he said, quote, if you care about democracy, if you care about freedom, I don't know how you could do anything other than vote for Donald Trump. Russell Brand has come out and he has said the following in a bombshell video.

He sat down with Elizabeth Pipko and RNC spokesperson for a wide ranging interview in which they discussed Trump's trial and subsequent conviction. Quote, they act as if a vote for Donald Trump is almost like you're voting for Armageddon, like a hysterical performance outside of courtrooms. Endless MSNBC bombast. But I'm starting to think that no, a greater threat to democracy is this kind of technological feudalism that tells you that it cares about you and it's protecting vulnerable people. And all the while, increasing censorship, increasing the funding of wars, increasing the division between ordinary Americans. This is a major development. Russell Brand is not embracing the RFK.

That's very tempting because he's kind of in that genre. He's going all in on Trump. They did everything they could to cancel and to destroy Russell Brand six months ago, accusing him of all these terrible sex crimes in the UK. We stand behind Russell Brand 2,000%. He is now a committed Christian. He is sober. He has three children. He's a wonderful man.

He generously had me on his program recently. And he is now ready to say that Donald Trump is the only option this election cycle. And we need to now transform this positive sentiment into material votes. has another article about the European elections, but it ties to us here. The radical right is winning on TikTok. It amplifies a growing sense of anger and resentment.

Mary Harrington, she seems like a miserable person. Earlier this year, I predicted that 2024 would be the year of Zoomer race politics. At the time, I didn't suspect that the first and most marked electoral evidence of the shift would come from France. But over the weekend, the hard-right French party won 32% of the French vote.

Macron's centrist renaissance party, meanwhile, scored less than half of that number. The sharp rightward tilt by no means is confined to France, and it's happening on TikTok. Maybe this is why they want to ban TikTok. Maybe they want to ban TikTok because it's giving a voice to populism and challenging the status quo.

Play cut 96. In a straight choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, if you care about democracy, if you care about freedom, I don't know how you can do anything other than vote for Donald Trump for precisely the reasons that they claim that you can't vote for Donald Trump. They act as if a vote for Donald Trump is almost like you're directly voting for Armageddon, like you see hysterical performances outside of courtrooms, endless MSNBC bombast. But I'm starting to think that, no, a greater threat to democracy is this kind of technological feudalism that tells you that it cares about you and it's protecting vulnerable people, all the while increasing censorship, increasing the funding of wars, increasing the division between ordinary Americans. It's all about narrative control. And people like Russell Brand and what we're doing on TikTok reaching 16 million people in 24-hour cycles on TikTok is making a difference in the information war. We're going to talk about that extensively in Detroit. Get your tickets at slash peoples. Find one new person in your life while you're at the grocery store and register them to vote. Otherwise, we might fall short in November. What a tragedy that would be.
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