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How is Trump Tied In Virginia?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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June 7, 2024 8:52 pm

How is Trump Tied In Virginia?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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June 7, 2024 8:52 pm

Democrats are panicking at brand new polls that show Donald Trump in striking distance, not just in the swing states, but in supposedly safe blue states like Virginia and Minnesota. Just how badly has the lawfare strategy backfired, and how do conservatives convert this momentum into a decisive win instead of overconfidence? Political strategist Ryan Girdusky talks about that and Trump's veep options, and South Carolina Congressional candidate Adam Morgan discusses his fight to improve and MAGA-ify the South Carolina GOP.

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Hey, everybody. Is Trump tied in Virginia? Within the margin of Arab Minnesota, we discuss with Ryan James Gerdusky and also discuss J.D.

Vance, potentially being the vice president. We also go through Adam Morgan, who's running for Congress in South Carolina and more. Email us, as always, freedom at That is freedom at Become a member today to support our program.

Be part of our growing team. It's That is Buckle up, everybody.

Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country.

He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. I surrender. If you give up, they win.

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In Detroit, Michigan. The great silent majority is rising like never before. Join us for the People's Convention. This is a new ballgame everybody. You send a message, we play to win. Register now at slash peoples.

Hey everybody, we are live at our Young Women's Leadership Summit. That shot looks great, Brian. Good job. You almost see my 1776 shirt. I love this shirt.

Andrew, we got to get this at This is just, it's classy, it tells the whole story. Right? It's understated. I don't like shirts that sometimes you have to like take a breath to read, right? Like yesterday, some people at the Turning Point event, they had these shirts that says, I'm a proud American patriot and like nine different things. It's too much. We're at our Young Women's Leadership Summit here at

That is I just want to show kind of some of the aesthetics of the Women's Summit. Then we have a great guest here that I want to introduce.

Just look here at cut 188. This is the room that will be packed with thousands of young women from across the country. Now, some of you might say, well, Charlie is awfully feminine looking. Exactly.

It is a Young Women's Leadership Summit. I kind of love the vibe. I like the green. I like the... Let's go to the next one, cut 189. What is the best description of that?

Can we get 189? Look at that. It's very, there's a word for this.

No, no, no. What is it? Horticulture. Thank you.

Brian. Very homesteady. Yeah, I love it.

Horticultural. Yeah? Okay. Joining us now is Adam Morgan, South Carolina State Representative. He's running for South Carolina's fourth district. Adam, welcome to the program.

Adam, I want to give you a nice intro here of a video we played earlier. Let's play cut 186. I get that the people in Columbia, that the lobby wants me to either not vote or to vote green on this. But my constituents want me to vote red and they want their tax money spent on core government functions, on their roads, on their schools.

That's what they want their money spent on. They don't want us in here trying to play this government planning thing where we and our bureaus can figure out where the job should be, who should be employed, how much money should be allocated where in the private sector. It never works. It's socialism.

It's never worked anywhere before. So what are we doing to try to do it here? Adam, welcome to the program.

Tell us about you and your race, man. Hey, Charlie, thanks for having me on. You know, you missed the best part of the clip where the Democrat literally comes on and says, you're telling us we should listen to the folks back home over the experts in the Commerce Department? And I was just baffling to hear the entire worldview of the establishment come out of someone's mouth and say, let's not listen to the people back home, the common man, the constituent that we represent. Let's trust unelected bureaucrats and lobbyists and House leadership. It's like everything wrong with American politics these days at all levels.

I'm Adam Morgan. I'm a state representative here in South Carolina. I'm chair of the Freedom Caucus. We're the ones that have made a lot of headlines over the last couple of years, shutting down pediatric transgender clinics, suing school districts and getting CRT out of the classroom and even getting kicked out of the Republican caucus for not signing a loyalty pledge to never talk about other people's voting records, to never campaign or call out other Republicans. And we have a major problem with weak establishment, really Democrat-light Republicans in the state of South Carolina.

And we've been shaking things up and beating them at every turn. And now I'm running for U.S. Congress, ready to take the same energy and fight to Washington, if the people have it. Well, tell us more about it then, because, look, being in Congress is not for the faint of heart.

We got some great people there, Eli Crane, Ana Paulina. What type of leader would you be in the U.S. Congress, sir? Yeah, very much looking forward to joining the Freedom Caucus. You know, at the state level, we've caused such a ruckus to the establishment and the money special interest groups that they spent about a million dollars trying to unseat me and my fellow 16 conservatives here. And, you know, the media works with them. The left works with them.

Both establishment members of both parties work with them. And they all agree on one thing. They hate us. And they hate what we stand for. And they hate that we fight for our constituents.

So I've been up against the ringer many, many times and actually won. And this is the kind of energy that we need in Washington. The folks you mentioned, there's some of my favorite members, along with Bob Goode and Chip Roy, Mary Miller, Ralph Norman, just the cohort that are there for all the right reasons. They show up every single day. They fight for the American public and they actually do something.

I mean, aren't you so sick of strongly worded statements like, you know, the Trump conviction and another example of the weaponization of government. Everybody, every Republican issues a statement of how bad it is. And then they don't do anything. They don't actually shut down the border. They don't actually go at the budgets of these agencies that are undermining our constitutional republic.

And we've actually done it at South Carolina. We have the blueprint. Like show up, speak up, fight, put votes on the board, make them vote for it, and then share it with the public. Go after rogue agencies actually threatened to cut their budgets. That's how you fix the problems in Washington and in your state and in your local county. So everybody has got to learn this blueprint. It's actually pretty easy. It's called keeping the republic and being an engaged citizen. So I love it, Adam. And your race is Tuesday, is that right?

What part of South Carolina is that? To kind of just give our— These are low turnout elections and it's Your race is Tuesday.

Yes, it's Tuesday. Actually, early voting is going on right now, today. And we're in the closest race in the country right now. I'm running against an establishment figure that's one of McCarthy's, you know, sick offense, for lack of a better word.

He went around threatening the Freedom Caucus members and saying they were going to lose their committee assignments if they didn't stand down during the speakership fight to fix the rules of the House. And it's neck and neck. There's all these rumored polls that I'm ahead now, but we're ignoring that and focusing on getting every single voter to the polls to win this. We have a chance to flip a seat. It's a very conservative Republican area that has been underrepresented, represented by an establishment figure that doesn't do much. You can check me out at The election is actually Tuesday, and there's a lot of attention on it. And it would be a huge win for the Freedom Caucus and conservatives if we can pull it off. And I believe that we're going to. We were always called the fighting fourth.

It's Greenville and Spartanburg counties. In the out-of-state, we have Jim DeMent and Trey Gowdy. We're former representatives. And, you know, for the last six years, we haven't had a fighter, and people are ready for someone who will go every single day and fight.

And, you know, that's the clip that went viral is just you saw that. You saw me fighting in my natural element, and I look forward to taking that same energy to Washington. Well, I love it. So, Adam, help me understand why people in South Carolina are some of the greatest in the country. I love South Carolina. Beautiful country. Beautiful state. Actually, and beautiful country.

Great natural beauty. Why is it that South Carolina, despite having such wonderful people, have such crummy politicians? People that continually… What is that? What is the Lindsey Graham, Nikki Haley? Where does that come from? What's going on?

I know. We really do have an embarrassing cast of characters in a lot of the higher offices. That's really one of the main things that motivated me is to actually take the high ground. I'm sick of having weak do-nothing politicians in a lot of the higher elected offices in South Carolina. It doesn't reflect well on us. It definitely doesn't reflect our values. The people here are rabidly conservative. You know, this is where, you know, Lindsey Graham went and got booed on stage with Trump, and Trump seemed confused. And I was like, just you got to recognize that people up here, they don't like moderate do-nothing politicians. They love Trump. They love the Freedom Caucus. And they're ready to have somebody that's actually going to fight for them. And we also have open primaries, which is a huge issue in a lot of Republican states. We have Democrats. I've been aggressively knocking on doors.

I'm over 5,000 doors now, me personally. And I keep hitting Democrats that vote in every Republican primary. And they say, oh, I just I don't want a really conservative.

I want somebody that's more moderate. And so they flood the vote, and that has the impact of getting the candidates that we've got. So we're running a strong campaign, though.

It's a very informed district, and things are looking great. But it's going to come down to every vote. So get to the polls. Grab your friend. Tell everybody.

Anybody you know in Greenville-Spartanburg, you can let them know right now. Go vote today or vote on Tuesday. Adam, I love it. Love the spirit. Love the energy. Thank you so much.

Let's bring you across the finish line here. And again, what part of South Carolina is that? What specific cities? Yeah, Greenville and Spartanburg counties. Landrum, Wellfords, all sorts of, they'll know it based on the counties. And you can check me out at

Tell your friends, neighbors, relatives that might live in this part of the area. We've got a big race going, and it's a very likely flip for conservatives. And so let's get it over the finish line. Adam, thanks so much. God bless, man. Hope you are successful, and we need fighters like you. Thank you.

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That is promo code KIRK at, promo code KIRK. So we have our Young Women's Leadership Summit. It's amazing. Tonight, we're going to talk about this.

It's amazing. We have so much going on, and we did not put the same gusto to promote our Young Women's Leadership Summit as we did in years past. You know what's going to be our biggest ever?

Just boom. We have Alex Clark, who's opening it up. We have Megyn Kelly tonight, Candace Owens, Allie Stuckey. And let me just say, Megyn Kelly has been 10 out of 10 on the lawfare stuff.

10 out of 10. Megyn Kelly has been unbelievable. Laura Trump, Alina Haba, Riley Gaines, Yanmi Park, huge speakers tonight in San Antonio, Texas. And then next week, we have our People's Convention, slash peoples.

That is slash peoples. I want to get into a story here that I think is very important. And it's critical that we don't take our eye off the ball. Yesterday, there was a series of Fox News polls that came out. And one of the polls showed that Donald Trump could potentially win the state of Virginia. Now look, if that ends up happening, that means we are part of an election bigger than all of us.

It is a widespread movement. So here is the recent polling from Fox News. And this is notable because it shows that the conviction did not meaningfully move people's opinion. That's why these polls are so interesting. If you watch this program or listen to this program enough, you know I don't like getting the polls too much. I say get to work, get to work, chase ballots.

Get to work, get to work, chase ballots. I don't like getting too deep into the poll watching stuff. But these series of polls should terrify the left for multiple reasons. And Virginia is fascinating because it is so close to the regime. Virginia is basically an attachment to the kingdom of Washington, D.C. So a new poll came out yesterday, a Fox News poll, that showed Donald Trump up five points in Arizona. My answer?

Get back to work. It shows Donald Trump up four points in Florida, which is really amazing when you think about it. Now that's actually more than what Donald Trump won Florida by in 2020, and it's in a very healthy place. Nevada, Donald Trump up five points. Andrew swears that Trump is going to win Nevada. He is convinced of it, which means if that is the case, Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska, we got to get that done. We are not forgetting it.

And I have a whole text chat going on about that. And then somebody at Fox News had the great idea, and I don't mean this sarcastically, let's poll Virginia. And it says that Donald Trump is tied, tied with Joe Biden in Virginia. I was texting with a reporter this morning, and he says this is sending shockwaves in Democrat circles. The latest polling average has Donald Trump up in Minnesota.

Let me be clear. It is unlikely that Donald Trump ends up winning Virginia and Minnesota. Unlikely, but not impossible. But these things move in waves, meaning if you are doing even competitively in Minnesota, Donald Trump up half a point in Minnesota, Donald Trump tied in Virginia. I am getting closer and closer, and Blake, who is very, very tough to convince on this stuff, yesterday out of nowhere, Blake is like, yeah, I think they might pull Biden. I am at 50-50 right now that we are running against Joe Biden. I'm 50-50.

But they're kind of stuck with it. Because they have this nominating convention, and there's Biden loyalists, and Biden is white-knuckling. And if they bring in Kamala Harris, the numbers don't get that much better.

Show 193. That is Minnesota, June 7th, based on 11 polls. Donald Trump up 0.6.

Again, if it's even competitive in Minnesota. And by the way, you know what those polls show? Producer Andrew got information from reporters that Democrats were quietly sending, quietly sending, I'm sorry, Donald Trump down 0.6, I'm sorry. But that Democrat staffers, they were quietly sending Democrat staffers, three staffers to Minnesota, high level to go try and stop the bleeding.

This is why Joe Biden is going to downtown Philadelphia to stop the bleeding with black voters. Let's put 166 back up. Arizona, Trump up 5.

We are not celebrating at all. I will not celebrate until those electoral votes are certified, and we are full forward on that. We got a lot of work to do. We got a lot of ballots to chase, a lot of voters to register.

But that's a healthy sign. Florida up 4. Nevada up 5. I want your thoughts. Freedom at

Because the combined wisdom of this audience is very impressive. Freedom at Do you think we will be running against Joe Biden? It is now June 7th. There's a scheduled debate in a couple weeks.

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Or online at, use discount code Charlie to get 35% off. Joining us now is Ryan James Gerdusky. You can check him out at Ryan, welcome program. Ryan, yesterday I was with J.D. Vance.

He was traveling with the president across the country. There are really three finalists remaining for the vice president. It is Marco Rubio, Doug Burgum, and J.D. Vance. I think J.D. Vance is by far the best selection. What are your thoughts, Ryan? No, I agree with you, and that's why I thought you were a great op-ed about why Trump should be picking J.D.

Vance. Look, there are many, many things that J.D. brings to the picture that other candidates don't. One, I think that he is by far the best person on camera to defend Trump. You know, Trump's going to go into the presidency with a Democratic Party that wants to put him in jail, an extremely hostile media. And he's going to have to have an aggressive fighter who is going to support him 100 percent of the way. And I think that J.D.

does the best job at that. J.D. can fundraise for Trump, and J.D. will be in agreement with Trump on the big issues. There's a lot of conversations over, you know, what is America first?

What does it mean to be America first? Well, on the issues of immigration restrictionism, J.D. Vance is the only one leading the pack of those three. Of anti-interventionist foreign policy, J.D. Vance is the only one. And of a trade policy that benefits American workers primarily, J.D. is the only one. And I respect Burgum and Rubio a lot.

But J.D. is by far and away the one who believes in the agenda that Trump put forward in 2016 more than anyone else does. And lastly but not least, I think the most important thing is that this election, Trump is doing very well in the southern states. This election will be primarily based upon the Midwest. Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, I think Trump is easily going to win in a lot of southern states. He's going to need one of those three things.

J.D. is the only Midwestern candidate that can bring those states, that can appeal to those voters in a special way that I don't know if Burgum or Rubio can. Yeah, it is going to be a blue collar decision.

So it's going to be blue collar states, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, as you aptly put it. So some people criticize J.D., they say, but he wasn't exactly on board for the Trump thing back in 2016. I actually think that works to his advantage. I told that to the president yesterday. The president said, you know, I love J.D., you know, obviously, you know, strongly considering it, but he wasn't always with me. I said, no, no, I think that helps because you want to try to have people vote for you that might not have always been on board for your agenda.

What are your thoughts, Ryan? If he was just picking people who were with him in 2016, early on in 2016, it would be like six people because most of the Republican Party was opposed to him. There is, I mean, Marco Rubio ran against him in 2016. I don't know what Burgum believed, but, you know, other people who were his biggest advocates were 100 percent opposed to him when he first ran for office. And I say to somebody who supported him the day he came down the escalator, as soon as he said, you know, we need a wall, I was like, this is my guy. So I don't have a grudge to anybody who wasn't within the first day. I don't have a grudge against anybody who wasn't within the first 100 days of his administration. I think he earned respect and he earned respect from J.D. by his actions, not by being a celebrity, not by a way for him to be a celebrity because he was already a literary celebrity. He saw what the Trump presidency brought to this country and became a supporter and became one of the biggest advocates and as the senator, probably the biggest advocate.

And I think that when you need a wartime vice president almost, in the sense that you have a hostile Democratic Party, hostile media that wants to imprison this man, you know, I think J.D. will bring that perspective and bring that fight. And he's earned, and Trump's garnered his respect by his actions, not by just the way to be close to somebody in the camera.

And that's important. Yeah, so the finalists, I completely, I don't know what you get out of Burgum. I have nothing against Doug Burgum. I haven't always agreed to them.

We're live here actually on the largest radio station in North Dakota, so we get a lot of Burgum emails. But, you know, nothing really against him. Marco, I've always liked Marco.

I've actually never got to know him very well. But Marco is definitely moving in that nationalist populist direction. Can you comment on that, Ryan, how Marco has really remade himself in the last three or four years? Do you think that is sincere? Do you think that transformation is real?

Or is that kind of just a little bit of showmanship to, let's just say, better configure to where the movement is? I think that Senator Rubio is a very, probably the most effective legislator of the last eight years apart getting stuff done, everything from the child tax credit expansion to other issues. And on family policy primarily, I mean, Senator Rubio is one of the top leaders. He is still a bit of a war hawk. He's still not wonderful on immigration. He's gotten a world better from where he was with Senator Schumer when he supported him.

A gang of eight? Yeah, exactly. I mean, that's who he was. So he's gotten a lot better.

I think he's grown. And I think that he could, I think if Senator Rubio stayed in the Senate for the next 10, 20 years, he could be a lion of the Senate. But I think he could possibly be a majority leader one day.

I just don't know if he'd be a good vice president, given the circumstances of where the country is now and where the party is right now. You know, it's funny, as we have been promoting JD on this program, the audience agrees overwhelmingly. And I handed the president yesterday the results of our straw poll that shows the vast majority of our audience in favor of JD, including our one on our program and our one on Twitter. 75,000 people voted. And it was 75,000. And JD got right near 60%. It was incredible. And so it was so funny, as I go through the names, the one thing that people will say from Ohio is say, Charlie, we don't want JD as VP, because he's an awesome senator.

I say that's exactly so when the home state doesn't want and you know what the people of Florida say they said, Yeah, we could lose Marco, it's fine. I was like, Oh, no. Okay, hold on a second.

Like this. It tells you something. It's just a little interesting.

Again, that's not that's not scientific. And again, I have nothing against Marco, I think he has a huge role to play. And he is he is terrific on family stuff.

And he's legitimately pro life. And I actually don't hate the finals. I gotta be honest, I'm not saying that the finalists are necessarily that bad. That was the results right there. Ryan, I handed that to the president yesterday.

73,000 people voted in that. So, reiterate this one more time, Ryan, when you're looking at the criteria of what he needs most loyalty, but you said something harmony in Donald Trump's America First instincts. Why is JD Vance best at that? What about JD Vance's worldview fits perfectly with Donald Trump's agenda for the country? You know, I knew JD before he was ran for Senate, I worked on the PAC side of his campaign.

So I know him pretty well. JD understands that there is a real rot in American society that is affecting and killing the communities to which he came. And that is not an easy, there's no easy answer. There's no easy silver ball, there's no foot, you can switch to make everything kind of work and be better. This is gonna be a long, long, long process.

Sorry, my camera's off. There's gonna be a long, long, long process to try and fix the problems in this country. And I think that on immigration, on protecting the American worker, on stopping the flow of drugs in this country, on stopping endless wars that kill people like JD who, you know, serve our country and the Marines. There's no one better than him.

There's just no, there's no one even close. I think that's exactly right. So I want you to, opportunity here, Ryan, a couple minutes remaining, talk about the very important work that you are doing with school boards. I've been watching from afar, it's legit. It is a PAC that is focused on winning back school board races, one of the most important things happening in the country. Ryan, take an opportunity to walk our audience through it, how people can support it, all that good stuff. All right, so I founded the 1776 Project PAC, which is a school board PAC nationwide. We've been involved in over 225 school board victories across the country. And we have managed to flip school boards in liberal areas, moderate areas by focusing on huge issues, everything from the science of reading to critical race theory to transgender issues, issues that are very sexy in politics, issues that are not very sexy in politics. We've been focusing primarily on what speaks to that local community. School boards are like snowflakes, I say.

They look alike, but they're all different. And we have been primarily working with local communities with mom and dad groups and parent groups across this country. And we've had enormous success. Everything, the most recent victory was we flipped the Shenandoah School Board, and they were able to reinstate Confederate names on schools and that was important. It's important to preserve our history. We've had everything from opioid education to increased reading to classical education, public schools. And we're really proud of our work. And I think that we will do a lot more over the course of the next year and so coming up to more school board elections.

I love it. How can people support you, Ryan, in that effort? Just reiterate the website, please.

That's the website for the PAC. It's very fitting, Ryan. I'm wearing my 1776 shirt. Oh, there you go.

Perfect. So Ryan, your reaction to recent polling, Trump in the margin of error in Minnesota and tied in Virginia? Yeah, I mean, if you look at why Virginia is, first of all, it says one thing. No state lives in a bubble. If you see Virginia moving right, it's because North Carolina is moving right, it's because Georgia is moving right. Trump has not, Trump has led in Georgia in every poll since May of 2023.

In North Carolina, Biden's biggest PAC is only spending $5 million, which is not a lot of money for such a big state. All of these states are moving to the right. And if you look at big groups of Democratic voters in Virginia, you're talking a lot of Southeast Asians and Muslims in northern Virginia. You're looking at Hispanic, you're looking at suburbanite, all of which have been moving to the right or abandoning Biden in the Democratic Party. Both have been working in Trump's favor in Virginia.

And now this is more than one poll. I think this is four polls now that have Trump within the margin of error in Virginia, rather Biden leading the margin of error. And Republicans in Virginia for the last three consecutive elections have gotten 51%, 49% and 48%. They have well overperformed in Virginia over the last three cycles. So if there's a rightward movement in Virginia, we've been seeing it continuously. So is it possible that Trump could be close to tie in Virginia?

Absolutely. And if Trump is close to tie in Virginia, then he's probably very close to it in Minnesota as well. There's also a huge Muslim population, less so Hispanic, but a lot of suburbanites who may be feeling that the Biden administration has failed them.

That is a really important analysis. What do you have to say then, Ryan, about the national focus? Out of the three Blue Wall states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, which one do you think is the one to go all in on it?

Seems as if that is really going to be determinative. Pennsylvania, for sure. It is going to be, it is a very, very close state. It's to the right of where Michigan is, not as right where as Wisconsin.

Something's going on in Wisconsin will be very tough. Look, the most important thing people have to remember about Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan is they are 90 to 95%. The voting electorate is 90 to 95% black and white. So the surge of Hispanic, the surge of Asian, the surge with Muslim populations, for example, that doesn't mean much in these very, very, very states with a very classical American electorate.

It's not Texas, it's not Arizona, it's not Florida. It is going to depend on if Trump can get white working class people, people without a college degree, the white working class out to vote. They will make up 40 to 50% of the voters in these states. If Trump can turn them out, he will win.

He will win regardless of what Democrats try to do. This is a very much a baseline election. The polls have not changed in this country in six months. Will they change in five more months? I don't know, but it's not likely you're going to learn anything new about Biden or Trump.

Unless there's a cataclysmic event, you know, that happens, a black swan event that happens, it is very likely that where people's opinions are going to go is where they are now. And in that case, you need the base to show up and you can show up in full force. You need the white working class to show up.

That's where you need to look at spending your time. That's a vice president who can speak to those voters. That's why we spoke before that, why J.D. Vance would be the best candidate for vice president.

Those are going to decide this next presidential election more than any other group, the white working class of those three states. Ryan, thank you for the great commentary and thanks for your time. Really appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you, Charlie. Let's play Cut 195 as we outro a nice summary of yesterday.

Play Cut 195. I'm thrilled to be back in beautiful Arizona with thousands and thousands of proud, hardworking American patriots. Less than four years ago, I handed Joe Biden the strongest, most secure border in U.S. history. The Biden invasion is no accident. It's a deliberate demolition of our sovereignty.

Crooked Joe is also responsible for more women and children being sold into slavery than anyone else in modern history. Fentanyl. Three hundred thousand people are dying a year. We are being invaded. I want to send Joe Biden's illegal aliens back home where they belong. They have to go back home. I want to thank a special person, Charlie Kirk.

Apply to volunteer. Let's win this November. We will put the cartels out of business and I will make clear to every federal department and agency that we must use any and all resources to stop this invasion of our country.

We protect other countries, but we don't protect our own country. We're going to take care of it all. We're going to make America greater than ever before. See you guys in Detroit. slash peoples. That is slash peoples. Get your tickets right now.

It's going to be amazing. Email us. Freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always. Freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Thanks so much for listening and God bless. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to Charlie Kirk dot com.
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