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How Islam Really Views the West

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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May 14, 2024 5:00 am

How Islam Really Views the West

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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May 14, 2024 5:00 am

Compassion, charity, and generosity are considered some of the chief virtues of Christian civilization. But according to Dr. Gad Saad, the Islamic migrants entering the West view these virtues as weaknesses, and the means by which they will conquer their enemies. Dr. Saad and Charlie explore how fear of looking "judgmental" enfeebles the west, and puts everything we value in danger of destruction.


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The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk

Hey everybody. Today on The Charlie Kirk Show, Dr. Gad's sad as we talk about mass migration, Muslim assimilation, the parasitic woke virus, and more. Email us as always freedom at Subscribe to our podcast. Open up your podcast app and type in charliekirkshow. Get involved with Turning Point USA at

That is Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country, he's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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We play to win. Register now at slash peoples. Gad Saad. You should check out his new book which is now coming out in Paperbook, The Sad Truth About Happiness, Eight Secrets for Leading the Good Life. Mr. Saad is a best-selling author, also of the parasitic mind, I should say Dr. Saad actually, and he is a wonderful commentator and friend of the program. Welcome back, Gad.

Oh, so good to be with you, Charlie. So, lots of topics to cover. I want to discuss something you said that was sent to me from many people, which is how we should view immigration to the West.

And let me just kind of pose that question to you. How should we view mass migration, in particular Islamic mass migration? Look, if you have a rational and sane immigration policy, this is what you should be asking. Number one, do immigrants provide a net benefit to society? Number two, do the immigrants that you are importing into the host nations share your foundational values? If yes, then we may allow them in. If no, then it would be suicidal empathy to let them in. So, look, I'm an immigrant.

Elon Musk is an immigrant. Some of us don't want to destroy the West. We want to contribute in any way that we can to the West.

Other folks don't share that vision, and so we have to be very careful. So, you said something in particular about Islamic mass migration. What about their cultural view or worldview is important for us to understand? Yeah, so I think probably the clip that you're referring to is I was discussing, I can't remember on which show, something that I have heard said to me in Arabic, because for your viewers and listeners, Arabic is my mother tongue. I was born in Lebanon.

And so when they would speak to me, this was probably 20 years ago before, I guess, you know, they would have recognized who I am. And when we speak in Arabic, many people would intimate the following, Charlie. The West is a woman to be mounted, right?

So imagine how domineering that ethos is, right? So every single virtue that we think is to be laudable in the West, compassion, empathy, magnanimity, kindness, generosity is heard in that region as weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness. And so you have what I refer to as cultural blindness, right? So not only do we not speak the same literal language, right? They speak Arabic, we speak English, but we don't even speak the same cultural language in that those things that we view as virtuous, they view as weak, pathetic, and hence we should be mounting the West. So how common is that phrase in Arabic?

I mean, Arabic, Arab circles? Because from what I understand, the Muslim world largely sees Christian charity as weakness. And we must remember that they are a religion of conquering and of taking over. It was founded on conquest. Is mass migration a means towards that end?

Yeah, great question. So if I remember correctly, in the early 1990s, the Muslim Brotherhood had said that we are going to conquer the West in three ways. So please listen carefully. Number one, we're going to conquer the West through the womb of our women. So this is basically we just outbreed you, right?

And we know that in the West, most Western countries are not even meeting the 2.17 average number of children that you need just for replacement of the people who die in the society. So number one, we're going to conquer you through the womb of our women. Number two, we're going to conquer you through Hijra. Hijra is the Arabic word for immigration, migration, right?

For example, Muhammad through Hijra went from Mecca to Medina, right? And then number three, we're going to conquer the West by using your miserable freedoms and liberties against you. And that's exactly what we're saying. So what we're seeing.

So why not actually listen and take notice of what they're telling you they're going to do in exact prescriptive terms? Yeah, but the question is then what is the West doing here? It seems a slow motion suicide under the idea that diversity is our strength.

Canada is even worse, by the way, right now than America in terms of this mass migration. And we see this all across Europe. Europe is becoming a conquered continent. What drives a civilization to do this? Well, it's so it's here we refer back to the parasitic mind. So for example, one of the parasitic ideas that I discuss in the parasitic mind is cultural relativism. Well, cultural relativism basically argues that there are no human universals.

There isn't anything that is common across all cultures. You don't have the right, Charlie, to make a moral judgment about why other cultures might cut off the clitorises of five-year-old little girls. How dare you use your cultural values to judge another culture? So you can already see how that creates an impotence in your ability to say, I like these cultural values and I don't want any of these cultural values.

Who are you to say that we shouldn't tolerate people who have genocidal Jew hatred, you know, enmeshed within the DNA of their societies? Don't be Islamophobic. So again, though, this doesn't mean that, you know, this is an indictment of every single Muslim.

I hate having to repeat that. I have more Muslim friends than most people will ever meet. There are nice Muslims, mean Muslims, nice Jews, mean Jews. But does Islam contain tenets that are perfectly antithetical to the West? Nothing could be clearer. And so I guess the question is, when in massive numbers have we seen any evidence that Muslims have been able to assimilate successfully with Western culture?

The answer is a resounding no. So if you look at the 1400 years history of Islam, currently today we have the organization, OIC, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which is an umbrella group of 56 Islamic countries plus the Palestinian territories. Each of those countries, once upon a time, had zero Islam, right? And then you blink and suddenly it becomes 80%, 90%, 99%. Now, in some cases, that transformation happens in two seconds. In other cases, it takes 500 years.

But once the process starts, you know exactly how it's going to go. Now, that doesn't mean that in every case, it's only through mass genocide of the indigenous population, although in many cases it is that. But the process is one where once a society becomes slightly Islamized, we know exactly the direction it's going to go. So take, for example, Egypt. Egypt used to be a Coptic Christian country, completely. And then it is now 90% Muslim and 10% Coptic Christian. What happened to the Christians in Syria, in Iraq? And what happened to the Jews across all of those countries?

They seem to have all magically disappeared. So it doesn't mean that once Islam comes in, it kills everybody. But it certainly means that once you exceed a certain tipping point, the writing is on the wall. And the writing is on the wall in the sense that we are watching the cherished West import our own demise.

Let's play cut 24. And we in the West are just taking it. Right. And by the way, just for people to know, Allahu Akbar does not mean God is great. It means Akbar means greater than. So it could be greater than any other God.

It could be greater than your God. But not only is it a war cry, it's a cry of supremacy, right? If you had said Allahu Akbar, it just means God is big, is great. But if you say Akbar, it's greater than.

So the people who go to Oberlin College and don't speak a word of Arabic and try to lecture some of us was Arabic is our mother tongue. Hopefully they've been corrected. Check out his book, which is now going to be in paperback. The sad truth about happiness, eight secrets for leading the good life. Look, is it hard for you to go to sleep? I could tell you I've done one thing that has changed my ability to fall asleep. Ever since I started adding magnesium breakthrough to my nightly routine, I've been able to quiet my mind to get the best sleep ever. Once I started taking magnesium breakthrough, my sleep completely changed.

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So, for example, they will often write to me and say, you are such a vile hypocrite. You are an immigrant and yet you are, you know, negating the opportunity for other people to come and be immigrants. What a bafflingly idiotic position to take, right? I mean, Ted Bundy is a man and I am a man.

Therefore, how can we put Ted Bundy in the death penalty, right? We're both men. So how could that be, right? A tiger is feline and your house cat is a feline. Why are you so afraid of the tiger?

They're just both felines. So that's what happens when critical thinking is completely erased and what takes over is ideological rapture, right? I don't know if you've seen, I actually posted it yesterday on my ex feed, you see this kind of transgender guy wear or girl, whatever, wearing a dress and it says, welcome refugees, right? So that's the famous, you know, chickens for KFC and I call them geese for foie gras or fish for sushi, right? It is such ideological rapture that you lose your ability to instantiate your survival instinct, right?

Let me give you just one quick example. In 2013, I think, Charlie, there was a Norwegian man who was raped in Norway by a Somali noble person, right? When he was put in prison, I think he only served something like three or four years, the Somali sodomizer was going to then be deported to Somalia. Well, the guy who had been raped, the native Norwegian who had been raped by the Somali felt incredibly guilty and felt terrible about himself that now this sodomizer who sodomized him was going to lead a very bad life in Somalia. So when you are the victim of sodomy and your first instinct is to feel bad for your sodomizer, it's the abyss of infinite darkness. It is the abyss of infinite darkness now, but doctor said, I will say on a positive note, I think every day Westerners who do not have a doctorate or do not have, you know, master's degrees or have been influenced by such no offense.

I mean, obviously you're against the academy, you know, homogeneity of thought. I think that Westerners are starting to wake up. It just the only thing that is preventing the ceasing of mass migration.

The only thing is that everyday Westerners need to withstand being called bigoted and racist as well. As soon as you get through that, then you can have your civilization back. I believe it's that simple. You're absolutely right. And as a matter of fact, towards the end, one of the ending pages, I can't remember which page it's on, but in the parasitic mind, I exactly make that point. And that's why I have a call to activate your inner honey badger, right?

Because it literally becomes the mechanism by which you lose any ability to speak out against anything, right? So there's a six foot four guy in the dressing room with your eight year old daughter. He has a nine inch penis, but earlier that day, he referred to himself as Linda.

That's it. He's become a girl that's perfectly safe to share the bathroom with your eight year old daughter. And God forbid that I would ever consider that a danger to my eight year old daughter because that would make me transphobic. So what you said is exactly right. Nothing is worse to many of the Western woke people than to be called intolerant, bigoted, racist, Islamophobic.

Once you surpass that fear, as you said, we will win the battle by next Tuesday. Yeah. In ancient Israel, there was, you know, the Ten Commandments, the decalogue and you shall know the gods for me have no craven images. The singular commandment of the West is thou shall not be bigoted or racist. It is the prime directive of Western life.

And that's probably a good idea. I have no like moral qualms with that. I think racism and bigotry is awful and wrong against all people, even though they don't believe that.

However, when it gets expanded to the place where you are not allowed to defend your home because you cannot violate the prime directive or the prime limiting belief, then maybe it's starting to enslave your mind and it's starting to actually be used against you. Hey, guys, prepare to witness a journey of resilience, courage and redemption in Angel Studios upcoming new film Sight hitting theaters May 24th. I had a chance to watch it, and it's such an extraordinary true story that captures your heart and leaves your spirit inspired.

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That's slash Charlie. Your thoughts on thou shall not be racist as the kind of core operating belief of the West. That's that's what's making us impotent, right? In the parasitic mind, I talk about an other, I mean, a related edict, right? When people when you say, you know, don't don't don't cast a judgment, right? As I believe it was Jesus who said it, and you'll correct me if I'm wrong, that doesn't mean that I should never judge others. It simply means that don't succumb to moral hypocrisy, right?

Don't castigate others if you haven't had your house cleaned first, right? But that doesn't mean that human beings should not judge others, right? So, and that's what stops people in the West from, because they learned that no matter what someone else does, no matter what some noble brown culture does, it is not for us to judge them, because that would be imposing our values onto them, right?

And so they become sort of this fetishized, you know, noble people that can't do any wrong. No, no, no, I'm here to judge, cutting off the clitorises of five year old girls. I don't want it in my society, throwing gays off rooftops. I don't want it in my society. So again, to your point, once we get rid of this desperate fear of never judging others, we will solve this problem. I completely agree. And so we are seeing this in the States.

I'll just kind of recite some of this. A majority of states in America believe that we should have mass deportations. 78% of Texans believe that there should be mass deportations. 58% of Arizona, 62% of Nevada, 64% of Montana, and it goes on from there. Now, mind you, if you go state by state, the more left wing or more woke or more mind virus infected doctor said they are, the less likely they want mass deportations. So, for example, you go to the state of Oregon, only 19% of the state of Oregon want mass deportations.

Now, I want to pause on this. 15% of Vermont. Now, this is what's fascinating to me is that Vermont and Oregon are some of the whitest states in America. This is not a racial thing, per se, that the more white you are, the more that you want deportation. This is an ideological thing, doctor said, which I think plays into our discussion here, which is that it doesn't matter the color of your skin.

The mind virus is colorblind and can infect anybody, doctor said. You're exactly right. And just to make it clear, while, of course, Islamic immigration poses a unique threat, I'm not pleased either when millions of people from Guatemala and Honduras and so on come in, not because they're from Honduras and not because they have a lighter or darker skin you than you than you do, Charlie. But it's because why is it that when I went down to speak at the Steamboat Institute, which is a gorgeous think tank, the other people, you've been exactly right. Secretary Pompeo was speaking there. So here I am, a Canadian professor who's been a professor at three major American universities. The border agents took me to the side and for 45 minutes were grilling me at times quite rudely. So I had to go through all kinds of hassles, a guy who lives and breathes the American values, who's the biggest champion of America. But if I come in as your gay de la Cruz and I put a fake tattoo that says MS 13 on me, then the border cops would not have stopped me. But Canadian Professor Gad Saad, well, we really have to vet him because he could be dangerous. So it's about following the law.

You don't get to come into a country and say, please give me free stuff while suckers like Gad Saad don't come into the country because they actually care about following the law. That is exactly right. So, doctor said, I want to go deeper into your book, The Parasitic Mind, which I think I think Elon Musk took your framing and your metaphor and is now popularized it to the woke mind virus.

Is that fair? Doctor said that you were the first one to introduce this metaphor and now it is basically in the zeitgeist of our political discussions. Indeed. And I don't know if you saw there was just a Wall Street Journal article that came out. I can't remember the exact title, but it says something like the man who fuels Elon Musk's nightmares. And while that man is the man that you're speaking to and the reason why it refers to nightmares, because in one of the tweets that Elon had posted a while ago, he said, well, I read your brilliant book and it made me not be able to sleep at night.

I was having nightmares because he realizes that this neuro parasitic framework is a real problem and we really need to stand together to save the West. People think that this is just some hyperbolic warnings that we're screaming. It isn't.

Now, again, people don't have the ability to have the imagination of extrapolation. Right. They go to work every day and life is good. They buy their tomatoes.

It's my daughter's weekend prom this this week. And so life is good. But try to extrapolate. If the current trends continue another 10 years, 50 years, 100 years, it won't be pretty.

So stand up and get engaged. Yeah. So, Dr. Said, explain and let's connect all the different parts here to our audience that doesn't quite think about this as deep as you do. How on earth woke upper middle class, hyper educated college or originated ideas find partners and an alliance with medieval theocratic Islamic fascism?

I know this is obvious to you, but to our audience, it's one of the number one questions we receive. Because both of these groups share a disdain for our Western classical liberal values. Right.

So they kind of they're united in their disdain for the West. But then the walkster don't realize that if Islam were to become ascendant, they would also be thrown off the the proverbial rooftop. Right. There's a great expression in the Middle East, which you may be aware of. It goes, I'm translating, it goes, first we come for the Saturday people, then we continue with the Sunday people. The Saturday people in this case is a euphemism.

Right. It refers to the Jews. And then so, yes, of course, the first guys that we get rid of are those pesky, obnoxious, diabolical Jews. But we're not going to stop there. We're coming for you next, Christians. And so what do you see in terms of demographic realities in the in the in Arabia?

Right. Where are the Christians? They magically disappeared. Where are the Iraqi Christians? Of course, the Jews are almost completely gone. There's just a small community in Iran.

Right. In Lebanon, where I hail from, there is less than 40 Jews left and they hide their Judaism. But there was once a very thriving community. What happened to them? What happened to Yemeni Jews?

What happened to Algerian Jews, Egyptian Jews, Syrian Jews? So that's what people have to understand is that it's a long game. Right. The Taliban used to say, you know, you have all the watches referring to Americans, but we have all the time in the world. So inshallah, it might take five years, it might take five hundred years, but we'll flip you and we'll Islamize you.

It's grotesque. Wake up. Yeah. And of course, it's just the obvious is that they'll also absorb the woke as well. I mean, the woke thinks that they can have a partnership in the disdain for the West.

They will, too, be overrun. But it doesn't seem to concern them because they're so driven by bitterness for our way of life, that this destruction of the West at all costs. Well, exactly. Let's suppose you were someone who was very self-loathing as an individual.

If you went to see a clinical psychologist, he or she would try to get you to gain confidence to have a strong, non-fractured personhood. So at the individual level, you should not be self-loathing. But somehow the West has decided that the highest progressive ideal to reach is to be deeply or geastically self-loathing. Right. Hence, this is why I mock by doing sometimes I don't know if you've seen my clips where I self-flagellate.

Right. I'm evil. I'm heterosexual, man. I like women.

You know, I am. That's exactly what you see. So the more I hate my society, the more I get an A-plus at Oberlin. It's grotesque. There is so much to be proud of in the West. Don't see the millimeter to societies that don't share your values.

You will regret it. So, Dr. Saad, the self-hatred and the self-loathing is remarkable and significant. Canada is actually outpacing America in terms of how to quickly destroy one country. Can you just give an update to our American listeners that are not necessarily up to speed on the decline of Canada? Yeah, actually, I don't think he'll mind me saying this because we discussed it on my show. I'm going to talk about Elon Musk. He once sent me a private message saying, hey, God, how the hell is it that you survive amongst the incredible infestation of woke mind viruses in Canada? So that's to your point, right?

Look, our prime minister is a walking lobotomized manifestation of every parasitic idea that I discuss that I discuss in the parasitic mind. And so then that trickles down, right? I'll give you an example from my own university. At my university, this is a major research university with, I think, over 40,000 students. So imagine it's something akin to University of Florida or Ohio State University, right? Well, as part of our five-year strategic plan, number one mission in that strategic plan is to indigenize and decolonize the curriculum in every course at the university.

What the hell does that mean, Charlie? How do I decolonize and indigenize evolutionary psychology? How do I decolonize and indigenize the neurosciences? But that's the kind of ideological rapture we have where a major university puts that as its foundational central mission statement.

It's insane. I just have to ask, how do you decolonize trigonometry? I just are Pythagorean theorem. I mean, just maybe I'm wrong and you can correct me, but like the Navajo Indians, were they figuring out the idea of zero?

I'm not trying to insult them, but I believe that a vast majority of the mathematical breakthroughs that we enjoy here in the West didn't necessarily come from the great plains of the Navajo and the Apache. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. Are you ready to lose weight but not sure where to start? I understand.

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Check it out, Dr. Seth, tell us about your book on happiness. We need some, we need to be lifted up after this very heavy conversation.

Dr. Seth. Thank you for asking. It actually came, the idea to write the book is not something that I had as part of sort of my roadmap of book writing projects. It came to me because a lot of people, so after I had written The Parasitic Mind, people would write to me and say, how is it that you are able to tackle so many difficult, thorny, dark issues, and you typically seem to have sort of a twinkle in your eye?

You can be joking, you play around, you're satirical, you know, you're sarcastic. What's your secret? How are you happy? Now, so I thought, okay, well, if enough people want to know what my secrets to happiness are, maybe I can have the audacity of writing such a book.

Now, the reason why I say the audacity is because as you may know, Charlie, probably the singular topic that philosophers have most written about through the ages is how to live the good life. And so I was at first concerned, can I actually write something that is fresh and unique? And hopefully if I've done a good job, I did exactly that. So I can, if you'd like, I can go through some of those prescriptions. Yeah, please do.

Go through the top level ones. Yeah. Okay.

Yeah. So in one of the early chapters, I talk about the two decisions that are most likely to either impart great happiness or great misery upon you, choosing the right spouse and choosing the right profession. If I wake up next to a person next to me in bed and I go, oh my God, thank God I'm up next to this person.

Well, that's a good way to start the day. If I return to that person at the end of the day, well, that's great. And if in between that I go off to a job that provides me great purpose and meaning, well, then I've cracked the code to happiness.

Now, of course, the devil is in the detail. How do you choose the right spouse? How do you choose the right job? And so here I do have some statistical prescriptions that can increase your likelihood of being happy. So for example, when it comes to choosing the right spouse in evolutionary psychology, there are two opposing maxims. There's the birds of a feather flock together or the opposites attract maxim. Well, it turns out the research is unequivocal about this. If you're looking for long-term happiness in your marriage, then it's very much the birds of a feather flock together.

Maxim, that's operative now flocking on which feathers? It's not that you have to have the same eye color or that you have to have the same nose structure. It's you have to share the same foundational values that guide your life. If I am very religious and my wife is a caustic atheist, well, it doesn't take a fancy professor to know that that's probably going to create fissures in our relationship. So find someone with whom you share those foundational values.

You know, physical attraction is great, but that wanes after 20 years and so you really have to share these foundational bedrock values. When it comes to the ideal job, I say that there are two things that are really important. Number one, anything that allows us to instantiate our creative impulse. You could be a chef, you could be an architect, you could be a stand-up comic or an author or a podcaster. All of those jobs offer you the opportunity to create something from nothing and that provides most people a lot of purpose and meaning. The second thing that I would ask people to do if it's feasible for them to do is find the job that grants you temporal freedom. So I work very, very hard and long hours, but I never feel like I'm working because I set my own schedule. If I feel like now working on my next book for three hours, I do it and then I get the privilege of talking to Charlie Kirk and then I go off and meet a graduate student.

So the ability to kind of navigate and be a vagabond gives me great pleasure. Now I understand that many people don't have those luxuries, well then try to do them in your personal pursuits. Instead when you finish work as a bus driver, instead of sitting passively next to the TV for six hours, you've always wanted to take a ceramics class, immerse yourself in that.

Go to some adult learning center and take that ceramics class. So there are all sorts of prescriptions and ways that we can approach life that can really improve our lot and happiness. Dr. Saad, the two books are The Sad Truth About Happiness and The Parasitic Mind. What a wonderful conversation here. Dr. Saad, thank you always for taking the time and we'll have you on again soon. Thank you so much. Thank you, sir. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always, freedom at Thanks so much for listening and God bless. Thank you. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to
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