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Motes, Beams, and Hypocrites

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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January 9, 2022 7:00 am

Motes, Beams, and Hypocrites

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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January 9, 2022 7:00 am

Zeal is generally a welcome guest in the life of a Christian, but there’s a type of zeal that can ruin our witness and hurt both ourselves and our brothers and sisters in Christ--it’s the passion for judging others. Join Dr. James Boice on The Bible Study Hour as he exposes an appetite that can turn a believer into a sharp and unjust critic of his fellow man.

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While his zeal for the things of Christ is a good thing in a believer. There is a type of zeal they can ruin our witness and leave our relationships in shambles it's the propensity for pointing out the modes in our brothers and welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act biblically. The results of judging others can be devastating in many ways, and Jesus gently points out the magnitude of our own sins. When we go about focusing our attention on the sins of others. Listen as Dr. Boyce examines the sin of destroying our fellow man. With our judge mental character in the moats in the eye of the one who judges others some time ago a person said to me if the devil is not able to destroy a Christians witness by making him apathetic. Will try to do it by making him a fanatic. I believe that's true. I believe that it's illustrated by the verses to which we come today the second half of Matthew six in the midst of the sermon on the Mount, Jesus had been talking about failures that will render a Christian, apathetic, in regard to Christian service. They are a love of money and anxiety. Both of these will have a desensitizing effect on his witness for the Christian has his mind centered on things either to accumulate them more to worry about them. He will not see God and hence he cannot serve him at this point. However, Jesus goes on to show that there is also what type of zeal that will ruin his witness. This is a zeal for judging others, and it is harmful because it will turn a believer into a sharp and unjust critic of his Christian brothers and warning against his failure. Jesus said judge not that you will be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged, and with what measure ye measure, it shall be measured to you again why beholders thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but consider is not the beam that is in 909 without say to thy brother people the mote out of thine eye, and behold, a beam is in my note I know hypocrite, first cast the beam out of thine own eye then shalt thou see clearly to cast the mote out of thy brother's eye. It's a ludicrous picture. The word translated. Mote is the word the Greeks used for speck of sawdust or piece of chaff. While the word beam pointed to a huge wooden rafter or log are equivalent would be a steel girder. Jesus is therefore saying be careful that you do not become like the hypocrite who muscles up to another person and says oh you poor Christian you have a spec of soot in your eye, and he doesn't see the thing that everyone else can say which is so obvious that he has a steel girder protruding from his own. Now what is Jesus Christ meaning when he points up this hypocritical attitude which so many have toward others. Well, it's certain that he does not mean that we are not to exercise proper spiritual discrimination. The very next verse, verse six says that we are to use true judgment when dispensing spiritual things. Moreover, he does not mean that we are to forgo discipline in the church are that we are not able to separate the truths of the gospel from falsehood we pull to do each of these things in several other places in the New Testament.

No, Jesus is simply pointing to a general human tendency to see the faults of our neighbors while blithely overlooking our own and he is warning us against it. The most obvious places is seen in church life is in gossip for the one who is hunting moats and others is never fully satisfied and less he can talk freely about them. Here is a woman who marries the wrong man while in college, and whose marriage ends in divorce. She buries again. Disobedience to the Lord's commandments.

Still, the Lord blesses the second marriage and gives her and her husband find opportunities for Christian service seeker finds out about it. Although the fault was long in the past and long since confessed and forgiven.

It's not long before the fault finder has spread his discovery throughout the full range of his acquaintances again. Here's a man who is so afraid of not being accepted in the office that he puts on heirs actually lying about his past accomplishments and his prospects.

Mote seeker digs for the truth when he is found out he goes about to make sure that the fault is well known how Jesus said that this is quite wrong and not only is it wrong, it is actually according to his calculation of four greater sin than the one that is been uncovered over. Be sure the remarriage was a sin, but it was only a Moche compared to talking about it, talking about. It was a girder line was a mote, but making it known was a beam instead of this. The Bible teaches that we are to bear with one another. The one that is sin, instructing him where necessary, and then encouraging him privately in God's way.

Another form of mote seeking relates to doctrine is always a type of person who listens to the minister or to another Christian, only to find out where he deviates from the mote seeker's personal standards and often because they come to the situation filled with harsh prejudices. Such persons do not even do a very good job of listening.

Like most ministers I've had experience with this sort of thing. Personally not long ago a person called the church asking to speak to me and what she said was a personal matter.

Actually, it concerned a large organization, and her question was whether my church belong to this organization. I began answer trying to say that it's impossible for any individual church to belong.

Although the denomination with which I'm associated does belong to it as a denomination. Then I tried to express my dissatisfaction with the organization in those areas where I believed it has been harmful to the gospel and to the church in America. None of this got through to the woman she was so incensed at this group of people that she ran on for nearly 10 minutes denouncing it herself and reading the numerous quotations from others also denounced it after trying to speak to her several times and getting nowhere was finally nothing left to do but to terminate the conversation. The same thing also takes place with some ministers quite a few years ago I knew of a minister who develop such a fixation about his church's need for money that was seldom a sermon in which he failed to break the congregation for their lack of adequate giving.

Actually because I had access to the churches books. I knew that the giving was fairly good, I knew that many of the parishioners were also giving to other worthwhile causes of the editor of the congregation toward money.

That was the problem it was the minister himself. His fault was evident to everybody yet because he could not see his failure eventually drove many of his best people from the congregation and must greatly diminished the scope and effectiveness of his ministry were going to see in our next study that none of this is meant to encourage laxity in regard to sound doctrine. We are to discriminate.

What is more, no congregation will ever be strong unless it is filled with persons capable of leadership with drunk deeply at the fountain of God's word and were therefore able to discriminate. This view does not support error but it does mean that we are to be most careful in regard to our attitude to those who appear to us to be airing. One commentator helps us by asking these questions does such criticism arise because there is profound grief over sin is the critic moved by the fact that God is outraged and the great wrong is done then answers that actually this type of critic has no sensitivity for sin at all if his accusations of his neighbor are discovered to be false, and the neighbor is innocent.

The critic looks for something else to criticize Dorset because of a great love for the neighbor that the critic makes his accusations and carries his tales. Love covers a multitude of sins does not expose sin. Since we see then that there are no positive motives for the criticism and since the Lord says that the critic is a hypocrite. It follows that the critic is moved by envy and jealousy, selfishness, and all other evil motives that put the poison sac of the ASP under the human tongue. Well you say.

Suppose there are errors in that case, our attitude is to be that which Paul set forth for his friends in Galatia to remember what he told them at the start of the last chapter of that letter he wrote brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye who are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness, considering thyself less bowel also be tempted.

The Greek word that is translated restore in this sentence is a word that was used in antiquity for setting a broken bone. Therefore, the implication is that the restoring should be done gently and with kindness. I think our attitude in such matters should be the attitude of my dentist. I'm one of those people in whose system Novocain diffuses quite slowly with the result that the discomfort that comes from drilling is often only fully eliminated. After the teeth of been finished. Never great discomfort. Of course, so I've learned to live with my system, but recently I've been going to a dentist for my discomfort is troublesome. He said one day when he could tell that I was feeling the drilling you still feeling pain. I said all I feel a little bit, but it doesn't bother me well. He said it bothers me. Then he quit for another five or 10 minutes until the anesthetic could become more effective. How find it would be if the attitude of those in the Christian church was always equally solicitous toward those who need a physician, how kind we would be then and how gentle all this really leads up to one great final point, and that is the need for love. We all need love and we need to love.

The reason is simply that when we are filled with love, we will find ourselves uninterested in finding specs in the eye of the other person the first place. We need to be aware of God's love for us and the fact that we have been loved by him. When the Lord Jesus Christ love us or Jesus Christ you wait to love me until I had done something to make myself lovely. Did you wait until I loved you.

Did you wait until I had removed those great girders of sin that blinded my vision and distorted my spiritual understanding. Of course, not Christ answers.

I love you when you were still a sinner and unlovely by all divine standards. I hear the answer and I turned the fifth chapter of Romans, and I read for when we were without strength, in due time Christ died for the godly for scarcely for a righteous man will one die, yet reps for a good man.

Some would even dare to die. But God commended his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us, or Jesus Christ.

Did you really love me like that. Did you die for me when I was a sinner. Yes I did well and I ask myself how can I be judgmental toward those whose sins, though small, are visible to me but for whom you also died. Dr. Harry Ironside two also knew these Druze well rights when our hearts are occupied with his wondrous love.

We remember that he loved us when we were unlovely and some of us are not very lovely. Now we remember that he loved us when we were unlovable and some of us are not very lovable. Yet if you do that when we were rebellious and if that same love is now shed abroad in our hearts we ought to be able to love those who are sinful and unkind and selfish then to we do not only need to be aware of God's love and of the fact that he loved us.

We need that love in us.

This means that we need the kind of close personal fellowship with him.

That will make it possible.

The apostle John was one would learned a great deal about this love justice Peter. We looked at last week had learned much about the cure for anxiety. We did most of us to think of the apostle John is rather quiet. I suppose in loving reps, even effeminate to so many works of church art of pictured him. This is a wrong idea when he first met Christ in the company of his brother James Jesus had said I am going to call the two of you by another name you're going to be called or energies the sons of thunder. Certainly there's nothing effeminate about that and sometimes later in the midst of Christ's ministry as they were passing through Samaria, James and John were so incensed by the attitude of the Samaritans. They said to Jesus Lord will now command fire to come down from heaven and consume them, even as Elijah did. I was not very loving and effeminate either.

Earlier in his ministry. The Lord had been received in Samaria but at this time, knowing that the time of his death was at hand.

Jesus was determined to push on to Jerusalem when the Samaritans learned this, however, all of the social prejudice that they possess, did come out and they refused to let Jesus and his followers even spend the night in their city. Must John along with his brother James wish to destroy them. It was a clear case of John with a beam in his eye. Jumping up to judge a mold in the eye of the Samaritans were drawn soon learned differently. Jesus had said then you know not what manner of spirit you are of later as he came to know is Lord better to learn what manner of spirit. He was all be learned is need for love and he became one noted for his love. He then wrote beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God, and every one that loveth is born of God, and know if God he that loveth not know with not God from God is love. I do not know where you stand in this matter, remote sunbeams, but I know that very few of us are ever entirely free from this fault.

What is more, I know that the beans if there are any, must be removed from our lives. First, the love of God is to flow freely through our lives to help others. Last summer when I was in Europe I visited a friend in one of the new high-rise apartment buildings in France, the blind, the mighty Rhine River just across the water from Germany for my friends apartment I looked down on an old-fashioned block that existed at one time to direct the water from the Rhine across the flat lands of France.

At one time the channel was undoubtedly useful, but as I look down upon it I saw that large beams had been used. Chokes the flow of water was true that the power of the river that had flowed in former times was still present was running on now to the north through Germany. The beams were blocking the channel and other was nothing coming through but a trickle lock itself was closed by refuse that had entered the cul-de-sac and now had no outlet on the same way if you discover that the beam is blocking the flow of God's love in your life is. These beams were blocking the river and you must know that the only solution is the one to be found in Jesus. He is great physician and he is able to extract both boats and beams because there is nothing to hinder his vision besides, if he does that then he will give you a vision of his glory as you look to him and it will then be reflected from your purified by two others in our father, we rejoice in the ability of the Lord Jesus Christ to try our hearts to see if there be any wicked way in us and to lead us in the way everlasting.

Let now we pray must help us to reflect your glory to those about us. We pray in Jesus name, amen. You're listening to the Bible study hours featuring the teaching of Dr. James Boyce laws do not solve problems but Dr. Boyce discusses the effect of a perfect law on the most important aspect of our lives is our free CD offer entitled judging by the right judgments is free offer is our gift to you. Call us at 1-800-488-1888 will be happy to send you a copy of judging by the right judgment. That number again is 1-800-488-1888.

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The apostle John, who is noted for his great emphasis on love nevertheless said that if a person who does not believe in Christ. Divinity should come preaching the gospel, which is therefore not the Christian gospel.

The Christian should not even welcome them into his house.

He writes if there come any under you and bring not this doctrine received him not. Into your house, neither bid him Godspeed read admitted him Godspeed is partaker of his evil deeds. Jude wrote and of some have compassion, making a difference.

That is discrimination.

Paul added as we have said before, so now I say again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than you have received, let him be accursed. He did not say let him be converted in the light of these texts. It's obvious that Christ's call for discernment is not so out of place as it seems, in fact, it reminds us of a whole area of biblical teaching that is quite easily forgotten. And it recalls us to the stern duties of discipline and understanding in the task of advancing God's claims through the gospel. No, what does this statement give not that which is holy under the dogs mean practically what does it have to do with you with me and with the church of Jesus Christ generally the first thing it means also the easiest understand is that all of the crew of the Bible is not for the unbeliever. In fact, the only truth that is for him is the truth of his own sinfulness, coupled with the offer of salvation through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You mean to tell me that the ethics of Christianity are not unbelievers, and I replied that that is exactly what I mean we saw at the beginning of these studies that it was for the poor in spirit, proud, those who mourn for their sin, not the carefree ones whom God is made unique. Not the most, whom these teachings are given extra time on Bible study hour bearing you to think and act

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