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God's Wonderful Gift

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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December 19, 2021 7:00 am

God's Wonderful Gift

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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December 19, 2021 7:00 am

God gave mankind a wonderful gift. He was born a child, even though He preexisted and was never a child before. He was born a son and yet He was always a son, and this Son would be called by many names. Join Dr. James Boice as he examines the meaning and significance of the names of God’s wonderful gift, from Isaiah 9 verse 6.

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Into this world. He was born a child, though he preexisted and was never a child before he was born, the Son of Man, yet he was always the son of God in this son, this wonderful gift sent by God was God and would be called by many names are welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act quickly. The names given this child in Isaiah's prophecy are noteworthy, wonderful, counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, Prince of peace. God incarnate, was born that day in Bethlehem ministers to us under these four names in four distinct fashions.

Join Dr. Boyce as he examines the meaning and significance of the names of Christ. God's wonderful gift to man from Isaiah 9 verse 6A, wonderful texts in the Old Testament prophesied the coming of Jesus Christ. But one of the most remarkable of all is the one that's our text tonight from ninth chapter of Isaiah is verse six we all know what part of Handel's Messiah also reported song and no doubt we recited it reported red many times the Christmas and at other times and it goes like this for to us a child is born, to us a son is given, the government will be upon his shoulders. He will be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, Prince of peace number of reasons why I prophecy is so significant very subtle prophecy. In some ways, and that in itself a significant may have noticed, no doubt you have that interesting play upon the child in the sun that's mentioned in the first part of the verse says the child is born in the son is given, we might think if we look at that, superficially, that that's just another example of Hebrew parallelism characteristic of Hebrew poetry and escrow. It is black but it's more than that choice of verbs is most significant as child, or Jesus Christ, the Messiah was born. He had not been a child before he was eternal God, but he became a man, through the incarnation through the birth, but the next race says to us a son is given, he didn't become a son by worth he was always the son of God, so God gave his son that he became the child through the incarnation that's very interesting, chiefly because of the first part of that verse that I look at it tonight but I look at it rather that list of names of the cars in description of the Messiah, which we have in the second half of Isaiah 964 names wonderful Counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, Prince of peace. That's not parallelism those are four separate names for separate titles. I mean for separate things and they minister to us or to put it more correctly, the Christ bears those names ministers DOS and for separate ways really worth looking at each one. Because together they describe the magnitude of this wonderful gift God has given us in Jesus Christ. At Christmas time, Oliver says wonderful counselor name wonderful is remarkable in itself. And you know I'm sure that in the authorized King James version of the Bible and set apart by itself as to say by the addition of a comma after the word wonderful. That list of four names is broken up into five. His name shall be called wonderful.

That's the first name counselor. That's the second name, mighty God, everlasting father, Prince of peace is worth thinking about that word wonderful. I think that it's lots name separate to itself. It really does along with the word counselor which is the way most of the modern versions habit, but certainly is wonderful in itself is I say that title which is here given to Jesus is probably not the name wonderful alone, but rather wonderful counselor. The first word being used to modify the second because the name is used in that way. Wonderful counselor. It really does draw our attention to a fundamental need all human beings have and what you and I certainly have a man is the need for wisdom for knowledge for counsel for guidance and I were to get through the affairs of this world that's not such an easy thing when we're young. I suppose we tend to be brash in our ignorance we think of what we think we know because we don't know what we don't know we assume we know most everything in so we go blissfully on vital needs counsel when you're young, but as you begin to live a bit. You begin to experience some of the complexities of life, not to mention the ignorance that we have within you begin to see that you do need counsel and counsel, understandably, are you so you know who you are given name you give a place you say I do this I do that just what.

Who am I really and involved in that question.

One of my here for animal do not question what is anything here for what is the purpose of it all involved. And that question is there anyone behind it all is there God out there is, how can he be known.

When you begin to ask even the simplest of questions about your own identity assume fine yourself plunged into around the goes far beyond anything you and I can answer by ourselves, where we going to find a counselor that can help us with those problems. Isaiah says that there was to be a child born who was at the same time to be the son of God, and that one that child to be born that Messiah that Jesus Christ is the one to give us counsel.

Interesting that at the birth of Christ. Some of the visitors that game probably sometime after the birth were those we call the wisemen from Persia. That word is actually Magi what we find in the text actually means the mighty ones. That is, people of influence or power.

And probably that's what they were. We don't know a lot about them. But if they came from Persia, which is what is generally assumed they probably were wisemen and our sense of the term. That is, they were the people of the East to study the literature of the day, and who perhaps because much of the wisdom was supposed to come from this source contemplated the heavens studying the stars tried to search out what the answer to all these great mysteries of life is all about. That's the case from a human perspective. These men really were wise that is.

They knew what was known to be no in their day. Yet as you begin to read the story of their coming to Christ in Matthew what you find is that there supreme expression of wisdom was while not in what they know but in what they knew they didn't know.

So they were wise enough to know what they didn't know they were wise enough to ask questions, they were wise enough to learn from the unworthy when the star came, they were wise enough to follow the divine guidance and yet all their wisdom they didn't have the answer to life's problems and the light came Bob out at the feet of Jesus Christ was the Savior. They were wisemen when they started out they were much wiser man when I went home. The Bible describes the Lord Jesus Christ as our counselor. That is the one who gives wisdom, the very word that used here Jesus when he was on earth spoke about the Holy Spirit in those terms.

He said I'm going away but I'm going to send the Holy Spirit to be with you and he's going to be your counselor used an interesting word without a semi send another counselor that is one of those just like myself. I have been the first counselor and I'm going away. I'm going to send another one Greek language that word is Paraclete toss it means one who was called alongside of another to help them out. Interesting that that work Paraclete toss one was called alongside of another to help is the Greek equivalent of the Latin word for which we get our word advocate, a lawyer advocate is exactly the same thing as one was called alongside of another to help self advocate is the Latin translation of Paraclete.that's what Jesus is.

He will be called wonderful Counselor, says the prophet Isaiah, and where wise if we learn to take his counsel and secondly, Isaiah says that this one to be born is going to be called the mighty God is really remarkable to hear is that Old Testament prophecy that speaks of the coming of the King because that's really what's involved, there's turmoil on earth all kinds of difficulty at speaks of battle. It means literal battle and it says what is coming was going to put all that child is going to be born. I would say oh we understand that here is the prophecy of Psalm great military figure and that is true certain sentence but Isaiah says rightly without even blinking time is utterly astounding that this one to be born. This one was going to be a child is going to rule what is going to provide counsel is not mother in the mighty God himself. We look back on that. From our perspective from several thousand years of church history and we say will, of course, is what it's all about the incarnation, but at the time. Isaiah wrote that that was a remarkable insight to say what was intimated earlier in the Old Testament revelation. Yes, it was still in unequivocal language to say that there's going to be a child who is himself the mighty God really is astounding. Yet, of course, that is precisely what the incarnation is God with us. Emmanuelle incarnation of God in human flesh should be so impressed with the mighty power of Almighty God, from time to time people object to the Bible and try to cast doubt on it. Because of this miracle or that I say well how that happened in my name some miraculous thing or how could black happen.

Sometimes we reply by saying well. The real issue is the resurrection. If God was able to raise the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, that is a miracle greater than all other miracles we could do that. Anything else is possible.

That's a good argument but you know even the resurrection is not the greatest of all the miracles Jesus himself raised people from the dead, and we're going to be raised from the dead.

It's not even that unique is the greatest of all the miracles is the incarnation of God the Almighty God. Even the Scriptures describe as being spirit that is a spiritual being, even unlike the Angels who have bodies going was a spiritual being, God could actually take upon himself a human form and become a just man is some general philosophical sense is if he somehow pervaded all of the human race but a specific man the third of these four titles is everlasting father, now that's important to you may have heard, I'm sure most of you have that that word father is a very infrequent word in the Old Testament in reference to God's not that it's not there at all, but infrequent people accomplish things I never count on people who do that sort of thing. Tell me that it's only there 14 times in the Old Testament, and even then it's not there in a Very Personal Way, God in the Old Testament is never said wants to be the father of any individual Israelite when he called father is always called father in the sense it is the father of his people is the entire nation of Israel in the same way the king might be said to be the father of the nation or of founder some great hero in the past might be said to be the father of his country like George Washington, but never personal and yet when Jesus came, Jesus began to talk about God and precisely those personal terms. It was so striking that it impressed itself upon the minds of the disciples not only that, it impressed itself upon their minds so that when they began to record the words of Jesus as they did in the four Gospels lay recording always when he prayed, saying father even remember the word in which he did at times in the New Testament it stuck in their minds is such a remarkable thing that they actually put the Aramaic word in the Greek text, the word about which is the word apparently Jesus used, about about he called God. There was remarkable thing.

The Jews of Christ's day were increasingly sensitive of the enormous golf that separated them from God.

God is infinite, might transcendence themselves and their finitude and said so God seems the time of Christ to be receiving Jesus came along in the most minimum terms that father father same way that a child would approach a parent ready in time and say father mother whatever it is, the child want. That's the way Jesus prayed when he came toward the end of his earthly ministry and was facing the cross or was that key moment in the ministry were returned to them and he said you know I called Godfather about this time on I am authorizing you to call God father as well. That one was my father, with whom I have that intimate relationship is now going to be your father and you could have that intimate relationship with him to say well all of that is interesting.

All that is wonderful but how is it that term everlasting father is used of Christ. Here is Jesus talking about God the father. His father is Jesus himself called everlasting father dreams. Of course it is identified with the Almighty God. But it is significant to know the toward the end of his ministry about the same time he was giving his disciples the authority to approach the first person of the Trinity by the title father. One of his disciples asked him, that they might see the father in Jesus response was you been with me such a long time. And yet, don't you know me, he said one was seen me has seen the father he was affirming that identity Jesus Christ to say is not only a wonderful counselor providing the wisdom we need of the mighty God providing the power is also the everlasting father was arms reach out as the arms of a good father to embraces receive us and his spiritual family and frequently sensitive. It Christmastime to the fact that there are people who are without families and I'm aware of how difficult this is holiday time when most people are home and when so many of the things we do are family-oriented. Sometimes losses due to some breach of the family. There's been a misunderstanding and last year's harsh words and said sometimes a child is been banned from the home happens sometimes it's the result of the death when holiday like Christmas cottons, people like that feel particularly lonely if you cut off their sad inside all that is perfectly understandable, but look you come the word of God and you come to a statement like this and you find that we may have one or very real hurting Laxton terms of human relationships in human companionship, that there is nevertheless left all embracing fatherhood of God which we know through Jesus Christ, which is there to receive us. Each one. Whoever, we may be whatever we may have or not have whatever lack we may feel or whatever suffering we may endure for the more that home is an everlasting home. I fatherhood is everlasting to see you have a good home. Here you have a good father, a good mother you have a wonderful relationship with the children but time does lead eventually carrying away yet in the family of God. We have one was everlasting. That is, from everlasting to everlasting whose very existence embraces all time and is in the back family that were brought through the work of Jesus Christ.

No wonder. Isaiah said that his name would be everlasting father and that that would mean something to us today. And finally, there's the title Prince of peace. That title more than any other is associated with Christmas because what the Angels were talking about. They said glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests. You and I need wisdom we need power. We need this kind of all embracing home, but we also need peace because in ourselves.

We are not at peace.

Several kinds of peace we need. We need peace with God. First of all because were not at peace with God.

Apart from the work of Christ were war with God.

We may not like it's made I like to admit it, we may say although I'm not at war with God, we are because were going our way were not acknowledging his rule and part of the work of Christ is to bridge that gap to achieve reconciliation. That's why, in the fifth chapter of Romans. Peace is described as one of the results of justification that chapter begins therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God's word starts peace that we need the second kind of peace that we need and that's internal peace it's a piece of God which is meant to flood our souls as we live in harmony with his will and have the Holy Spirit at work in such promise to is spoken of in the fourth chapter of Philippians we have peace peace of God, something for which we pray which God increasingly works and though our lives as we live our lives day by day trying to obey him. Jesus Christ is the source of that piece. I wonder at this Christmastime you've experienced those things that the Lord Jesus Christ can bring about back in Isaiah's day. He, like all of the other Old Testament figures was looking forward to coming home one who should be all these things and never to play was America not something that was far distant, something to be hoped for something to be believed in. But nevertheless not something to be fully realized because it hadn't actualized itself in history as you get. I think of that great Sentinel Simeon, the last of the Old Testament prophets expecting waiting for the coming of Christ is been revealed to him but he wouldn't thought until he had seen the Lord's Christ always Old Testament figures were like Simeon.

Looking forward, looking forward, waiting, waiting, waiting as the years went by as the millenniums succeed in the millennium waiting for the everlasting father, the Prince of peace, the mighty God, wonderful, counselor, and it lasts at child was born son of God was given Simeon the last of the prophets did barely held at baby in his hands. That baby was God's treasure baby was the Savior that baby was all these things about which Isaiah speaks and he grew up to teach and to love and dying to be raised from the dead, and he is living today and will return one day as judge of all the earth prior our father, we thank you for all that Jesus Christ is can be of those who wait upon them the trust and believe on him. We pray that what is a possibility might become for us. In actuality, we might actually enter in the full measure of the salvation so begin to live as those who know and have spent time with Jesus Christ. Father, bless us and that way we pray because of who Jesus Christ is and in turn make us a blessing to other people for his say a man standing featuring the teaching of Dr. James Boyce Christmas is the perfect time of year to remind our loved ones just how much we care. The late Dr. Donald Ray Barnhouse reminds us that love comes from God and were able to love because God loved us first we be honored to send you a free CD copy of Dr. Barnhouse's Christmas message when love came down it's yours.

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Thank you and Merry Christmas hi Mark, Daniel, so glad you checked in.

When you think of the first Christmas gifts. You likely think of the wise men. Their gifts were exotic and expensive but they pale in comparison to the four gifts found in Jesus. The greatest gifts that could ever be given joint. Dr. James Boyce next time as he looks again at the amazing gifts given to us for Christmas and the person of Jesus Christ. That's next time one Bible study our preparing you to think and act

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