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His Name Is Wonderful

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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December 12, 2021 7:00 am

His Name Is Wonderful

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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December 12, 2021 7:00 am

We hear of many unusual names given to members of the human race. It’s a wonder what some people name their children! Yet even in the vast array of human monikers, have you ever known anyone named Wonderful? Join Dr. James Boice as he expounds on the wonderful name given our wonderful Savior by the prophet Isaiah.

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People are called by many names, but there is only one person named wonderful. And his name is Jesus.

In these weeks preceding Christmas is a fitting time to think about this wonderful person and why he was given a name that is been given to no one else.

Welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act biblically's conception was marvelous.

Is nature amazing is sinlessness. Cingular's teachings extraordinary is miracles unparalleled is resurrection glorious and his love for sinners in credible. He is a wonderful Savior and well deserving of his wonderful name.

Listen as Dr. Boyce unpacks the depth of meaning in the name given our Savior from the prophetic words of Isaiah chapter 9 verse six number of years ago I came across a little booklet that was written by Dr. William microwave Miller. This particular booklet that I came across is entitled.

His name shall be wonderful to great example of Dr. Miller's approach to things.

It's written to Muslims who presumably would know relatively little about Christianity or about Jesus Christ based as you can well gas on Isaiah 96 where that name wonderful is given to Christ and it presented the meaning of this name in a very simple and winsome way. He began by asking this question, he said, did you ever hear of anyone by the name of wonderful is that I never did. I never heard of anybody by that name in all the books of history and all the references to literature that I've ever ran I've never come across anyone whose name was wonderful and yet in this great prophecy from the Old Testament written by the prophet Isaiah wraps 2700 years ago. There is a person is called wonderful, and his name is Jesus. And then he gives the text or to us a child is born, to us a son is given, government will be on his shoulders and he will be called wonderful, I thought it might be appropriate to think together about this wonderful person. Jesus said why he's given his name, which so far as we know, is given absolutely no other man or woman I want to mention a number of things. First of all the prophecies that concern him are wonderful urban prophecies that have concerned other great individuals and even nations. Of course, the Greeks had their prophecies. Alexander the great, supposedly had prophecies made concerning him before his birth had not without meaning. You turn to a nation like Israel, and of course the Bible is filled with prophecies concerning the calling of Israel. The founding of Israel. The scattering of the nation because of its sin and then a regathering but when you compare those with the prophecies of the Old Testament, the concern, the life-and-death resurrection and the second coming of Jesus Christ. There is virtually no comparison because these prophecies that concern him are wonderful beyond measure. Ruben Torre has a section in one of his writings where he points out, quite rightly, that just fine. Old Testament prophecies Isaiah 53 Micah 52 Daniel nine versus 25 to 27 Jeremiah 23 verses five and six and Psalm 16 versus eight through 11 give us virtually all of the key points that were to concern his ministry. They tell where he should be born and what family he should be born. The condition of the family at the time of his birth something about his marvelous teachings. His death, the nature of his death. They tell about his resurrection they give many details concerning that all of this in just five passages when we begin to talk about this wonderful Savior Jesus Christ. We start with the prophecies concerning and secondly his conception was marvelous.

Every other single person who has ever walked upon the face of this earth has been born in a natural way conceived in a natural way via human father and a human mother Jesus Christ, according to the United testimony of the gospel writers was born without a human father had a virgin conception.

Matthew tells about it in the first chapters, the angel came to explain the Matthew what you happen. Luke tells about an greatest detail as she unfolds Mary's story. We talk about our Lord's conception we say all yeses name is wonderful. Our Lord's divine nature is wonderful. Jesus was a true man.

We confess that we confess and gladly because he became like us in his humanity identified with loss of all of the sufferings that we know the Bible says he became like us in every respect except in the fact that we are sinners and he was sinless, but even more marvelous than that. Even more marvelous than his human nature, which was a perfect human nature is his divine nature testimony of the Scriptures from beginning to end is that he was God, every bit as much as he was man marvelous thing that these New Testament writers speak about that we have to remember that for the most part, Luke wrapping. The only exception. Things were not Greek or Roman writers with whom we might expect, the idea of incarnate deity might be compatible, but it wasn't among the Greeks and Romans that these teachings concerning Christ deity are found, but they were found among Jews and Jewish writer so as we know from studying the writings and from there history believe firmly in one soul. God so much so that an early Pharisee like the apostle Paul, Christianity, heresy, that which destroy the unity of the Godhead in Paul as we know it is early days went about trying to stamp out these truths concerning Jesus in every possible way.

It was these writers Jews trained in monotheism. Nevertheless, without any hesitation having had their personal encounter with Jesus Christ said this man cannot be explained on the basis of humanity allowed this man is what he taught that he wants, namely, God incarnate God's own son. Perfect union of God and man. When you begin to think of Jesus Christ was in the basis of his teachings.

You really don't have very many choices can call him a good man.

That's one thing that's excluded because if he wasn't God but thought that he was while he was lying and that means he was in good only three things he can possibly be.

Eydie was crazy. He thought he was God. He was just out of his mind wasn't or he was a deceiver really wasn't God but he went about pretending he was. In order to influence people or he was what he said he was he was God.

You settle on the first of you say well he was out of his mind. You have other historical examples easy to find people who have exalted ideas in themselves because they're not quite in their right mind would you have to say is you read what he taught way he acted was Jesus really out of his mind.

Was this a man who had lost his balance.

On the contrary, you read what he did said and you concluded you have any judgment at all. What were going to talk about Saturday. This was undoubtedly the sanest man who ever lived well. We fall back in the second we say then maybe he was a deceiver deceiver. He was a deceiver. He was a pretty good one was he got even the priest to believe in him. Even members of his own family. That takes some doing the same time while in one sense he was the best deceiver there ever was.

He was also the worst because she said that by following him by following him alone. Men and women fight heaven, which if he was not God and he was deceiving them they would not find it was misleading them he was leading generations millions upon millions of his followers to an eternity without God does not explain this one, whom the Scriptures call wonderful knowing you think it through.

See that the early Christians saddened the writers of the New Testament were right. Jesus was wonderful, but only in his humanity. But in his divine nature as well. Jesus was also wonderful in his sinless life. We look into history and we see in history. Those that we call great men great women but we have to realize that when we talk about those were great.

One thing that characterizes their greatness is the awareness of their own sin.

You find somebody in history who has such an exalted opinion of himself that he pierced us not to be humble. That is to barely acknowledging shelf law to deny his said well we say that isn't a great person. That's an ego maniac. That person when we look to the past, we find those who really are great received in every case I have a sense of their own sinfulness. It doesn't make any difference whether you're looking within the Christian religion or whether you're looking at other religions looking Christianity have a man like St. Augustine, the great man of his age old book confessing his sin on his confessions or look to the non-Christian world, you little person like Gandhi, someone whom some people to call certain sense St. Gandhi was very much aware of his imperfections. He wasn't afraid to talk about the Jesus Christ was not like that. Jesus Christ said to the people of his day, even to his enemies. Which of you convicts me of sin.

I had nothing to say when he talked about his heavenly father God, he said, I do always those things that please him in the was no person living even though he had very strong enemies. Those who hated them desperately was not one person living who could say you are lying because so-and-so this is what you've done.

One could convict him of sin. He was wonderful in his sinless life. Jesus was wonderful in his extraordinary teachings. That's a subject that would require much more time that I have but you know many of them we have a collection of them in the sermon on the mount. There among the best known ethical teachings in any language of the world and certainly in English. Blessed are the meek. Blessed are the poor. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, and so on. He gave us what we call the Lord's prayer one occasion, his enemy sent soldiers out to arrest him and they came back a while later not having done it in his enemies, and why haven't you arrested them.

I gave an answer will absolutely extraordinary for soldiers. They said never man spake like this man.

Imagine that a policeman refusing to arrest someone only was sent to arrest because he spoke wonderfully yet that's what happened in the case of Jesus Christ so wonderful for his word. So wonderful was his teaching that his enemies were unable to affect his arrest until he himself brought about his arrests in order to line things up for his own crucifixion.

Jesus many miracles were wonderful, were others in the Bible who did miracles we turn to the Old Testament and we find Moses a great man of God being empowered by God to do miracles. We find that the occasion of the deliverance of the Jewish people from Egypt. Moses was instrumental in the hands of God in bringing 10 great plagues upon the Egyptian later as the people were led through the wilderness. Again, God work through Moses to provide food for them in the desert and protection in the desert and many many other things. Elijah and Elisha were also prophets who did great miracles all week, the time of Jesus Christ and we find in Christ. Stay work of miracles. That is absolutely unsurpassed even in the holy Scriptures we find the Lord Jesus Christ going about healing the sick, giving sight to the blind cleansing the leopards, leopards, giving an ability to walk to those who had been unable to walk and even in the case of Lazarus and the son of the widow of name raising people from the dead last fall we have the example of his own rate resurrection. Somebody is pointed out that although those things are miraculous.

One of the most miraculous things about it is it so far as we know the Lord Jesus Christ never took payment for anything he did. I said could you imagine Dr. was able to do that. Back in those days, able to heal all those people not getting rich through his ability. Jesus was wonderful. Even here he healed the sick, and he did so absolutely without charge or Jesus Christ is wonderful in his death, brothers, first of all, it was a voluntary death. He didn't need to die.

He himself explain the one occasion that if he wished he could call forth legions of angels, God would send them to you say to defend them. We read in the Bible that death is the penalty for sin. He was sinless.

He didn't need to die is a penalty for his sin, and yet he did. He did involuntarily, and he spoke about it on numerous occasions this disciples were unable at first understand what he was talking about because that isn't the way I understood that a person is a successor makes it impact what kind of impact in a dead person have a thought they said, although if you want to do something good here. You have to live in. You have to be strong and powerful like the politicians of our day. They said what you have to do is have enough light to be able to drive out these moments. That's what we want for you. We want to be right in there by your side while you're doing Jesus said no I didn't, do that Son of Man is come to give his life a ransom for many. And he began to explain to them how it was necessary that he go up to Jerusalem to be arrested and abused and spit upon and beaten, and finally be delivered over to die on the cross is was voluntary that and it was an atonement also. That is, it was a definite purpose. It wasn't what we would call a meaningless death, or even what we would call an edifying death kind of death that Marder might have we might say all it's important to have that kind of courage and have such a vision in life that you're able to die like that.

It wasn't that kind of a death was a death for others. He died in their place.

See who had no sin died in the place of sinners so that sinners need not die eternally.

That of course was the horror of his death. The physical death, but that in his death, the weight of sin was upon him, and he cried out in his anguish, not because of his physical pain, but because of the spiritual suffering by God, my God, why have you forsaken me he do that voluntarily in an atoning sense for us those who trust him all their been amazing depths of the history of the world. There have been people who have died for other people in a human sense to spare them, but there is no deathlike the death of Jesus Christ. He was wonderful in his death, Jesus was wonderful. Also in his resurrection he prophesied his resurrection. You know it wasn't just his death that he talked about. He said I'm going up to Jerusalem to die. That's the reason for which I've come to give my life a ransom for many.

But he also said, and after I died on the third day God is going to raise me from the dead.

Again, that is not going to be my hand disciples and understand that and understand what he was talking about only talk about his death, and I certainly didn't understand what he meant when he talked about his resurrection. We read the texts now after the fact and we say how can they be so blind, how could they not understand what he was saying.

Well, they didn't yet that's what happened, he was crucified. Dad married, all according to the Scriptures as Paul says in first Corinthians, but on the third day the stone was rolled back the angel descended and it was evident that Jesus Christ was not there. He was risen from the dead, and he appeared in his resurrection body to the disciples to the women, Peter, last of all the Paul on one occasion the 500 brethren at once and the conviction that they had was so great when Paul came to write to the Corinthians later and rehearsed the evidences for the resurrection. He didn't even talk about the kind of historical evidences that we know today and talk about the empty tomb of the undisturbed lake brave closing the transformation of the character of the disciples of all of those things, he simply said, Jesus appeared and he was seen by all of us, even up to 500 brethren at one time you normally would go ask those who saw the resurrected Lord Jesus was wonderful in his resurrection. His influence in the world is wonderful and you think of anyone in the whole history of the world, who is had such an influence and we had such a beneficial and we had such an unmitigated beneficial influence as Jesus Christ all their been people of because the star been people made a name for themselves, and brought misery on millions here was Jesus Christ quiet, humble teacher who nevertheless lived and taught in such a way, the generations involving millions upon millions of men and women followed him and have by their own testimony been brought out of death into spiritual life brought out of sin and righteousness brought out of ignorance and the knowledge of God strength and found that truth has set them free. Something for you as individuals and set them free to help other people, orphanages and hospitals, and social service works and churches in all kinds of compassionate things have followed from the life and ministry and influence of Jesus Christ.

Jesus was wonderful in his influence on the world and he still is. Jesus is wonderful and is love for sinners is lover sinners were so evident in his own day that his enemies chastised him for. They called him a friend of sinners imagine that friend of sinners by many hung out with them instead of being with well the nice people work like themselves. He went to the people who were lonely. The people who were downcast the people who were despise the people who are rejected.

He said look at the well don't need a position.

The second are the ones who need a physician and went to those were sick and knew themselves to be sick spiritually and he befriended them and they love the many prove that love in the final analysis by dying on the cross for their salvation. Paul writes in Romans that God himself commends his love to us on the basis of Christ's death taxes Romans as you know, sometimes a good man will die for a righteous man somebody whom he recognizes to be more righteous and more beneficial than himself. He might just die in some instances for the person like that. Paul says God commends his love toward us in the while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Jesus is wonderful in his love. Well I don't know if you been counting. But if you been counting.

I've given you 10 reasons why Jesus is wonderful and there are many more but I may say there is at least this one additional thing, but only as Jesus wonderful for all those reasons. He is also wonderful because he is willing to dwell with us be in us, and eventually take us to be with him in heaven that perhaps is the most wonderful thing of all, because we are sinful and he is holy. Normally, the holy can have nothing to do with that which is sinful and Jesus Christ by his death atoning for our sin made it possible for us to be with him in heaven forever more.

I commend this wonderful Jesus, the year when I asked her he was follower, you know him, is he your Savior. If not, don't let Christmas go by without making what is the greatest decision anyone could possibly make in this life. The decision to follow him faithfully as your Savior and your Lord, you are a Christian, then rejoice about a wonderful Savior you have don't really rejoice about it privately, though I hope you do that, but go out until the world spray father less this verse to our hearts. Granted, whenever we come to it again in our reading weather throughout the year for as is always the case at Christmas season and we read he will be called wonderful grant of these thoughts might come back to us. We might find ourselves rejoicing at the greatness scope of this wonderful nature of Jesus Christ our Lord, we pray in his most blessed name. Amen you listening to the Bible study hours featuring the teaching of Dr. James Boyce the names of God reflect his glorious attributes and prepare us to worship him in every season. We like to offer you a message. By the late Dr. Donald Gray Barnhouse entitled the Christmas names of God's free CD offers our way of saying thanks for listening. Give us a call at 1-800-488-1888 we be happy to send you a copy of the Christmas names of God, that number again is 1-800-488-1888 start 2022 with one of the most gifted preachers of our age, leaving you every day to your only hope Jesus Christ. The living water for your soul.

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God gave mankind a wonderful gift.

He was born a child yet though he preexisted he was never a child for he was born the son, yet he was always a son in the sun would be called by many names joined Dr. James Boyce as he examines the meaning and significance of the names of God's wonderful from Isaiah 9 verse that's next time one Bible study bearing into thinking that

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