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What Can Man Do to Me?

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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November 26, 2021 7:00 am

What Can Man Do to Me?

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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November 26, 2021 7:00 am

Do you ever feel afraid, desperate, or alone? Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll study Psalm 56, where David is on his own, alone and scared. But by the end of the psalm, David expresses a quiet, steady confidence in God. How does he get there? And how can we move from a place of fear, to a place of faith?

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Do you ever feel afraid, desperate door alone. If so, then listen up this Psalm is for you today on the Bible study hour with Dr. James Boyce will study Psalm 56 where David is on his own, alone and scared, but by the end of the song David expresses a quiet, steady confidence in God. How does he get there and how can we move from a place of fear to a place of faith are welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act biblically. Psalm 56 deals practically with the dangers of our lives which are quite real, but at the same time also expresses the faith of one man who found God to be adequate. Even in these dangerous situations. Yes, David is afraid and alone that he knows that God's help him in the past. So how does David move from a place of despair to a place of hope title of our study comes from our question David asked twice and Psalm 5600 verse four and again in verse 11 and it's this. What can man do to me while you don't have to think very long about that. I have an answer.

The answer is bending the law. I was working on the sermon. I thought I would go through a little exercise to see what man can do.

The man I got out that day's newspaper and I just started at page 1 I read through it to find out the kind of things that man can do. The man here.

There are her story I read was an attack on Serbian Bulgarian Romanian Vietnamese refugees in Germany by neo-Nazis while the German police looked on their credit refugees fought back. In this particular account but the attack took place. Anyway, number two United Nations votes are looking to reports by war crimes by Serbian government against Muslims in Bosnia. Serbs are engaged in what they call ethnic cleansing, many thousands of people have been killed. Number three trial of Amanda sold an unsuspecting family home with a defective gas heater, knowing it was dangerous and admitted carbon monoxide and that night it was first turned on three people in the family, including an infant died before the murder of the manager of a fast food restaurant and the wounding of his coworker right to young hoodlums wanted to rob them. Number five sentencing of two men for insurance fraud. Number six and abduction number seven Severus cases of sexual abuse want to go on and on.

Sometimes on the weekend in Philadelphia. I count the number of motor stories that are on the evening news often for five, sometimes it's half a dozen.

That's just one statistic in one city in this country of America that illustrates what Wordsworth very aptly called man's inhumanity to man so he asked the question what can man do to me, the answer is man can oppress slander hate name and murder me and that's just for starters, the answer that David is getting in the small David says in Psalm 56 is this man can do nothing as long as the Almighty God is on his side protecting them against the oppressors. Now I suppose at that point what we want to say as well as easy for David to say. After all, he was a king and Army Linda very well fortified city person in a situation like that and say very justly. What can man do to me. But of course that's not the situation in which David wrote the song you look at the title at the beginning of the Psalm it says when the Philistines had seized him in gaffe. That's something that according to the history took place many many years before David became king and was ensconced in Jerusalem out a review of the story we saw bit about when we started to study Psalm 52 we saw that early in his life when he was still working for Saul.

David had been forced to escape because all was going to kill him. Jonathan warned David what was going to happen and David escaped in a hurry and have his army with him. He didn't have any weapons, and he made his way to the mall priesthood mom. It was one of the priestly cities Avon food gave him a sword and David went on his way. The unfortunate thing we saw only study is that a man named Bill I might was there saw David and sometime later revealed that to Saul for his own personal advantage. He wanted to appear as one.

It was on the side of the king looking good trust and as a result of that, Saul turned on the priestly coag executed wrath of the King and all of those priests are families there and Robert killed 85 priests were killed and the roles of the women, the children of the citizens that according to the account and send already been involved with that, they are in the city so was a great tragedy. We also silently studying that that between the visit.

David made and Robin delegates reported that the King Saul some time elapsed saw that back there in first annual 21 there are two stories some things that happened during this interval. The first was David's flight to the fortified Philistine city of Gath thought well another country of other people in the fortified city. Maybe I'll be safe there. Second thing that happened was his escape into the wilderness from Gath when he found that he wouldn't be safe and graphically went to the cave out alive in there he began to gather his 400 men of a romantic episode in David's life there in the wilderness. The 400 men coming to is almost like a Robin Hood story because wasn't very pleasant time for David to those two things happened in the interval now Psalm 56. According to the title was written during this period is between the period of his visit to Nob where he was taught by Ahimelech the priest and his eventual escape in the wilderness where he lived for a time gathering his army.

So several things that are worth reflecting on about that number one, David was a long when he was a gaff and say we think of them being in the wilderness there with his 400 soldiers in this.

I said that seems like a kind of romantic time in we think well you know we hadn't come into power yet, but at least they had all the pleasant times of living together in comradeship all about kind of rough type of fellowship there in the wilderness, but this was before that happened. So, according to the history. David left mom with nothing. He went down alone and he fled from Gath to Ireland, where he began to gather the 400 soldiers so he was alone when he was in gaffe absolutely alone and nobody with them. That's the first thing we need to see. Second thing we have to say is a David was desperate. I have a very good reason for saying that.

It's simply that Gath was the home of Goliath giant to me and kill at least it had been in some whatever would cause a man to go there under those conditions. Goliath was certainly the great hero of the Philistines, and he was highly admired in gaffe for David to go to Gath. Must've been an absolute act of desperation is also that I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere in any of the commentaries but I'm sure it's true. When David was in knob and ask Ahimelech if he had any weapons Ahimelech said no we don't keep weapons here. The only thing I happen to have as a sort of Goliath. You kill and so David said that's fine.

I'll take that as he was laid up as a trophy.

It wasn't there to defend and so David said I'll take that.

Now presumably he went to Gath with Goliath sort and say well maybe slip by.

Now when you read about Goliath armor back there in first Samuel 17 you find the Goliath was 9 feet tall in his armor was appropriately large and heavy doesn't mention his sword, specifically the sort is mentioned later to tell us any of the dimensions must've been something unusual, very big sword. So here comes David into Goliath's home city carrying a sort must've been out of his mind later on again back like he was out of his mind. That's how he got out of there but you say what in the world whatever cause somebody to do that library had to be arrogant. Nothing's ever going to hurt me like David or had to be terribly desperate.

I we know he wasn't arrogant because he tells us of the Psalm.

It was a frame eliminates the possibility and you have to say was desperate, very desperate indeed. Derek and one of the commentators on the Psalm says to a friend from Saul to Gath of all places, the hometown of Goliath took the courage of despair measured. Also, David's estimate of his standing with the people he thought. None of his own people with defendant when he found out that I was truly discovered later, his time in gaffe was not successful. Of course, and he had to flee when he did and he felt himself doubly encircled his own people were against him and he couldn't even escape in the land of the Philistines, and that's the second thing on the third thing is something I've already mentioned, David was afraid he says it explicitly were told in first Samuel, but he also reflects a small notice verse three what I am afraid I will trust in you know he had good reason to be afraid I'm only was he there Gath.

Under those conditions, people of God and receive them well when he came over, told in first Samuel is that the people reported to the kingdom Gath.

His name was a cash. Isn't this David, the king of the land is neither one they sing about in their dances on the quotable lyric they used to sing when they were dancing in place of David.

Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands who were those tens of thousands.

David kill. They were the listings you can certainly bet some of them come from Gath and gone to war with Goliath to say when that was reported make David the one who has killed tens of thousands of our people was hearing Gath. David heard about that he was afraid and he had every right to be what he did, of course, was begin to act crazy king said look I got enough crazy people in my government. Every government is filled with crazy people. He said I don't need this madman here and so he didn't arrested development. David got away now with all that in mind as a David a long and despairing afraid read what he actually says in the song when I am afraid I will trust in you and God's word. I praise in God I trust I will not be afraid.

What can mortal man do to me this is a song for you if you ever feel afraid to reveal afraid desperate desk along the ever feel alone. One of us feel that most of us feel at some time or another. Some people feel that way most of the time the settlement reflects those feelings very real on the part of David. Not only did he feel that way. He had something else and that's where the song really speaks to us and confidence in God without minimizing the fear in all circumstances, the desperate circumstances this would want to be in the circuit we see nevertheless as he prayed to God he emerged from them and he reassured himself by his confidence in the God we serve.

And that's really what we want to explore say one more word about the title. Title of some of these Psalms is interesting in this particular one mentions the tune which apparently was to be sung to the tune of a dove on distant oaks that we don't know anything about those students would be nice if we didn't we don't but the very fact that he mentions that dog makes us think back to Psalm 55 in which David referred to a dove might be why there in the order they are sort of thing would be in the minds of the compilers you think back to Psalm 55 you know what David was doing there. He said that I had the wings of the doubt then I would fly away in the rascally family study that the David did not have the wings the dog when he could fly away and be at rest, but here we learn that he had something better.

He had God made the dove when he placed his confidence in my God, he found that God was adequate and he could find peace by trusting him song has been particularly popular with the biblical writers interesting because I suppose if you asked people today what their favorite song is very few would mention this one. And yet this referred to again and again in verses four and 11 are picked up in Psalm 118 verse six are also quoted by the author of Hebrews chapter 13 verse six verse nine is referred to by Paul in Romans 831 as part of verse 13 as quoted in Psalm 116 verse six only a slight alteration in the very last phrase of the song the light of life reappears in the third of Jesus.

I am sayings in John's Gospel is that I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. So here you have a very popular song about an outline. Well, this is the first of a number of Psalms were going to find here in the section of the seller that have a repeating chorus, wecametoearlierdidnothavethatbutsomedo.Atthispointandletmeshowyousomeexamples.TheverynextsonghasonePsalm57tolookatbacktofindinversesfiveand11arethesame,beexalted.OhGod,abovetheheavensletyourglorybeoveralltheearth.Findthatinthemiddleofthesonginversefiveandgiveittheenditdividesintotwoparts,eachwithachorusandyoufindthesamethinginPsalm59therethererepetitionisinversesnineand17sayallmystrength.Iwatchforyou.YouOGodofmyfortress,mylovingGodthoseexactwordsappearattheend.Nowwehavethesamesortofthinghere,andwhatIwanttosuggestisitgivesusawayofoutliningSaulthechorus.Ifwemightcallitthat,isfoundinversefouraspartofthewordsIreadtoyouamomentago.God'sword.IpraiseGodItrustIwillnotbeafraid.Whatcanmortalmandotomeandthenyoufinditagaininverses10and11,withaslightexpansion.SlightvariationisnotunusualinHebrewpersonhereit'sthatsecondlineofverse10GodiswhatIpraiseintheLordiswhatIpraiseinGodItrustIwillnotbeafraid.Whatcanmandotomenowthatgivesustheoutlinetoseeyou'vegotanopeningstatementthere.ThetroubleinwhichDavidfindshimselfversesoneandtwoandyouhaveastatementoffaithversusthreeandfour.Third,thereisafurtherelaborationoftheproblem.Versesfivethroughninethatyouhavethechorusagain.It'sastatementoffaith.Thenattheendalmostasacodaissomethingaddedonsomuchgermanetotheactualstructureyouhave,David,promisingtopresentaThanksgivingofferingtoGodwhenheissavedbysothat'swhyweneedtolookatit.Iwouldsaythatthewaytotreatit,then,istolookatthefirstpartandthethirdfirstbecausethefirstpartofthethirdpartelaboratingproblem.Iwouldsayit'sthevoiceoffear.Davidspeakingoutofafullhearttellingyouexactlywhathewasexperiencing.Iwasaveryrealfearandtheopeningpartofthisdescribesthefuryoftheattackthatmadehimsoafraidsometimesisveryhelpfuljusttoanalyzehowthewordsareusedandifyoudothatinthefirsttwoverses,you'llfindthatthereisastrikingrepetitionofphrases.Noticeinverseonethewordpursuemenhotlypursuedmethatoccursagaininversetwo,slanderers,pursuemeasthefirstpartofthesecondlineofverseonealldaylongyoufindthatagaininversetwotheypursuemealldaylongyoufindthewordattackattheendofthefirstverse.Theypresstheirattacktheveryendofthesecondverse.Thereitisagainmanyareattackingmeintheirpride,soyougotpursuealldaylongandattackrepeatedtwotimesoverandoveragain.Nowthat'snotyourredundancythatiswrittenforafact,andIsupposethewaytocapturethateffectwouldbetosaysomethinglikethis.IamoverwhelmedtheretherepursuingmepursuingmeallthetimetheyweretalkingeverywhereIturnovertalkingorattackingmeisthatyoubegintogettheidea.Whenyousayitthatway.UnderstandtheDavidisexpressinghowrelentlessandhowfurioustheattackatsothat'swhathedoesatthebeginninginthethirdsectionthatIsaidreallyshouldbetakenwithitbeginstodescribethenatureoftheattack.NowwhenyoureadthatfirstpartyouwouldthinkthatwhatDavidwaschieflyconcernedaboutwashisphysicaldanger,especiallyifyouknowthathewasinGathyou'dexpectthemtobedoingtherewouldbearestingandkillingthinkingouttheirangeronthembecausehekilledGoliathwhenyougetthisthirdsection,versesfiveandfollowingyoufindthatprimarilyconcernedaboutthephysicaldangerthoughofcourseheisconcernedaboutthat,butitalsoinvolvesthefactthatpeopleareslandering.Ithinkwhathemustbethinkingof.Thereisthesituationthatiscausedthemtohavetorunaway.WeknowofthejealousythatSaulhadforDavidandweblameitallonsolvingsaywhileSaulwasjealousofhim,butinaquicksituation.Youdon'thavetouseyourimaginationverymuchtorealizeitmust'vebeenallkindsofpeoplethatwereplayingonthejealousyofthekingeightwoulduseeverypossiblethingtheycould.Davidsaidherdaughterthewayhelovedtosayokaylet'sconspiringagainstyoubyyesterdayIsigneddothisandashewaswalkingdownthehalltheotherdayIheardhimsaythisandsofortheDavidreflectingallofthathere.Hesaysalldaylong.Theytwistmywordsthereplottingtoharmme.Theyconspiretheywork.Theywatchmystepsthereeagertotakemylife.Sometimeswefindourselvesinsituationslikethatpeoplehateusforonereasonoranother.Sometimesitworkeditsmatterofjealousysomebodywantstogetahead.Sometimesitjustselfishness.Sometimesitisnonelikeit.Maybelikeyoubecauseyou'reaChristian.Andsothingsyousayareterriblytwistedintheevidenceofexperiencethingslikethat.Well,that'swhatDavidwasundergoingsaysinversesevenpraisetoGodwillbringjudgmentuponthembecausehissituationwascreatinggreatdanger.Manypeopleweregoingtogethurt.Weknowthatdidhappen.SomepeoplediedandtheninthemidstofthatheexpresseshisconfidencethatGodreallydoesknowthesituationisgoingthrough.IwasgoingtosaythatensureGod'sgoingtodeliverhim.Hedoesn'thaveanyquestionaboutthat,puthistrustinGodbutGary'sagencyevenwhenI'mlivingininasituationlikethiswherepeopleareslanderingtheeverythingIsayistwistedI'minphysicaldangeraswell.Reallyindistress.I'mreallyafraidIdonoteveninthatsituationthatyouknowwhatI'mgoingthroughisbeautifulwayofsayingthatweknowitprobablybaskedinthewordsoftheKingJamesBibletranslationthereisputdownmytearsintothybottleallthenewinternationalversionisthesameidealistmytearsonyourscrollscrollsprobablyweremadeoutofleatherbottlesweremadeoutofleathersoitmightmeanthathappenedonthebottomyou'llseeafootnoteorputmytearsinyourwineskin,losethetrailbutwhenyoudothatsameidea.Davidissayingisallth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