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Righteous Judgment for a Wicked Man

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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November 22, 2021 7:00 am

Righteous Judgment for a Wicked Man

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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November 22, 2021 7:00 am

Whatever happened to truth? Does it seem that lies and slander go unpunished? This week on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll study Psalm 52, where David is surrounded by lies and deception. Despite this, he’s confident that, ultimately, God will judge both the wicked and the righteous. David knows that those who love God and follow His ways will prevail.

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Does it ever seem like lies are overlooked or even tolerated by God today on the Bible study hour with Dr. James Boyce will study Psalm 52 where David is surrounded by lies and deception. Despite this, he is confident that ultimately God will judge both the wicked and the righteous. David knows that those who love God and follow his ways will prevail and welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act meekly. Words have meaning they can build up or tear down words can announce truths or propagate lies. The Bible has much to say about words, the power of the Tongan why we should carefully watch what we say.

If you have your Bible handy turn to Psalm 52, one of you notice has you starting this almost that relatively few of them are given in the historical setting. Think about it.

They must all historical setting and some of them obviously a very moving water because when you have a Psalm that is written with a great deal of passion and feeling it indicates that something lies behind that, generally speaking, however, those historical settings are not spelled out for us and with good reason.

I'm sure because if they were, then we would tend to limit them to lacked, and since I don't spell that out in detail, but rather express feelings and convictions of the psalmist in general terms, we can easily enter rent and they've been a great blessing of the people of God down through the centuries. Because of that, however, the number of Psalms for which we are given an historical setting altogether about 12 of them make notes on that'll tell you what they are Psalm 51 that we were studying.

The last time this one. Then, in addition to those Psalms to 1834, 54, 56, 57, 59, 60, 6342 going to be as likely as the end of the sermon. You can get us all back. Reason I mention those numbers so as to make a point. If you made a note of them wrote them down.

You notice that they don't spread out evenly throughout the Psalter all the historical settings were given had to do with the life of David R's book of the Psalter has Psalms almost exclusively by David. 41 Psalms there. Most of them are by David and yet that's not where the historical settings are given the great block of the historical settings are found here in the second book in the section that were into now getting the Psalm 51. We know what that is.

That's the most famous of all it has to do with David's adultery with Bathsheba is when Nathan came to committed adultery. Nathan caught Emma Mattingly began to confess that's what that great Psalm is about.

So it Has a Setting out This Window As Well. Psalm 52 Psalm 53 Does Not, Then We Have One in Psalm 54 and the Others I Mentioned Eight of the 12 Are Found Here in This Little Block That Were Beginning to Study the Title for Psalm 52 Gives Us the Setting Kind of an Interesting Story There from the Old Testament. What We Read the Title of the Psalm Is This. When the Ego Might Have Gone to Saul and Told Him David Is Gone.

The House of Ahimelech You Don't Know David Story in Great Detail That Might Not Mean a Whole Lot but If You Did You Know That As a Result of That Report by This Man Bag a Great Massacre Took Place.

Saul Turned on Ahimelech the Priest and He Is Family and All of the Families of the Priestly City of Mom Where Ahimelech and the Other Levites Lived Were Massacred.

They Were All Killed As Dismal, Dark Moment in the Life of David Because, of Course, His People Were His Friends and He Was Indebted to Them They Would Has To Responses to That Is in the Story Itself You Find It in First Samuel 22 Verses 22 and 23 Event Chapter Record David's Personal Response and What He Says to Come Do It in a Moment Understand Why Is He Is Partially to Blame for That. And so He Confesses His Unwitting Part in the Massacre Course, Never Had Anything to Do with Something like That but Unwittingly He Had Been the Agent by Which It Happened and He Confesses That Great Reflex One Response. The Second Responses.

The Psalm As a Manager Responsible for Writing the Leg Is That Man in the Psalm Is David's Reflection, Probably after a Period of Some Years on the Evil of This Plan Tragedy That He Caused and Examined Very Simple Outline of the Psalm Is Easy to Find in the First Section 1st Little Park There We Find David Describing This Man Is Character in the Second Part of Every Find Him Prophesying the End of This Man and Then Finally in the End, Beginning with Verse Eight. You Have Contrasting Portrait of David and Those Were Righteous and Try to Be like Him. Now Let Me Just Tell the Story Because We Have To Understand That Background David and Been Forced to Flee from Jerusalem Because Saul Was Jealous of Him and Was Increasingly Irrational in His Desire to Have David Killed. Recall That There Was a Feast Statement Was Uncertain Whether He Should Go to the Feast Are Not Solid from His Spear at Him in an Earlier Occasion Trying to Kill Him.

And so David Met out in the Field with Jonathan, Saul's Son David Said to Jonathan, I'll Hide in the Field and When You Come out You Shoot Jurado in a Certain Way.

I'll Take That As a Sign That Your Father Has Not Called in His Anger toward Me and so I Go Away, Do Something Else to Different Way Than I Will Assume That the Dangerous Class Canal, Jonathan Shot the Arrow in a Way That Indicated His Father Was Still Intent on Killing David and They Had a Final Parting There in the Field. David Went off Eventually to Hide in the Cave. A Lot Of Now When David Left Her Medication. He Was Unarmed and He Didn't Have His Soldiers with the Commander and so Everywhere He Went. He Had a Battalion of Soldiers on This Occasion He Didn't Have Any of Them. He Didn't Have Any Food in Them the Weapons and Armor and He Went to the Town of Law, Which As I Said a Moment Ago Was the Priestly Time Ahimelech Was the Priest Was in Charge There and David Went to Him and He Asked for Help. I Suppose Ahimelech Suspected Something Was Wrong Because Were Told the Story That Ahimelech Trembled When David Came Never Soldiers with Seem to Be Something Wrong. David Lied to Him.

He Said No, Nothing Wrong. I'm Just on a Secret Mission for the King Had to Leave in a Hurry. My Soldiers Are to Join Me Afterwards That I Don't Have Anything He Does Anything You Could Give Me Any Similarly Have Here in the Loaves and the Consecrated Bread Laid up Statements That Will Give Me Those so We Took Jesus Referred to That Later. Showing That the Care Of a Human Being Is More Important Sacramental Things Is Right to Do That Even the Consecrated Bread Was Illegal for Them to Do It but He Did It and Then David Said to Have Any Weapons Here Right on the Many Weapons While They Had the Sword of Goliath. David Killed Years before the Great Big Sword What Was a Good One. And so David Said I'll Take That Sword, and Went on Now in the Middle of That Story in Verse Seven, First Samuel 21 Is a Solemn Notation and It Says This Now One of Saul's Servants Was There That Day Team before the Lord He Was Done Leg. The Edomite Saul's Head Shepherd. Nothing Else Is Set at That Point in the Next Chapter.

The Scene Shifts Shifts to a Hillside to Give Via Their Saul Is Assembled of All His Officials and of the Army and He Is Depressed State Saves in a Blue Funk Is Feeling Sorry for Himself. He Says Everybody Is against Me. David, My Own Son Made Covenant with David David's Often Seek Me from My Throne, and All of This Is Going Bad and None of You Tell Me about That Pointed the Way Stepped Forward. He Was There That Day and He Saw This As an Opportunity to Ingratiate Himself with the King Tell You Something. I Was in All and When I Was in Law with Ahimelech the Priest, David K and Ahimelech Received That Many Gave Him Food. He Gave Them the Sort of Goliath. Well Saul Was Furious When He Heard That He Assumed That Was a Conspiracy in the Kingdom He Summoned Ahimelech to Come before Him like. Of Course Perfectly Reasonable Defense and Asked What He Said.

David Came to Me Came Asking for Help. David As a Servant of the King Is No More the Kingdom Than David. What Else Would You Expect Me to Do Is Your Servant.

I Did Everything I Could to Help Them out. I Didn't Know That There Was Any Problem That Occurs Is Absolutely True. But the King Wouldn't Believe It. So Saul Turned to His Soldiers and He Said to Ahimelech You Are Lying and You're Going to Pay for That Reason by Your Wife Said Soldiers Fall upon Them and Killing Soldiers Wouldn't Do It to Say, the Soldiers Had Great Respect for Those Were Anointed of the Lord Wouldn't Commit That Kind of Sacrilege That Point Saul Turned to Go Back. You Brought Me the Information You Killed. Though I Did Really Very Terrible Thing to Read That Tells Us That He Fell upon Ahimelech Can Killed Him.

Text Says That Day He Killed 85 Men Who Wore the Linen a Font That Is the Priests. He Also Sword All the Time of the Priests with Its Men and Women, It's Children and Infants, and Cattle, Donkeys and Sheep. Only One Man Obviates Are the Son of Ahimelech Escape by Fleeing to David and David Protected Them and It Is the Batman the David Gave the Response in Which He Acknowledged His Own Unwitting Part of the Massacre. David Said to Be a Star That Day.

When Doing the Edomite Was There I Knew He Would Surely Tell Saul I'm Responsible for the Death Your Father's Entire Family. Let's Story so Therefore Samuel and Those Two Chapters Never Mentioned Again Anywhere Else in the Bible except in the Saul Is a Sadness I Said Is David's Response Library Black Moment That Dark Enough. Of His Career, in Which the Priest Were Killed. As I Said in the First Part of This Verse, Nancy Analyzes the Legs Character in the Second Stanza He Prophesies His and and in the Third Stanza He Makes a Contrast. Now That's the Context in Which We Need to See It. So Let's Look at What's Wrong with the Lack First of All, David Said Several Things.

First Thing He Says about Them Is That He Was Proud Was Not the Word He Uses Uses the Word Stating That He Repeats It Twice so Very Clear That That's One of the Problems. Why Do You Boast You Evil Man, You Mighty Man. Why Do You Post All Day Long. Now That's a Certain Kind of Statements about Hebrew Very Well Say That There's Overcome That Word and It's Not the Kind of Thing. We Normally Think We Say Somebody's Boasting Boasting Means a Brighter Somebody Strutting around Say Look How Wonderful I Am.

I Did This I Did That and You Notice All That I've Accomplished. It's Not That Kind of Boasting Applying Was Far Worse at Night Somebody Boasts along Those Lines May Very Well Be Insecure Boasting to Try to Cover up the Security Done Leg Was Not Insecure What Was Coming. Evil Is Boasting Was the Kind of Attitude of a Person Who Is Self Complacent and Self-Satisfied Because Deep down in His Heart He Thinks He's Smarter and Better Than Ever Else. Kidner, One of the Scholars Who Does Know That Says the Real Point of the Man's Sin Was His Self-Satisfaction, He Thinks Himself Clever by His and Tricks under Some Evidence for That of the Story Itself. I Said in the First Part of the Stories of Her Samuel Chapter 19. The Second Continues Later in Chapter 21 but in between Those Chapters Were Told Something of What David Was Doing and There Seems to Have Been a Time Lapse but Were Told His David Went down to a Kish, One of the Rulers of the Philistines Was There for A While. That's What Comes at the End of the One Chapter and Then at the Beginning of the Other Hotels about Them Going to Stronghold on a Limb and There He Gathered Together Is 400 Mighty Men of the Members of His Family. So between the Lag Actually Being Involved in Hearing and Seeing What David Did What the High Priest Did to Help Them and This Man's Reporting of the Incident to Saul. There Must've Been a Considerable Lapse of Time Is Important. For This Reason, It Means That No I Didn't Just Go Back to Saul and Blotted out Indiscriminately What He No Is a Man Who Realized He Had a Valuable Piece of Information As We Would Put It in the Must've Said to Himself As the Work of My Good One of These Days and so We Kept It in Any Waited for the Opportune Moment in the Moment Came in. Saul Was Complaining That He Ever Told Him Anything. All These Terrible Things Are Happening to Him and Nobody Spilling All These Disasters and No Exit.

Now This Is My Opportunity Been Waiting and Saving It up Here It Goes Is the Exact Kind of Pride, That's a Horrible Thing. There Are People like That People in the Business World Come up against Him Very Often People Who Conspire and Do Evil Will Know That They Do Evil Because Basically They Think They're Smarter Than Other People and They Can Get Away with It after All It's a Dog Eat Dog World Object of It All Is to Advance Yourself Though. It Was like That Sanding. David Tells Us about Him Is That He Loved Evil.

It's No Surprise, of Course, That's What David Says, Verse Three You Loved Evil Rather Than Good. Now Again You See That in the Story Say It's Not Just That Delight Was Trying to Advance Himself. A Lot Of People Try to Do That, Perhaps, Do It in Underhanded Ways.

But Here Is a Man. When the Opportunity Was Presented to Him, Didn't Hesitate to Kill the Priests.

A Lot Of the Priests of All Families Is a Man Who If We Say to Ourselves Why in the World When Someone Necessary. Why Did He Do That Just Have To Say, Well, Priests Stood for Righteousness Say No.

I Was a Man Who Hated That He Hated People Who Stood for Righteousness. We Wasn't Doing Evil, Only to Get Ahead Certainly Wanted to Get Ahead, but He Wanted the People Stood for Good While He Was at It As My David Says He Loves Evil Thing and It Has To Do with His Lying or His Use of Words Is Now at First Glance It Doesn't Seem so Bad to Us Because We Say Well Pride Understand. That's One of the Deadly Sins. Insert Anybody Loves Evil.

That's a Terrible Thing but We Don't Think of Words As Being Particularly Bad. This Is What David Emphasizes What Computers Read It You'll Find That Emphasis throughout That Opening Stanza Your Tongue Plots the Structure Looks like a Sharpened Razor, You Practice Deceit You Love Evil Rather Than Good Falsehood, Rather Than Speaking the Truth You Love Every Harmful Word All You Deceitful Tells Us a Couple Things First Law Tells Us How Damaging Words Can Be Really a Very Humble Look Done Things in the World by the Use of Words.

Think of a Man like Kepler Had Splendid Oratory Used It to Plunge the World into War. That's One Thing. The Second Thing This Tells Us Is That All of This Is Something of Which We Are Capable of Doing Those First Two Things Are True Christians Really Shouldn't Be Described by That Any Anybody Can Say He Is so Proud of This Coming Deceitful White Really Is Not a Christian and You Can Save a Christian. He Loves Evil Rather Than Good Personal Love, Evil, Rather Than the Good Is No Christian Has To Be a Change in Your Life and the Christians of Those Things That Apply to Us Too Well When You Get around to Talking about the Use of Words That We Got Something That Really Does Describe Many of Us, and Probably All of Us at One Time or Another. If It Why Would the Apostle James Is Taking so Much Trouble to Warn against the Use of the Tongue in the New Testament, Almost 1/3 Chapter of the Book of James Is about the Wrong Use of the Tongue, and He Is Certainly Speaking to Christians, My Righteous Right Brothers and Sisters in the Faith Is What He Says Tongue Is a Small Part of the Body, but It Makes Great Boasts. Consider What a Great Forest Is Set on Fire by a Small Spark That Tongue Also Is a Fire in a World of Evil among the Parts of the Body.

It Corrupts the Whole Person, Sets the Whole Course of His Life on Fire, and Is Itself Set on Fire by Hell Is Pretty Strong Language.

You See, James Is Writing to Christians and He Knows What Damage We Can Do in England during the Second World War. There Was a Poster That People Often Saw Was Illustrated in Different Ways, but It Had a Little Slogan When It Was Warning against Any Unwitting Disclosure of Troop Movements or Any Other Military Secrets and That Little Slogan Said This Loose Talk Costs Lives Say That All over during the War Loose Talk Costs Lives in History Spiritually As Well.

Loose Talk Most of Us Wouldn't Say Well Were Using Our Time, Try Arm Somebody but We Are Not Altogether Righteous in the Way We Use Our Tongues.

We Say Things off the Cuff Slander, Perhaps Jokingly, but Nevertheless of a Harmful Way. And James Says What He's Writing for the Christians His Day Brother Such Things Ought Not to Be One of the Prayers Frequently Offer When I Say Grace. Thanks for the Food before Meals Is That I Pray That God Will Guide Our Conversation and We Ought to Be Praying That All Times. Now That's the Description of the Man We Have in the Second Paragraph Is David's Prediction of Exam That Is a Prophecy What He Says Is a God Is Going to Tear Them down. Deceit Realizes That He Lives in a More Universal and the Moral Universe in the Final Analysis Will Prosper and Evil Will Be Judged. We Mustn't Think about an Absolute Race. Of Course, Because Often in This World Flourishes for a Long Long Time and the Right You Sometimes Do Suffer, They Even Suffer Death by Way of Martyrs.

These Priests Were an Example That's the Whole Problem Go Away for a Time Seem to Triumph in the Priests Were Killed and God Didn't Intervene, so I'll Miss That's That's Why You Have These Cries, and so Many of Us Do Things like This Forgotten Why Don't You Do Something Many of the Psalms Talk along Those Lines Have This Current in the Psalms.

They Recognize the Anomaly in the Center of the World in Which We Live. Psalms Nevertheless Do Believe in God, and They Know His Character Is a Righteous God, and Therefore They Can Appeal to This Case. David Says This Man Perhaps Actually Prophesy in the Sense That God Actually Revealed the End of the Many Cities That to Be Brought down.

I Would've Told Anywhere in the Bible What Happened and I Were to Presume That This Is Precisely What Happened, David Uses for Vigorous Verbs to Stress the Other Talladega Is Ruined. The First Verb Is to Bring down See That There First Part of Verse Five. Surely God Will Bring You down. The Everlasting Ruined. That's That Is a Bit More Powerful Than It Appears Us an English Start Just to Bring This Actually to Destroy Us the Word to Use When You're Destroying an Altar Pellet down Bring It down in Order That It Might Be Destroyed.

That's the First Thing God Says through David That Is Going to Do the Second Verb Is Snapshot That Has the Additional Thought of Twisting Something around Trying to Get a Tree Out Of the Ground.

For Example, Your Digging around Has A Lot Of Roots. It's Hard to Get out You Can Get behind It and Twisted Way in Order to Wrench It Out Of the Ground and That's the Second Verb Third Is to Tear or Sweep Away the New International Version Says Tear You from Your $10 Translate That and What I Think Is a Better Way Is to Tear You or Sweep You Away so You Will No Longer Be Attacked Tent Representative Family in Israel and It's a Way of Saying All Families Going to Be Removed so Writing That I Have a Family of the Leg Leader Might around Anymore.

In the Final Verb Is to Approve Advocate and It Reinforces the Idea. So That's First Thing David Says Is Prophesying, Says This Man Is Going to Be Overthrown on Downward up and Thrown Away As He Says Is Interesting Is That He Talks about the Response of the Righteous to What Happens.

The Righteous Will See and Fear Business. They Will Laugh at Him Saying Here Now Is the Manner Did Not Make God a Stronghold Trusted in His Great Wealth and Respond by Destroying Others Are in a Laugh and Say What They Are Doing Here Is Rejoicing in the Execution of God's Righteous Judgment, Righteous Judgment of God That Keeps Us from Being a Selfish Kind of Gloating at the Misfortune of Somebody We Consider an Enemy Is Not What's in Baldy's of the Righteous and the Rejoicing When God Does Actually Overthrow the Wicked Something We Need to Recapture It All in Our Day. We Have To Be on Guard against That My Mother Say Something about Our Being on Guard against It in the Moment, but in Our Day among Angelic Goals and Are Kind of Pluralistic, All Accepting Society Isn't Generally Our Problem. Our Problem Is That We As We Say and Nothing Bothers Us Very Much Not Really Very Disturbed by Evil Is David's Saying That the Righteous Are Disturbed by It in the Disturbed by the Degree That When God Actually Overthrows the Ungodly. They Rejoice in What God Is Done You Can Hardly Say That without Thinking Ahead to the End of the Bible You Know the Very Last Portion of the Book of Revelation Have That Prophecy of the Overthrow of Babylon Is Called Mystic Bible and Stands for All the Evil Systems in the World and When Babylon Is Overthrown the Righteous Are There, Rejoicing.

The Only Place in the New Testament Redefine the Word Hallelujah A Lot Of the Psalms Is Only Place in the New Testament You Find the Righteous Singing Hallelujah and They Do It over and over Again in My Chapter Because God Is Finally Destroyed and Judged Evil Is That We Need to Recapture a Little More about Here There Laughing at the Overthrow of the Righteous One Will Affect What We Watch Television.

We Laugh at a Mocking of All Value Be Funny, Kind of Things We See on Television Is Very Destructive When We Have a Complete Reversal on That. We Find That Offensive and We Honor Rejoice. Whatever Righteousness Prevails. Well, That Has To Do with the Judgment, the Very Last Stanza We Have a Contrasting Portion of the Righteous. I Suppose the Reason We Have the Stanza Is to Keep Us from the Air. I Was Referring to Earlier. You See When We Rejoice in the Overthrow of the Unjustly Have To Remember That We Ourselves Are Sinners.

David Here Is He Writes about Himself. He Says He's like in All of Tree Flourishing in the House of God Was Really Right before the Lord, but He Was a Sinner and Remember That Later on in His Life. He Got an Awful Lot of Trouble You and I Are Very Capable about so We Have To Remember That What We Have To Do Just Because We Remember It Is Not Less Than Our View of What Righteousness Is, Be Less Happy When Righteousness Prevails, and Somehow Think That Evil Is God. That's Not the Answer, but What We Have To Do Is Recognizing Our Own Sinful Nature Is to Draw Close to God in Order That We Might Become Righteous Ourselves Medic Was Just What David Is Saying When He Says I'm like in All of Tree Flourishing in the House of God, He Trusts in God's Unfailing Love for Ever and Ever Any Praises God for What He Is Done He Says in Your Name I Will Hope for Your Name Is Good and I Will Praise You in the Presence of Your Saints and You Read about That All of Tree Makes You Think Back to Psalm One Psalm One Great Song That Begins the Solar Portrays Two Ways Away of the Righteous Way of the Ungodly Righteous.

Don't Sit in the Seat of the Scornful Stand in the Way of Markers but Rather They Open the Law of God, They Meditate on It Day and Night, and As a Result of That, There like a Tree Planted by the Rivers, Water, and the Ungodly. Since the Author of That Psalm Are Not like That. There like Chaff Lights Waltzed Often When the Wind Blows Scattered There Gone.

Therefore, Solomon's, the Wicked Will Not Stand in the Judgment Sinners in the Congregation of the Righteous Lord Knows the Way of the Righteous, and They Shall Prosper.

We Believe We Believe That It Is a Moral Universe of Even Though in This World, We Often See Evil Prosper, At Least for a Time in the Righteous, Often Do Have a Hard Time but We Believe That God Is in Charge Got Emily Does Leslie Righteousness, Then We Will Draw Close to Him Because We Want to Be Righteous. We Live in a World That Makes It Very Difficult Is Very Hard. Stand for Righteousness and the Kind of Age in Which We Live Is Very Little Support from the Public School System or the Universities of the Business World. As Nurses Evaporated from the Moral Climate of Our Time, but We Have To Do It in the Only Way to Do It Is to Stay Close to God and Draw Our Strength from Him Using a Tree Planted by the Rivers of Water Draws from the Rivers of Living Water. Jesus Said Come to Me All Plant within You a River of Living Water Springing up in Everlasting Life.

That's What He Would Do We Need to Draw near to Him. David's Variances Are Three Things That He's Going to Do First of All, He Says, All Praise God Praise You Forever and Ever for What You've Done.

Secondly, Says I Continue to Trust You for the Future. I May Get in the Hard Times. Again, Remember This Time If That's What It's Describing Is in the Cave Hiding from Salt and Know What His Future with David.

He Said I'll Trust You and Then Thirdly, Perhaps Most Important, He Says, All Praise You in the Presence of Your Saints and That's a Way of Saying That Is Going to Bear Witness and Integrated More of That As Well. This Afternoon We Had This Memorial Service for Venus Valley in One of the Things That People Were Saying about Her Is That She Was Always so Outspoken about Her Faith in God Couldn't Talk to Her without Her Talking about the Lord Trust in Him How Good He Had Been to Her over a Long Long Time. He Was Born in 1899. I Know from the Last Century 93 Years Old When She Died.

And That's a Long Time in Her Testimony Was Is a God of Been Good to Her All at Time You May Not Be 93. Hope You're Not, I Hope There's Many More Years of Service for You, but However You Are You Been a Christian Any of That Content You Look Back and Say God Has Been Good to Me during Those Years, and Certainly Not Treated Me As I Desire What I Deserve Is Always Saved Me from Land by the Work of Jesus Christ Certainly Enriched My Life Provided Me with a Place to Worship Psalm Teaching Christian Friends, All Those Wonderful Day All BAS Patient Warrant, Not Just in the Secret Closet Where Nobody Knows Who Praise Him before Others or That Others Might Know That You Really Do Serve a God by His Grace.

Perhaps the Buses Also Come to Know Him Prior Father, We Thank You Again for the Storms They Speak so Deeply and so Warmly about Things That Also Do Concern Us Very Much. All of Us Know Evil People. All of Us Face This Kind of Wickedness, in One Way or Another in the World and Is Hard to Stand against It There.

We Have a Reminder of the End of Wickedness in the Short End of the Righteous Play Draw Their Strength from You.

We Might Do That and Then Praise You and Continue to Trust You and Testify about Your Grace to Other People Because We Know Jesus Christ Is. Thank You for Listening to This Message from the Bible Study Our Listener Supported Ministry of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. The Alliance Is a Coalition of Pastors, Scholars and Churchmen Who Hold to the Historic Creeds and Confessions of the Reformed Faith and Who Proclaim Biblical Doctrine in Order to Foster a Reformed Awakening in Today's Church. To Learn More about the Alliance Visit Alliance and While You're There, Visit Our Online Store Reformed Resources. You Can Find Messages and Books from Dr. Boyce and Other Outstanding Teachers and Theologians or Vascular Free Reformed Resources Catalog by Calling 1-800-488-1888. Please Take the Time to Write to Us and Share How the Bible Study Our Has Impacted You. We Love to Hear from You and Pray for You.

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You can do so that our website Alliance over the phone 1-800-488-1888 or send a check to 600 Eden Rd., Lancaster, PA 176014 Canadian mill. Those 2237 Hills Dr., Scarborough, ON M, one scene two line. Thanks for your continued parents, and for listening to Bible study. Our preparing you to think and act

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