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Strong in Grace

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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July 5, 2021 8:00 am

Strong in Grace

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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July 5, 2021 8:00 am

There are pressure points in the Christian life - things that tempt us to give up. On The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice discusses the challenges of ridicule, hardship, and sin in the church. The antidote to all three is the same - the power and strength of the grace of God.

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There are pressure points in the Christian life.

Things that tempt us to give up going up in the Bible study our Dr. James Boyce discusses the challenges of ridicule, hardship and sin in the church, but the antidote to all three is the same. The power and strength of the grace of God. Welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Bortz preparing you to think and act biblically, hardship, shame and sin tempt us to want to quit the Christian life. This is been true for a long time today will hear what Paul writes to his friend about these very same issues in second Timothy two listen dollars Dr. Boyce shares the victory and strength that are found in grace quite a few months ago when I first began the series I gave a number of definitions of grace. I called it God's unmerited favor purgation. I said it's God's favor, to those who deserve the exact opposite is nothing remarkable about those definitions. I've heard them thousands of times people of written them even in those very words we do come to a section of our study of race. However, in which we have to expand that definition.

And that's because the Bible itself expands were accustomed to think of grace in terms of God's unmerited favor in the matter of salvation, but when you begin to collect the biblical texts that actually use the word grace, you soon find that there's a whole second category in which that word is used of God providing help those who need it for a variety of things. Now of course still grace. We don't deserve even the help is why the word grace is used, but it is talking about something different to give you some examples of that were going to be looking on tonight but next time at second Corinthians 12 nine that verse says my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness very clearly that verse is not talking about the grace of God in providing Jesus Christ to be our Savior. Paul had a physical affliction. We pray for God to remove it and the answer was, my grace is sufficient for you. So what God is saying there is I am gracious to provide the help that you need strength you need to go on living. In spite of the affliction answer me anyway, here's another text going to be looking at that as well.

Hebrews 416. Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need now and that verse, the word grace is used twice since the throne of grace.

It's the source of grace and then Leslie miss what that's talking about it so that we will find help in our time of need. So were beginning to think about that word grace along those lines, I want to say as we begin this section we also need grace in the sense you and I are not able to face the challenges that God puts before us as Christians, we cannot live with him. We cannot remain strong in faith, we cannot resist the evil on every high-end week will never learn how to pry all of those things unless God provides what we need.

We don't have it in ourselves. So section of our study is equally important in some ways to what has gone before beginning the second Timothy and particularly with the charge that Paul now old imprisoned apostle probably in his 60s gives to his young protégé Timothy and the text is chapter 2 verses one to you then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and the things you've heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others about everybody knows a great deal about second Timothy, so let me say a few words of introduction before we plunge into the particular meaning of that text.

First of all Paul's letters we have about 13 of them in the New Testament. This is the last we know that he wrote Romans letters that follow first and second Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, first and second Thessalonians 1st and second Timothy Titus and perhaps Hebrews. Although Hebrews is not identified as a Pauline letter now all those letters. Second Timothy is the last lap alone give it special weight for us because somebody's last words, especially the last words of somebody great are particularly waiting in this case it was not a very good situation. Paul is a face facing martyrdom and, presumably, he is killed shortly after this, the last chapter, the end tells all of his former friends, a deserted him. It was virtually alone. There and is writing to Timothy young man that he does trust about whom is concerned that he is encouraging Timothy to come before winter and bring him a cloak left behind Truax as some parchment so this is the very last letter he wrote about the context now. The second thing we need to know about it.

By way of introduction is the Timothy, to whom he writes that is the object of the letter, the recipient was in a very demanding and difficult position.

Apparently Paul had led Timothy to the Lord. Probably why he calls it. My somber my true son in the faith, you find that in the second verse of the first chapter of the first letter Timothy for some time and traveled with Paul and Sally have benefited from his teaching and his former administrator was a true discipling situation and then when Paulette left to carry the gospel elsewhere. He left Timothy behind in charge of the Asian churches just as he also left Titus in charge of the churches in Crete.

So he had given them a very responsible position. Yet, there were difficulties or difficulties from two sources difficulties from without difficulties from within the demo going from without concern the leaders of the churches in Asia minor. Those over whom Timothy had charged they had turned against Paul. Paul explains obviously a very painful thing to the leaders of these churches were rejecting his ministry with an apostolic ministry. Don't forget, that is, he spoke with the authority of the Holy Spirit in a way that we do today. We do it only to the extent that we interpret the word of God itself correctly. Paul as an apostle and reestablish these churches and yet these leaders turned against them about only that they were ridiculing him. We picked that up from the first chapter because what Paul is saying in the first chapter, the Timothy is not to be ashamed of them will be ashamed of me. He said the prisoner for the Lord's sake. So apparently they were saying like this guy Paul not very attractive and he was among this is a rather weak specimen. We picked that up there letters and ultimately what he is standing by him. For after all these are modern times you get on with that what we want to do something significant here in Asia and were never going to get there if you keep on hankering after Paul and the way he used to do things reject them. All that is external then there were some internal matters to the concern Timothy.

One thing is that he was comparatively young. We don't know how young he was.

But Paul had been in the ministry. By this time, perhaps 30 or 35 years and he had stature and yet they were rejecting Paul.

They were rejecting Paul how much more where they rejecting Timothy because of his you what you know say they were saying, you're just a young guy getting to step aside and listen to us. Apparently was also prone to illness, Paul mentions left in the fifth chapter of the first letter we don't know Holland out that what it was but he doesn't seem to of been a strong person that he wasn't strong.

Of course he had a hard time making a strong impression. Also I think have been rather reserved. Some people would say that Timothy was timid and he may well have been don't think we should exaggerate that or make too much of it but whatever we say when we put it all together.

Timothy was no Paul didn't have the dynamism of the drive or the stamina of Paul.

There are works where you need that Pioneer missionaries needed to hang in there and blaze new trails and Paula done that but they seems to of been of a different order entirely. So here was this young man who was facing these enormous problems and Paul is writing to encourage them in it. The third thing we have to see. By way of an introduction is that in this letter and even in the first Paul is very concerned for the preservation of the gospel we just give you some of the text so you understand that in the first letter, chapter 6, verse 20 he says to Timothy's wrapping it up Timothy guard what is been entrusted to your care only reason you tell somebody to guide something as it was in danger of being stolen away.

I was Truax is very easy for the gospel to be watered down, distorted or ignored and disappear. That has happened to countless evangelical churches and Paul is concerned about this and he writes to them in the second letter. Chapter 1 verse 14 guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit lives in us in the third chapter of verses 14 and 15 continue in what you've learned and I become convinced because you know those from whom you have learned during the fourth chapter, verses one and two. I give you this charge.

Preach the word, be prepared in season and out of season correct, rebuke and encourage with great patience and careful instruction. And of course that's true. The text that I'm focusing on our text says be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and the things you've heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will be able to teach others see Paul is looking back over his life. At this point it is recognizing that by the grace and power of God. He was able himself to stand firm and preserve that gospel. His generation and I was about to be taken away. So we concerned Timothy will do the same look of that text is not true that it gives us for generations. First of all God.

It entrusted the gospel to Paul who number two and entrusted to Timothy who number three is encouraged to pass it on to others who number four will be able to pass it on the still others.

Paul is thinking ahead, slinking down the ages generation after generation for generations of the gospel, which is a nose of the only way that gospel is preserve.

The only way it is passed on as if those to whom it is entrusted are faithful and pass it on. The other stuff that is the true apostolic succession apostolic succession is a succession of faith and yet you see Paul was afraid that it wasn't going to happen in Asia and that's why he writes the letter what is Paul afraid of.

Well, must be very blunt about it, is afraid to Timothy's going to quit Zeno's Timothy's travel. Timothy knows Timothy strengths that's why he committed the churches of Asia was charged, but he knows his weaknesses knows that he doesn't have the stamina of the Paul himself had was a natural endowment, the God and given him, and he knows the surrenders problems that are building up. Must've been terrible problems for Paul himself. As I read it I sense that there were many times a Paul was very discouraged as he dealt with the problems in the church to say he had managed to hang in there himself and what he is afraid of is that Timothy won't do it, and yet reason tells us in the letter that Dimas is other coworker deserted him gone off to Thessalonica, he didn't stand firm. He says that others they are at and left him.

Well, maybe Timothy would abandon the gospel to. So you see it's against this background, we have to read it when he says my son, be strong in the grace is in Christ Jesus.

What he saying that Timothy is Timothy do not quit. Please don't quit see the health of the churches in the purity of the gospel depends upon your standing firm. Now let me make an application bear at the beginning of the application is this note. You have many times in your life. Have there been many times.

Maybe now is one of them. When you feel like quitting. What is talking to Timothy Harrison stand for the gospel is a minister and that's his particular responsibility, and it may be in that area that it applies to you because you been trying to bear witness. It's hard to get ready to quit but it isn't restricted to just that whatever God is given you to do and you tempted to quit. I'm sure you're tempted to quit.

I know people today. This is quitting a I suppose you go back a generation or two people had more character than people do today when times were hard.

Couldn't quit those days the quit was the.yet they keep struggling away.

Satan people have that character today, but not much much in America anymore.

One of the characteristics of our age is people going from thing to thing you see it in students a go to school. They have a little trouble in one school dropout to go to another school dropout of that I go to another school and you see it in churches you know people don't like one church they go to another church and then they drop out of there they go to another church instead of working through the difficulties in you see it in relationships.

People get tired of the marriage seem to be doing everything that they think it should go. So there ready to throw up your hands and go on to another one. That's the kind of age in which we live. So when we find Paul writing to Timothy and saying to Timothy. Timothy don't quit placing us sing of your follower of Jesus Christ on Clint.

Hang in there because the preservation of the gospel depends in some major leaks to the area where God is assigned you on what you do and you Muslims mustn't quit now. As we look at the letter. What we find is that there are three pressure points that were bearing upon Timothy on elements in chapter 1 is a second one in chapter 2 is 1/3 one in chapter 3, and when you get to the fourth chapter he makes his application.

What is his application you know it already, it's done, quit now let's look at each of those things. What is it that bothered him. In chapter 1 well pressure point there is ridicule. I've already alluded to it being ashamed of the gospel are perhaps ashamed of those who stand for what a terrible weapon in the hands of Satan. Shame is any people who would be perfectly able to stand for Jesus Christ in the face of the physical assault who might've been able to say mean it and be able to do it. Like Peter said Lord even of all these others for sake you I will not do it.

I am willing to stand for you, even on the death came to talking with the sword. Peter perhaps would've stood, but that's a man while later, after he said that sort of ridiculed by a servant girl in the courtyard of the high priest been with this this Nazarene that they were, and he breaks down. He just can't handle it of all, he says I never knew him. He turns his back on his master. That's a powerful powerful tool or different ways in which people try to shame us sometimes they do, it's not by being against religion but by being against the gospel and those who stand for. I've had people tell me you know you really want to get ahead, you know, and in religion. The influential I wouldn't identify with those people.

Sometimes it comes like that sometimes we see it in the sense that people don't want to identify with an evangelical church because you know Angelica, people are not as sophisticated as I consider myself to be there or not like the people I would like to hang around with one of our problems or attend church that we don't have a lot of money and that's because we don't pander to rich people. People like to be told they're wonderful people and you can't preach the gospel and tell anybody that they're wonderful people and so people who are like that like to be flattered, and so forth. Just go away on anything to do with you say there is that kind of pressure is one of the things we work against. It's a genuine pressure point in the first chapter, you'll find that that word ashamed occurs three times in the chapter. In verse 800 verse 12 and it's there again in verse 16. Let's take it in this order. In verse 12, Paul says that he was not ashamed as way puts it. I am not ashamed because I know whom I have believed that I am convinced that he is able to guard what I've entrusted to him against that day. I suppose that means appalled at times was tempted to be ashamed.

They made fun of them, certainly the Pharisees, with whom he had worked made fun of him. I hated him as well on some other things but he must've been pressured by her happy so I am not ashamed. And then if you look at verse 16. You'll find that he refers to another man, a man named Vanessa for us who came to him when he was in Rome and he tells us there that this man hunted them up p.m. He must've had a bad experience in Rome you pick it up a little bit from the letter of Philippians as well.

When he arrived he was somewhat of a celebrity because after all, here's Paul, the great missionary. I went out to meet him on the APN way they escorted them into the city.

Even though it was accompanied by soldiers. He was under arrest but you know they put them in jail and well you know if you want to build a big successful church on go around identifying too much with prison are undesirables after all. Maybe do something wrong criminally and all that sort of thing. After all state things that he is, and so they tended to forget Emily were ashamed of them. But what he tells us about Vanessa for us is that an answer for us was not ashamed of it is not ashamed of his chains, and the hunted them up and he found them and they identified with them and he ministered to him and tried to help them see there's two cases Paul says I'm not ashamed. And then he says Vanessa Perez was not ashamed that now look what he says in verse eight he said don't you be ashamed either. So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord, or ashamed of me his prisoner.

But join with me in suffering for the gospel by the power of God.

It was saved us and called us to a holy life as if Timothy had never been tempted to be ashamed Paul wouldn't have told him in these words to not be ashamed instead of being ashamed what is telling Timothy is to be willing to suffer because that's what it requires quite often it were to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said anyone would come after me, he needs to take up his cross, by himself, and follow me. Well, you say at that point if that's what it requires requires that kind of denial, even to the point of suffering, and I have to stand against the ridicule of my friends.

How am I ever going to find the strength to do it.

That's a good question. You know yourself, you asked that question how my ever going to have the strength to do it while Paul gives the answer is there in verse 14 of chapter 1 it still what I read earlier guard good deposit that was entrusted to you guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us. Another words you need the grace of God to stand against ridicule now in the second chapter become another problem, and this is the problem of hardships and what we mean.

We talk about that is to say that that is not easy to be a Christian and it's not easy to do Christian work. What do something easier or profession. You can choose another religion that you can follow but if you're going to serve Jesus Christ is not going to be easy. What you find in this chapter are six metaphors to show what Timothy has to be willing and do and they all involve hard work.

First of all, verses three and four Timothy is called to be a soldier. He says endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Jesus Christ of soldier's training for combat the us to be obedient to order CS to be hardened by rigorous military discipline, and he says that's what it's like you have to be a soldier if you're going to serve Jesus Christ in verse five he refers to the task is that of an athlete's. It's true that an athlete doesn't put himself in harm's way.

The way a soldier dies, but peace has no less rigorous training, and it's no less demanding yes to be working out all the time. I suppose soldiers at times can slough off, but not an athlete, he has to keep the body tone mind sharp and when he actually gets in the contest.

He has to press on with all the strength and stamina at his disposal to win a victory and so Paul says that's what the Christian life is like involves athletic training spiritual training in order that you can win a victory.

Paul in first Corinthians. Even use those same words to describe himself. He said what I beat my body and make it my slave so I can gain the victor supplies no pain no gain. That's what he say that I willing to endure the pain for the prize, and I want you to do it to the third image is that of a farmer soon as you talk about apartments mentioned in verse six, two things come to mind. First farming is hard work. He says that doesn't mean he says the hard-working farmer that is been a farmer knows that that's not easy out there in the field.

Bad weather in the heat of the summer sun following plowing, reaping all that hard work. That's the first thing the second thing that is true of a farmer as it is a great gap between the time of selling in the time of reaping you plant your seed in the spring and have to wait for it to grow all summer. You don't get to reap until the entity talks about that to because he's talking there about to share the crops so saying look when you you set out to do Christian workers going to be a lot of time that you don't see the fruits plant the seed which means, of course, you're going to teach the word and is going to be a lot of time when you're not going to see results from that. That's all right you hang in there. You wait patiently.

The harvest will come and that's what he encourages Timothy to believe and do. Fourth image is that of a work when he talks about an inverse 15 now a good work, but knows his materials. He knows how to mold them or cut them or fasten them in order to make the object that he wants what is material here that Timothy was to use. Well it's the word of God, the Bible and what he is told us that he is to teach it clearly Greek text of verse 15 really means to cut straight translated correctly handles the word of truth to cut it straight, and the meaning probably is greater than any of our English versions quite convey to us because it comes against the background of the false teachings of these people Hymenaeus and for leaders whom he mentions their their teaching was off the track so because it was off the track began to lead the church astray. And it didn't seem to be much off the track at first but sooner or later was a great deviation when they were well lost in the heresy or unbelief. And so what is telling Timothy, is this a good worker and keeps it on track.

So when the plants come down the road and we are surrounded by fans in our day bombarded by them all the time the faithful minister keeps the church on track doesn't just go with what so-and-so is doing over here because it seems to be able to build a big church or he doesn't go with this particular passionately because the people of the day say well I think I would be a kind of a fun thing to do.

It in church and it might take up some of the time of the sermon would have to be so long faithful minister doesn't do that to keep the church on track and that's hard work you saying that's what he saying that Timothy is hard work to become one who thinks straight is guided by the Bible means that all of our priorities. All of our thinking has to be reordered was naturally thinking along Bible lines. We don't think like God and virtually I it would be interesting to explore that sometime in the series virtually every doctrine that we find in Scripture goes against our natural way of thinking so ever going to become Bible people we have to get all reordered. You see what sin is done is turn the world upside down, and what the Bible does by the grace of God is turn it back up again. But that's not easy and so we have to allow the Holy Spirit to do that with us.

We have to work at it. One of these things are things that he talks about the fifth of the images is of a household vessel. I suppose it's because he's talking about a workman or an artisan that he goes on to talk about these vessels are used in the household. It's a slightly different image because in each of the other cases it involves an individual person or is talking about an object, but nonetheless get the point. What he's talking about in the area of the vessel. As he says there are vessels that are used for menial tasks and then there are those that are used for noble tasks in order to have it used for noble task has to be clean so he saying that the workman that the Christian trying to serve God has to be clean morally clean so you can be serving God and fooling around with the immorality of our day and then last image is the image of a servant and what he emphasizes.

Here is the servant's gentle, godly, helpful character. I suppose he could have emphasized this case the hard work of the servants often called upon to do, but is already said that with the other images when he saying here is that the way you express that is by godly character and that's only a way of saying that we have to be like Jesus Christ. Well let me ask the question. When we got to the end of chapter 1 is and how in the world are we going to do it.

The answer was by the grace of God and the help of the Holy Spirit. I asked the question again. How are we gonna do this to carry on this difficult task with the hardships observing the Lord in a very ungodly world. Same answer. That's where text comes in. Be strong, be strong want in the grace God provides is only in the Lord strengthen affected by his armor that we can fight the Christian flight when we come to chapter 3. What's the problem in chapter 3 the pressure point of sin in the church is the chapter that we know best because it has those wonderful verses that talk to us about the nature of the Scripture. All Scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. We like that and I especially like that were God breathed because described may be better than any other single term in the Bible, the very nature of the Scripture is why they're not like any other book BB Warfield pointed that out years ago. Very very helpful writing. You see, as I look at it in the context of the chapter.

This is not particularly especially what the chapter is about.

As a matter of fact it's about something else and something else is the most important thing. The reason I say that is Timothy wasn't doubting the nature of the Scriptures the matter by Paul's is the opposite is as you know the nature of the teaching.

In a word came from you been grounded in the Scriptures from your guilty wasn't beginning to doubt if some of our liberals doubt weather was actually the word of God or not. I wasn't Timothy's problem problem Timothy was facing is what was he going to do with this difficult situation of the church of Asia.

When is it as it says very clearly here evil men and imposters go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived is the Scripture going to be adequate under those circumstances. Maybe you should go in for some of these other modern things that everyone's talking about. So what Paul assures about hearers and sufficiency of the Scripture says you need is modern and makes people are doing.

If you have those modern gimmicks. Of course world's methods, you will succeed in the world's way that the world's results is not going to be anything spiritual you can build a big glass cathedral, but you know it's not going to be any change in the lives of the people only the word of God will do that and if you're faithful with the word and the changes will take place, and although you don't have the cathedral to show for it didn't glory billion years from now the people that have been touched by the were going to be there, to the praise of the glory of Jesus Christ Teresa's time for now and I read this I find this very disturbing to me. Ask first of all, what is talking about when he says in verse one will be terrible times in the last days of the two different ways phrase that could mean the very last days just before the return of Jesus Christ. Obviously, that would be one meeting or on the other hand it can mean the last days. That is the last phase of history including all the years that passed between the first coming of Jesus Christ and the second coming of Christ.

I could argue for either. As I read the passage and I recognize that he is writing to Timothy and his warning about the last days the characteristic of the last days and I realize that was 2000 years in the past. I say well look what he's talking about here is the characteristics of the days in which I live.

So I look at that and I say doesn't this describe our times. All we know, describe her times by these words on the characteristics of sin is that we rename sin, make it a little more enjoyable to say it's nevertheless take that first when lovers of themselves will recall that the new narcissism we've even made it a virtue in our mass advertising appeals we say I know it costs a little bit more but I'm worth it as a that's lovers of ourselves. It sounds better if we we talk about narcissism or I'm worth it to say that where the Bible has forwarded self-love. It's the root of all sin are great problems you see as we love ourselves and we want to serve ourselves we want to have our needs met and really not thinking about other people problems in the church, probably the greatest problem in the church today, lovers of money, but the biblical word for that. The Bible calls agreed that we call it simple materialism. We build our whole economy. Upon making people want more and more that always amuses me when our gross national product declined slightly. People are not buying all the things they really don't need a quite the same rate that they were the year before and agree to slack off by half a percent or something like that. We call it a recession that you see there are lots of things we could be doing with the money if we were thinking biblically Bible doesn't fool around with these things. It does agree as bad, boastful, proud, abusive, we call it self-esteem but there's nothing worth esteeming in those terms. First one actually refers to braggarts. That's a better translation. The second refers to haughty people. We will always above everybody else occurred when refers to blasphemers. Actually the word blaspheme is a these people think so highly of themselves. They look down on everybody else dishonest the parents. We call it the generation gap, but the Bible doesn't like it pronounces a judgment on children that don't respect their parents and so it continues to go down through the whole list to see everyone of them we rename, but they describe the dreadful culture in which we live. Now you think when you got to the end of the list that you got it all, the verse five and you find something that is even more frightening. I find myself depressed when I get the verse five is a what Paul says in verse five, after he has completed his last ungrateful on wholly without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash conceded lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, he adds the most shocking phrase of all. He says having a form of godliness but denying its power. Mean to have a form of godliness.

Well it means to be imitating godliness doesn't not internally but externally and who does not refer to it certainly doesn't refer to the pagans, imitating biblical godliness, referring to the church. Churches in Asia is referring to. So you see, he sort of drawn as it has an 87, the last days, terrible times are going to, then please describe, and we stand. There's a gas that certainly describes United States of America today and we say oh yeah, that describes Philadelphia today materialistic abusive that almost think we see it on the news every night. We are saying to ourselves, like God, we're not like that and then he says oh yes but you see that's in the churches having a form of godliness but denying the power I supposedly sings the dimensions of there's anything that would cause me to quit. Slack ridicule. Nobody likes ridicule. But you know they are ministering to Christian you got a face that, know that from the beginning that it is true that the hard work will grind you down to work away at it and you tired can hardly continue at times to get older, maybe it gets even harder to see if you can handle those things. But it's when you see these things in the church.

The church for which you have poured out your life from which you have talked to the best of your ability and over which you will pray and invokes the blessing of God. When you see that in the church.

That's what's disheartening to see when we talk about Timothy. We say to ourselves well and Timothy was weak was in a he was a timid man. I think we overdo that probably was timid compared to Paul was an extraordinary person you see when we do that we tend to set Timothy over there we say of course Timothy was weak, but we don't really think of ourselves in that category. We have to get over that. We have to realize that this books that speak to us of all that we are just like that and so we come that's in question. See at the end of chapter 1 I acid in the end of chapter 2, I asked Mike on this point I say what ever is going to keep a young man like Timothy doing it in the face of all trouble and all that discouragement to do it on his own strength. Only one answer is going to be by the grace of God and the power the Holy Spirit supplies and so that's what he says is for you. Continuing what you've learned is you know those from whom you've learned and how from infancy you have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. It's another way of saying what we found earlier in the letter mainly be strong in God's grace we come to the very last chapter, and here's where he gives the final solemn charges already touched upon the pressure points. We see them as well but he gets to the end and here's the chart we often use it in church when we commissioned officers we use it because this is the nitty-gritty thing and it reads like this in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge. Preach the word, be prepared in season and out of season correct, rebuke and encourage with great patience and careful instruction because the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires all gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn away from the truth and turn aside to myths is for you. Keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, the work of an evangelist and discharge all the duties of your ministry. Now ask the question again ultimately going to do that. What's going to keep them strong already said it's by the grace of God.

But listen, you get to this last chapter, and you find a few additional suggestions. The first thing is this, this charge. Paul is given Timothy is not just Paul's charge is the charge that God is given in the Lord Jesus Christ that the way he begins in the way he does in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you the charge is a that's a lot doesn't work maybe hard ridicule may be a very difficult thing to stand against and the results may be discouraging, but it is God. It was given us the charge Almighty God told you to stand where you are new for him regardless say that I have a lot of weight better believe it adds a lot of weight because one day you're going to stand before him and his judgments, and you're going to have to give an account of what you've done so gives us that in the second thing is this. Others have done, who well all is done it even more difficult time than Timothy. He talks about the things that he endured in and even here he says having gone through all of that I have thought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith is a member tempted to quit. It is very helpful to remember that other people before us have been tempted to quit those who know the Lord Jesus Christ and are faithful haven't done it. There are no greater than you or me Bible says temptation is common to man. What we face a face to face by Christians before us all down through the centuries, and it will be all over the centuries to come until Jesus Christ comes again with the Bible also says he who is faithful to provide a way of escape. As you might be able to bear it is. I can stand all of that reproof and ridicule that I've been getting.

Oh yes you can your own strength by the strength of God will supply what you need is the work is 200 grinding me down. I've never been a very strong person if you can do it because God will give you the strength you need to do the job is given, you imagine the lawsuit gives you job to do, it doesn't provide the material and you say I find it so discouraging I work with somebody and I just not getting anywhere at all. I just have to quit. I can do anything you don't have to quit because Ghana provided other people upon in their before you and now you see that sequence of passing on the gospel. It is come to you and your task is to look for it, and then to pass it on to those who follow in the final point of course is what I said God will provide the grace we need, because he is faithful. That's a theme that you find throughout the letter and you find it when you get here to the very end. God is faithful. Think of what Paul said.

He tells in the very last verses about his experience there in Rome. Dimas has deserted him. Everyone else except for Lucas departed Alexander the metalworker did in great harm at his first trial. No one came to his support. But what does he say Boulevard stood at my side and gave me strength so that through me. The message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it and I was delivered from the lion's mouth. As you say you determine to stand for God without quitting, you will find that God will stand with you. Not only that he will rescue you from every evil attack until he is ready to bring glory and one is ready to bring in the glory he will and he will bring you. As Paul says in verse 18 safely and I might add, triumphantly, victoriously to his heavenly kingdom. To receive the reward prayer. Father, we look at our hearts and we don't think of ourselves as being heroes or heroines.

We really aren't were just weak people we see ourselves more like Timothy. It was weak. But Paul himself had his struggles sends one was ever taken up the cross to follow after Jesus Christ has been able to do it by themselves or just part of that great company. The company of the week but who, nevertheless, by the power of the Holy Spirit of the company of the strong company of the defeated. Nevertheless, by the power of the Holy Spirit of the company of the victorious hose, though they have no strength in themselves.

One day you're going to stand before the throne of glory and there with joy in their hearts, and smiles on their faces cast down the crowns that they have one before the throne upon the glassy city acknowledging that if we were able to stand. We were. It was by your grace and pray she was the God of all grace forever. Amen.

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