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Justification by Grace Alone

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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June 28, 2021 8:00 am

Justification by Grace Alone

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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June 28, 2021 8:00 am

In this country, we have our democracy, our Constitution, and the American justice system. The realities of guilt, innocence, punishment, judgment, and redemption exist in the spiritual realm as well. Today on The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice teaches on "Justification by Grace Alone."

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In this country we have our democracy, our Constitution and the American justice system, the realities of guilt, innocence, punishment, judgment and redemption exist in the spiritual realm as well coming up on the Bible study our Dr. James Boyce teaches on justification by grace alone. Welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act biblically.

We don't like to think of ourselves as people who need a handout, even from God. But if we're going to be justified by the grace of God we must first understand that we are in need of it. Dr. Boyce explains from Romans three call this study justification by grace alone. With the start right at the beginning, let me have that sounds exactly like spoken about salvation by grace alone sounds right. As a matter of fact, that was vital of our last one is very clearly that if I had titled the patient by faith alone. I was right, because all that was the great rallying cry of the Reformation of Martin Luther's doctrine by which the church will understand that justification by grace alone. Exactly right answer of course is that it is right because it merely another way of saying what the other two phrases also say salvation by grace alone.

Justification by faith alone. Patient by grace alone, are all saying that salvation is by grace of God received by faith altogether goes something like this justification by the grace of God alone, leave my alone which salvation salvation is all about focusing on justification. So we begin by asking about it. We say what is dictation justification is a judicial act by God, by which he declares the center for the work of Christ now stands in the right relation to him and to his law accomplished by anything · I can possibly do anything to bring ourselves into a right relationship with God. Everything we do is contaminated by seven this are doing this got us in trouble in the first Christ done something he has accomplished what makes it possible for God to justify and that's what we want to study our text for this is Romans three verses 20 to 24 which says there is no difference for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and are justified freely by his grace our friends justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus is the only place in this chapter where the word grace occurs, but it is important for no other reason than that.

This is the first time in the New Testament that word grace is treated theologically does occur earlier in the New Testament does in the current Matthew or Mark said that earlier occurs once in Luke three times in John very many times gospel found 11 times in acts book of the New Testament, but those references are not really theological so here in this third chapter of Romans. The very first time the word occurs in the book of Romans is the first theological treatment of the Lord of the whole New Testament is a great treatment you know anything about the Romans you know that the early chapters are need of the gospel. We are under the wrath of God because of our willful sin and disobedience here beginning the 21st verse of this third chapter of the very first time.

The apostle Paul begins to explain how God save these verses are telling us, telling us how God saves us from our sin rescues us from the wrath of times over because of our sin. Interesting thing about these verses is that before they knew that they begin by telling us that we actually need saving, one time when I look at Romans 323.

I somehow thought that it was in the wrong place.

I don't mean by life that I thought it was on trial court true 323 says there is no different for all of sinned and fall short of the glory of God. And we know that the early chapters all fall short of God's standards are not only that's even worse than that only short of God standards that we were trying but somehow we just didn't quite make it accurately in rebellion against God running away from those standards and away from God as fast as we can question about the truthfulness of that verse problem I had was placing that Rawlings are the verses that are beginning to talk about salvation, and it was chapter 1 first half of chapter 3 that are talking about our being sinners. Why didn't the verse occur there.

I was in it somewhere in chapter 1, or perhaps the summation of man kinds condition and send them the first time. Chapter 3 well, it's not a long place and I understand that now and the reason it's not is that unless we understand what that person saying we really don't understand grace. We know there is no difference. All of said all of fallen short of the glory of God.

We know that we won't understand why we need to be justified by the grace of God, military one of his writings, Charles Spurgeon tells about a preacher from the north in Scotland was in England at the time I had a woman in his congregation that was poor. Lacking enough money to pay rent one day taking money from the church. What we would call that the actual funding went to the area's anywhere she was living on the building. She had an apartment. He made his way up four or five flights of stairs in your tiny little attic apartment on the top floor of the building on the door, no answer not to get excited about be gone back down the stairs he went home and the next Sunday in church he saw a woman any afterwards I stand that you're having some financial trouble. I had money to help you pay the rent. I came by the other day: one day it was home one time, sorry I there about noontime old dear that I was there I heard you talking but I thought it was the landlord coming to the ramp. Spurgeon tells that story is grace. And of course it is minister came with grace pay the rent when she was unable to play herself. The reason I tell the story is for slightly different reason. As I told the story that you and I don't naturally and perhaps you didn't naturally identify with the woman you think of the story of all kind of go back in your mind how you were thinking what you are visualizing. As I told is true, you and I most naturally identify with the preacher our way to that area of the city going up or five flights of stairs offering the money the door of the woman was there knocking. Trying to get her to help, but we don't naturally identify with the woman as a matter of fact, laughing at her simplicity, which shows sure you put yourself in a different category from the people Rent we feel sorry for them, but we don't consider ourselves that category.

We can pay the rent here as well to be able to pay to what I'm saying is we don't naturally consider ourselves standing in the grace of God it in a slightly different way changing interpretations likely somewhere. The woman in the consumer morning the door because were afraid of landlord rent we think we can play that morning and against God because were afraid he comes with grace. We don't want to be in the position of people who have the grace of God. Well, someone was trying to talk to an uppercrust English lady.

On one occasion tried to explain all sinners, all of sin and fall short of the glory of God in the gospel, she said, but ladies are not sinners. Friend was witnessing to were several men who are, she said, just young men and their foolish day man continue testimony explained that she was going to be safe yet to be saying the same as anybody else was saved because all of sin come short of the glory of God is going to be justified. You have to be justified away or put she said well that I will be say that course but that is what many people do. If we are going to be justified by the grace of God which is what this verse is about and you have to understand first of all stand in need of less God by grace justifies you through the work of Jesus Christ. You will perish because no difference. All all fall short of the grace of God, become their justification. We want to talk about its meaning know it's important because I said a moment ago.

Martin Luther said it's the doctrine by which the church stands or falls. Great theme of the Reformation. John Calvin called upon which religion turns the understand it's important that we say what is often when we talk about theological words. We can be help in understanding my etymology is by breaking the word down and was part part me that the word justification is misleading, you really understand words that are behind the right meaning, but professional and easiest etymology is misleading and for this reason vacation is formed of two Latin words versus justice second is Carrie first word means light proper light like just a second means do we understand the first from the sphere of law, we have words like justified the understand the second from common words like factory factory where things are made or manufactured factor is a compound word means to make my can you take those two meanings of the word, just like just make put them together you get a meaning of the word that goes something like this to make righteous soon as we get that kind of meeting we say, well, that means the change in somehow. So we just were not right just before hand, but now we become like this. It's at that point that is misleading. As I said, that justification does mean to make righteous, but in a different set make righteous, not because of anything that is done within us to change us, but because of something Jesus Christ did on our behalf, givenin the lab supposed to have a court judge, and he owes an awful lot of money is about to suffer adverse judgment that ancient world. Of course you were greatly and that you could be sold in slavery as a result of your data. That's why particular passage when it talks about justification. It says site.

Also, through the redemption that comes by Christ Jesus is the buyout of slavery separate will assume because we can understand it better than hear somebody about supper loss of all his possessions going to go in the personal bankruptcy because what he knows now at this point friend comes this new arrivals judge how much of my friends all $3 million last saw you when I campaigned at but this is all play it on his papers are signed, the judge declares that now there is no longer any case standing against the defendant. We didn't pay that himself. That was paid for them own personal circumstances. When a change in the slightest judge is saying now that this part of the requirements of the law span both requirements are satisfied. Person is now justified before the bar of justice. Let me point out another way to say that somebody is justified is to say the opposite of what you would if you were say they were condemn vacation condemnation happens when the judge condemns criminal judge make the criminal criminal declaration of anything to do what the criminal is criminal before the judgment clears him to be a criminal.

All the judge is saying is that he's broken the law and found guilty of breaking the law and I was going to impose whatever penalty the law requires exactly the same way when God declares that would justify the player. Somehow, now that we are like only the law have been satisfied. Where were concerned way that happens is through the work of Jesus Christ on our behalf. Now patient transaction involves transaction with two part one hand, are our guilt is placed upon Jesus Christ and punish their eyes to pay punishment for our sin righteous for the unrighteous, on the other hand, other part of justification is righteousness which we don't have that which we need is credited our sin is placed upon him and he is punished is righteousness is credited to us that we are justified in the story. One of the great influences on my early life and ministry was Donald Ray Barnhouse, who was pastor church. Years ago when he was about 15 years of age boy heard the testimony of a man who had been drug abuser and an addict who had been delivered from that by the grace of God called the ministry. Strong evangelism and because Barnhouse is a young man heard them was impressed by him. He went up to him after meeting right away that this man had something that Barnhouse did ask him about the gospel and Glenn gave him an illustration like this one has his left hand and he says this hand represents you many picked up and he says this represents your sin is on you pressing down upon you.

Sin is a great burden Barnhouse as he wrote about that later said he understood that very well because that is exactly what he had been experiencing house of the man picking up his other hand. His right hand.

This hand represents the Lord Jesus Christ said on him perfect one could say to his enemies.

Which of you convicts me of sin. They had nothing to say again that that was true sin on him no sin on Jesus Christ now said the man making the switch sin that is on you is placed upon Jesus Christ like this in order that he might bear punishment.

That is what happened in the Lord Jesus Christ at your place upon the cross. Then, while at Humboldt, representing Barnhouse's sin was representing and resting upon Jesus Christ, he began to read these verses of Scripture. First of all we read from first Peter 223 and 24 when they hurled their insults at him. He did not retaliate pretty made no threats that he entrusted himself to him of judges justly, he himself bore our sin in his own body on the tray so that we might die just like having read that verse. He read from Isaiah 53 verses six Peter quotes which he referred surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows that we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him in the pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are we are like sheep gone astray, each of us is turned to his own way, the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all having given the ration read the Scripture began to interrogate young Barnhouse to see if he understood what he is saying the question he said who sins were laid on young man said yes said the man who sins are well are said she said yes but since your thoughts of the man that said that's what I was waiting for my that my wife were on me now laid upon Jesus Christ as Lord. I no more.

That's justification. Barnhouse understood that he believed in any preached use an illustration many times he dealt with other people and he also enlarged because you see the samein the chose how our sin and be transferred to Jesus Christ. Also show how his righteousness is transferred sometimes when Barnhouse didn't use the Bible are better illustration righteousness and booking said the righteousness of Jesus Christ placed upon knowledge, God looks that he sees us as if we were like Jesus Horatio Spafford in one of his great him celebrated the first half of that transaction. This way, my said all the bliss of the modern part of the whole, is nailed to his cross and I bear it no more praise the Lord is the Lord, O my soul, Zinzendorf, founder of the Moravians great missionary celebrated the second half. He wrote Jesus by blood and righteousness like beauty are by glorious Creston flaming world joy gone.your justification is by grace alone. Something else. It also talks about faith you're talking about faith just briefly in our last study because when we were studying Ephesians 2 studying salvation by grace alone, and that grace is by faith we know the text by grace you are saved through faith and not of yourselves gift of God not of works with anyone should boast.

Now let us talk here in the third chapter of Romans as well. I said when we were looking at it last time that we were going to treat it in detail. Then, because I wanted to treated in greater detail now because you hardly talk about justification without talking about faith by grace yes certainly justification by faith. So we asked the question what exactly is misunderstanding, faith and a lot of bizarre definition believing what you knowing. So what somebody says of positive thinking. I can because I think I can, but according to the Bible. When people talk with any understanding about faith. Usually stress that has three parts will use different words to talk about some talk about awareness and commitment found in other places that expositors mauling belief and trust in classic reform theology. Theology of the Reformation of the post-Reformation quite often. Three flat works for these are probably the best since all of you know Latin give you the Latin words and then you'll know exactly what faith is. Latin words are to teach census invite you back spell teaching and OTI TIA SSE and SUS by duty FID UCI personal teaching has to do with content and we can remember it because the word is given us our word notice in the note formation or post a notice of content that's the first thing we have to understand about faith has content don't count very strong in emphasizing this a very good reason because in his day in error and develop the church. The church of the Middle Ages was almost destroyed through faith in with true Christianity and the reason was this in the Middle Ages.

Nobody could read in the church had been very unfaithful in teaching the great doctrines of Scripture to the people were very ignorant, very ignorant. I didn't understand the doctrines of Christianity. How then can they be same. Obviously the Bible says By faith when the answer that the church of the Middle Ages gay was they are saved by an implicit faith what that meant was you don't understand that the church understands all you have to do is believe what the church believes will be all right and actually no, great issue about the objected and did so rightly because he was aware that an ignorant faith is nothing but pious ignorance mean anything at all by ignorance or I think of that debate between Calvin and those who preceded him in the church.

I'm reminded of a man being taken. Membership in the local church and he was being examined by the elders is the elders job last what he believed, that I believe what the church believes quite satisfied so they pursued a bit further.

Virtually certainly is likely getting a bit frustrated this time, but they phrase the third question I said yes but what you and the church believe a little bit got a frown on his face suddenly brightened up and he said we believe the same thing. That's what Calvin face as the problem of the Middle Ages that he said as I pointed out, quite rightly, that true faith must rest on right knowledge doesn't is only pious ignorance of the first task administers teachers in the church is to make sure that people understand the gospel content now, even that of course is not saving faith. Second element is element that described by the Latin word census sent personal agreement with the information you understand the moment that's necessary because from a human point of view you can understand the doctrine told the entity very well. You can understand them well enough to teach them doesn't mean you agree with letter be saved by grace through faith yet to agree with what God teaches us in Scripture. When I went to Harvard University studying English literature.

I sat under number of professors were really very brilliant and learned man can't teach English literature. Without understanding something about Christian theology because it's filled with Christian theology well know metaphysical poets and others. All these men had studied very well. I remember sitting in classes where they explain very clearly the nature of the blood atonement. The shedding of blood relations are remitted the blood of Jesus Christ made atonement for the sins of his people and is my faith in him. They could tell you what sin was the atonement was how the Holy Spirit operated the doctrines of the church all those things but they didn't teach you, but they didn't have census in the census comes a point at which we agreed that these things are really true in this, usually because I'm talking about the doctrines of Christianity were not talking about abstract things were talking about a law of physics that believe, but it doesn't really make any difference. That was were talking about the character of God. Our sin and the fact that God because of his love for us that his son Jesus.

Christ died on the cross we might save. The price of our salvation. Can't believe that without being moved in it in some way. So when we talk about census talking about just all right.

I agree.

I guess that's true direction talking about the way the Holy Spirit causes that thing down in your hearts and bring about a response is far from cold intellectual agreement. John Wesley was talking about when he described his conversion over many years the gospel he didn't really touch them in a personal way. Return missionary work in this country was in England went to a little meeting Chapel in Aldersgate Street. Everybody knows about that especially the Methodist and there he describes as he heard a reading from Luther's book of Romans how his heart was strangely warm words. Strangely warm what he meant by that said as he heard the doctrines expound the very first time.

Not only is Part a percent of the teachings that I believe.

I believe Jesus Christ really got me to find one of the three that is commitment.

If I do show use Latin word is possible to understand the truths agree with the true still not make a commitment to Jesus Christ follower. There are whole branches of the church in our country you live in a day of extremely shallow theology and shallow think old ranges of the church in this country today to teach the possible to be saved. Just by that kind of like agreement, the answer to that. Of course, double understand those things really well. James writes about a double understand that he believes that Jesus is the son of God perfectly well. God sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross, sin really well that he rose bodily from the dead, far better than he probably believes it better than you do say James speaks about it. He said the devils believe these things double is not a follower of Jesus Christ.

That's where the matter say when we talk about justification by grace why we also say yes and through faith alone say grace of God justification you have to commit yourself that mean you can do it of yourself.

That's the gift of God from beginning to end must come to that point where you actually give yourself over Christ. I often use the marriage have to use it again way in which young man or young woman come to know one another, love and get married. Parallels each of these three stages.

First stages of courtship courtship young man or young woman hopefully are trying to get to know one another what they're asking whether they are now going with the kind of person that they really could marry and spend the lifetime with man like that woman like that couple why they spend some time adequate to find out what you like to find out later that the matter of contents then comes the moment when they fall in love and that's the warming of the heart is. That's the essential where you not only save yourself. Well, that's the kind of man I like to marry a man I want to marry. That's the kind of girl I like to marry a girl like I want to marry that very girls. What I want to marry is even that doesn't make the marriage Bob wonderful is Mary Mary reestablish that day comes when that man that woman standing for the minister exchange, thereby says like John taking Mary to be my wedded wife and I do promise and covenant before God and these witnesses loving and faithful husband and wanting joy and sorrow, in sickness and health one as we both shall live. She repeats those vows after him. Now that's what Jesus Christ done what we need response to his great love takes about first of all, before the foundation of the world because he foresees determines all things. He said I Jesus take the sinner because that's what we are no different old friend come short of the glory of God. I Jesus take the sinner. The my wife lied and disciple promise and covenant before God that heavenly father to be thy loving and faithful Savior and bridegroom and war plenty on and wanting joy and sorrow sending help for this life for all eternity moment comes in that service when you and I looked up into his face and we repeat when we become say I sinner take the Jesus my Savior, bridegroom, Lord Thomas covenant before God heavenly father.

These witnesses be thy faithful disciple and wanting joy and sorrow, sickness and in health is life all eternity. God the father of the human God that marriage and we become blind Christ more talking a lot about grace particular study with talking about justification by grace but it is something that happens automatically is the point at which it touches you question is have you made that commitment. Christ knowledge of the world and all of the intellectual assent to the doctrines of Christianity will not save you the fullness of faith Chapel, along Christ was the time of salvation.

Your heart right. Thank you for the screws. Thank you for the way you made them so clear and undoubtedly aspects of salvation that are beyond their understanding and probably will spending all of eternity come unraveled Justin Clark wonders grace save the work of Jesus Christ told us about the respondent Jesus Christ said one became sin for us during the punishment for our sin in order that his righteousness might be hours.

We are called upon to believe that commit ourselves to him pray as you promise to honor your word use that as our speak to some do not know Jesus Christ saving way move them any self complacency I have any reluctance they might have to go his way caused by faith life. The soapy joined Jesus save now and forever. You were listening to Bible study hours with the Bible teaching of Dr. James Boyce listener supported ministry of the alliance of confessing Evangelicals. The alliance exists to promote a biblical understanding and worldview. Drawing upon the insight and wisdom of reformed theologians from decades and even centuries gone by. We seek to provide Christian teaching that will equip believers to understand and meet the challenges and opportunities of our time and place.

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