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Alone in the Garden

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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May 4, 2021 8:00 am

Alone in the Garden

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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May 4, 2021 8:00 am

At Christmas we celebrate Christ, born as a baby. And the miracle of Easter is that He rose from the grave. But in between these events, the Son of God lived a very human life one full of common experiences like exhaustion, hunger, temptation and even sorrow. Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll find Jesus, desperate and alone, just hours before his arrest.


At Christmas we celebrate Christ born as a baby and the miracle of Easter is that he rose from the grave. But in between these events, the son of God lived a very human life, one full of common experiences like exhaustion, hunger, temptation, even sorrow today on the Bible study hour with Dr. James Boyce will find Jesus desperate and alone, just hours before his arrest, welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act quickly. Is there a right or wrong way to pray. Let's listen as Dr. Boyce highlights for helpful teaching points on prayer from Christ's example in the garden of Gethsemane whenever we read the Bible we call him the passages I suppose we often tend to handle likely thinking either rightly or wrongly, that they are not at first importance of other passages, we come to the draws up sharply that seem to cry out, take off the shoes from your feet, because the place in which you are standing is holy ground message we come to today in Matthew 26 is like that. So a record of Jesus prayer in the garden of the seminary prayer actually prayers in which he asked if it were possible that this cop lay ahead of them might be taken away is obviously of great importance in the minds of the gospel writers because the story is there in each of the first three gospel Gospels recall the Synoptics share in Matthew 26. You also find it in Mark 14 and Luke 22 Charles Haddon Spurgeon said of this passage, here we come to the holy of holies our Lord's life on earth is a mystery like that which Moses saw when the bush burned with fire and was not consumed man rightly expound a passage like this is the subject for prayerful heartbroken meditation more than for human language. William Barclay said surely this is a passage we must approach on our knees, DA Carson added as is F was unique so also was his anguish in our best response to it is hushed worship, yet it's true isn't it that were to learn from the story because that's the only reason is been included in the Bible we must learn from it precisely so we can do what those writers say so, we will be moved to prayerful law and bow before God and hushed worship now with a profound passage. I've always found the way to handle it is not profoundly simply seems available some very simple and obvious lessons that come from it.

The first is this we learn that the Lord Jesus Christ was fully human, because nowhere multiple accounts of this gospel or any other incidents from his life, do we find Jesus more press down or sit right uses word for it more vulnerable when we find them in this particular passage he took Peter, James and John is three closest friends aside with them and he said my soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me outside. The only place in the gospel accounts that we see the humanity of Jesus was there quite often. He was born of a woman was laid in the crude wooden manger stable at his birth. We can assume it was nurse like other babies were told that he grew in wisdom and stature favor with God and man. He got hungry, especially when he was driven by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. He was thirsty. As Wendy sat on that well in Samaria and ask a drink of the Samaritan woman on one occasion he was so tired that he fell asleep in the stern of the wildly rocking both the storm on the Sea of Galilee in these last days. When he approached Jerusalem and sought spread out before him as he looked down on it from the Mount of olives were told that he wept because he knew the destruction that was coming to the city. All of that shows his humanity, but there's probably no place in the Gospels where it's more evident when here were told is that he sorrow it was a very great sorrow was so great that he wanted to have his friends with him and is probably needed to share it with them anyway. We might want to share some great sorrow and as he began to do that tried to do it. He explained that his sorrow was so great that it was killing him because that's what the phrase actually means yes. Although his sorrow was like our sorrow.

It was also not like our sorrow because it was greater than anything you and I would ever have to bear or that matter can even begin to imagine. And he had to bear it all alone really was fulfilling Isaiah 63.

Three. Where there is a description of this warrior comes from bus ride and he says this I have trodden the winepress alone from the nations. No one was with me man named Ben Price, who wrote a verse about this which captures Jesus isolation very well and it goes like this. It was alone. The Savior prayed in dark disseminating alone the drain that a bitter cop and suffered there for me alone, lonely, boring all alone. He gave himself to save his own. He suffered, bled, and died alone alone ever feel alone were troubled by your sorrow. Jesus was alone. He understands it's an knows what you're going through. As I said, we have to remember at the same time, although he was like us in his sorrow, his sorrow was not like ours was greater than anything we bear referred here to the top is a biblical image is used often in the Old Testament.

It has to do with God's wrath. It has to do with the final judgment. Psalm 75 eight reads in the hand of the Lord is cop full of foaming wine mixed with spices. He pours it out and all the wicked of the earth. Drink it down to the very dragons biblical image cabin in Isaiah 51, 22, where the cop is described as the goblet of my wrath are Jeremiah 2515 where it's called the wine of my wrath over Ezekiel 2331 to 34. All that's written about the cup of ruin and desolation that was brought up on Samaria is where Jesus drank your place on your behalf. He bore the wrath of God.

So the wrath of God might not have to fall upon you place backup the cup of God's wrath, which he drank for us. Jesus is offered us the cup of communion which is the cop symbolizing his death upon the cross for our six let's first simple lesson. The second lesson to be learned from this passage is the importance of prayer. Prayer support at all times. Of course Paul told the Thessalonians to pray continually told the Ephesians pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. Yes, but especially we want to pray in times of sorrow Jesus that he prayed at length he prayed fervently on Charles while a great Anglican bishop said that prayer is the best practical remedy that we can use in times of trouble that we try other things are foolish for us to think that we have a better cure remedy for sorrow and did Jesus remember Hezekiah Hezekiah was one of the great kings of Judah. He lived in a dangerous age. The kingdom of Syria was rising and not too long before this one of its king salmon teaser marched against Samaria and destroyed the northern kingdom fell then shaman is her successor selector ribbon came again and attacked Judah in the south.

He captured many of its cities and the shut up Hezekiah and his people in Jerusalem is a monument that this man erected this preserved today in the British Museum in which he boasts that he had confined Hezekiah and his walled city like a caged bird like a rib sent letter to Hezekiah demanding a surrender reminded him how all of the other cities that fall into Assyria Hezekiah in this time of great trouble, received that letter then were told in second Kings 19 what he did with it. He took the letter to the temple and he spread it out before the Lord means, of course, he took us trouble to God and God answered God answered through the prophet Isaiah because Isaiah came and said the before morning. All of the soldiers would be gone that night. God sends his angels through the enemy camp and he struck down 185,000 of selector rib soldiers and the king, withdrew, went back to Nineveh is what you need to do in trouble.

The sales year Jesus brought his trouble to the father and was hurt know that because Luke tells us in Luke 2243, after he had prayed an angel came to strengthen him.

What that means, of course, is that God will strengthen you on this. 1/3 lesson in these verses is actually a set of lessons on the vibrator.

Give it a title. I would say it's kind of manual that explains what it really means to pray for things I think we can learn about prayer from this passage and perhaps more. But at least these four number one true prayer is prayer to God the father. That's the way Jesus began his prayers my father my father. He said I don't mean by this that you can't pray to the other persons of the Trinity pray to Jesus himself, or the Holy Spirit of God. Certainly you could do that I need something different I mean is that if you're going to pray, truly you have to pray to God and most prayers.

If I may say so I really not prayers to God the father One Prayer in a Thousand Is Really a Prayer to God Was Any Prayer to God Other Than the God of the Bible Is Not a True Prayer Because It's a Prayer to an Imaginary God.

Other Gods Are Not True Gods. But Even among Christians. Many Prayers Are on or That Are Not Really Prayers to God.

They Are Really Basically Only a Formality, Not by Those Who Are Conscious of Actually Being in God's Presence and Truly Praying to Him and Therefore They Are Very Often Just for Show. Like the Prayer of a Fashionable Boston Preacher Many Many Years Ago That Was Reported up in One of the Boston Papers. Paper Described It As the Most Eloquent Prayer Ever Offered to a Boston Audience. Many of Our Prayers Are like That Ruben Torre Tells That in His Book the Power of Prayer Is What He Advises He Said We Should Never Utter One Syllable of Prayer, Either in Public or in Private until We Are Definitely Conscious That We Are Coming to the Presence of God and Are Actually Praying to Him but Then As a Mother Problem in the Other Problem Is That Even Were Praying to God. We Don't Know God Very Well and Therefore We Don't Pray As We Are Privileged to Pray and Should Pray When We Should Be Able to Prayer Is to Pray to God As Father We Have To Know Them Is That Having Become His Child. The Work of Jesus Christ on Our Behalf, Taking Away Our Sin, Declaring Us to Be Righteous on the Basis of His Righteousness, and Then Adopting Us into God's Family. Jesus Here Calls God's Father and His Work Remarking That This Was a Striking, Almost Blasphemous Thing in Jesus Day No Jew Ever Called Godfather Medevac. The Opposite Was Happening Instead of Their Prayers, Articulating a More Intimate Relationship with the God They Serve God Actually Seem to Be Moving Further and Further Away from Them. So Much so That They Wouldn't Even Pronounce the Name of God Is Why We Don't Know That Right Old Testament Name for God Which We Usually Referred to As Jehovah or Sometimes What We Don't Know How It Really Was to Be Pronounced Because They Didn't Say It. They Said Was Added. I Instead Just Meant Lord Was Not Actually the Name of God or They Use Circumlocutions like Talked about the Power of Heaven and They Really Meant the Power of God or the Power of the Altar Where the Temple or Something like That Here Comes Jesus Is Not Only Referred to God As Father Even Use the Word Which Many of the Commentators Suggest Had an Intimate Association with It Almost the Way Child Would Refer to His or Her Father.

We Would Probably Say Daddy Though It Might Be a Little More Intimate Than That Any Rate, Daddy and My Mother or the Words of the Child, Would You Here Jesus Is Using It and It Was so Striking in the Minds of the Disciples That They Actually Preserved the Aramaic Word in the New Testament. So in Several Places You Find Them, Saying, Father, or Abba Father. It's Stuck in Their Minds They Knew There Was Significant Market Actually Does It in This Account Because in the 14th Chapter Where He Has the Same of ANSI Reports Jesus Praying This Way Abba Father. Everything Is Possible for You. Take This Cup from Me. Yet Not What I Will What You Well. That's the First Thing about Prayer Is Prayer to God the Father Is the Second Thing, Effective Prayer Is According to God's Will. Jesus Was Praying According to God's Will Is Immaculate Soul Shrank Naturally from Bearing Our Sin, Experiencing the Painful Alienation from the Father, Which Was Its Punishment Wasn't Playacting When He Said If It's Possible Let This Cup Be Taken from Me.

The Cross Must've Been a Horror for Him Infinitely beyond Anything That You and I Can Possibly Imagine. Silly Prayed. Nevertheless, As I Will but As You Will.

What Is It Mean to Pray According to God's Will. While It Means These Two Things.

It Means Putting God's Interests in God Himself First in Our Lives Is Why the First Petition Comes Where It Does in the Lord's Prayer Jesus When He Taught Us to Pray, Taught Us to Begin by Saying Your Kingdom Gone. Your Will Be Done on Earth As It Is in Heaven.

It's a Way As They Are Concerned to Be for God and His Kingdom Rather Than from Our Own. Again, Praying According to God's Will Means Praying According to What We Learn of God's Will in the Bible Because That's Where God's Will Is Made Known to Us. It's True That Not Everything We Might Want to Know Is in the Bible Bible Gives Us Principles Rather Than Specifics of the Details of Our Lives, but Nevertheless Sometimes Those Principles Are Quite Specific and in Any Rate They Give Us Plenty to Work on You to Think That Jesus, As He Was Praying Here in the Garden Was Not Searching over the Scriptures in His Mind As He Search the Will of God in This Matter of His Death on Calvary.

Of Course He Was. Mine Was Always Filled with Scripture Ready Must've Been Thinking through Those Passages You Know, We Began by Saying If It's Possible That This Be Taken from Immediately Taken from Man. He Was Thinking over All Those Passages Is It Possible That It Could Be Taken from Them.

Review the Passages. It Reminded Himself That It Was Not. It Was for This Very Purpose, That He Came in the World. We Know He Must've Been Thinking That Because Immediately after This, the Prayer Session Is over, I Go Forward to Meet the Arresting Party That's Coming in the Garden, Peter Draws His Sword, He Attacks about This Servant of the High Priest, Jesus Rebukes Peter Heals the Ear and Then Says, among Other Things, It Can't Be This Way Because How Then with the Scriptures Be Fulfilled. Say It Must Happen like This. Jesus Obviously Work through That and Came out Publicly in the Will of God. At the End.

Here's the Third Thing We Must Be Persistent in Some Prayers, Some People Have Argued That You Only Need to Pray a Prayer. Once on the Grounds of God Hears It Only to Be Reminded of It. If You Pray One Silly or Ill Do What Is Going to Do and You Can Forget about It.

I Suppose There's Some Logic in That, and I Admit That We Often Do Pray Wrongly Untied Praying Again and Again and Again for Something That's Clearly Not God's Will for Us Is Why He Doesn't Do It. All That Aside and We Have the Example of Jesus Who Prayed and Prayed, Not Only Fervently but Repeatedly We Can Really Miss That in This Passage.

Not Only Did Jesus Pray This Way, the Apostle Paul Did As Well.

Recall That He Writes in Second Corinthians about What He Calls Us Thorn in His Flesh.

He Said I Prayed Three Times That It Might Be Removed. Maybe Pattering Is Prayer on What He Read and Knew Jesus in This Account Wasn't Removed.

What He Says Is That God Gave Him the Grace to Bear It Leads to Something Very Interesting about Prayer and It's This Persisting in Prayer Did Not Get God to Change His Mind, but It Did Change Paul's Mind so That He Saw's Weakness Differently and Was Able to Praise God for the Lord God's Power Is Made Perfect in His Weakness Was My True of Jesus As Well.

We Have To Be Careful As We Read This Because Jesus Mind Being Also the Mind of God Is Infinitely beyond Our Own but As I Read It. It Seems to Me That There Is a Significant Progression in Jesus Prayers.

His First Prayer Verse 39 Jesus Asked That the Cop Might Be Avoided. May This Cup Be Taken from Me. Second Prayer Seems to Recognize That the Cop Could Not Be Avoided Because He Adds a Negative If for since It Is Not Possible for This Cup to Be Taken Away Unless I Drink It in Matthew Doesn't Give the Wording of the Third Petition, but I Suppose It Was Something like This since the Cross Is Your Will for Me, and since It Cannot Be Avoided. I Asked Her Strength to Bear It to Your Glory Reason I Suggest That Is Because Luke Says That Immediately after This, an Angel Appeared from Heaven and Actually Strengthened Him Is Another Question. How Long Do You Suppose It All Took, Well, We Can Read These Verses in A Few Seconds, but There's a Clue to the Fact That It Must've Taken Considerably Longer Something Jesus Said When He Went Back to the Disciples after You Prayed the First Time It's in the Middle of the Passage Could You Not Keep Watch with Me for One Hour, Biblical References, the Time Are Not Precise. Of Course Nobody Had Watches Doesn't Necessarily Mean 60 Minutes but It Does Suggest a Significant Length of Time and I Was after He Had Prayed the First Time Anyone Away and Prayed Again.

He Came Back They Fallen Asleep Again. Presumably, Another Hour or Something like It Had Faster Than 1/3 Time, Perhaps As Much As Three Hours, All While Judas Is Gathering up the Arresting Party and They're All Getting Ready to Come out and Meet Him and Ends up Several Hours of the Most Intense Prayer and yet We Think Some Reason That We Can Get by with Just A Few Minutes.

When Is a Poor Thing about Prayer in This Little Manual.

We Should Pray in Faith Expecting an Answer Answer Will Always Be What We Anticipate Because God's Ways Are Not Our Ways. His Thoughts Are Not Our Thoughts, but We Should Expect God to Answer. Somehow the Father Answer Jesus Yancey Third Gospel of Luke Says That the Angel Came Administered under Women Strengthened Him, but We Also See It in the Account Because Jesus Went on to His Arrest, Trial and Crucifixion with Not a Hint of Fear Wavering from This Point on. I Suppose This Is Also Taught by the Text in Hebrews That Must Be Referring to This Event. I Don't Know What Else He Could Be Referring to the Author of Hebrews Said during the Days of Jesus Life on Earth.

He Offered up Prayers and Petitions with Loud Cries and Tears Wanted to Save Him from Death, and He Was Heard Because of His Reverence Submission While I'm Referring to Hebrews, Let Me Point out That That Seems to Be the Reason and Challenge for Us to Pray Which the Author Gives Us the Chapter Earlier. Therefore He Says Chapter 4 Verse 14 since We Have Great High Priest Who Is Gone through the Heavens, Jesus the Son of God, Let Us Hold Firmly to the Faith We Profess.

For We Do Not Have High Priest Was Unable to Sympathize with Our Weaknesses.

We Have One Who Has Been Tempted in Every Way, Just As We Are yet without Sin. Let Us Then Approach the Throne of Grace with Confidence so That We May Receive Mercy and Find Grace to Help Us in Our Time. You Know That Jesus Had More to Say about Prayer Than Any Other Personage in the Bible and What He Had to Say Most about Prayer Is Simplicity Itself Is Just This. Pray We Got All Hung up on It. We Think, How Do I Pray, and What Posture Should I Pray Can I Pray A Lot and I Don't Get by with What Jesus Said Pray Pray What We Don't Understand about Prayer. But Listen, We Do Know This Number One God Hears Prayer Number Two God Answers Prayer Number Three We Are Commanded to Pray Number Four Prayer Matters of Number Five. Jesus Himself Prayed Giving Us an Example so We Need to Do Exactly What Jesus Told Peter to Do What He Said in This Very Passage Watch and Pray so You Will Not Fall into Temptation and That Leads Us to the Last Lesson of the Passage, Namely the Weakness of Our Flesh. Jesus Need to Pray Obviously Did He Was Doing It yet. He Was the Sinless Son of God.

He Was a Pillar of Strength Compared All of Those Were around but Listen If She Needed to Pray How Much More Do We Need to Pray, We Who Are Weak and Sinful and Ignorant and Usually Oblivious to the Temptations That Are around Us Every Single Moment of Our Lives. Jesus Said Jesus Said the Flesh Is Weak.

Normally Weak. It's a Pit of Corruption and Rebellion to New International Version Is Translated That Greek Words Socks I Mentioned Earlier, His Body, but That Weakens the Word in My Opinion. Certainly the Body Is Weak, but the Flesh Stands for the Whole Person As He or She Is Apart from the Regenerating and Purified Work of God. It Stands for Man, the Sinner and Man the Sinner Is More Than Merely Physically Weak He Is That Petites Also Simple and Rebellious in His Soul.

So What's the Solution Was Staring Us in the Face, It's Just This Watch and Pray Why Because We Will Certainly Fall into Temptation. If We Don't, We Can Stand. The Only Way We Can Stand This by the Power of Jesus Was Himself Able to Stand and Who Intercedes for Us to Enable Us to Stand Even As We Pray. Peter Thought He Was Strong When Jesus Spoke of His Impending Death, Indicating That the Disciples, but I'll Forsake Him and Be Scattered Peter Objected.

He Said Even Though That Might Be True of the Others. It Certainly Wouldn't Be True for Him. He Was Willing to Suffer Even to Die for Jesus Sake Any Minute. Peter Loved Jesus He Thought He Could Stand by Him. Peter Was Weak in the Flesh, and He Wasn't Able Even to Keep Awake Long Enough to Pray. So Peter Fell into Temptation. And He Would've Fallen Away Utterly of Jesus Not Prayed for Him That His Faith Might Be Strengthened. Jesus That I Prayed for You Simon, That Your Faith Might Not Fail.

When You've Turned Back, Strengthened Your Brother Many Years Ago Now in One of the Philadelphia Conferences on Reformed Theology.

John H.

Gerstner Was Speaking and He Was Talking about This Particular Passage and He Said on That Occasion That There Is a Human Are Him Box It Was Written by Peter Seen It and Some Books Actually Has a Recurring Line of the Light Is This Lord We Are Able Problem with That Is a Peter Wrote It before His Fall.

After He Fell Away Realize That He Wasn't Able and Gerstner Suggested That There Is a Revised Peter Version. It Goes like This Lord We Are Not Able As Gospel Truth Brothers and Sisters. Peter Was in a Bowl and Neither Are We in the Flesh.

We Will Fall, but We Can Stand up We Come to Christ and Pray Sinking the Strength He Makes Available. What's the Bottom Line. Pray That's What It Says You Have Trouble Praying. Remember the Jesus Himself Prayed, Giving You an Example Is Praying for You Even If You Pry Even Now, so Let's Pray Father We Come to You Not As Strong People.

But As We People. We, Sinners Become As Those Who Are Rebellious Even As Christians We Come Again and Again Needing Your Grace on the Atoning Cleansing Blood of Jesus Christ on Our Behalf. We Need to Stand. We Live in a Sinful World. Temptation Is about Us All the Time. We Can Stand against It for a Moment so We Come to You Mass Jesus Christ Himself Very Son of God Might Stand with Us and Enable Us to Stand in Him Glory Might Be Given to Us All the Praise Might Be Given to Him in Jesus Name We Pray. You Are Listening to the Bible Study Hour with the Bible Teaching of Dr. James Boyce, a Listener Supported Ministry of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. The Alliance Exists to Promote a Biblical Understanding and Worldview.

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