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The Parable of the Hidden Treasure, Pear, and Net

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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March 17, 2021 8:00 am

The Parable of the Hidden Treasure, Pear, and Net

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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March 17, 2021 8:00 am

What do a hidden treasure, a valuable pearl and a fishing net all have in common?...Not much, unless of course you’re reading the parables in Matthew chapter 13! On this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice will continue in his series through this book of the Bible as he helps us discover what these three items can each teach us about the value of the Gospel and the Day of Judgment.

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What do a hidden treasure of valuable pearl and fishing. Dad all have in common. Not much, unless of course you're reading the parables in Matthew chapter 13 in this broadcast of the Bible study our Dr. James Boyce will continue in his series through this book of the Bible as he helps us discover what these three items can teach us about the value of the gospel and the day of judgment and welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Bortz preparing you to think and act biblically every day people around the world hear the gospel and rejected.

They don't value its message because they don't understand their need for a Savior. Let's listen together to the teaching of Dr. Boyce is a certain caricature of Calvinism that takes issue with the doctrine of election and irresistible grace goes something like this. We can imagine a man let's call them George who doesn't want to be so. George love sin never looks beyond that he has heard the gospel but that doesn't interest him at all. He wants to pursue his own way of life but God is nevertheless selected.

This person so although George doesn't want to be saved is nevertheless dragged into the kingdom reluctantly screaming and kicking all the way most reluctant convert on the other hand, here's a woman will call her Mary. Mary wants to be safe very interested in the gospel every time there's an invitation raised verse one out of her seat. She reads the Bible all the time she goes to every meeting she can attend, but salvation is for her is not among the elect, so God says to Mary Mary. This salvation of mine isn't for you. It's for others you remain where you are.

You can't come to have as I say that's a bad misunderstanding because of election and irresistible grace.

God never disregards or acts contrary to the well of any man or woman.

What happens is that he regenerates the individual means that he gives him a new nature of the desires new things and so what was previously despised is now lobbed. The person comes not only willingly but eagerly the faith before George hated Christ how you been born again. Once Christ nothing will keep them from the gospel.

Mary and her part. Although she hadn't understood it all along was really only seeking the Lord Jesus Christ. Because God was first of all seeking her one commentator puts it like this when people are made over again. They come running irresistibly because they wouldn't have it any other way you can put all kinds of obstacles in their path but they are men and women of violence are going to take the kingdom by force when they find this parole they're going to sell everything. I haven't got it at hidden treasures going to be there. They're going to have it because they hunger and thirst after righteousness. I begin this way because it brings us to the next two stories about the kingdom that we find in the 13th chapter of Matthew. These are called the parables of the kingdom.

Seven stories at all, in which Lord Jesus Christ talks first of all, about the origins of the kingdom, then hindrances to let that come from the work of the devil here in these two stories about the nature and actions of those who become citizens of the kingdom, and then finally he speaks about the end of it all. When we describe the final judgment at least two stories.

Talk about a treasure found in the field of the pearl of the first Jesus as one man found it he hit it again and then in his joy he went and sold all that he had and bought the field obviously so we could get the treasure second. He describes a merchant is looking for pearls says when he found one of great value. We went away and sold everything he had and bought it. Now the point of these lies in the nature and the resulting action of the Manor found the treasure. On the one hand, and the merchant on the other. They make every effort to possess what they discovered and after exactly like there is an important difference here and you probably shouldn't be overlooked. Found the hidden treasure was apparently not looking for discovery. What we would call an accident, but in the case of the merchant's finding of the pearl was the result of a long and faithful quest aptly describes the experiences of many people that we know those who find salvation.

Some were not particularly interested in finding Christ.

They may have been hostile or they may have been doing just what many people in our day. Do they just were drifting along Lake certainly were not seeking the gospel and suddenly there was before the mother grace of God, they realize it was a great treasure so they received it and did everything they could to possess that great treasure other hand there are people who really did seem to be seeking God and was really God of the seeking them. I didn't know what were going through all kinds of experiences one thing after the other and suddenly there again. Was this matter of great value. This pearl is gospel that was before that I suppose there condition could be described by a verse of one of our humans goes like this, I sought the Lord and afterward I know we moved to my soul to seek him seeking me was not I found no Savior true no, I was found of the person was actually being sought by God. He couldn't understand what was going on. There were many dark days and suddenly there was so this person became a Christian. Now that's where the main lessons are to be found. And when we begin to look at what this actually tells us about those who found the treasure we find a number of things that we just give you the outline. First of all these people almost to man. First of all recognize the value of what they had found and secondly they determined to have it for themselves and then thirdly sold everything I had in order to make the purchase, and finally having gullible that they acquired treasure those things are important lessons look at them one at a time. First of all, these men recognize the value of what they had found. It's not surprising that they merchant recognize the value of the pearl because he was an expert in such things. He dealt in pearls a new, those that were not doing as well as at work, but he found something that was valuable in and so he did everything he could to get and it's not surprising that the Manor found the treasure in the field value batch treasures a treasure.

After all, it was something very, very valuable, so they recognized the value of these things were inclined to say that a person who discovers treasure anywhere or in any form and then walks away from it is a fool, but many of course do that with the gospel here and they don't recognize what a valuable thing. It is because they know very little about God's justice. I understand very little about their slightly think the very fine people they don't recognize their payroll and because they don't understand the peril that there in they don't recognize the value of the gospel of salvation and price which is to save them from their sin.

Yet there are those that do you describe the character of a person like this, it recognizes the value of the gospel when he sees it well person like this is with Dave that I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God and well in the tents of the wicked says of God's laws that are more precious than gold much pure gold. He says because I love your commandments more than gold more than pure gold.

And because I consider all your precepts right. I hate every wrong path person like this says is the apostle Paul did forgetting what's behind and straining forward toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. A person like I was already had a change of values it's been accomplished in him by the work of God giving them a new nature and disposition of the first thing is that they recognize the value of what they found. Secondly, two people in the story determined the habit stories don't spell it out. But just imagine her contrast like this is a person who sees the value of his discovery but he decides upon reflection that it will be too much trouble to acquire a treasure for himself enough to adjust his priorities. You have to sell his goods to change his lifestyle. I would take time and effort might be misunderstood by his family are of his friend so he recognizes the value, but he doesn't electro it would make him a very rich man but getting to be that would be difficult to talk about the stories with the children earlier and I use an illustration I said suppose I had $10 down here and I gave you five minutes before your class to go and find it.

Would you do in all yes I would go to find the money. I said suppose couple were sitting here and didn't do it. Why do you suppose they wouldn't actually get up and look for the money and they began to gaze give suggestions of the children said well they might just be too lazy. That might be true might also be true. They didn't actually believe I hidden the money I would be the sort of thing that would characterize many people in the church.

Some are just too lazy to pursue and they hear it recognizes some value in it.

But you have to really destroy yourself somehow on and I want to do that. Sadly some really don't believe it when Jesus Christ speaks about heaven and hell in the way of salvation through his death very tragically to miss it. For that reason.

While these two men next sold everything in order to make their purchase and required their giving up other things order to buy that field. One man had to sell everything in hand and then use that money to buy out the one who found the pearl had to sell all his other pearls in order to get this one of great value. Nothing in the story should be construed as teaching that salvation can be bought. Of course, except in the case of Isaiah 55 one, all you who are thirsty from the waters you who have no money, buy and eat by wine and milk without money and without cost is only a nonsense is in the kind of purchasing involved but if that's the case, what's the point of a man on the merchant selling all they have in order to get the treasure in the field or to get the pearl of the point is simply that they had to renounce anything that might've been a hindrance in their lives might've kept them from the treasure. Martin Luther had it right. Martin Luther spoke again and again of the grace of God in salvation. He knew absolutely salvation wasn't by works is nothing we can do to earn it, but he did say is best known him what goods and kindreds go this mortal life. Also there was saying is that nothing interests from possessing salvation because that's the treasure that's the pearl of great price without having recognize the value in having determined the habit and having sold everything in order that they might have it.

The next thing these two men did was acquire the treasure required thing in which their desires been sent speaks of appropriation of this actually becoming hours we ask in terms of the teaching of the New Testament. How that actually happens in the case of an individual answer of course is by faith spy are actually believing it and acquiring it in that kind of faith commitment above and said what I talk about faith according all of the classic studies of faith, the theology of all the classic theologians is three great elements and has an intellectual element because you have to understand what it is you're talking about that would correspond.

I suppose of these men recognizing the value of what was there when faith requires a certain warming of the heart, the point at which it begins to touch us personally is not just an abstract matter. This concern salvation is whether were going to go to heaven or whether were going to perish in hell At that level, but even that is an entirely faith because faith involves the third element which is trust or commitment. Jesus Christ was the Savior. So there's this additional part as well. Jesus doesn't save people en masse, bringing whole groups in the kingdom all at once he does it.

One by one. What that means is that those the gospel is preached.

You're the one that has to respond to which you have to see the treasure pay any price necessary to have. You have to see the value of the pearl and appreciated everything possible and come to Jesus Christ that you might have it don't think you're teetering on the brink of decision that if you do that you're going to be disappointed today is going to come in the future when having made that purchaser by disabled the treasure wasn't really worth it.

After all that pearl really is. In the much value of the gospel really is an important, it's never that way.

You are never going to find yourself having made a bad bargain if you commit everything to find salvation in Jesus Christ. These men didn't think that made the bargain of their lives went back on it so it is well-defined. Jesus Christ you're not called poverty in Christ but to the greatest of all spiritual wealth. You're not called to disappointment fulfillment. You're not called the sorrow but to joy be otherwise.

Treasure is actually the very son of God to be otherwise when what's involved in salvation is one more parable and it's the one with which all of this and since the parable of the net attendant involves a new life situation fishing and shipment makes almost the same points as the second parable of the second parable was about wheat and tares, the owner of the field had sewn wheat had begun to grow as a grow suddenly. Tears came up along with it weeds and the servants, wondered how let it happen. Owner said own enemy didn't and then the servants are going to pull a policeman. The owner says no let them grow together until the end and then will harvest them all and will sort them out. Then we will be gathered under the barn and the tears will be burned is obviously a picture of the final judgment might have exactly the same kind of thing here by both are very much alike in both parables.

We have the work of the Angels to do the gathering in the separating and we even have a repetition of key phrases the end of the ancient throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. At least two parables a second and the last are so close to one another.

When I ask why we have the last one. What's new about this last parable.

Why is it introduced his or anything really different in its we might want to think because we think of evangelistic work is fishing, that what Jesus is talking about here is our role in gathering people and the gospel map but that's not the way Jesus interprets it talks about the Angels doing the gathering of not speaking of the final judgment about the seed sowing gospel preaching age was we make the comparisons probably point at which we focuses that the repetition is itself the new thing unique emphasis here is not so much what's repeated as on what is left out.

There's no explanation of how the fish got in the water in the first place.

There's no emphasis upon their growth or lack of it, which was true of the second parable in the growth of the week. There are no human workers.

There is not even the devil. The only thing you have in this last parable is the separation of the good fish from the bad, the wicked from the righteous and the suffering of those who are cast into the final fiery furnace.

So the new thing is Jesus warning to the wicked. He saying is that with all possible emphasis. There is a judgment coming in the fate of the wicked is going to be terrible in that day Jesus picture of the separation of the good from the bad righteous from the wicked is the very meaning of judgment, because that's what the words are all about Hebrew language the word for judgment has to do with the work of the judge what that has to do with discrimination, separating one from the other making distinctions in the Greek language the word for judgment, crisis, which we get our work crisis means the divine.

Jesus is saying is that there's going to be a division among people at that final day. Here are some important facts about the judgment. First of all, it is thorough timer mixture is going to be over have mixture here all the time and some who do good things and bad things in there altogether. And when Jesus was even talking about the nature of the church and the church age of the second parable. He even emphasizes going to be that way until the final judgment, but when the Lord sends his angels to execute judgment in the last days. Those times of mingling will be over. And human beings are going to find themselves in one camp or the other. Either they'll be with the blessed in heaven, having been cleansed from all sin by the redeeming work of Christ or they will be in hell without Christ and without hope no one will be partially in one camp partially in the other. Secondly, this judgment is determined what I mean by that is the grounds for the separation of already been established or laid on earth be established whether or not we receive the good seed of the gospel, whether or not we have believed in Jesus Christ. Whether or not we have laid aside everything in order to possess the treasurer or purchase the great pearl point is you know whether you don't matter. Not so let's away I ask.

I asked the question of you directly in which camp you are not in Jesus Christ. Now you're not going to be in Jesus Christ, then you're with and now he will be with them the day of judgment is very important that you get the answer to that settled in your mind and do it now is the third thing this teaches about the judgment. It is permanent. Nothing to be more permanence from the collecting of the good fish in the discarding of the bladder throwing the tears into the fire be burned so Jesus is teaching is that in that day.

The opportunity for repentance will be over today for trusting in Jesus Christ will be passed which I could say would be different. But I can't because Jesus didn't is one is teaching.

There's only one person will tell you that you don't have to worry about it now because somehow it can all be worked out later.

And that's the devil and the devil was the father of lies, spreading that life for centuries telling millions of people and millions of books leave them that it really doesn't matter whether you decide to Jesus Christ right away because, well, you will always get another chance later. Listen the devil's life. He doesn't care for you. We didn't die for you on he wants us to have many millions follow him into damnation or Jesus Christ speaks the truth. He speaks of in this parable is order, but you might know the judgment is real. The separation is coming in the time for repentance is now so here I think he knew what he was talking about. Don't you be a fool wouldn't believe I'm finally Lord teaches of the end of the wicked will be dreadful planets. Jesus taught that wasn't left up to his ministers to imagine what the unbelievers fate would be how could we say the end of those along come to Christ is so bad that it can only be described as weeping and gnashing of teeth or an eternal burning no human being would dare to predict that fate for another human being, but that's what Jesus Christ did. This is the teaching of the son of God is another thing makes hell terrible none is remembering that there was an opportunity to come to Christ. Here Jesus tells about another one of his stories tells how Abraham spoke to Amanda was in hell and this man had good things in life. One of the things Abraham told him was this. Remember that in your lifetime you received good things Lazarus or Baker received bad things about these comforted here and you are in agony as one of the most chilling statements in the Bible that when we die we don't go into oblivion, but were in the state or remember things in the past and the worst thing of all is to remember that we heard the gospel and we have our opportunity to receive it and we didn't do it. Jesus Christ excels that story.

If you are without Christ learned that however disappointing you may consider your life to be now. The day will come when it will seem good compared to your suffering memory of your good things will hunt you increase your suffering unless you come to Jesus while as of the seven parables tell about the origins of the kingdom. The hindrances to the kingdom of the nature of those who are determined to be citizens of the kingdom and lastly all the warning of those who have their opportunity, but won't respond to Jesus Christ come to the very end of this is an interesting way that it concludes Jesus turns to the disciples in the asked some question says of you understood all these things and answers yes I find that amusing because these parables of the kingdom of always been one of the most puzzling sections of the word of God the commentators down there. All the ages they are quite sure what they mean indicated what I was talking about the last one. I'm not entirely sure about all of its myself later Jesus turns of the disciples. He says we understood all is we got it across. I didn't really mean.

I suppose that they understood all of the possible depths of meaning of everything Jesus said, I think what they really meant was that they believe what they did understand course. That's the point at which it comes down to this question has to be asked of us. I ask you, do you understand these things about this much that you don't understand just as much as I don't understand what you believe what you do understand and are you prepared to act upon your understanding and come to Jesus Christ was pleased to admit that you're a sinner that you need them can get to heaven by yourself means believing that in spite of your sin. God sent his son Jesus Christ to be the Savior he accomplished your salvation by dying in your place up on the cross and he offers you his righteousness means of having admitted your sin. Having believe that Jesus is the Savior you, that in the first place. Commit yourself to them, promising to follow him as your master and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said was this John 1317.

Now that you know they say will be blessed if you do them spray our father when we read these parables of the way in which Jesus spoke about them and applied them. We understand that problem is exactly our own we hear answer to a certain extent. We do understand that we don't do it so we miss the blessing father for your great mercy sacred by the power of your spirit grant that that might not be true of anyone. It was here today. We study these parables. There is clear as they can be by the nature of the kingdom of the hindrances in the nature of those will actually receive it and enter into the gospel, believing in the terrible end of the wicked asset. None of these truths point passed by any is our by your spirit you might bring them to a confession of their sentiment. Trust in Jesus Christ, whom alone is life eternal ranges is you are listening to Bible study hours with the Bible teaching of Dr. James Boyce listener supported ministry of the alliance of confessing Evangelicals. The alliance exists to promote a biblical understanding and worldview. Drawing upon the insight and wisdom of reformed theologians from decades and even centuries gone by. We seek to provide Christian teaching that will equip believers to understand and meet the challenges and opportunities of our time and place.

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