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Jesus and the Devil

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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March 11, 2021 7:00 am

Jesus and the Devil

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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March 11, 2021 7:00 am

Proverbs tells us that the power of life and death is in the tongue and in Matthew, we learn that there is judgment waiting for those who utter careless words. The way we speak is obviously very important to God. On this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll learn that there’s even one sin that’s considered unforgivable and it also relates to the way we use our words.


Proverbs tells us that the power of life and death is in the time in Matthew, we learned that there is judgment waiting for those who utter careless words the way we speak is obviously very important to God on this broadcast of the Bible study hour with Dr. James Boyce will learn that there's even one sin that's considered unforgivable and it also relates to the way we use our words are welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act quickly. Let's listen in as Dr. Boyce challenges us to consider where our allegiance lies because when it comes to our belief about the teachings of Jesus and who he claimed to be.

There is no such thing as neutrality. I don't know what tyrant Emperor King or even Pres. first invented the idea of the big lie, but it certainly been around a long time.

The idea behind the big lie is this. If you're in trouble politically.

You lie and do it loudly, repeated often with great sincerity and hopefully number of people will begin to believe you and blame someone else.

I think of Nero. The occasion of the great fire that destroyed Rome. People started out saying crazy old Nero did it.

Nero blamed the Christians, and, eventually, of course, people believe that the results were a lot of the martyrdom short again you think of Adolf Hitler Germany was in trouble between world wars. After the first world war.

There were many economic troubles we buddy blamed the government and are said no that follows the Jewish so he repeated that very loudly for a long long time member result. As you know, was the second world war, the Holocaust, and a lot of other very terrible things I mentioned the big lie now because that's what the Pharisees are practicing in the 12th chapter of Matthew, Jesus had healed another demon possessed man man was blind and mute and the people were impressed. Pharisees responded by saying well.

Assets truly drove a demon out of his demon possessed man but he did it by the power of the devil. They said's in verse 24 is only by those above the prince of demons of this fellow drives out demons now, but the first time they have said that refined earlier in the gospel in the ninth chapter verse 34. And certainly they'd been repeating it many times after that. Sometimes quietly, sometimes openly recently brought it up again. Now, apparently, is because of two things. First of all, Jesus had done. Another dramatic exorcism and secondly what were told of the very beginning of this passage, the people actually begun to wonder whether Jesus might indeed be the son of David, which is a way of talking about the Messiah maybe is the one who should, one we've all been waiting for that alone would seem to indicate to the Pharisees that they were beginning to lose their hold on the people on the man's condition was indeed dreadful, as was the case of all, since captives were told that because of the demons he could neither talk nor see.

Matthew thinks in terms of spiritual meanings for physical ailments. We've already seen that. So you might say of this man.

He couldn't talk in order to call out to Jesus. He couldn't see them in order to go to him and that's only an illustration of our condition and send all of us are like that barred from the grace of God in our hearts, opening our eyes to see the truth losing our tongue so we can call upon Christ for salvation. All of us are as helpless and hopeless as this man that's not what it's given for here is given for here because of this big lie that Pharisees were repeating.

So what we find is we do one of the passages Jesus answered of the big lie out significantly launched into a new methodology just because this seems to be a new problem we find Jesus doing is what he been doing all along what has he been doing all along always been teaching and preaching so it's what he does share only areas of new audiences audiences.

The Pharisees and Zoey turns the family begins to teach them.

It's what you find in verses 25 to 29 and after he does that he begins to preach to them as well. Perhaps they might actually repent of their sin and come to him in faith as Savior so asserted that one of the time. First of all, let's look at his teaching, what you find in verses 25 to 29 and is very logical. Go something like this.

First of all, Jesus says I can't be exercising demons by demonic power because of that were the case, then Satan would be fighting against himself and any kingdom divided against itself can't stand. Satan is no fool is not dumb enough to do that is not only foolish is evil is not about to give up very power that he has over certain people. He doesn't want to liberate enslaved individuals in the second argument is this. If I'm not driving out demons by the power of Satan that I must be doing it by the power of God. As I was with the demons get driven out for only two main powers in the universe. One is demonic.

One is blood if it's not demonic, it must be good. Besides, it would require the power of God to do anything is important anyway so must be by the power of God. And thirdly, if I'm driving out demons by the power of God. This must mean that the kingdom of God has come to you is important about that answer is the tense of the verb is not saying that the kingdom of God is coming or will call more than I hear like just another prophet pointing to the day of God's blessing, which is sometime in the future. Are you saying the power that I'm demonstrating shows that the kingdom is here right now were follows from at the conclusion of the argument is that of the kingdom of God is here now that I must be the king was be the Messiah. In other words, the speculation of the people that the tentative conclusion that those would witness the miracle were voicing his right because when the people said, could this perhaps be the son of David, the answer is yes, that is exactly who I am, less the arguments go back and look at a few other things. But he also says along the way. Verse 27, for example, I chose the inconsistency of the Pharisees position say they had disciples of their own claim to be able to drive out demons. This was true of the Pharisees were certainly claim that it was true then it was certainly not by anything other than by God's power and that they did by God's power.

How can they consistently say that Jesus was doing it by the devil's power. We look back on that we might say was it really the case that these disciples of the Pharisees were able to drive out demons coursed on low back, looking back at something in the distant past, we might be skeptical about it but it is significant that Josephus, among others.

The Jewish historian records certain instances of exactly that. Doesn't twice that I know I once in the antiquities, which is the history of the Jewish people at once of the Jewish war, which is an account of the war, in which he took part that led eventually to the destruction of Jerusalem in one of those things he talks about a Jew named Eliezer who he said releasing people who were demonic: the presence of Vespasian, that is, the Emperor and his sons and the captains of the whole multitude of the soldiers then he goes on to describe how that happened in some detail also have an example, that in the book of Tobit as I say I don't know whether that actually happened or not there, you have historical records but Jesus appeals to let because certainly Pharisees with a believed it was accurate so he says to them. Your disciples are casting out demons by the power of God. How can you claim that I'm doing something else. One of the verse. We have a look at verse 29 where he summarizes his teaching using the words or again it's a way of saying that what follows is essentially what is already said usage is made. His argument is made this point only gives a little illustration since you know Satan is a strong man whose house contains all sorts of treasures, which are the men and women that these enslaved is that if you're going to freedom you have to first overpower the strongman and if the men and women will been enslaved been set free. It must been about one identity is stronger on the strongman of the words Jesus Christ is the kingdom. So what he says there is his teaching basic parents inescapable. How can they hear that and not take it at face value. Remember I said that Jesus has been identified as doing two things three things actually told several times over in the early chapters of Matthew became healing and teaching and preaching.

We already have the feeling that's what the occasion is all about how we seen the teaching explaining to them that he must be the Messiah.

They would just see it and think through it clearly now he begins to preach to them as I say doesn't because it's their soul salvation which is at stake you see them preaching merely to teach people certain things that's what preaching is preaching a false teaching. You have to have the teaching first has to be applied to people in terms of who they are, what their need is what they need to do and that's exactly what Jesus does here, what he gives us a passionate declaration of their dreadful condition in danger in order that perhaps by the grace of God they might repent. Now let's look at this step by step two was a site verse 12 verse 30 warns them that you can't be neutral about himself.

Let me put it in terms we understand you can't be neutral about Jesus Christ, the kingdom has come in Jesus, and the demands of his kingdom all people everywhere submit to his rule as a king, then neutrality is impossible might think that your neutral might say well I don't care much about Jesus one way or the other but if you're taking that stance you're actually opposed to him because what he requires is your submission to him as King of Kings and Lord of lords said on one occasion that if you are not with him you are against him. And if you do not gather with them, you scatter verse 30 Jesus always demands a decision you refuse to make a decision for him.

You're actually opposing eminence what he says that's a first point of his preaching now.

Secondly, he warns them that they refusal to believe is dangerous. That's what verses 31 and 32 are all about one sin leads to another and rejection. Sometimes he says leads even to the unforgivable rejection. This was the Pharisees case Jesus accused him of having done just that. Having done that which is unforgivable.

So I tell you every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven man, but the blasphemy against the spirit will not be forgiven.

Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven.

Anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven either in this age or in the aged, those are frightening words are meant to be frightening.

I have to say they have been unnecessarily frightening to some people. Most ministers know people who come to them from time to time. Afraid that they have somehow committed the unforgivable sin. And you have to talk to them about that.

As a matter fact was last week someone from our own congregation came to me to talk about the unforgivable sin because I knew I was going to preach on it today and they're worried about that out. We have to say that anybody is really worried about having committed the unforgivable sin is not committed it because it had committed to. They would be worried about, but you start at that point over the years. I suppose I thought 1/2 a dozen people on this particular matter and everyone I've talked to I had to reassure that they have not committed the unforgivable sin.

I can think of all those years of anybody that I never talk to I can say with any confidence you have committed the unforgivable sin.

You may say we dare not take these words lightly. So we say how do we keep a proper balance swallow way to have a proper balance is to understand what they're actually talking about the way to do that is to look at them in the context fortunately when we look at this context is perfectly what the unforgivable sin is what the Pharisees had done the Pharisees at Donna's look at something that was good in quality ball on the other hand, they look at that which is able to call the other what they had everything exactly reverse or to put it another way. I had called the good work of God in delivering the demon possessed man mnemonic reason this was a sin against the Holy Spirit is that it was by the power of the Holy Spirit that the man had been set free. The reason it was unforgivable is that it's so distorted reality that repentance was impossible and without repentance is no forgiveness nothing so mixed up that you think that the thing that is evil is good, you cannot enter rational mind asked forgiveness and repent of the thing which you think is evil but as a matter fact is good, say they got mixed up that way you can't really make any progress so hard saying we have to take it seriously because remember it was spoken by the one man in all of history. You really knew what he was talking about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ said there's a sentence unforgivable. We have to take it very very seriously my judgment. This comes very close to what the apostle Paul is talking about in the first chapter of Romans, to which I refer very often member how Paul traces the downward decline of the society illustrating its moral decline by sexual sins. But when he gets to the bottom. One of the latter is not talking any longer about sexual sins is talking about what he calls a depraved mind when he explains in the very last verse of that chapter 1, a depraved mind is blind. He says that not only does all of the evil things that he's mentioned in the previous paragraph actually approves of those who do them other words, the depraved mind is the mind that says that the evil things are good. By contrast, says that the good things or evil knows what the Pharisees were doing. Therefore, they were actually convinced wanted to convince themselves of the good works of Jesus were evil as they seem to of been doing. There wasn't any possibility of their repenting and embracing Christ, since their debased perspective. Repentance would be an irrational and therefore an impossible anyone is to climb to that level really is beyond hope is that we have to take that seriously because it's less, we dismiss it to easily remember Paul in Romans one is talking about the same thing as describing exactly what happens to a society and has happened with society like our own. That's what this world out there is like you watch television as Mitrovich television is making fun of that which is good. Exalting that which is evil, that which is evil is praised in our media where our culture is that is really happening to individuals and they are perilously close to that position where there condition is yet I need to say for people really are concerned about these things.

Every case I've ever encountered is not really an example of the sin against the Holy Spirit that is been pretty good preaching hasn't only mind I mean Jesus because he's not exactly what he has set out to do all along doing it to Pharisees, is teaching them the true state of affairs is applying it in powerful ways point where inclined to sit back Parkway and say well done brother preaching to them that we come out of the last two verses of the section in here Jesus begins to apply it to everybody which really means he begins to apply it to us. You notice the change that you find in verses 36 and 37 the first clue have to be comparing the accounts for this comes from the fact that these verses don't appear in the parallel accounts in Mark and Luke. Matthew adds them on special attention to that Matthew obviously had a reason for including these two verses merely part of the story and then you notice a change in tone. The words before this obviously directed to the Pharisees explicitly calls them. You brood of vipers, and he speaks to them directly uses the word you but now his last two verses begin to speak about every one all men, which includes ourselves when he says, for by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned. It's destiny speaking in the final clue we need to pay particular attention to the social summary this is the application misses the heart of it all is that he introduces it in a rather formal way, he says, but I tell you, that's a kind of phrase that Jesus uses again and again.

It's like a man in a manner truly, truly I tell you the truth. Pay attention to that because I did forget everything else. This is what I want you to remember. So these words.

His last two verses I tell you that men will have to give an account on the day of judgment for every careless word that they have spoken by your words you will be acquitted by your words you will be condemned. This is where it all comes down to think about those words or more sobering. Even the words about the unforgivable sin.

People read about the unforgivable sin. They also got by that I probably never done it.

Now Jesus begins to talk about every careless word condemning us in the day of God's judgment question assignment brother I don't think you really done that because you're concerned about every single one of us is done it really comes down even a single careless word condemns you on the day of the judgment of Jesus Christ. When possible, you have because you have done many many many things that are far worse than that, your envy of other people or your greed your depravity. All of those things are condemned in the Bible about your stripe, your deceit, your malice about your slander. You never slandered anybody about your insolent words, your arrogant words or boastful words. How about the times you disobeyed or dishonored your parents or someone else in authority or what about your senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless, or otherwise blatantly non-Christian behavior. All of those things are condemned at the end of Romans one say were guilty of all of them, not to mention the fact that we have left undone. The things we ought to have done about love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength for our neighbor as ourselves. If you've done these things you possibly hope to escape God's judgment, because that's what Jesus is warning us about here brothers and sisters. I think we ought to know, how can you hope to escape answer course you can't. That's why we need a Savior is what we need Jesus. That's why we need the case and that's why we need the Messiah who came to die on the cross, take our punishment make it possible for us to have new life we need the one who bore every single one of our transgressions, including even our careless words about him says my send all the bliss of this glorious lot by Sid Martin Clark's whole, is nailed to his cross and I bear it no more praise Lord. Praise the Lord, O my soul and nothing else from this particular study. Let that sink in. Your only hope the day of the judgment of Jesus Christ is the fact that he died for you that he's let you trust him, but have to say something else because it's not nearly enough to say well, Jesus died for our careless words as well. As for other transgressions. We also need to stop speaking those careless words, we tend to take words like what we say sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.

But words to heart words are taken very, very seriously in the Bible. James wrote about it saying Christians with the tongue we praise the Lord and father, and with it we curse men would been made in God's likeness out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. So what's the solution, the only solutions a radical change of heart, because Jesus says it's out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. So we need a clean start.

We need a new heart of the only way we can receive. That is why the new birth product of the work of God in our salvation. We give you an illustration Peter must been present here occasion. Matthew 13 as Jesus was preaching to the Pharisees must've heard these verses which Jesus applied even greater truths to those were his disciples. I don't know whether Peter had any ability at that time to look into his heart.

But if God had given them that ability with senile prep and careless.

His heart was because anyone spoke stupid things. It was the apostle Peter, careless, wrong, harmful, sometimes even insolent words when he was on the mountain with James and John and Jesus and Jesus was transformed before them was so impressed he began the Bible, so he said to the Lord, Lord, if you'd like.

Let's never authorize this event will build tabernacles or who alters one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah's kind of stupid stuff or when buying the grace of God and the illumination of the Holy Spirit and identified Jesus Christ as the Christ, the son of the living God, and had been commended for it by Jesus.

The next words out of his mouth were an attempt to get Jesus to start going to the cross which was his only hope of salvation never said far be it from you, Lord Jesus had to rebuke them saying the words without coming from Satan you think again in the upper room. Jesus wanted to wash his feet. He was the one who rebuked his blaster, saying, Lord, you shall never wash my feet. That was Peter want to change. Regeneration makes change in Peter after the resurrection, and his recommissioning by Jesus Christ to service that day is words were no longer careless longer idiotic mistake and instead he began to speak with power that by the power of the Holy Spirit in your recall in that great sermon when he stood up to preach on the day of Pentecost.

What he did was confront the very people who would spoken the big lie against Jesus and he confronted them with the big truth what the apostle Peter said was this know this, you Pharisees. All the people of Israel. It is by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified but whom God raised from the dead, that this man stands before you healed. Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be say I was not a big lie. Those words were not from Satan's words were from God. God the Holy Spirit. The same power with which Jesus Christ spoke and drove the demon from a man in his day, spoke drove out the demon of unbelief from thousands of this I came to accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, they pass from death to life is our opportunity as well. That's our challenge for Christians, careless words, yes we speak we will continue to sleep than we constantly need forgiveness. We have to come again and again to the cross.

Powerful words as well truthful words words blessed by the Holy Spirit, which is God's you the opportunity to honor our for those who hear them. Life itself because life is in Jesus Christ of the gospel's prior father, we thank you for this teaching and the screeching of our Lord and above all, the part which speak so directly to our hearts are indeed careless sinful people even a week like this where we are supposed to be thinking about the entry of our Lord into Jerusalem of his death on the cross of his resurrection. The case that many many other things crowd. These vital things out so we ask your forgiveness for that we ask as well along with the forgiveness you might also give us a change of heart. Instead of becoming careless people we might become thoughtful, intelligent, careful people, for the cause of Christ is you are listening to the Bible study hours with the Bible teaching of Dr. James Boyce listener supported ministry of the alliance of confessing Evangelicals. The alliance exists to promote a biblical understanding and worldview. Drawing upon the insight and wisdom of reformed theologians from decades and even centuries gone by. We seek to provide Christian teaching that will equip believers to understand and meet the challenges and opportunities of our time and place. Alliance broadcasting includes the Bible study hour with Dr. James Boyce every last word with Bible teacher, Dr. Philip Reich and and Dr. Barnhouse in the Bible featuring Donald Barnhouse.

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