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Returning Another Way

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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December 13, 2020 7:00 am

Returning Another Way

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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December 13, 2020 7:00 am

The Wise Men traveled many days to find what they thought would be a future political king. What they found instead was a child who would be a spiritual kingone who would change the world. Join Dr. James Boice on The Bible Study Hour as he explains Gods revelation to the Wise Menone that would alter both the course of their return, and the course of their lives.

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When we meet Jesus Christ. He changes us.

We become different men and women and he changes the course of our lives. Likewise, the last words of Matthews Christmas story reveal the effect of the Christ child of the men who traveled from the East to find him. Welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Bortz preparing you to think and act biblically and being born. They return to their country. Another way we have few details about the long-term impact of baby Jesus had on the Magi, but we do know that the encounter altered the course of their return and likely the course of their lives. Let's join Dr. Boyce as he relates how meeting the Christ child change the plans of those men from the East and the kind of change. Jesus should have on the course of our lives as well. All for Matthew chapter 2 years ago I came across Christian Scott was entitled famous last words contained in it. The last words of a number of well-known men, some of them atheists then others Christians and the point of the track was that what man said at the very end of their lives was significant but one case revealed the weakness of their philosophy in the face of death.

The other case that revealed the strength of the Christian gospel.

While it set me to thinking about last words in general just the last words of people before their death, but also the last words, stories and poems and so on. I thought for instance love the phrase that often ends children's stories and they lived happily ever after, recognizing that while it seems trite is a very significant ending the kind of thing that these stories are supposed to come by summary of the story that I thought of the very last words of the Bible slave race of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen words immediately before that say. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus. All of this came back to my mind this week as I was thinking about our text for this morning from Matthew chapter 2 verse 12 and being warned of God in the dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way. The reason this came back to my mind is that I recognized as I began to think about this Mars that all practical purposes this is the last verse of the Christmas story. The two words that ended another way, are the very last words of all. Now I know that the chapter goes on to say that after the wisemen had departed. The angel came to Joseph warned him what was in the mind of parents of the most of roles with his wife Mary child traveled to Egypt and then were told of Herod's destruction of the children and of the return years later, in the settling and Nazareth so that you might be called a Nazarene. But generally speaking, the stories that we associate with the Christmas story all come before that enunciation of the birth of John the Baptist Zacharias in the temple. The enunciation of the angel Mary concerning Jesus and also to Joseph birth of John Jesus coming of the shepherds and then at the last the coming of the wisemen and at the very end of this final story after the Wiseman of Anda presented their gifts will send them our were told of God's further revelation to warn them of Herod's design, then being warned, they departed their own country another way.

Seems to me that the very place that those words typed in the story is important and draws attention to if I can carry them over to our lives as message for Christmas time seems to me that they quite simply say that if we have actually found the Lord Jesus Christ and of worship them as the wisemen did we should depart. Another way other words, if there is true Christianity in our lives. It should make a different we have met Christ.

We will be changed and women now in order to think about that a little bit. I just want you to think about the change of the wisemen and the change that. This should mean for us. Then finally, I want to commend change to what we talk about the wisemen. I think we have to admit first of all, the story doesn't tell us a great deal about the change that must've taken in the gospel story breaks off at this point were not told what they did differently. Once they got back to their own country or even what they talked about on the way yet I think it's not far wrong to recognize that the God revealed the birth of Christ to the bio star and then later spoke to them directly in the vision or dream undoubtedly gave the illumination to understand the one whom they'd seen in worship was indeed God's son, the Savior of the world. That's not the case. We have to imagine the God simply brought these wisemen from a distant country to make points. That is, that the gospel one day would go to the Gentiles, and that he didn't entirely apart from any concern for them as individual. I believe that the point is made. Certainly the appearance of the wisemen at the home of Mary and Joseph to worship the child indicates that the message is for the Gentiles as well as for the Jew. I don't believe that this was done apart from God's work of grace in the lives of these men called sin. Worship the child so undoubtedly these gangs are wisemen when home is close to being true Christians as it was possible to be before the death and the resurrection of right believe that God gave them race to understand these things and perhaps because they were intelligent man. Perhaps they even acquired the Jewish Scriptures and went home to search the prophecies out to see who he was, what his ministry should get the same time I recognize that is only our speculation about what must've taken place for several items, however, that are not speculation. Certainly they learn something about the kind of king they had come to worship and they learned something about this world rulers and they were changed as a result of that, and there's no doubt at all that they came to find the political kidding they had seen this star in the heavens, the stars signified somebody important in the land of Judah, and they traveled to Judah to find this one was okay they would not apply for a minute was a humble birth their entire disposition would be to find the new king in the palace of the old King and the very fact that they came to Jerusalem indicates that that's so because they went to the capital of the country where naturally they would expect to find as they entered the city, they began to ask where is he that should be born King of the much to their surprise nobody knew anything about it. Labor interested in the question. The question was repeated from person to person. Eventually it got to the palace of parent Herod sent the wisemen in the Wiseman must've said cells will now we're going to find out where the king is because of anyone knows old King Herod, when they got there they found out that Eric didn't know either.

Herod went to his advisors as religious advisors achieve bribes to get the answers where the flyer should be born when the answer came back Bethlehem. Judah the basis of Micah's prophecy. Herod sent them to see what they find.

He didn't go in the scribes and the chief priests didn't go when the wisemen went. What they found was not a political game of the spiritual game same one would say years later to Herod's successor. My kingdom is not of this world otherwise would my servants find they learn something and that learned I am sure that God is not evaluate affairs of this world as we do a humble birth place for God. They learn something about taking guidance from this world's leaders also gone the Jerusalem made an inquiry is when the answers came from the Palisades that they would be good here was parent here with the chief priests. If anybody would know it was these important people while I got the right answer.

What they discovered was a great deal of indifference on the part of the religious leaders and later they discovered that there was hatred on the part of Herod so they learned perhaps as a result of that spiritual answers from the world are in the world's way you doubt they were changed because of that experience. As I traveled back on the way to their own home. They must set the cells will now that was certainly not what we expected. We expected the political kingdom of what we found we found baby and humble surrounding we expected mice from the mighty of this world and what we had received was a special revelation from God.

I must add a different view of this world as a result, much higher exalted conception of our God of the question I want to ask at this point is whether you've had an experience similar to that of the wisemen undoubtedly there was a time in your life lest you grew up in a Christian home never knew anything about the gospel dominated was a time in your life where you were. The solution to this world's problem your own problem from a political and that is a secular answer whether your problem was insecurity or guilt or lack of direction you thought that you would find the answer to that. I secular success well or insects or leisure prosperity or whatever it may be that the world says is the chief end of man and especially Christmastime you hear that through all of the commercials that inundate us on the television and in the newspapers and the radio for these things and get like the wisemen you found them to be unsatisfactory. You've got the answer would be here, but these things left. No wonder because the problems of the human heart or spiritual problem. They're not provided for in secular way. So perhaps perhaps you've come to the point of turning from mostly God himself provides the answer to the dilemma of the human soul again. Perhaps it was a period in your life and in some cases it may still be the case that your looking for the answers from the advice of other men and women went to the philosophers or the teachers are the rulers of this world and to start from them the answers to the longings of your heart and I'm asking you had the experience of the wisemen will because of the Scripture, the revelation of God within were directed to Christ.

Having come to see him, worship him and return another way to see the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ makes the glory of this world pale by comparison. The wisdom is revealed in the gospel of Jesus Christ makes the wisdom of this world, foolishness. What should happen is that you find him one who came to reveal God, one who later died for our sin substitute in our place that we might not have to bear that penalty then rose again from the dead after his crucifixion, to demonstrate that he has power over death and life is sacrifices excepted before God that he lives to be an active force in the lives of those find that Christ you see is really to find the meaning of Christmas and the go another way, because I guarantee, having found Christ as Savior in his ward, God will not let return the same way, let me speak just for a moment the command to wait to Bible says a lot about the way in which God leads us, points out that it's not our way. Scripture also says a great deal about our way.

For instance, it tells us all those in Romans the distraction and misery are in our way, way of peace. We've not known or Jesus Christ spoke about it in the sermon on the Mount said, why does the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction. Many there be the go in there at that. He made a contrast saying narrow is the way the gate leads underlying find the Scripture warns us about the way that we would take them.

By contrast provided by Jesus Christ and says no, this is a glorious way. This is a perfect way and it challenges us to go in that way. Having come to Christ as our Savior share with you a few things about this way.

First of all, it's a definite way to give you first teach is not clearly found in Isaiah 30 of chapter verse 21 Isaiah's writing and he says these words find here's shall hear a word behind the saying this is the way one when you turn to the right hand and when you turn the left, just that we needed definite way in which the law is people in the midst of a confusing world from a definite way were wanderers or where loss on our way through this world. All we want, because we are unable to stay in one place. But we don't know where were going and so we go from this experience. The last door in that direction back and we have no definite way in which to law our Lord Jesus Christ, one who is himself the way sets us up on the way the voice of God the father says now this is the way one way in which the one you want a way of life that one of the words that was first used for the early Christians, particularly in Antioch was those of the way we found the way, those would been lost, but it had the way revealed to the number determined by the grace of God. This means several things. It means that Christ himself is the why and therefore we follow him. Obviously, it means that you know it also means that in the Christian life. We have principles, guidelines by which our steps may be ordered. This verse from Isaiah is very revealing. Here's the picture you have those who were going away from God because the voice usually comes from behind the they're going their own way there. Turning to the right hand of the left. I don't know which way to turn the voice behind them calls to them and says this is the way what's necessary. Of course, is that they turn around from the way they're going to face the voice call what conversion means means to turn around. Perhaps this Christmastime. God is speaking to you from behind you and saying this is the way Christ in this way, what you need to do is abandon the way in which you been going walk in the way that is provide Jesus as described in the book of Hebrews the 10th chapter is being porosity to living way, the presence of our God, then secondly, having turned Christ. There's the Christian life in which the wall. The principles of the word of God are direct giving us guidance walk in that way, definite gospel definitely is what we need, what we hear today is so much wishful thinking more so much opposing of alternatives. So much of the preaching is guilty of this sin is ago I'm told that there was a visitor to a museum in England God was taking the visitor around the visitor asked the guide and see one of the displays which of these characters is Wellington which is only a guide said anyone you like. Take your money.

You may take your choice.

That's the way some preaching is I heard about long ago of a young seminarian was being examined by a committee of Presbytery for the examination. He was very concerned to find out the theological orientation of money asking later. Why were you so concerned that because I had a statement of faith for each orientation that he showed what he had. He had a conservative statement of faith in this part of the liberal can question the faith in this market and the neo-orthodox one in back when he found out what they wanted. That's what he pulled out one of preaching is not far different from that of a lot of Christian teaching is also here that you believe this combo that will help. That's not the way of the Lord Jesus Christ where the Lord Jesus Christ is definite way. What we are called upon to do though it's hard time has towards his turn from our own wisdom, the wisdom that we find in Christ and indeed by an act of the will bring in the subject.

Christ, every thought of our when we find that we find direction.

We doubt the way of the wisemen as they went home was definite way, led by God well and we should have a definite Wales. Secondly way of the Lord is perfect way is no imperfection with our God. And if we find imperfection in our life and way it's because we gotten out of his way way that he sets before us is a perfect way.

I said so beautifully in one of the fall. Fall 19 versus 30 and 32's unfortunate seems to me in some ways that there's a person between verse 30 and verse 32. Because in reading verse 31. We sometimes miss the connection that there is between the first verse of the second 1930 says. And as for God's way is perfect. Then there's the intervening verse seven. The next verse says, and he maketh why we can approach the life that we been given to live with the confidence that the sovereign God is before us and that God makes no mistakes. All many of us need to learn that many of us need rest and that died of a revelation may say in the third place that this way is a certain way in a short way that societal way is guaranteed to get us where were going, there's a verse on that point. Romans 622. All is writing of the Christian life, says this but now being made free from sin and become servants to God.

You have your fruit unto holiness in the and everlasting life. See, when you set out on the way of the king you get to the Kings destination. Our father, we thank you for these truths we ask for your blessing on our hearts. Your spirit carries home grant that if there are those here would never come to the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, they might do so in this model would give them lack of peace they might know no peace like the rest in Christ is the source of all things, that upon your own who do know him as Savior bather be a new sense of the fire light should be different because of that made her be a new determination walk away.

Pray Christ our Lord to you. Listening to the Bible study featuring the teaching of Dr. James Boyce Isaiah chapter 9 verse six lists for names we will use for the Savior. Learn about those names to our free CD entitled for gifts for Christmas in this message. The late Dr. Donald Gray Barnhouse explains that each of those names represents a gift given by God at Christmas is free CD is our Christmas gift to you. Call us to receive yours at 1-800-488-1888 ask for the message for gifts for Christmas. The Bible study our depends upon the faithful year round giving of listeners like you.

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Finally, our mailing address is 600 Eden Rd., Lancaster, PA 17601. We thank you for your prayers and gifts the message you heard today as well as other content from Dr. Boyson many reformed teachers, authors and speakers is that's reformed by Mark Daniels on June 5, 1944, Gen. Erwin Rommel left defense preparations in Normandy to celebrate his wife's birthday, believing that bad weather would prevent an Allied invasion. The following day. In doing so, Rommel missed the event that would lead to Germany's ultimate defeat much more tragically, many miss the significance of the birth of the Savior joined Dr. James Boyce as he studies the personalities and events surrounding the man who missed Christmas that's next time on Bible study our preparing you to think and act

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