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ACC baseball has been stepping up!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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June 6, 2023 3:54 pm

ACC baseball has been stepping up!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 6, 2023 3:54 pm

What are Aaron’s thought on the wrecking ball that is Wake Forest? How does he believe Duke is doing? Would you beat against Alabama?! What kind of challenge are they? Where’s Aaron headed to next? Was this a record for this many 10 minute misconducts? What was Eric Staal’s abuse of the officials?  If this is Florida’s best game, what does Lindsey say about it?


Uh, Aaron Fitt, co-editor, a great clubhouse guy. And I know you played golf yesterday. That must have been good. You must have played well because Duke got past Coastal Carolina 12-3 and they have advanced take on Virginia in the Super Regional. Now there's three ACC teams through. The juggernaut that is Wake Forest, I still can't comprehend, 48-7 combined in three wins, but we'll talk about that in a second. But let's start with the Blue Devils who advanced through Conway. Yeah, Adam, they were, they were super impressive. I'm not going to sing the most impressive, uh, team performance I've seen all year long. I mean, just the way that they smothered, you know, one of the nation's highest scoring offenses, Coastal had scored 43 runs in the first four games, uh, regional and Duke, you know, held the one hit through eight innings.

I mean, it was unbelievable. And it's just running there, you know, they're bullpen guys out there. You're, you're, you're Charlie Beilenson and your friend O'Shea and got a great outing for innings from, from Alex gal. It's such a fast dating team because they don't have those traditional, you know, horse weekend starters. They use openers like four or shutout is about as good as they've gotten from where their starters since Jonathan Santucci went down.

Uh, but I mean, the former works and their offense is, is blocked, would locked in. I mean, you know, they scored a bunch of runs, had a bunch of home runs and, uh, played great defense. I mean, it was really, really impressive and they're, they're going to be a tough out.

I mean, they're, they're, they're a good team. Isn't the four innings that gal gave them the longest, um, I guess the longest outing that they got from any pitcher in the regional. I believe so. I mean, by a lot, I believe it's like by more than that's five outs more they got from anybody else.

I think that's how they usually do it. You know, maybe one time through the order, one time through the order usually, and then it's kind of onto the bullpen, you know? Um, and, and it's just, it's so wild to see how successful that formula has been because historically we always say, Oh, you got to have horses on the, on the man, you got to have real starters. You can lean on if you're going to make a post-season run. I mean, you look at the teams that have won all over the years. I mean, almost all of them, you've got, you've got a couple of guys in real dudes that you can get seven innings from and Duke doesn't have anything like that, but it works. And it's probably because they've got the best bullpen in the country. It's really, you know, Prado shell is awesome. It's mid nineties and it plays above the velocity and Charlie Beilenson, you know, this transfer that they brought into nobody knew anything about he's been nails for him.

I mean, it's, it's real stuff. It's a lot shifting. It's, you know, a knockout slider changeups gotten good.

You're up 95 now. I mean, it's, it's a totally different animal than maybe we thought we would get when he got there in the fall. Aaron fit D one is joining us here on the Adam gold show, but they also, I mean, Duke can rake. I mean, they just, they have, they have bats up and down the lineup and the series that they just completed basically a month ago in Charlottesville, where Duke took two of three. I mean, they had performances, Jay Bashir is Alex stone, Luke storm, MJ Mets. I mean, they just crushed the ball in Charlottesville. And every one of those guys did something big yesterday.

All of them also Gio Di Giacomo had a, had a big game. I mean, they've got a great lineup too. Yeah. And it's funny because those first four names, you mentioned, you know, they're all physical monsters, right?

They're all six foot four, six, five, six, six. I mean, it's a really imposing team. And that's why I think they've got the most home runs they've ever hit in the season at Duke. But it's fascinating because they're going to Charlottesville, which is a place that, you know, it's about all the regional sites this week. This was one had the fewest home runs. It's, it's not a home run hitting ballpark. So you would think maybe that doesn't favor Duke, but then you look at the way Duke played up there, like, as you, as you mentioned, you know, a few weeks ago and they won that series. So they know what they're getting into. And I do think that they can adjust their style pretty well.

I thought it was cool yesterday. They had a first and third situation against the lefty. And, you know, it's like Chris Burke always said, that's free money. You just do a push bunt there. That run is going to come home.

I mean, it's just like it's money in the bank and they executed it to perfection. They can mix it up a little bit. Aaron Fitt, is joining us. They won, they won the opener of that series 17 to 5. They closed it out with a 7-3 win. They scored 26 runs. I think they hit seven home runs in that series up in Charlottesville.

That was the last time. That was like the peak of Duke because after that they kind of fell off a little bit, which is why Duke wasn't hosting a regional. But I heard Chris Edwards on the play-by-play call. The guy does Duke baseball and he's talking about road dogs and dog pile. It is a unique bunch and now the ACC's got three representatives and could end up with two. At least one will be in the College World Series. Duke or Virginia's going and then Wake Forest on the other side. We'll get to Virginia in a second, but your thoughts on just an absolute machine, a wrecking ball of a Wake Forest team and Deacon's team.

Yeah, wrecking ball. That's a good way to put it. My goodness. I mean, they look unstoppable right now. I mean, we knew they had the best pitching staff in the country and they showed it this week. I was so impressed with Brett Lauter having to wait till 1045 p.m. to pitch on Saturday against Maryland, who by the way is another one of the best offensive teams in the country. And you wait around all day and he goes out there and he lights out in the middle of the night. I mean, he's always lights out the guys, you know, maybe the best pitcher in the country, not named Paul schemes.

And you can make a case for him over schemes. I mean, he's been really, really, really good, but to do that, you know, and, and they just kept on raking all three games. They just put up crooked numbers and it was, it was just a clinic.

I was out there on Friday and you know, it was, it was something to behold. They're, they're just so good, Adam. There's not a weakness. So like, no, I'm not even going to avoid it anymore. Would you bet against them, against Alabama? Bada-boom. Sorry about that.

Sorry about that. But that's for everybody else who, I don't know, may, might not be intimately involved in whatever happened at Alabama. But how, what kind of challenge are the Crimson Tide? They're good.

Yeah. I mean, if it's a, it's a veteran team, you know, as a preseason top 25 team for us, we, we, we kind of thought that on paper, their talent and their experience just, you know, made them a, a real factor in the SEC and they weren't, you know, and really after the, after the, the Bradley handed thing happened, they they've been even better. It was the best they played all year long, which was since that, that scandal. And they're playing with a lot of confidence. You know, you got three veteran. Rotation guys that all have solid stuff. You've got a really deep bullpen, lots of power arms if you want to actually Andrew pig in the outfield is athletic and has power.

And, you know, and they've got a bunch of older players that, you know, take good care of the baseball and they're just a very rock solid team, very complete. And, you know, they're not going to roll over, but you got to like wake chances when you wake the best team in the country. Yeah. Well, I mean, wake's going to have to play well in order to advance.

All right. Real, real quick back to Duke and Virginia. Um, what's the best part about the Cavaliers and how do you see that series? Uh, Virginia's position player group is awesome.

I mean, it's, uh, you can make a case. It's, it's the best vision for a group of the country, you know, balanced, it's super athletic. Uh, it has a lot of power, but they hit for average as they can all run. And it's just, you know, they're very, very good defensively. They're fun to watch, play defense. Um, that's, that's what I love about UVA. I've been skeptical about the pitching for a lot of the year, but it's actually pitched pretty darn well.

You know, I mean, I don't, it's not, it's not arms that really blow you away. It's, it's pitchability guys, but they throw enough strikes that take great care of the ball. They pitch extremely well this weekend, uh, in that region only beat East Carolina twice, shut them down. Um, so, you know, you got to feel like they're, they're playing their best when it matters most too. So, uh, they're, they're, again, they're really, really good.

Aaron fit D one It all starts on Friday, sir. You have, uh, which, which regional are you headed to?

I'm going to go to Winston Salem, I think for this one, and, uh, see, see, you know, what the deets can do at home. That place is going to be electric. They've had great crowds out there. It's gonna be a fun weekend. Should be a fun weekend.

And, uh, then you'll go to Omaha when we have the blue devils and the demon deacons in the college world series. Like we all predicted at the beginning of the year. Exactly.

That's just how we all drew it up. Thanks, Aaron. I appreciate your time, man. All right, Adam. Take care.
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