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Josh Goodson on the Pack Pro's in this NBA Finals

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June 1, 2023 2:06 pm

Josh Goodson on the Pack Pro's in this NBA Finals

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 1, 2023 2:06 pm

Avid NC State fan Josh Goodson joins Hayes Permar to share the connections in this year’s NBA Finals to NC State’s basketball program. He also gives his prediction for the NC State baseball team's NCAA regional game against Campbell, and North Carolina’s drawing in the tournament.



LaGrange is fine as Josh Goodson joins us. Josh, what's going on? Now, let's clarify. When you say you're done watching Sex and the City, you mean you're done spending time with newly made episodes of it.

I assume that you still watch old episodes of Sex and the City though. You didn't recover and I'm pretty sure Peloton didn't recover either. I think they like crushed Peloton sales and they just they went down forever after that. It's bound to happen post-pandemic, but I think that's the thing that like set it off. It's like, whoa, whoa, whoa.

If you go too hard, you could die on these things. I don't want to do that. All right. You are oftentimes called the biggest NC State fan that people know. So let's start with some NC State stuff.

One, how excited about are you about your NC State heat in the NBA Finals? I say that because of course we have Omer Yurcevin, Caleb Martin, and Pac Pro Bam Adebayo. I know he was recruited by NC State. Did State get recruiting violations for Bam Adebayo? Because if they did, then I'm willing to concede that he is indeed a Pac Pro.

No, well, sort of. If you remember, he would have been in the class that NC State got Dennis Smith Jr. And the talk was that Dennis Smith, and I think Bam, I may mix up the story, but they played on the same AAU team. A little bit of package deal type thing. And then Kentucky swooped in, and evidently like the legend is like Bam Adebayo's mom was offered some sort of job at the University of Kentucky, which helped get him to Kentucky. And I believe State got Dennis Smith Jr., but then they ended up with like, the third piece of that was going to be Sean Kirk, if you remember that name. Who was not very good, but he was like the third guy on that AAU team. So they ended up with Dennis Smith Jr. and Sean Kirk, and got violations for the recruitment of Dennis Smith Jr. And that's basically the beginning of the end of the Got Man era at NC State. But Bam Adebayo is a Pac Pro, 100%.

I mean, there are a lot. Pac Pro started with, I mean the legend of Pac Pros that never actually played at NC State started with, I believe, Jalen Lequeu. So it makes sense, Bam, you do not have to actually play at NC State. I believe Bam's qualifications are up to snuff. Although again, if they were recruiting violations for State that specifically named Bam Adebayo, I mean that just solidifies the whole thing.

Alright, next question. I'm sure State tried to commit recruiting violations to get Bam Adebayo, but it wasn't enough or as much as what Kentucky probably did on their end, I would assume. Alright, they got COVID vacated out of a College World Series. They were Team 65 in the NCAA Baseball Tournament selection. What fate will befall the NC State Wolfpack this year? They're playing with house money, Hayes. They're an underdog tomorrow against Campbell. Literally a shock the world situation. No one's expecting NC State to beat Campbell in baseball.

Rarely happens. I don't even know why they're showing up to play the game. If NC State can beat Campbell University in baseball, it could go down.

I'm putting up there with 83 to be completely honest with you. The 1983 championship run, if they can just beat Campbell tomorrow. And I've actually got an issue with the whole NCAA Baseball Tournament to be completely transparent with you, with the bracket.

I don't care a lot about college baseball, but when your team gets in, it's a good way to get, it's like another way to like help get you towards football season. So I start carrying now, right? Sure. Have you seen UNC's bracket, what they got?

No, I'm sure I should have looked at it before today, but the games don't start till tomorrow, so I'll look at it then. Tell it to me. Hey, just follow me here.

Follow me on this, okay? UNC got a three seed, and like right now there are 16 regionals to go around, right? They're a three seed in their regional. Tell me if these three other teams in their bracket just scream baseball powers. I don't even know if these three teams have actually been playing baseball for like forever.

They may have just started last year. Here you go. Iowa. Oh, come on. That's the field of dreams. That's the UNC place. Iowa. You know, all the northern schools always are really, really good in baseball, but here's the other side of the background. If UNC can somehow find a way to beat Iowa in baseball, they will get the winner of Wright State or Indiana State. Not Indiana.

Not the Cleveland Indians slash Guardians. Indiana State. This might be the easiest cakewalk to a super regional anyone's ever seen. It's disgusting that the NCAA continues to do this and just like lays it out there for UNC to just walk through brackets. I mean, hell, they may as well put St. Peter's in the bracket for them to play in baseball.

Get out of here. You don't know anything about Indiana State or Wright State. It'd be like if somebody said they're playing Coastal Carolina and East Carolina and Campbell and like the reality is. Coastal Carolina has won a College World Series in the last decade. ECU has like got the most. Wright State.

Mark my words. Wright State is going to win. Wright State is going to win a College World Series in the next five years. They're that good. Wright State.

Yeah, you're you're you're insane. If so, I want to go watch it at the Rialto in downtown Raleigh. Okay, with all the Wright State alumni in the area.

Alright, there's no way that you look. I think that I love the Corn Fairy tour, but to me it's like minor league baseball. I'm not following the players. It's the sport. It's and in here when it's at Raleigh Country Club, you can go watch shots that you yourself have attempted at Raleigh Country Club and see how the pros fare against it. You can't possibly have a Corn Fairy tour take for me.

Do you? No, except what which hole which hole are they going to stumble on? It's funny me and you play enough golf that we and I don't think we're like joking when we say this. I think me and you can get around a place like Pinehurst and not play bad because a lot of the trouble we're never going to get to anyway, right? Like we don't hit it far enough.

Like a lot of times are like God. You can't hit it 300. If you go up, if you go 300, you're going to be in the box. I'm like, no problem.

Let's go. I don't have to worry about that. It's kind of the opposite. So when they did the redesign and of course Hayes when you played Raleigh Country Club, you have to tell everyone you played post redesign course. Yeah, kind of like that's what you have to tell everybody but I think the course here is really hard for people like me and you because you have to fly everything because Mr. Ross like the good false front.

Yeah, I hate that. I hate that if it says 150 you got to hit it 150 you can't hit it 120 and hope for the role right and then do some Texas wedging and such that I would I'm not the guy to come through at Raleigh Country Club just because of just because of that but it looks like somebody went out this morning and shot seven under 63 today. So they're not having too much trouble with the course out there right now McConnell's not going to be happy about that.

They're going to put some tough pins out there. They don't want people just just making a mockery of their course, especially corn fairy guys not even PGA dudes. I and would you want to give a shout out to certain golf courses in the area for something this summer? I know it's you speak for the average weekend golf even though you know play during the week some to you speak for the average weekend hacker out there and wanting to praise certain golf courses. Yes, um, I don't golf courses. I think golf the golf course industry has been the biggest thing to benefit from like the post-covid world right like they everywhere busy. It's slow golf everywhere, which that's a whole nother show that would be take three hours to talk about how to fix low golf. But this time of year we're getting into the punch green season of golf and there is nothing worse than showing up to a course then not saying anything about the greens and you get up in that first hole and there's just there's holes everywhere. They're saying they're whatever it might be.

It's terrible. So I do want to give a shout out. This is not a paid advertisement, but to the Fred Smith group in the Raleigh area. They own four courses. I went I was thinking about playing one of their courses tomorrow. I was like, we're getting into punch green season.

Can I find some information right? Can I find some information and you can go straight their website and find out when they are doing aerating punching of their all their four courses in the area and try to play around the plan rounds are around that and that is admirable. A lot of people want to hide behind it and get people out there and get your money and then be like, oh, yeah, we punched no, not not them. So shout out to the Fred Smith group be up front about when you're aerating the greens people. That's all we ask. Come on. We're not we're not very good. Although it never hurts to play around when the greens have sand all over them and you can just give yourself automatic to putts from tricky positions. Sometimes sometimes that is nice.

Josh Goodson. Enjoy the soccer tournament. I'm sure you'll be out there watching and sorry.

We didn't have a chance to get to the opening week college football lines. We'll have to have you back in the future. Talk to you soon. My man do
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