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Jay Williams on the Miami Heat defeating the Boston Celtics in Game 7

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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May 31, 2023 2:45 pm

Jay Williams on the Miami Heat defeating the Boston Celtics in Game 7

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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May 31, 2023 2:45 pm

The Miami Heat were able to defeat the Boston Celtics 103-84 in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals last night. Jay Williams of ESPN joined Adam to discuss what the Heat did well in their dominant win and what the Celtics need to improve on this off-season. He also previews the NBA Finals matchup now between the Heat and the Denver Nuggets. 



J. Will from J. Will Keyshawn and Max joining us here as we do on Tuesday. I appreciate that you get a chuckle out of that, but that's the way I process it.

I don't need the man to tell me what the order is supposed to be in. Not to first take this up, but did Miami win this series or did Boston lose it? I mean, I would say that Miami won it. I mean, look, at the end of the day, AG, there are some identity issues going on with the Boston Celtics. They have dug themselves their own graves. They are the more talented team. And there was a sense of urgency that they played with from the beginning instead of waiting for games four, five and six. This would have been a completely different scenario, but they didn't take care of business.

And I think it's that Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde type personality challenge where you never know what you're going to get. And people can say, well, they weren't making shots last night. And then I say, well, they got lured into taking a lot of and from from a guy that would easily like I am the mouse that will get snapped in a trap because I'm taking the cheese. Like in college, if we saw a team plays zone, oh, my goodness, it was going up and we're going to blitz you.

But you know what? We had did I shooters on our team, Adam? And when you look at the personnel wise of this Boston Celtics team, they have scores, but they don't have shooters. So when you go twelve or seventy seven over your last two games, and they're luring you into taking a lot of threes instead of getting the ball into the teeth of the zone, like that's a part on coaching. And that's part on the guys who have this experience of being in a finals and not really having that leadership to help them get over the house.

And I heard you talking about it this morning. How big is a point guard be? Like, no offense to Jason Tatum. He's not a point guard. Same thing with Jalen Brown. Marcus Smart's not a point guard. Like, if you threw just and you brought up the name, one of my favorite players in the league, Tyus Jones. If you threw somebody who can put people in the right spots on that team, how much better could they be? Make it win an NBA championship. I mean, almost in a way, if you're not going to do that, I'm like, you need to change up the style in which your offense is being ran.

Right. And I get how when you're shooting hot from the outside, you can still play that way. But if you're if you're if your shots aren't going in, then go to some resemblance to the triangle. Because at least I know I can I can have Jason Tatum or Jalen Brown catch the ball on the pinch post the elbow.

I can have them catch the ball on the lower box and put them in positions where they can either get to the free throw line where they can rack the ball and see the ball go in with their mid range game. This style they have now is either live by the three or die by the three. They have some kind of insane record when they shoot over 40 percent from the three point line. Right. Like they've lost like three games.

It's like 30 something and three. But if not, then you need somebody that can say, no, Jason, I don't need you dancing with the ball six or seven dribbles, you know, or no, Jalen Brown. I don't need you wasting your dribbles and turn up all over nine times in the course of the game. Catch the ball here at this operating position.

Let's run this set the car out for the touchdown low and let him punish a smaller person that they switch. There's nobody managing the game for them. They're all just reacting and you need somebody proactively look at the game from a coaching perspective on the floor and they don't have anybody currently like that. It just seems to me like they play five out, nobody in most of the time. And I mean, that's good if you've got five guys who are going to who are going to bury shots or a bunch of guys who can drive and draw double teams and kick to open shooters. But it just seems like Boston settled for a lot of shots, especially last night and their defense wasn't nearly as good. I know they went underneath a lot of screens and maybe that's why Miami shot 50% from three-point range.

I mean, look, we had Tim bonds himself today. He's like, yeah, defense wasn't the problem. Like you're wrong. You're so wrong.

I deep into what's the problem? Yeah. I mean, there were times I saw Caleb Martin get wide open shot or lazy contest or miscommunication on switches or like you just stated Adam going under ball. Like where is the sense of urgency? Is this a game seven or is this just another day at TD Garden? Yeah, and I think a lot of Boston fans can resonate with the fact that we it didn't seem like there was that same identity that this team had last year and a lot of that has to do with coaching and a lot of that still taking ownership and accountability about how this team is being ran from the player inside out perspective. Jay will is joining us here on the Adam Gold show now Miami moves on to take on Denver.

I want just want you and I talked last week about how much fun it is to watch Jimmy Butler when he's in his bag. I didn't think we saw that the last few games. We certainly didn't see that last night, but as tough as Jimmy is he is able to impact the game in a lot of other ways. Frankly shouldn't shouldn't Caleb Martin Pac Pro NC State fit NC State fans. Shouldn't he have been the MVP of the series?

Yeah, I mean fine. I think one of the things I love about it though, Adam is the same way that when Jimmy got the trophy, I'm sure Jimmy would have loved to have Caleb Martin win the MVP. He would have rather it been Caleb than him. Right? I don't know if you even saw postgame afterwards bam out of by who's trying to hand him the Easter conference trophy and he literally mouse to him. No, I don't want to hold that.

I want to hold the next one, right? So everything about who Jimmy Butler is is what you love about him as a teammate. It's like when guys say well the role players and like we don't utilize the word all players. I call them teammates.

I mean Dave Vincent and that's the thing you love about this team. Everybody buys into that role for that specific occasion and it doesn't get completed. It's not like well, I had 26 this game. That means I should take 20 shots next game. It's like well next game presents a different challenge a different alternative.

Look scheme wise. It's going to be set up for this player or maybe it is set up for me and I think it's that lack of ego that gets everybody to buy into so I'm sure in the world of Jimmy Butler. He'd much rather kill a Martin be the Easter Conference MVP and win the Larry the Larry Bird trophy, but also did you see the way you will get the Larry Bird trophy?

I don't want the same thing anyway, right? It's true. It's true. Look, but again Butler is one of my favorite players to watch and that team is just absolutely nails and Eric Spulcher. I know I think we have kicked it around means probably the best coach in the NBA and he's been I was just I was reading his bio. It's amazing how he started. He started very early on.

He was only a couple of years playing. I didn't even realize he played at Portland and he was an all-con for all West Coast Conference player and he had a little bit of a cup of coffee overseas, but ultimately has gotten got right into coaching and Pat Riley stuck with him and I mean, it's just an incredible organization is incredible. Well, I mean Adam you can make a case that before it's all said and done that the Miami Heat just have an unfair advantage against any team in NBA. They will before it's all said and done Pat Riley is always already considered a top five coach in NBA history.

I think Eric Spulcher will inevitably move into that five spot. I really mean six NBA Finals already. He's one two of LeBron and D waves and a lot of people love to, you know, simplify that. Well, anybody can go to know anybody can't coach LeBron James and doing weight. Nobody managing those egos with Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers and you Donna has them that's not easy to do. So when he got one in 2006 as an assistant coach there, but we what a story to go from a videographer, right? We have team a video editor to now being considered one of the greatest coaches to ever coach the game of basketball, but that's what that Miami Heat culture.

I mean even think about Kayla Martin. I mean you it takes J Cole to call Caron Butler the assistant coach to get a guy that gave you 26 and 10 in the Eastern Conference Finals game 7 to get him a shot to try out for this team. That is what this team epitomizes everybody gets a shot to be the guy and they operate as one unit really is really is amazing. Denver is Denver too much for Miami.

Think different Denver is a different type of animal. I think for Jimmy Butler going against a Jason Tatum or Jalen Brown or Marcus smart is very different or even a Jalen Brunson our Josh Hart. Even a Jew holiday is very different than going against an Aaron Gordon who's 68. Yeah, who he can't just physically overpower Jimmy gets to a lot of sweet spots on the court, but the the lack of height and length from those other defenders.

I just mentioned allows Aaron Gordon, even if he does get beat to recover easily to deter those shots. That's gonna be a major matchup that we're going to pay attention to you know, Bam who at times play well didn't play well last evening. He's going to have his his hands. Well, I mean, this isn't a Robert Williams who just rolls to the bucket for Ali.

Yeah, right. This isn't a Julius Rando who is very inconsistent with the wave of emotions. This isn't a Brook Lopez, who hangs more in the perimeter. This is a guy whose usage rate is 99.99999% and every aspect of often, so his ability to be engaged consistently is going to be, it's going to be a challenge for him.

And by the way, I always equate your kids to like a phone booth boxer, where it's like he wants to be on the inside of you he wants to exchange body blows, you know, can the frailness of BAM allow that and can he enter that in the can they take advantage of it as well. So I think the physicality is going to be really hard for Miami. But I mean, once again, Miami is going to be the underdog shocking. They've been in every series they played in the far. Yeah, I mean, they've been awesome and they're and they're fun to watch.

I'd love to see Miami get another title. Who knows when we do place your bets later, I might even take them on the money line. I might just because I had Miami over Boston at plus 400 going into the series. So it would be even better Jay if I actually wage and money on it but I don't. I don't I just it just we have a segment we place bets and I'm actually up a lot because I don't actually place money on it. Let me I got two more things, two more things for you.

First is because I heard the audio on your program this morning. Jay will key Sean and Max no key Sean today. Hope he's got his feet up somewhere. Scotty Pippen. Did he go a little too far by saying that Michael Jordan was a horrible player or did should he have just stopped and said, look, we could he couldn't take advantage of how great he was until he had more help. That's a lot different than being called a horrible player. Yeah, I mean he should have done the latter but obviously there are there are issues no personal things between the two that have not been resolved.

Right? Yeah, but that you see. Both of these players are some of the greatest players to ever play the game of basketball, but it's one of the things that I've you've heard a lot of players former players talk about that when you know we live in this reality you have to pick one against the other right only room for one in no way in hell could Korean Matt Kareem and Michael and LeBron just be the greatest ever do it like we have to find a number one. But there's a lot of collateral damage on both sides of the way you go about doing it right on the wrong side. He wants to be friends with everybody even though that's not the case, or even though he's one of the most right but that's the narrative out there about him and then the other collateral damage with Michael Jordan is, you know, when you're the greatest and it's by any means necessary. You have a lot of teammates that don't look at you as trying to do what's in their best interest to help them. Right. So, I think it's that aspect of their relationship and it's also a lot of the other stuff that's happened and how does it not factor into it.

You know, and I want to get into personal stuff that's I'll allow other people who do that stuff to kind of lean into that but you know it has to be tough. All I know is that Pippen is one of the top greatest players never played a game, he's top 50 all time, and I hate seeing what's happening to him. A lot of that is self inflicted. Scotty's competitive as hell too now.

Yep. And Scotty was one of the best defenders to ever play the game of basketball. So, yes, personal, but there's also some truth to what Scotty talks about, and obviously that is felt across the TV screen and across everybody Yeah, there's no doubt Michael needed help.

I mean he wasn't he didn't he hadn't won any titles he needed a player as good as Pippen, and a couple of other players by the way as well to finally get past the Pistons and go on that run where Michael won six titles in a row basically when he was there for a full season. Let me ask you one more thing before I let Jay Will go. Why does Nick nurse choose Philly over Phoenix.

That's a great question. I can't wait to hear that from Nick nurse. The guy. I like my, my odds in the east the way more I like my odds in the West.

Okay. You know, it has to be that relationship with you all and be in front office. Yeah, he has to believe in Daryl Maury. He has to believe in what you all and be the reigning MVP will bring to the table again next year. I think Nick nurse is is probably the right guy for the job. You know, they, they're going to have this, the $40 million cap hit by Tobias Harris is going to hinder this team personalized.

Yeah, but, you know, maybe they do it on the defensive end I will say scheme wise I think you are getting an upgrade from Doc Rivers now, just because you get an upgrade scheme wise doesn't mean that the players will buy into this game. And I think that is going to be the biggest challenge for Nick nurse. Can you get James Harden the company to buy into it.

If James Harden decides this time back. Jay will key Sean and Max, I paused for effect for for a reason. I love it. I love it. That's a great name of the show.

Jay will with the other guys. I'll talk to you next week. My man, I appreciate your time. All right, brother. You got it. Have a good day.

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