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Can the Canes get this done now being done 0-2?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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May 22, 2023 3:43 pm

Can the Canes get this done now being done 0-2?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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May 22, 2023 3:43 pm

Chad’s been there-done that, so what do the Canes need to do to get there now? Is it still possible for the Canes to find a successful path to win this series? What is Carolina doing vs what Florida is doing? How do you deal with a goalie like Bobrovsky? Do players replay moments in their mind when they were close to scoring, or made a mistake, long after it happened? Put me in your skates, how do you approach Game 3 with Bob? How can they draw belief into the system?

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2-0 in the series to the Florida Panthers.

Game 3 tonight on road ice in Sunrise. Somebody who I don't believe, actually no, he was at one point down 0-2 in the series after losing two games at home, Chad LaRose, whose name is on the Stanley Cup and he joins us on the Adam Gold Show. Mr. Chad LaRose, how you doing? Good, how are you doing Adam? I'm doing very well. Can the same thing happened this year as happened 17 years ago?

Yeah, I believe that. I mean, they've been in five different overtimes now in this series, but I tell all my friends, I was like, you know what, we lost both games at home versus Montreal and then won four straight. So, how are you guys doing? Are you doing good?

I'm hanging in. I mean, I'm still recovering from four overtimes last Thursday night. Did you watch all of that? Oh yeah, I was pumped because I had a game. I coach hockey, youth hockey and I had a game and I was pissed that they put a game on at 8 p.m. during the game. Well, then I got to see a whole other game, I guess.

Yes, we did. We had two and a third games. It was like playing a doubleheader on Thursday. You may watch games differently than we do or as fans do. Fans just see they lost. When you watched that game, was it as close as really the analytical data makes it seem? Yeah, it was. I mean, you got to remember, I mean, it's four overtimes.

What was it? 12 seconds left in the fourth when they scored. Um, Caroline is hunting the puck. Florida's playing with house money. Um, they have nothing to lose and they're playing very good too. Um, but I, I believe like that I think they'll, they'll win tonight. They better.

And I haven't been able to text my buddy rod, Brendan Moore at all, because we don't text each other. Any of us when we, uh, lose or something, you know, no, I, I think, I think they're, they're a hunt of the park is, is going to be, they're already on that. They hunt the puck, Carolina. I'm like rod, Brendan. We're running them.

So, um, they hunt the park and I think they have a great opportunity here and now you're facing adversity. So let's see what you're made of, you know, Chandler Rose is joining us here on the Adam gold show. How do you deal with a gold tender in Sergei, Babrowski who has made a hundred and a hundred saves on 103 shots through two games. Granted, it's been 10 periods. He looks like the Bob of Columbus. Um, he's, you know, research himself and like, he looks really, really good. And he's, I mean, these goalies these days, I would have never scored a goal in my life. Um, they're so big and so athletic, but he looks, he looks very, very good, but I like how Carolina's Pappernaum. Um, I believe he's going to wear down.

That's my goal. I'm hoping. Um, but yeah, I, he's been, he's played great. I have no, yeah, no, you know, doubts that he's still going to be great, but I mean, there's five over times already in this series.

So I mean, flip coin sometimes, you know what I mean? And yeah, I mean, as, as a player, like I'll just go, Tevo, Tara vine had an opportunity, uh, in, I think it was at the second period to, uh, to score on him and make this, uh, a, uh, a two by the rebound one. Well, it was the pass from nature's, uh, right. I mean, he had an opportunity and maybe he didn't get a hundred percent of it. Maybe he didn't put it where he wanted to table is also coming back from not playing for a month, uh, with the broken hand. Maybe that has something to do with it too.

So he had maybe put it in almost the center of the net, but still for Babrowski to get over and just to have a chance at it was remarkable. Uh, but do players replay that in their mind? Yeah, we don't sleep. We don't sleep after stuff like that, but yeah, and table is coming, coming back from an injury and people don't understand how hard it is to get back into. I mean, you can practice all day you want, but you're playing in the Stanley cup conference finals, right? And you're coming back from not playing for a while and your hands and stuff like that.

Nothing's really there right away immediately. And you're playing at the highest level there is because everybody's going balls to the wall. Sorry to say that on air. It's fine.

The word wall is fine. Okay. So everybody's going all out. This is why I love playoff hockey, but I called before the seat, before the playoffs started, I said, I believe Carolina will play Vegas in the Stanley cup finals. Okay. I think they're, they're okay. I mean, you don't want to be down to all, no matter what, but I believe they'll win tonight. And then I believe they will pucker up a little bit. Okay.

How good Caroline is. So yeah, I, I'm coming down for game five, no matter what. There you go again. So I was here, I was there last series. I stayed there at Cole's house. He had me and Colsey and I'm coming down for game five. All right.

And there will be more than game five. I promise you that. All right.

I love to hear a Chandler Rosie, joining us here on the Adam culture. All right. Put me in your skates. If you will, you're on the ice, but Brodsky has been this good over the course of this series and the other series, the other two series that he has essentially carried Florida through. So put me in your skates.

How do you approach game three? Do you, do you try to just kind of provoke him getting his kitchen a little bit? I'm flashing them right on the back of the legs. Okay. I'm changing everything right away.

I'm getting right in his kitchen. Right. Is there somebody on this team that would do that?

Martin Nook. Yeah. I can see, I don't know if I see Jordan playing outside, outside the boundaries, or can you do something like that and make it just appear like playoff hockey? Like when Brandon Montore, just for whatever reason, decided to bear wrestle Brett Burns to the ice, I kind of felt like that was just playoff hockey. There were people calling for a penalty. I'm like, that's fine, whatever.

It doesn't impact the play. I'm okay with it. Could you, could you do something like that? Maybe just a little nudges, a little bumps here without going to the ice. Nudges hit a little bumps here without going outside the rules and taking the penalty. Yeah. I mean, you, you have to get him rattled. You got to get them rattled.

I believe this is me. I mean, I'm not the coach, my friends are the coach, but I mean, if you remember in game seven LA Kings versus Chicago Blackhawks, the Kings were down three knots and Justin Williams was on that King's team. Jared stole ripped off Crawford's helmet, the goalie, and punched him in the face. They were down three, nothing in game seven, punched him in the face, ripped off the goalie's helmet and punched him in the face. They won that game four, three, and then they won the Stanley cup.

That seems excessive, but you know what? Well, I really do. And Rodney's not that type of coach really, you know what I mean?

He is a fast paced coach and he's phenomenal and he gets the best out of his players. So I love that. I love whatever they're going to do. I'll never go against anything with the hurricanes ever. But I think I, I believe they'll win tonight and I believe they'll win the series.

All right. One, one final thing for Chad LaRose, who is joining us, a Stanley cup champion, the belief in the system. You hear it from Aho, you heard from Neches, you hear it from everybody on this team, the highs, you know, the high level of skill, right down to grinders like Martinuk, the belief in the system. Talk to me about what that means and how they can draw belief from that. So the team buys in, so their team has bought into everything Roddy has brought to them and they have all bought into everything he's brought to them.

Same with Jeff Daniels, same with Tim Gleason. They have bought in to them and that's why they're in the conference finals again. I, I just think that they want to play so hard for their coaches. And when you have a coach who cares about you, I believe that you give even that little extra effort all the time. Yeah, there's no question that, that Rod cares about the players. All right, Chad, uh, game five, we're hanging out before game five.

Fair? I'll be there. I'll, I'll come on the show. You got it. Thanks, man. I appreciate your time. Thank you guys. Thanks for having me. You got a Chandler Rose here on the Adam gold show.
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